Posted on September 30, 2014

UK Conservatives Seek TV, Online Ban on Extremists

Jill Lawless, ABC News, September 30, 2014

Britain’s interior minister on Tuesday proposed new powers to bar people with extremist views from appearing on television or publishing on social media, even if they are not breaking any laws.

Home Secretary Theresa May told a conference of the governing Conservatives that if re-elected next year, the party will introduce civil powers to disrupt people who “spread poisonous hatred” even within the law.

Under the proposal, police could apply for a court order to disrupt “harmful activity” by restricting an individual’s movements, preventing them from speaking in public or stopping them publishing articles online.

May said that only a minority of extremists are violent, but “the damage that extremists cause to our society is reason enough to act.”

May said that at least 500 Britons have traveled to fight with Islamic militants in Syria and Iraq, and tough measures are needed to stop young people becoming radicalized.

She said the proposed rules could be used against neo-Nazis and other radicals as well as Islamic extremists.

The proposals will be included in the Conservatives’ election platform, but are not guaranteed to become law. {snip}