Outraged Swiss Village of 1,000 Residents Forced to Raise Taxes After African Refugee Mother-of-Seven Moves There

John Hall, Daily Mail (London), September 16, 2014

A village of just 1,000 residents in Switzerland has been forced to raise taxes because an African refugee and her seven children cost the local authority £40,000 in benefits every month.

Hagenbuch, in the Swiss canton of Zurich, is understood to be spending close to a third of its total annual budget on the family after they arrived from Eritrea in East Africa three years ago.

The massive benefits bill covers day-to-day living expenses such as groceries and cleaning costs, as well as paying for four of the woman’s children to be housed in an orphanage and even bills for general entertainment–such as guided tours of local attractions and entry fees for the zoo.

The Eritrean woman and her family arrived in Hagenbuch three years ago in possession of a visa allowing her to stay in Switzerland for five years, with the option to extend her stay beyond that date.

It is not known if the family had lived elsewhere in Switzerland before moving to the quiet village.

Solely to cover the cost of the family’s massive benefits bill, the local authority is now planning to raise taxes in the village by a shocking five per cent .

‘I don’t know where to turn. I think we have no other choice but to raise taxes,’ Mayor Therese Schlaepfer told daily Swiss newspaper Blick.

She added that local residents were justifiably outraged by the spiraling costs of caring for the family, who require a team of social workers to spend six hours a day, six days a week on them alone.

When the woman and her family arrived in Hagenbuch three years ago, the municipal government immediately agreed to cover the full cost of their rent and £1,700 a month in living expenses.

A short time later the woman sought further financial help, claiming she had become overwhelmed by family commitments and was now struggling to look after all seven of her children.

This resulted in four of them being sent to an orphanage–with the local authority paying out £6,000 for each child every month–a total cost of £24,000.

On top of this there are also the costs of helping the woman pay her cooking and cleaning bills–plus rolling entertainment expenses, such as paying the entry fee for all eight family members at the zoo.

As well as straight handouts, the family also reportedly cost the local authority thousands more every month by tying up social workers and carers for six hours a day, six days a week.

On average these social workers cost the council about £90 every hour they work, rising to £95 an hour in the evening or at weekends.

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  • Garrett Brown

    Why is she even in Switzerland? I thought they voted to be very strict and regulate immigration again? Did she immigrate there before the legislation was put forth or are they still discussing the specifics?

    • B.A_2014

      Better still why have they not burnt her out and forced her from the village!

      • Kelly John

        Garrett Brown If you think Carmen`s story is exceptional..., 5 weeks ago my aunts step daughter got $5416 just sitting there sixteen hours a week from there apartment and they’re neighbor‘s step-aunt`s neighbour done this for five months and got paid over $5416 part-time On there computer. use the tips available on this page,….P&#101&#114&#x66&#101&#99&#116&#50&#51&#46&#67&#x6FM

        • Garrett Brown

          Oh dear.

        • none of your business

          Go away internet fraudulent scam artist.

        • Magician

          “my aunts step daughter got $5416 just sitting there sixteen hours a week from there apartment and they’re neighbor’s step-aunt`s neighbour done this for five months and got paid over $5416″……

          For a minute I thought I was reading a post about another Somali refugee family in UK who came over various implementations of “family unifications”

          • Magician

            “”my aunts step daughter got $5416 just sitting there sixteen hours a week from there apartment and they’re neighbor’s step-aunt`s neighbour done this for five months and got paid over $5416″”

            Also, this individual displays an exceptional, unbeatable fluency in ebonics

          • Whoever accused blog comment spammers of using the Queen’s English?

          • propagandaoftruth

            1. At least she didn’t throw a “their” in…there.

            2. I can’t figure out what she’s selling so I assume it’s by the hour and involves a webcam.

            3. I don’t think she’s a Bulgarian law student camming her way through Harvard, no. I knew someone like that years ago and she was a great speller. This is not her.

            Carry on.

      • Garrett Brown

        Can anyone not answer my questions?

        • TheCogitator

          White people have lost their fight. I’m with you, I’d eliminate the whole damned bunch, and the white folks who favored having them.

        • B.A_2014

          What was the question?

    • Ian Thomas

      I’m wondering the same thing.

    • phorning

      The article says she arrived three years ago, their immigration vote was just last year. I believe it just required the government to come up with a plan to regulate who was allowed into the country. It did not set strict limits on its own.

      • Garrett Brown

        Ah I see now, thank you.

    • archer

      She should be deported, but the same thing happens here on a much larger scale.

    • The Worlds Scapegoat

      “Why is she even in Switzerland?”

      Barbara Lerner Spectre

      Look her up on youtube


      • That yenta can’t wreck Sweden all by herself. She needs a lot of help, and unfortunately, a lot of Swedes, real Swedes, are happy to provide it.

        If she tried her act in Japan? No way, she wouldn’t even try.

        • HamletsGhost

          She gets massive help from her fellow tribesmen who have used their control of finance and media to turn Sweden from a modern Western country into a third world slum.

          • She gets even more massive help from the Swedish tribe and all their do-gooder pathological altruism.

          • HamletsGhost

            Cultural Marxism, like it’s Bolshevist predecessors, is secular Judaism.
            Liberalism is secular Christianity. It is the handmaiden, or in the words of G.L. Rockwell, the pimping little sister of Communism.

            Marxist Jews have hijacked the nations of the West, and just like a gang of hijackers armed with box-cutters taking over a civilian airliner’s cockpit, are driving Sweden and every other nation into the abyss.

      • Garrett Brown

        Yes, I have watched it many times.

  • Anglokraut

    This is one time where the torch-and-pitchfork carrying angry villagers cliche would be apropos. I’d suggest burning their house and running them out of town, but that would leave survivors to tell of how racist the Swiss are.

    • bilderbuster

      If the Swiss used to burn witches at the stake then why can’t they deal with this problem?

      • Nonhumans

        Easy. The libtards protect the nonhumans.

  • DaveMed

    Seems like cultural enrichment leads to financial impoverishment,

    • D.B. Cooper

      Don’t blame her, blame the weak Swiss leaders who allowed the parasite to happen. It’s time to man up, white boys!

    • propagandaoftruth

      It leads to the enrichment of dullard parasites and the destruction of the host.

    • The Final Solution

      Poverty is a natural outcome of diversity, according to Tatu Vanhanen’s new book.

  • IstvanIN

    She needs a cook and housekeeper? Do all Swiss families get servants? 6 day a week social workers? 7 kids and 4 are in an orphanage and she can not keep up with her HH chores? And where is her “husband”? Send her and her spawn back.

    • OS-Q

      See, immigrants are job creators!

      • propagandaoftruth

        Ha ha ha!

        So is ebola!

        Lemons to lemonade, baby!

    • bilderbuster

      When the family went to the zoo they should have been kept there where they belong.

      • R L Buds

        They could turn them into an attraction and make money off of them.

        • bilderbuster

          The Swiss could pay to see them break dance for bananas or fight over chicken wings.

          • R L Buds

            Last nite I stopped at Shoprite and got fried chicken, bananas, and a watermelon (they’ll be done soon) and the cashier was a very dark black guy. Needless to say I felt a certain way, I’m not sure what you might call it, but we like that stuff too. Of course they are insulted by bananas, since they are smart enough (barely) to know what they truely are.

          • bilderbuster

            What’s not to like about fried chicken (I rarely eat fried foods but love it in moderation), bananas (had some with breakfast this AM) and watermelons (we have 45 lb. Florida Giants on the vine in the garden now) ?
            Black people know why every race doesn’t like them and only Black people can be offended by a piece of fruit.

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      Yes, she shouldn’t have any cooking or cleaning bills because she should be doing that herself. She is (presumably) unemployed, so it’s not like she doesn’t have time to do it. And she’s only taking care of three of her seven children right now.

      The amount of pointless welfare the Swiss agreed to give her is astonishing. I didn’t think any welfare story would surprise me anymore, but I was wrong. This one really is shocking.

      • DonReynolds

        What possible work is this woman capable of performing for pay?

        • Ethan Allen

          Folding clothes, cleaning houses, sitting babies, cooking, weeding & other misc. yard work.

          • Anglokraut

            I would not put this woman in charge of White children–that is just asking for tragedy. Same for having her cook anything, as Mestizos with higher IQs still can’t figure out why they need to wash their hands after using the toilet. Seems a bit much to ask a slower mind to do more.

            If this African were to do anything of use for an employer, it would be manual labor, out of the homes of the native Swiss, and under supervision as any child (or adult with the equivalent IQ of a White child) would need to have.
            Or they could deport her and her life-blood sucking brood. This is one case where there is no choice to make between what is easy, and what is right.

          • DonReynolds

            That is funny…..I never noticed anyone getting paid 40,000 pounds a month to do that, particularly one who cannot speak the language, so they can follow instructions.

          • none of your business

            Not sitting my babies if she needs daily help and 4 of her 7 kids are in orphanages. Probably the reason she needs full time maid AND cooking service is that she is unfamiliar with stoves, electricity, doors, windows and other western things. She has a cook provided by social services because she obviously does not know how to cook.
            She may be too stupid to distinguish between weeds and other plants. If she needs a daily maid she obviously does not know how to clean.

        • GeneticsareDestiny

          Probably nothing. She is, however, capable of doing her own cleaning and cooking. It doesn’t take a very high IQ to do that.

          She should also be caring for her other four children (the ones they placed in an orphanage) and performing the basic tasks they need done for them, such as cooking them meals, putting them to bed at night, and getting them up for school.

          I doubt she could ever do anything for pay (even working at McDonalds sounds like it would be beyond this woman), but there’s a substantial portion of her own personal responsibilities that she could and should be doing herself, instead of foisting it off on the Swiss taxpayer.

          • DonReynolds

            It does not work like that in the welfare state and the only way to get her out of the clutches of the welfare bureaucrats is to deport her gold-plated hinnie back to her own country…..where she will be free to cook and clean to her own preferences.

          • GeneticsareDestiny

            I agree, she should definitely be deported. She should never have been let in in the first place, for that matter. Switzerland has enough immigrants already (many of whom should also be deported); they don’t need a massive welfare burden like this woman who is incapable of performing even the most basic, standard tasks necessary in everyday life.

    • Samuel Hathaway

      Don’t forget money in the budget for ENTERTAINMENT, including trips to the ZOO.

      • Nonhumans

        So that they can visit their relatives.

    • none of your business

      Could be she is severely retarded, IQ of 50 perhaps and cannot do housework. Plus back home she is used to cooking over a wood fire in the yard. Don’t the Swiss have foster homes and a juvenile court system that would take her spawn away?

      • DonReynolds

        For what purpose would the law care to take away her spawn?

        • none of your business

          To save the poor little dears from their negligent Mother.

      • ShermanTMcCoy

        You know what they call an African with an IQ of 50?


        • bilderbuster

          I thought you were going to say “a Swiss”.

          • ShermanTMcCoy

            That’s painfully funny.

      • The Final Solution

        Most blacks are severely retarded.

  • Moenn

    Switzerland’s “octomom,” I suppose. Such a shame…what can be done? The town should simply cut off all aid and see what happens…

    • propagandaoftruth

      Jeez man, I knew they were destructive and costly but wow…

      One negress and her 7 fatherless negritos can raise a village’s taxes by 5%.

      They are indeed an amazing race of humanoids.

      • bilderbuster

        More like they are the most advanced race of monkeys.

        • propagandaoftruth


          You can’t call them monkeys! Sheesh…

        • B.A_2014

          Don’t you mean the least advanced.

        • The Final Solution

          Blacks are just an earlier version of humanity. The “first attempt” basically. Like Windows 95. Whites are Windows 8.

    • bilderbuster

      I wonder if they sell spray paint there so the little ones can give back to the community?

      • ShermanTMcCoy

        When I arrived in Zürich in the late nineties, I was unpleasantly surprised by the amount of graffiti I observed. Somehow, I thought the place would be a whole lot classier.

  • Simonetta

    Pet Negros certainly are expensive. In my only call for jury duty, I was asked to judge the case of 25 year old dreadlocked fool who shot another dreadlocked fool outside a downtown Portland, OR nightclub. I was thinking that we spent $25,000/yr each on these two bozos for basic worthless public school education, $25,000/yr ‘educating’ each of these bozos baby-momma spawn, $5000+ a year on EBT on each because they are too stupid and too weird looking to get real jobs, etc…
    Then one shoots the other. Since he wasn’t being tried for murder, one must assume that the guy shot was lying in a hospital bed at $1000 a day, on top of $10000 of surgery. Just so when he gets well enough, he could go hunt down the fool sitting in from of me who shot him. Which would have set the whole process in motion again with the roles reversed. Unless of course we incarcerated the bozo; at a cost of $35000 a year, Or both of them at double that cost.
    Every time that someone adopts a pet negro to show how wonderfully diverse they are, it ends up costing all the other taxpayers a million dollars… each….
    Geez, couldn’t you just get a dog instead? A least a dog would really really like you. And a cat, even if it didn’t particularly like you, wouldn’t be calling you a racist and making you look like an idiot in front of all your friends by breaking every rule needed to keep civilization running.
    And it sure wouldn’t be costing me and everyone a million dollars each.

    • Excellent response to the judge. I must remember it.

    • Tarczan

      That is what happens to cities when blacks replace whites. social services that help the truly needy are eliminated to pay for all of the various safety forces and interventions the blacks require. Elderly programs, mental health assistance, even recreational programs are eventually eliminated as the blacks predominate. They just destroy the mechanisms of modern cities.

      • none of your business

        And virtually every social worker and rec worker job goes to the immigrants.

      • DNA Explains It All

        The old binarily exclusive option set comes to mind.


        Pick any two, the three CAN NEVER COEXIST.

        • Anglokraut

          Wouldn’t the choice of Freedom and Negroes bring about a Mad-Maxian chaos?

          • DNA Explains It All

            My point exactly, that would hardly be called civilization then would it?

          • The Final Solution

            Even the wasteland and Bartertown are more civilized than anything blacks can come up with. Oh wait I guess Tina Turner is black. An African American who builds the last city in the outback. LOL

    • propagandaoftruth

      Hell yeah they’re outrageously overpriced. In a village of 1000 white people, an increase in the negro population from 0% to .8% results in taxes going up by 5%. rounding .8 up to 1 percent for statistical neatness’ sake, this means that a rise in the negro population of 1% results in a cost to society of 5%.

      A race of parasites for sure, but worse by far their worshipful enablers…

      • bilderbuster

        Those high paid social workers love Blacks even in Switzerland.
        Job security don’t you know.

      • Samuel Hathaway

        Great job, Mr. Mathmetician.
        Now, if you could only explain how this works to the common-core knuckleheads while at the same time demonstrating how diversity is a dirty deal all the way around for the clean, neat, orderly and honorable Swiss.

      • The Final Solution

        I wish I could calculate the actual economic value of each race. They’ve done it by education level, so why not race? If you add X number of blacks to Y community, you will see a net loss of Z dollars. Add whites instead of blacks, you will see a net gain of XXX. Imagine trying to publish such research.

    • If you’re in the Portland area, maybe we could meet in person? Put a comment on any post in my jewamongyou blog so I can contact you.

    • Michael Whalen

      You darn well said the right thing! But weren’t you concerned that the judge could have slapped you with some kind of contempt-of-court charge?

      • DonReynolds

        It is only contempt of court if you have the ability to perform an order of the judge, but you refuse…..in which case, you can be held in the lockup until you comply with the order.

    • Samuel Hathaway

      Simonetta…. you’re a gem, precious. Your piece is a work of art. I wish I was this quick with your level of wit and perception. This one is definitely a keeper.

    • Uncle_Dan

      Don’t you sometimes wonder if it’s worth all this?

    • JustAnotherWhiteGuy

      I’m glad to see PDX represented here on Amren. It makes me feel better that there are some of us here in the land of lefties.

      Portland is still mostly White, but I feel like a stranger in a strange land with all these traitors tripping over each other to profess their love for all things non White, & multicultural. It’s good to know that other like minded people are here.

  • Ed

    I think this is good in fact every family should get a detailed tax bill that shows how much of their taxes go to welfare. More illegals move an area and need ESL teachers? A new tax bill. It’s time people are confronted with their silly altruistic liberalism.

  • This is just one small example in one small town in a relatively small white country.

    Extrapolate, and it’s no wonder that we’ve run up $18 trillion of debt.

    • Stan D Mute

      This is what happens when you forget the wisdom of your ancestors. It’s one thing to discard that received wisdom when it is contradicted by science. But here the wisdom was reinforced by science and was still discarded. We deserve what we get.

  • TruthBeTold

    This is it in microcosm.

    Leeches that will drain the host of blood until the host dies.

  • [Guest]

    How is it that righteous “outrage” never seems to change anything?

  • MekongDelta69

    I really hate to say this – but GOOD. This is a miniscule example of socialism and unrestricted open borders at its finest. Like I said yesterday, there is NO SUCH THING as a free lunch.

    • Usually Much Calmer

      I agree with you that this story is good but not with any moral weight behind it.

      This story breaks issues we all understand down beautifully into text-book simplicity. It is so easy to watercooler. I really don’t care one way or the other if particular Swiss villages get ‘what they deserve’- I want the lie to die. This story is a big ‘yay’ for me.

      Your and my AmRen feel good story of the week?

    • Stan D Mute

      Just wait until the costs go really vertical. Today it’s just money. When those little Afrokids enter puberty and beyond … yes there will be some Swiss raping and robbing and killing going on.

  • Jim Henry

    Let’s talk IQ. Which group is the dumbest? The woman and her brood or the taxpayers.

    • Michael Whalen


    • Stan D Mute

      It’s not IQ shortage that’s the problem with many many whites. Look at the whites graduating Harvard, Yale, Stanford, etc. They’re IQ smart, but have no ability to question the accepted wisdom. Also, all of them I know very well will privately admit the negroes failure, but they cannot bear to think of what that really means. If they openly admit the truth they are blacklisted socially and economically. So they support Affirmative Action because God knows the negroes need the help and that’s about all the thought they give it. They don’t see negroes in their daily lives except the shiny magic negroes the media presents us. In that world it’s pretty easy to deceive even yourself.

    • DonReynolds

      The taxpayers do not get to refuse to pay taxes and clearly they have no control over the lavish spending on this pest. My guess is, in the end the taxpayers will prevail.

      • rightrightright

        The Swiss still have a system of regular referenda on local issues. I can see the good citizens throwing this one out. Switzerland is not in the EU prison and cannot be constrained to act against the best interests of the Swiss the way the rest of us are.

        As usual, blame lies with the pen pushing, pc local authorities, scared of their own shadows.

        • DonReynolds

          If this particular case is not resolved to most people’s satisfaction, I feel certain she will be an unspoken darn-good-reason for why things should be changed or corrected moving forward. Something like this can stick in the craw of the public for decades, like Tawana Brawley.

  • From a mud hut to a lifestyle fit for a queen. 40K pounds a month is what … the pound used to be worth $1.40, so that’s roughly $66,000 a month, or roughly $800,000 a year that this thurd world creature receives. It would be cheaper to give her $100,000 a year for life if she’ll agree to return to Apefrica.

    Since Bill Gates loves these creatures so much and since he has plenty of money I suggest he and Zuckerberg pick up the tab for her and let the Swiss villagers off the hook. In fact, Gates and Zuck should just move her and her sprogs into their homes, where she can lead a really, really, really luxury lifestyle.

    Bill? Zuck? You guys up for taking in one of your beloved Africans?

    • Samuel Hathaway

      From a mud hut to a lifestyle fit for a queen… Apefrica… I can’t stop laughing… between your posts and the one from Simonetta, this would be great fodder for late-night comedy, skit included.

    • Bantu_Education

      The pound is currently worth $1.63 or thereabouts, so add another 15% to your $ estimates.

    • Marc Zuckurburg

      I don’t think you understand the deal.

      I reap the benefits, you suffer the consequences and get the bill.

      I’m better off and I also get to watch you suffer.

      Now that’s a good deal.

      Make my immigration reform comprehensive, please!

      • DonReynolds

        It is a great gig while it lasts…..but it won’t last much longer.

      • Magician

        I hope your wife enjoys watching us suffer as well, Zucker

  • Ian Thomas

    Question, why are Africans in Switzerland?

    • IstvanIN

      Yes, why? Cold weather just makes them ashy.

    • propagandaoftruth

      They thought it was Swaziland?

      Nah, stupid treacherous white libtard eloi.

      First on the gallows in my opinion.

      • Stan D Mute

        Gallows are too quick.

        • Stan D Mute

          Force them to live in Africa.

        • propagandaoftruth

          Depends. They’ll need ’em when they poop the terminal poop.

          Gotta follow drop length guidelines unless you’re going for…

          A: Slow, agonizing asphyxiation (what it seems you’re aiming for) or…

          B: An exciting explosive decapitation a la Tariq Aziz, notorious Iraqi Christian (not too many of those left).

          I like standard drop, myself. No need to gloat, but given my druthers between A, and B, gotta go with my inner Muslim and pick B as second choice.

          Which still makes me better than an ISIS Muslim in that the suffering is less than getting your head sawed off by a smelly camel jockey rapper.

          Drop lengths…

    • Samuel Hathaway

      Because Africans, being Africans, create a dump wherever they are. But you’re white, and thus so being white, you are expected to feel edified when an African blesses you with their presence, since you are choking to death on your bland, white, culture that lacks zest, flavor and oomph.
      Get it now?

    • Earl Turner

      Because even Africans hate Africa?

  • mikefromwichita

    These folks (that Swiss community) need to take a hint from the playbook of Skidmore, Missouri for dealing with imposed social problems.

    • SentryattheGate

      Tell me more!

      • Tim

        The was an ABC movie or some such about it. The small town of Skidmore was terrorized by a Redneck criminal bully and his welfare girlfriend who assaulted, bullied, shoplifted from and even shot the other residents. He also held a State trooper at gunpoint in the dark on a lonely road. When he threatened to finish off a store clerk he had previously shot, A World War II veteran made a stand in front of the victims house with his M-1 rifle. This galvanized the other residents into ambushing and killing the man in his truck on the town square in the middle of the morning. No one talked but it was widely believed that the veteran and his two sons carried out the execution. I believe the book or movie was called, “in Broad daylight.” Brian Dennehey played the bully.

  • cherrie greenbaum123

    Keeping African pets is expensive. They could have asked White Americans about that.

    • bilderbuster

      Look who’s been in the White House for the last 6 years.
      They think we love to spoil them.

      • Samuel Hathaway

        Drop Bill Bennett from the listening list. I will never forget the most asinine thing he ever said during campaign 2008 and whether whites would ever vote for a black man. He said, I swear, there are millions of white voters who revel in the thought of voting for a black President.

        • Stan D Mute

          He was right. 100% right. There is an astonishingly large number of exceedingly stupid white people on the subject of Africans.

          • TheCogitator

            They are the ones I’d like to see the black savages prey on. Some are so committed to their beliefs that even after being victims of black violence, they still support them. That sort of fool should be cleansed from the gene pool.

        • bilderbuster

          That fat slob comes from an incestuous DC family that plays both sides.
          His brother was Bill Clinton’s impeachment lawyer.

          • I remember when he wrote off his gambling losses and responded to criticism by saying, “$10 million really isn’t that much.”

  • Luca

    Gee where is the daddy, or perhaps the seven daddies?

    • IstvanIN

      Wasn’t that a movie? Seven Babies for Seven Baby Daddies?

  • Luca

    These Liberal social engineering projects sure are expensive. But at least now Switzerland can reap all those diversity rewards we keep hearing about.

  • Korean guy

    £40,000 is 65476 USD

    Typically, 70% of the population earn money and thus will be required to pay taxes. The rest are kids, seniors, patients, full-time mothers, and so on.

    If the village has 1000 residents, then I expect roughly 700 folks among them pay taxes

    I expect the monthly tax will be raised, roughly, by $100USD, on average

    I have read a worse situation before

    In UK, a Somali asylum seeker with a wife and seven children were given £2M house, simply because that Somali refugee family did not like where they were living.


    Replace DOT with an actual dot

    At least Swiss people can openly complain. In Sweden, if a native Swede openly complains he or she can spend quite a few days behind bars

    • none of your business

      They got that house because of the council (HUD) housing rule that opposite sex children cannot share a room and there can be no more that 2 people in a bedroom.
      Most European and American houses are for small families. Almost all 5 and 6 bedroom houses are in the mansion price range.
      Of course back in Somalia all 9 of them would be in a 10 by 10 hut.

      • Alexandra1973

        I know that’s the rule where I live. My son and I are in a 2-bedroom.

  • Easyrhino

    What “cleaning bills” would this woman possibly have?

    • OS-Q

      I’ve cleaned out welfare-dependent housing once. There were dried out used diapers behind the sofa and pizza boxes in the ceiling for starters.

    • kikz2

      or cooking.. wtg does she do? four are in an orphanage… so that leaves three.. she doesn’t cook or clean..

  • Sick of it

    Bullets are cheaper.

    • TheCogitator

      Not even worth the cost of a bullet. Not worthy of a sword. A blunt instrument is appropriate.

      • B.A_2014

        What happend to white people?
        In the last couple of centuries the white man took over the earth, almost whipped out the Armenoids, colonised India, Asia, Australia and Africa well… they were swinging from the trees when the Portuguese rocked up to the shore. Look at the world wars, The Algerian war fo independence, Vietnam and all the other wars this century. The white man didn’t pussy foot about. Now look at us skinny jeans, Drug addicts, the collapse of the family, marriage and the birthrate and the gradual displacement and replacement of our people.

        Hold on a minute guys… The X Factor is just about to start.

  • Melvin Bonzarelli

    People get the government they deserve.

    • Usually Much Calmer

      Thank you.

  • Guest

    There is an easy solution. The villagers should make an organized effort and collectively refuse to pay the raised taxes – problem solved. Pay your taxes, but only for the community.

    • Magician

      But are the taxes not simply collected from each paycheque automatically?

  • benvad

    Just snuff em out.

  • RHG

    These 3rd world moochers must think they entered paradise where everything is given to them and they don’t even have to clean up after themselves. Just wait until the 7 children grow up and marry fellow Eritreans and start birthing babies and want to have all their bills paid.

    • bilderbuster

      Wait until the females get knocked up by Swiss men and start polluting the Swiss gene pool forever with their Black toxic waste.

  • none of your business

    PDS 1,700 is about $2,700 US dollars. Maybe the monitors could get rid of the internet scams such as Kelly john submitted? Probably the government is not enforcing immigration policy, just like our own government.

  • Samuel Hathaway

    Has the SWISS government become this dumb? Eritrea, in Africa is not exactly a training ground for assimilation into Switzerland. Does this dullard and her brood of bluegums even know rudimentary French, German or Italian, the three official languages of Switzerland?

    Let’s hope the savage, brutal winters with sub-zero temperatures and blizzards with knee-deep snows send them packing back to Africa where she is best suited.

    • none of your business

      No, the city will pay huge heat bills because they are too stupid to turn the furnace below 85 degrees. Or maybe one of the social workers could spend a couple of 8 hour days trying to teach the retard about thermostats.

  • RyanP

    I would think these costs would be absorbed by higher levels of government. It is odd that a small town like this would be directly burdened with these costs. But either way it is outrageous.

    • paul marchand

      Actually taxing the locality is best. More accountable. Sooner of later the locals will get outraged and send her axx back to Eritrea.

    • Usually Much Calmer

      Switzerland is highly decentralized organizationally. The cantons are almost like free states in a Swiss confederacy. They ‘think local’. (FWIW)

  • MBlanc46

    Alas, poor Switzerland. The Swiss have retained some sanity regarding multiculturalism and immigration, but apparently they’re further down the road to destruction than I’d imagined.

  • paul marchand

    Welcome to the club. Here in the old used-to-be-the-greatest-country-in-the-world, now known as “The New America”, we have had to fund tens of millions of Hillary’s Children for many decades, joyfully watching them grow and multiply, as we are taxed and stressed.

    • OS-Q

      It takes a village… to raise about £480,000 a year.

  • JohnEngelman

    open immigration can’t coexist with a strong social safety net; if you’re going to assure health care and a decent income to everyone, you can’t make that offer global.

    – Paul Krugman, from “The Curious Politics of Immigration”

  • Bantu_Education

    And we hear so much about the supposedly wonderful Swiss democracy based on a cantonal and direct democracy via regular referenda. Time to think again.

    • Ngati Pakeha

      They should adopt your notion of “good neighborliness” Meneer Verwoerd!

  • Sometimes it seems as if our open-borders overlords all across the West are pathologically crying out to be overthrown.

  • DonReynolds

    I cannot stop laughing. Take it away, I cannot catch my breath.

    New word today, boys and girls……..UNSUSTAINABLE.

    Yes,…..just as Milton Friedman preached over and over……
    We cannot have a welfare state with open borders.
    It was a true statement then and still true today.
    You have to choose.

  • Paleoconn

    Have the Swiss also lost their minds?

    I once had a friend who moaned about how boring Switzerland is. I say give me Swiss boring any time for the exciting vibrancy of diversity.

  • Ethan Allen

    Wait until one of the kids grow up and robs the only liquor store in town. Then they’ll have to build a jail. Taxes will go up even more. White Swiss will move out because the tax rates are so high. Property values will plummet. Other dependent blacks will buy or rent the cheapened properties and move in. Taxes will go up on those able to pay even more. Even more white Swiss will leave. There will be houses on the market for the Swiss equivalent of a dollar. There will be no takers. Sound familiar?

    • Earl Turner

      But think of all the cultural enrichment that Vibrant Diversity will bring!

  • DonReynolds

    Defiance is the only proper response to this nonsense. Not just NO, but hell NO.
    Time for the torches and the pitchforks. Quietly if possible, but definitely before sunrise.

  • WR_the_realist

    The Swiss have gone as crazy as, well, the British and the Americans. 40,000 pounds a month? Either that’s a typo or this has to be the most expensive welfare queen that ever lived.

  • Young Werther

    “When the woman and her family arrived in Hagenbuch three years ago, the municipal government immediately agreed to cover the full cost of their rent and £1,700 a month in living expenses”
    Nothing less than they deserve…ha ha ha

  • Ella

    Some Hagenbucher bean-counter should have figured out that it would have been much cheaper to hire a nanny for the seven children rather than paying for orphanage costs and other benefits. And the poorer Swiss elderly can hardly afford their heating and rent costs.

  • bubo

    This seems like a screenplay for a comedy, then I remembered that white countries ARE comedy these day.

  • IKUredux

    I have never understood the willingness of Europeans to kill each other. Perhaps they should rethink about who needs to be killed

  • Dave West

    Pretty soon “human rights” groups will be demanding that the native whites in the village take turns changing diapers and driving the kids to school, kind of like jury duty. The real tax hikes will come once the seven Africans grow up.

  • Dave West

    Good luck telling that to the younger generation of neo-communist, “save the world,” libtards!

    The only socialists that believed in that philosophy of Friedman’s have already died off. I can’t tell what the left-wing liberals of today love more; spending tax dollars on dozens of welfare programs or brown-skinned people.

  • Peter Connor

    Why did the village agree to pay for this stuff? Sounds like Monty Python…

    • 1G25

      The KKK did have its uses… .

  • M.

    The welfare state only works in relatively small, lily-white areas/countries. Apparently, it only takes one family…

    • Jimmy Joseph

      The welfare state doesn’t work PERIOD.

      Welfare should be a very temporary thing that is only allowed while someone is actively looking for a job or getting trained for another job.

      Also, we need to stop supporting “Single Moms”. They either need to get married to a man who will support them, get a job themselves to support their children OR give their children up for adoption.

      This is why there were no “singe mommies” during the 1950s.

      • Alexandra1973

        And we need to get rid of no-fault divorce laws. It takes two to get married, it shouldn’t take only one to decide they want a divorce, especially if their spouse doesn’t want it.

        • Jimmy Joseph

          It should only be fault divorce if the spouse cheats or does some other major infraction of the marriage contract.

          The party that destroys the marriage should NOT be entitled to the party who had fidelity to the contract.

          Alimony should ONLY be paid to women who have shown her husband to have done “fault” against her in the form of adultery, etc.

          Today, women can divorce men AFTER they cheated on the man, and still receive alimony, assets, etc.

          Great marriage system we have these days. Thanks feminists.

  • KenelmDigby

    I always had the impression that the Swiss were very careful with money, very conservative, and practical and hard-headed. Evidently, I was wrong. This policy is as dumb and perverse and not to mention wasteful as anything Britain’s New Labour could devise.

  • Kenneth Arrow

    This is madness. Utter madness. Way beyond stupid.

  • Independent Thinker

    This is kind of a rant but, Sweet Merciful Crap! when I read just the title and description of this article I was shocked and appalled by the sheer insanity of it. How can any people who are sane welcome such alien people, and take money that they earn with their efforts and give it away to support these aliens and their offspring at such an unbelievable rate, and for what? What benefits, what gains, what positive outcome?

    To get blamed for all (or most) of these invaders failures in life, and be made to feel guilt for something that the hosts are not responsible for? To become dispossessed and gradually give everything to these invaders so that they can eventually become the dominant group in the host country. And to have to endure all of the crime that these so-called “immigrants” commit and the immense amount of overt hatred they wield against their hosts. To have to re-write a lot of history to please and appease them? And to have to take an unbelievable amount of abuse and provocation from them and still have to walk on eggshells around them and not retaliate in any way for fear of being called a racist (lol). And finally even to worship them like they were some kind of Gods or spiritual leaders, oh Jeez. They literally have to raise their taxes to support these people for all of these great and enriching rewards! Unbelievable. What about all of the whites in the country who are starving, suffering and dying and want to make a better life for themselves, what about them?

    Switzerland is such a beautiful, and civilized country. How I wish they would just deport this woman and all of the other non-whites in Switzerland regardless of employment status (along with their liberal aides and allies) and send them the message that they aren’t welcome to come in and ruin them and their country with their ridiculous “diversity is a strength” nonsense. Perhaps if they got that message across then they wouldn’t be so daring. Whites may not all be moral, intelligent, cultured and civilized but they aren’t really going to progress in those (or any) areas much having these kinds of suicidal policies in place, ruining and degrading them further and further.

    Why do they even come? Just stay home and leave whites alone already! We have enough problems as it is we don’t need all of you here to make even more. If you have problems in your country and are so equal and superior to Whites, then work towards resolving these problems by yourselves in your own countries, and make opportunities for yourselves in your own countries, stop stealing all of ours. Make your own “lands of opportunity”, by yourselves. The nerve they have.

    It shouldn’t be very hard to see that there is generally no benefit from diversity other than the benefits that the invaders get from the host population. If the nonwhites and liberals want to build their ridiculous diverse multi-ethnic liberal paradise could they please not attempt to do it in a nice place like Switzerland. They should go to some part of Africa or the middle east or India or in any undeveloped/developing part of the world (or the solar system for that matter) and build it there with their own efforts and at their own expense, though we all know for a fact that that will never happen.

    • 1G25

      Russia doesn’t have these kinds of problems. Any black suicidal enough to think of living there is soon disabused of the notion by skinheads, who have the open approval of both the government and the populace.

      • Earl Turner

        Russia is starting to look better and better every day.

    • none of your business

      You just described the United States of America since 1965.

  • Jimmy Joseph

    This African woman is a symptom of the problem. Not the cause of the problem.

    This is the natural outcome of the welfare state for single mommies. No only do they suck the nation dry of resources, but they allow for an apparatus of welfare jobs.

    Don’t blame the black woman for taking advantage of the system setup by White liberals for their own benefit.

    For every dollar spent on welfare, about 80 cents goes to the jobs of “welfare administrators”.

    A lot of white women support the welfare state because they can obtain easy jobs working for the welfare state. Not only can they be “independent” single mommies but they can also get jobs in the welfare state that usually don’t go to men.

    It’s a WIN- WIN for feminists.

    Who setup the welfare state in the first place? White liberals.

    Why do White liberals so strongly support the welfare state? Easy government jobs that they will get.

    Wonder why most White women vote for Obama these days? See the above reasons.

    Who gets screwed? Most White men and Married White women.

    White men are at fault for being “White Knights” who bow before their women and ignore this reality. This is the MAIN reason for the decline of the West.

  • Jimmy Joseph

    Well I guess the White people need to learn something from the Jews in israel.

    White people need to step up.

    If there was no welfare state, these people WOULDN’T want to come to the West.

    Why is there such a vibrant welfare state?

    • 1G25

      White people didn’t need lessons in America. After years of depredations, killings, rapes and general terror throughout the defeated South after emancipation, roving gangs of negroes were brought under control by the newly established KKK, and not much was heard of black depredation until integration and liberalization of America.

      • Jimmy Joseph

        They need lessons these days.

        KKK is basically a dead movement.

        You are talking about ancient history.

        Today, White men are largely feminized and bow before their women.

        How can men who supplicate and bow before women going to stop Muslims, Africans or any other group?

    • Earl Turner

      Ok y’all, please keep in mind there’s two different standards here. One for the hose-nosed Khazars and one for us goyim. Remember, their motto is “diversity for thee but not for me”.

  • Jimmy Joseph

    The White community is very divided.

    White men and Married Women (usually older) vote conservative.

    Single White Women (now the majority of women since marriage is at all time lows) vote liberal.

    Why do women vote liberal? Government jobs, affirmative action for women, favorable divorce laws, favorable paternity laws, welfare for “single moms”, etc

    This is the major reason for the decline of the West and the “liberalism” that has followed.

    White men are “conservative” on most issues except when it comes to being “White knights” for White liberal “independent” women. Then they ignore this reality.

  • ShermanTMcCoy

    I am one of the people who forwarded this article to the website.

    I used to live in Switzerland, in the Canton of Zürich. The number one questions EVERY Swissie would ask me or my wife (after they found out I was working in Switzerland) is WHEN I planned to go back home. I got to really dislike most of them. I paid taxes, and as a techie, I earned the normal going salary there, and was not considered cheap labor. I speak fluent German. After getting nice and tired of it, we left, and moved to the states for a while, eventually landing in Germany.

    Point is, if this is what the Swiss prefer, worthless African parasites to white Americans, then they are getting what they deserve.

    BTW, every time I visit Basel, there are more and more black faces.

    Good night, Switzerland.

    Good night, America.

    Good night, white world.

    • Ella

      I used to live in Germany over 20 years ago. I cannot believe the changes in Switzerland and France as described. I spent most of my vacations in Switzerland and France. I rarely saw anyone nonwhite. They had tact. Germans and Austrians tend to be much friendlier than the Swiss people.

    • none of your business

      I don’t know how it is now, but it used to take 12 years and fluency in one of the Swiss languages to become a Swiss citizen. If she is too retarded to cook and clean, how will she learn another language.

  • Mrfinoni

    ‘Abbotsford’s Sikh numbers nearly double over last decade: Statistics Canada’ Same thing in Canada, from the east to the west. New 3rd world immigrants have huge families that require massive subsidy from the Canadian taxpayer. The turd world diploma mills spitting out the so called professionals are largely a joke with most having to be retrained when they arrive here. Plus they don’t get the cultural nuances of the West. Whites are the problem. We are having small families to supposedly get ahead and are being racially replaced…..AND WE ARE PAYING FOR IT!………… THIS IS INSANITY!

  • AmericanCitizen

    A perfect microcosm of what happened to America. The only difference is that we just borrow money from China to facilitate all the dregs that live off the government instead of raising taxes.


      Maybe if we did have to actually raise taxes to take care of both, our diversity blessers and especially these illegal alien invaders. We wouldn’t be in such a ridiculous position of welcoming the Nation killing invasion force as “immigrants” instead of the enormous tax payer bill that they actually are. Cause after all, one day that bill will come due, and it will be paid in a very, very, ugly fashion. In fact, what we’re doing is kicking the cost of assisting our own peoples dispossession on down to our own grandchildren. The insanity of it all is absolutely astounding!

      • AmericanCitizen

        You are 100% correct. If we saw the costs of all these illegals as an obvious tax increase we’d be stuffing them in dump trucks, driving 20 miles into Mexico and unloading. Repeat as necessary to remove 11 million unwanted human refuse.

        • Whatever it takes, I suppose. But it would be nice if our people reacted to alien immivaders out of tribal well being than just tax rates.

  • brior

    “On top of this there are also the costs of helping the woman pay her cooking and cleaning bills–plus rolling entertainment expenses” she can’t cook or clean on her own with seven children? What a waste, when can I move to Switzerland, No kids so I can save them a bunch of money.

  • Earl Turner

    As the Basketball Americans say, “ay-bah poda hep!”

  • Musashi5000

    Let the Swiss fly her back to where she belongs.

  • Havin Nunavit

    40K pounds per month??? That’s $64,400! $772,000 per year for a family with exactly zero worth. Throw that bum out!

  • Dr. X

    True. Switzerland rather conservative… it is a confederacy with compulsory militia service and high rates of firearms ownership… kind of what the American Founders had in mind. Switzerland isn’t a member of the UN or the EU… and it hasn’t had a war in 300 years. Even Hitler did not invade Switzerland. Sounds like a true white paradise… yet they are allowing Eritrean blacks in to spawn fatherless children and take welfare. Sad, really…


    This certainly brings the BENEFITS of diversity in to perspective doesn’t it? Most importantly it shows just who exactly BENEFITS from diversity, and who exactly pays for the BENEFITS of diversity. Yup, and I bet she’s real grateful too huh? You know, kind of like Obama’s illegal alien aunt who said it was America’s job to take care of her, that we owed it to her. Because after all she did bless us with her diversity, and seriously though, who could possibly put a price tag on that?