Ferguson Police Department Implores Protesters to Gather Only During Daylight

CBS St. Louis, August 13, 2014

The police department in a St. Louis suburb where a man was shot and killed by a police officer is asking protesters to gather only during daylight.

Ferguson has been the site of nightly protests and unrest since 18-year-old Michael Brown was killed during a confrontation with an officer on Saturday.

In a news release issued Wednesday, the department asked that all people who assemble to pray or protest do so in “an organized and respectful” manner and disperse well before evening to ensure the safety of participants and the community.

“The City of Ferguson mourns the loss of Michael Brown’s life that occurred of Michael Brown’s life that occurred this past Saturday,” the statement read. “We understand members of our community, and those nationwide, are grieving with us. We have worked diligently to provide an opportunity for our residents to both grieve and voice frustrations through prayer vigils and peaceful protests.”

The statement continued: “We are working to restore confidence in the safety of our community and our neighborhoods so that we may begin the healing process.”

The release blames the previous violence on people who transformed peaceful protests into violent demonstrations, which police say is not indicative of the city or its residents.

Hundreds of residents packed two churches Tuesday evening for community meetings about the death of Brown, who was confronted by a Ferguson officer while walking with a friend in the street near his grandmother’s home.

People also gathered in the streets Tuesday night, shouting at police. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported that police again fired tear gas into a crowd. One person was injured in a drive-by shooting, although it was not clear if the shooting was related to the protests. The Post-Dispatch also reported that a St. Louis County police officer shot and critically wounded a man who authorities said pulled a handgun on the officer.

The fatal shooting of Brown has exposed deep racial and economic fault lines in the community. At one church gathering with dozens of clergy members and elected officials, Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon urged calm “in the face of crisis.”

“We stand together tonight, reeling from what feels like an old wound torn open afresh,” Nixon said. “A wound that hadn’t quite healed right in the first place, and now the pain is just as searing as when the injury first occurred.”

The other church rally featured the Rev. Al Sharpton, who earlier in the day pressed police to release the name of the police officer involved–but also pleaded for calm after a night of looting and vandalism and instances of police using tear gas.

“The local authorities have put themselves in a position–hiding names and not being transparent–where people will not trust anything but an objective investigation,” Sharpton said at a news conference with Brown’s parents.

Ferguson police initially planned to release the name of the officer, who is on administrative leave, on Tuesday. But they said death threats to its officers prompted them to withhold it. Computer hackers have also targeted the city’s website and released details online about individual city employees.

“If we come out and say, ‘It was this officer,’ then he immediately becomes a target,” Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson said. “We’re taking the threats seriously.”

Police have not disclosed the race of the officer, but witnesses said he was white. The Ferguson police force has 53 officers, three of whom are black. Jackson said the city has had trouble recruiting and retaining black officers.

Investigators have released few details about the deadly encounter, saying only that a scuffle unfolded after the officer on a routine patrol asked Brown and another teen to get out of the street on Saturday afternoon. At some point, the officer’s weapon fired inside a patrol car, according to the St. Louis County Police Department, which is handling the investigation at the smaller city’s request.

Several hundred protesters rallied Tuesday morning in the county seat of Clayton, urging St. Louis County’s prosecutor to file criminal charges against the Ferguson officer.

Brown’s father, Michael Brown Sr., said at the news conference to “come together and do this right . . . no violence.” President Barack Obama also urged calm, saying people must comfort each other “in a way that heals, not in a way that wounds.”

Ferguson’s mayor and police chief were among the speakers at the meeting Nixon attended. Both were welcomed with polite applause.

The forum was intended as an alternative response after two nights of unrest in which crowds had burned stores, vandalized vehicles, assaulted reporters and taunted officers. Organizers shared plans for numerous nonviolent responses, such as a prayer walk planned to mark the one-week anniversary of Brown’s death and assembling teams of greeters to welcome back students at the high school from which Brown recently graduated.

The fullest account of Brown’s death so far has come from Dorian Johnson, who said he was walking home with Brown when they were approached by an officer in a squad car who ordered them to move to the sidewalk. Johnson told news crews that he and Brown kept walking and the officer then reversed his car “to where it almost hit us.”

The officer, Johnson said, tried to open his door, but it “ricocheted” back. Johnson said the officer reached through the window, “grabbed my friend around the neck” and tried to pull him into the car. The officer then reportedly pulled out his weapon and said, “‘I’ll shoot you,’ or ‘I’m going to shoot,’” Johnson said.

When the officer opened fire, Brown was hit, said Johnson, who hid behind a car. Brown kept running, Johnson said. Johnson said the officer pursued Brown and fired again. When Brown felt that shot, he turned around and put his hands in the air and started to get down on the ground. The officer kept firing, Johnson said.

Police have said there is no security or police video of the confrontation.

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  • At least the last two nights, the cops have been able to keep things under control, relatively speaking. Precisely because they’re so heavy handed and scrapped up (“militarized”), and precisely because they throw the media and bloggers out before dark, to take away a publicity channel for the undertow.

    The problem is that the conga line of whining from blacks, liberals, libertarians and the media that has cacophonized in the last 12-24 hours has hit its political mark, and the politicians look like they’re going to yank the chains of the cops. We all know what that means.

    Also, if you listen to certain people talk, you’d think that they think that the Ferguson P.D. clad in fatigues, full body armor and helmets killed Michael Brown with tanks, M-16s and tear gas. Really, it’s not the “militarized” police the caused the riots and the subsequent attempts to riot, it’s the other way around.

    • MBlanc46

      The Real Mayor Daley was castigated for it, but I think subsequent history has justified his order, during the King assassination riots, I believe, to shoot to kill arsonists and shoot to maim looters.

  • JohnEngelman

    Asking criminals to please stop committing all those crimes is ineffective, even when the request is made politely.

    • LHathaway


  • D.B. Cooper

    The only way you’re going to get the criminal race to gather at daytime is if you tell them they are NOT allowed to gather in the daytime, and only at night is permitted.
    Bam! Watch them stay indoors at night, and gather at the daytime!

    • Nancy

      Or offer them something during the day and use their favorite word:


  • Dave West

    The request of the police department has about as much authority in the minds of the protestors as a library clerk!

    • The public library in Ferguson was unharmed and in fact untouched in Sunday night’s rioting.

  • 4321realist

    The brilliant John Lewis said today that he’s calling on the president to bring in the National Guard to protect the protestors, so they could protest peacefully.

    In other words he’s saying the black thugs need protection from the police after they burned down several stores, looted many others, tore others apart for pure vandalism and hate, and stole, robbed and committed mayhem from one area after another.

    This same liar has been exposed for telling one idiotic, unbelievable lie after another, the same person McCain said he “respected and admired.”

    One of his mentally challenged whoppers was declaring on the floor of the House that so many black slaves were thrown overboard in the Atlantic on the way to the US that it created a shark migration that lasts to this day.

    When Rush Limbaugh revealed the idiocy of his rant, pointing out slaves were money to ship owners and they would in no way throw slaves over board, he went back on the floor and recanted.

    But it’s typical of most all blacks. They’re so stupid they can’t even lie convincingly.
    Or they’re so mentally challenged they can’t understand anything, like the black Congressman who warned against getting too many people on Guam, because it could tip over. (Like a raft.)

    These are the geniuses we have who are making laws that affect us daily.

    • “Guam could tip over”

      That would be Hank Johnson, who introduced a bill today to stop the Pentagon to stop giving free stuff to local and state law enforcement.

      • Nancy

        What about that moronic sheboon in South Africa who said she was going to have scientists “look into” the recent spate of lightning strikes after 7 Bantus were struck the other day. According to her, it looks suspicious because she’d “never seen lightning strike Whites like that.”

        So now lightning is racist.

    • Mark

      Don’t forget the manned flight to Mars and North & South Vietnams coexisting in harmony to this day.

  • ncpride

    Blah, blah….. Saw some black ‘leader’ on the news saying he was saddened by the looting, rioting and burning. Really? That’s it? Well, he should feel embarrassed, ashamed and angry that ‘his’ people have resorted to the kind of savagery we have come to expect of them, then have the audacity to resent it. I’m sick to death of these black phonies with their fake outrage, when they run around killing each other in record numbers every single day of the year. As far as profiling, you black fools have MORE than earned it……you know it, we know it, and even loony liberals know it on some level. This country, and Whites in particular, have been kissing your butts for 60 years now, and we are sick of you and your pathetic excuses for all your clearly self inflicted ‘troubles’.

  • DaveMed

    This country needs a week’s worth of silence to reflect on the damage that has been done by the “urban” community.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    The police department in a St. Louis …is asking protesters to gather only during daylight.

    How is that possible when they’re at work all day?

  • dd121

    Back in the day politicians would react to rioters by calling out the national guard and shooting the b-tards by the hundreds. They would then start to calm down. Today no politician has the fortitude to lead against agitators.

    • Who Me?

      Best idea all day–and just what I was thinking but didn’t have the guts to write. (Even here…)

      • dd121

        It’s easy. Colorado has a long history of governors who call out the national guard to shoot the communist agitators. Really puts a smile on my face. 🙂

  • MekongDelta69

    1964 – “Disperse or die.”

    2014 – “Ferguson Police Department Implores Protesters to Gather Only During Daylight”

    • Nancy

      The whole world is upside-down. Look at the schools:

      1964: Kid gets a bad grade, parents punish the kid.

      2014: Kid gets a bad grade, parents punish the teacher.

  • I was able to take a few minutes to watch the Ferguson rally tonight (the one that started before sunset) on live streaming, and it has turned into a circus. It’s now nothing more than a clown parade of hooptees, blinged out SUVs, high riders and crotch rockets up and down West Florissant Avenue. Everyone is honking their horns, and there are lots of drums and African/black flags. And of course everyone on a bike is revving their engine.

    It’s safe to say that tonight, we can now call the place Fergusonbabwe.

    The riots on Sunday started with a splinter group off the “peaceful” protest, and I think this mess could devolve into a riot at any moment. Now that Governor Useless has given control of all law enforcement authority some Rastus who works for the Highway Patrol, everyone has promised to be nicer and more gentle to the black undertow, the cops won’t fight back anymore.

    May we live in interesting times.

  • A Freespeechzone

    It’s now become politically incorrect to hold rioters and violent ‘protesters’ accountable–specifically if they are black. Moreover, this group is entitled to loot and burn because they’ve been ‘oppressed’ by just about everyone…

    Yet, nothing scares the politicians, police and Holder than a group gathering of the Tea Party—who, by the way, have been described as ‘terrorists’.

  • Ed

    Since there was no violence tonight the liberals will write pieces that it’s the cops that are to blame. They’ll demand cops be unarmed and engage in community policing.

  • Alpin Thueson

    Dorian Johnson’s version of events don’t make any sense – not surprised. Still awaiting details.Why no police video? No camera in the cop’s car or was it turned off?

  • archer

    it was a big mistake to shoot the kid when there was no immediate threat to anyone’s safety, if a citizen did that they would be on trial for murder or manslaughter.

    • Oh look, one of the “police/military/civil servant’s are the devil!” folks.

  • Pro_Whitey

    Well, they don’t call it white lightning for nothing!