Obama Decries ‘Gulf of Mistrust’ Between Minorities, Police

Fox News, September 28, 2014

President Barack Obama on Saturday said the widespread mistrust of law enforcement that was exposed by the fatal police shooting of an unarmed black man in Ferguson, Mo. is corroding America, not just its black communities, and that the wariness flows from significant racial disparities in the administration of justice.

Speaking at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s annual awards dinner, Obama said these suspicions only harm communities that need law enforcement the most.

“It makes folks who are victimized by crime and need strong policing reluctant to go to the police because they may not trust them,” he said. “And the worst part of it is it scars the hearts of our children,” leading some youngsters to unnecessarily fear people who do not look like them while leading others to constantly feel under suspicion no matter what they do.


The fatal shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown in August sparked days of violent protests and racial unrest in predominantly black Ferguson. The police officer who shot Brown was white.

Obama addressed the matter carefully but firmly, saying the young man’s death and the raw emotion that sprang from it had reawakened the country to the fact that “a gulf of mistrust” exists between local residents and law enforcement in too many communities.

“Too many young men of color feel targeted by law enforcement–guilty of walking while black or driving while black, judged by stereotypes that fuel fear and resentment and hopelessness,” he said.

He said significant racial disparities remain in the enforcement of law, from drug sentencing to applying the death penalty, and that a majority of Americans think the justice system treats people of different races unequally.


Obama also announced that he is expanding My Brother’s Keeper, a public-private partnership he launched earlier this year to help make young minority men’s lives better. {snip}


Helping girls of color deal with inequality is also important, he said, and part of the continuing mission of the White House Council on Women and Girls, an effort that has involved his wife, Michelle, mother of their two teenage daughters.

“African American girls are more likely than their white peers also to be suspended, incarcerated, physically harassed,” Obama said. “Black women struggle every day with biases that perpetuate oppressive standards for how they’re supposed to look and how they’re supposed to act. Too often, they’re either left under the hard light of scrutiny, or cloaked in a kind of invisibility.”

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  • AmericanCitizen

    I wonder if the day will come when the leftists finally run out of excuses to justify the way inner city blacks act and live. Anything but the truth: it starts with personal responsibility and a traditional upbringing. The inner city black has neither.

    • John

      “Outer city” blacks are the same way.

    • adplatt126

      Meh, even under exactly the same social conditions, blacks will lag relative to other groups by all meaningful metrics. The cart here is really before the horse. Black social irresponsibility and carelessness in parenting probably has a biological origin rather than a cultural one. The thugs that you see on the street are more likely born thugs than made them.

      • Ella

        I think it is more of the absentee father roles and drugs that have ruined Black communities. Fathers still lay down the law better in a household, especially with their sons, than most moms do. Some male teens in our family reach well over 6ft. so there is obvious strength and bio-differences. When the “boys” start to evolve into young men, at times, we might fear our sons when they start to challenge authority during adolescence.

      • Raymond Kidwell

        I suggest you read Charles Murray’s book on welfare. Black neighborhoods have gotten steadily worse since the 1960s. Black-white school performance has increased despite all the anti-white discrimination. The Marxist policies aimed to “help” blacks have created a strong dysgenic pressure. The dysgencis has also effected all races, but struck blacks disproportionately. Violent crime in black neighborhoods is 800 times higher than in the 1950s. 800 times higher. I mean Jesus! Academic gaps increased despite all the head start etc.

        There is a huge cultural and policy factor causing the problems. You can’t distinguish the two. Dysgenic culture and government policies lowers the genetic quality of the people, which lowers the environmental quality, which lowers the genetics etc.

        Absentee fathers- out of wedlock births have also skyrocketed since the 1950s. Why? Because welfare encourages single mothers. Single mothers get a fat welfare check, whereas responsible people are not given anything and sometimes met with outright hostility. It’s like the leftists don’t like you unless you are a criminal/mental retard or other defect. So long as you are a social deviant/criminal/moron you get big piles of money to pop out as many babies as possible.

        We must consider that these policies could possibly be being orchestrated by the Soviet Union or People’s Republic of China to bring the downfall of the United States. It doesn’t take a genius to see these policies are harmful. There shouldn’t even be a debate about it. People who want to debate this are probably lying or trying to manipulate others.

    • bilderbuster

      I hope you’re not waiting for that to happen my friend as you are in for one hell of a long wait. One hundred years from now, when you have heard it all and then some, they will still be amazing you with one incredibly stupid excuse after another.
      Ice ages could come and go at this rate.

    • The Cultural Marxists already have run out of excuses, except for the one – which for obvious reasons – will never run out of steam: “We just haven’t spent enough of your money yet.”

      • Laura Dilworth

        it’s a scam. the money will be spent on luxury items, cruises..

  • I laud the gulf of mistrust between white police and black thugs.

    There should be such a gulf of mistrust for the same reason there should be a gulf of mistrust between a hammer and a nail.

    God help us when the day comes that black thugs start trusting the cops.

    • LHathaway

      Cops should be trusted by everyone. This is why they need held to a higher standard.

      • MBlanc46

        I agree about the higher standard. But no standard will be high enough to gain the trust who imbibe the idea that they’re victims of society with their mother’s milk (or, at least, with the formula that she buys with an EBT card).

      • I don’t agree with that. If “cops should be trusted by everyone,” then it undermines the very reason we need cops. There are some people in this world who should distrust, despise and fear cops. And those people have names like NeDeshawntavious, Shitavious, N’D’Mario, Lemonjello, Aquanetta…

        • proud white

          QD if we help the blacks through life with heavy affirmative action they still hate us and they say that they didn’t need the help. They think they are just as good. If we don’t help them and let them live on their merits they fail and call us white privileged racists for letting them try to survive the world on their own brains and skills… also as far as cops go, I would love to see a cop out hunting whites, Asians, elderly, woman, and children as the left would like. It would lead to no arrests and one boring day for the cops since these people ARE NOT committing the crime. We need to put more officers where the blacks and Spanish reside to catch these bastards because there are far more black/Hispanic criminals than there are cops

          • Raymond Kidwell

            You are now being investigated by the police based on your racist statements.

    • adplatt126

      What sane person trusts the government? Blacks have good reason for not trusting the police. They have no good reason to trash their own communities, but very good reason for not trusting the police. They have even less trust in one another. And rightly so.

      • Of course blacks shouldn’t trust the cops. Of course nails shouldn’t trust hammers.

        • adplatt126

          I understand. I was merely pointing out that white people shouldn’t trust cops either. In fact, whites have far better reason for not trusting cops than blacks do, given the modus operandi and systematic anti-white policies of the tyrannical American superstate.

      • bilderbuster

        As a law abiding citizen I try to avoid having anything to do with the police and with Blacks because the experience is usually unpleasant.
        But I don’t have a CCP because I think the police might attack or try to rob me and my house doesn’t have a burglar alarm because I’m worried a copper will break into it.
        Not a White cop anyways.

        • adplatt126

          Cops don’t have to break into your home like African vandals to ruin your life. They have many other means at their disposal. And they don’t need to ruin your life just to give you a hard time, humiliate you, intimidate you, manhandle you, or worse, brutalize you, which most seem to enjoy from my experience. I respect a cop’s authority (very different from respecting the cop as a person) and I try to be cordial with them, but I don’t trust them, because trust is earned, and when I encounter a cop it is essentially always my first time encountering this cop, so have no position on his goodness or character, and secondly, I know enough about human history, government abuses, and the natural tendencies and desires of man, not to blindly trust power.

          • bilderbuster

            I’m with you on that as I don’t have much use for them except if my home is robbed while we’re away the insurance company will want a police report.
            If anyone attempts to rob us when I’m there I won’t need a cop to help me find a place to disappear the corpse on our 200+acres.
            If I have to defend myself on the street I’d do a Bernie Goetz and leave them there and walk away if possible.

          • Alexandra1973


            I would trust a cop who sincerely believed in serving and protecting the community, not serving his own interests and protecting his backside.

            I believe there are cops who genuinely care about their community and neighbors. But there are also cops who are on a power trip.

          • jayvbellis

            I highly recommend Amren readers, race realists study the videos Know Your Rights, surviving hostile police encounters.

            The group that produced these instructional videos was related to the ACLU , but don’t let that stop you from learning what best to do when the police aren’t on your side.

            White race realists, even milk toast Conservatives in the Tea Party, Focus on the Family have been targeted for police harassment.

            I will be happy to share my knowledge in this area.

          • That’s another thing.

            I know where this thread is heading. The last time we had this debate, just a few weeks ago, I dreaded reading some of the comments, and if this debate goes where it did the last time, I’ll dread reading them again.

            It was a debate that, both then and now, could have been better served with a lot more empathy and a lot less name calling, on both sides.

            So I’m going to try to do my part in that stead.

            Yes, cops can be jerks, they can abuse their power, and often do. Yes, in a lot of cases, cops are little more than overglorified revenue collectors. Yes, they sometimes look for easy targets (people like us or somewhat like us) because of anarcho-tyranny.

            On the other hand:

            Yes, in a lot of places, cops and the very tenuous thin blue line they represent are the only thing preventing some very ratchet ghettos from becoming out and outright Zimbabwe. Such thin blue lines are under attack from both the underclass and from certain kinds of politicians.

            To me, jerk cops in white suburbs being jerks is a minor issue, but way down on the bottom on our list of priorities. Meanwhile, the cops in your city, Chicago, and a lot of other similar places, are already under attack from both the blacks and also a bunch of leftist politicians and quasi-politicians. If you’re a white Chicago cop who patrols the south or west side, Garry McCarthy and Rahm Emanuel will throw you under the bus as quickly as Shitavious will kill you. For the time being, we should put aside our libertarian crankery not make the lives of such cops even more difficult.

    • propagandaoftruth

      Obama does not decry the gulf of mistrust between himself and us.

      Is he so blind?

  • Easyrhino

    Once again Obama failed to mention how sexist the criminal justice system is as there’s a 10-1 ratio of men to women incarcerated.

    • LHathaway

      It’s a little higher than that, it’s around 94% male, or are women catching up?

  • If our society is so intolerably unjust, blacks need to leave it immediately. I don’t recall anyone ever having asked me whether I want them here, and I’ll bet none of the rest of you were consulted on this matter, either.

    • John R

      First thing the Republicans should do is simple: Have a national referendum on ending ALL immigration. I am sure most Americans would vote “yes.” On that. Then a second referendum: Do you want to end ALL racial preferences, all so-called “affirmative action” programs? Again, I am sure most would say “yes.” Let’s bring back democracy here in America, for a change.

      • Marie

        The Republicans don’t want to end immigration. Where have you been for the last 40 years?

        • JohnEngelman

          He probably spent the last twenty listening to Rush Limbaugh.

          • Sick of it

            Rush is a neo-con shill. Sellouts don’t push our POV.

          • JohnEngelman

            Rush Limbaugh has made a fortune telling angry white men lies they want to believe.

          • JP Rushton

            The conservative talk radio hosts I have been listening to have been blasting Republicans on immigration.

          • adplatt126

            They talk a good game, but the actions of the state betray their true intentions.

          • FozzieT

            Rush has been consistently anti-amnesty on his show, and he can take credit for helping to stop the amnesty push under the Bush administration.

          • adplatt126

            The irony of course of the anti-Amnesty crowd is that the longer the immigration overhaul is drawn out, the more wetbacks will be given immediate citizenship the moment the bill is passed, which it will be. The only substantive issue is when we lose badly, not if we do. As of now, we’re down a lot. A lot a lot. The only question is when exactly the game ends. I can’t even see from a strategic standpoint why Democrats even want a bill passed. It seems to me the default position, namely the status quo, is so strongly in their favor. I wonder what it is they think they’ll achieve by actually passing an amnesty bill. A soft, gradual death of lesser acuity or a swift blow of stunning ferocity. Who can really say which is worse?

        • mobilebay

          Here’s one that does!

        • Ella

          It is more like voting for the lesser of the scum bags.

      • JohnEngelman

        Republican businessmen would vote against the national referendum ending all immigration.

        • LHathaway

          I disagree. The richest 1% vote against immigration inside the privacy of the voting booth. So would the richest 10%

          • JohnEngelman

            They would be voting in favor of firing many of their servants. They would be voting in favor of paying American citizens decent wages for a change.

          • adplatt126

            No they don’t.

        • MBlanc46

          Vote against it and fund a huge campaign to defeat it.

      • MBlanc46

        Now wake up from that dream and acquaint yourself with the actually existing Repub party.

      • DaveMed

        Whites are barely an official majority at this point. In fact, I’m all but convinced that we are actually a minority.

        I’m not sure we represent a “majority of Americans” anymore.

        • proud white

          we are still the majority but the amount of whites that actually support whites is definitely in the minority. this is why the world is headed in favor of everyone but whites

      • bilderbuster

        Germany had several referendums like that in the 1930’s and that’s another reason their government was more of the people than America’s will ever be.
        Switzerland just did what you proposed and the Swiss said no.
        Our government will never do that as long as Whites are the majority because it’s not really “our” government.

        • Periapsis

          That should be obvious to anyone when foreign lobbies such as AIPAC and every large corporation has far more influence than the voters do.

          • bilderbuster

            It would be very obvious to everyone if the AIPAC owned politicians were to ever discuss it or the Jewish owned media were to report on it.

          • Periapsis

            True enough, but most folks who rely on television are grossly uninformed, mislead and brainwashed. I do not rely on the controlled media, I WAS a member of the media before I realized just what sort of people the media’s of, by and for.

    • JohnEngelman

      We would be better off if they left. They would be lost if we left. America would become a gigantic Haiti.

      • adplatt126

        A “gigantic Haiti”? You mean, Africa?

        • jambi19

          One could say Haiti is a tiny Africa…

        • Yancy Derringer

          No, Haiti.

        • proud white

          Haiti is exactly like Africa in demographics. check out jared taylor’s video race and intelligence on youtube

          • bilderbuster

            Detroit’s in the process of remodeling.

      • proud white

        A white guy needs a stimulating environment to live out his life and be happy. A Black guy needs a warm hole and a cheap motel room to live out his life and be happy. Yea we are very differnet

        • bilderbuster

          And a crack tree.

  • Periapsis

    Unjust? What about whites who get raped, murdered, maimed and mentally scarred for life at the hands of feral blacks, who often get off with slaps on the wrists? In a just society, evil doers are imprisoned or executed. In a just society, the native born population isn’t being literally exterminated or otherwise replaced by hostile religious or ethnic aliens. Our society is unjust, but not because of whites oppressing non-whites, quite the opposite is what’s going on.

    • George Costanza

      You ain’t kidding..I’am shocked and disgusted at the amount of black on white crime that’s so pervasive in our country. And angry at the lack of media coverage and silence from our elected officials on this matter.

    • B.A_2014

      Murdering, robbing, raping and maiming white people isn’t racist

    • Ella

      It is so bad where I live I cannot find many white children for my children to play with or I have to join private play groups in private homes to socialize them in nonpublic spheres or gated communities that I can’t even afford. We really live in the shadows and avoid public areas due to mass immigration. We pay taxes for parks, schools, zoos, museum and infrastructure but cannot tolerate the hordes anymore. The wealthier whites hide behind their gates and spend a fortune to have their recreation private.

      • Periapsis

        Indeed, I do not like going to most parks and beaches anymore, too many non-whites around for me to be able to relax. I avoid most activities that draw large numbers of them too. In my particular area though there are places where white kids can be kids and play in safety as well as still a great many white children about.

  • DaveMed

    What’s frightening is the degree to which this mindset has been hammered into self-hating Whites.

    Look at the top-rated comment denouncing police “racism” on any thread, e.g. on Facebook. You know, the “Racism is alive and well!” type.

    Invariably written by a European-American.

  • disqus_Xz3UA6obwj

    Most blacks are cowards who will never face the truth about why they are where they are in society. They will always resent whites who outperform them and they will also always blame whites for their failure to behave according to Western society norms. This is why multiculturalism will never work with 75 percent of the black population. The moral divide is simply too vast between the races. Racial disparities in school suspensions and criminal arrests will never go away and neither will their resentment of white people.

    • MBlanc46

      Moral divide, IQ divide, and impulse-control divide.

  • shawnmer

    Why did I dare hope he would make even the faintest effort to inform a black audience that maybe, just MAYBE, they are a tiny bit paranoid? And that police are not “targeting” them for reasons of bigotry, but because they are statistically likelier to commit crime??

    I know, silly to hope he’s going to spend a cent of political capital with those who will never stop supporting him.

    • John R

      Any comments I make trying to convince people are aimed solely at Whites like myself, even liberal ones. Genetics are too powerful. Blacks are never going to think like Whites and it is a waste of time trying to get them to think like us. It’ll never happen.

      • adplatt126

        I don’t think like whites either. My issue isn’t that blacks don’t think like whites. My issue is that blacks don’t organically produce as a community almost anyone that thinks at all like the best of whites. But it doesn’t therefore follow that whites think all that stellarly themselves generally speaking. The state of the Western World demonstrates this truth fairly definitively.

      • bilderbuster

        Even if Blacks wanted to think like Whites and tried to as hard as they could it’s still impossible to think like a White without the brain of a White.

    • adplatt126

      No sh*t, but these people can’t reason any more than an armadillo can dance the waltz.

  • John Smith

    Obama, hero to Farrahkan and millions of adoring blacks, was BIRTHED and raised by a white woman.

    Yet this mongrel abomination is militantly pro-black and viciously anti-white (like ALL mulattoes).

    This sickening truth never gets mentioned.

    • John R

      His “White” mother actually hated other Whites. She even brought her son Barry home from Indonesia because his Indonesian adopted father was not sufficiently anti-White enough to suit her.

      • adplatt126

        Fat, ugly white women who feel persecuted by the communities from which they originate, often adopt a new community, in the hope that this community will accept them and improve their lot. Instead, it exploits them and at long last throws them in the gutter to fend for themselves, as that community does to its own. She receives the treatment she merits, that of a feral beast. Lie down with dogs and you get up with fleas. Nothing more need be said about that b*tch.

      • LHathaway

        anti-white? I believe he got sent to a work camp of some kind. I hear workers in places like that don’t make a lot of money.

        • bilderbuster

          It’s not like Obama senior was anything more than some ugly, dorky, Black, communist foreign exchange student. He probably couldn’t get lucky with even a Black woman but fortunately for him Obama’s mentally deranged mother was looking for the most repulsive person she could find for her perversions and she did the most disgustingly shocking thing she could think of.
          She had his baby.

          • Alexandra1973

            There’s talk that Obama’s babydaddy was actually a black communist by the name of Frank Marshall Davis.

            If that’s the case, that would put quite the twist on the citizenship issue.

            Of course, if people weren’t ignorant concerning race, then this wouldn’t have been an issue to begin with, because no one in their right mind would want a black president in a White country.

          • bilderbuster

            I’m aware of the Frank Marshall Davis/babydaddy talk and it wouldn’t surprise me a bit. The resemblance is there and Barry doesn’t look at all like Obama Sr.
            It would also explain why his spooky grandparents would let someone like Davis “mentor” their grandchimp.
            But like you said, this wouldn’t be an issue in a sane White nation.

      • Alexandra1973

        Come to think of it, no one she married was White as far as I know.

        • John R

          Read Dinesh D’Souza’s book, “The Source of Obama’s Rage” it will explain that about Obama’s background.

          • Alexandra1973

            Thanks, I’ll see if I can find it online or at the library. 🙂

          • journey

            What’s even better is Manchurian President by Aaron Klein. It goes into great detail with references, the Communists that little barry associated himself with. Even Moochelle is a Communist along with
            Jarrett, Gates. Little barry knew Gates prior to that “arrest” incident where Gates had a screaming fit. Communism appeals to those who are too lazy to go earn it themselves. Voting should be severely restricted in this country.

          • John R

            Thank you. I have to look that one up. Sounds interesting.

  • A Freespeechzone

    Of course, it NEVER occurs to the likes of Obama that black BEHAVIOR and violence, and an attitude that attract the suspicion of LE and those sworn to uphold the law.

    Interestingly, the libs that make these accusations never live among the violent blacks to see the behavior that is destructive to society….and Whites who happen to get in the way of their bad behavior.

  • DLRisVH


    “Too many young men of color feel targeted by law enforcement–guilty of walking while black or driving while black, judged by stereotypes that fuel fear and resentment and hopelessness,” he said.

  • dd121

    White people don’t trust feral ghetto blacks? Say it ain’t so.

  • Who Me?

    Black women are often “under the hard light of scrutiny” because it takes extra time for people to figure out if they are male or female. Too many times there is very little about the average Black American woman that is even slightly charming or feminine in her size, the way she walks or talks or acts in any way. They act like men.

  • MekongDelta69

    Blah, blah, blah… RACISM… yadda, yadda, yadda… RACISM… babble, babble, babble.

    Did I leave anything out?

    • journey

      Don’t think so. About covered the whole spectrum = a black hole.

      • Basketeddie

        Please, there is no reason to bring up Oprah!

    • Marie

      No. That pretty much covers it.

  • John R

    So blacks fear and distrust people who do not look like them? Then why do they insist on moving into our communities and try to date our women? And black resentment against Whites? Could the cause possibly be the Left’s non-stop propaganda teaching blacks to hate us? When will these people like Obama just admit that it is THEY who cause the race problems in this society?

    • adplatt126

      Never. Which is why there is no hope for the Western World, unless that World sets itself apart from the animals that predominate in other regions.

  • JohnEngelman

    President Barack Obama on Saturday said the widespread mistrust of law enforcement that was exposed by the fatal police shooting of an unarmed black man in Ferguson, Mo. is corroding America.

    – Fox News, September 28, 2014

    The high rate of black crime is corroding America. It turns the downtown areas of our cities into no go zones, and makes whites afraid to use public schools, public transportation, and other aspects of the public sector of the economy.

    The corrosion began as soon as the civil rights movement made it difficult for the police to keep blacks under control. Because blacks have a much higher crime rate than whites, they require a much harsher criminal criminal justice system.

    • Downtown Colorado Springs is full of outdoor security cameras, and the city is only 3% black and 16% Hispanic.

      • AFlaVet

        3% is reason enough to keep an eye on them.

    • Ron Cheaters

      Don’t forget whites are paying for those public things they are afraid to use.. we need an equalizer.

  • journey

    Solution: Leave this country and self deport back to Africa or wherever they came from. When blacks run anything = cesspool of rampant crime, corruption, nothing works, etc. America is sick and tired of hearing the same drum over and over = no self responsibility, eternal handouts, always someone’s fault, racism, etc.
    Little barry – no surprise considering his audience and a black radical.

    • Ella

      We are not yet sick and tired enough of being sick and tired. When whites come to this conclusion, they might finally act to improve the situation. Some whites refuse to omit their failed programs that have gone terribly “wrong.”

  • libertarian1234

    He points at a “gulf of mistrust” between blacks and the police, then he goes on to declare police scrutiny of blacks to be the basis of it without mentioning a word about the fact that it is the number and intensity of black crimes they commit to be the reason for it.

    Then he points out the “hopelessness” black males feel.

    One excuse after another for their bad conduct and all the while he doesn’t once put the onus for black misconduct and criminal activity on blacks themselves.

    And so blacks will feel encouraged to do more of the same, because they will continue to feel as if they’re victims and are entitled to commit crimes to compensate for injustices against them.

    Such abject lies are truly disgraceful. But they will continue to hurt blacks most of all.

    Incidentally, he also never mentioned that blacks are the number one purveyors of crime and violence in every country they have emigrated to…not just here.

    • TruthBeTold

      That’s how you keep them in line. You give them the speech they want to hear.

      But really, blacks hear what they want to hear.

    • Ron Cheaters

      its like this guy I rented a room to. Nice guy, by all means, but he had this major problem: He’d always steal my beer out of the fridge. I don’t care if he was an alcoholic or what.. He’d always replace it when he had the money.. that wasn’t the point. Sometimes, not all the time, I’d feel like having one when I got home from work.

      So, I put a lock on the fridge, and the living room. I don’t like to live this way, its foreign to me. but we now have boundaries.. and we get along fine now.. If he needs a beer, thats fine, at least he’s asking now..

      Thats how race relations should be meted out. the free for all has to end now while I still have a beer left.

      Unfortunately the free-for-all looks like they want control of law-enforcement as well.
      I don’t for a second believe Americans are willing to hand over their law enforcement to the whims of the darkies… rather, I believe it will be another 100+ years before another darkie is ever (cough) elected,

      Gotta hold onto that hope and change.. I mean hope for America, and change from the polished turds you give the world at this time.

  • Basketeddie

    So, in areas where criminality is rampant, the police, whose job it is to curb this criminality are not trusted by the criminals who have taken over the community. This does not surprise me.

  • IstvanIN

    Obama lives in the same world of fantasy and voodoo as most blacks do. He honestly doesn’t realize that the overwhelming majority of black “problems” are brought on by their own feral behavior. And that without White oversight they simply devolve even further. He doesn’t love his fellow blacks, he simply hates Whites, like most blacks.

  • “…judged by stereotypes…” Hmmm; the epidemic knockout game and incidents like the Knoxville Horror wouldn’t have anything to do with these “unfair” stereotypes, would they?

    Black males feel “hopelessness”? It turns out that if one drops out of high school in a developed country well into the Information Age, one is apt to feel a bit hopeless, and deservedly so. A taxpayer-funded K-12 education is the ultimate free lunch for these morons, but they’re too damned lazy and too interested in getting high to sit down at the table and eat it.

    “Black women… cloaked in a kind of invisibility.” Could this be because most men of other races consider black women physically repulsive and avoid looking at them whenever possible?

    • evilsandmich

      It turns out that if one drops out of high school…

      I’d gather that a fair number dropped out because there was no point in their continuing to pretend to be able to do the school work.

      Could this be because most men of other races…

      Curious to see a poll of what black men think of black women….

  • paul kersey

    obama is a hybrid there has never been a black president. he is a mulatto. a mixed race person. the first mulatto president is correct.

    • AFlaVet

      Doesn’t matter…his shade was close enough for 98% of them….I was hoping he’d confess he’s a Puerto Rican.

    • 1G25

      His attitude is 100% negro.

  • Evette Coutier

    Because blacks are never responsible. Just like Obama’s presidency. Never responsible.

    • That’s the really entertaining aspect to initiatives like “My Brother’s Keeper”; the supporters are accidentally admitting that blacks are really just children who need someone to take care of them.

      • Evette Coutier

        I don’t mind them keeping each other. I just wish they’d do it in Africa with their money and not mine.

  • AFlaVet

    “Obama also announced that he is expanding My Brother’s Keeper, a public-private partnership he launched earlier this year to help make young minority men’s lives better.”

    Another waste of our $$$ on top of the 50 trillion already wasted on the reprobate mutts. Let islam take care of them. Besides…more than likely 70% will still wind up in prison. It’s just in their nature not in their single mama nurturing.

  • IKUredux

    Why the hell are we still talking about this? We all already know the answer! There is no longer any need for discussion! OMG, it is so simple!Blacks and Whites DO NOT belong together! We are FUNDAMENTALLY different! We Whites enjoy nature, we love hiking and camping. We Whites enjoy bird watching, and star gazing. We Whites appreciate quietude, and soft classical music that lends itself to contemplation. What do Blacks enjoy? I swear to God I don’t know. But, if I had to guess, I would say that they have NO interest in nature (NO HIKING, NO CAMPING). They have NO interest in bird watching or star gazing. And they sure as hell have NO INTEREST in classical music. So, my guesses as to what they like? Horrible discordant “music”. Really bad fat foods. No flowers or landscaping. Litter everywhere. Not painting their houses. Getting “over” on the man. Hoopties. Getting “down” with the ladies, and having as many babies as they can. And the number one like: Beating Whites to a pulp. DING DING DING!!!!!

  • B.E.L.

    Black people are treated differently because they behave differently.

    • Douglas Quaid

      Right, all that I see is whites bending over backwards to accommodate to blacks, only to be continually called racist oppressors.

      • 1G25

        The last few years, we’ve been made to bend over forward.

  • Ultimate187

    Obama really needs to stop saying “young men of color” when he really means black men. Same with the NAACP.

  • MBlanc46

    Criminals distrust–and worse–the police. Why should this be news?

  • Greg Thomas

    My Brother’s Keeper = Fleecing more money from White Americans.

    • The success or failure of these programs in meeting their purported goals is irrelevant. The real goal is always achieved: forcing white American taxpayers to fund faux, make-work government jobs for otherwise unemployable blacks and browns.

  • paul marchand

    Hmmmm….not too bad.

  • FozzieT

    “Black women…..cloaked in a kind of invisibility.”

    If only.

    • AFlaVet

      Yea…please. Forever spare us the PopEyes BBA…bleached blond or red hair.

  • Statistics makes people and police leery..
    Facts- Blacks are 12% of the USA population yet 58% of all murders are committed by blacks and 67% of all Armed Robberies are done by Blacks = mistrust . . you betcha !

    • “Blacks are 12% of the USA population yet 58% of all murders are committed by blacks…”
      –John Barleycorn

      From a statistical standpoint it’s actually worse than that. Only half of blacks are males, and men commit almost all of the murders in the US, so we can chop that 12% in half to 6%. The prime crime-committing years in a fellow’s life are between the ages of 15 and 40, for a 25 year-window. If we round the human life expectancy off to 75 years, then 25 years is 1/3 of that, so we can chop off another 2/3 off the earlier 6%, leaving us with 2% of the US population committing some 58% of the murders. In other words, young and middle-aged black males commit murders at a rate 2800 percent greater than their demographic representation in society.

      Isn’t mathematics fun?

      • Michael I always knew you were smarter than me . . lol

        • It is actually easy. One reduces a problem to its elements, and separation of variables is useful.

          We can do the same for non-black males. The other 42% of murders in the USA are committed by non-black males. This other 78% of the US is also not black. Cutting that in half to single out men, who do almost all of the killing, we have 39% of the non-black men committing 42% of the murders. Statistically, that’s already very close, but we have to cut that by 2/3 to reflect a guy’s violent crime years, so we have a nation composed 13% of non black males committing the other 42% of the US murders.

          Guys like you and me are thus over-represented as murderers by 223 percent, and not 2800 percent the way blacks are. The difference is a bit over an order of magnitude. Note that I have included Mexicans among non-blacks, which of course skews the numbers.

  • benvad

    All the more reason we can’t live together, so I say segregation now and segregation forever. Lets stay away from each other and no more interaction.

  • Yancy Derringer

    Oh, that’s rich – black girls are more likely than whites to be physically harassed. “White girl bleed a lot” was uttered laughingly by one of a pack of black girls who set upon and “physically harassed” that white girl. To be accurate, they beat the daylights out of her. Just for fun and just because she was white.

    Has Obama EVER mentioned even one of the hundreds of similar black on white assaults and murders? What might he have to say about such coarse, such savage hearts and minds?

  • hastings88

    How can anyone be so detached from reality — or such a bald-faced liar? I can’t be a “progressive” because I cannot live a life of deception–as President Ebola can.

  • Yancy Derringer

    Again, we can look to Haiti to see the shortcomings for which an ‘unjust society’ is NOT to blame.

  • 1G25

    “And the worst part of it is it scars the hearts of our children,” leading some youngsters to unnecessarily fear people who do not look like them… .”

    I understand that. Both my daughters were mugged for their lunch money by older negresses in elementary school, before we found out about it and put them in private schools for the rest of their education.

    My daughters HATE and FEAR negroes now. Nobody taught them to – well, nobody white taught them to.

    • Sloppo

      Good. Apparently your daughters were very fortunate. “Introduction to Reality 101” often costs much more than the price of a few lunches. That course can be very beneficial to students who survive and pass it.

  • mobilebay

    Mistrust? Has the President noticed that black seems to be the color of most of the criminals in the news lately?

  • jayvbellis

    Obama is right about this mistrust. Here in my Chicago, the leaders of the Black Gangster Disciples street gang issued press releases charging racist law enforcement officials have unfairly treated their organization like a gangster street gang, while their organization is more of an organization modeled after successful Italian American business organizations like the Gambino Crime Family.

    presidential hopeful Rand Paul is expected to seek the endorsement of the Black Gangster DisciplesStreet gang as part of his Jack Kemp styled. Minority outreach program.

  • Ella

    “Helping girls of color deal with inequality is also important, he said.” Obama all your government spending and programs will never compensate for the love of an absentee father and mother who continue to have children unmarried (75%). You, Obama, have loved starved children in your own Black communities. It is now a tragedy among your own people.

  • Gary John 金白龍

    Genes are everything, and yet Liberals believe the opposite. That is why America is dying.

    It’s more than obvious to even the world’s blindest one-eyed bat, the gulf between Liberal beliefs and reality is IMMEASURABLE.

  • “Black women…cloak of invisibility”

    But not inaudibility.

  • Lord Sandwich

    In my view, the number one problem issue facing this country is not racism, or the alleged racial disparity in law enforcement, or poverty, global warming, Islamic terrorism, the economy, you name it. No. The most immediate serious problem facing what used to be America is the danger of violent crime against whites from non-whites, and the total lack of concern within the MSM and culture at-large. (Outside of places like Amren). Unfortunately, there is not a whole lot we can do about the problem at a macro level. Sure, I carry a gun most times, but my child can’t. We are inundated with rhetoric like the above nonsense from Obama when the reality is quite the opposite. Look at the UVA abduction, Oklahoma beheading, and the steady stream of murder, rape, and assaults by “minorities” against whites we hear of every week. Someone should add them all up. The total figure of innocent victims would be astronomical – even compared to 9/11.
    So what can be done? By you, by me? I have decided within the last week or so what I’m going to do. I’m not a truck driver, but similarly, my current employer allows for a considerable amount of discretion where I can reside. I’m going to sell my house in my “diverse” community, and we are exploring smaller, more rural-ish communities that are in the ballpark of 97% white with great school systems about 1 to 2 hours from here. It may take us a year to realize this goal, but we really hope that we can make it happen. Right now it’s just a goal, but one that we are highly motivated to pursue.
    I can’t wait for the unrealistic dream of a white ethno-state or a return to segregation etc. in my lifetime. I have to deal with what is – and what is possible right now. To the greatest degree possible, I intend to insulate my family geographically from non-whites. There are plenty of places within our specified radius that fit the bill. I know we can’t avoid non-whites entirely, but we can change the demographic make-up of our immediate surroundings by geographic choice – all without me changing jobs. I’d be crazy not to. I will post updates here when and where appropriate.

  • Evette Coutier

    Because it’s always the fault of everyone else. Blacks are never at fault. Even though no other ethnic group has the problems with the police, not the middle easterners, Asians, Europeans, Jews, Indians, native Americans, Hispanics, or any other group, it doesn’t matter. It’s everyone else’s fault blacks have conflict with every other ethnic group, with the police, in education, at work, and even with each other. This explains much about the Obama presidency and its unwillingness to take personal responsibility.

  • Ella

    We will when we get a job offer elsewhere. You are right, and needs change over time.