Man Admits to Manslaughter in Beating Death of 79-Year-Old Woman

Andy Furillo, Sacramento Bee, September 23, 2014

Prosecutors say a “significant mental health issue” was a key factor in why they agreed to let a man plead no contest to voluntary manslaughter in the death of a 79-year-old woman he apparently stomped to death.

Moses Trotter, 34, had been accused of murder in the July 15, 2012, killing of Carole Jane Sturgis in her Fair Oaks home. Trotter entered his plea to the reduced charge last Thursday in Sacramento Superior Court. Judge Helena R. Gweon is expected to sentence Trotter to 27 years in prison under the plea deal on Oct. 17.

Moses Trotter

Moses Trotter


Defense attorney Kelly Babineau said Trotter’s “compelling mental health issue contributed to this tragic incident.” Babineau did not describe her client’s condition or diagnosis. Court records do not indicate that Trotter had been evaluated for forensic purposes prior to the plea.

According to testimony by sheriff’s deputies and detectives at Trotter’s Feb. 22, 2013, preliminary hearing, he had entered at least one other house in Sturgis’ neighborhood before he ran past her son-in-law at the front door of her residence, locked him out and brutally battered the woman beyond recognition.

When deputies arrived at Sturgis’ house in the 7800 block of Olympia Way on the 7:26 p.m. call, they saw a naked man covered in blood who turned out to be Trotter running away.

Inside the house, they found a nightmarish scene with a body lying on the kitchen floor. Sturgis had been beaten so badly they couldn’t tell if the victim was a man or a woman, “there was so much trauma to the face,” one deputy testified. In the bathroom, they found the name “Moses” written in blood.

Carole Sturgis

Carole Sturgis

An autopsy said Sturgis died of blunt force trauma. She had suffered a fractured jaw, a broken sternum and ribs, a crushed larynx and lacerations to the back of her head. A detective testified the autopsy showed her injuries were consistent with having been stomped to death.

Deputies found Trotter’s blood-soaked clothing inside Sturgis’ house. In his wallet there was a laminated card that said “Ghetto Street Productions.” They also discovered a CD entitled “Moses Street Soldier” in the pocket of his pants he left inside Sturgis’ home.

Trotter is depicted in one YouTube video promoting the album and discussing his thoughts on the “the music game” in a bizarre, profanity-laced monologue.


Less than a half hour before the Sheriff’s Department received the 911 call, Trotter had been banging on his mother’s front door a short distance away.

“Momma, help me, help me,” he called out to her, she told investigators, according to Meux’s testimony.

“She said that she couldn’t have him there, couldn’t have him causing a disturbance at her place,” Meux said at the hearing last year.

Earlier in the day, Trotter attended services at the New Life Community Church on nearby Sunset Avenue, the pastor told The Sacramento Bee at the time of the killing.

Trotter’s mother said he “asked her first to call the church or somebody at the church, and then he asked her to let him use her phone or to call his father,” Meux testified.

The mother locked her door and refused to let Trotter inside, Meux said. She did call his father and left a voice message for him, and when she returned to the front door, Trotter was gone, according to the sheriff’s detective’s testimony.


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  • MekongDelta69

    Every picture of every black thug since the beginning of time looks exactly the same.

    They think the same; they look the same; they act the same – they ARE the same.

    • D.B. Cooper

      Every police sketch of the black male also looks the same.

    • propagandaoftruth

      Maybe she called him THE N WORD…

      As he beat her to death.

      • MekongDelta69

        There are a lot of things I don’t like in this ‘new’ (read: the last 50 years) America.

        One of many of them is the term “N-Word.”

        Have you ever in your life seen so many people get the vapors and melt like the Wicked Witch of the West if you so much as think that ‘horrible, horrible’ word?
        Black people, who are so (faux) brave when they’re in packs, or one on one, attacking 80 y/o women or 16 y/o girls, etc., will (pretend to) pass out at the mere mention of a word.

        You can’t even write down the entire word, or you’ll be banished to somewhere beyond the end of known universe. However, you’re allowed to write down ANY and EVERY epithet for White people everywhere on the Net with NO problem.

        I grew up in a world and a time and place where you developed three very important traits:
        1.) You developed a very thick skin. There is NO word which bothers me.
        2.) You developed a very quick wit. If somebody ranked you out, you came RIGHT back with a ‘better and badder’ rank out.
        3.) You ALWAYS stood up to bullies. ALWAYS. If you didn’t, you’d be pounded down forever. If you did, they’d never bother you again.

        • propagandaoftruth

          I want to type it in big bold BLACK letters right now, but I respect the moderator.

          He wants to type it in big bold BLACK letters too. I’m sure.

          But we’re both White and get the “rules thing”.


          With an emphasis on the “ARRRRR”. There. I feel a little better, MD69. Just a little.

          Today passive aggressive is how one bullies. Weakness is held up as strength, virtue as vice and vice a versa…

        • Segregation Now

          Tony Soprano was a murderer and a racist. He would cheat and steal and kill without compunction. He would convey his distaste for blacks, Asians and homosexuals. But one crime he considered beyond the pale. In 86 episodes he never once uttered the N word. Not even a murdering racist could sink to such depths as that.

          • Jacobite2

            It’s just a neat way of reminding every white person every day that we are not free to say what we want in the US. I worked with a police department where the N-word was simply replaced with a hand-sign in case anyplace was bugged. East Germany, anyone?

          • Moenn

            I wonder if it’s the same hand sign that we use…sort of a forehead to chin vertical swipe over the face…

          • Jacobite2

            Yes! And that was 20+ years ago. My God, even back then I couldn’t believe I was living in the USA — and Washington, DC, at that. Of course, that was dumb. Next, maybe, to NYC, Wash DC is ground-zero for Political Correctness. I sometimes wonder what the poor LEOs are doing these days — P Street Beach, Fort Washington — I can’t imagine they’re still hauling in the pervs any more. The stories I heard about the Clinton WH were enough to gag an Italian squid fisherman. And Mayor Barry — what a dang side-show!!!

          • Julius Caesar

            You’re probably right about Tony Soprano never saying the “N word”, but I’m almost certain that the word was still said in the show. I’m currently watching all 6 seasons again, on season 5 now, and I’m 99% sure I’ve heard the word used. I thought it was Tony who said it, but I’ll take your word on it that he didn’t. Still, I’m sure someone else did.

          • Segregation Now

            You’re quite right, Mr Caesar. I can think of at least three characters who said the forbidden word. But they were characters we weren’t meant to like: beastly people one wouldn’t wish to be acquainted with, not harmless killers like Tony.

        • JSS

          The idea behind taboos like the Nword is it make them so socially unacceptable for White people to say that eventually they won’t even think it. Our overlords are deliberately shrinking our vocabulary so that we can’t even conceptualize anything outside of the garbage we are fed by the MSM and pop culture. 1984 “new speak” is very much a reality in modern Amurika. While I have never been a believer in equality I never used to say naughty racial words because I thought it vulgar. Now I realize that it’s just describing who they are. They aren’t “African Americans” because they aren’t American. If they are then I don’t want to be one. They think and act like Africans and that’s that. They are what they are. They really are that naughty word that you can’t use on amren. Because if we censor ourselves then maybe the other side will reciprocate and stop saying bad things about us.

          • Moenn

            I’ve been campaigning to make the word ‘negro’ to be the “new ‘N’ word.” In my mind, the original “N” word should still be used for a no-good, stealing, violent or murderous negro. While ‘negro’ can be used for any other ‘african american.’ Then, in time, negroes will get offended at the use of the word negro, and it will then become the new ‘N’ word…thoughts?

      • Paleoconn

        I sincerely hope she did to remind him that even as she lay dying at his hands that he was her inferior.

    • 48224

      Minor correction. That’s a sketch from the 70s. The modern black thug wears a hoodie.

  • J.D.

    See what happens when black folk are exposed to led paint?

    • [Guest]

      See what happens when white people are exposed to black savages.

    • OS-Q

      Nonsense, he has a distinct lead shortage.

    • JohnEngelman

      If lead paint was not bad enough, Moses Trotter was also a victim of white racism.

      Poor dear! He could not help himself.

  • The seasoned White lady probably exhibited subtle, racist cues; biased (unconscious) body language that she herself was probably unaware of. Her microagressions likely set off a chain reaction. If her photograph is examined honestly, her countenance suggest that she wantstokillsixmillionjews.

    • John

      You forgot to put in the mandatory preface “evilnaziwho…”.

    • Samuel Hathaway

      The radical multiculturalists are sick, sick, sick, and they need to be stigmatized. If truth be known, they would probably tell you with doe-eyed sincerety that this precious elderly lady exibited “subtle racist cues against her killer.” Just look how the First-Mulatto-In-Chief trashed his white grandmother when he learned that she kept her guard up against other black men.

  • Isn’t it amazing the closer halloween gets
    the more the spooks come out . .?
    October has always been that way . .

  • Mental health issue? Sounds to me that that is merely code for typical ghetto black.

    • [Guest]

      I believe that the mind of the average American black nowadays could be used as a textbook example of mental illness.

      • Paleoconn

        What is normal behavior for them is considered mentally ill by us. So, they should be judged by their own standards.

    • ViktorNN

      When it comes to violent young black males (i.e. most young black males), “mental health problems” is really just a euphemism for feeble mindedness.

      The modern world confuses, frustrates, and angers them to the point of no return.

      They’re better suited for simpler, more basic living conditions – not modern, Western societies.

      We should help them move to those places.

    • Paleoconn

      A feature, not a bug.

  • Truthseeker

    My heart breaks for these older White people who meet their deaths in such a horrific manner. They probably remember an era when America was still on the rise, and carried that generally optimistic view into old age. They were likely born into a self-consciously European America that didn’t teach them to be ashamed of their race, and didn’t consider
    Blacks to be a serious threat to their civilization. How sad to be so painfully disabused as one’s last experience in life.

    • 48224


    • Samuel Hathaway

      The white elderly are very vulnerable up against young black cowards. Our parents were born during the roaring 20s and the Depression, lived through the depression, won WWII, worried themselves sick over their sons going off to Vietnam, saw their champion Richard Nixon disgraced, were confident that the best was yet to come with the election of Ronald Reagan, and then, George Bush happened. And it’s been downhill ever since.

  • John Smith

    Another one ignored by the filthy anti-white media cabal

  • dmxinc

    My grandmother was brutally murdered in her home by a black man over twenty years ago.

    Nothing has changed. America will never rid itself of these shackles.

    • Samuel Hathaway

      My condolences to you over the tragic loss of your grandmother. We all have fond memories of elderly ladies who make everything so homey and special, especially over the holidays.

    • ghettovalley

      I go out if my way to be nice to old ladies. They remind me of my grandmother. I’ve taken out their trash in my building, carried in their groceries, even just sat and talked to them for a while which does delight some of them. I always hold doors or smile and say hello to them. I can’t imagine hurting one in any way, though. Guess it’s a white thing?

  • Conrad

    Sacramento – – Oh a liberal. I wonder of she marched with MLK?

  • These soft judges have to go . . . . this african animal should of had a death sentence . . .
    manslaughter charge is a crock of excrement.

  • dd121

    (When I opened this article I certainly wasn’t expecting to see a black man.) Not.

  • Ograf

    Look at they eyes, It is obvious the creature has no soul.

  • Who Me?

    He signed his name on the wall in her blood? I remember once a group of white killers did that in California, and they are STILL in prison (and rightly so). Why does this black POS only get 27 years? We have feral packs of Africoons running loose today that make the Manson Killers look like rank amateurs.

  • MBlanc46

    We used to at least try to keep the mentally ill off the streets. Institutionalization wasn’t pretty, but it sure prevented a lot of incidents such as this. But it was expensive. And it violated the “rights” of crazy people. So we stopped doing it. Now this is what we get.

    • Grantland


  • kenfrombayside

    We are, obviously, no longer a free people in our own land; we are no longer wanted and our only purpose, as stipulated by the corrupt media, political and academic elite, is to remain silent and pay taxes. 200+ million oppressed whites in America look forward to liberation.

  • ViktorNN

    Too bad “white privilege” doesn’t protect us from the disproportionate criminality of blacks.

    Instead we are assaulted and murdered by blacks far more often than we assault and murder blacks.

    If white privilege really existed (which it doesn’t), you’d have to conclude that it’s pretty worthless when it comes to physical safety.

    • Paleoconn

      Poor woman had no time to retrieve her White Privilege knapsack.

  • Adolf Verloc

    These are the sorts of killings that convince you of some real, “Heart of Darkness” element of evil. It makes one grasp for that trite, overused word “senseless” – it is something that no person with a remotely normal moral sense could imagine himself committing.

    The worst part is that the plea bargain will allow him back on the streets while he is still young enough to re-offend. If we handled insanity defenses better, we could keep people like this incapacitated until were satisfied they were no further threat – maybe 80 years old and in a walker. The Norwegians sentenced Anders Breivik to only 18 years, but I am told by Norwegian friends that they have some legal angles that will ensure that he never sees the light of day.

  • Who Me?

    The article says he signed his name on the wall with her blood. I seem to remember a “family” of killers that did that about 50 years ago in California, and they are still in prison, (rightly so.) Now this subhuman stomps an elderly lady to death and has pled out and will only get 27 years? Why not life w/o or even the death penalty?

  • Who Me?

    His mother probably knew exactly what he was and what he was capable of doing. If she had let him in, it would have been her stomped to death body they would have hauled off that day. Now it may be her fault he turned out that way, or it might not, kids sometimes do go bad even from good homes. In any case instead of his father she should have called the cops, or at least called them first.

  • JohnEngelman

    Qualities that gave them survival value in the African jungle earn them felony convictions in a civilized country.

    • With all due respect, they are unable to survive the African jungle without the hand outs of the west. I am in Africa and most of what is now populated was done so by white explorers, if the west could please stop feeding them and treating their diseases (brought on by sex with animals mind you) it would be found that Africans have no way of feeding or clothing themselves, the waste of air that live on this continent would die out without the handouts from the disgusting racists in the west. Viva freedom from settlers Viva!

  • kikz2

    another DBN… death by negro

  • It is very sad but the truth of the matter is that this happens every single day in South Africa. The rape and then murder of the elderly is not uncommon, they are seen as easy targets that have no chance against an average sized black man. As blacks see themselves as victims of almost everything (poor [email protected]), they feel almost entitled to do this sort of crime. In the US if such a crime takes place the other inmates will make prison a living hell but here rape is not an offence that black inmates will take seriously regardless of whether the victim was someones grandmother or grandchild. Africans have ZERO morality.

    • kjh64

      “It is very sad but the truth of the matter is that this happens every single day in South Africa.”

      I don’t doubt that one bit. Of course the media is dead silent on this but if a White looks at a Black the wrong way, it’s front page news.

  • Sir being black is a serious handicap. You try going through just one day with no brain, no morals, no rule of law and no empathy. It must be hell being black, poor buggers.

  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    I heard all about the pretty blonde girl accused of gay bashing, but nothing about this. I heard all about the hoax hate messages left on customer receipts, but nothing about this. But in some funny way, the cultural Marxist media is right – if they reported stories like this, Whites might do something drastic. Lord knows I’d like to do something quite drastic to Moses Trotter.

  • Grantland

    Yes, the poor fellow has been certified a psychopathic murderer and sadist. Thus he deserves our mercy, your Honor. Poor chap.

    Death, death death!

  • Grantland

    “May decide”??? MAY?? I’m so sick to death of the limp-wristed faggy White “Man”. Go to hell, all of you.

  • Looks like a North African, and still thuggish like their West African counterparts.

  • Magician

    How is it a manslaughter. A manslaughter is when the homicide is accidental, or the victim must have done something that must have definitely provoked the criminal to kill the victim

    What could this 79 year old woman have possibly done to provoke that beast to commit the crime

    • OS-Q

      Sounds like a plea deal with the mental health issue just being standard cover.

  • R L Buds

    Black Priviledge is having the charges reduced and getting many “second” chances.

  • Chris

    Five minutes alone with this degenerate and I’ll strangle him with his own entrails.

  • kjh64

    He was 34 years old, he wasn’t “abandoned”, he was a grown man. His mother didn’t allow him in because she was afraid of what he would do and rightfully so. His behavior was his fault, not his mother’s. Of course fathers are equally responsible when there is bad parenting.

  • debby

    and i hope the aryan brotherhood gets hold of the pig in the pen!