Girl Charged After Video of Vicious Beating Appears on Social Media

WIVB 4 (Lockport), September 8, 2014

One juvenile girl is facing charges and a second will be charged over a violent video posted online that shows a vicious beating in Lockport.

Police tell News 4 the video, which has popped up on social media sites, happened on September 5 around 6 p.m., which was the end of the first week of school.

Officers say it appears the two girls befriended the victim and tricked her into coming to an alleyway called Works Place in the City of Lockport. Apparently, the victim knew her alleged attackers prior to the fight, but they attend different schools.

The video shows the victim being pulled to the ground by her hair and being repeatedly punched and kicked in the face. One of her attackers repeatedly stomps on her head. At the very end, a second girl, who police say is 15-years-old, also repeatedly punches the victim.


One of the juvenile girls seen in the video is charged with third degree assault. Police say she is 12-years-old. Charges are pending against the second juvenile girl in the video who jumped in at the end.

Police have not released a motive. The school resource officer at North Park Junior High School, where the victim attends school, is investigating.



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  • ncpride

    Police have not released a motive……

    Of course not. I understand this is a young girl who has so very obviously not been given ‘The Talk’ but her alarm bells should have been going nuts when she was surrounded by negroes taping her. I’ll say it again and again until it sinks in, White lurkers……WARN your children!! Their lives depend on it.

    • TruthBeTold

      Everything in the media tells us blacks are safe and fun to be around.

      What’s being hidden from young girls and boys is reality.

      • bilderbuster

        The media would only do something as dastardly as that if it was being used to intentionally harm us and I believe all the evidence proves that is exactly the case.

    • The problem with blacks is that while everyone knows a few who are OK, what about their friends?

    • Jon Doe

      I agree 100%, ‘The Talk’ nowadays will have to consist of the usual “birdsN’Bees” and “Beware of Strangers” talk, to now include but not limited to “Pedophiles/Dont drink or eat anything you didnt get yourself” Rape/Posting Inappropriate Pictures/ Knockout Game/Flash Mob/ Mob Attacks / Blacks in General/ Media Brainwashing / Media Lies, Bias, Blackout, Cover Ups / Government Spying / Government Censoring / Good Friends Bad Friends / Corrupt Public Officials / Sexual Predator Teachers both male and female / peer rape / GMO Foods/ Vaccines / Public Education / Common core / White Privilege /
      My God.. our kids dont have a chance

  • MekongDelta69

    Once again – as always – looking for the word black in the article.
    Nope – don’t see it.

  • Easyrhino

    I suppose we can take some solace in the fact that in addition to their (blacks) violent nature and propensity for aggression that they’re also exceedingly stupid and proactively post evidence of their crimes on social media making them easier to catch.

    • Ike Eichenberg

      70 IQ points.

      • Nonhumans

        That’s a generous number…

    • A Freespeechzone

      True—but little if anything will happen to the perpetrators….they will be given little punishment because they are minors.

      No doubt, you will hear from these little black criminals again….

      • Who Me?

        Yeah, in about 15 years when they will be on TV telling a judge that their sweet darling little thug “Din do muffins” when he is charged with whatever type of TNB he got up to. (Robbery, rape, murder)

  • 313 48224

    I certainly hope this incident doesn’t turn the white girl into a racist…..that would be awful.
    Thank god these animals are stupid enough to video tape their crimes.
    Whites need a white Al Sharpton type to fly down there and protest in a lime green sweat suit (old school Sharpton).

    • Dale McNamee

      The “white girl” might not grow up to be “racist”… She might become a “race realist”, which is better for her…

      I bet you that she won’t be accepting any more “friendship” offers from blacks,etc.

  • jim

    Let’s see….2 black girls lure and then beat up a White girl in an alley way. Nope! No idea what the motive is. Obviously the cops sure would know the motive if this was the other way around…even before they sorted the whole thing out.

  • TruthBeTold

    WIVB shut down the comments after a couple hours.

    EVERYONE knows what’s going on but we’re supposed to pretend we don’t.

    • JohnEngelman

      Nation magazine blocked my comments. Every time they ask me to subscribe to their magazine I ask them why I cannot post comments. So far, they have not answered. I think it has something to do with the fact that I pointed out that white liberals seldom send their children to black majority public schools.

      • Of course they don’t. You are guilty of drawing attention to their hypocrisy.

        • Nancy

          I had a similar conversation at the school bus stop this morning. A handful of moms complaining about The New Math that Georgia just started torturing our kids with. As a former educator for decades, I had to point out that, as far as Georgia is concerned, I’ve seen many crappy educational fads (Whole Language, anyone?) come and go, plus scores of testing, all in an effort to pull our state out of the bottom 10 (or 5) in the nation. I also informed them that NOTHING has ever worked, or will ever work, so long as the demographics remain the way they are.

          They looked surprised (of course…this job is exhausting sometimes), so I ticked off the traditionally-bottom states in terms of education: GA, LA, SC,AL, MS, the D.C. area…then asked them what do they all have in common.

          One of them said, “The Bible Belt!”

          (Um…no, guess again.)

          I had to spell it out for them, then remind them of why this is the LAST year I’ll be sending my kid off to school with them, as we’re planning our Great Escape from Negroville in May. Whitopia, here we come!

          • Alexandra1973

            Cracks me up how they blame Christianity. I attend a Baptist church (virtually all White) and there are some very bright people in attendance. And, I might add, the kind of people who strike me as the kind that care about their children’s success.

            That can’t be said about blacks in general. You fail ’em, you’re racist.

          • Nancy

            Oh, I know it. The thing is, I don’t think she responded “Bible Belt!” because she actually believed we (Christians) were at fault. I think it was the first thing that came into her head when I started listing states.

            That’s what I meant before about the neighbors here being really nice but “not too swift” (I wrote you in a different thread).

            There are whites here who honestly didn’t realize that the southern states have the largest percentage of Vibrants. They never thought of it. (Until one of their children come home being beaten to a pulp by a three-person black mugging team, that is.)

          • Mary

            It’s hard to believe that someone residing in metro Atlanta could be so breathtakingly naïve, but I live in a neighboring state and I see the same thing. I’ve been a race realist since childhood, and I simply cannot fathom the sheer number of those who ignore something that’s so in-your-face.

          • Nancy

            I think it’s a case of “Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes” kind of thing around here. People notice the high percentage of blacks, but then they travel around the region to neighboring states with similar black populations (AL, MS, SC, etc) and think “it’s like this everywhere”. Most of my neighbors travel to other southern states to attend SEC college football games, mainly. Relatively few people I know around here venture out to the Pacific Northwest or similar majority-white metro areas.

            Then they watch TV and Hollywood tells them our country is nicely integrated, and blacks are SUCH a small minority, blah blah blah.

          • Nancy

            When I tell someone it takes a week in SLC, Utah before I see enough blacks to count on 2 hands, they can’t believe it.

          • One of my college undergraduate roommates was an otherwise good geology major, but had been subjected to “Whole Language” teaching in SoCal, and as a result he could not spell worth a damn.

    • Neue Sachlichkeit

      I’m beginning to see, more and more, that Whites are shedding the straitjacket of “pretend” and “supposed to.”

      Let’s hope this snowball becomes an avalanche.

  • Who Me?

    There is no mention of the victim’s age either in this video nor the original article, but she appears to be about equal in size to the 12 year old attacker. The 15 year old looks the size of a grown woman, and probably has the approximate same strength as a grown woman. They both need to be charged with assault to commit grave bodily harm and thrown in some sort of lock up until they are at least 21. Charging them as adults isn’t the right thing here because if they are charged as adults the most they will get is one year. They need more. (Seeings as we can’t deport them or exterminate them.)

    • TL2014

      I say we work on the “can’t deport or exterminate” part.

      • Who Me?

        Would be nice but we all know it “ain’t gonna happen”, probably not in our lifetimes.

  • TL2014

    Was the victim white?

    • Who Me?

      Yes. Look at the very beginning of the video carefully, she is white. Also as she is running away at the end. Looks like she has red hair.

  • FozzieT

    I know this is trite, but I’ll say it anyway: can you imagine the scene if the races were reversed? Al, Jesse, Holder, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, and even FOX would descend on Lockport. We would have the hysterical, tearful, fat black mother of the victim crying in front of the cameras. We would have a mob of blacks looting the local stores. And on and on and on. It just sickens me, which is why I haven’t posted in a while.

    • Leon NJ

      Absolutely. The double standard is asinine. Once a year there is one case of whites beating up a black and it makes CNN. That same year, we have dozens of cases of the opposite and the media at that point wants to talk about….anything else.

      • Ohiocon

        Dozens??? More like thousands of times per year do blacks assault and brutalize Whites (and in many cases Asians) with no national media coverage at all.

  • Nothing like the lesson of betrayal to clear the fog that hides the truth.

  • meanqueen

    What state is Lockport in??? Why can’t these articles just give the state as well as the city?

  • none of your business

    I gave my grandson the talk as I gave my son 30 years ago. My grandson said “I’m the second fastest runner in my class” I told him that the blacks would set up an ambush.
    He said well i can fight. I told him it would always be 3 or 4 of them AND they would always be a few years older, like 4 13 year olds beating a 10 year old White boy.

    I also emphasized that 3 blacks is always, always a mugging team. There are about 1200 kids in his school and only one black boy and no black girls. The black boy is adopted. He is badly behaved and always complaining and at age 9 hates his White adopted parents.
    He was actually expelled from the after school day care club in 2nd grade for behaving like a black boy.
    So much for White adoption. So much for raising him in a 90 percent White 9 percent asian/filipino suburb. Black is black.

    Everyone remember and when giving the talk you cannot emphasize enough; 3 black males and sometimes females is a mugging team.

  • none of your business

    What state is Lockport in???

    I hate that too.

    • HE2

      In Illinois, I think.
      TNB ambush. One of the assailants, though a teenager, looks as large as a fully grown woman. Buttocks and thighs already typically negro-like. [She has her back to the camera.]
      The newspaper article has pulled the video and comment section.
      This stuff enrages me, and it is not about to stop. Not with the likes of White hating Obozo and Holder egging “their people” on.

  • Alexandra1973

    Lockport is in New York. First thing I read–“Lockport, NY–“

  • cherrie greenbaum123

    Negro Diversity Beat Down. Title pretty much says it all, I think.

  • Tom_in_Miami

    And so another taped beat down fades into oblivion. My guess is they’ll get probation and we won’t see anything about it.

  • AmericanCitizen

    Check out the poster boy for “light-skinned scraggy facial hair confused douchebag” at 1:01.

  • Vyncennt

    Not all pit bulls are aggressive. Not all Collies are gentle. If forced to pet 100 of one of these breeds, with no prior knowledge of each individal animal, which breed would you pick?

    If you said Collie, you’re obvously a dog racist.

  • Dale McNamee

    I like how the “news anchorette” says that the video is very “disturbing & graphic” and said that the video won’t be shown in it’s entirety…

    Yet, shows like “Breaking Bad”,CSI & CSI Miami, Criminal Minds,etc., Cable TV channels like Investigation Discovery that are pretty gruesome are watched… Then, there’s the “anti-social media”…

    Regarding the girl that “stood around” during the beating should be charged with depraved indifference…

    In Maryland, this would earn 10 years (adult penalty} if charged as adults… And, if they were judged as dangerous to others, they’d be sent to the Women’s Prison… There are age segregated areas within both the men’s and women’s prisons… My wife spent 18 years as a correctional nurse and saw & treated many 13 + year olds in both… They became terrified as reality sank in… Not many brave criminals in prison…

  • Nonhumans

    Race realism is never bourne of ignorance, always experience. Plus the focus here isn’t an absolute, but black on white violence is much more common, by a factor of at least 100. Likely greater than 100. So yeah, I’m gonna say the white on black violence factor is negligible.

    No one here is going to be receptive to your libtard brainwash. Our eyes are open.

    • rita

      And I’m going to say your comment is negligible. It doesn’t matter white on black, black on white, Asian on Hispanic or whatever the race. Violence is the issue. Also bad parenting skills. People fail to see that. We need to teach our kids to not act with violence. All the stuff children do, is learned behavior.

      • Lord Sandwich

        Nobody here lives in your eighth grade fantasy world. Your understanding of the differences between races is negligible. You might want to look up big words before you use them in a sentence.

        • Nancy

          She probably had the word “negligible” on her last vocabulary test. She’s been wanting to try it out.

          • rita

            Oh how did you know Nancy? You are very smart. ~applause~ Guess what other word was on my vocab test? I don’t think you want to know, but what the heck huh. It starts with a b and ends with an h. Oh and the definition is Nancy. 🙂

          • Who Me?

            Rita, STFU! We don’t want or need that kind of crap here, Personal attacks are for MSNBC or someplace like that. You might find articles more pleasing to you personally if you go to Salon or some such place.

          • World_War_Me

            Don’t pick on Nancy; we all think you’re a foul, simple-minded dolt. I have a vocabulary word that describes you as well, but I would never dream of posting it here. It’s pretty bad.

        • rita

          Yes because we are all too busy living in your KKK world.

      • Who is most likely to commit violent crimes, hmmm? Appalacian whites are poor, but they don’t do that. Japanese peasants who came to Hawaii to pick pineapples and cut sugar cane also didn’t do that. Chinese railroad laborers in California didn’t, either.

        You’re deliberately confusing two different issues.

  • Jack Burton

    Another random attack, no racial motive at all.

  • me

    Hee hee…..

  • me

    Don’t be ignorant of the facts, sweetie.

    • rita

      Let me clear the air here because obviously people are taking it the wrong way. Every race posts dumb sh*t on social media. Not just white and black people. I happen to be white FYI. I don’t approve of hate crimes, racism, etc. Everything seems to target white on black and vice versa. There are ignorant people in every race. And no that isn’t a fact that black people are stupid that’s an opinion that he put. I’ve met black people who are sweet and never hurt anyone and then I’ve been around those that r cruel. I’ve been around whites who are sweet and then there’s my sisters boyfriend, who happens to be white, whois the most cold hearted man I’ve ever seen. I’m not saying it was right for those dumb girls to beat on her because it wasn’t, but people keep saying its because of race. Maybe this fight was because of race, but not all of them are. I’ve been in fights before because of petty High school bs.

      • World_War_Me

        Take WHAT wrong way, exactly? That you come on here declaring our comments “negligible” and referring to us a b*tches? Tell me why we should react positively and with consideration to your arrogant pontification (<- there's another vocabulary word for you. Bet you can't wait to use that on another forum.)

        Just listen to yourself, your comments are nothing more that spoon-fed, mass-media fueled slogans and buzzwords.

        1. "All races do stupid things!"
        2. "All races have bad people!"
        3. "There are ignorant people in every race!"
        4. "I know a good [insert minority here]."
        5. "There are mean white people, too!"

        You're embarrassing yourself.

    • rita

      Seeing this made me upset and I’m glad they r being charged. I hope the girl who was jumped is okay

      • me

        Me, too.

  • me


  • Nancy

    If she looks white to us, how do you think she’s going to appear to the she-thugs who attacked her? Or do you suppose they evaluated her skin tone carefully and had her fill out a genetic history form before beating the $hit out of her?

  • The one good aspect to attacks like this is the propensity for these idiots to upload beating footage to the internet, where it is instantly evidence for prosecutors. Social media sites have probably knocked conviction rates out of the park in these crimes.

  • World_War_Me

    She was White enough for her attackers, no? Maybe they’re the “IGNERRRRANTTTTT” ones.

    One more thing: nobody cares about you or sister.