Islamic State: “We Will Take Spain Back”

Soeren Kern, Gatestone Institute, August 17, 2014

Radical Muslims in Spain have launched a social media campaign aimed at generating support for the jihadist group Islamic State [IS].

The campaign involves posters that include images of famous Spanish landmarks and monuments emblazoned with Arabic slogans such as, “We are all the Islamic State” and “Long Live the Islamic State.”

One poster includes an image of the medieval Islamic Aljafería Palace in the Spanish city of Zaragoza and the black flag associated with the IS. Another uses an image of the famous La Concha beach in the Basque city of San Sebastián. Yet another includes an image of the statue of Jesus Christ on Monte Urgull in San Sebastián, with the Arabic words “Al-Andalus Country” instead of “Basque Country.”

Al-Andalus is the Arabic name given to those parts of Spain, Portugal and France that were occupied by Muslim conquerors (also known as the Moors) from 711 to 1492. As the Basque Country is surrounded by mountains, however, the Moors never succeeded in occupying it.

The poster campaign comes after IS jihadists produced a video in which they vow to liberate al-Andalus from non-Muslims and make it part of their new Islamic Caliphate.

The video shows a jihadist speaking in Spanish with a heavy North African accent. He says:

“I say to the entire world as a warning: We are living under the Islamic flag, the Islamic caliphate. We will die for it until we liberate those occupied lands, from Jakarta to Andalusia. And I declare: Spain is the land of our forefathers and we are going to take it back with the power of Allah.”

Radical Muslims (and many moderate Muslims) believe that all territories Muslims lost during the Christian Reconquista of Spain still belong to the realm of Islam. They claim that Islamic law gives them the right to return there and re-establish Muslim rule.

In recent years, the return of “occupied” Al-Andalus to the fold of Islam has become an obsession for Muslims of all stripes, and calls to reconquer al-Andalus have become more frequent and more strident.

Commenting on the latest video, Spain’s Secretary of State for Security, Francisco Martínez, said Spanish police were remaining “vigilant” in the face of a “grave” jihadist threat.

Meanwhile, Moroccan authorities have warned Spanish police that some of the more than 3,000 Moroccan jihadists fighting in Syria and Iraq are beginning to return home, and that many of them are likely to attempt to infiltrate the Spanish mainland via the North African Spanish exclaves of Ceuta and Melilla.

The Moroccan Interior Minister, Mohamed Hassad, recently identified 1,221 Moroccan citizens who have joined jihadists groups in Syria and Iraq, as well as another 2,000 ethnic Moroccans who are citizens of other countries, including Spain.

Spanish and Moroccan counter-terrorism forces have stepped-up efforts to break up jihadist cells that have been proliferating in both countries.

On August 14, nine members of a recruitment cell for the IS were arrested in northern Morocco, not far from the North African Spanish exclave of Ceuta.


All the detainees are Moroccan citizens, several of whom made repeated trips to Ceuta to recruit jihadists and raise financial support for the IS.

“The jihadists recruited by the cell received instruction in weapons handling, assembly and placement of explosive devices and car theft, in order to participate in suicide terrorist attacks or to fight in conflict zones,” a statement by the Spanish Interior Ministry reported.

Some of those recruited by the cell are believed to have participated in beheadings in Syria and Iraq. Police say they are also examining computers and data storage devices to determine if there were plans to carry out a terror attack on Moroccan soil.

On August 4, a 19-year-old Spanish woman and a 14-year-old Spanish girl were arrested in Melilla just days before they were due to join the jihad in Syria. They are first Spanish females to be prevented from becoming jihadists.

“Both were trying to cross the border to Morocco with the aim of contacting the network that would move them immediately to a conflict zone between Syria and Iraq,” the Spanish Interior Ministry said in a statement.

The 19-year-old was released after surrendering her passport. The 14-year-old–who police say appeared “completely convinced” that she was doing the right thing by becoming a jihadist–is currently being held in a juvenile detention center where she has no access to the Internet. The girl’s parents said she had recently become radicalized after spending time perusing jihadist websites.

In June, Spanish police in Madrid arrested ten individuals (eight Moroccans, one Argentine and one Bulgarian) on allegations that they were members of an international network that recruited jihadists for the IS.


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  • Tarczan

    It is not radical Islam, it is orthodox Islam. The terrorists are merely following the words and deeds of Muhammed.

    • Spot on! The horrors that we’re witnessing today throughout the world is normative or traditional Islam and NOT somehow a “radical” form of it.

      In other words, muslims who force conversion, slave and oppress others, and openly murder innocent people in the name of their pedophile prophet and pagan moon-god is HISTORIC and AUTHENTIC Islam.

      The so-called ‘peaceful’ muslims is merely window dressing designed to convince naive whites and westerners that “Islam is a religion of peace” as our two most recent knuckleheads in the White House have foolishly maintained.

    • Rhialto

      It’s more than orthodox Islam: It’s orthodox male primate behaviour. Non-degenerate primate males always try to expand their territory at the expense of weaker males.

    • NoMosqueHere

      Good post. Muhammed was a mass murdering child molester butcher. ISIS is following the “excellent example,” as muslims put it, of Muhammed. They are the real muslims.

      • Nancy

        Have you ever read about Muhammed’s first “visitation” by “the archangel Gabriel”? Apparently, he had these hallucinations and was convinced he was demon possessed (I tend to agree). He goes home and tells his wife he’s having demonic visitations, and she thinks, “Crap. He’ll be shunned by society, and I won’t ever be able to marry again after word gets out that I was the wife of a demon-possessed lunatic.” (Arabs hold grudges, even against their own kind.)

        So she thinks quickly and tells him that he’s NOT crazy, and it was an angel (Gabriel) speaking to him on behalf of God. He’s dubious at first, but she even goes and enlists her cousin to agree with her, and the two finally convince him. Had it not been for her trying to save her own butt, the world may have been spared this violent, backwards plague of demon-inspired lunatics.

      • Long Live Dixie

        Only the Israelis fight back, and the western world condemns them for it, including some folks ubiquitous on this forum who should know better.

        This again, and from you? How many times does this need to be answered? Israel supports the Islamification of Europe. Israel opposes Islamification of Israel. I had originally thought you were just naive, but the way you completely ignore every single person who tells you about Israel’s anti-white double standards makes me think you’re either here with an agenda or you’re impervious to truth.

      • Garrett Brown

        I Le Penn is elected, France will surely fight back.

        • NoMosqueHere

          Keep dreaming.

          • Garrett Brown

            About what?

          • Garrett Brown

            What does one situation have to do with a people as a whole? Germans folded like a cheap camera for twelve straight years against France, they were dominated in such a fashion that Napoleon made his only insulting comment towards an enemy in his entire campaign stating “The idea that Prussia could take the field against me by herself, seems so ridiculous that it does not merit discussion”. He DOMINATED them through every single battle until the very end.

            You can nitpick any part of history and try to proclaim those people were weak, but that just declares you know very little about history. Also, if whites continue to demean and insult/belittle each other we will never unite into a coalition strong enough to fulfill our dreams of taking back our lands. The French are warriors, always have been. The Germans are warriors, always have been.

            No one is fighting right now in any white country, you could state “they’re handing over their lands freely” about anyone. What matters is who is waking up, which include the French. They are doing far better than America right now, that is assured.

          • jayvbellis

            Oh do shut up!

            Why should racially conscious White French want to fight for a corrupt Lib Dem regime headed by Leon Blum?

            Why should White French, White Germans, White Danes and White Finns not cooperate against Bolsheviks or now nasty Muslims?

            What can we do to get rid of this hideous Amuricun mindset that World War II was really great, the Good War against evil racist Germans and those who cooperated with evil Germans.

            Oh do shut up!

          • Cid Campeador

            IF we have a President with the guts to do that, I’m confident that she’ll have the guts.

          • Veni Vidi Vici

            France never really recovered from WW1 but so what, when whites kill whites we all lose…

          • adplatt126

            Yup, they’re in the process of handing their nation over. We’ve already handed ours over…

        • Long Live Dixie

          France fight back? For once I agree with NoMosqueHere. I don’t think the French have any fight in them. Europe’s salvation will come from the martial people of the Germanic lands.

          • Garrett Brown

            Selective history shows so much ignorance, you should read more.

          • Long Live Dixie

            That’s pretty vague. What should I read?

          • Garrett Brown

            What France did in their military campaign for centuries before WW2. They had the strongest land based army for hundreds and hundreds of years. The only way Great Britain contended with them was their navy. On land they could not be beaten.

          • Long Live Dixie

            Ancient history. We’re talking about France’s will to fight the invaders now. It looks to me like the modern French are too decadent for the job. Of course, I could be wrong about that. Time will tell, but I think it will come from the Germanics.

          • Garrett Brown

            Ancient history is what happened two centuries ago? Why use terms you don’t know the meaning of? If you’re discussing any white country’s will to fight invaders right now it would be the same message; no one is doing anything right now as far as fighting. France, Hungary, and Greece are the only countries fighting politically. When they succeed, then they can fight. Germany has a Nationalist movement, but it isn’t gaining much support yet. We shall see what entails the future, but for now they are far behind France when comparing capabilities of making a difference. I love France, I love Germany, I will be ecstatic regardless of who rises up and takes their country back.

          • Long Live Dixie

            You’re really that obtuse? ‘Ancient history’ is a figure of speech.

          • Garrett Brown

            A figure of speech that doesn’t mathematically make sense.

            Ancient history is the aggregate of past events[1] from the beginning of recorded human history to the Early Middle Ages or the Postclassical Era.

          • adplatt126

            Yeah, due to forced conscription and Napoleon’s brilliant strategic mind. They had the strongest land based army because Germany and Italy weren’t even unified! Throughout history however, I would not compare French conquests to Germanic ones. They are not comparable. Rome, Atilla, the Ottomans at Vienna, France, England, all Germanic conquests or victories. And remarkably important ones at that. They would have ended communism too if we’d have let them. See my point? I do agree however that the France trash-talking is ridiculous and misplaced. But then again there is in recent centuries, something very weak and effeminate about their culture. France is all too cosmopolitan and overly tolerant of outsiders, generally speaking, but then again, you could say that of the whole West at this point. It’s true that France is awakening but is it too little too late?

          • jayvbellis

            Typical dumb Amuricuhn comment, mentality.

            “The French are pussies, who never fight. They didn’t fight the Germans in World War II ”

            No dumb as& the French didn’t really fight the Germans inWorld War II, they chose to align themselves with our kinsmen the Germans, Danes, Italians, Finns against the Bolsheviks /Communists!

            The French fought very well against the Arab Muslim rapists, throat cutters I. Algeria 1950. That was a full out race war, Whites against nasty Arabs, Muslims.

            When was the last time the Amurikun government fought a pro White war?

            The Mexican war in the 1840s.

          • Long Live Dixie

            Typical dumb Amuricuhn comment, mentality.

            I’m not an American. I’m a Southerner.

            “The French are pussies, who never fight. They didn’t fight the Germans in World War II “

            It wasn’t me who said that. NoMosqueHere is the one who said something along those lines. However, I do share his general doubts about the French willingness to fight (which is the only thing I’ve thus far agreed with him about).

            . . . they chose to align themselves with our kinsmen the Germans, Danes, Italians, Finns against the Bolsheviks /Communists!
            The armed forces of Vichy France continually showed themselves to be unwilling to fight.

            The French fought very well against the Arab Muslim rapists, throat cutters I. Algeria 1950.

            France could have annihilated Algeria if it wanted to. Instead, Algeria was granted independence. This is the lack of a fighting spirit that I am talking about.

            When was the last time the Amurikun government fought a pro White war?
            Perhaps you’ve mistaken me for a defender of the American government.

          • Garrett Brown

            “France could have annihilated Algeria if it wanted to. Instead, Algeria
            was granted independence. This is the lack of a fighting spirit that I
            am talking about.”

            By that logic no white countries have fighting spirits. What country would wipe out their entire colonies? That wouldn’t make any sense.

          • Long Live Dixie

            I meant the insurgency and its infrastructure. Obviously, it wouldn’t make sense to annihilate the infrastructure used by the French or the French colonists themselves.

            And yes I agree, most white countries either lack fighting spirits (e.g., France) or have misdirected fighting spirits (e.g., Britain).

          • Garrett Brown

            In Algeria, that would be pretty much all infrastructure since it was the most populated French colony(had the most French people living there).

            France is doing A LOT more than Britain as far as Nationalism right now, so I’m not even sure what you’re referring to, or if you have been paying attention the past decade. The BNP, UKIP, Laborers etc. are an absolute joke.

          • Long Live Dixie

            There were more than a million French colonists in Algeria, so it would certainly would not mean nearly all infrastructure.

            I believe we’re talking about France’s willingness to actually fight – such as in throwing the invaders out. The French support for a semi-nationalist party doesn’t prove their ability or willingness to fight.

          • Garrett Brown

            You have a lot more demonstrations/marches that end with violence in France than you do Britain, at least from what I have seen. But for the most part, they can’t fight right now for legal reasons. I suppose we should just think “well, overthrow the government!” but it isn’t that simple I wager.

          • jayvbellis

            Just try to ignore this troll Long Live Dixie. He likes to mouth off about history subjects he doesn’t know much of anything about, likes to slander other White nations like France and Russia, split hairs about Christian sectarian theology etc. best to ignore these types.

          • Garrett Brown

            I believe he’s a good man that cares about whites and wants the best for them, he just like many others holds grudges/has problems with specific group types which we cannot do if we want to survive. That may come off as extreme but we are now only 8% of the worlds population, we can’t afford any infighting.

          • jayvbellis

            Can the Mods here be on the look out for the commenter “Long Live Dixie”?

            He has been trolling more than a little bit on some other race realist blogs. He tends to make comments slandering other groups of very solid, pro Whites.

            Here he is slandering pro White French – our kinsmen the French have the largest pro a White Nationalist party in Europe, the Front Nationale.

            On other blogs, he insults solid pro White Midwestern Whites, other times slanders solid White Latter Day Saints .

            Come on folks. We ‘re pro White, White Indo Europeans. We don’t hate, insult our kinsmen in France, Russia, Germany, South Africa, Ferguson MO etc.

          • Long Live Dixie

            He has been trolling more than a little bit on some other race realist blogs.

            I don’t post at other race realist blogs. The majority of my blog posts are at Southern Nationalist Network and here. I’ve posted maybe two or three times at CCC and I’ve posted several times at Occidental Dissent. Anyone can check my posting history.

            Here he is slandering pro White French . . ..

            Liar. I am talking about the French people as a whole. I am not focusing my comments towards the pro-white ones. Instead of being a cry baby and going to the mods, why don’t you just get into the discussion and prove me wrong?

            On other blogs, he insults solid pro White Midwestern Whites, other times slanders solid White Latter Day Saints .

            Jack Ryan, is that you?

            I ‘insult’ those who think they can come to Dixie and tell us Southern nationalists to change the focus of our movement to suit their interests. I have always said I have no problem with Northern whites if they 1) stay in the North and 2) don’t tell us how to do things in Dixie. That’s it – simple as that. Why is it so difficult for so many of them to do those two things?

            As for Mormons, I can recall only once even mentioning the subject and that was at OD. My opinions on Mormons pretty well match the opinion of other tradition-minded Southerners. Mormons are a non-Christian group of outsiders who have come to Dixie to push their cult-like ways on us. They were driven out of the South by force more than once for shocking the mores of our people and offending the peace. Your word choice of ‘solid white’ Latter Day Saints is pure spin. My comments on Mormons were about Mormons in general. As in this discussion, I was not focusing on pro-white ones.

            If you’re too sensitive to hear an honest critique by people who think the French have become too decadent to fight like Hell for their country, then maybe racialism is too harsh a worldview for you.

          • jayvbellis

            American Racial realist blogs, Southern seperatists blogs and organizations tend to attract this type a lot….

            Guys that love to hear themselves talk, talk, talk – they constantly spread negativity and division, splitting hairs about Christian theology so some group of healthy Whites with healthy White birth rates, they are somehow not really Christians, or very successful European nationalists in France and Russia who have actually won power, they’re all supposedly pussies that will not fight.

            And here in our own country we have once solid Southern States like South Carolina that now do not have a heterosexual Southern man in the offices of Governor, US Senator.

            We do have some effective nationalist, immigration restrictionist organizations like the League of the South who actually get off the Internet and do effective demonstrations, education campaigns in the real world. But, with these Internet talkers, nothing is right.

            Folks, we have very real racial problems , real, violent, dangerous enemies. We don’t need to waste our time with these negative talkers who get obsessed that a White Latter Day Saints like a Donny and Marie Osmond are invading and destroying the South!

            Ok, so maybe you might be scared that a Donny Osmond is going to kick your arse, but Marie Osmond? Come on!

          • Long Live Dixie

            American Racial realist blogs, Southern seperatists blogs and organizations tend to attract this type a lot….

            As you know (or at least have been told a number of times), I am a member of the League of the South, I have met many other members of the League, and I have attended public demonstrations with the League. I am not some anonymous internet troll, as you have attempted to portray me since our first encounter more than a year ago at OD.

            . . .Guys that love to hear themselves talk, talk, talk – they constantly spread negativity and division . . .

            So says the guy who went to the Southern Nationalist blog some months ago and insulted most of the regular members there – including even accusing one of the regular female members (without a shred of evidence) of being ‘addicted’ to black males. You are a liar, a scoundrel, and a hypocrite. Every time you enter a discussion with me, topics get distorted and you end up on a ridiculous rant that is full of lies, innuendos, and false assumptions. You spread negativity, insults, and division and then you suddenly take the moral high ground in your rants by accusing me of doing the same while you are supposedly transformed into the voice of unity.

            . . . splitting hairs about Christian theology so some group of healthy Whites with healthy White birth rates, they are somehow not really Christians . . ..

            – It is mainstream in the South to classify Mormons as non-Christians. Anti-Mormonism is a much more popular view in the South than pro-Mormonism, thus taking a pro-Mormon viewpoint would not even be pragmatic. Why are we even talking about Mormons?

            – Mormons have a history of anti-Southern activism, hence the reason why they were thrown out of Dixie by militia and by enraged citizens on more than one occasion in the 19th century. Mormonism and the South are incompatible with each other.

            – Doubting the willingness of the French to fight for their land (which I have twice said could be an incorrect doubt on my part) does not qualify as spreading division. If the French fight for their land, then more power to them. Personally, I don’t see it happening and I fully expect some white nationalities to completely fold in the coming storm, while others will step up and prove themselves.

            We don’t need to waste our time with these negative talkers who get obsessed that a White Latter Day Saints like a Donny and Marie Osmond are invading and destroying the South!

            Me obsessed with Mormonism? You brought up the issue of Mormonism and I replied that I can only recall mentioning it once at another blog before now. We wouldn’t even be talking about Mormonism if you hadn’t decided to change the topic to that.

          • jayvbellis

            Ok, you say you have attended some League of the South protests without any reports of causing trouble. Good.

            Please just do that, hold a sign and don’t say anything.

            Your Internet comments have repeatedly fallen down in to trolling, slandering solid nationalist Whites, spreading ridiculous bigotry against White Latter Day Saints. Plus, you just mouth off about historical subjects you know nothing about.

            Please stop doing this.

            Mods please be aware that this guy has done this many other places in the alternative Right, racial realist blog world.

            I recently gave $350 to Amren, sponsored Amren’s successful White Traitor of the Year award. I don’t see you doing anything positive for Amren, preferring to troll, spread negativity and historical ignorance.

            Please stop doing that here.

          • Long Live Dixie

            Ok, you say you have attended some League of the South protests without any reports of causing trouble. Good.

            Whew! What a relief that I have the approval of an anti-Southern bigot who does the very same trolling that he accuses others of doing.

            Mods please be aware that this guy has done this many other places in the alternative Right, racial realist blog world.

            You’re a liar, an idiot, and a drama queen. Good day to you, Jack Ryan.

          • ATBOTL

            Many Southern losers glom onto to the WN movement to attack other whites. It’s likely LLD is someone we have heard from before under other names. We have a number of regular handles here that claim to be Southerners and who attack other whites constantly. Usually, these people express political views that are much closer to mainstream Republicans than WNs in general do.

          • ATBOTL

            Troll alert.

          • jayvbellis

            Yes – just a troll.

            Nothing deep here.

            Just work to ban this troll.

      • jayvbellis

        Serbs fought the nasty Turko Albanian Muslims. World Jewish power led by the likes of Madeline Albright took the Muslim side. We bombed our kinsmen the Serbs, same as we bombed our kinsmen th eager mans in Hamburg and Dresden.

        • NoMosqueHere

          World jewish power did it, Oh! I see. Take a pill.

          • ATBOTL

            I don’t know where you are, here in the USA, neocons and Jewish Democrats lead the campaign to vilify the Serbian people, then lead the campaign to murder them for defending themselves from Muslims conquest. That’s a fact. Neocon Bill Krystal stated the need to “crush Serb skulls,” as many of us remember. No real white nationalist who payed attention to the news media at the time can deny that there was a broad based, Jewish campaign to attack the Serbian people on behalf of Islamic expansion. I even remember hearing Jew Gene Simmons being interviewed on a rock radio station and calling the Serbian people “nazis” and demanding war on them to an interested DJ. The preponderance of Jews among those advocating war on the Serbian people was just as conspicuous as the preponderance of Jews among the architects of the Iraq war.

            We have every right to notice and respond to vicious Jewish hatred and killing of our people. Shame on you for suggesting that white people do not have a right to notice things or make observations about people who are out to do us harm. White nationalists must have an absolute right to openly and freely discuss any and all threats to our people.

      • Periapsis

        Jews are cowards, they are very brave at murdering people who cannot fight back. Crude homemade rockets versus missiles and artillery does not constitute a war, it constitutes a massacre.

      • Cid Campeador

        Let’s hope that they will. The is the new Crusade to save Western Culture.

  • JustJeff

    No! Take Sweden instead.

  • tancred guiscard

    If the U.S govt declared war there i would enlist. It wont. More eastward, i would fight in a war to regain the Hagia Sophia, but it will never happen. Damn you,msm

    • dmxinc

      Yes, no one ever talks about the conquest of what is now turkey. Why was there conquest okay and all the West’s unacceptable?

      Even the buildings of our Christian ancestors still stand in Turkey

      The only person I have read that vowed to drive out the turks was Hitler. Seems he chose the wrong war first.

      • I know the victorious allies of WWI held Constantinople for five years after the war and concomitant with the dismantling of the Ottoman Empire which threw in with the defeated Central Powers.

    • phillyguy

      I wonder if anybody even remembers who Tancred D’Hauntville was, his son Robert Guiscard was a thorn in the side of Muslims

      • Paleoconn

        Robert Guiscard (if we’re talking about the same guy) was actually a thorn in the Byzantine Emperor Alexios I Comnenos’ side in the 12th century.

        • phillyguy

          Yes he was , and also of the lombard kingdom

          • Paleoconn

            I thought he was Norman. Off to read up on him some more, thanks for mentioning him.

        • phillyguy

          Haunteville was his norman name, Guiscard was his nickname, the weasel I believe

          • Paleoconn

            But I don’t see anywhere of him having fought muslims unlike for example Charles Martel

          • phillyguy

            I believe one of his older brothers fought in a crusade, another brother fought for the Norman conquest of England, , he had like 5 or 6 brothers, , but in all that family led a very interesting existence

    • TEE207

      Would you really join to regain the Hagia Sophia? Even though it will be regained by Orthodox Christianity in alliance with the Muslim World? This alliance and conquest of Constantinople will serve to break the back of the ever oppressive NATO!
      It was the Modern West which back stabbed Holy Russia by supporting the Godless Bolsheviks in their usurpation during WW I.

      • Triarius

        I would, and I am 0% Greek or Eastern Orthodox. The only reason the Greeks don’t have it now is because of the Austrians declaring war on the Russians because they didn’t want the imbablnce of power to go against them. Russia taking Constantinople and giving to the Greeks would have done this. Check out the 18th and 19th century wars in the area. Less than a century after the “Gates of Vienna” Austria (the Autro-Hungarian Empire) sided with their enemies for political reasons.

    • jayvbellis

      Eastern European Orthodox Christians (Russians and Serbs) are solid on Muslim issues. Also, there are few if any know it all, race denying Libertarians, Constitutionalists in Russia or Serbia.

  • frederickdixon

    From the 1490s, when they were all kicked out, there were no Moslems in Spain until a few years ago when the socialist government decided that it would be “progressive” to have lots of picturesque Islamists in the country; they have a nice way of saying “thank you”.

    • bilderbuster

      The Arabs and their Semitic cousins, the Jews were kicked out in 1492 and Spain foolishly has forgiven both.

    • jayvbellis

      Everyone should get the video of the Northwestern University journalist grad getting his throat cut and his head cut off.

      Show the video to idiot immigration Libs and let them know …

      This will be you.

      We have some anti Muslim immigration Libs, Leftists in Holland and England. We need more.

      • DaveMed

        Exactly why I try to avoid the word “liberal” in my discussions on the subject. I always point out that this is one issue where all Westerners, conservative and liberal alike, should be coming together.

  • phorning

    “Al-Andalus is the Arabic name given to those parts of Spain, Portugal
    and France that were occupied by Muslim conquerors (also known as the
    Moors) from 711 to 1492”

    They didn’t hold the entire territory for 781 years. The Moors had been completely driven out of France by 759 and most had been driven out of Spain by 1250. What a frightening belief system. Western governments cannot allow them residency in our countries.

    • bilderbuster

      Their belief system is almost as frightening as their racial composition.

  • IstvanIN

    I used to admire King Juan Carlos for bringing freedom to Spain, now I think he was wrong. Politicians are scum and the average voter is a nit-wit.

    Spain should give up their Afreakan enclaves, evict all non-whites from the kingdom proper and learn from the past.

    • “The average voter is a nit-wit” – Good Lord, that’s more true than we even realize! I am appalled at the level of ignorance of most people today – except when it comes to useless trivia and pop culture. Other than that, we’re surrounded by mental pygmies!

      • IstvanIN

        And you just insulted pygmies.

    • The most famous author from the northeastern part of my state once said it best:

      “The best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter.”

      And then realize half of them are dumber than that. Then on top of that realize that these were back in the days when the franchise was far more limited than it is today.

      The reason I say that duhmocrazy (sic) is going to have be on its way out if our race has a future is that as I watched all the festivities from the FerGaza Strip over the last two weeks, I realized that every individual in that mob who is at least 18 years old has the exact same franchise power in the exact same state that I do, (not counting the out-of-staters). My vote, which I sometimes agonize over and don’t arrive at without a lot of thinking, is instantly negated by “mop heads.” Or it could be, even though the reality in Bell Curve City is that the big hat grandmothers of these mop heads do most of the voting.

      • LHathaway

        Winston Churchill said that, didn’t he? Or is the quote so obvious it doesn’t need mentioning?

        • Mark Twain.

          • Spikeygrrl

            Thanks for the attribution; I love the quote.

        • Garrett Brown

          Churchill? Pfffftttttt…

      • Cecil Broomsted

        If we really think about it, democracies (Western-style representative governments) are only going to function as intended with racially homogenous populations.

        • coco bongo

          Competing races bring competing religions, competing cultures, competing worldviews, wildly differing IQs, and so on. Yet, the lightweight thinkers — those who just skim the surface of situations still do not understand these things. Take for example those who insist that race plays no role in what we are seeing all around us and all over the world. Oh, they insist that the problem of Islam is mere ideology. They point to Muslim converts and say, “See, Islam is not a race. Anyone can be a Muslim. It is the ideology that is the problem, not the people themselves.”

          While this is true on the shallow surface, they look no deeper than that. They do not realise that what they are seeing with these converts is the domination of one race’s religious ideology over another race’s. They ignore the fact that Islam arose with Bedouin nomads in the deserts of Saudi Arabia and that this religion is a direct, racially-derived, product of those people. Culture is a product of race. They refuse to acknowledge this. The white convert to Islam has succumbed to the religious world-view of another race of people. Islam is the religion of Arabs. The converts to Islam have adopted that race’s beliefs.

          You keep Islam out of the West by keeping its Middle Eastern practitioners out of the West. You discriminate racially right up front. “Oh, but what about Hindus and Buddhists, they aren’t causing any problems.” That may be true now but what about later when their numbers grow? Japan does not have these kinds of problems, negroes rioting in Ferguson, rape and murder all over their cities, because of their racial homogeneity.

          • Kathy M

            I see the tide slowly turning among intelligent Jews. Some of them are finally awakening to the realities of race, slowly beginning to realize multiracial socities are not such a good thing after all. Stubbornness still persists though. No matter how many times I post the fact that the most anti-Semitic population in the US are African Americans (poll after poll shows this), they still lovingly quote MLK (as if he did anything for them). The majority of them still cast their lot, as they did with the Muslim Moors in Spain against Christians, with blacks over whites. As repulsive as this is, but because they are racially white, I am not giving up on them yet.

          • jayvbellis

            I thought the same in the 1980s when 40% + of American Jews voted for Reagan and there was a new Conservative intellectual movement called Neo Conservatism.

            Turned out this Jewish American Neo Conservatism was most all about Israel, Lib Dems like Jimmy Carter looking to give Israel away like they gave White Rhodesia away.

            The Sharpton led Black mob pogrom against Orthodox Jews in a Crown Heights Brooklyn helped New York Jews vote in Guliani and restore a White civilization, but again, that was just a temporary adjustment to address local Jewish interests in a place where Jews had strong interests.

            Nationally, internationally nothing much has changed. American Jews are a huge part of the anti White coalitions . For secular American Jews it will always be 1963 in Birmingham AL where liberal Left Jews are championing the oppressed Black masses, holding hands singing “we shall overcome”. Jews don’t own many, any of the stores being looted in Ferguson MO.

          • jayvbellis

            Talk, reason will not work with this crowd. Only personal, physical pain. No pain, no gain. Work to expose them to some racial pain.

          • Periapsis

            Indeed, they will face real pain, as in richly deserved death and destruction at the hands of those they are visiting the same upon. It was Germans, Ukrainians and other European peoples early in the 20th century, it will be the Palestinians and other Muslims very soon, and I will feel nothing but schadenfreude.

          • SoulInvictus

            “I am not giving up on them yet.”

            Good luck with that.

          • The point of your comment is to stealthily and casually drop fiction at the end by claiming that they are white. They are not Us. They are the Other. They run America so the open borders and anti-white policies are theirs. Look into who has been pushing for gun control for the last half century. Look into who’s behind the concept of political correctness and who has the clout to push that narrative in media.

    • Ed

      He didn’t really bring freedom. He wanted a throne and easy life in exchange he provided cover for politicians. His wife though is hardcore although not a Spaniard.

      • IstvanIN

        What cover does he provide for politicians? The politicians run the show, I don’t believe he ever even used his few reserve powers.

    • Cid Campeador

      Spain needs another Francisco Franco with a strong Anti-Islamic agenda.
      Remember that Islam means “submission” to Allah and to his self proclaimed representatives.
      España, ¡ Fuera con los Musulmanes!

  • Luca

    If ISIS continues to gain momentum it will be able to surround Israel in a very short period of time. More than likely Hamas is keeping Israel busy while ISIS does just that.

    It is but a short hop from Libya to Europe and considering the Muslim populations of Europe I am convinced that that the US should be pressuring Britain and the EU to take a pro-active approach against these monsters before they gain any more momentum. The Brits help create this mess after WW1 and again after WW2.

    I don’t think ISIS will take on Israel first because Israel will not play patty-cake with them and if they even attempt to bring out a conventional military attack then the US and Europe will make a move.

    Two things are truly annoying, one is watching ISIS parade around with US military hardware gathered from friends in Libya and the Iraqi military abandoning their posts. The other is watching Europe not recognizing the gravity of the Islamic threat and doing absolutely nothing significant or proactive about it.

    • Another thing annoying is having to read and listen to some of our own people try to pass ISIS off as not a threat or not a big deal.

      • LHathaway

        A true diplomat might try to find a way ISIS could the US and serve our purposes? I still suspect ‘radical Islam’ will be defeated. We’re all waiting to see how it plays out.

      • Tarczan

        Yup, they are the JV.

      • They are a threat to other Muslims, they are a big deal in Muslim lands. They have nothing to do with whites, in the grand scheme of things. They are slaughtering their own, idiotic people, and lowering the number of Muslims in the world.

        What exactly, is the problem? You think they’re going to suddenly build an industrial civilization to match white civilizations, then proceed to build machines of war to employ against us? Let them kill each other off, then we can move in to mop up.

        I’m being sarcastic, obviously, but what is this dire threat? Unless you just mean “they’re Muslim, and all should be killed because they are dangerous” in which case I agree.

        • Long Live Dixie

          What exactly, is the problem?

          Do you really think a fanatical Islamic state only 1000 miles from Europe’s borders is not a danger in this age of mass immigration and open borders? They don’t need to attack Europe head-on. All they need to do is move there. If Europe was walled off from the Third World and was ruled by nationalists, then the danger would be much less.

          • *Sigh* this is getting ridiculous, I think yours is the 5th response on the same post I’m replying to, please read the others, where I expand a bit. Pretty sure we’re all pretty much on the same page!

        • jayvbellis

          White rule and physical and cultural genocide happened in Zimbabwe, French Algeria, Detroit, Memphis TN, Santo Doming/Haiti. The lowest, worst non Whites defeat us not by creating advanced industrial civilizations, these dark, Black mobs don’t even read.

          We’re facing mob terror. It’s nothing new. Come on man, stopping your head in the sand. It’s all about race, numbers – we need to increase our numbers and decrease their numbers, keep them out, drubbed those that are here out.

          One thing we absolutely must do now is to silence those like you who insist that NW Muslims, Blacks etc aren’t really a problem because they aren’t advanced etc.

          Think the mobs looting Ferguson Mo are really advanced, electrical engineers?

          • I responded more in depth to your second reply, but no, my head is not in the sand, the point is that ISIS is ISLAM. Saying ISIS is a threat, singling a single tentacle out as “the problem” is silly. That’s like saying “MS13 is a threat” no, HISPANICS are the threat, THEY are the ones who made a thousand different bloodthirsty murderous gangs.

            I was basically arguing semantics, just doing a poor job of it I suppose, as I’m pretty sure were on the same page.

          • jayvbellis

            Ok. Understand . Just be very strong against Islamic immigration to the West. The anti Zionist, anti Neo Con White Right often makes the huge mistake of defending Muslims , trying to form alliances that the Muslims never honor.

        • The first caliphate? The Ottoman Empire?

          • I have received quite a few replies to the comment, and responded backwards order, please see my reply to jayvbellis and

          • Not sure I’m seeing your point, the Ottoman empire was secretly run by ISIS?

            Again, sarcasm, please see my two other replies to my original post, specifically to jayvbellis, I somewhat expanded on the point I was originally trying to make.

        • SoulInvictus

          “You think they’re going to suddenly build an industrial civilization to match white civilizations, then proceed to build machines of war to employ against us?”

          There aren’t any factories in Afghanistan producing AK’s and bullets either. Does that seem to be holding them back?
          How many enemies would happily give these guys serious weapons to smuggle into the US. They don’t exactly need a uranium enrichment program to get a gift from the Iranians, or Pakistanis, or etc…

          • Not to be rude, but please see my response to jayvbellis on this same comment, but to sum up, I guess you both must have missed the last bit of my post, I’m not saying Islam is not a threat, I’m saying identifying ISIS as some kind of unique and special threat requiring the attention of Amurricuh and it’s drone strikes is asinine, ISIS is ISLAM, ISLAM is the threat, not a group within the group, currently slaughtering others, IN THAT GROUP. So I stand by my original comment.

          • SoulInvictus

            ISIS/ISIL/Al Qaida is CIA&Israeli created and supported.
            Funny no one in the mainstream media questions why a supposedly super radical Muslim group not only leaves Israel alone, but falls back to Israel for medical support (publicly known, not conspiracy theory, and there are photos from Israeli press of Netanyahu posing with death squad fighters at one of the medical camps).

            If they were anything other than what I state, would attacking Israeli’s not be a priority? They are literally right next door.
            The only threat they pose us is as a false flag attack.

            That’s our wonderful ally Israel, financing and supporting a group that slaughters Christians…
            And there’s some more debatable info about whether the top ISIS leadership are Mossad. Look it up… interesting reading.

        • jayvbellis

          Here’s your terrible mentality:

          “Muslims can be left alone to do the things they do in THEIR Muslim countries. Muslims will never bother White Western people unless we bother them”.

          Utter &$&@@ nonsense !

          The whole concept of the nation state is a White Western concept, totally foreign to Islamic peoples. Islam has always spread by invasion, conquests, mass violence and slavery, including slavery of Whites. Many now Islamic countries were once very White . The Southern shores of the Mediterranean Sea were as White as the Northern shore in Greek, Roman times, Visigothic times. Algerian coastal cities were majority White in the 1950s, same as Detroit was majority White in the 1950s.

          • “Unless you just mean “they’re Muslim, and all should be killed because they are dangerous” in which case I agree.”

            I guess you must have stopped reading before hitting this bit at the end, because otherwise I’m not entirely sure where you’d come up with.”Muslims can be left alone to do the things they do in THEIR Muslim countries. Muslims will never bother White Western people unless we bother them”.

            Islam is a scourge upon the face of the earth, a danger to ALL that is not Islam. I took issue with the post about ISIS because it implies ISIS is somehow more of a problem than Islam itself. The implied course of action is that “ISIS is a threat, we should stop ISIS” which is simply idiotic. That’s like irradiating the cancer of ISIS while it’s feasting upon it’s own malignant tumors. What possible gain is to be made by stopping them from killing themselves? You think suddenly the rest of the muslims we saved will magically turn into “moderate Muslims” ? No, they will still just be Muslims, they will still be a threat.

            Again, ISIS poses absolutely no threat to anyone but other Muslims, and anyone stupid enough to be caught in the crossfire. ISLAM, poses a threat to everyone on the planet, and should be exterminated.

            Get it?

    • Ed

      The West doesn’t want to fight. They’re preoccupied with homosexuals, feminists and diversity. Only thing saving it from being overrun is superior arms.

    • Chris Granzow XI

      ISIS is fake. John McCain met with them and funded them back when we were giving money to the “moderate” syrian rebels.

    • bilderbuster

      Before the US destroyed Iraq, Libya and destabilized Syria for Israel there was no Al CIA Duh in Iraq, no Free Syrian Army/ISIS in Syria and Iraq and Libya was a stable place to buy oil.

    • TEE207

      ISIS or the IS are a creation of the Anti-Christ. Their purpose is to defame Islam and Muslims further more. Israel needs ISIS so that her friends in the BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera, the New York Times, Le Monde et al can get to work to convince Mankind that Israel has to act pre-emptively against ISIS in order to defend herself and the rest of Mankind. Thus Israel will have casus belli to wage her pre planned wars in order to expand her borders to the Biblical ones as part of her messianic mission!

      The purpose of NATO bombardment of ISIS in recent times and the oppression upon Gaza by Israel is to enrage Muslims further so that they FOOLISHLY support ISIS as a TRUE Islamic cause (when it is utterly BOGUS) and Israel & Co can then use this to their advantage.

    • Ella

      Like the USA ignoring the threats from our Southern border, Europe does not want to defend their boundaries and sovereignty in the name of commerce. Furthermore, after the “weapons of mass destruction” chant, people should remain sceptical of the ISIS threat.

  • Sangraal

    ‘Radical Muslims (and many moderate Muslims) believe that all territories
    Muslims lost during the Christian Reconquista of Spain still belong to
    the realm of Islam. They claim that Islamic law gives them the right to
    return there and re-establish Muslim rule.’

    I consider Anatolia to still belong to the realm of Europe, and that we have a right to reclaim it.

  • Ed

    I have to disagree somewhat with this article, reclaiming Spain is not a radical Islamic belief, plenty of so called moderates believe it too. I debated a moderate Islamic a year or so ago online. He was educated in Switzerland, claimed to be against radical Islam but was pretty matter of fact about Spain being under Islamic dominion. Said India was theirs too. Hopefully the West can maintain superior arms because the fighting spirit is decisively on the Mohammedans’ side.

    • Periapsis

      Hopefully the West will find the stomach to use nerve gas and nuclear bombs to destroy these hordes if they threaten to overrun us.

    • jayvbellis

      Let’s work on Muslim women.

  • Bossman

    The hordes of Islam are suffering from a massive inferiority complex. They cannot get over the fact that they are destined to live in the shadow of the Jews.

    • jayvbellis

      The Muslims destroying Malmo Sweden ain’t living in the Shadows of the Jews.

      Palestine is one small part of the chaos and terror of Islam. Pakistan and Indonesia have way more Islamic rapists, throat cutters than Gaza and the West Bank.

      • What do you call an orc litterer in a cave of hobgoblins?


        We merely do not have the stomach to enforce our own rules.

  • Christine Schaeffer

    Maybe the West needs another Vlad the Impaler along with another Charles Martel.

    • Periapsis

      We do indeed need lots of Vlad the Impalers, who will use Islam’s evil against them. With more and more young white men facing a bleak future, some are going to probably become the Muslim’s worst waking nightmares.

    • bilderbuster

      There was a German gentleman a few years back who tried with the help of the German people to prevent all of this.

      • Long Live Dixie

        Too bad he was one of the worst generals in modern history.

        • Periapsis

          More like, too bad he didn’t let the generals do their jobs. Stalin was even worse in that regard, but if Hitler had his way, the Slavs would be enslaved, or extinct today.

        • bilderbuster

          If he had listened to some of his generals the Treaty of Versailles would still be being enforced in the Rhineland.
          Like Monty and Ike even with Patton could have defeated the Wehrmacht of 1941.

          • Long Live Dixie

            If he had listened to some of his generals the Treaty of Versailles would still be being enforced in the Rhineland.

            Just because his generals were wrong about a couple things early in the war doesn’t mean they were wrong throughout the war. Especially towards the middle and end of the war, Hitler continually ignored his generals and with predictably disastrous consequences. At any rate, the Rhineland remaining captive would be a far better scenario than what actually happened to all of Germany.

            Too bad Churchill didn’t stay neutral . . ..

            You mean Chamberlain, and I agree. However, that doesn’t make Hitler any less responsible for his own massive blunders.

    • Triarius

      It’s a shame we have too many people like Vlad’s brother. Look him up.

  • TruthBeTold

    It’s amazing.

    Now they’re openly and publicly TELLING the west what their plans are and yet nothing is being done.

  • MoMo

    This is highly unlikely since most Mohammedans can’t, or won’t, dance the Tango, Bolero, Rumba, Cha Cha Cha, Samba, or have even heard of Julio Iglesia, Carlos Santana, or Gato Barbieri.

    Besides, even if these guys were ever able to kill all of the Christians, Jews, and other infidels, they would then turn on themselves and start killing each other!
    The Prophet might have been a great warrior but he wasn’t too keen when it came to figuring out how things were going to be after he bailed on his while horse.


    • Periapsis

      They are doing that right now, which is why I think they are deluded to think they could ever rule the world. And even if they succeeded, all humans would be extinct and the world a radioactive wasteland because of them and the nuclear war they start. Muslims are desert people in more ways than one, they left deserts wherever they went. They destroy the environment as a way to destroy those who will not bow down to the child diddling mass murderer.

    • They already have turned on each other, at Karbala, after which the religious schism occurred between Shi’ites and Sunnis.


  • IKUredux

    Holy crap! Just because some ahole moves into your country, doesn’t make them British, or Spanish, or French. Hey! You PTB we know a British person when we see one. We also know a non-European when we see one. Why the hell do you insist on calling somebody who moved to a White country like Germany, or France, “German”, “French”. Do you think you are fooling anyone? These coloreds from around the world will never be GERMAN, they will never be FRENCH, they will never be SWISS, they will never be IRISH. They WILL NEVER BE WHITE EUROPEAN! And, for your information, there is NO OTHER KIND OF EUROPEAN other than WHITE!!!!! The muslims want to take Spain “back” BACK? Like they had it from the very beginning? Who cares. Just in case you haven’t noticed, you backwards goat fornicating muslims, haven’t owned much of anything worthwhile. As a matter of fact, were it not for the oil under your God forsaken arid culture and land,and, the fact that White people needed your oil, and went and drilled for it, because like your sub-Saharan neighbors you are stupid, and the fact that we Whites rather than just going into your backwards ass countries and just taking your oil, we pay you for a resource that we need, but also developed the technology to extract. You know what I would do if I was the POTUS? I would threaten to blow to kingdom come your stupid black box at mecca. What the Hell is that thing? And, furthermore, I would bomb mecca to the ground. I would smash medina to smithereens. I would put to use all our weapons to obliterate the M.E from the map and from our lives as the threat it is. My middle name IS NOT HUSSEIN. Why the hell that sob got elected TWICE!!! is beyond me.

  • Paleoconn

    Franco would never let this happen.

  • Chris Granzow XI

    I hate it when they say “Spanish” or “British,” when they’re really referring to Pakis, Somalis or Arabs. That’s the prime definition of misappropriation.

    • Spikeygrrl

      After how many generations do you believe an immigrant family has earned the right to identify as their chosen nationality rather than their ancestral one? I ask because I get really fed up with the “hyphenated-American” trope. Why can’t Americans just be AMERICANS?

      • IstvanIN

        Good question. Up until 25 years ago Canada had Canadian (British), French Canadians and First Nations. Now they have Asian-Canadians, Sikh-Canadians and Muslim-Canadians, etc.. “Americans” are pretty much limited to British, Northern European and, to a large degree eastern European descended peoples. The Irish and Italians still pretty much refer to themselves as Irish and Italian. Of course there are always exceptions. The Jews, blacks and assorted third-worlders can never be Americans.

        • Spikeygrrl

          Wow. We’ll have to agree to disagree on this one.

          • IstvanIN

            History pretty proves the naysayers right. The US could have forged a common American ethnicity over time out of its European population as long as immigration was non-existent or minimal. We would never have turned blacks into anything but hyphenated-Americans. Tribal affiliations are strong and always have been.

          • Spikeygrrl

            Blacks don’t assimilate ANYWHERE (except Africa). Whites and Asians, OTOH, assimilate ANYWHERE.

            So tell me again why, e.g., ethnic Asian Indians born and bred under British rule, who followed the Brits back home after Ghandi and have been living thoroughly British lives ever since, should NOT be allowed to identify as “Britons of East Indian extraction”?

          • IstvanIN

            No, they are not British, not English, Welsh, Scottish, or Irish, they are not of European extraction. They can NEVER be British and should be removed from the kingdom.

          • Spikeygrrl

            So, in your view, even the most able and willing should simply resign themselves to “blooming where they are planted” (even if that’s in a Third World hellhole) or forever resign themselves to second-class citizenship anywhere else? That’s HARSH, dude.

            I’m done discussing this with you, since there seems to be no possibility of us finding productive common ground on this issue.

          • IstvanIN

            Shouldn’t these bright, capable people work at improving their own nations and societies rather than jumping ship to take advantage of a prebuilt country? How do you think western nations became prosperous and civilized? Work. Hard work. The bulk or the world’s landmass, outside of Russia, is populated by third world people, why should we surrender our birth right so that they don’t have to work at improving their own societies? It can be done. China is becoming modern, they have growing pains, but they are doing it. Vietnam is becoming slowly improving their standard of living. They have a two-child policy to keep the population stable so that they can improve their standard of living. Pretty smart.
            Allowing the best and brightest to abandon their own people hurts their countries of origin and dilutes our racial stock.
            I am a firm believer in diversity: I want our people to survive as a distinct group and have no problem with the others surviving well. in their own backyards.

          • Spikeygrrl

            Keep talking to yourself all day long; I’m no longer listening.

          • nBmnp

            English, Welsh, Scottish and Irish are nationalities, i.e. subraces. But “British” is a non-race based category (similar to the “propositional nation” in the US) – it only means subject to the queen and not (much) more than that.

            This is also the reason why you can get into trouble for flying the *English* flag in Britain, while flying the *British* flag is alright and even encouraged by the authorities: The former is a *national* symbol while the latter is a *multicultural* symbol.

            That is why the British idea of empire needs to be abolished.

            Yes, the British empire as such already crumbled a long time ago, but the idea of the empire is still wreaking havoc.

          • IstvanIN

            The I would consider British a grouping like Scandinavian, both of which can be broken into smaller subsets. Non the less a Non-European can NEVER become British, regardless of the number of generation they live there.

          • Garrett Brown

            Asian don’t assimilate anywhere.

          • Cid Campeador

            That’s OK with me re. Indian Hindus . Paks are the exception because they’re Muslimin as are the Somalis and Sudanese.

        • Periapsis

          Agreed, they are to our form of governance, culture and heritage what nitrogen tetroxide is to un-symmetrical di-methyl hydrazine. Namely they are nothing but an ignition source that will burn all of the above to ashes. In other words, they are incompatible with America, and will never belong here. They are only good for causing trouble, or worse.

      • Garrett Brown


        • Spikeygrrl

          I am speechless.

      • Chris Granzow XI

        It’s different for places like America and Canada, who aren’t based around one ethnic group. “American” used to mean anglo-saxon, then white-European, now it means anybody from anywhere. But I honestly think never, at least when it comes to Europe. Each European ethnicity developed uniquely over hundreds of years. For someone to think that if they’re Italian and move to Germany that makes them “German,” or a Latvian who moves to England thinks he’s “British,” it denies the racial-ancestral element of that title. Even within those countries. For example, only 60,000 in Venice are true Venetians that can trace their ancestry back centuries, the rest are citizens resulting from inner-migration from other regions of Italy.

        • Spikeygrrl

          In America, everyone except for the aboriginal natives, came from Somewhere Else. How silly it would be if even after hundreds of years we still regarded ourselves and each other as Britons and Germans and Frenchmen and Danes and Spaniards!

          • Chris Granzow XI

            A lot of it has to do with minority groups trying to get benefits. But it also has a lot to do just with who we are. You can look at a german-american and a greek-american and tell the difference. Those ancestries will always be a part of us, our dna and who we are despite how long we live in america. As a german, I sometimes can even instinctively find myself understanding germans and their behavior better than I can other european ethnic groups.

          • Ella

            It is really difficult to call yourself an American when majority of the people are nonwhite in most major cities who do not even speak English. I have more in common with Europeans when I return home to visit, but I’m American born. What an I supposed to identify with? In our area, I’m not Latinos or Asian.

          • nBmnp

            The aboriginal natives also came from somewhere else – and there are archeological data which hint at a people who were there before them (search for “Solutrean hypothesis”).

      • Long Live Dixie

        What’s an ‘American’? It is not a nationality in the way that ‘Englander’, ‘Dane’, ‘German’, etc., are. Americans are so much of an unprecedented mix of races and nationalities that hyphenating is the only way to tell anything about an American’s background.

    • IstvanIN

      On the radio on the way home from work the 5:00 news referred to “Europeans” going to join ISIS. Boiled my blood.

    • Cid Campeador

      Agreed. There not ethnically connected any of those countries that you named. They’re illegal or legal immigrants who have no particular love of the host country but rather come in like termites to suck off the teat of the host country’s economy, intimidate the indigenous population with murder, rape and sex slavery and plot the cultural and demographic destruction of the society.

  • De Doc

    I’m tempted to start a training club for the time when Spain will need some folks with balls to defend against this eventual aggression by Muslims.

  • Garrett Brown

    if you didn’t think Spain’s economy could get any worse, wait until they start flooding Muslims into the country.

  • Not to mention taking Britain, France …

  • jayvbellis

    So why doesn’t Spain have a political party like the Swiss People’s Party making opposition to bad Islamic immigration their winning issue?

    The Swiss People’s Party is the number 1 party in Switzerland.

    Tell me why every single working class White guy in Spain wouldn’t support a Spanish populist party making Islamic State terrorists the propaganda enemy?

    Maybe Spain has know it all Constitutionalist Libertarian types like Ron Paul and Rand Paul who insists Spain most honor birth right Spanish citizenship for the children of Afro Arab Paki Islamic extremists. I spend the better part of a half hour last week arguing with a high IQ Rand Paul staff member who insisted that Us Founding Fathers would strictly honor birth right citizenship for Islamic extremists.

    Only cure for this Ron and Rand Paul Constitutionalist libertarian cult is for Islamic State terrorists to behead them and put their head on a wooden stake. Even then I bet these know it all race denying Lib Libertarians Constitutionalists would keep talk, talk, talking their nonsense.

    • Long Live Dixie

      The Swiss People’s Party is the number 1 party in Switzerland.

      But there are still nearly half a million Muslims in Switzerland. Populists have inconvenienced the invaders in Switzerland, but they haven’t thrown them out. Worse still, they lack the moral courage to throw them out.

  • jayvbellis

    France had superior firepower to the Arab Muslims in the Algerian war in the 1950s. The Arab Muslims had Supperior demographic power.

    Same applies to demographics, police military power in US cities.

    Guns, military power are pretty much useless unless you have some leaders who will fire in to the mob. Napolean Bonaparte was one such man. Here in the USA we ‘ve got Sherrif Joe A, and NYPD chief Bratton. That’s about it.

  • Long Live Dixie

    I guess that makes Spaniards just as suicidal as nearly every other Western nationality.

  • SoulInvictus

    “I think Israel is ISIS’s end game target.”

    Wrong… there are proven links to Israeli intelligence and the CIA. Same as Al Qaeda. Which ISIS is, with a changed brand name.

    Remember the mini-rebellion of our military saying that didn’t want to be Al Qaeda’s air force in Syria. Soon after, brand name change to ISIS.

    It’s not even a closely guarded secret, they just know the public is pretty stupid when it comes to mideast matters.

    Israel openly provides medical treatment to ISIS/Al Qaeda rebels, then send them back across the Syrian border.

    In February, 2014, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu actually
    visited one of the medical facilities in which the Syrian rebels were
    being treated and even posed for a photo op shaking hands with a death squad fighter.

  • Bobbala

    There are three kinds of peaceful muslims: alone, unarmed and apostate.

    Some people have proposed a 4th kind, dead. I disagree. I wouldn’t classify burning in hell as peaceful.

  • IstvanIN

    Funny how the politicians never see a small (relatively speaking), stable, efficient, peaceful, homogenous population as desirable. It si even more astounding when you have countries, such as Spain, the UK and Belgium, that already have internal divisions, inviting in indigestible foreigners.

  • John R

    Muslims want Spain back? How about the Greek Orthodox get Anatolia (Asia minor) back? How about the Christian Armenians get all their land back? For that matter, how about we Western Christians take Persia back? Just asking.

    • jayvbellis

      The. Christian faith is pretty much dead and now useless for a Whiter people I the a Middle East, Asia Minor etc.

      I saw this many years ago.

      Whiter people in these areas identify themselves as more secular, align with Russia.

      Study up on Kemel Ataturk and the Turkish secular republic system. It worked well, Whiter populations in Turkey were protected against the unwashed, swarthy Islamic mobs.

      Look at Christianity in the West, USA – it’s getting nearly as bad as Libertarianism in opposing the Muslim invasions.

      • American fundamentalist and evangelical Protestants do recognize the threat from Islam, far better than other kinds of Christians, but I think their motivations don’t have that much to do with saving the race and far more to do with Christian Zionism.

        • Periapsis

          Christian Zionism IS a serious threat to all whites, it is setting us up for genocide in our own lands. It’s a contradiction in terms, given the Jews relentless drive to exterminate Christians worldwide.

  • Chris R

    “I say to the entire world as a warning: We are living under the Islamic flag, the Islamic caliphate. We will die for it until we liberate those occupied lands, from Jakarta to Andalusia. And I declare: Spain is the land of our forefathers and we are going to take it back with the power of Allah.”

    No, Spain is the land of MY forefathers who were there thousands of years before yours and we are going to keep it with the power of Western science.

  • I don’t know why they even bother with jihad. They’re conquering Europe with babies – because the Europeans put up no resistance.

  • Dave4088

    I regret to inform everyone that Spain and most other Western Europeans are not the men they once were and Catholicism is not the two fisted, anti-Islamist, pro-European man religion that it used to be. The former are now mostly money grubbing metrosexuals who’ve been denatured by decades of U.S. propaganda and influence while Catholicism is a weak, neo-Marxist cult which spends an inordinate time apologizing to Jews and Muslims for supposed historical wrongs when they aren’t importing third world savages into formerly bucolic European nations.

  • jayvbellis

    Muslims in Europe, UK, Australia, Canada and USA should be offered two choices:

    The coffin or the suitcase.

    These were the two options Algerian Arab Muslims offered the White French Pied Noir when a French Algeria was given independence, turned over to Arab Muslim majority rule.

  • Cook-Cook

    I wonder if Troy allowed Greek immigrants in…

  • They haven’t taken anything yet, and now they want Spain.

    I’m in favor of them taking the bottom of the ocean. Plenty of room for Islam there.

    • Periapsis

      Indeed, and they can be given a complimentary pair of lead and concrete shoes so they can land on the sea floor on their feet.

    • Bossman

      They shouldn’t be allowed to take anything. Their minds are clouded by darkness and superstitions; the kind of superstitions that belongs to the Middle Ages.

  • Cid Campeador

    Absolutely right. There are no such beings as moderate or peaceful Muslims. Islam is a cult of conquest and world domination. They abuse their women and children and even kill them when they suspect some infraction of Islamic doctrine.
    Remember El CId- Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar, remember Pelayo. What each European country and America need is a leader who will remove all Muslims from their midst.
    We need a President who will order the rounding up of Muslims the initiation of their mass deportation back to the country of their origin with the warning that any attempt to return here will result in execution. Those terrorists left in detention at the Guantanamo Bay facility should be executed by firing squad. The deportation could also include any Afros who are not content here.

  • Cid Campeador

    Spain was a pretty safe country under Franco.

  • Malgus

    Maaaaann…. don’t these guys take a day off?

    Look, they got their place. We got ours. They can go off and live in Headchopistan, we keep Europe and North America.

    When there’s just a couple of ’em, they’re all “religion of peace” and stuff… and folks buy that hooey… When their population percentage gets higher, they start agitating and burning things, rioting… still higher and all of a sudden you’re staring down the bullet of Civil War…

    I had enough of these head chopping goons over in the M.E. to last me a lifetime… now they’re (GASP!!) agitating in Europe and they’re already here in the US…

    What IDIOT left the barn door open, huh? Who invited these guys? Total buzzkill…

    Of course, if we round em up and ship em back to wherever they came from, that would be INTHENTHITIVE….

    Solution: Whoever it is saying shipping them off would be INTHENTHITIVE, why don’t we have these head-chopping goons live right next door to them? Or throw the butthurt INTHENTHITIVE people in a pit with these goons, then dump in a bunch of razor sharp gardening tools… I’d give real money to see that… 🙂

  • Long Live Dixie

    Americanism is the single biggest obstacle to Southern nationalism, so I don’t consider it realistic to identify as an American.

    • ATBOTL

      The irony is that only a hardcore Amuricun would say the stuff you do.

  • Long Live Dixie

    He just hates France and French people . . ..

    The willingness of people to distort things is truly astounding at times.

    He doesn’t know his own history well enough to know that the French were instrumental in defeating the English in both our Revolutionary War and the War of 1812.

    Another astounding statement. You claim to know my knowledge (or alleged lack of knowledge) about events that we haven’t even discussed? That’s a tad presumptuous, don’t you think?


    What are you babbling about? I’m talking about the American media’s coverage of the wars. It was non-stop Jews attacking the Serbian people as evil nazis.