Hillary Clinton on Ferguson: ‘We Are Better Than That’

Zeke Miller, TIME, August 28, 2014

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made her first public comments Thursday on the shooting of unarmed teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., calling for the country to address “inequities” in the criminal-justice system.


Clinton’s comments came at the end of a paid speaking appearance in San Francisco. She said her “heart just broke” for Brown’s family after the unarmed 18-year old was shot by police officer Darren Wilson more than two weeks ago. She also condemned the “terrible” images on television of heavily armed police facing off with largely peaceful protesters. “Nobody wants to see our streets look like a war zone,” she said. “Not in America, we are better than that.” And Clinton called for a renewed focus on reforming the nation’s criminal justice system, saying the country must confront lingering unfairness.


“Imagine what we would feel and what we would do if white drivers were three times as likely to be searched by police during a traffic stop as black drivers, instead of the other way around,” Clinton said, “if white offenders received prison sentences 10% longer than black offenders for the same crimes, if a third of all white men–just look at this room and take one third–went to prison during their lifetime. Imagine that. That is the reality in the lives of so many of our fellow Americans and so many of the communities in which they live.”


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  • Whitetrashgang

    My heart breaks for all the white people who are victims of blacks at a 40-1 ratio then blacks victims of whites.Never mind Brown was a thug and tried to murder a cop. Whites like Clinton need something, I just cant say it here.

    • Bandmoo

      I can say it here, make them live among the blacks they worship for 3 months.

      • Michigan Patriot

        If they last that long. They will wind up serverly injured or dead, hey , that is a bad idea for treasonous libtards but they know better in their hearts not to believe the liberal b.s. that they spread.

        • Michigan Patriot

          Correction : Isn’t.

    • 313 48224

      White politicians who line up to kiss black back-sides are ripping this country apart. They empower these thugs with their “victim status” and the fools of our ever-dumbing-down society lap it up.

    • Lagerstrom

      No ‘brownie points’ for ol’ Hilary there. I seriously think she could not give a toss about anyone apart from herself.

    • My heart breaks at the fact that the mainstream media and the federal government think that self-defense should be criminalized for whites.

  • Puggg

    Until this, she said nothing. I’m surprised she said this much.

  • anony

    Hillary hypocrisy at its best, or worst. Your choice.

  • David Ashton

    She misspoke yet again.

    Who is going to have votes with that woman?

    • anony

      Not to worry; there are plenty of idiots around.

    • 1stworlder

      She is offering more free stuff.

  • IstvanIN

    I am amazed at how many people in my own family, from dad to sister-in-law, love this witch. She makes me sick.

    • Havin Nunavit

      You poor thing. Well, like it’s said, you can’t pick your family.

  • Clinton pretends that blacks haven’t earned extra police scrutiny.
    Her intellectually dishonest opinion gives her front-runner status.

    • LHathaway

      Scrutiny? Perhaps they need more. According to crime victim surveys, black criminals are more likely to get away with their crimes and not get caught.

    • This was the same Hillary Clinton who sent her daughter Chelsea to an elite private school instead of affording her the opportunity to experience the vibrant diversity of DC public schools.

      • Ngati Pakeha

        I note even Obama has sent his “progeny” to the same school. Funny how they don’t practice what they preach. Do you think Obama’s brats are headed to State Colleges Michael? The Ivy League are going to be creaming themselves to offer them places. Terribly unfair.

  • Garrett Brown

    Whites are better than that, which is why you don’t see them rioting. Negroes however, are not.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    “Surprisingly bold” – 19 days after the incident, the Smartest Woman in the World finally speaks.

    The world has been waiting with bated breath!!

    Hillary Clinton is irrelevant on this issue as well.

    Al Sharpton said he wanted to smoke Clinton out on Ferguson and suggested that if she ran in 2016, he would be a thorn in her side on civil rights issues.

    Hey Al – are you going to “smoke out” Hillary Clinton and be a “thorn in her side” over her husband getting himself sued for voter disenfranchisement and racial profiling??

    Clinton Was Sued for Intimidating Black Voters in Arkansas

    In 1989, then-Gov. Bill Clinton was sued as one of three top Arkansas officials responsible for the intimidation of black voters in his state as part of a legal action brought under the 1965 Voting Rights Act.

    In a related 1988 case, Clinton had tried to replace a duly elected African-American state representative with a white candidate, only to be stopped by the U.S. Supreme Court.

    “The court, by an 8-0 vote, ruled against an appeal by Gov. Bill Clinton

    A decade earlier he approved the profiling of Hispanics by Arkansas State Police as part of a drug interdiction program in 1988, the Washington Times revealed in 1999.
    A federal judge later ruled the program unconstitutional

    Pop Quiz:

    See if you can answer the following correctly:

    Who said:

    1. We’re going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good.

    a. Vladimir Lenin

    b. Hillary Clinton

    c. Barak Obama

    d. Fidel Castro

    2. The money has to go to the federal government because the federal government will spend that money better than the private sector will spend it.

    a. Mao Zedong

    b. Karl Marx

    c. Pol Pot

    d. Hillary Clinton

    If you answered Hillary Clinton, move to the front of the class!!

    • tetrapod

      A Clinton would sell their mother, their country, and their soul to Satan for political gain.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        Same for the Bush family.

        • IstvanIN

          …..and both have….

      • bilderbuster

        Look who they married their daughter off to.

    • OS-Q

      A bag of Worcester Sauce Flavored Chex-Mix would be more “dangerously bold” then a Clinton. They might out-cheese Cheetos though.

  • tetrapod

    A fine example of Clintonian cant. Things that would really break Hillary’s heart:
    1) reduction in speaking fees
    2) loss of an election
    3) Chelsea impregnated by non-Jewish white American

    • Ngati Pakeha

      6) being reminded that a rank amateur outwitted her for the Democratic nomination in 2008

      • bilderbuster

        And a Black one too.

        • Ngati Pakeha

          For me it goes to that whole narrative around her supposed “genius/smartest woman alive” yada yada yada. Isn’t this the same genius who flunked the DC bar exam? I’ve always thought Bill was the real force in the Clinton pact. Love him or hate him, he is formidable.

    • Bill doesn’t pester Hillary for sex. He is a grotesque individual, but not completely insane.

      Given the choice between Monica Lewinsky and Shrillary, I’d pick Monica all day long.

  • The news last week, in as much as I only paid attention to the news sources I have to do to my day job, as I took a week of blog writing and commenting vacation, was that everyone was upset that HRC didn’t say anything at all about the events on the Fergaza Strip. That she did not was not a surprise to me, because I thought that was a deliberate strategy not to tick off working class white voters outside the South that are crucial to the electoral college math in 2016, combined with the fact that she’ll get almost every black vote that turns out anyway.

    That said, I wonder what her political calculus is behind saying this. If I had to bet, she’s probably taking a stand that seems to be part equivocation part siding with the black undertow to try to dog whistle to the black undertow that she’s still on their side, but not loudly enough to drive away the crucial working class non-Southern white voters.

    • To me, her statement was about as equivocal as flipping the bird to White America.

      • neverevrland

        To my ears it sounds like both HRC and Rand Paul are reading off the same page. What is the difference between Hillary’s position and that of the Jr. Senator of Kentucky? Rand practically declared the officer of Ferguson guilty of murder in his pathetic letter to TIME Magazine.

        “If I had been told to get out of the street as a teenager, there would have been a distinct possibility that I might have smarted off. But, I wouldn’t have expected to be shot.”

        • Good point. Clinging to what is left of my sanity, I had momentarily forgotten about Rand’s statement. Rand has become so consistently vile. Imagine a U.S. senator being so irresponsible as to declare before the facts are in that this thug simply “smarted off” and of course was therefore gunned down by a White cop. On the positive side, Rand Paul is young enough that he might live long enough to be on the dock when racially aware Whites finally have their Nuremberg trials for principal White traitors.

          • bilderbuster

            If I had just jacked a bunch of cigars and strong armed the store clerk I would have said “yes sir” to the cop and gotten away from there as quickly as possible.
            Not that I care, but don’t you have to be 21 or older before you can steal cigars or is it that you can’t buy them unless you’re 21?

          • Rules don’t apply if you are a “gentle giant” suffering from lack of “white privilege.”

          • bilderbuster

            The old maxim “God made big men and God made little men but Colt made the equalizer.” certainly applied in this case.

          • Age 18 for tobacco products here, 21 for alcohol.

          • I was 18 years old in 71 and learning how to kill America’s enemies,
            and still could not buy a drink at the local tavern …

          • thomasdosborneii

            tma_sierrahills, I wish I could give you TWO upticks!

          • Much appreciated.

          • libertarian1234

            I agree.

            But even worse than Paul’s statement was the sycophantic governor who blatantly lied to the cameras when he declared that the cop needed to be vigorously prosecuted. This is all turning out to be the same reaction in the Trayvon Martin debacle.

            First the blacks, astonishingly, disregarded the perps lethal attack on the shooter, while all the white weenies were saying things that encouraged them to riot, then when the facts were presented and couldn’t be refuted it continued on as if the evidence proved Zimmerman’s guilt instead of his innocence.

            This country is quickly deteriorating to the black norm
            We should be thankful, however, that both incidents have brought the evil white miscreants from out of the woodwork for us to see and reinforced the conclusion that blacks are so vile and stupid they’re not fit for anything but mud huts and villages. They have the mind of a child that has slipped into full-fledged paranoia.

            Stupid was bad enough, but they’ve also shown themselves to be crazy. And that’s no exaggeration.

          • “We should be thankful, however, that both incidents have brought the evil white miscreants from out of the woodwork ”

            Well said.

        • Douglas Quaid

          Extremely disappointing to read that from Rand Paul, he’s obviously trying to posture and say all the “right things” so the establishment will accept him and not give him the same treatment they gave his father. Not gonna work.

          • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

            I have to disagree. Kissing up to the establishment is not in play here. His evil is fundamental to libertarianism.
            The most revolting aspect of Ferguson hasn’t been the typical black behavior, but the airhead libertarians falling all over themselves to turn it into an “evil establishment police state” vs. “poor defenseless citizens” debate. Libertarian Whites are deeply deeply sick to think they can make common cause with blacks.

        • thomasdosborneii

          Smarted off, or punched him in the eye so hard that he broke the eye socket? Why do people keep ignoring this aspect of the event? I would never vote for Rand Paul (or Hillary Clinton, either). She’s an evil we already fully know, but Rand Paul is a puzzle box that keeps opening up more and more evil is revealed every time he opens his mouth.

          • Even if Rand Paul isn’t deliberately evil, the alternative explanation is that he has no beliefs of his own and merely says whatever he thinks a given batch of listeners want to hear. That makes him a panderer and thus also unfit for the oval office.

  • Bandmoo

    You can just bet the Clintons live in a 95% + White area, just like Al, Jesse, the beloved Rev. Wright, Oprah, Montel, Louis, ETC. but are calling Whites in the USA “United States of Anybody” racists because they they don’t want to live among the rich culture and diversity the blacks bring everywhere they go.

  • ncpride

    That last paragraph displays just how breathtakingly out of touch this nitwit is. If there is such a thing as ‘White Privilege’, she is the poster child. How I despise when liberals like her try to tsk, tsk, and talk down to the average White person in this country on the issue of ‘diversity’ with her exclusive White neighborhood, wealth, bodyguards and chauffeurs. She doesn’t have the slightest clue what it’s like for us to live among them, so she needs to sit down and shut up. She doesn’t give a wit about White or blacks, so please, spare us, twit.

  • libertarian1234

    “Her “heart just broke” for the Brown family.”


    If I didn’t know better I would think she’s being disingenuous just to make sure the blacks vote for her.

    Humor aside, her lies amount to encouragement for more rioting, more bad black behavior, and for helping to create a dangerous atmosphere wherein blacks think they can get anything they want through violence without one shred of evidence that a wrong has been committed.

    Trayvon Thug’s whiners got a cool million from the home owners’ association, technically for having an out-of-control thug who blind-sided a guy then tried to beat his brains out on the sidewalk and was shot for it.

    Is her heart broken, because this recent expectant duo has to wait to see if the white weenies can convict the cop before they buy those matching Cadillacs and strut their stuff with brand new wardrobes? Nobody should be made to suffer that much.

    Keep in mind that there is good evidence that says this Brown could have been involved in a murder also. His “rap” videos are full of hate and sound like they came from the third grade. There are also photos showing him flashing gang signs.

    He’s very nearly illiterate and the “gentle giant” was all set to go to college.

    Hahahahahaha. Good lord this would be great material for a sit com. This isn’t reality is it? Has this country and its elitist white weenies sunk THAT low?

    Another out of control black thug that was probably shot by the cop after he was smashed in the face and likely attacked a second time by the perp.

    Many of us are wondering when Holder and Obama will be calling for a national moment of silence.

    The governor asked to have the cop prosecuted on television, then Hollywood bowed their heads in a moment of silence, and every black in the country called for “Justice for Michael,” and to top it all off good old “what difference does it make” Hillary expresses her immense, uncontrollable grief for the parents of an out of control thug that committed a strong armed robbery, beat a cop in the face, and probably was a murderer.

    This just can’t be reality.

    • thomasdosborneii

      That governor is the most despicable of them all.

  • none of your business

    My heart just broke for Darren Wilson. The best news about Michael Brown is that he did not yet leave any little thugs as far as is known.

  • none of your business

    Hilary does know what it is like to live with blacks. She went to Yale which was just as dangerous then as it is now. Yale is surrounded by one of the most crime ridden black ghettoes in the country. She was there before Yale had real armed security guards just a few elderly night watchmen without even batons. Back when Yale was considering admitting women the administration even PC as it was worried about the women being raped by the blacks surrounding the campus and occupying the town.

    Believe me, she knows; just as Holder, Ayers, Obama and anyone who went to Columbia in NYC, University of Chicago, Temple, University of Pennsylvania, USC or any of the tens of thousands of colleges built centuries ago whose neigborhoods were invaded and conquered by black homo erectus armies.
    Her first job was in Washington DC around 1974. She probably made entry level civil service attorney pay, did not live in a White suburb and was exposed to dangerous blacks every day. The area around the US capitol building near where she worked was one of the most dangerous parts of the city and White federal workers were constantly robbed, raped and and beaten The blacks of DC were out of control at the time. For instance there was a marine barracks in the dangerous Anacosta neighborhood. Marines were absolutely forbidden to leave the base unless there were 2 of them at all times.

    But liberalism being a serious mental ilness, she will never admit the dangerous conditions in New Haven and DC. Being a politician she would campaign in full burka, niquab, black gloves and walk 4 steps behind the men in her entourage if she thought it would help her win.

  • libertarian1234

    “She said her “heart just broke” for Brown’s family after the unarmed 18-year old was shot by police officer Darren Wilson more than two weeks ago.”

    But her heart wasn’t broken for the parents of the gallant men in Benghazi who led a contingent of civilians out of harm’s way then held off a superior force equipped with heavy arms and mortars until they finally went down fighting, all the while frantically calling for hours for some kind of back-up force to help them out.

    Her heart wasn’t broken then, nor did she feel any sympathy for the parents when she told them their sons died fighting a protest force that was reacting to a video, instead of the truth that the attack amounted to a preplanned raid for which her and the community organizer had weeks of warning before it finally occurred.

    In fact when she was questioned about it by Congress she pounded her gnarled little meat hook on the table and screamed, “What difference does it make now?”

    She can find no sympathy for the parents of our white heroes but she’s nearly apoplectic with grief over the likely justified shooting of a black strong armed robber, a bully and probably a murderer.

    • bilderbuster

      After Libya was destroyed she said “We came. We saw. He’s dead” and started cackling away!

  • glennm

    the only thing worse than the sub human NAPA is the even lower white liberal

  • JohnEngelman

    My heard breaks when I think of all the whites who are victims of black criminals.

  • david dorian

    I know what to do, since your so heart broken Hilliary.

    Take the family in to live with you for a few years while the get back on their feet.

    I know you care so much, its the least you could do

  • “if a third of all white men — just look at this room and take one third — went to prison during their lifetime. Imagine that.”

    One possible solution might be to see that Secretary Dead Ambassador be humanely given a few electroshock therapy treatments until she has a greater awareness of the real world and the staggering difference between the crime rates of White men versus Black men. This doesn’t mean I am also calling for Ms. Clinton to be given a pre-frontal lobotomy, which apparently has already taken place.

    • Douglas Quaid

      It’s amazing they keep pointing to the disproportionately high incarceration rate among blacks and assume that means there is racism in the justice system. Rather than coming to the conclusion that all the high incarceration rate indicates is a greater tendency to commit crimes…ah but that is verboden to think that way.

  • LHathaway

    Addressing inequalities in the justice system? Perhaps she’s upset that blacks who commit crimes are more likely to get away with it and not receive justice?

  • KenelmDigby

    Anyone with a brain knows that blacks criminally offend at a per capita rate 6 to 10 times greater than Whites. If Hilary Clinton doesn’t know this she is either a fool or a liar, I strongly suspect the latter.
    As the arch-witch of strident feminism, Hilary Clinton ought to know that reliably, year on year, zero rapes are perpetrated by White men against black women, although something like 30,000 White women are raped by black men. Where’s the sisterhood now Ms Clinton?

  • Frank_DeScushin

    “Nobody wants to see our streets look like a war zone,” she said.

    I agree, Hill, but black people do often create areas that are like war zones; and the police have to respond in kind to protect themselves.

  • Frank_DeScushin

    The Clintons have spent their careers catering to blacks and telling blacks what they want to hear so as to gain their vote. Despite that, blacks jumped off the Clinton bandwagon in legions in 2008 to support one of their own, and the Obama campaign even accused Bill Clinton of being racist. Despite that the Clintons are right back to doing or saying anything to gain the black vote. Shameless.

  • B.A_2014

    I know Mrs. Clinton graduated Yale and has been an Attorney and all the rest of it. But she doesn’t strike me as an intelligent person. I remember Christopher Hitchens talking about how he disliked her due to her interminable whining during the presidential nomination campaign. She was complaining about how poorly the media was treating her all because ‘ I’m a woman, and they’re sexist’. As Mr. Taylor says ‘ When you’re reduced to name calling, that is just a graceless way of admitting you lost the argument’. I’ll go a step further and say anyone that immediately starts throwing a pity party and smearing people that dare question their ideals and policies because that they do not have the intellect to debate the point. For all of Obamas fault, he is clearly a smart man with charm and the common touch. Mrs. clinton ( your next president ) i suspect will be ten times worse than Barry when she gets into office. She’ll start the whole ‘ us women need to stick together’ routine and ‘homosexuals and trannies built this nation’ waffle. I wouldn’t want to be a white American male in 2016.

    • OS-Q

      I can remember how she “won” a debate because the opponent got too close in her personal space and asked if it was her signature on a bill or not. Of course when Gore got in Bush’s space it was completely legitimate.

      Eventually she wound up losing to someone even more phony and coddled then her.

  • Lagerstrom

    Liar, liar.

  • Michigan Patriot

    This anti-white commie lives in a very upscale White neighborhood outside of N.Y.C. instead of an Ferguson type community; why ? Hypocrites, that is why ! She & Slick Willie lived in Little Rock which is 42 % black when they were gaining political power; why not now ? Much warmer weather than the N.E. .

  • Alexandra1973

    Sorry, but I have a hard time thinking of Hillary as anything but a soulless witch. And that’s being nice.

    • Well you’ll have to think of her as our next President after the GOP fails in sucking up to blacks and Latinos; while trashing white working class people, and glorifying military spending and large corporate sponsers. Sounds like their strategy for the next election.


    I can’t tell you just how much I hate this women!

  • OS-Q

    Don’t want war zones? Then come down on them harder. I suggest Peace through Power and that war zones only happen when one side doesn’t give up.

  • dd121

    Hillary seems to have a problem identifying with people who aren’t “flat broke” like herself.

  • dd121

    Blacks are three times more likely to be searched by the cops because they’re ten times more likely to commit a crime.

    • In this case, Brown wasn’t even about to be searched; he was merely told to walk on the sidewalk instead of down the middle of the road.

  • jayvbellis

    I had a discussion with a young Rand Paul staff member who was pushing the identical PC line Hillary is pushing on Ferguson MO.

  • I find it a bit interesting that someone who has a full-time Secret Service detail guarding her feels qualified to second-guess law-enforcement officials. Shooting a 6’4″ 290-pound attacker isn’t a decision Hillary will ever have to make, as she has 24/7 protection paid for by us taxpayers.

  • The back American culture are in dire straights. but it is not because of the white man Asian latino ect. it is them selves. and as well big government.
    1. The American black culture as a whole in the media and what is pushed as a successful life can be seen in there music and there neibor hoods reflect this,
    to promote slave trade by pimping there girls and women, gang drive by’s drugs dealing. this is not by any means a successful life.
    2. having an education and speaking proper English is not just a white thing it is the right thing. there is no foreign investors or any body else for that matter will want to do business with Ebonics.
    3. there are more and more speaking out against my 1st 2 mentions, its nice to see the well educated who do want to see the black culture to reinvent its self but in most cases they are drowned out by the left media and well the likes of the black panthers al jessy.
    4. welfare needs to be restructured. It has created people who will not work. why when money is free…….no free checks, if you have not put into the system no money. if you have not you will be issued a city, county or State job from litter patrol, painting vandalized buildings, clean up and maintain abandoned houses. ect. then you get a check…..if you don’t like your assigned job find a better on or go back to school….just for starts.

  • In Hillary’s case,
    it’s gimme-gimme-gimme votes !

    • PvtCharlieSlate

      Wouldn’t THAT face make a Halloween mask?

  • Neue Sachlichkeit

    How about Darren Wilson and his family, Hillary? Any heartbreak left for them?