The Data on White Anxiety over Hispanic Immigration

Scott Clement, Washington Post, August 14, 2014


{snip} What immigrants look like–and where they come from–changes how we see the [immigration] issue.

When immigrants are Hispanic, white Americans worry a lot more.

“Americans think of immigration in an ethnically specific way at this point,”Nicholas Valentino, a political scientist at the University of Michigan who studied the impact of news coverage on immigration attitudes, said in an interview. “They think of immigrants as Latino. Latinos trigger an anxiety in some Americans that other ethnic groups simply do not trigger. It changes both attitudes and behaviors on immigration policy.”

Valentino’s view is backed up by a study he conducted with Michigan colleague Ted Brader and Elizabeth Suhay (now of American University) using a high-quality national survey in 2003. White participants in the study read mock Associated Press news stories about increasing immigration. Half of respondents were randomly assigned to read a positive-themed story (“Immigration heartens governors”) and half negative (“Immigration concerns governors”).

In addition to positive and negative stories, the survey randomly assigned each story to focus on either Jose Sanchez from Mexico or Nikolai Vandinsky from Russia, who were described in identical ways besides their name and origin. After reading the story, subjects were asked a series of questions on immigration policy.

Unsurprisingly, those who read a negatively-toned immigration story expressed less support for immigration. But the impact of seeing a negative story featuring a Mexican immigrant was double the size of a negative story about the Russian Immigrant.

Valentino and his colleagues investigated the differing reactions, and found that negative news featuring a Latino immigrant raised whites’ worries and anxieties about increasing immigration, but not for those about Russian immigrants.

Whites who read a negative story featuring an Hispanic immigrant had a strong political reaction. In addition to higher opposition to immigration, they became more supportive of an “English-only” law, asked for more information about the issue and were more apt to send an e-mail to their congressional representative advocating reduced immigration levels when asked in the survey. Negative news about a Russian immigrant had little impact on political motivation.

Valentino and his colleagues found similar results in a separate experiment, based on interviews with local festival attendees, comparing reactions to a Hispanic immigrant and to a European immigrant of different origin–a Dutch Nicholas Van Dyke.

The experimental studies were small–fewer than 100 participants in each grouping–but the effects were statistically significant and large. Just 26 percent of respondents chose to e-mail a member of Congress advocating a reduction in immigration after reading a positive story featuring a Latino immigrant. Nearly half, 45 percent, sent congressional e-mails when the Latino-focused story was negative. But the negative stories had no impact when the subject of the story was Russian.

The findings point to a potentially powerful dynamic during media frenzies about immigration. Negative news about Latino immigrants makes white Americans anxious, driving up opposition to immigration and anti-immigrant activism.


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  • D.B. Cooper

    “When immigrants are Hispanic, white Americans worry a lot more.”
    Worried white people might finally decide to do something. What gets me is that you liberal scum are actually glad. You are too stupid to even realize that worried white Americans is not good for your cause.

    • Reverend Bacon

      Despite what they claim or even what many of them believe, displacing all the white people isn’t good for their cause.

      What white liberals need is a very large tax base from which to fund their projects. It’s a self-limiting game, because once they let in all these invaders, their game is over. Third world nations, like we are becoming if we aren’t there already, can’t afford these doe-eyed projects like “disparate impact studies” or bilingual education or even the welfare state of which they are so fond.

      • DonReynolds

        Yes, they will soon have a big feast….where they will gather around the table for a small slice of what remains of the “golden goose”. And that will be it.

      • newscomments70

        Also, outside of a few excpetions, blacks and hispanics do not support liberal causes outside of welfare, amnesty, and affirmative action. They support handouts for their ethnic voting block, that’s it. Violent racism and homophobia (for the lack of a better word) are rampant in these communities. How many blacks does one see at a PETA rally, or a homosexual rights rally?

        • Reverend Bacon

          That’s an excellent point. Liberals have congratulated themselves over studies which correlate “liberalism” with intelligence. And those studies measured stuff like that- tolerance for homosexuals, respect for the environment, etc. Capital-L Liberalism no longer has anything to do with classic liberalism.

        • John R

          I have said it before on this and other websites for a thousand times. Well, here is the one thousandth and first: BLACKS ARE NOT LIBERALS. Liberalism is like conservatism in that both are White concepts of society. The rest of the Human Race-especially blacks-can best be described as racialists. Outside of Whites, people only consider racial, ethnic, religious, and tribal loyalties.

          • Blacks are not doctrinaire liberals. They latch onto doctrinaire liberalism cynically so because it’s the credible dominant governing ideology which gives them more goodies, gibs and stuff.

          • newscomments70

            White liberals cannot comprehend that simple fact. They will take temper tantrums, hurl insults, etc. Most white liberals will not accept the truth.

          • Teresa Nichols

            That’s why most of them could clinically be described as narcissists.

            They are self absorbed and out of touch control freaks to the detriment of everyone else.

            Extreme denial of reality in the face of overwhelming facts followed by raging and name calling when you call them out on their non logic.

            The supposed altruism they proffer is more about making there underwhelming selves feel magnanimous and good about themselves while secretly feeling superior to those they are “helping” than it is about helping out others, and doing it on everybody else’s dime to boot.

  • Dave4088

    “When immigrants are Hispanic, white Americans worry a lot more.”

    Well, duh and why shouldn’t we? Mestizos routinely crow about reconquering the Southwest by any means necessary as well as the rest of the nation. Collectively they are revanchist, hostile (towards whites) and crime prone and have interests diametrically opposed to ours. Unless we separate or secede this won’t end well for either race.

    • bilderbuster

      Why do you think DHS is shipping lots of Browns deep into very White parts of the US?

      • AndrewInterrupted

        Systemic Ebola infection points.

  • Publius Pompilius Quietus

    Unbridled immigration is always stupid, especially when we haven’t jobs for our native-born, but immigration from places and nations that are so different from us is a travesty.

    • bilderbuster

      It’s a crime!

  • Easyrhino1

    White liberalism is truly a mental illness.

    White liberals are the only group in the history of Planet Earth to voluntarily discriminate against themselves and their children in favor of another group they personally have never harmed

  • Jnererouty

    So we can freely immigrate to mehico and Central America?

    Can we expect freebies as we arrive?

    And laugh at the homies supporting us with their taxes?

  • JSS

    It’s so tiresome to here the brown flood referred to as “immigration” over and over. What is actually happening is our White population is being replaced and bred out of existence. That is something to be more then “anxious” about if your White.

  • JohnEngelman

    When immigrants are Hispanic, white Americans worry a lot more.

    – Scott Clement, Washington Post, August 14, 2014

    When Hispanic immigrants more to my predominantly black, and consequently dangerous city, I worry a lot less. Hispanics chase the blacks out, and improve the neighborhood. Mexican restaurants and shops are built. The crime rate goes down.

    • Dave West

      Hispanics transforming a black neighborhood is equal transforming a rusty car sitting on cinderblocks into a barely running 1995 Dodge Neon that has 250,000 miles with transmission and breaking problems. An Asain community car comparison would be a well running, brand new sedan, that doesn’t go over 50 mph and has blinkers that only work occasionally!

      • Bossman

        Asians come from a very big and very old society that they keep in close contact with.

    • Bossman

      You’re correct, I’ve observed this phenomenon myself. Sometimes the Hispanics move into a neighborhood that has been completely vacated by Blacks and make something out of it.

      • JohnEngelman

        Civilization selects genetically for intelligence, while suppressing criminal behavior. The longer a race has practiced civilization, the more intelligent it is, and the less criminal. American Indians in Mexico have a tradition of civilization going back three thousand years. Bantu have been recently introduced to civilization. In addition, the Hispanics who migrate to the U.S. have more white ancestry than American Negroes.

        That background explains differences in average intelligence and behavior between American blacks and Hispanics.

      • bilderbuster

        And that improves the quality of life for White nations how?

    • bilderbuster

      The exact opposite happens when the Hispanics move to my predominantly White, and consequently safe city. Hispanics chase the Whites out, and destroy the neighborhood. Seedy Mexican restaurants and shops replace the nice local business’s and the crime and welfare rates skyrocket as the White tax base is destroyed along with the school system.

      • JohnEngelman

        I am not saying that did not happen. I am saying I have not experienced it. When I moved California I was fascinated by the Hispanic presence. When I came back to Maryland to visit my parents I was pleased by the growing Hispanic presence.

    • newscomments70

      Huh? Los Angeles and Santa Ana are rife with gang violence…drug trafficking, gun shots, human trafficking, racial attacks, etc. LA public schools and similar are a living hell for the few remaining white children. I don’t see how a few Mexican restaurants are such a wonderful gift.

    • willbest

      They don’t kill the blacks, they force them to migrate, mostly back into the South.

    • Ringo Lennon

      Mexicans chase Whites out also. How many Whites are left in SoCal?

  • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

    “Negative news about Latino immigrants makes white Americans anxious, driving up opposition to immigration and anti-immigrant activism.”


    The news media are well aware of this. That is why negative stories about immigration have been rare to non-existent — until the surge of kids over the border forced coverage.. A pair of two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter noticed how bad coverage was years ago when TIME Magazine assigned them to do a cover story on the border:


    “I began (reporting) in 1956 and never have I seen a more badly covered subject, and there is no question it is a political correctness issue. I find that offensive as a reporter.”


    “This is not just a victimless crime as people like to portray illegal immigration . . . But to tell that story would run headlong into community groups in that arena and a general reluctance to take on a controversial story.”


    “They found many stories that show the immigrant as the victim: the dangers they face in crossing the desert, exploitive workplaces where they toil, and articles about anti-immigrant efforts. Both Barlett and Steele said those were all legitimate stories. But they argue the other side of the story should be told as well.”


    “Almost nobody has written a story like we have written. What people write about are the hardships.”


    Barlett: The hesitancy can be laid at the feet of editors unwilling to take on a controversial subject: “Editors are pandering, absolutely pandering.”


    Opening the Door to Better Immigration Stories
    “A Pulitzer winning team talks about how to go beyond political correctness.”
    Posted, Oct. 12, 2004
    By Mary Sanchez

    • bilderbuster

      For every front page story about how some grinning third world immigrant (and their always extremely large family) becomes valedictorian there’s thousands of stories that are never mentioned of the crime and hellishness the third worlders bring to our nations.

  • John Smith

    Is there even ONE african, asian, m eastern country that would tolerate whites behaving in their countries the way hispanics do here…with the anti-white media creatures cheering them on?

  • Luca

    When the immigrants are Hispanic, they are generally not really immigrants but third world invaders overwhelming the entire country. The end game now is to accept them as children, send them to school, make them “Dreamers” and then in a few short years have them voting in Texas to turn that state “blue”. As such, there will never again be a non-Democratic President.

    The first phase was in 1965 and now after 50 years they are rounding third base and heading for home. A complete take over and one-party rule in the United States.

    This country will be run by blacks, hispanics, gays and uber-liberals, in other words, anyone anti-White.

    Right about now, Whites should start feeling like German Jews in 1938. And you wonder why they have “anxiety”? They should have more than anxiety, they should have outrage.

    • SentryattheGate

      When Hispanics officially outnumbered everyone else in Los Angeles, Spanish language newspapers crowed about the mayoral election results; “last non-Hispanic LA mayor elected”! Sure enough, after (white) mayor Riordan, came Mex.American mayor, MecHa member Antonio Villaraigosa. And apparently he did things the “Latin way”–see Wikipedia:….”Villaraigosa’s call for job and cuts in city departments did not include his own staff of 205 employees, compared to 121 staffers for Mayor Hahn and 114 for Mayor Riordan. .. even after a 10% reduction, the Mayor’s office spent $1.8 million more than Hahn in the last year of his administration and $1.4 million more than Riordan.

    • bilderbuster

      You had me until the last paragraph.
      The Jews in Germany WERE the foreigners and made up only 1% of Germany’s population .

  • I think the word is HisPANICs.

  • Northern American-Nationalist

    Moral of the story: don’t report negative facts about Latin American migrants unless you want to awaken enough Whites to stop the racial transformation of their power source.

  • Periapsis

    Not to mention threaten organized violence, even insurgencies against us. MEChA’s moto, “For those inside the race, everything. For those outside it, nothing.” That alone should make it clear to all whites they intend to steal our land, then kill us.

  • Lygeia

    Because of this we worry:

    • bilderbuster

      Looks like Apocalypto!

  • dd121

    Anxiety? Yes, I have to admit that it bothers me that are socialist leaders are destroying our civilization.

  • Jack Burton

    ““Americans think of immigration in an ethnically specific way at this point,”Nicholas Valentino, a political scientist at the University of Michigan who studied the impact of news coverage on immigration attitudes, said in an interview.”

    This guy is a complete moron. At this point? We’ve been aware and concerned about other ethnic and racial immigration since at least 1875. There are plenty of ethnic/racial immigration acts in our history.

  • TruthBeTold

    This morning on Washington Journal (cspan) they asked if English should be the official language.

    Overwhelmingly, both Reps and Dems said it should be for various reason.

    A couple callers blamed scared white people.

    • Jacobite2

      All the Dems and many of the Reps are lying.

  • drattastic

    Maybe Whites weren’t too concerned about Russian immigrants because we aren’t being overrun by Russians. If 10s of millions of illegal Russians were already in country and 10s of thousands were streaming across our unguarded border monthly we would have a different reaction to Russian or any other kind of illegal. It just so happens they are Latinos who aren’t Americans that are doing the invading.

    • Rosenmops

      I was thinking that too. The way Putin is acting I think most people would be very worried if Russians were streaming over the border. It would be an invasion, just as the Hispanics are an invasion.

  • MBlanc46

    Well, I’ll be danged. Who’d a’ figured? But I can’t say that I’m very keen on Africans or Asians, either. In fact, at the present time, I don’t think that we should be importing anyone at all.

  • M.

    Racial consciousness is still live and well in most whites. But articles like these try to shame them into repressing it, and unfortunately they have succeeded to a considerable extent these last decades.

    • DonReynolds

      For decades now, every race and ethnic group has been encouraged to have a Heritage and a Race Consciousness, but when it comes to whites in the US, such thoughts can only be considered “Racist Bigotry”. Personally, I feel we have been insulted and malaigned long enough….so they can add “Violent” and “Intolerant” to the list of complaints……and we can start building the barricades, whenever you like.

    • R L Buds

      It’s easier to shame whites, because we feel shame.
      I have tried to treat them the way they treat me, minus the robbery and violence, but it’s hard to look through someone as if they don’t exist or obstruct someone’s way, even if they are lower than trash to me.

  • Periapsis

    You know they will follow us there too, then what? Are we going to be like Serbia or Romania surrounded by the Ottoman Turks?

  • DonReynolds

    Once again, the Washington Post insists on confusing “immigrants” and “illegal aliens”. This has become a Liberal mania. Those in the US illegally are not “immigrants” of any kind. The ONLY “immigrants” under US law are those who came here legally and are part of the immigration system. Otherwise, they are not immigrants……they are invaders, drug mules, prostitutes, thieves, murderers, rapists, gangbangers, cartel hit man, kidnapper…..well, you get the picture.

  • DonReynolds

    The Arrogance and Hubris of Mexicans is breathtaking.
    They actually believe that when Mexico gained its independence from Spain, that Mexico then had a legitimate claim to all territories that had formerly belonged to the Crown of Spain.
    Of course, that is rubbish. Else they would also claim the entire coastline of the Gulf of Mexico, including all of Florida and the southern portion of every state in the South. Come for it, Mex….but pack a lunch. It may take a while.

  • DonReynolds

    Running away is no longer an option. No longer possible to hide, either.
    Either we stay here alive or we stay here dead.
    This is our land and the only way it will remain “our land” is to keep the invader from squatting on it. Make them wish they were back in sunny Mexico.

    • Ringo Lennon

      This IS our land. The problem is the invader are already squatting on it with millions more on the way. The problem with this country is the Pelosi’s and the Reid’s who would rather turn the country brown with no conscience just to win votes. What kind of Americans are these? I don’t see a solution for whites.

      • AndrewInterrupted

        They are subversives who will be sent to the camps. If they die before we recover our country, their kids will be exiled. They, after all, have the blood of traitors coursing through their veins.

        • Ringo Lennon

          Ever hear these two speak lately? They sound senile. Pelosi comparing illegal “children” to baby Moses! Straitjackets please!

      • DonReynolds

        Americans are basically a peace-loving people, but some problems do not have a peaceful solution.

  • LHathaway

    “They think of immigrants as Latino. Latinos trigger an anxiety in some Americans that other ethnic groups simply do not trigger. It changes both attitudes and behaviors on immigration policy.” Valentino’s view is backed up by a study”
    Valentino’s view is backed up by a study. White’s views are backed up by reality.

  • John R

    Same old B.S. An immigrant is an immigrant is an immigrant, and there is no difference. How many times have we heard that? And how much evidence do we need to have piled up to realize that people are not all the same and that anyone who has any intelligence or even any sanity wants people in their country and even their community that are similar to themselves? But, of course, we Whites have lost the right to even consider that we should prefer people like ourselves. We have lost the freedom of association. We are condemned even for suggesting it.

  • AndrewInterrupted

    The key is a moratorium. That is race neutral. Technology, and especially auto-mation, means the U.S. can prosper in a zero population growth environment, or even a negative one. The corporations have governed us into a “bedroom country”. We should act like one. Bedroom countries don’t need domestic growth.

    • Anonymous

      The article asserted that it was a faux pas to view Latin “immigrants” differently from other immigrants, such as Russians. The US Latino population has grown by the tens of millions since the turn of the century, most of whom are not highly skilled, and many of whom, as we know, are illegal. Russians who come here tend to assimilate fairly well, at the very least when compared to Hispanics. I’m not intimating that the US should let anyone in as long as they have a useable educational background. But, in the context of this article, I think it’s understandable that the students would have had less apprehension about a Russian immigrant than a Latino immigrant.

      • AndrewInterrupted

        Every and all “skills” can be found within our borders. That is projection: the foregone conclusion that immigration is vital. It may have been, but no longer is. Projection on auto-pilot.

  • AndrewInterrupted

    Not true. The Minority Underlying Government (MUG) has found a work-around for that. They are called HUD vouchers. Eric Holder and his anti-White MUGgers pay non-Whites to settle in White neighborhoods; pay them with largely White people’s money.

    Non-Whites also get paid to settle into White neighborhoods through the corrupt refugee system–another huge, unreported $cam.

    The MUGgers in DC don’t sleep.

  • swg2014b

    The one issue NOT up for debate is the eradication of whites in America.

    I divide white people into only two categories: pro-white and anti-white. Any white person who advocates the destruction of his own race is an abnormal, morally-bankrupt degenerate – that’s it. Is there even be a debate on that? I don’t think so.

  • Stutz Bearcat

    Everything that caused the Roman Empire to fall is happening to us right before our eyes! I fear that by the time people realize this it will be too late.