Holder: Ferguson Shooting Presents Country with ‘Moment of Decision’

Wesley Lowery, Washington Post, September 23, 2014

Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. said Tuesday that the shooting of the unarmed black teenager by a police officer in suburban St. Louis and the tense protests, riots and national discussion that it sparked has left the country at a “moment of decision” about how police interact with racial minorities.

“These tensions simmer every day in far too many communities across the country,” Holder said. “The situation in Ferguson has presented leaders across the nation . . . with a moment of decision, a moment of decision, a series of important questions that can no longer be avoided.”

The remarks came during a speech delivered Tuesday afternoon at New York University’s Brennan Center for Justice–in which the attorney general touted new numbers showing a year-over-year decline in the number of federal prisoners for the first time in decades.


Holder said the United States must decide if it will allow this period of time to be defined by racial division and discord, or if the country is prepared to “reassess” and potentially “remake” the way law enforcement relates and interacts with citizens.

“Will we yet again turn a blind eye to the hard truths that Ferguson exposed? Or will we finally accept this mandate for open and honest dialogue?” he said.


“As an African American man who has been stopped and searched by police in situations where such actions were not warranted, I also carry with me an understanding of the mistrust that some citizens harbor (toward police),” Holder said.


A new poll released this week found that just 38 percent of Americans say that blacks receive equal treatment under the criminal justice system.

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  • Shorter Eric Holder: White cops should let black people kill them, because social justice.

    “As an African American man who has been stopped and searched by police in situations where such actions were not warranted, I also carry with me an understanding of the mistrust that some citizens harbor (toward police),” Holder said.

    Ah the infamous New Jersey Turnpike cock and bull story. It has been demonstrated quite sufficiently that the cops that pulled him over would have had no way of knowing who was driving the car.

    • proud white

      QD I’m sick of hearing these sob stories from the blacks. EXAMPLE: The cabbie who drives home at night who would rather pick up a white over a black due to the fact blacks are far more dangerous. The cabbie doesn’t know the content of these peoples character since he doesn’t know them personally ( criminal background, family history, education level). all he knows is what the numbers say. The numbers say blacks are far more likely to rob and kill you. Now if it hurts the black guy’s feelings that the cabbie would rather pick up the white then he should get upset with his black brothers and sisters who are making the numbers the way they are, Not the cabbie who is trying to get home to his family.

      • Adolf Verloc

        Polls have shown that black cabbies are no different that white cabbies in this regard. They know the score.

        • Alexandra1973

          Just like black waiters don’t like serving other blacks. They know what kind of a lousy tip they’ll get.

          • Yancy Derringer

            And most haven’t a clue about the protocol and manners of dining out: running the waiter ragged with repetitive individual requests, the games to get free stuff, etc.

        • RHG

          Yep, that’s the dirty little secret when blacks break out the cabbie canard. The fact is, a lot of these cabbies are non-white and they don’t want to pick up blacks either.

          • bubo

            People like Holder don’t give a rip if some cabbies or pizza delivery people must sacrifice their lives to be “unracist.”

          • 1Forced_Registration

            At one time pizza delivery ranked 2nd in the list of most dangerous occupations in America. Caller ID, many of the major players getting databases and intelligence services to make sure addresses are real and that the information matches have cut down on that problem some. Many of the pizza companies secretly (and some not so secretly) do track hot spots internally; they don’t want to admit to it because many of them will keep sending drivers into areas and problematic addresses even with the data full knowing drivers have been raped, robbed, assaulted, gang attacked, experienced hate crimes, killed and even in one case decapitated going to those locations.

            Even with some companies putting greed above their workers — its still in the top 10 of most dangerous occupations in America, and diversity has a lot to do with it.

            As far as cabbies go, almost all of the city cabs and airport cabs I have seen have Sudanese or Nigerian drivers. Most of the cab companies left in St Louis city prefer to hire foreigners over domestic blacks, and even domestic whites.

      • WhiteVeinKratom

        You said it PW! Give that man a candy carrot!
        I am soooo tired of hearing that black crap.

      • cherrie greenbaum123

        It’s just another example of that negro, upside down “logic”.

      • Speaking of, there was another black murder of a white pizza delivery driver within the last few days, this one was in New Orleans. The 16 year old black suspect already had an ankle monitor on.

        • Yancy Derringer

          Holder trotted out that isolated stat about fewer federal prisoners as if to say, “Blacks are doing their part, doing fewer crimes.” The truth seems to be that there are greater numbers of violent multiple offenders free and doing more crimes. Prison overcrowding is causing early release, black jury nullification is forcing prosecutors to offer lesser charges for pleas, and soft judges are issuing soft sentences. Then there’s no snitching, soaring juvenile crime which isn’t reflected in the stats, and much more.

          • The slight reduction in Federal prisoners is probably statistical noise.

          • IBWHITE

            Right you are. I would also add that due to affirmative action/White discrimination policies enforced by the government many violent crimes are not being solved as a result of ineffective and incompetent Blacks working in the law enforcement field. Just look at the “unresolved” murder/rape cases in places like Detroit or any other negro run city. This country is just circling the drain.

      • JohnEngelman

        One time a black cab driver drove me from Baltimore to a suburb of Washington, DC. With no prompting from me he told me which neighborhoods in the Washington area he felt safe in, and which neighborhoods he did not feel safe in. Without exception the safe neighborhoods were white. The unsafe neighborhoods were blacks.

        • Wally Wally

          There are exceptionally safe black neighborhoods in Washington DC and its surrounding suburbs John. And if you grew up in Washington DC, as I’ve heard you say, you should know this.

          • tlk244182

            Yes. Absolutely. Troll Engelman!

      • Robert Cooper

        Plus blacks don’t tip. Just sayin’.

        • George X. Pat

          Actually, I used to deliver pizza in Phoenix. One apartment complex in our area was the “black” one. Terrifying. Syringes in the swimming pool. It even had the absurdly crime noir name of “The Sunset Lodge.” But I often got HUGE tips because the customers were too drugged out to do the bill/tip correctly!

          • Fathercoughlin

            Did you get any offers from the black females as to “creative”ways they could pay the bill?

          • George X. Pat

            Thank God, no.

    • WR_the_realist

      Yes, I remember that “driving while black” nonsense. Try standing by a highway on a sunny day and try to determine the race of the drivers whizzing by. You can’t do it.

      • toldev

        Well you could just look for the $500 car with the $3000 rims.

        Seriously though, I do think there is some truth to the driving while black thing. Black people probably do get pulled over more than whites. Blacks are also far more likely than whites to be arrested for things like rape and murder too. As blacks have a hard time adhering to laws regarding rape and murder, they also have a problem with traffic laws as well.

        • [Guest]

          Yeah, and the formal name for it is “profiling.” At one time we called it common sense.

        • McFeely Bhoob

          Sorry, but most hood rat males are reckless drivers. I got run off the road last week by some a-holes who decided to play chicken with me as I was driving home. luckily, I just hit the curb and destroyed my driver side tires and rims, they laughed and took off. Cops were right across the street, and just stood there staring at me as I screamed “Can you chase them?!?!?” . I won’t even go on about the Biker Boyz on the Belt Parkway in Brooklyn, pulling wheelies at 75mph with some fat ass chicken head on the back. 50 of them, just causing mayhem and traffic accidents.

      • Wally Wally

        A policeman driving alongside a car, even at highway speeds, wouldn’t have trouble determining the driver’s race.

        • Yancy Derringer

          Holder’s proven he’s a liar; in Senate hearings, no less.

        • 1G25

          Most policemen tend to follow the car they’re pulling over.

          Not pull alongside.

          Next excuse, please.

          • Wally Wally

            Alongside, behind the car, take your pick; you couldn’t tell the race of the driver?

          • 1G25

            Police FOLLOW cars they are pulling over… maybe you don’t know that.

            And yes, I might be able to identify an anthropoid driver from behind, if he had an eight-inch Afro nappy-do. Or if I could hear his boom-box radio belting out rythmic rap obscenities from inside my car.

          • IBWHITE

            It’s almost impossible on the interstate or highway at night to determine the race of a driver unless he has an interior light on. But keep reaching for outlandish excuses so people can see just how mentally unstable you guys really are.

          • Wally Wally

            If you go back to the origins of this thread, you’ll see the commenter used the attribute constraint: ” a sunny day”. My constraints mirror his.

          • WR_the_realist

            During the day it can be hard to even see inside a house through a window, unless you get right up to it. That’s because a lot of light is going through the window into the house, but very little light is going from the house to the outside. The same principle applies to cars.

            If the driver is short his head is covered up by the back seat. Just how are you going to id his race from the rear, in your police car following 30 feet behind the car?

        • WR_the_realist

          95% of speeders are caught by cops hidden at the side of the road with a radar or laser. They don’t go after the car until they already know it was speeding. The other 5% of the time is when a clueless speeder whizzes past the police car. The police are catching up from behind. It’s awful hard to determine the race of a person when looking through his rear windshield.

      • Yancy Derringer

        Driving while black, huh? Remember the home invasions in the Indianapolis suburbs a few months ago, especially the one done in broad daylight, when the mother and the daughter were both raped? Those guys walked through their open garage and into their house. A car full of young blacks slowly cruising all-white suburban residential neighborhoods spells trouble. Some flexibility in permitting cops to profile is growing increasingly necessary.

        One thing residents can do – when you see such a car, especially for a second time, let them see that you’re dialing your phone.

    • propagandaoftruth


      Don’t think things will change, but…interesting news.

      • Don’t get too excited. He’s cashing out. And my odds on favorite to replace him is Deval Patrick, and as far as that goes, you can’t get a better drop in replacement for Eric Holder even if you cloned Eric Holder.

      • [Guest]

        He should be leaving office and entering prison.

      • 1stworlder

        His race card is used up they are brining in someone with a fresh one.

    • TXCriollo

      Eric holder needs to do his job im sick of him defending thugs and not defending this nations laws that we the people wanted

    • Christorchaos

      Ferguson officer was just shot

  • AmericanCitizen

    “38 percent of Americans say that blacks receive equal treatment under the criminal justice system.”

    Even if the implication is true that 62 percent of Americans think blacks are unfairly treated, could there be a reason? Could that reason be the behavior of the inner city black? Do police officers have reason to be on guard in certain areas and neighborhoods? Have we seen a pattern of behavior over the last several decades that glorifies ignorance, gansta culture, violence, and casual drug use?

    Can you really blame a police officer for shooting a 300 pound violent man charging him?

    • Oh stop it! You’re employing reason and logic – and that’s not what’s needed when there’s a racial agenda at stake! You’re expecting the darlings of ‘diversity’ to understand the ‘white man’s logic’ when you ought to be using ‘black logic’ which is comprised of emotional rhetoric, convoluted thinking, and mindless reactions and violent outbursts. In other words, you have to address blacks in ways they can understand. Geez, must I teach you people everything?! (sarc off)

      • AmericanCitizen

        You do speak truth. Like the middle eastern camel jockey, the inner city black does understand force and violence. They do understand enough to not want serious violence to be applied to them.

        If the inner city black needs to reflect on something, he should think about the American Indian and what happened to them when Whites are unified against a racial enemy.

    • TruthBeTold

      Unfortunately we’re dealing with a low IQ population that can’t reason.

      • blanjm5

        Or plan more than five minutes into the future, but that’s slightly off-topic.

    • Simonetta

      38 percent of Americans believe that the Earth is flat and the other 62 percent believe that the Earth is a cube because Jesus said to spread the Gospel to all four corners of the world.

      • Yancy Derringer

        That would be eight corners, a cube.

    • OS-Q

      Nothing that surprising since there wasn’t an option to respond that blacks are treated too well by the justice system. You had to say equal or unequal.

      • R L Buds

        Thats what i thought too. I would have to put myself in the 62%, since they are treated unfairly, far more of them should be locked up for longer periods of time. Of course thats not what they meant so I would have to put myself in the 38%.

  • Frank_DeScushin

    “Will we yet again turn a blind eye to the hard truths that Ferguson exposed?”

    You mean like the hard truth that black people’s natural reaction to something they don’t like is to riot and loot?

    • Periapsis

      Not to mention kill and maim whites.

      • bilderbuster

        And that pack mentality goes from the ghetto through Holder to the White House.

  • Easyrhino

    What Ferguson showed us (yet again) is that blacks have little:

    *Impulse control
    *Conflict resolution skills
    *Or sense of delayed gratification

    • 1G25

      You can watch that play out every time you watch an NFL game. Who gets the 15-yard penalties for unsportsmanlike conduct or personal fouls, 95% of the time ?

      • KevinPhillipsBong

        That would be a good stat to research. No fouling the numbers there with tens of thousands watching every play. No crap about confirmation bias.

  • JackKrak

    Notice that Holder never tells us where and when these “unwarranted searches” took place. He’s lying about it, pure and simple.

    • Jack Burton

      He was probably in a area with high drug use. If anything whites are likely to be pulled over and searched more in those areas because cops know that they shouldn’t be there other than buying drugs.

    • John

      Could those “unwarranted searches” to which he was referring have been the house to house searches conducted in the wake of the Boston bombing (false flag) by swat teams of militarized police? Nah…

  • anony

    “Moment of decision”?

    I’ve already decided Mr. Holder, and that decision is that I want separation.

    • Grantland

      I favor deportation or extermination.

  • Mark Hillyard

    Perhaps it’s a good time to see if people like Holder really care for their brothers. We should be encouraging all black medical technicians, doctors, etc. to volunteer to assist their brothers in need during this Ebola problem. Then spread the propaganda posters around which calls for Liberia to be for the people and call it something like New Liberia. Even spend a few million to buy medical supplies and enough for wages and insist on a promise of land, tractors and other such needful items for the New Free Liberians to use the knowledge they’ve accumulated here in the USA and other Nations to build a New Society which will be free of all interference from outside forces, such as Moslims. Perhaps some defensive military gear and educated black military leaders would also be needed.
    We’ve spent money and effort on other things which didn’t work out so well maybe this one would. Send Louis Farakhan as their leader, or would that just confuse them.

    • cherrie greenbaum123

      Indeed, it’s an opportunity for them to shine (no pun intended). The Motherland is calling them.

    • Racism & corporate greed eliminated.
      Oh the inclusion!

    • bilderbuster

      Uhhh…. Wouldn’t that require a lot of work?
      If the US government made that offer to Whites we could go there , do some ethnic cleansing, and we will build an all White African superstate in no time.
      The American Blacks would just go there and kill each other while the cargo sat there and rusted and rotted on the docks where it was unloaded.

  • guest

    “a “moment of decision” about how police interact with racial minorities.”

    All the police were doing was stopping criminals like they’re supposed to do. It’s not the fault of the police and definitely NOT the fault of White people that so many of these criminals are “racial minorities”.

    “Will we yet again turn a blind eye to the hard truths that Ferguson exposed? Or will we finally accept this mandate for open and honest dialogue?” he said.”

    The last thing these people want is an open and honest dialogue. That would require exposing the politically incorrect truths that these people hate to hear and are so bent on covering up and anyone who dares speak the truth will be in trouble by the multiculturalism elite.

    • Robert Binion

      Yes, it is akin to Lois Lerner bewailing the state of correspondence storage.

    • WhiteVeinKratom

      They are a racial minority, and they live with us, a racial minority.

  • Dave4088

    About the only “hard truths” Ferguson and its aftermath should tell any reasonable white person is that blacks are too violent and too mentally deficient to live in a first world society and should be quarantined without further delay.

  • FozzieT

    “The situation in Ferguson has presented leaders across the nation . . . with a moment of decision… a series of important questions that can no longer be avoided.” — Eric “My People” Holder.

    Okay, here are some important questions for Mr. Holder:

    1) Why is it that black people are responsible for a far greater percentage of violent crime in the U.S. than their percentage of the population?
    2) Why is it that black people in the U.S. average only about 85 on I.Q. tests? And that blacks in Africa average only about 75-80?
    3) Why is it that every single black-run city – in America and anywhere else in the world – is a dysfunctional, crime-ridden hellhole?
    4) Why is it that, despite being in America for several hundred years, blacks cannot speak proper English?
    5) Why is it that every single racial group in the world that comes to America surpasses blacks in economic achievement?
    6) What is it about black people that makes them riot – destroying their own towns – before they even have any facts about the case? And why, even when the facts are learned, are they not able to change their opinion?

    Feel free to add any more questions!

    • TruthBeTold

      The black mans’ answer: ‘racism’.

      Blacks and Whites ask the same questions but come up with different answers.

  • Truthseeker

    “Will we yet again turn a blind eye to the hard truths that Ferguson
    exposed? Or will we finally accept this mandate for open and honest
    dialogue?” he said.

    Go watch the video of Jared Taylor at Towson University if you want to see what an attempt at “open and honest dialogue” looks like. Some people simply can’t discuss these things reasonably. Any White person who’s on the fence about race realism should go watch that video. It’ll change your life.

    • LHathaway

      Taylor’s performance was truly impressive. His speech wasn’t that great, in my opinion, but his performance in the question and answer session after the speech was truly, truly, impressive. I’ll never believe he didn’t have the questions ahead of time.

      Mr. Taylor’s ‘Banned in Halifax’ speech was unbelievable. I know I must say that once a week on here, but that speech was truly impressive.

      • 1stworlder

        Of course he had the questions ahead of time there are only a few leftist talking points that leftists are capable of remembering. Most leftists cant remember more than “its bush’s fault that you are a racist”

        • LHathaway

          “Most leftists cant remember more than. . . ”

          That’s me, nowadays, brother.

    • HenryWWolff

      Truthseeker, would you please send me an email at [email protected] regarding your choice of caricature from the cartoon contest? Our artist is short on time.

      • Truthseeker

        I’ve sent you an e-mail. I apologize for the delay.

  • curmudgeon VN Veteran

    What a totally useless individual!

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. said Tuesday that the shooting of the unarmed black teenager by a police officer

    The situation in Ferguson has presented leaders across the nation … with a moment of decision, a moment of decision

    What decision might that be?

    That black armed robbers like Michael Brown, black rioters throwing molotov cocktails and black looters destroying businesses are not to be held criminally responsible for their actions?

    Remember this similar case out of LA that took place two days after the (justified) Michael Brown shooting?

    (Black) Ezell Ford, 25, was unarmed when police confronted him Aug. 11 on a street near his home. Officers said they tried to speak with Ford, but ended up in a struggle in which they shot him when he tried to grab an officer’s gun.

    Heard anything about it since?

    Here’s why: the two officers are named Sharlton Wampler and Antonio Villegas.

    End of story.

    It’s no longer even local news here in LA.

  • Holder: “Will we yet again turn a blind eye to the hard truths that Ferguson exposed?”

    Like the ‘hard truth’ that whenever a black person is shot, it becomes an international cause célèbre? But when white people are attacked, maimed, raped, and killed it hardly ever even makes the local news?

  • AmericanCitizen

    This guy is a clown among clowns, a sphincter of the highest order, unfit to hold the office of a small town’s dogcatcher.

  • Mack0

    Im convinced Holder suffers from a mental illness. The fool is delusional

  • Luca

    What a disgraceful incompetent idiot he is. He is tainting the jury by projecting implicit guilt and distorting the facts to fit his own racist narrative

  • humura

    The hart truth – the Democratic Party is the pro-crime party; it favors criminals (esp. if they are Black or Hispanic) over the law-abiding and the law-enforcing citizens.

  • I heard 0bama’s UN address.
    It was not worthy of a Latte Salute.

    • China basically said “no” to his whole idea about a new understanding on green house gases. They just laughed at him like the rest of the international community does.

  • Simonetta

    “As an African American man who has been stopped and searched by police
    in situations where such actions were not warranted, I also carry with
    me an understanding of the mistrust that some citizens harbor (toward
    police),” Holder said.

    And when was the last time that this happened, Mr. US Attorney General? 30-40-50 years ago? When your magnificent 9-inch high Afro made you look like a giant Tootsie Pop?

    Any cop who pulls over and searches a cabinet officer soon gets that same deep cold sinking feeling that Colonel Sanders felt when he died, went to heaven, and discovered that God was a chicken.

  • kikz2

    i see the comments are closed at the originating article… figures…. moment of decision.. yeah, right, sure.. a moment of decision to ignore that most Blacks riot at the drop of hat, have no impulse control, and need neutering/spaying…..as a matter of course.

  • MekongDelta69

    “The attorney general touted new numbers showing a year-over-year decline in the number of federal prisoners for the first time in decades.”

    Yeah, you brain-dead racist. The more black thugs you lock up, the fewer black thugs are left on the street to lock up.

  • Who Me?

    “a “moment of decision” about how police interact with racial minorities.”
    Two choices here. Station black and ONLY black police in all “urban”, “inner-city” “neighborhoods of color” etc, in other words the ghettos. and let them sort it out with their own kind. or we can get really, sensibly tough, and start some good old fashioned profiling, arresting on “suspicion of being a dumb ass” and if they start rioting and looting, bring on the tanks and start shooting. NEVER SAY SORRY to the whining parasites.

  • HJ11

    Integration is a total failure. Black cities and Black cops for Blacks and White cities and White cops for Whites.

    No more mixing. It is genocide for Whites.

  • Chris

    Will we yet again turn a blind eye to the hard truths that Ferguson exposed?

    LOL , Yes Officer Wilson turned a blind eye alright, The one Mike Brown punched him in.

    This hard truth flies high above the mouth speaking it.

  • MBlanc46

    “Remake” the way law enforcement works? Such as allowing black thugs to physically attack police officers?

  • JohnEngelman

    The moment of decision we should have is when we decide that because blacks have a much higher crime rate than whites, they require more vigorous police surveillance. A criminal justice system that is appropriate for whites is sufficiently harsh for blacks.

  • RHG

    What “hard truths” is this idiot referring to? The hard truth that blacks commit a heck of alot of crime in preportion to their population and this Michael Brown character was no different and had in fact just committed a crime right before he met his demise. Is he really ready for that kind of honest dialogue? nope, they are never ready to talk about that hard truth.

  • gsrider

    The “moment of decision” passed as soon as I learned the aspiring college student assaulted a police officer causing serious injuries. However, being an infinitely fair minded person I will reserve my final judgement when all of the evidence is presented. No, I won’t hold my breath til that time comes.
    As for the AG, I don’t believe a word of his never ending drama queen BS. Holder is an elitist dirt bag that has spent his entire worthless life fomenting racial hatred from inside the halls of power and yet claims his victim hood at every opportunity.

  • Samuel Hathaway

    Hey, Attorney General Afro-Supremacist Holder: Since you want an opportunity for open and honest dialog, why don’t you debate Jared Taylor of American Renaissance, openly, honestly, with NO opinion out-of-bounds.

    We know you can’t and won’t because you’re a COWARD. Your idea of “discussion” is more white apologies, more white confessions, more allowing blacks to roam, pillage and burn the town, and bleeding whites of their financial resources to pay for the consequences of black degeneracy.

    No, SIR, this does NOT show that there is “more work to be done” to combat discrimination and “unfairness.” What this shows is that you want Whites forever charged as “guilty” of “racism” and to keep them down as second-class citizens in the communities they created with their black overloards watching and monitoring everything they do and say.

    • Black Swan

      This is precisely why I’d like to b**** slap every single White that voted in this racist, anti-White regime.

  • LHathaway

    Whites routinely sentenced 10 years for drunk driving. Justice system unfair to non-whites.

  • Marius Quentical

    Holder asks…”Will we yet again turn a blind eye to the hard truths that Ferguson exposed?”

    No we will NOT. We must wipe the politically-correct fog from our eyes and see, once and for all, that certain racial groups have a propensity for violence and crime. White officers must never let their guard down…and those violent racial groups are not white.

  • Flanders21

    ” As a White American man who has been stopped and searched by politically correct governmental and corporate thought police where such actions are a form of soft tyranny that is injurious to me and my White family, I also carry with me an understanding of the mistrust and disgust that many Whites harbor towards governmental and corporate officials on the left and right who do not work for the interest of the American people of whatever color or race.”

  • 4321realist

    The hard truth exposed by Ferguson is that integration has been a total failure and blacks cannot function in a first world society.

    We must admit these people don’t have the temperament, the intellect or the over all competence to live and work any where but villages with mud huts.

    We’ve been living a lie for many years now. It’s time for it to come to an end and these people encouraged to return to their natural habitat.


    I never realized that only black people get pulled over and searched in their cars and what not. All the times I was messed with by the police when I was younger must’ve just been my imagination. I mean, it has to be, after all I am White! And now that I know, thanks to Eric “my people” Holder, that hose kinds of things are reserved for black people. I can’t help but to conclude that it was all my over active imagination the entire time. And here I was thinking that the police were treating me like some kind of piggy bank. Loading me up with thousands of dollars in under age drinking fines. But, I am White, and this is America. So it all had to be the result of an over active imagination. So thank you Mr. Holder!

    • Black Swan

      Here’s the difference: blacks are suing and winning large settlements for “racial profiling” of any type, the vast majority of which is justified, including settlements for not receiving loans that they were never qualified for.

      You try that? You’d be laughed out of court, even though there is far more discrimination against Whites.

  • Why don’t they admit it? African Americans have special rights and a preferred class status while White Americans are becoming 2nd class citizens in our own Land?

  • Demo P. Seal; PouponMarks

    Even Jesse Jackson said a few years ago, “There is nothing more painful to me … than to walk down the street and hear footsteps and start thinking about robbery, then look around and see somebody white and feel relieved.”

  • Bill

    Cops and black people don’t have as much problem with each other as he/they think (all blacks love to feel b*tthurt over ‘profiling’). The area where cops have the problems with, are the violent thugs and those that resist arrest.

  • bubo

    The truth is that this failed race, this mistake of nature, this dead end genome needs to be banished from our countries forever.

    • Black Swan

      The world’s most worthless race.

  • AndrewInterrupted

    Holder: “Will we yet again turn a blind eye to the hard truths that Ferguson exposed?”

    That it was yet another “narrative collapse” (John Derbyshire) for the race hustlers.

  • MissaJim

    Such hard truths as American blacks (as a whole) will never be integrated, productive members of society and will always be dangerous parasitic animals? Or the hard truth that America should be divided up and people given the choice and freedom to live in black-free areas? The hard truth that after nearly 50 years, the war on poverty is an absolute failure? The hard truth that American blacks are the source of their own problems not YT?

  • Mack0

    Holder is the Joseph McCarthy of our era. Instead of a communist under ever bed it’s a racist. The man needs to be removed from his job immediately. He lacks the ability to be unbiased.

    • Black Swan

      Time to take another look at Joe McCarthy and ask, “Was he right?”

      The answer appears to be that he was. He was cheered on until he got too close to the truth:

      McCarthy’s hearings attracted a huge national following. His supporters include the Kennedy Family and many other loyal Democrats. Such popularity poses a threat to the Communists and to their Globalist masters / enablers. While exposing lower level Communists, McCarthy was tolerated. But when the brave Senator begins climbing ‘up the ladder,’ his days become numbered. After years of quietly tolerating McCarthy, the media big guns are now brought out to stop him.

      Read the rest here…

      http //www tomatobubble com/joe_mccarthy html

      • tlk244182

        Thank you. It’s time to stop using McCarthy and Hitler as personifications of evil, as the facts about both are now available on line for all to see. Continuing to demonize these men just strengthens ‘Left’s’ grip on the narrative. I suggest using wicked Negroes or Jews instead, when we want to set the standard by which all other evil men must be judged.

  • HJ11

    The U.S. is not a nation. My nation is my genotype. My nation exists no matter what piece of dirt I stand on–it is within me and those like me. We are born to our true nation because it is one with our beings. Belief that Whites belong to an artificial nation composed of non-White humans is absurd and evil. It would be like a grasshopper believing he is an ant because he lives among ants.

  • 1G25

    “…or if the country is prepared to “reassess” and potentially “remake” the way law enforcement relates and interacts with citizens.”

    If certain ethnicities would behave like “citizens,” there would not be an issue here.

  • Jake Frizzell

    The 1965 ‘landmark’(?) (un)civil rights decisions brought in under khazar worshipper LBJ should be overturned asap.

  • MekongDelta69

    And in other GREAT news…

    Eric Hold ‘Em Up just quit.
    (That will be my (upcoming) AmRen good news ‘article of the decade’!)

    • SolStans

      Thanks for the excellent news!


      Awhhh man, you beat me to it! This news has just made my day and I wanted to share it with all my brothers and sisters here at American Renaissance. However, I think we ought to double down a bit and head out to all the liberal and “social Justice” web sites out there. To load up their comment sections with the truth about just who Eric “The Racist Scumbag” Holder really is. Cause you know their gonna try to turn him and his disgustingly racist tenure as Attorney General. Into some kind of grand civil rights legacy. Again, I say we need to remind them of just who Eric “My People” Holder really is!

  • Who Me?

    EX Attorney General Eric Holder! Oh, How happy that makes me! As of right now, the news isn’t saying how or why, but who cares? He’s outta there!

  • jackryanvb

    Att. Gen. Eric Holder annouced he’s stepping down. The Dems don’t want to suffer electoral slaughter in November. Ferguson MO has been exposed as just another fake racial hate crime.

    Thanks to everyone who worked to get the truth out. We won this one, same as we won the Duke Lacrosse Team rape hoax.

    Let’s not be so negative. We do win many things and Eric Holder will be gone.

    • Epiminondas

      If Deval Patrick is his replacement, look out.

  • American_cavalier

    Hey Holder. Now your out maybe you might have an accident. Up yours!

  • Rusty Shackelford

    “Will we yet again turn a blind eye to the hard truths that Ferguson exposed?”
    Well, if he means the hard truth that blacks have proven themselves to be incapable of creating or maintaining safe cities, and will use just about anything as an excuse to riot, loot, and cause damage, then yes. Or the fact that the riots in Ferguson had nothing to do with Michael Brown and everything to do with blacks’ hatred of whites and their resentment over the fact that white cops are needed to police their communities, then yes. Because the mainstream media made sure to turn a blind eye to it, and most internet porn and football addled Americans have likely done the same.

  • Rusty Shackelford

    The irony of his statement is the fact that the last two nationwide allegations of racism at the hands of police were proven to be false once video and/or audio of the actual encounters were produced.
    America 2014: Victimhood is Power

  • blanjm5

    “Will we yet again turn a blind eye to the hard truths that Ferguson exposed?”

    And what truths are those, again?

  • R L Buds

    I wasn’t sure whether to feel pity or anger about that situation. They cause the problem (as always) then they blame whitey for not taking care of it fast enough for them. They are so dumb it’s pathetic.