Florida City Repeals Saggy Pants Ordinance After Legal Threats from NAACP

Benjamin Fearnow, CBS Tampa, September 17, 2014

Just one month after the Ocala City Council voted in favor of a ban against saggy pants in which offenders were subject to a fine or jail time, the controversial ordinance was repealed after the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People threatened legal action.

A town hall meeting in Ocala on Tuesday saw a 4-1 vote reversing the ordinance, with Councilwoman Mary Rich putting forth the dissenting vote because she hoped the council would still make it a civil offense to wear saggy pants on city property. The saggy pants law takes aim at anyone on city property wearing his or her pants two inches below their natural waist in a way that exposes their underwear or backside.

But Ocala Mayor Kent Guinn said legislation or criminalization of a person’s wardrobe puts the city in “dangerous territory.”

“I think you get into really dangerous territory when you start legislating what type of clothes people wear or how they put together their ensemble,” Guinn told WKMG-TV.

And his stance comes after criticism from the NAACP, who applauded the council’s action to repeal the ordinance, arguing that such an issue should be dealt with at home, in churches or by community groups–not the government.


“I’m sorry, it’s going to be black males that are the subject of this,” Dale Landry, of the NAACP Florida chapter, told WKMG.


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  • LHathaway

    Ban butts. Surely they want to get around this repeal, and on those grounds there would be no controversy. .

  • DaveMed

    “I’m sorry, it’s going to be black males that are the subject of this,” Dale Landry, of the NAACP Florida chapter, told WKMG…

    Mr. Landry, it would be less embarrassing for your people if you were to avoid pointing this out in public.

    • 1G25

      I don’t think “his people” are capable of embarrassment.

  • I’m about to do my best impersonation of an economist.

    On the one hand, I am of the opinion that saggy pants ordinances are a waste of time, because they are vague, unenforceable and capricious, if not an absolute logistic nightmare to enforce. Also, if black boys and men wear their pants low, it far reduces their foot speed, which helps cops out a lot.

    On the other hand, the NAACP should not have veto power over city ordinances.

    Which means on this particular story, I’m gutless conflicted.

    • Since I used to be an economist, you get to hear a Harry Truman joke. Not a knee slapper anyway, but our publisher forced us to take this out of our textbook since it’s not PC.

      Harry Truman reportedly said, “Give me a one-armed economist. I’m tired of hearing ‘on the one hand’ followed by ‘on the other hand.’

      • I’ve heard it probably a few hundred times, but I never knew that Harry Truman came up with it. Only a Missourian would…

        • SentryattheGate

          As a Missourian, I have to also mention Mark Twain, another witty son of the Show-Me state!

          • Don’t forget about T.S. Eliot, and finally, grok the ne plus ultra of literary figures from the Show-Me: Robert Heinlein.

          • SentryattheGate

            I did not know that—-thanks!

          • Read Farnham’s Freehold, by Heinlein.

      • Spikeygrrl

        Since I trained as an economist: You could lay every economist in the world end-to-end and they still wouldn’t reach…a conclusion.

        • 1G25

          My aunt ( retired colonel, Army Nurse Corps) used to say that if every girl at Vassar were laid end-to-end, she wouldn’t be surprised.

          • Spikeygrrl

            LOL! Thanks for passing that along.

    • Spikeygrrl

      That’s not an economist, that’s a jumped-up social worker AA hire.

  • TruthBeTold

    Saggy pants makes them easier to identify and catch.

  • Ian Thomas

    I see guys around my age (23) wearing baggy pants sagging and they look absurd, it’s like their parents didn’t teach them how to dress properly. Baggy/saggy pants is not exclusive to blacks, I’ve seen more white people sagging than blacks which is just sad. There’s also skinny jeans and I don’t even want to get into that nonsense. I think people should just buy pants that FIT.

    • I saw a w****r in downtown Colorado Springs last year. The idiot was smoking a cigarette, which meant he was at least 18… chronologically speaking. He was also on a skateboard, which meant he was about 12 to 14 from a maturity standpoint, and he was wearing his pants in a sag so low the sight practically screamed “Look how stupid I am!”

      I wanted to stop him and ask him how likely he thought it was that a potential employer would want to hire him. I didn’t bother; I was certain his work ethic exactly matched his appearance.

      • The Worlds Scapegoat

        He will get a high paying government job, and sit on his exposed rear while texting his friends for $70K+ a year.



        • Since he was a white liberal who looked like he couldn’t graduate a university to save his own life, my guess is that he will join the “Occupy” and “AntiFa” movements while serving lattes at Starbucks, living in his mom’s basement and whining about how unfair life is. At my age, he will be bald, bitter and will still be on that skateboard.

      • Samuel Hathaway


        I think you meant WIGGER.

  • Nomo Mojo

    Barry’s sons are willing to sue to keep the right to look stupid.

  • AmericanCitizen

    So the NAACP (Negroes Are Actually Colored Polocks) is promoting this asinine dress code among young chimps. That sends a real powerful message about growing up and fitting in with the modern world and acting like a civilized member of society (as in don’t bother to).

    • SentryattheGate

      NAACP: National Association of always complaining people

  • Internet funny pictures websites thrive on black stupidity. I would hate to see those sites have less material to post. So let the butt cracks be exposed, but not to the point it makes the average person want to puke.

    The more that whites mock and ridicule blacks, the more easily it is to bring them around to a serious race realist perspective.

    • Also a good self sorting mechanism. You know for sure which ones to avoid. That even goes for the whites that sag; then you know you’re dealing with a w****r, the type that is at best not worth your time, at worst will wind up in a salt-and-pepper dragnet.

  • dd121

    They are willful in their effort to remain uncivilized. And they wonder and seem offended that civilized whites want to avoid them.

    • [Guest]

      I believe that they instinctively associate civilization (everything from law and order, to supporting oneself and one’s family, to dressing and speaking properly) with white people. And they detest white people.

      To wear sagging pants is to poke the white man in the eye.

      • dd121

        I think there’s a lot of truth to what you say.

      • I enjoy it when they want to look like a pack of idiots. Since I am a racist, I think it suits them perfectly.

  • TruthBeTold

    Stereotypes demanding the right to look like stereotypes.

  • [Guest]

    To properly wear clothing—or perhaps to wear clothing at all—is apparently too sophisticated for many people of African origin.

    These people belong on their own continent where they can develop (or not) at their own pace and according to their own natures and abilities.

  • Luca

    They should have never passed this law in the first place. Secondly, they should have told the NAACP to go pound sand, any decision made will be based on law and not race hustling.

    • The NAACP’s participation in this is amusing, because since sagging pants is a visual cue, the NAACP appears to be encouraging profiling. No, I don’t expect blacks to appreciate irony.

      • B.A_2014

        Blacks want to be pulled over by the police. It gives them something to bitch about and claim racism. We have darkies that wear their jeans sagging but most of them wear skinny jeans (as do a lot of whites). I don’t know which look is worse.

      • Luca

        The NAACP’s participation is for one reason only: “Show me da money!”

      • Skinny “stovepipe” jeans are so early-1980’s.

    • [Guest]

      >>>They should have never passed this law in the first place.

      I agree. But the stupidity of the law matches the stupidity of the offense, and the stupidity of the offense reflects the mentality of the people who commit the offense.

    • SentryattheGate

      Yeah, the cops have enough to do; we shouldn’t ask them to be dress code police! Everyone else non-cop should be laughing or saying something rude to them; we shouldn’t put up with it; it’s in our faces! But saying that, I realize it doesn’t take much for them to become violent! Their knock-out game is unprovoked!

  • Granted, it’s kind of a stupid law, but let’s face it, a stupid people need such laws just to keep them in line. Whether it’s stop-and-frisk laws or anti-pants-sagging laws, special measures must always be taken to prevent blacks from crime and indecency. Like little children, they must be constantly monitored with a watchful eye.

    Also, this story is another instance of blacks destroying the very policies that could have helped them or reduced the ‘pants sagging’ phenomenon in their communities. But as expected, blacks ruin every chance toward improvement.

  • What other race of people are you aware of (other than blacks) where entire campaigns and laws must be waged just to keep the men’s pants up? These people are so incredibly ass-backwards and uncouth that huge billboards and unique policies must be implemented to prevent them from exposing their underwear and butt cheeks in public!?

    The insanity of it all becomes even greater when large segments of the white population actually believe that blacks are just as intelligent, creative, and advanced as themselves!

    This world has indeed gone mad.

    • SentryattheGate

      Maybe it’s their longing to return to their roots; running around naked in the jungle!


    Another defeat for those pesky standards of first world human decency. Way to go NAACP! Your goal of making sure everyone views your young “men of color” as being below the standards of first world decency has been victorious. Congratulations, your sons will be able to be instantly identified as worthless thugs by nothing more than a mere glance for many years to come! Good going NAACP,,, you’ve earned it!

  • MekongDelta69

    Cave… grovel… grovel… cave…


  • Blackhawk

    Blacks have been causing unnecessary laws for years. The NCAA passed a rule years ago prohibiting removing one’s helmet on the field because blacks were celebrating every tackle and interception by doing that. The NFL passed the excessive celebration penalty as well because of excessive shucking and jiving. What a joyous race…lol

    • IstvanIN

      The voluntary social contract is what made America work. Blacks had to be forced to follow the customary rules but now that they have power there is no social contract.

  • Alexandra1973

    Let ’em wear their pants down. Makes it easier for cops to catch them.

    • Samuel Hathaway

      especially if the pants fall far enough for their shoes to trip all over the pant cuffs.

      • Alexandra1973

        I saw that on an episode of COPS once.

    • Douglas Quaid

      I’ve often thought that, I see young punks walking around with their pants at their thighs, shooting tough glances. I always think, “I am not afraid of you at all. If it came to it with your pants like that it wouldn’t even be fair.”

    • Leon NJ

      True. When you watch the show Cops, the overweight white officers actually have very little trouble catching them. The black guys can’t run with proper form because one arm has to be holding one side of their pants the entire time.

  • Samuel Hathaway

    Note the contrast of the one dissenting vote, a woman, Mary Rich, compared to the sissy-boy mayor of Ocala Kent Guinn. Mary Rich has more guts to stand alone than all these girly-men who wear pink lace on their underwear.
    Sounds like Mary Rich would make a good Governor or Senator from Florida.


      Yeah, maybe, but don’t forget we were all hearing, and like me < at one time ) believing in many cases. That Rand Paul would make a fine Senator. Now, there's been a few things I thought he handled well, not much, but a few. However when it comes to what they like to call "social issues" in RINO'S Washington. He has been an utter, and overwhelming, disappointment.

  • Douglas Quaid

    What a joke. This is akin to a city repealing it’s laws against crack because the NAACP think s such a law is racist.

    • Melvin Bonzarelli

      Actually it was here in NJ back in the day. Also a lot of the large lakes that were privately owned but open during the summer to the public for swimming and recreations had big signs in front, “Members only”. White families came and went as they pleased, pay the one dollar admission, and you were a ‘member’. Blacks knew better than to even try to get in.
      No shootouts, stabbings, gropings or car break-ins in those private, ‘members only’ parks. I guess that was because what were euphemistically referred to as ‘non-members’ weren’t allowed in.
      I remember when Olympic Park in Bloomfield/Maplewood was shut down. The park was finally forced to admit black patrons in 1965 and was shut down permanently because the newly-admitted black patrons immediately went on a summer of rioting, looting, attacking and robbing white patrons to a point where the police told the owners to shut it down, as the rampaging out of control blacks made the place a danger to public safety. I remember about that time that a crowd of blacks, incensed that the park had been closed, marched up Springfield Avenue through Irvington and on toward Newark, vandalizing cars, setting them on fire, and throwing rocks thru store front windows, with the local police watching, but under strict orders not to interfere.

  • Douglas Quaid

    I met a gut recently who ran a nightclub around here, he was constantly accused of “racism” because he had a strictly enforced dress code for his club. Button up shirts, and appropriately placed pants, racist. The club got shut down eventually as the chamber of commerce squeezed him out of the city.

    • We had a big party as college undergrads in 1989. The men were required to wear jackets and ties, and the women were required to dress “nicely”. It was intended to keep things civilized, which it did, except that when some surfer types tried to crash the party, they turned around and left immediately. They thought it was some drunken corporate or religious gathering of young scientists and engineers.

      Dress codes are very effective – even by accident – which keeps the less pleasant elements out.

  • Douglas Quaid

    Right, maybe they can get the NAACP to sue gas stations that have a “No Loitering” policy. Everyone knows that “No Loitering” is code for “No Blacks Allowed”.

  • Dale McNamee

    My wife worked as a correctional nurse and in the prison saggy pants were a way for homosexuals to advertise their availability and their booty…

    I wonder how many of the “saggy pants crowd” would still keep their pants saggy if they knew that ?

  • Alex Dihes

    By not accepting the saggy pants you, racists, humiliate the culture of the down to earth beings. In their original culture they do not wear pants at all because they do not need any pants at all. Respect the culture that has brought in the country the real understanding of the word racism.

    • Dale McNamee

      Dear Alex,

      I hope that you were kidding when you wrote your post… Blacks dressed decently for the past 100+ years, especially for church !

      My wife saw an orange colored jumpsuit, along with other orange clothing at an “urban” clothing store… She advised the store manager that whoever will be wearing the clothing,especially the jumpsuit. will be considered an escapee by the cops. She was challenged as to how she knew this fact. She answered : ” 18 years working as a correctional nurse in the state prison gave me this knowledge… ” The clothing was removed…

      • Alex Dihes

        I hope that you were kidding when you wrote your post… Blacks dressed decently for the past 100+ years, especially for church !

        Yes, they do some white things when forced. But be merciful, let them wear their natural clothes of the chocolate color. Please.

  • Ograf

    Charge them with felony indecent exposure and a mandatory sign up at the sexual offender registry.

  • someonewhoknows

    I rode the bus yesterday morning to work with an ass in my face. Literally. Today it was some homeless dude with a double baby stroller that stunk the whole bus up with the stench of piss, booze and BO. I have to shower now, because it just stuck with me. There should be more laws regarding these thugs and vagrants, for decency’s sake (as well as for the health of the community!)

    • Lots of people who can’t drive are mentally ill or substance-abusers or both. Unfortunately they end up on city buses with normal people who’s cars are in the shop, elderly who can’t see well enough to drive anymore, students who don’t own cars, or people who hate parking in typical downtown areas.

      • someonewhoknows

        Yes I know. Being a former drug addict I have had questionable hygiene myself. But nothing stopped me from the pits, puss and peds ghetto bath every day. Normal people also don’t have their pants hanging down off their asses on public transport whilst standing as others sit. I do have a heart, but my nose overrides. Call it inSTINKt.

  • Melvin Bonzarelli

    If you want to be part of normal, functioning society act the part.
    Let your kids go out with no belts to hold up their pants, and no laces in their sneakers – that’s prison chic. None of the white-owned news media will address that fact. As soon as the ghetto folks are swept up by the police for whatever, the first thing that’s done when the accused are taken to central booking is that their belts and shoelaces are taken away from them. This is to prevent the arrestees from committing suicide with them or using them as weapons to harm their homeboys who were arrested along with them. To the low-intelligence inner city crowd, these are styles to be emulated.
    Ditto with the hoody phenomena. Hoodies, as in Trayvon Martin. Blacks wear hoodies when they are on the prowl, or in a store looking to shoplift, commit armed robbery, or just do what blacks do best – annoy white people. The hoodies prevent their faces from being viewed on overhead security cameras.
    As far as the NAACP is concerned, that organization is a 100% white-funded and white ruled organization from the get-go. White money keeps the NAACP going. If the NAACP leadership had to depend on financial support from the black community, they’d end up having to send their baby-mommas back out onto the street to do the stroll at busy intersections after dark to raise funds for the wings and grape soda so popular at NAACP conventions..

  • Melvin Bonzarelli

    One fad among the African population here in the States came and went pretty quickly. A new line of sneakers came out that had little, battery-powered red lights flashing on and off on the back of each sneaker. (I kid you not). The African folk, particularly their young, loved this new style, until somebody finally noticed that even if you dressed all in black, from cap to sneakers, when you where out at night shooting and robbing, the po-po could chase you down just by following the flashing red lights as you ran from them.
    Only took three or four months for these folks to figure that one out.


    If they really wanted to ban saggy pants, all they had to do is pass a law requiring everyone to wear them.