Britain’s Schools Need More Resources for ‘Influx’ of Immigrant Children, Chief Schools Inspector Warns

Georgia Graham, Telegraph (London), October 29, 2014

Britain’s schools need more support to cope with an “influx” of immigrant children, Osted’s chief schools inspector has said.

Sir Michael Wilshaw said it was a “big issue” for Government if schools are being faced with a large number of new pupils from other countries without the resources to deal with them.

Speaking on LBC Radio Sir Michael said: “Schools need the resources to deal with that. When they’re faced with an influx of children from other countries, they need the resources and capacity to deal with it and if those resources aren’t there, that’s a big issue for Government. That’s the first thing and we’ll be producing reports on this quite soon.”

His comments will raise fresh concern that high levels of immigration are putting a strain on the education system.

Last week Michael Fallon, the Defence Minister claimed British towns are being “swamped” by immigrants and their residents are “under siege”, comments he later described as careless.

According to official figures, the number of schoolchildren speaking English as a second language has soared by a third in just five years. The proportion of non-native speakers in primary schools has now reached almost 1-in-5 following a year-on-year increase over the last decade. The number of pupils who speak another language in the home exceeded 1.1 million for the first time this year.

In some parts of London, children with English as a second language now make up as much as three quarters of the school roll, with around half of pupils being classified in towns and cities such as Slough, Luton and Leicester.

This summer a report by the Government”s official advisors on migration said that parts of Britain are “struggling to cope” with high levels of immigration that have put huge pressures on public services such as the NHS, schools and transport.

The major report by the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) said that immigration had caused the “composition of many local area populations to alter rapidly” and that such rapid change could lead to friction.

A separate report by Civitas said that classrooms would come under increased pressure in coming years due to uncontrolled immigration.

A Department for Education spokesman said: “As part of our plan for education we are making every effort to ensure local authorities have the resources and flexibility to provide the school places needed by their communities.

“We are giving councils £5billion to spend on new school places over this parliament–double the amount allocated by the previous government over an equivalent period – and a further £2.35billion to create the places needed by September 2017. This has already led to the creation of more than 260,000 new places.

“School funding is allocated based on pupil need, whether that is special educational needs or where English is not a pupil’s first language and should a school grow in a single year, local authorities can and do top up their funding to reflect that.”

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  • DonReynolds

    A small town in West Arkansas suddenly became 50 percent Hispanic, which wildly overloaded the local school system, so the school board decided to build more schools and expand the existing schools to accommodate the new arrivals……many of whom are illegal aliens. The question of selling bonds to build these schools and raising property tax rates to pay for the bonds was soundly defeated by the voters. One of the local philanthropists even donated the land for the new high school. The 4-H club now uses the land for its farm projects. No, the local schools are crowded and there is not enough money to pay for more teachers and staff….but the local voters say, no more.
    Building more schools for the invaders only results in more invaders, which leads to demands for more schools, more bonds, and more taxes. Hats off to the voters of the county for drawing a line in the sand.

    • dmxinc

      The illegals are still there.

      A temporary reprieve from tax hikes is hardly a line in the sand.

      Is that all we have to celebrate these days?

      • none of your business

        It is better than doing nothing.

      • Ella

        I guess it comes down to mayhem or tax hikes.

    • Luca

      When I went to school you couldn’t even go to a school in the next town without a transfer order, a health/immunization record and your academic grades in hand.

      Why should taxpayers pay for illegal aliens? Our taxes should be going to protect the border and keep us safe from all foreign invaders whether they are economic, biological, criminal or terrorist invaders.

      • IstvanIN

        When I was in school if you wanted to go out of district your parents had to pay out of pocket.

      • Sick of it

        When I was a kid, we were allowed to have our own schools in rural areas. Today, they all have to be shut down in order to force integration. It’s also hard for a tyrannical government (Oh excuse me, “terrorists”) to kill masses of kids if they’re spread out amongst a large number of schools rather than concentrated into a small number of urban schools. In addition, it makes indoctrination easier.

        • me

          You just summed up the entire Amerikan ‘educational’ system in one paragraph. Bravo!

    • propagandaoftruth

      Don, I guarantee you – UK’s schools are at least as ate up with libtard ideology and glitter and unicorns nonsense as our schools.

      This just strains the system even more. Good – sooner or later it snaps and perhaps sense might creep back onto the proposition.

  • MekongDelta69

    Here’s a quick, cheap and easy solution:

    Deport all illegal aliens from every White Western country.

    Problem solved…

    • me

      The globalist don’t want that. They want their Satanic “New World Order”, don’tcha know.

  • Luca

    “Britain’s schools need more support to cope with an “influx” of immigrant children.”

    May I suggest more deportations and stricter enforcement? I think that is the kind of support many countries could use to ease the burden on their societies. If they want to maintain them.

  • DD-762

    Is England’s official language English? If so, that’s racist.

  • none of your business

    New job opportunity; be a building contractor with a specialty in cheap pre fab classrooms.
    The National Health reckons more than half of the mentally and physically disabled kids it serves are the product of centuries of Pakistani first cousin, half sib and niece blood uncle marriages.

  • RacialRay

    An “influx”? We used to refer to an invasion of pests such as cockroaches as an “infestation” when I was a wee lad. When did the term change?

  • I have seen a vision of hell and it is the English school today.

    Think how horrifying it must be to be a white child in one of those “diverse” English schools. The other youngster beating up on you. Disrupting classes. No ability to learn. Babbling away in some strange tongue.

    It’s nothing but child abuse to inflict that on a young white English child. But judging from the Rotherham rape case, child abuse of whites is what Britain is about today.

    • IstvanIN

      And the White child who defends himself will be charged.

      • Sick of it

        The white parents of the victims who mention that foreigners are committing said crimes will be imprisoned…instead of the rapists.

    • none of your business

      Remember that 11 year old English girl who was arrested and held in a police cell for several ours for incitement to racial hatred? Her crime was this: She transferred to a new school. The science class had groups of 4. All the others in her group spoke only Urdu. So she politely asked the teacher is she could join an English speaking group. The feminazi witch brought her to the head’s office. That witch called the police and demanded the child be arrested and charged with incitement to racial hatred. The article is probably somewhere in amren archives.

      • me

        Racist=White. Racist=White genocide and oppression.

  • IstvanIN

    The entire kingdom is under siege.

  • MBlanc46

    “Swamped”. “Under siege”. That certainly describes the US. From what I know of the UK, it sounds pretty accurate. Of course, a retraction was required. Can’t have Cabinet ministers telling the truth. Wouldn’t do at all.

  • MBlanc46

    How about someone dealing with this “Verify your email” process. I’ve done it three times now and I’m blooming sick of it.

  • none of your business

    Africans are bringing scabies to Italy. Liberals are outraged that Africans are being de scabied on arrival. Italians are outraged that scabies are spreading in schools because African children spread them. There is an outbreak of TB in Sicily.

    • me

      DIE-versity. The gift that keeps on giving.

  • IKUredux

    You, my friends, are TOAST. Can’t wait to see how the Salisbury Cathedral looks after the conversion to a mosque.OMG, I used to consider my English ancestors a point of pride. Now, I’m more proud of my French ancestors. Wow. Just wow. Talk about screwing up.

    • me

      The English people aren’t responsible for this. It’s their Zog-controlled government that’s trying to genocide the English, the Welsh, the Irish, and the Scottish natives of the land. Believe it. The New World Order must be free of the White man.

  • Ella

    Both Britain and the US keep on printing mo’ money in the billions for their future immigrant investments. Saving any cash today seems worthless due to mass inflation.