Black Colleges Face Challenges in Their Global Efforts, Report Says

Chronicle of Higher Education, September 16, 2014

Report: “Creating Global Citizens: Challenges and Opportunities for Internationalization at HBCUs”

Organization: American Council on Education

Summary: As global learning becomes a top priority in American higher education, historically black colleges and universities may face challenges that are common to other institutions but in a more pronounced manner, according to a report released on Monday by the American Council on Education.

The report highlights the experiences of seven HBCUs that worked with the council to develop campuswide internationalization strategies. The three-year study, which was financed in part by the U.S. Department of Education, sought to find what factors were aiding or impeding the internationalization process at HBCUs.

The report says that senior leaders at HBCUs play a central role in creating global learning environments. In order to sustain momentum for internationalization strategies, such leaders must develop clear policies to support their global goals.

Among the report’s other findings:

  • Institutional stakeholders need a clear understanding of the importance of internationalization on HBCU campuses and how to reach those goals.
  • The success of global strategies hangs on clearly written policies and practices that support colleges’ plans. Uncertainty is the enemy.
  • HBCUs must develop action plans with benchmarks to determine effective strategies. By reviewing their progress, HBCUs can gauge the effectiveness of their internationalization activities and assess the attitudes of their campus members.
  • Comprehensive internationalization requires long-term vision. HBCUs should start with short-term goals as they carry out strategies to achieve the long-term picture.

Bottom Line: HBCUs must make strategic efforts–starting with the core mission of the institution–to keep up with the goal of internationalizing their campuses. Sparse resources and unclear policies can thwart those efforts, but HBCUs can succeed by creating action plans with long-term goals.

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  • LHathaway

    And yet, all their actions won’t quite spur a white student union on campus. A white association of any kind. At least Every college in the nation is united as to what they know to be vital and necessary.

  • Okay, so what does this actually say?

    This reads like it was generated by the Post Modern Essay Generator.

    • APaige

      They should work on graduation rates first.

  • Magician

    Many top schools around the country are determined to bring black male students in just to prove “We are not a racist school”

    There was a story about a black male student who received an admission offer from all Ivy League schools around the country.

    And that also means fewer students for HCBUs around the country. I actually want HCBUs to thrive, have more and more students, and become attractive options for black boys and girls. The more black students choose HCBU, the more of our white girls and boys not having to suffer getting turned down from top schools around the country simply because he or she is not a “oh so wonderful black boy”

    • I remember the article here about black student being accepted by the whole Ivy League. My suspicion is that he would have done fine at a “plain vanilla” state university, but having been admitted “over his head”, he’d either flunk out or else become discouraged at the competition and then wisely transfer to a state university.

    • [Guest]

      The article you’re referring to was titled “He’s All-Ivy—Accepted to All 8 Ivy League Colleges.” The student was named Kwasi Enin, and he was born in Ghana.

      He’s a regular magic African-American Ivy League boy.

  • OH MY GOODNESS. This sort of junk was a constant irritation to me at the university. All colleges and universities create these ambitious “action plans, ” couched in administrative jargon, because every administrator NEEDS to show the state legislators that they’re hip and with it and up to the challenge.

    What happens is more money goes to create highly paid administrative positions, offices, and other overhead. These moron administrators are full of themselves and thus take all the hoopla seriously. When it fails, they declare victory and then move on to their next “strategic initiative.”

    That’s just one more reason I always say, “Never donate money to higher ed.”

  • TruthBeTold

    Translation: The percentage of college qualified blacks in the US is very small. To compensate for this they will increase the pool of blacks from around the world. A larger pool will make it easier to find the small percentage of blacks who are qualified for college but make it look like black achievement is on the rise.

  • MBlanc46

    I don’t care about the racist historically black colleges. I do care about educating Americans. Our ancestors built our institutions of higher education to educate us. It’s our responsibility to maintain them to education our children and their children. Not the Chinese. Not the Indians. Not the Arabs. “But they pay full freight!” So do johns, but that doesn’t mean we want to put our mothers and sisters on the streets. At least I don’t.

    • Ultimate187

      Those international students pay obscene amounts of money to study here. If anything, they’re being taken advantage of. It’s not like American institutions aren’t getting anything out of this.

      • bilderbuster

        In some states illegals pay “in state” tuition if they pay at all.

  • MekongDelta69

    What happened to the “historically White colleges and universities”?

    I remember now – they turned black and anti-White.

  • B.A_2014

    The report should have read: Creating a coffee colored rootless global population of brainwashed consumerist whores to be feasted upon by the international hyenas.

  • B.A_2014

    Queens university is the biggest and by far the best university in Northern Ireland. Last year the new vice chancellor said it was his goal to invite more people from foreign countries to study at Queens because it lacks diversity. Not one politican, educator, students union or media outlet said a word about it. What he in effect said was ye wanted fewer white people on campus and all the money the taxpayers pay to run the universities will be spent on ming fuk and tick tick tock tick.

    • bilderbuster

      The students should have put him in stocks pelted him with rotten vegetables.

    • LHathaway

      It’s necessary. White girls prefer a main who makes a fair amount of money. They are less interested in the color of the man? Although, to be honest, when the personal ad says, ‘race unimportant’ usually, it’s he most important thing.

      Then again, a girl would prefer not to have to resort to personals at all. So yes, foreign students are vital.