How Racist Are You? Take the Test

Krati Garg and Megan Toomey, Daily Life, September 11, 2014

A new mobile phone app that challenges Australians’ understanding of racism through role play has won global praise for promoting cultural understanding.

The app focuses on subtle racism–an indirect or understated form of discrimination that researchers found to be prevalent in Australia.

It invites players to put themselves in the shoes of an Aboriginal man, a Muslim woman or an Indian student, or to be themselves, as they negotiate a range of scenarios in which subtle racism is at play.

Promoted as both a game and an educational tool, the Everyday Racism app sends players texts, tweets, images and videos over the course of seven days.

More than 6000 users have downloaded it since its launch earlier this year. It has been promoted through social media outlets, online app markets and through the distribution of postcards to universities and on public transport.

The free app, which targets young people between the ages of 18 and 24, ran second last week in a United Nations-sponsored competition that recognises grassroots projects from around the world that encourage intercultural dialogue in a creative and positive way. For the 2014 Intercultural Innovation Award, 11 finalists were drawn from more than 600 entries from 100 countries.

The Everyday Racism app was a joint initiative of the anti-racism charity All Together Now, the University of Western Sydney, Deakin University and the University of Melbourne. Initial findings suggest that 55 per cent of players so far have been female and the largest identified group playing the game to be white Australians.

“We need to engage the future leaders of this country–18 to 24 year olds in particular–to move away from the standard Australian response of denying racism,” said Priscilla Brice, the managing director of All Together Now. “By acknowledging that racism exists and learning how to speak up about it, young people can become great role models for the rest of society.”

Players of the app are presented with various scenarios of racial prejudice–from teasing or verbal abuse, to being ignored while ordering a coffee, to missing out on a promotion due to the cultural background of the character whose identity they have assumed. Players must decide how to respond.

When the character of “yourself” is chosen, the player is subjected to a bystander’s encounter with everyday racism, and asked how he or she would react as an onlooker.

The app is a world-first for its approach to anti-racism, making it an interactive challenge, said Ms Brice. “There are other anti-racism apps overseas, but this is the first in Australia–and no-one else in the world has done something quite like this, in a game format.”

To ensure that the app would accurately depict real-life situations, a group of eight experts from varying research backgrounds were consulted. A reference group of 10–a mix of Aboriginal men, Muslim women and Indian students–shared their own experiences of everyday racism and gave advice to the production team during development.

The app aims to increase awareness about the effects of everyday racism, especially on young people, according to Jacqueline Nelson, one of the consulting experts. She told The Citizen: “We hope we can empower young people to speak up in real life situations that may reflect those in the app.”

Dr Nelson, who is a senior research officer for the Challenging Racism project at the UWS School of Social Sciences and Psychology, said the project had found that “everyday racism is more common than racist attacks”.

She said that Scanlon Foundation’s annual Social Cohesion survey showed that in the past year nearly one-in-five respondents out of 2000 Australians claimed to have been a victim of racial discrimination. The report also showed that there was a sharp increase in the number of young people aged 18-24 who had been targeted.

“Changing young people’s attitudes leads to a generational shift in values and attitudes, and is something that will carry long into the 21st century, as young people enter the workforce, start families and move through society as more accepting individuals,” Dr Nelson said.

The framework for Everyday Racism was based on a 2009 report written by Yin Paradies, a professor at Deakin University and also a consulting expert for the app, whose report Building on our strengths focuses on reducing race-based discrimination.

He found that “Australians accept multiculturalism to a point where it does not conflict with their ideas of nationhood and national identity”.

But subtle racism, Dr Paradies argued, was “certainly an issue in Australia, probably more so than overt racism”.

Dr Nelson added: “While we might think of this form of racism as more subtle, it can be just as harmful as more overt forms of racism.

“Forms of everyday racism like racist talk, racist jokes and being excluded because of your ethnic or cultural identity, can erode an individual’s sense of belonging in Australia. Everyday racism is how racist attitudes continue to thrive in Australia. Everyday racism is not defensible, it is not acceptable and it is not funny.”

A new campaign by the mental health awareness agency beyondblue addresses similar issues in its campaign titled ‘Stop. Think. Respect.’ The campaign is based on findings compiled by the Lowitja Institute, in which 97 per cent of Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander people experienced racism often and with this came an increase in psychological distress. The study also showed that subtle forms of racial discrimination such as ‘being left out or avoided’ were just as harmful to mental health as more overt forms.

Jessica Walton, a socio-cultural anthropologist and a research fellow at the Centre for Citizenship and Globalisation at Deakin University, and who works on a number of anti-racism projects, said that she preferred the term “everyday racism” ahead of “casual racism”.

“Casual racism seems to trivialise the issue as well as place too much emphasis on individual incidents as isolated or ‘once off’ rather than how it relates to the broader social context,” she said.  “[Everyday racism] refers to mundane experiences of racism that are so common, they are often taken for granted.”

Simply claiming that someone was being “too sensitive” or “using the race card” could too easily dismiss everyday racism. These more subtle forms of racism were seen as “benign” when compared to glaring racial discrimination. For these reasons, said Ms Walton, more focus was needed on addressing everyday forms of racism.

“The first step is recognising racism, acknowledging it exists and that people experience it from a young age, such as in primary school,” she said. The belief that children were “colour-blind” and did not “see” differences needed to be countered through proactive responses such as bystander anti-racism.

But, Dr Paradies cautioned: “There is no simple answer to this complex issue. Still, admitting to ourselves that we have all engaged in at least subtle racist thoughts at some point in our lives is a good start.”

All Together Now is planning an app for children as a follow-up to its international success that would allow them to react to racist situations at their level. The anti-racism advocacy group hopes that such an app could be used by teachers in the classroom to facilitate discussions about racism with young students.

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  • Easyrhino

    I’d like to see an app that correlates one’s level of racial awareness to the odds that that person will be a victim of random violence perpetrated by blacks.

    I’d wager there’s an inverse relationship.

    • Jefferson

      Even racially aware White people who avoid Black neighborhoods can still be victims of Black violence, because sometimes Black thugs leave their Black ghettos to look for prey in Whiter or more racially mixed areas.

      The majority of polar bear hunting/knockout games for example do not take place in Black neighborhoods, hence why the vast majority of victims are White and not Black.

    • Nancy

      Exactly what I was thinking. So if you choose “Yourself” as the protagonist, I’m guessing they won’t be including scenarios like, “What to do when an unqualified AA candidate gets your job or promotion”, “What to do when you’re at the State Fair and a swarm of 15-24 year old blacks overtakes the area, looking to go Polar Bear Hunting”, “How to respond to the female Bantu with a below 85 IQ who put you on Eternal Hold as you were calling your physician”, and my favorite: “Which supervisor to complain to when the overweight Bantu with a chip on her shoulder fails your teen deliberately on her Driver’s Test because she didn’t approve of your “racist” bumper stickers”.

      • Usually Much Calmer

        What do you do when 6 black men you don’t know swarm you from out of nowhere, try to pull your clothes off and then beat you and your boyfriend?

        • Shadow

          Shoot to kill (in self-defense,of course).

          • Usually Much Calmer

            Or say the n-word a lot on social media.

          • bilderbuster

            No 2nd Amendment in the Land Down Under.

        • Wirbelwind1

          Throw them a basketball.

          • me

            Or some KFC…

    • bilderbuster

      Or conned by anti-racists.

    • guest

      I don’t think you’re getting the point of the article.

      “The study also showed that subtle forms of racial discrimination such as ‘being left out or avoided’ were just as harmful to mental health as more overt forms.”

      Being avoided by blacks is just as damaging as being murdered, raped, or robbed by them.

  • Evette Coutier

    I don’t need to take the test. I’m not racist at all. I am factual. My view of blacks is based on evidence not hate.

    • Long Live Dixie

      Associating ‘hate’ with ‘racism’ is a victory for the Left.

      • dukem1

        Max up-votes for a brilliant comment…Your simple, direct comment sums up the entire problem with trying to have any real debate on the questions of race, and race realism.
        The left owns hate, plain and simple.

      • Tarczan

        Yup, recognizing differences is not hate.

        • Diversity Fatigue

          And neither is observing differences in IQ. I was taken to task awhile back just for mentioning that population X was not capable of rocket propulsion physics with an IQ of 86. Oh, dats raaaaacis to notice dat. uh huh.

          • bilderbuster

            Yes it is.
            How White of you to notice.

      • Ike Eichenberg

        If I hated Africans I would convince them that they have the exact same intellectual potential as Europeans.

        If I hated Africans I would convince them that all their life failures were the fault of racist Whites.

        If I hated Africans I would give and promote them to positions that they were not capable of performing.

        If I hated Africans, I would be a democrat.

        • UncleSham

          Interesting. If I hated Europeans I would do all those same things.

          • Ike Eichenberg


      • LHathaway

        Heck, hate and racism both mean whites.

        • Tooth Barkington

          To borrow from H.L. Mencken: a racist is a white person who loathes black people more than is absolutely necessary.

      • Evette Coutier

        It is their most brilliant move against whites, and they deserve a lot of credit for using the hate label in their anti-white war. Terms like homophobia, white privileges, racism tied to hate, and so on should remind us that at the top there are highly intelligent, skilled, and ruthless liberals willing to use race for personal political and financial gain. Unfortunately, the conservative folks tend to be less ruthless in advancing the interests of white folks. We essentially are too civil.

      • me

        Nope. They’re incapable of sustaining their delusional and insane thought processes. Therefore, they make laws to try and enforce their delusional and insane thought processes. No victory, no win. The clock is running out on their short reign of asinine ‘egalitarianism’.

      • none of your business

        I hate them as well. But I hate the White affirmative action and pro black criminal judges even more.

    • Mary

      Me too. However, with this group, empirical evidence is completely dismissed. The only possible motivation for any complaint against blacks is White racism.

    • 1stworlder

      You are postjudiced like me.

    • bilderbuster

      Based on the evidence, I severely dislike them.

  • Whitetrashgang

    Take the mulitcult crap and shove it,call it white genocide for what is really is.

  • TruthBeTold

    Smartphones pushing White guilt and self-hate.

    • me

      And Candy Crush!

  • If I didn’t score 100%, I would wonder what is wrong with me, why I’m slacking off, why I’m getting too liberal. Because, 99% isn’t good enough.

    • benvad

      I want the damn thing to explode because my bias can’t be measured. I’m getting to the point that I’ll lie and make believe anything just to be against Blacks. If the sun is shining and a negro tells me it is so, I’ll deny it just to aggravate and bother them.

      • My white privilege is so bright, you’ve gotta wear shades.

        • Simonetta

          Beautiful. Go get some T-shirts made. Maybe even make them San Francisco hippy tie-died too.

          • Diversity Fatigue

            “Lovin’ my white privileges.”

    • bilderbuster

      I’m hoping this will will backfire and Australian college students will compete with each other to see who can score the highest on this silly propaganda game.

    • me

      You slacker, McFly!

  • anony

    “The first step is recognising racism, acknowledging it exists and that people experience it from a young age, such as in primary school,”

    I understand. It’s only natural.

    “There is no simple answer to this complex issue.”

    Yes, there is. Separation.

  • LovelyNordicHeidi

    How Racist Are You? Take the Test

    Oh boy. I do not need to take the test, Krati Garg and Megan Toomey. I am VERY racist. Now let’s get back to business. We are being flooded with non-Whites and the power structure in the West is hell-bend on our racial destruction. You think facts are racist, don’t you? You think you can dismiss facts by pointing out I’m a racist? Think again. The more you push for our destruction, the more resistence you will meet along the way. Trust me. You are the heroes of today, you will be the traitors of tomorrow. Good luck with your anti-racism.

    • Tarczan

      Good post, Heidi.

    • Garrett Brown

      Mein wunderschönes mädchen! Schonen dank!

    • gemjunior

      Can’t wait.

    • me

      Is this racist?

    • Neue Sachlichkeit

      “You are the heroes of today, you will be the traitors of tomorrow.” You just gave me utter chills. Thank you for this, I will say it to myself while…….well, while trying to survive.

    • jeffaral

      Hallo Heidi! Den anderen Tag ich war in Bremen und Hannover und dachte mir: LovelyNordicHeidi soll irgendwo in der Naehe wohnen. In Hannover die Deutschen sind nahezu ausgestorben: Ueberal fast nur Auslaender. Aber sonst geht dir alles gut? Wenn du Zeit hast, schreibe was auf amren; so schoen, deine Beitraege zu lesen. Ich selber habe kaum Zeit, und Internet Aktivism finde ich ein bischen langweilig und zeitverschvenderisch. Aber du Heidi bist nie langweilig, du bist immer lieblich und einfach toll und schoen und noch viel mehr. Nimm das nicht uebel, aber ich bin einfach in dich verliebt. Schlaf gut und traum was Schoenes, du schoenes und suesses Maedchen.

    • lordhumungusthegreat

      I like that “you are the heroes of today but you will be the traitors of tomorrow”. I think some of them already know that things are going horribly wrong and much of the blame will rest on their heads. They know and they are afraid.

    • Garrett Brown

      Heidi! Welcome back beautiful.

      • Du, Heidi!

        Happy New Year!

        Thanks for welcoming me back!

  • Robert Binion

    It wouldn’t hurt to practice “casual racism” on Fridays. Then I’d be rested up to shoot for the moon on weekends.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    The study also showed that subtle forms of racial discrimination such as ‘being left out or avoided’ were just as harmful to mental health as more overt forms.

    In other words, people shouldn’t be allowed any personal preferences or choices as to who they seek as friends or who they associate with. Only in a “Big Brother” type dictatorship would this even be feasible.

    And what about shy people and introverts? They’re often “left out” of this clique or that one. Is exclusion all right as long as it’s not race-based? How would you ever prove it, one way or the other? You’re never going to eliminate exclusion because it’s human nature.

    • Shadow

      “…’Big Brother’…”

      You’re 100% right.This garbage is nothing more than another front of the Orwellian psychological warfare being waged against us Whites.

      • me

        It doesn’t seem to be working…..

    • guest

      This whole article I read on auto-translate.
      “Racism” translated to “human nature”, “racist” translated to “human”.
      The way it is used these days, it is a wonder to me that the “R-word” has any derogatory weight at all.

  • Frank_DeScushin

    “It invites players to put themselves in the shoes of an Aboriginal man, a Muslim woman or an Indian student, or to be themselves, as they negotiate a range of scenarios in which subtle racism is at play.”

    Of course there’s no option to imagine that you’re a white Australian, so let’s do it here…

    “Imagine you’re a white Australian. Growing up you enjoyed shows featuring white people and songs sung by white people. It was stuff that you enjoyed because it was stuff you could relate to. Granted, there was the occasional Aboriginee who broke into the neighbor’s home or caused a disturbance in public, but all told it wasn’t that big an imposition. Today, however, you can’t find a show on TV with just white people, and if there is one it’s being criticized by some Australians as racist. In fact, nearly everything you grew up with and loved is now being criticized as racist; and, if you disagree, well it’s because you’re a racist. Now your neighborhood looks like the Olympic opening ceremonies and sounds like the Tower of Babel; but, hey, don’t say anything because that would be racist. Your new shows and curriculum impugn you and your people, but any push back is because you’re a troglodyte who can’t recognize progress. Imagine that. Imagine being a white Australian.”

    • Spikeygrrl

      There is an option to be “yourself.” That’s what I did. Didn’t help.

      • Neue Sachlichkeit

        Oh, honey, that was probably an automagic fail. Don’t you know that hasn’t been allowed for thirty-odd years?

        • Spikeygrrl

          Can the condescension: I’m not your honey. And I’ve been doing a dam’good job of being myself — “warts and all” — for over half a century.

    • Simonetta

      If I could put myself in the shoes of an Aboriginal man, a Muslim woman or an Indian student, and still have my white education, social graces, sense of humor, and basic civilized decency, I’d find that almost nobody would be acting ‘racist’ towards me at all.

  • Truthseeker

    Racist, racist, racist, racist. I’ve heard this word enough for one lifetime. It doesn’t even have a definition anymore, it’s just a word used to cow people into submission. As John Derbyshire likes to say, “I’m not interested in whether it’s racist, I’m interested in whether it’s true.” I don’t care how “racist” someone says I am, because the designation itself is meaningless to me.

    • indoctrination_FAIL

      You are catching on. To accept the enemy’s language is to accept their rules.

      Any white who worries about his “racism” is a fool and not to be taken seriously.

      …oh, and congrats on the cartoon contest win!

      • Truthseeker

        Thank you!

    • Shadow

      And let’s not forget the timeless words of Peter Brimelow,who said that a “racist” is someone who’s winning an argument against a liberal.

      • bilderbuster

        “I’m not a racist but…”
        Every time I hear that when a White person needs to give some well deserved criticism about something a non White did I want to go Sharia and stone the White person for saying that!
        Just say what you want to say and don’t be on the defensive before you even make your statement.

        • indoctrination_FAIL

          Bingo. As I’ve said here before, the correct translation of “I’m not a racist, but…” is simply [I/]I’m a loser[/I]…

    • Simonetta

      Racism is a concept invented by black American academics to obscure the fact that their people couldn’t survive in a modern technological world without endless assistance from those that created that world.

      • BiancaSnow

        The term “racist” was coined by Trotsky. Blacks didn’t come up with it on their own.

      • me

        Parasitism is worse than racism.

  • NothingMan00

    Well, hopefully I can get a top score. I’ve grown tired of 2048 and Flappy Bird.

    • Neue Sachlichkeit

      Racist bird is racist! Yes, I am exhausted, worked about five times more than I slept, and spent most of it translating or attempting to direct the diversity… any rate, thank you for the laugh, my sanity needed one.

  • Diana Moon Glampers

    I like smartphone games, and always want to win, so I guess my goal will be Ultimate-super racist. Yep, feeling good about me already.

    • The next challenge is to see which of us can cause a mobile phone to run away or explode.

    • kikz2


  • Garrett Brown

    So I downloaded the app and played around a bit completing two days. It isn’t really a test on how racist you are, it puts you into situations where minorities are constantly whining and playing the victim.

    “I can’t shop for clothes without getting strange looks”

    “The only acting job I cant get is one as an aboriginal (Australian Negroid)”

    To which i responded with “if you’e just going to look and put your hands all over my clothes why are you here?” and

    “Well maybe you’re just a horrible actor?” (I thought that one was quite funny)

    You can’t ever literally be “racist” (truthful), you can just say passive retorts, help them, or be serious and give a literal response.

    Everything is deemed “racist” now a days and this kind of stuff proves it 100 times over. Even when I want to reply with something “racist” I can’t. So how is what I am replying with already racist?

    App rating- 10/10 nofun. I can’t even call them apes or tell them they have an average IQ of 60. All they try to convey is Australoids and immigrants that aren’t Asian are victims, which proves exactly why whites are “racist” towards them in the first place; all they do is complain and bitch about not getting enough help from the white man.

    BUT!!!! That’s what makes it so great! This app proves they are too stupid to function on their own. It backfires on the Liberals that created it to prove they are people just like us, because it proves just the opposite. Check it out, highly recommended *troll face*.

    • Historically, during penal colony days it was white men screwing the Lubras – aboriginal gals. It seems like bestiality to me, especially given the photo of the very unappealing female whatever-that-is (STOP) me has posted below: the one in the dress with her four offspring. By the time I got drunk enough to want one of those, I wouldn’t need embalming, and cremation would doubtless be very easy.

      • Garrett Brown

        Pretty sure I’d die of alcohol poisoning before I would want one of those.

  • Extropico

    This app is a fulsome fail as it eschews any concept of racism including wanting your own people and culture to be extirpated.

  • Ernest

    So whites have no perspective? Why is ALL of this ‘racist’ crap always from a non white perspective?

    • Neue Sachlichkeit

      Because a White perspective is inherently racist?

      Did I win the How Politically Correct Are You contest?

      And if so, where is my star?

  • Bandmoo

    Just ask Oprah, Eric Holder, Al, Jesse, the beloved Rev. Wright, the Clintons, Louis, the perky Kati Curic, Montel, Harry Ried, ETC. if they live in a 90% black community, like they demand White Americans should. And then get back to me who the “racists” are.

  • Usually Much Calmer

    White guilt has moved from public ritual to pastime.

    I wonder if this will ultimately be a good thing or bad.

  • HJ11

    [White] Racism is a good “ism.” It is a life affirming ism that helps keep Whites from engaging in bedroom genocide. It also helps with White survival in many other ways.

    If you are not a White racist, you should try to become one.

  • HJ11

    I don’t care to be in the shoes of any non-Whites. I believe in non-interference in anything that happens to them and I am more indifferent to their problems than I am to dogs and cats, because the latter two can’t breed with Whites and destroy us from inside as can non-White humans.

    We must separate from all non-Whites. They are not our kind. We have nothig to gain by being around them and everything–and, I do mean everything–to lose.

  • kjh64

    My views of race are based solely on experience. When I was only around Whites when I was a lot younger, I had no opinion, good or bad, of non-Whites, my feelings towards them were neutral. However, after having been around large numbers of Blacks, Hispanics as well as many types of Asians, I have formed my views on these racial/ethnic groups, whether good or bad, based on experience up close and personal.

    • Neue Sachlichkeit

      How dare you believe your own lying eyes, instead of all these well-funded studies. It’s almost like you have brain activity. You should be ashamed of yourself.

      (I’d wink but I’m so tired that’d lead to a chair nap. Just pretend I did. And have a lovely day).

  • John R

    I wonder if this app found any evidence of racism among blacks? NOOOOO, perish the thought! Very wrong of me to even suggest that African Americans could possibly be racist.

  • LHathaway

    Everyday racism. Experience it by getting the app.

  • dd121

    I think I’d cause the phone to short-circuit and fuse.

    • I wonder if I could make one run away from me.

      • Neue Sachlichkeit

        1) Get a bedsheet. Oh, wait….sorry. Historical context. Don’t get a bedsheet. 1a) Get a scary Halloween mask. 2) Find one of those, raise your arms in a zombie-like fashion, and walk towards them intoning “Muuuuuust work if waaaaaaaaaaant pay……….MUUUUUUST WORK, IF WAAANT PAY…..”

  • MBlanc46

    I acknowledge racism. People of all races are suspicious of or downright hostile to people of other races. The obvious conclusion is to stay in our own countries.

  • Sick of it

    Here’s a radical idea – Create a similar app putting native white Australians in bad situations with foreigners (who never should have moved there to begin with). To show Australians how truly different they are from these immigrants/invaders and to show them, down the road, how they should expect to be treated by a foreign majority in their own country.

  • Paleoconn

    I’m social constructist

  • Spikeygrrl

    I actually downloaded the dam’thing and worked through its Day One program. Absolutely nauseating. NONE of the answer options for ANY of the scenarios was even CLOSE to how I’d react in that situation.

    Fortunately “there’s an app for that”: Easy Uninstall.

  • benvad


  • Bartek

    I like humans just fine, especially if they stay in their own countries and let me have mine.
    Blacks on the other hand, well…that’s another matter all together.

  • Douglas Quaid

    Since Australian aborigines came up, I’ve wondered what the story with them is. They are probably the least attractive people group on the planet, they seem to have nothing but the undesirable physical traits of ugly Africans but to the 10th power. Does anyone know a history on them? I am not too keen on Australian history, but just shooting from the hip I assume as a people they are of the sort that would have great difficulty integrating into a Western culture.

    • Douglas Quaid

      Just doing a quick scan of wikipedia, you can see the same typical problems, the aborigines make up 2.3% of the Australian population yet make up 25% of the prison population. They commit violent crimes, abuse children, and use drugs at an extremely high rate. All of this is surely based upon racism, and Australia’s old policies dealing with the aborigines. Reminds me of a group of people here in America…

    • authorizedversion .

      My understanding of the Abos is that they come from a very primitive culture. No agriculture, no bow and arrow, no clothes, no vessels to hold water! They would walk miles to find water, kneel down and drink from the ground, but unable to take any back to where they came from.

    • me

      “Australian aborigines are first cousins to the African Negroid types. The difference is in their habits of eating raw kangaroo, using curved sticks effectively, and blowing into a log to make music. The aborigines were isolated on the Australian continent after the last ice age, where they fled from a different African Negroid tribe to avoid being eaten. The modern Australian aborigine is more similar to the North American Negroid type–playing the ‘race’ card, living off the system, and committing heinous crimes.”
      -Professor Peabody
      Department of History
      Wattsamata U.

      • Aborigines are quite unrelated to Africans. Their closest relatives in the Old World are southern Indian Dravidians. With interbreeding, the dark coloration, extreme ugliness and utter stupidity goes away far more quickly than with African’ts. One of my friends from Down Under is 1/4 aborigine, the rest being Scottish and Russian. He has blue eyes, red hair, very fair skin and freckles. He has two PhDs now.

        • me

          It was satire, Sherman. Now, let’s climb into the Wayback machine and see if we can reverse the events of 1964. Or, 1864. Or, 1913. Right, Jekyll Island, here we come….

  • Samuel Hathaway

    Just more hate propaganda to break down young whites psychologically, rendering them defenseless in the face of the coming demographic destruction.
    These white-hate peddlers are truly the most evil of the lot

    • Ragnar Redbeard’s Ghost

      Multiculturalism makes lots of profit. Lots of new customers and people taking loans, you see.

  • bilderbuster

    “By acknowledging that racism exists and learning how to speak up about it, young people can become a role model for society.”
    I couldn’t agree more.
    Young and older Australians need to speak up and embrace their racism and their nationalism!
    These morons are pretending that racism is a bad thing.

  • Jack Burton

    1 in 5 Australians experienced racist abuse in their lives. That’s all? Probably 4 out of 5 Australians experienced abuse in general to some degree in their lives, big deal.

    What kind of world do these people think we live in where people aren’t called names or made fun of? It’s human nature.

  • me

    My ‘smart’ phone is smoking! I didn’t even know it was possible for these things to catch on fire! Just before my ‘smart’ phone started to smoke, the “Everyday Racism” app crashed! It flashed this horrible neon green, and started blinking really fast. A computer voice yelled, “Racist! Racist! Racist!”, then the screen went black. I think I Obama’d it! Just a second, there seems to be a commotion outside my front door….
    BTW, do you know the difference between Australian Negroes, African Negroes, European Negroes, and North American Negroes?

    • Neue Sachlichkeit

      I thought I loved you a little. Possibly more than a little. Then I got to Obama’d and there was no more room for doubt.

  • me

    If you are White, you’re Raaaaycis’. End of story. The word means nothing. In fact, I welcome the label. It means that I’m White, which is a very good thing!
    White Privilege=White Awesomeness=non-White Jealousy
    White Guilt=Are You Effin’ Kidding Me?!=Lulz!

  • bubo

    I’m just an unrepentant ultra racist at this point. There is no saving me.

  • In order to be a non-racist, one has to be “nice.” In fact one has to be suicidally nice, and think the whole world is fluffy, tolerant and decent because ALL the people who live in it are fluffy, decent and tolerant.

    Unfortunately, the world is a brutal place, save for the white West which attained its position through (and lets’s be honest here) behaviour which would be considered pretty brutal by today’s standards.

    If we remain being “nice” we will inevitably be replaced by the non-nice. The world is brutal. Liberals don’t understand this simple yet salient fact. And liberals will bring about wars in the 21st century on a scale not seen since the world wars of the 20th century.

    The only difference this time around is that the wars will not be triggered by expansionist Germany or Japan, but by non-whites acting in a manner whites once considered normal. The 21st century multicultural wars are not yet upon us, but demographics are working hard to make sure they will arrive.

    And when they do, the liberals will be “shocked” that the non-white world behaves in a brutal manner. The stupid, cretinous, idealistic, suicidal, murderous (if you are not a liberal) treacherous b******s.

    • kjh64

      So true. It would be like me saying to myself that ” I would never commit a crime against somebody because it is wrong” thus everyone is just like me. Therefore, I can walk alone on a dark street in a bad neighborhood at 2am with a wallet full of cash and nobody will hurt me because everyone is just like me.

    • Yeah, Liberals are, on the whole, perpetual dreamers that ignore human nature and the brutality of the world that results from that nature. They dream of Utopia and ever “progressive” steps to perfect mankind to their concepts.

      Conservatives are those who generally take account of the human character and harshness of the world and who try to structure things to make the best of it.

      The liberals may see themselves as “good people” and “better” than everybody else….but their actions and policies just wreak havoc and devastation in the end. Their pathway to hell is paved with their “good intentions”.

      Take for example foreign aid to Africa. Liberals fall over each other to rescue these poor and desperate people and condemn harshly anybody who could be so cruel as to leave them to their fate or not donate any money.

      They see themselves as the good guys and morally righteous over anybody else. After all, most people would struggle to let a child die if it was right in front of them. It is not hard to understand WHY they want to be saviours and rescuers.

      Yet, as we know, the population of Africa is due to double from the current 1.1 Billion to 2 Billion by 2050 and then double again to near 4 Billion by the end of the century.

      Their actions are in my opinion going to lead to much more poverty, violence, disease, droughts and vicious starvations of biblical proportions.

      They will be creating hell on Earth for these people in the future. Yet we who object to building this future are apparently wicked and evil…..

      The liberals seem to think that they will sort themselves out, that if only we “progressed” more with the “progressive” measures, they will thrive as a continent. They do not seem to understand the brutality of the world or the realities of it.

      Similarly, the meek shall tend to perish – not ‘inherit the Earth’. Africans are more brutal than the modern western man. They are more reckless. They are breeding their race to double, even quadruple in numbers.

      In the kind of Darwinian sense, they are ‘out competing’ their White counterparts whilst “we” stupidly help them do it and drag the planet slowly back to the stone age.

  • model1911

    What is the maximum score? That would be me.

  • B.A_2014

    how racists are you ( me ) ? Very very racists!

  • Usually Much Calmer

    I followed your link and thought it was sketchy. Would you elaborate on your experience with it?

  • kikz2

    or they could emigrate to Britain and be cast in Merlin… they have a black Gwen… and assorted darkies sprinkled around……. anyway, i’m sure the Beeb is in dire need of some buck to smash up against some White woman and show all of us how wonderful “Going Black” truly is…….(exhausted sigh)

    • none of your business

      There was a TV series last year about a police officer in 1860’s New York. It featured every piece of propaganda going, rich girl and poor immigrants. The absolute insanity was that in 1865 NYC the medical examiner was a black man whose wife and children had of course been murdered by the evil blue eyed Irish during the draft riots. Every once in a while I try to watch TV but seldom get past the first commercial before the propaganda kicks in.

      • kikz2

        never heard it said, that the rioters killed women & kids.. hmmmm..if i had the time, i’d go research it.

        the series you mention.. i missed that thankfully.. didn’t even hear about it.

        I stay on PBS, and that’s bad enough sometimes….
        dependent on time/day, certain national channels, you’d think by the number of blacks shown in commercials on natl tv, they numerically outnumbered us 10-1.. hey i know! how many blacks on the 5minute commercial break? it could be a new drinking game, kind of like the one fans of ThisOldHouse/New Yankee Workshop started, and drank a swig everytime someone would say “rabbit” or “dado” or Steve would ask something stupid….

        the overt in-your-face interacial element.. even on Dr. Who… during Tennant’s run was nauseating.. then last season on Downton Abbey.. a jazz singer that the twit/slut cousin just had to ‘date’….like that would’ve gone over really well in Edwardian England…

        and the latest on PBS that just PISSED me off.. Endeavor, good period drama, detective, set in the early 60’s Oxford.. out of nowhere, this reserved guy, who keeps to himself, doesn’t date, and listens to classical music to solve crimes…..has a new neighbor across the hall which he instantly has to bed and make his girlfriend in one episode, a black nurse….. eyeroll…. so obviously the ‘order’ has gone out at the beeb, so i guess we’ll soon see entire black and/or pak muzzie casts for productions of Hamlet or …….. there’ll have to be a new Black family move into and enrich Port Wen on Doc Martin…. grrrrrrrrrrr!

  • kikz2

    Go kill yourself, Oprah is waiting for you to’ just die’… there, fixed that for ya….

  • Evette Coutier

    How can anyone be a racist when we all know there’s no such thing as race?

  • WR_the_realist

    I can experience everyday racism simply by living under the authority of the United States federal government.

  • italian guy

    My score is 88… =P

  • MekongDelta69

    The title should read:

    How Stupid Can You Be For Wasting Your Time To Take This Insane Test?

  • perfectly ~ exquisitely ~ emphatically

  • Garrett Brown

    I’m glad you enjoyed my post sir. I enjoyed reading yours as well.

  • Raymond Kidwell

    I took one of these racist tests in college. We filled out a questionaire “how racist do you think you are?” I put moderately racist. Everybody else put “not racist at all”. What is your opinion of black people. I put slightly bad. Everybody else put that they love black people. So we run through the test and I scored almost not racist at all on the test, just very slightly racist. The people who claimed not to be racist came back with scores of extremely racist, very negative black stereotypes etc. and the black teacher also scored as highly racist and not liking blacks. It was some test where they pop up a black face and then you have to click good or bad and a slight delay in clicking good shows you really don’t think that way or something. But I always considered myself more racist than normal but I come out scoring as a non-racist on most of these racism tests.

  • none of your business

    I am a proud White racist.

  • joeg2

    I downloaded and took the test. It gives you situations where you, the white person, see white people treating non-whites badly, or talking badly about them. This test is made only for whites. All the “racists” are white. You are asked how you, as a white person, would respond. On example shows a white woman driving by two blacks, hollering racial slurs and giving the finger. You are asked how you would respond.

  • MoMo

    The first step in being a non racist is to apologize for being white. The second step is to apologize for perhaps inadvertently acting like a racist. The third step is perhaps thinking in a way that might be construed as being racist. The fourth step is promptly committing suicide for being born white. Generally the good people here have enough sense not to start down this road of self flagellation and destruction.

    But does this apply equally to BLACK racists?


  • Sam Hill

    Just by downloading or using the app would automatically have you added onto a list of racists. Just wait until they micro chip us to store the database of our lives.

  • Mrfinoni

    racism app??? the lefties are really doubling down on this sh-t! LOL…. they really must be afraid of a backlash. Its now so ludicrous its becoming a parody!