Nearly Two-Thirds Disapprove of Obama on Immigration: Poll

David Sherfinski, Washington Times, September 15, 2014

Nearly two-thirds of likely voters in key U.S. House and Senate races disapprove of how President Obama is handling the immigration issue, with a narrow plurality favoring the Republican party over the Democrats.

Sixty-four percent disapprove of how Mr. Obama is handling immigration, a new Politico poll said. Thirty-four percent trust the Republican party more to handle the issue and 31 percent say they trust Democrats more.


As for the influx of unaccompanied minors across the southern border, 49 percent say the children should be deported after the appropriate judicial hearings and 29 percent support having them stay in the country.

Two-thirds say they support “comprehensive immigration reform,” with 51 percent supporting an eventual pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants living in the United States.

Three-quarters say comprehensive immigration reform is “very” or “somewhat” important in determining which candidate they will support in November.


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  • Who do they ask these poll questions ? I don’t know anyone,who knows anyone that wants “comprehensive immigration reform”

    • Shadow

      The pollsters are,I’m convinced, engaging in what is called “pollaganda” : the agenda-driven manipulation of polling data that relies upon the use of deceptively phrased questions to achieve the sort of predetermined answers that they are looking for.

    • Neue Sachlichkeit

      Oh, I do. I want it reformed so that nobody without two American parents can EVER have birthright citizenship, that ONE TIME illegally immigrating means NEVER EVER will you get to stay here, and I want the legal ways to immigrate cut down to maybe a TENTH. And that’s generous.

      And you don’t even what to know what I want done to the invaders. Let’s just say it’d be quick, cheap, and inarguable.

      That sounds pretty comprehensive to me.

  • does it really matter how many support him on immigration?

    The USA is not a democracy!

    And the GOP will try to cram as many third worlders into america as the Dems will.

    They both obey the corporations.

    • We’re in this fix precisely because of duh-mo-crazy.

      I’ll ask it again, rhetorically so: If anyone and everyone could vote at meetings of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, would the quality of brain surgery in this country go up or down?

      As far as the other part, you’re right. I’ve been saying the day Obama does whatever he’s going to do with his pen and phone, the loudest cheers will come from inside RNC’s headquarters in D.C.

      • anony


        Should be: dumb-ocracy.

    • Luca

      “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote.”

      • SentryattheGate

        By Ben Franklin, if I remember correctly?

        • Luca

          Not exactly. But I like to think so. It popped one day on the internet and was attributed to him but it’s a hybrid of paraphrasing by a few people. It works nicely though.

    • WR_the_realist

      Republican Jeff Sessions is no toady to the globalist corporations. We need to clone about 400 copies of him.

    • Neue Sachlichkeit

      I wish I disagreed with even a tiny bit of these brief and utterly true statements.

  • LHathaway

    “51 percent supporting an eventual pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants”

    What was the other choice, beheadings?

    • Shadow

      The one choice they never seem to offer in these “polls”,is the viable option of enforcement through attrition.

      • WR_the_realist

        The pollsters are very careful to never give the people that option, easily achieved by imposing much bigger penalties for hiring illegal aliens, mandating E-verify, and strictly enforcing that illegals don’t get public benefits. Instead, the options given are always: Give amnesty to illegal immigrants or clog up the courts forever with 20 million deportation cases.

  • John Smith

    Why don’t the pollsters ask the following two questions:

    1) How can the US possibly benefit from an immigration flood of people that are collectively:

    far more violent
    far more disease prone
    far less educated / literate
    far less job skilled
    far more of a net drain on housing, education, health care, law enforcement?

    2) How can the eventual outcome be anything but a complete disaster?

    • Great poll questions, but around here the pro-immigrant church people are seeking God’s blessings upon themselves for what they see as their Christ-like actions in supporting the thurd world hoards coming in. Amren doesn’t like religious debate so I won’t say more, although I could.

      • They’re just lazy, trying to bring the mission field to them instead of going out where its uncomfortable.

        • Guest


        • bilderbuster

          And the savages still ignore their teachings here just as they do in the wild.

      • SentryattheGate

        And they’re using our tax money to house and feed these illegals; tens of millions of our dollars, by way of gov’t grants, and used in the name of their church!

    • Great poll questions, but around here the pro-immigrant church people are seeking God’s blessings upon themselves for what they see as their Christ-like actions in supporting the thurd world hoards coming in. Amren doesn’t like religious debate so I won’t say more, although I could.

      • Jimmy Joseph

        Correct statement.

        The Catholic Chruch and a lot of mainline Protestant churches are very guilty in supporting illegal immigration.

        They are some of the MAIN group thats support race replacement for the Whites.

      • HE2

        And a huge AMEN to that, bigone!
        It is not just liberal churches.
        Even so-called born again religious types support acceptance of feral tribes from the hinterlands.

      • Neue Sachlichkeit

        This is not religious debate. This is well-meaning people having their attempt at a faith they feel is moral and worthy used to destroy them. Religion is the lever being used to shove them into line.

  • Bobbala

    And the same 2/3 disapprove of McCain and the same 2/3 disapprove of Romney and the same 2/3 will disapprove of him in 2016.

    The GOP can’t lose or agree with Obama enough!

    We need a 2nd party for a peaceful outcome.

    • bilderbuster

      We’ll get the Stalin Party instead of the Trotskyites we have now.

      • Bobbala

        Heads they win. Tails we lose.

    • brior

      Constitution Party

      Formerly the
      U.S. Taxpayers Party.
      Democratic Party

      Green Party

      Libertarian Party

      Natural Law Party

      Reform Party

      Republican Party
      Socialist Party

      third parties.

      • Neue Sachlichkeit

        We do, but the system is designed so that they are literally a JOKE, largely for the media to snicker at after the “real” coverage. We do not have any actual choices, except between Their Flavor A, and Their Flavor B. It is a mostly-careless attempt at an ILLUSION of having genuine choices. Because, sadly, most people can, will, and do fall for that as good enough.

        • brior

          You are correct, the media will decide every time.

  • AmericanCitizen

    Obama could care less about opinion polls. He thinks he is smarter than the rest of the country and is going to follow his own guidance on this and issue amnesty after the election so the backlash cannot hurt any (D) running for office.

    We don’t want it, but Obama is convinced he knows better. We all realize that after 5 1/2 years he can’t admit to making any mistakes, so our opinions are not going to matter to him. If we don’t agree with him, it is our own fault for being small-minded racist bigoted xenophobic science-denying “meanies”.

    Enjoy the decline while you can.

    • Bobbala

      If the Democrats had an opposition they would care … they don’t.

  • anony

    Listen people, you have zero power. “They” don’t care what you want, think, or do as long as you stay quiet.

    • Neue Sachlichkeit

      So very much this. Anyone else tired of staying quiet? How and where do we most effectively make noise? I am serious about this question and very open to suggestions.

  • How can two-thirds of the people disapprove of Obama on immigration yet two-thirds of the people support “comprehensive immigration reform,” i.e. the way Obama is handling immigration? Either there is pollaganda afoot, or there are lots of people who still think that “comprehensive immigration reform” means enforcement, instead of what it really means, amnesty and open borders.

    That such a high disapproval rating for Obama has not redounded to a similarly high approval rating for Republicans on the issue (“narrow plurality”) does not surprise me, because so many people don’t exactly associate the Republican Party with immigration enforcement. And when they look at John Boehner, Mitch McConnell and Jeb Bush, they have a point.

    • HE2

      Check out the Yahoo greeting screen today. MSNBC has an article whining about a mestizo extended family about to be deported.
      The patriarch, though a relatively young guy, is disabled and wheelchair bound, of course.
      The MSNBC pro-deportation comments will shock you.

      • I can believe it. It’s happens so often, that left wing sites do immigration stories and the commentariat reads like that which one can read on AR, and sometimes stuff that’s deleted from AR, that it can’t be a matter of our people trolling the left wing sites every time they have an immigration story. There is no other credible explanation than the fact that even doctrinaire left wingers want no part of the amnesty open borders project.

        • HE2

          Dang, QD, I hope you are correct.
          It gives one hope.

      • Neue Sachlichkeit

        I don’t care how disabled. Not America’s problem. Why do we think that it is? GODS. Whine all you want, but PACK WHILE YOU DO.

        • HE2

          @Neue: My sentiments exactly.
          These criminals’ whining is lost on me.
          But, did you read the comments? Rational, logical opinions springing forth on MSNBC! Shocking.
          Wonder if they since have been deleted.

  • dd121

    Only 2/3?

    • The other 1/3 said something in Spanish, Mixtec, Chinese, Farsi, Arabic or Hindi.

      • Shadow

        In addition to the others who answered in Swahili,Urdu,Vietnamese and Ebonics.

        • Roger Noah

          Urdu and Hindi are mutually intelligible – same language with different scripts and different high-end vocabularies. Those who speak either Urdu or Hindi probably know pretty good English.

          Farsi speakers and Swahili speakers speak pretty good English too.

          Nor sure about the rest, Ebonics included 🙂

  • Jimmy Joseph

    All immigration to the USA should be ended ASAP.

    We need a halt to all immigration like in the 1920s.

    We should also institute another “Operation Wetback” like during President Eisenhower’s term.

    • Stiv44

      Except white Europeans who have their own economic and political problems.

    • Shadow

      All immigration to Europe should be ended,as well.

    • Steven Williams

      We need to expel all non-whites out of the USA as well.

      • Roger Noah

        Are you nuts? Where will you send the ones that have been here for generations? What about mixed-race people? What about Native Americans?

        But we do need an immigration moratorium for sure, and no amnesty. We should also require at least one citizen parent for a baby born in the USA to get citizenship.

    • Marc Zuckurburg

      We need comprehensive immigration reform.

      Comprehensive immigration reform will raise wages and salaries, strengthen national security, prevent terrorism, enhance our domestic crime-fighting ability, ensure that we continue to encourage the best and brightest to partake of the American dream, enhance our competitiveness and our ability to innovate, and make America more prosperous.

      Make my immigration reform comprehensive, please!

      • Jimmy Joseph

        I could easily make a fake name for any non Jewish White Billionaire or the Pope with the same statement.

        This statement isn’t just made by “Jews” but by many White non Jewish billionaires, Catholic Church, etc.

        • Marc Zuckurburg

          The Pope is real good people. He knows the deal about immigration. He understands our plight. He knows that middle class greed hurts billionaires in need.

    • Neue Sachlichkeit

      How do I vote for you for public office?

      • Alexandra1973

        You can write someone in, as long as they meet qualifications (age, citizenship, etc.).

      • Julius Caesar

        If you happen to live in Normal, Illinois you could vote for me. I’m 19 and just starting my political career, but I’ll be running for town council, county board, Mayor, State rep, etc. starting this election and going forward. And I certainly have no intention of hiding my beliefs. I have a feeling that the voters will greatly appreciate someone who isn’t going to outright lie to them for once.

        • HE2

          Some free advice. “Beware the Ides of March.” And the sharp knives of our media pointed in your direction.

          • Julius Caesar

            While I appreciate the advice, I’m not afraid of being labeled whatever buzzwords society and the media likes to throw around. I’ve got nothing to lose yet everything to gain by doing this. I love my people and my country too much not to. I’d be doing a dishonor to myself, my family and my ancestors if I didn’t at the very least try to do what I feel is right, even if that means my certain death (both socially and literally). It’s my duty as a man, and I must honor my commitment. I can only hope I have support for other like-minded individuals during my inevitable hardships. Nonetheless, I will stay strong through it all. Ave Caesar.

          • HE2

            Take care, my dear warrior.
            Et tu, Caesar! Et ab imo pectore, ave America, nostra vera Patria!
            latin for “and for you”

  • Stiv44

    I know it’s been said many times before but the U.S. should be taking in the Boers, and, maybe, a lot of Ukranians before half their nation becomes part of Russia.

    I won’t hold my breath.

  • mobilebay

    I’m fed up with both parties. Sen. Jeff Sessions and perhaps a couple of more have stepped forward. However, most follow the cheap labor, cheap votes policy.

  • No pollster has ever approached me, but if one did, I hereby state that I disapprove of Obama’s handling of every issue. The skinny little collectivist should retire to CUBA when he’s done destroying the country. The sun shines every day there, so he can golf to his heart’s content, surrounded by other collectivists.

    • [Pollster puts you down for a Hillary supporter. ]

      New poll shows that 2/3 of Amren readers support Hillary!

  • dd121

    I think a lot of people assume that “comprehensive immigration reform” means “kick the invaders out”.

    It doesn’t

    • bilderbuster

      It should.

  • Steven Williams

    A better idea is a deportation system and evict all non-whites minorities out of the US. I consider minorities as “terrorists” because they Caucasians to go extinct.

  • bilderbuster

    The whole democracy nonsense started with one of the worst presidents of the US who doesn’t get as much credit as he deserves for his destructive prowess and that’s Woodrow Wilson and his farce “The War to Make the World Safe for Democracy”.

    • ElGringo

      Democracy is just a code word for international Marxism.

  • The Founders wanted no part of pure democracy, and recognized it for its totalitarian-enabling propensities. The way I was taught, their design was a system that combined the best elements of monarchy, aristocracy and democracy while leaving aside their worst elements, all for the governance of a particular people of common blood.

    Where and why did it go wrong? Really long story. What we have now is that natural positive aristocracy has been squeezed out and blood and soil governance pathologized, and what we’re dealing with now is democracy-autocracy-plutocracy-universalism in a supposedly indivisible unitary nation-state.

    • anony


  • bilderbuster

    Yeah and McCain and Boehner can screw us just as bad as the Democraps can.

  • SentryattheGate

    Ilegals CAN vote! After asking my local Supervisor of Elections if she checks voter new registration forms for citizenship, I was told “NO, we do not, but if you know anyone who fraudulently applied for a voter card, let us know”! She was obviously irritated with me! Then I learned that here in Florida, Supervisors of Elections were under the jurisdiction of the state government, which DOES NOT require a check on citizenship status!!! It’s jaw-dropping! I had checked into the matter after seeing the Democrat Party at Downtown Latino Festivals, registering lots of Latinos to vote, no IDs were requested!

    • Neue Sachlichkeit

      I would turn that waste of meat in for high crimes, or wear out some people’s phones trying. That is ABSOLUTELY disgusting.

    • They don’t check, and if they tried, the DOJ would rage. On top of that, mechanisms to prevent this kind of fraud are deliberately kept weak.

      Because duhmocrazy.

  • WR_the_realist

    If two thirds really favor amnesty for illegals we are doomed. May that two thirds never find a job again.

  • Alex Dihes

    I do not agree with all and each one of you who is unable to comprehend and acknowledge the greatness of our real savior Mr. Obama.
    What we all MUST do is
    — to worship Him for His condensation to live on this planet, life on which, as it is, would not be possible without His supervision,
    — create an act forbidding Him to die without a permit signed by the entire Earth population!

  • The remaining 25% are blacks and Mexicans.

  • Two-thirds say they support “comprehensive immigration reform,” with 51 percent supporting an eventual pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants living in the United States.

    The open borders media and commentators are dwelling on the 51% figure. What they don’t tell you, something which Phyllis Schlalfy did tell us in her latest column, is that that 51% was 64% on the same question last year at this time, so the takeaway is that it’s declining.

  • I believe that in Britain, a pretty consistent 75% or so of the population has wanted stricter controls over immigration since the 1950s. Democracy seems to be a sham in all of our nations, particularly on this matter – and ‘polls’ are like the fake trees that are randomly painted in the background for the effect of continuing the pretence that our opinions matter.

  • Paleoconn

    The Dems wanna park the immigration issue til after the midterms. But the cat is out of the bag. Immigration is THE issue. It is the national question. We should help fund vdare and look to them on who can be trusted on immigration and who is part of the treason lobby/open borders gang.

    NumbersUSA is a good report card on voting records.

    Obama-Impeachment 2014
    Sessions-Kobach 2016