UK Terror Threat Level Raised: Jihadist Attack Now ‘Highly Likely’

Nicholas Cecil, London Evening Standard, August 29, 2014

Britain’s terror threat level was dramatically raised to severe today amid fears that UK jihadists returning from Iraq and Syria could launch attacks.

The severe warning means an attack is “highly likely”, rather than the earlier assessment of substantial where a terror strike is “a strong possibility”. Home Secretary Theresa May stressed there was no intelligence to suggest an imminent attack.

After the decision by Britain’s Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre, she added: “The increase in the threat level is related to developments in Syria and Iraq, where terrorist groups are planning attacks against the West.

“Some of those plots are likely to involve foreign fighters who have travelled there from the UK and Europe to take part in those conflicts. We face a real and serious threat in the UK from international terrorism. I urge the public to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity to the police.”

Scotland Yard Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe warned days ago that close to 200 potentially “militarised” fighters are back in London. He also proposed UK jihadists have their passports revoked to stop them returning here.

Islamic State have slaughtered thousands as they seized control of swathes of Syria and Iraq. They also beheaded US journalist James Foley, 40, in revenge for US air strikes in Iraq to stop the killings. Mr Foley and other hostages were guarded by a group of British jihadists, known as “The Beatles”, with one–“John”–featuring in the video of his killing.

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  • MekongDelta69

    I guess Cameron has more of a ‘strategy’ than NoBama.

    • Zimriel

      He’s pretending to, anyway. He’s mostly living in terror about the *real* threat – his own constituents, who will vote UKIP

  • Easyrhino


  • IstvanIN

    The only terrorists HM’s government cares about is the BNP.

  • Puggg

    Then don’t let them back in.

    • phorning

      That’s what I was wondering, why don’t they cancel their passports and deny them reentry into Great Britian?

      • Cid Campeador

        Let’s add the death penalty for those who manage to reenter.

      • M&S

        British Jurisprudence (mustn’t be unfair to the poor dears) coupled to the European Union.

        Truly, this is the perfect example of Hitler’s Revenge.

      • Katherine McChesney

        Great Britain has the dreaded ‘human rights’ thingie going it. Terrorists benefit from it. They have more rights than the native English.

      • captainc

        waiting for the right time to blow, check this.

  • Truthseeker

    Note to the multi-culti European elites: If any European gets killed in a terrorist attack, the blood is on your hands. The West may be in a rut now, but once you awaken the sleeping giant, you don’t want to be on its bad side. Plan your course of action wisely.

  • DaveMed

    Morons. It’s already happened. Multiple times. You want a picture of what’s coming? Open up your history books, and you’ll see the intentions of Mohammed’s cult.

  • We fight the muzzie menace in the Middle East and Asia, while admitting large numbers of them into the West. Make sense? Yes, if you understand what’s going on.

    Al-queda, Hamas, and Isis were all created by the CIA and Mossad to give Americans a specific concrete enemy to focus on. Then we let them into the US and the FBI whips a few of them up into a frenzy. Now, we demand protection. So, we get the Patriot Act and eventually martial law and/or other assorted despotism.

    And now the West is creating another enemy through outright lies. That would be Russia, which “invaded” Ukraine according to the NY Times as featured on Drudge. Some invasion! But a lie about an invasion might be enough to start a nuclear war with Russia.

    Yesterday, in his press conference, Obama said he has no plan to deal with ISIS. Of course not. He’s waiting for the CIA and Mossad to tell him what to do.

    Obama is not incompetent. He’s following the plans the power elites have created.

    • David Ashton

      Isn’t there evidence that the Saudis and Qatar funded the Isis terrorists? Who markets the oil now controlled by Isis? Mossad and CIA must know what is going on, even if they have had no hand in it.

      Neo-con media minions are now complaining that Russia and China might get together again even more closely. Newton’s Third Law of Motion has its geopolitical application too.

      One of these days a nuclear weapon is going to go off.

      • Sick of it

        Even worse, nuclear power plants have been strategically placed to destroy the 1st world on a rather permanent basis.

        • IstvanIN

          Wouldn’t that lead to an On The Beach scenario?

        • Periapsis

          OR they would be attacked with nuclear weapons, to generate far more nuclear fallout than a surface bursting bomb alone would.

      • Zimriel

        Israel worries most about Hamas and Hizbollah working together, and has up to now been undermining Assad. They’ve also been working closely with the Egyptian dictator and with the Saudis.

        Qatar and *factions in* Saudi have been funding ISIS, but the Saudi royals themselves are scared [expletive]less about them – mark my works.

        Israel does not want ISIS anywhere near it either.

        • David Ashton

          Israel is quite content to see its common enemies fight and kill one another, but obviously worries about the Islamic threat in general, as indeed should western countries saddled with a multicultural immigration that many Jews previously thought such a good idea. Yesterday’s enemy Iran looks like becoming tomorrow’s ally, strongly reminiscent of the endless wars in Orwell’s 1984.

          My view, in brief, is that the old Zionist project, ostensibly at any rate, to build a secure and spacious national state for the majority of Jewry in a territory already populated by Arabs, and thereby reduce the sum-total of “antisemitism” in the world, has not so far proved a great success; as Jews from Arendt to Zangwill rightly feared. What the Jewish people in Israel are entitled to expect is western protection of their life, limb, culture and polity, but the question still to be negotiated is their eastern frontier. Jerusalem should not become the administrative center for one or two states, but restored as an internationally protected holy city for impartial access by adherents of all three so-called “Abrahamic faiths”. The problem is that the autistic partisans of Likud and Hamas, of Zionism and Islamism, will not yet surrender to sense, but I do not see why other peoples should thereby be drawn into their wars, except to protect their/our own safety against their repercussions.

    • Sick of it

      Oh yeah, if we go to war in Syria, Assad and the actual people of Syria will be the targets. Just like how we ignored the KLA and murdered the Serbian people a while back.

      • Periapsis

        Indeed, that atrocity will be paid for, with the blood of Americans.

  • Guest

    Indeed, what a wasted decade. You’d think that 9/11 and 7/7 would have put the multiculturalists into the defensive and a general change of immigration politics, but nothing of this sort ever materialized.

    • David Ashton

      The “pull” still comes from bomb-safe business-men who want cheap labor, and the “push” still comes from leftists entrenched in our institutions committed to ideological anti-racism.

      Will UKIP help? Their non-racist spokesperson wants “a global-looking and ethical” immigration policy to “sustain” Britain “for generations to come” (Daily Express, August 29). Now haven’t we heard those euphemisms before? A “compassionate” deliberate importation of fecund young people from the Asian and African continents, starting with Farage’s Syrian asylum-seekers, to “support” our old white race as we fade away on an overcrowded island, struggling for world markets, separated from our Norman and Saxon neighbors and relatives? Replacing Brussels with Beijing is not much of an option either.

      • KenelmDigby

        But David, why are you slagging off UKIP so vociferously?, how does that possibly help there cause of nationalism in the UK?

        Look, I know that UKIP are far from perfect, but do you really and honestly think that an explicitly racialist party could have come this far?, to the point where both Miliband and Cameron are quaking in their boots at the prospect of being politically ruined by a genuine political insurgency, the likes of which Britain hasn’t seen in a century? Heaven knows even a pastry as mild as UKIP on ‘race’ is being crucified on a daily basis by, literally, the entire British political/media establishment.
        Look at the offer UKIP have got on the table. A 5 year total moratorium on immigration. A damn good deal in my opinion, the likes of which has never been offered before and never will be offered by the old parties. You simply *cannot* turn your nose up at that offer, regardless of the fact that you might think that UKIP are not the ‘real deal’.

        • David Ashton

          In fact I understand and sympathize with EVERYTHING you say in your second paragraph. I have said several times that UKIP and only UKIP should be supported at the polls (with any rare exception of any old-party incumbent, who is fairly good on immigration like e.g. Field). It is at least a symbolic challenge to the political establishment, although I personally take a different direction about our European race and its future. We certainly need an insurgency with national identity and political integrity as its two themes. And we don’t need a lot of competitive “right-wingers”, genuine or fake, splitting the patriotic protest.

          Sorry if my disappointment, suspicion and caution over UKIP on multicultural migration seemed “vociferous”; my concerns need an answer. It is important for this party to build up support in Labour areas in the North and Midlands, and from white people who are the real disenfranchised, and original, ethnic community.

          • I know what you’re saying about the schism between the two elements and I likewise recognise them for what they are.

            It does get on my nerves how many in the newspaper comment sections suggest all sorts of things about UKIP as being our savour – whether it be beating Islamic radicalism, or, more recently “deporting” grooming gangs and so son.

            We both know that UKIP is not a nationalistic party and has no balls whatsoever on any of these issues, but I suppose we have to ride the train closer to the destination anyway and hope that by that point, a better train comes along and picks the baton when it comes to their failures on such issues.

          • David Ashton

            We have very few bites at “election” cherries. We have to take (in both senses) UKIP as the first stage of the uprising rather than a controlled, ineffective and short-term diversion of energy, funds and ultimate direction. This may require INTELLIGENT “entryism” in some areas. Our opponents have long anticipated and prepared to “resist the resistance” on all fronts. But things are hotting up, even under the PR-PC parliamentary donkey known as the Cameron-Clegg coalition. Nil desperandum.

          • M&S

            Kill The Royals.

            If not literally then certainly in symbolic disenfranchisement with ALL their wealth going to pay for the disaster that is the UK welfare systems.

            That cutting of the umbilical ‘just below the neck’, as utter refutation of ‘King’s Right, God Given’ means that the next step is even easier: The UK is not and should never again be beholden to a medieval construct of bicamberalism with a moneyed class totally dominating the upper chamber, simply because of titular inheritance.

            Which in turn means that England can regain a true parliamentarianist democracy.

            Which will, instantly and forever, seal the fate of immigration because The Lords will at last understand that if it’s them or the commoners leaving the lifeboat, it’s going to be them. And to stay in the boat, is to be beholden to those whose racial identity they can appeal to. They need influence in government to maintain the profit margins of their businesses.

            And they will never have such influence among the Islamists who will elect from within their own ethnic and racial groups, just as soon as they breed enough of them to gain a real majority.

            You must make it in the interests of both parties to save a White England.

            Right now, so long as they do not have to listen to any populist resentment about race replacement, England’s elite will continue to slaughter the working classes with a charming British smile on their faces.

          • David Ashton

            This is too eccentric to answer.

    • Long Live Dixie

      Don’t forget the 22nd of May, when Drummer Lee Rigby was beheaded by two animals in broad daylight.

      The Saxon surely has a long fuse. If I was a Muslim, I wouldn’t want to be nearby when that fuse reaches its end.

      • Cid Campeador

        What ever happened to the two Mau Mau?

        • Long Live Dixie

          They will be clothed and fed for the rest of their lives by the people they hate.

          • Cid Campeador

            Let us pray that the rest of their lives will end soon at the hands of other inmates.

          • Periapsis

            They should be beheaded with swords while surrounded by pork products, then buried with pork to deny them entry into heaven.

      • captainc

        The fuse has been lit, but waiting for the right time to blow, check this.

  • David Ashton

    Have no fear – Dave is here. Next week he might ask Parliament to agree to the possible confiscation of British passports from some “British” men. Wow!

  • Easyrhino

    With regard to Muslim immigration, Western nations are literally the frog in the pot of water that is heating to a boil.

    You have to wonder when (if) we’ll come to our senses before the water is boiling. We should disassociate our resources including military and tax-dollars from their lands as well as keep them from emigrating to ours.

    • IstvanIN

      After the Trade Towers came down and the Pentagon was hit you would think the American public would have enough or even when that lunatic shot up that army base, but no, the majority were who cares. I think it is the same with the British. The mussies could blow up the little Prince George, the Houses of Parliament and the Chunnel and they would just snooze away.


        Well you have to look at it from their point of view, at least they won’t be thought of as racist. And really, isn’t that what’s truly important here?

      • Stephen Wordsworth

        It brings no pleasure when the predictable consequences of diversity come to fruition but I hope in vain that the next tragedy will motivate people to prevent further tragedies. Perhaps a tragedy big enough to stir people is the Rotherham scandal which will undoubted lead to more revelations of coverups in the rest of Britain. The scale of this tragedy is huge Rotherham is a small town those 1400 confirmed cases make up over 10% of teenage girls from that time period.

        • IstvanIN

          Britain, like her loyal sons Canada, Australia and New Zealand and her runaway daughter America are all done. The Anglosphere has no will to survive.

      • Easyrhino

        Do you believe everything the US Fed-Gov told you about how the towers fell?

    • captainc

      The fuse has been lit, but waiting for the right time to blow, check this.

  • NoMosqueHere

    Scotland Yard Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe …proposed UK jihadists have their passports revoked to stop them returning here.


    You mean it would be prudent to prevent ISIS savages from re-entering Britain? The man is genius, I tell you!

  • wildfirexx

    Britain, like many other PC White countries will get back what their PC politicians created for them…by turning their backs on their indigenous countrymen and free speech, in favor of importing foreign cultures and religions which will lead to the demise of our way of life.
    Our people never asked for this multicultural-diversity in their countries, but it was shoved down our throats against our free will…and now we will have to fight against it, or live with it!
    History will show one day, that Hitler’s last stand, was our last Great White Hope for mankind! And we destroyed it!

    • watling

      Yes, but the people continue to vote for politicians who ensure the status quo. So, either the people are incredibly stupid or they actually want multiculturalism, with all its accompanying conflict and oppression, rapidly followed by the demise of western democracies.

      Simply put, if you vote Labour you are expressing a desire to live in a totalitarian, socialist, Islamified, multicultural hell. Why would any non-Muslim (especially women) want that?

      I would suggest an IQ test before allowing someone to vote, but a lot of people who I assume have high IQs are some of the most vociferous in their enthusiasm for multiculturalism. (Although they don’t live in multicultural areas themselves, of course)

      • wildfirexx

        It’s hard to break into the minds of a society of people who have been brought up to believe that diversity and multiracialism is a good thing, and to question it is wrong.
        Unlike other racial cultures who seem to cherish their heritage and celebrate their distinctness, we seem to have lost our tribal instinct to find a good reason to bond together only with our own people.


    Uh-Oh, looks like Diversity’s coming home! And they’re bringing their blessings with’em!

  • KenelmDigby

    We can argue the toss of the madness of mass third world immigration into Britain all day, it’s just so damned obvious to anyone with a brain that the policy is ruinous economically, culturally and demographically. In fact it has absolutely nothing ‘good’ to offer whatsoever. But surely, now, when the murderous ingrates plan on slaughtering the people who so foolishly offered them the chance of a decent lifestyle, things really have reached ridiculous proportions. They are not just ‘biting the hand that feeds them’ they are devouring their patrons and defecating the digested flesh on his door step.

    • Periapsis

      A graphic, but accurate analysis of the nightmare the Tribe and treacherous white elites alike have imposed upon us against our will. Did they ever think this could result in the white population of western nations turning on and killing all of them out of vengeance? Apparently not.

  • Enoch_Power

    Let’s be clear about this. Britain has been officially a State of Emergency since before the Second World War / European Brothers War. This has enabled successive governments to use “emergency powers” to introduce draconian and Orwellian legislation.

    Britain if effectively a Marxist Police State governed by a soft totalitarian regime. In one small town in Yorkshire the totalitarian regime enforced “Diversity” so zealously that they allowed 1,400 – yes that’s 1,400 white English CHILDREN to be raped, pimped and gang-raped by Pakistani men for the religion of Inclusion, Tolerance and Diversity. To date no one in the Police, Council or Child Protection Services has accepted any responsibility, resigned or faced any disciplinary or criminal proceedings. Absolutely disgraceful.

    The establishment have allowed the nation to become annexed by third world Muslims in an attempt to end the concept of the Nation State and facilitate the transition to a One World Government.

    It is also clear that Obama and Cameron have been funding and arming ISIS against President Asad in Syria.

  • David Ashton

    Joyce was born in America, brought up in Ireland and moved to England where he became a prominent member of Mosley’s British Union (of Fascists) from which he was expelled in 1937. Before the war was declared in 1939 he obtained a UK passport fraudulently but plausibly presenting himself as a British subject (instead of an American citizen) and was soon naturalized as a German citizen. On the basis of his false passport he was sentenced to death for treason after the war for broadcasting against the King on behalf of his adopted country (Nazi) Germany.

    I don’t know but doubt that he was related to the novelist, but doubt. He said he supported the hated Black and Tans in Ireland, whom Mosley had earlier denounced when in Parliament. This was a risky thing for a Catholic: I taught with a colleague whose northern Irish RC brother had helped the Black & Tans and who was sliced into pieces when captured by the IRA. My father heard Joyce speak for the British Union and was impressed by his eloquence; Joyce was the “Goebbels” to Mosley’s “Hitler”. At one meeting a female heckler called out “You bastard!” to which he replied with a cheery wave: “Hello, mother!”

    I have read a few articles by him, and heard snippets from his broadcasts, and have Revilo Oliver’s copy of “Twilight over England”. Frankly none of them impressed very much, although he was regarded as a well-educated intellectual. Rebecca West surprisingly had a higher opinion of him than of Mosley who eventually found him a Jew-jabbering nuisance.

    • Long Live Dixie

      I know that Joyce’s father was from Ireland, but what about his mother? Was she from England?

      • David Ashton

        She was English and a Protestant.

    • Stephen Wordsworth

      The majority of the BBC, Guardian and other news media have provided greater aid to the enemies of the British people than Lord Haw Haw ever did. Traitors all.

      • David Ashton

        And so say more of us.

        “What could be worse than bankruptcy, uncontrolled immigration and war?” – Peter Hitchens, “Daily Mail”, August 31.

        And which one British politician stood out to prevent all three disasters – in 1929, 1939 and 1959?

  • Apparently, the other month, Cameron was singing the praises of the contribution of Muslims to Britain and suggesting that the British people could learn a lot from them.

    This is the same Cameron that says his government wants to stop the rise of Islamic radicalism in Britain, but who has allowed an extra 143,000 or so immigrants into Britain this year, some substantial number of which will no doubt be Muslims – and some of which will be radical or soon sucked into radicalism.

    They talk nonsense out of one face and do a load of nonsense with their other. I don’t know how people can even take them seriously, yet many British people lap it up and cannot even see the inconsistency of their actions and rhetoric.

    As for the Beatles, for the most part I now see them as leftwing cultural revolutionaries of change who were further corrupted under the influence of their manager at the time, so they can be insulted as far as I’m concerned.

    However, it was typical that they starting using names in the press like “Jihadi John” to reinforce that they were somehow, supposedly “British”, when in fact their real name is more likely to be Mohammed. That did cheese me off.

  • none of your business

    David Ashton can you answer one question. I know the original 1960 pakis were imported to Bradford and Leeds for the rapidly sinking textile industry and they were indeed cheap labor. But do any of the present muslims work at all? My impression is that they are either life long benefit lay abouts or own crooked little businesses that are just fronts for all sorts of fraud and white collar crime.

    I know that French algerians often work under the table while receiving full welfare and French businesses benifit from their cheap labor but do the UK muslim squatters work actually work?

    • I don’t want to steal David’s thunder or put words in his mouth, but I remember some charts I saw (perhaps I still have them stored somewhere) which showed the unemployment rates of Pakistanis and other groups. It was either the figures from 2001 or 2004 or so.

      From rough recollection, I think they were something like two to three times to be unemployed than the white population, with the women of Pakistani origin being something like four times more unemployed.

      The reasons for such a high rate of unemployment in their women include the fact that they are still quite a traditional and patriarchal society where the men are supposed to be the breadwinners and leaders of the household, and, for two, they are not working because they are raising three,four,five,six or so children and are “full time mums”.

      I can also tell you that the Pakistanis are involved in a lot of “cash in hand” businesses (such as Taxis) where it can be hard for the tax-man to get to the bottom of just what they have earned.

      Similarly, I know that some of their shops do not even put things through the till and you don’t get issued a receipt. I am sure that must be dodgy somehow, but I am not that well up on avoiding the mechanisms of the state.

      I could try and find the image if required.

      • KenelmDigby

        May I add that Pakistanis are very very heavily involved in drug dealing and in particular the pushing and importation of heroin. Big time heroin dealing is a Pakistani monopoly. They make an enormously lucrative revenue stream from heroin dealing. The Rotherham rape scandal was probably as much about drugs as anything else.

        • Yeah, it is without doubt that the Pakistanis have been very important in the heroin trade.

          I have no proof of this but I suspect many a business has been built upon the proceeds of drug dealing. Either through family re-channelling or community re-channelling, or “going legit” when the business is established.

          I believe there was a Muslim organisation (might have been the Ramadan Foundation) in Blackburn Lancashire who also suggested many years back that the grooming and prostituting of our girls was getting more lucrative than the drug dealing and that’s why so many were getting involved.

          I can believe that.

    • KenelmDigby

      It’s a very persistent myth that Pakistanis were ‘imported’ into Yorkshire in the 1960s to fulfill ‘labor’ needs.
      In fact most entered in the 1980s and onwards when industry was run down and unemployment was rampant. They came in the main by chain immigration and abusing spousal/marriage entry. The really big surge came as recently as 10 years ago with the Blair/Brown government open borders policy.
      Any Briton can tell you that the whole notion of a Pakistani industrial worker is a contradiction in terms. Those people don’t work never have worked and never will work. In fact they are physically incapable of real hard manual work. Don’t believe those damned left wing lies about Pakistani ‘workers’ being imported.

    • It is 10 years out of date now, but here is the image I compiled and saved from way back…

      • AndrewInterrupted

        In the U.S. unemployment numbers are chronically skewed. Many groups operate within the underground economy and aren’t looking for legitimate jobs. The Black, Hispanic, and Asian numbers stay high because they are intentionally defrauding the government and/or belong to the underground economy. Yet, White tax dollars continue to be thrown at those bogus stats.

  • none of your business

    Dixie, Are you thinking of Kipling’s WW1 propaganda poem Saxon awakes or something? What was ridiculous about that poem was that Kipling and the rest of the British Empire crew were actually former Saxons who left their homeland cerca 400-500 AD fighting real Saxons who still lived in the ancient homeland of Saxony/Thuringia.

    Occidental observer posted that poem last week. Comments were closed. Had they been open I would have commented that the renmants of the UK Saxons should be called the Ben Dovers and are helpless against their own government on all levels. Read about Javed Khan CEO of Bernados child welfare agency in whose group homes White girls were turned over to muslim rapists. What is a person named Khan doing in charge of White girls? Why did the UK government appoint him and why is he given tens of millions of taxpayers money every year to hire more and more black and brown scum to have charge of vulnerable White children?

    Kipling began his WW1 mongering around 1905. He cheered it on and on while other people’s sons were being slaughtered by the millions in what were not battle fields but slaughter fields. Then his own son was killed and he regretted his propaganda role in WW2 for the rest of his life. In fact he was seriously depressed for the rest of his life due to his son’s, I think it was the only son’s death.

  • none of your business

    The King of Saudi Arabia just announced that ISIS is a threat to his throne and state and that the EU and the US must send their young men (combat troops of course are White while the minorities lay about). He can’t trust his own military to run away.

    • Katherine McChesney

      That’s laughable considering the number, 6,000, of his family are lay about princes.

    • IstvanIN

      His military should be scared to death of what would happen to their families if ISIS took over Saudi Arabia, that, if nothing else, should put some fight in them.

  • RHG

    Gee, maybe England can throw a parade for the boys returning from the fight, heck they do everything for them.

  • none of your business

    The Bishops of the Anglican Church of Australia last week held an interfaith fiesta in which the Anglicans pledged themselves to “love muslims.” The muslims in attendance did not pledge themselves to love or even tolerate Anglicans. I respect most Christian sects,but really.

  • none of your business

    M&S, the House Lords is purely a formality. They have no powers I’m not sure but I believe even their power to veto parliament legislation for just one year has been removed. Furthermore, the aristocrats and gentry well, maybe the gentry are not the ones employing muslims nor are peers active in the labour party which is the major UK organization urging on the invasion of muslims.
    The pro immigration people are the “educated” liberal elite social climbers. Debuts and formal dinners are out of style. What is stylish now is anti White anti native English attitudes. The more anti White attitudes are displayed, the more stylish a person is. It is basically arrogance, superiority and pomposity.
    It is also a way to get and keep a job. I know in America college instructor interviews
    focus solely on anti White racism. The person who gets the job is the one who displays the most hatred of Whites. It’s the same in the UK.

    It is the old class warfare. I don’t mean aristocrats against the working class, but the infinite variations among the middle class every one trying to be superior, and superiority defined as who hates their fellow British the most.

    It’s the labour party that loves muslims, not the conservatives and certainly not the peers and gentry.

    • IstvanIN

      That is what happens when a country doesn’t have a system of checks and balances or a one party system (although a one party system may actually be better at protecting a nation than what most western nations have now). If the House of Lords hadn’t been made powerless and the Queen were allowed to actually be head of state maybe, just maybe, Britain might be in a better place. Of course any form of government needs either the support, or acquiescence, of the population to function.

  • Lands. There are Turks in Germany, Algerians in France and Pakistanis in Britain. If the rights of native peoples are to be respected, what about European whites?

  • AndrewInterrupted

    And yet the Swedes are still hopelessly intoxicated from the multi-culti Kool-Aid.

    The sign reads, “Today’s police protecting tomorrow’s Hitler.”

    • Looks like some scene out of a Zombie Apocalypse movie…..oh wait, they are the living dead and zombies to the multicult, they just don’t know they are dead yet.

  • A new article in the Daily Mail states that:

    “White British pupils will be outnumbered in English state schools by 2037” where:

    * Number of ethnic minorities in schools has soared by 61% since 2004
    * White British population has dropped by 12% in same period
    * Asian-origin [Pakistani etc] pupils will be majority in classrooms in 2037

    * DfE report puts shift down to rising immigration and falling birth rates

    Nothing that we did not know, but it still wrenches to see it, none the less.

    So as for Jihadis and Britain in the future? Why even bother? It won’t be our country in the future anyway unless some kind of miracle happens.

    • Mary

      And I’m sure the tone of the article was celebratory. I hate to read these things, even though it does confirm what we already know. That is simply appalling, though, that the increase of ethnic minorities in schools has increased that much in a decade.
      At this rate, it looks like White British will be outnumbered far sooner than 2037.
      These developments are always underestimated (deliberately?)
      It’s the same in America. Just this year, we saw articles trumpeting that White students are now a minority in American public schools.

    • KenelmDigby

      It is interesting to note that just a couple of weeks ago Amren ran a story about how White American school students have been rendered a minority in the US public school system for the firsdt time in history, starting from September 2014.
      It seems that the old adage that Britain is ’20 years behind America’ is actually true.
      Anyhow, basically the UK’s goose is cooked, to quote a phrase. Nothing but nothing, not even a UKIP political victory will stop a non-White majority UK by 2050. From that date forwards, Whites in the UK will become a vanishingly small fraction of the UK population. In all likelihood they will effectively dissolve away as a race by the later 2100s.
      Thank you Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, you did one hell of a job! I trust that you are breaking out the champagne and are dancing, orgiastically, at this new – my god you must be so happy and so thrilled, you must be positively ecstatic at the news, it’s like Christmas running into every day for you.

  • Periapsis

    Benefits, gimme a break. What those Chechen animals took from those people could never be measured in dollars, loved ones are irreplaceable, So is innocence and peace of mind. This is how you create people who only want one thing, to kill those who murdered their loved ones, and that is just the beginning.

  • John

    Why is it that so few question the ISIS story instead of accepting the hysterics of MSM and our politioliars as gospel? Seems to me that such a dedicated super achieving and successful “terror” organization would have at least thrown a spitball at what most would consider the prime jihad target in the Middle East, Israel? But no, they’ve completely ignored Israel altogether. Instead, they’ve conveniently caused political instability in areas where such instability would benefit Israel and have justified the return of US troops to areas where they were in the process of withdrawing.There’s a good article addressing this at My Catbird Seat entitled “ISIS, Israel and US duplicity”. The article leads off as follows, “Mainstream media wants us to believe ISIS sprung up out of a hole in the ground and became powerful enough to take over large cities without any assistance from the big powers. The ineptitude of that narrative is an insult to everyone’s intelligence.”

    Additionally, there’s a similar article at the Semitic Controversies blog entitled “Israel and the Origins of the Islamic State”. I urge all here to investigate both before you go swallowing all the ISIS hysteria hook, line and sinker. As the song by John Fogerty goes..” it’s deja va all over again”. If you think our so called “ally” isn’t capable of such underhanded psychopathic behavior, let me remind you of the terrorist bombing of the King David Hotel, the Deir Yassin Massacre, the Lavon Affair, the attack and attempted sinking of the USS Liberty and a world wide reputation for assassination’s being carried out as state policy courtesy of the Mossad plus additional crimes against humanity that I don’t have time or space to start on here.

  • none of your business

    Sir Bernard will probably explore the possibility of seeking input from the muslim community about preliminary discussions of setting up a committee to formulate guide lines regarding formulating boundaries to further forward thinking regarding considering the desirability of faith based counseling to ease the re-entrance of traumatized jihad combat vets into a racist,bigoted, prejudiced White society. The met police will make every effort to assist and ease these brave boy’s return. Various imans and mullahs will be hired at $15,000 per month to ensure that the brave boys are treated with cultural, religious and ethnic sensitivity.

  • B.A_2014

    In Ireland the name Joyce is sinanimous with a gypsy family. They have produced some great fighters through the years but in the end they go into the bareknuckle game rather than the professional one. The first thing a lot of fighters and clubs do when they weigh in for the Irish championships is check to see if there is a Joyce at their weight. A lot of the judges are intimidated by the families aggressive behaviour and it’s gard to get a decision against them because of past violent incidences. I wonder if James Joyce and Lord haw haw were related to them. Doubt it.

  • none of your business

    Dan Hodges a Telegraph leftie writer recently published a diatribe blaming White racism and the UK govt for failure to integrate all these years. It is everybody’s fault but radical muslims. A few years ago Dan Hodges argued that muslim girls be allowed to wear full burkha and niquab to state comprehensive and middle schools.
    Now he switched from total segregation to integration.

  • none of your business

    More and more I’m thinking that the Rotherham and other police departments were on the take. It was a lot more than rape for personal purposes. It was a very well organized nation wide slave prostitution organized crime operation and those things don’t flourish without police cooperation. In America they could be prosecuted under RICO.