Racial Disparity Is a Bitch

Colin Flaherty, American Thinker, September 29, 2014

No matter how hard the president tries to persuade the country that black people are the real victims of racial violence, black people will just not cooperate.

Saturday night the president was telling members of the Congressional Black Caucus about how police are constantly picking on black people. For no reason whatsoever.

And this racial disparity means police have to change–arresting fewer black people, for starters. Or more white people.

At almost the exact moment the president was repeating this standard litany of racial grievance, two black suspects in Ferguson shot a cop. They did not appreciate it when the cop found them burglarizing a business.

To some, the fact that black violent crime is wildly out of proportion might disrupt the resident’s carefully crafted gospel of grievance. But to this crowd, it was easily explained. Congressman John Conyers did just that just a few weeks prior.

Conyers was reminding the audience of a congressional hearing about the ins and outs of racism: How it is conscious and subconscious. How it is everywhere. All the time. And how that explains the enormous disparity in crime rates between black and white people.

“With enough time and officers in a certain location, it is only a matter of time before they find reasonable suspicion to stop, detain and arrest someone–or many people,” said Conyer, presaging the president’s remarks.

This was not gotcha moment: The racist criminal justice system was all Conyers and the other member of the Black Caucus talked about during this hearing.

No one is denying that protestors in Ferguson, unhappy with shooting of Michael Brown, have been threatening police with violence. Regularly for weeks. They just say this shooting had nothing to do with that.

And neither did another shooting later that night: A car-full of people shot a gun-full of bullets at an off-duty Ferguson officer while he was driving on the freeway. Disparity is a bitch.

While the president and his buddies at the Black Caucus try to figure out whether racist conditions cause black people to commit more crime, or whether racism causes police to arrest them more often–for no reason whatsoever–victims of black mob violence are hoping they figure it out fast.

At the exact moment the president was hitting his stride about how black people are victims of relentless racism, members of a neighborhood group in North Minneapolis were struggling with the opposite problem on their Facebook Page:

A friend and I were leaving Fair State Brewing Coop around 9:30 pm (on Central and Lowry) tonight and were both assaulted by a group of 5-6 young men. We got away without more than 1-2 punches each, and quickly had the Police there to make a report (since the station is not much more than a block away).

As we were waiting for the Police to arrive one of the workers of the brewery said it has been happening often there. It was completely unprovoked and without reason.

[Admin: Also, nearly a week after a male had his skull shattered by 3 males with a baseball bat, on Sept. 18 at 26th/University, we still have zero media coverage on that incident, nor any alerts from the MPD about it, nor about any of the other incidents, if, in fact, this type of thing is regularly occurring in the area. Why?]

The administrator wondered why no one thought that was important. But this much we know for sure: Everyone involved was black. Except the victims. And oh yeah, that has been happening there for a long time. Not just in that neighborhood. But throughout Minneapolis.

That did not matter much to some members of this largely white neighborhood group. Several did not deny the criminals were black. Or deny black violence was astronomically out of proportion in Minneapolis. They just denied that anyone should notice.

One member of the group offered her solution: Add more “No Parking at Any Time” signs. Denial is not limited to public officials and reporters.

Another piped up with her story: “My neighbor told my husband and I tonight that 3 young males mugged her mother,” she said, almost apologetically. “A neighbor saw it happening and tried to interject but the 3 guys threatened him as well.”

Still others posted links to other Facebook pages where people were beat probably by the same group of people. At least one member of this group tried to inject some reality into the discussion: “It’s called the knockout game,” said Mark LeVitre “You’ve really never heard of it?”

The president and John Conyers never have. At least to speak of.

Same in Seattle: Just a few days before the president’s speech, a large group of black people surrounded and taunted and beat a gay white man walking through a park in a predominately white neighborhood.

A surprising number of people at the KOMO news web site declared the victim was at fault because he had no business being in that park in the middle of the day. He was probably trying to buy drugs or cause trouble, said another.

Whatever he was doing there, he ended up in the hospital beaten so badly he does not remember it. But the neighbors remember. They saw it. And they say it was the same group of black people who “are always causing problems” there. Other neighbors did not deny it. They just condemned anyone who noticed the perpetrators were black.


The night before the resident and the Black Caucus were reveling in the enormous amount of racial violence directed at black people, it happened again, this time in Kansas City.


Over the weekend, at a black high school, several people were arrested after large-scale violence disrupted a football game. A teacher was attacked and taken to the hospital after “several people took issue with her telling them what to do,” i.e. asking for tickets.

Several others were arrested after “conflicts” with police, i.e. they assaulted the police.  (This Google translator comes in handy.) All the while, black mob violence and mayhem continued in and out of the stadium. One local observer, the wag at Tony’s Kansas City website, was not surprised at the violence. He was surprised that anyone in Kansas City might be surprised.

In Providence, black mob violence was so widespread and intense Saturday night that state officials called an emergency meeting for Sunday to close one of the night clubs at the center of the mayhem.

In Indianapolis, a few hours after the president’s speech, large-scale black mob violence ensued when a group of black people tried to enter a birthday party at the VFW club.  Police say more than 50 shots were fired and four people were wounded.

In Miami, a few hours after the president’s speech, black mob violence preceded a gun battle where 15 black people were wounded. Most were teenagers or pre-teens.

At 3:15 a.m., the morning after the president’s speech, four black people were wounded with a knife, one fatally, after a large fight broke out at a teenage birthday party.

Closer to the president’s speech, 18.5 miles away at Six Flags America amusement park in suburban Maryland, a large group of black people fought and created mayhem during and after Fright Fest–and during the president’s speech.

A spokeswoman for the park said nothing much happened, despite what anyone might have heard on TV or in the newspapers. The Washington Post attributed some of the violence to the “teenagers” whose parents dropped them off at the park while they attended the nearby Evangel Cathedral for Saturday night services.

The church has a white pastor but the congregation is predominately black. The Friday Night service is called R.I.O.T. Youth Service.

Parents and witnesses to the mayhem at Six Flags took to the NBC News website to tell what really happened.

One black parent was not buying the “nothing to see here” explanation from the park: “This spoke person lied. My children and their friends was there and they were not top priority as stated. My son was running with the crowd so he would not get tramped on and a cop/guard tacked him to the ground. Handed cuffed him, cut up his card and put him out the park. This was done to several of the people there. It was more than a fight because someone was stabbed and shot.”

Another parent called it a mini-riot. Others said it was a full-blown riot, “just like you see on TV.”

Still others (that’s reporter talk for me) said this was just another night, in another week, in another month, where black mob violence is now so common it is considered normal. At the football game. The park. The fairgrounds. Big cities. Small cities. And a dinner featuring the President of the United States.

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  • MekongDelta69

    Same ***** (that stands for ‘stuff’!), different day.

    It will never end…

    • Paleoconn

      Yup dog bites man. Ho-hum

  • propagandaoftruth

    The thin blue line and the teeming black mob.

  • AmericanCitizen

    From the Ghetto recipe book:

    Combine poor impulse control with low intelligence, add some violent tendencies and let simmer for 12-17 years. Makes one surly maladjusted inner city black. Add mind altering drugs randomly for a hint of unpredictability. Serves no one but the liberals as a potential vote.

    • FozzieT

      Don’t forget to mix in a heaping cup of “all your problems are the fault of whites!”

      • ghettovalley

        Which ingredient do you add to get the typical pungent aroma often associated with the results of this recipe?

  • John Smith

    Let’s just cut to the chase.

    Hey Obama (son of a white woman, yet still a hero to millions of blacks) –

    Is there any dysfunction, violence, pathology, issue, problem in the black community that ain’t whitey’s fault?

    • 1stworlder

      The answer is no.

    • R L Buds

      It’s funny how they think we have magical powers or something; somehow we micro-manage every aspect of their existence.

  • TruthBeTold

    Conyers was reminding the audience of a congressional hearing about the
    ins and outs of racism: How it is conscious and subconscious. How it is
    everywhere. All the time. And how that explains the enormous disparity
    in crime rates between black and white people.

    You can’t see it or hear it or taste it or feel it but it’s everywhere.

    • FozzieT

      If that is truly the case, then the only sensible solution would be for all the blacks to move to Liberia, where there is no white racism.

      • Stan D Mute

        No, that doesn’t work either. All of Africa’s problems are due to white racism despite the absence of white people. You see if whites aren’t there its because they’re racist and avoiding the place. And if they are there then they’re also racist and discriminating and profiling the negroes.

        So the bottom line, inescapable and eternal, is that it’s ALWAYS whitey’s fault. No matter when, where, or how, negro failure is whitey’s fault.

        • Guest

          It’s not just Negroes who believe this. I’ve talked to liberal whites who say that the only way to end the evils of racism is for all persons to become blended and for there to be no more white people.

    • Kind of like global warming.

  • Easyrhino

    Apparently neither Obama or his CBC pals notice the irony of a meeting about racism being held with a racially exclusive audience.

    • thegodsofeden

      I don’t think it’s because they don’t understand irony (although that is entirely possible), I think it’s more the case that they truly believe that only ‘YT’ can be a racist. So, just move along; No irony to see here.

  • DaveMed

    I’m glad that Flaherty has a platform at American Thinker.

    • Stan D Mute

      I highly recommend his YouTube channel – click the subscribe button and watch!

    • John

      Flaherty is a good guy and I have a copy of his book but American Thinker is about as “American” as AIPAC. They’re primarily a pro Israel advocacy website with a few “other” articles thrown in to provide legitimacy. Just a few years ago they posted an article by that odious Zionist Pam Geller advocating the release of arch traitor Jonathan Pollard. I was surprised when the comments below it were overwhelmingly against. Even so, by publishing that article on their website, it speaks loudly of their true motives and intentions. I haven’t been there in years. Colin would be better served by locating elsewhere. WND, VDare? Not sure, but not there.

      • jayvbellis

        Yeah, well just ignore the Israeli Firsters stuff. The only pro Whites in power in the world who are not Israeli Firsters are Putin Russians. White Christian Zionists still want to fight Ronald Reagan’s 1980s. Wars against the Russians.

        • John

          True that. I’m just trying to spread the word and get a few people at a time aware of how insidious and cancerous this Zionist penetration of our whole Western culture has been one posting at a time. Once we can get some leadership that aren’t Israeli sock puppets, then maybe we can have some sensible foreign and domestic policies and leave all this PC crap in the dustbin of history where it belongs.

  • dd121

    Is there really any reason to try and appeal to these people with rational arguments? They’re sub-Saharan and sub-human.

    • Stan D Mute

      I’ll engage them in various comment forums, but it’s for the benefit of unconvinced whites. Really, what would be the point of appealing to the negroes? To convince them not to rape and murder whites? Convince them to leave whitey-land and give up the whitey-goodies for a return to Africa? Yeah, we need to bar the exits to prevent the exodus right? Even when first manumitted from slavery and offered a trip back and a brand new country where they held all the power, essentially none took the offer. They preferred to stay in America with horrible evil racist whitey than return to Africa.

    • George Costanza

      “They’re sub-Saharan and sub-human”
      LMAO!!GOOD ONE!!

      • dd121

        I couldn’t resist. I didn’t expect it to stay up for 4 hours (and counting). Usually the mods aren’t that racist. 🙂

  • disqus_Xz3UA6obwj

    Blacks behave the same way WORLDWIDE. This ten fold higher level of stealing and violence is not unique to a particular area of the USA or even to the USA as a whole. Black crime is also just as high or higher in black run cities with black mayors, police chiefs, police officers, juries and prosecutors. Remember the black Philadelphia police chief calling for 10,000 black volunteers to help police the city because he said the crime is out of control and he can’t handle it? Obama is a bigot and a coward, just like Eric Holder. They will never face the facts about blacks and why there are where they are in society.

    • Stan D Mute

      They will never face facts and admit truth where whitey might overhear them. Privately, when they’re sure whitey can’t hear, many of them are about as race realist as anybody here. Of course there are just as many or more that think their ancestors could fly before evil whitey stole their powers, but they subscribe to a lot of magical thinking in general.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    More progeny of the Welfare State and LBJ’s “War on Poverty.”

    All this has happened despite the USA subsidizing its Black poor, publicly and privately, to the tune of more than $2.5 trillion in federal moneys alone since the 1960s.

    • propagandaoftruth

      We’re almost there, Bon. Just a few more trillion.

      Hey, you got any breeding age daughters? DiBlackio style sons? Got any money you want to leave to mulatto grandkids? That would supplement the trillions nicely and make some high yellow negroes a little smarter, richer, and more entitled feeling.

      Wooo! I love my government.

      But seriously, White parents can’t have some form of the talk too early.

      “Son or daughter, I love you, but if you insult me, your mother, our heritage by mating with slime, you will be disinherited, disowned, and forever shunned. If I feel the need to be loved by a good, grateful, non-treacherous child, I’ll either try again if I can, or adopt someone. Or just help out some struggling young Whites or White couple, like I would have helped you.

      The children of random needy Whites are closer to me than will be your children, my own grandchildren. Or I will die bitterly and leave my money to Amren. I’m a hopeful type, so probably go with the first given my druthers. Got it?”

      • If Ariadne takes up with any guy who isn’t white, Japanese or some combination of the two, we will sit her down and tell her that she no longer has a family.

        • ghettovalley

          I think that it is very important to educate the youth about the dangers of miscegenation. I think that if many people understood both how small our share of the global population really is, combined with all of the achievements we have accomplished as a group compared to any other race, that they would begin to think about the consequences of such actions. Imagine the world without white Europeans, their creations and discoveries. It is hard to imagine what this world would look like today without them.

  • notyranny

    White Liberals must have some sort of suicide gene.

    • Augustus3709

      It’s more like the traitor-coward gene. They aren’t the ones getting killed, they sit in cushy seats collecting a paycheck, while condemning the middle and working classes to be surrounded and eaten by savages.

      • LHathaway

        And then calling us the racist, or unthinkingly assuming we are. It doesn’t matter to them what IQ tests reveal.

    • jayvbellis

      Don’t write off the Liberals – solid on abortion rights birth control for the underclass.

      And be very, very aware of traitorous Conservatives – Rand Paul, Lindsey Graham , Mike the Huckster Huckabee, Tyson Foods CEO Donnie Smith, open borders immigration Chamber of Commerce, Libertarian loons at Wall Street journal, Jonah Goldberg Review/National Review.

      That idiot 75 year Arizona rancher Cliven Burdy that just loves illegal alien workers.

      The tops of the Southern Baptist Church and American Catholic Church.

      Lots and lots of idiot, traitors on the American Right.

  • Augustus3709

    Blacks aren’t as “stupid” as you might think. They are simply gaming the system to acquire as many of your resources as possible. It is a survival mechanic that Whites aren’t doing and could learn from. Sometimes being blunt and direct is better than sophisticated and nuanced.

    • Mergatroyd

      Blacks ARE indeed as “stupid” as we might think.

      Blacks had no hand in creating a massive welfare state that doesn’t benefit them, as results of the past 50 or so years show. Has black poverty ended? Are black students on a par with White students? No, because it cannot be done and the Cultural Marxists know it. Everyone knows it.

      The purpose of the American welfare state is to impoverish Whites, decrease the White population and wrest White homelands away from the White race by importing 3rd world “labor” due to an “aging White population.”a

      This is the very definition of genocide according to the UN, but since it’s Whites, no one gives a damn. If they did, there’d be an armed invasion of South Africa tomorrow with the White population given immediate protected refugee status.

      Blacks are being used as a battering ram against Whites to terrorize, murder and create havoc and import violence into White business areas, neighborhoods and schools.

      Blacks are not our biggest problem; those who allow them to do what they do against Whites and then cover up their violence and dysfunction are the biggest problem and until we address that issue, nothing NOTHING will ever change.

      • RacialRay

        Agreed. The only thing worse than a truculent, belligerent racist black is a craven, servile white.

      • jayvbellis

        Blacks have low IQ , but they ain’t stupid. No A,erican Blacks are wasting their lives trying to save Blacks in Africa. Google Amy Biehl. I had the misfortune of running in toAmy Biehl’s sister in San Diego Ca.

      • Augustus3709

        The first sentence made me laugh.

        But my point is, think about it, what is a crocodile’s IQ, five? They don’t need to be a genius to spring out of the water and chomp down on some poor zebra’s neck.

        It is possible to “over-think” something. Blacks don’t do that (maybe they can’t). They sense White kindness as weakness and smell blood in the water. Blacks use words like “racism”, “oppression”, “discrimination”, “supremacy”, “segregation”, historical this, institutionalized that, bla bla bla –all important-sounding 5 dollar words inserted directly into their mouths by their radical cultural-marxist puppet masters.

        We all know this. But oblivious blacks don’t care. They use the words, knowingly or not, as a strategy to acquire White resources, while excusing their own inability (albeit understandable ), to live up to the White gold standard.

        Now hispanics and even Asians are trying to get their piece of the White pie. This is not going to end well.

        Or that is to say, it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

    • jayvbellis

      Agreed. No American Blacks have ever agitated for US wars against Black African nations. Same can’t be said about US Whites in World War I, World War II.

      • Big wars is part of whites do. We also went to the moon.

      • Augustus3709

        Most White Americans were firmly AGAINST both World Wars. It took massive, shameful propaganda campaigns to turn Americans against their European relatives.

    • ElComadreja

      They’re as dumb as a bag of rocks. They do possess a certain animal cunning like other predators.

      • Augustus3709

        Never underestimate your opponent. If I was on the black team I’d be counting on people thinking me “dumb”. They have a smaller percentage of smart people, but they do exist, and could pull something out as leaders.

        No empty pride.

        • ElComadreja

          I don’t know. Looking around the world at what they’ve come up with for leaders both presently and in the past I don’t see any great intelligence at work. I believe negroes would be largely extinct if it weren’t for the efforts of misguided whites to save them. I think even Stephen Hawking has given up on his quest to find an African genius.

          • Augustus3709

            Based on what I’ve seen some revolutionary organic black run organization is highly unlikely. The best they seem to be able to do in groups is spontaneous violence.

            That is bad enough though. It’s hard to imagine the scenario in Rwanda in the 90s, with waves of blacks with knives and blunt objects literally killing everything in their path.

            An organized White militia would put it down, but no victory ever is guaranteed.


    Ugh Obama,,,,,,,,, I can’t tell you how unbelievably happy I will be when he and his manly “Wife” Michael,,, uh,, I mean,,, Michelle. Both climb aboard my tax dollar bought and paid for Marine One chopper for the very last time! That day, just can’t come soon enough!!

  • Lion’s Mane

    “Conyers was reminding the audience of a congressional hearing about the ins and outs of racism: How it is conscious and subconscious. How it is everywhere. All the time. And how that explains the enormous disparity in crime rates between black and white people.”

    If this is the true nature of the problem and racism is so deeply and thoroughly ingrained, then why on Earth would anyone try to keep the races together? That’s clearly fighting Nature! The only sensible solution, for Blacks as well as Whites, is separation by mutual consent.

    • 4321realist


      Every time a lefty or a black brings up the bogus claim of injustice towards blacks they need to be reminded that things will not change, and the only way to create a less contentious society is to separate blacks from everybody else.

      Then they need to understand that non-black people of color don’t want anything to do with them either.

      And those truths should be pointed out time and again, just as much as the shameful lie “diversity is our strength” is uttered.

  • tetrapod

    This AA behavior must stop.

    Time for dracoonian measures.

    • Augustus3709

      That’s a naughty typo.

  • Moenn

    The only random act of violence I heard about lately was the one in Philly, where 2 gay guys were assaulted by a gang of 5-6 drunk whites. That vid was shown on national TV. I guess if fits their narrative that gays bashing happens a lot and is unacceptable. Especially by whites…something tells me if blacks were the suspected perps here, we wouldn’t have heard a peep about it at all…

  • jayvbellis

    Go green and Liberal elitist. No amusement parks, end football and basketball programs, rip out concrete basketball courts and put in prairie restoration, bird watching sanctuaries. Support White and Asian geek sports like cross country running, swimming , gymnastics, ballet. Tennis works well.

    Anything that attracts or enables a youthful Black crowd is a No No.

    Dress codes always help .

    Foreign films with sub titles. classical music.

    And any Libertarians insisting that everyone should be “free to choose” – see to it that they are made human sacrifice to the Black mobs.

    • Some of my neighbors wanted a basketball court installed in the townhouse complex here. We fought tooth and nail against the idea, as it would constitute an attractive nuisance. I was called a racist in HOA meetings, and admitted it.

      Still no basketball here, 16 years later. I didn’t pay $120,000 to live in Detroit.

      • Unperson

        Good for you, Michael. Somebody has to fight these battles, otherwise the libs will just continue getting every silly, dangerous thing they ask for with no serious opposition. They’ve been on a roll for decades, but their “progress” desperately needs to be stopped.

        Myself, I prefer not to live in a townhouse or any other HOA-type situation in which I would not have control over what (e.g. bakkaball courts, which are catnip to da thugz) gets installed in or around my property. If it can be afforded, a single-family, fully detached house not subject to any boards-of-directors etc, in a majority-white neighborhood is the way to go.

        Admittedly it’s become difficult to find any such detached home — anywhere on our shrinking, darkening continent — without forking over a lot more than $120,000.

      • jayvbellis

        Great job Michael. Well done!

        These are the type of local battles we must fight and win.

        You did!

        Well done brother.

        • My tactic was to raise the issue of the extra insurance coverage that an attractive nuisance would require.

      • benvad

        Good for you.

  • propagandaoftruth

    It gets really hard when you throw in all the opportunity cost loss of having to accommodate substandardism in almost everything.

    Somewhere deep down some libtards know the deal and have resisted forcefully inserting AA blackbrowns into positions where they knew they could not fake it and cover up the reality, but even that’s going out the window.

    What is the opportunity cost of willful, institutional, promotion of incompetence?

    $18 trillion sounds more like it to me.

  • jayvbellis

    Conyers, Al Sharpton, Marion Barry, Jessie Jack [email protected] Jackson these are now old men. Blacks haven’t had a promising young hate YT demagogue in ages. It’s the same with boxing. Yeah, Black Americans were great in the 1970s, now White guys rule.

  • thegodsofeden

    Agreed. I would also add, if possible, find a training facility that uses moving targets and that has you moving within those targets. Much better and more accurate practice that way. If/and when a situation goes down, an assailant won’t be standing still like those practice bulls-eyes.

  • Lion’s Mane

    Richard Dawkins actually says that he wants us to REBEL against our genes, to REBEL against Evolution. Says he: “Human beings must believe in Evolution but fight it.”

  • ghettovalley

    Why are black behaviors and crimes clearly swept under the rug? When they say enriched by diversity, is this what they are taking about?

  • Ted

    I don’t think liberals are necessarily bad people with bad intentions. Their naiveté regarding race relations stems from the distance between themselves and these populations geographically. Here, in Houston, we have plenty of liberals, but even they’ll admit they would never go to the black areas of town for fear of criminal activity. Those from other states with currently low minority populations can’t see it yet and get their exposure to minorities only from television.

    I wish I could believe in the ideas of equality and all the rest of it, but after getting shot at for nothing, having my property stolen numerous times from both my home and my car (in broad daylight on camera, mind you), getting shoved around physically for not coughing up change for “the homeless”, having to deal with any government offices with employees that refuse to work, etc., I can’t help but think that that was all wishful thinking pumping through the state education system. The reality is, I’m in more danger physically around blacks and its in the interests of my personal safety to steer clear.

    “Equality” sure is a nice sounding idea, but then again, so is “heaven” and “Santa Claus.” I never dreamed of becoming a “racist.” However, the school of hard knocks has better instructors than the ivory tower. And like many others here, I’ve learned well the lessons they’ve taught me. Of course, there are some blacks that are fine and I’d truly consider my friends. Well-mannered, educated, stable families, drug-free, etc. But they’re so damn outnumbered, they’re a negligible drop in the diversity bucket. Gimme Dat/Muh Dick reigns supreme here. So Oregon, Idaho, Utah? I don’t know much about life up in the NorthWest but it couldn’t be worse than this racket.