Feces-Clogged Shore Shows Africa Infrastructure Failings

Pauline Bax, Bloomberg, August 5, 2014

Fredrik Sunesson had high hopes when the first tanker truck unloaded feces from some of Accra’s 4 million residents at his recycling plant in Ghana’s capital. Seventeen months later, those expectations have been dashed.

A combination of red tape and disputes over payments mean Sunesson’s Slamson Ghana Ltd. is running far below capacity, he says. Most of the 140 tankers dump the contents of Accra’s toilets each day into the Gulf of Guinea at a foul-smelling dune known as Lavender Hill. The lagoon nearby is so polluted that scientists says most life-forms can’t survive. The slum nearby has earned the nickname Sodom and Gomorrah.


Despite a series of infrastructure projects backed by foreign donors, Accra doesn’t have a working sewer system, leaving most of its citizens to choose between communal latrines or defecating on open ground. That’s contaminating the city’s groundwater, according to the World Bank, and almost 700 people have contracted cholera since June. The failure to maintain existing treatment plants has rendered them unusable, while a lack of political will means there’s little prospect of any immediate improvement.

Accra’s problems are an example of how external investment and good intentions often aren’t enough to make a difference in Africa. As many as seven out of 10 people in sub-Saharan Africa have no access to flush or chemical toilets or latrines, according to the World Bank.

African countries including Kenya to Malawi are spending hundreds of millions of dollars to improve sanitation and build processing centers for waste. That kind of infrastructure investment is a focus of this week’s U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit in Washington attended by U.S. President Barack Obama and more than 40 African leaders.

The World Bank plans to give Ghana $150 million in grants to improve access to potable water and basic toilets for the poorest residents of Accra, where most roads are lined with open drains and gutters that overflow during heavy rain. Ghana will seek assistance from the International Monetary Fund as its currency, the worst performer in the world, is slowing economic growth, Finance Minister Seth Terkper said.


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  • MekongDelta69

    Seven out of 10 black Africans don’t have toilets.

    Ten out of seven black Africans don’t have an IQ above 80.

  • That’s funny, a once upon a time black local talk show hostess who went on several trips to Ghana did nothing but talk about how wonderful it was and is on her show.

    • She probably didn’t try any of the seafood. That level of fecal contamination would make the fish monumentally unsafe to eat.

  • D.B. Cooper

    What an outstanding opportunity for some enterprising republican candidate to seize the moment, and enlighten millions of white voters who think diversity is juuust wonderful?
    Too afraid, GOP?
    Oh well, “too afraid” doesn’t get my vote. I’ll vote for the democrat who openly says, “if elected, we’ll kill all the white people!”
    At least I will know who my enemy truly is, and at least the democrat is honest.

  • Mary

    Are toilets really necessary to civilized society? Didn’t Obama say that many Africans have smartphones and can leapfrog the intermediary stages of development, straight to first world status? Plumbing and hygiene are overrated!

    • Shadow


      Do you think there’s any chance they’ll use their smartphones to do a search on how to use a toilet?

      • Usually Much Calmer

        I heard there was a wiping app.

        • John R


          • Usually Much Calmer

            Oh, C’mon, man! I’ve already been wiped once this evening by a moderator. And my posts are not that bad.

        • Dale McNamee

          But, wouldn’t it be painful to wipe yourself with a ‘smartphone’ ? /sarc ROFL !

          • Usually Much Calmer

            That’s how we do.

  • TruthBeTold

    Have none of the aid workers who have tried to help African ever taught these people how to dig a simple latrine?

    • Tim_in_Indiana

      Yeah, I mean, this is something the Neanderthals knew enough to do.

      • John R

        Yeah, but you forget: Africans don’t have Neanderthal DNA!

    • APaige

      I read an article on the Peace Corp, and I remember the story about a group building a water pump.(or well?) When they returned to the village the pump/well was broken and not one person tried to fix it. They might have showed them how to dig, but the Africans-our equals just never got around to digging. As the saying goes: teach a man to fish he will eat for a lifetime, teach an African to fish and he will starve…or drown…or just wait for aid.

      • Tooth Barkington

        …but first, he will eat the bait.

      • Secret Person

        An acquaintance I knew 30 years ago was in the Peace Corps in Africa. He claimed that Africans are the laziest people he ever met.

  • Luca

    A cat has better hygiene habits.

    What’s to stop them from digging pits and then covering them up? I mean aside from low IQ and laziness?

    Oh! They are waiting for White people to come in an dsave them from themselves. AGAIN.

    • Bobbala

      Not enough funding from white racists.

    • We will no doubt soon be told that the Afritards used to know how to dig latrines, but whites stole that knowledge from them.

    • chuz2104

      its the laziness…nothing can quite match the indolent black african. they have elevated laziness to a new level.

  • cherrie greenbaum123

    “…foul-smelling dune known as Lavender Hill.”
    Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up! Blacks and liberal whites think that if you change the name of something black, smelly, and disgusting, the essence of it changes too. In North Carolina, a run down, once fairly middle class part of town, is named High Point Road. Now a place where prostitutes pick up tricks and any type of drug you might want is available for a price, and blacks spend 24/7 out on street corners knocking back Colt 45s, City Council wants to change the name to “Gate City Parkway” to “change its image”. The thought of changing the degenerate black behavior never seems to occur to them.

    • Usually Much Calmer

      The school names are the funniest.
      “Under-performing” urban school?
      Monroe Elementary becomes Winnie Mandela Academy of Excellence. Voila! Sky’s the limit, now.

      • Tarczan

        In Ohio, Columbus Afro-centric, the Colin Powell School for leadership. In Cleveland they have Success Academy and they used to have Col. Benjamin Davis High School. They closed that after the darkies destroyed it.

        • Bobbala

          All black failure can be traced to two causes — the presence of white people or the absence of white people.

          • APaige

            Great post. Blame is better to give then to receive. That is why Blacks prefer to live in a White nation. First of all it is much better, and they can blame Whites for Black failure.

  • JackKrak

    “The World Bank plans to give Ghana $150 million in grants to improve access to potable water and basic toilets”

    You know, just like World Bank did for Norway and New Zealand……

    • Secret Person

      How about the West confiscating the prior grants and foreign aid that was stolen by the thieving elites?

  • Shadow


  • cherrie greenbaum123

    At it’s root, this is why civilization is doomed. You have an entire continent of people who, in the 21st century, cannot grasp the technicalities of a modern sewer system, not to mention its importance to health and hygiene, and these are the people who will be the majority race in twenty years.

    • Usually Much Calmer

      Oh, I’d say that’s why one world government is doomed.

      I’d lay money on what ‘civilization’ means to you and also what it means to me surviving.

    • haroldcrews

      Trends that cannot be sustained aren’t. These matters have a way of correcting themselves. As the article mentions cholera is becoming more of a problem.

    • Luca

      I disagree. At the root of our doomed civilization are the liberals who are in control telling us these people are our equals, are victims of slavery, racism, Jim Crow, apartheid, poverty, the KKK, colonialism, White flight, gentrification, discrimination, lack of school funding, racial profiling and global warming.

      Without a world of controlling liberals, the pestilence could be controlled.

  • dd121

    It’s Africa. ‘Nuff said.

  • Augustus3709

    Doesn’t Africans using toilets count as “cultural appropriation”?

  • There are some white libtards whose view of the magical Negro that they don’t realize that Negroes need to take a dump from time to time. Those white libtards are going to mess in their pants at hearing that Negroes poop. After they clean themselves up, they’ll be demanding the US provide port-a-potties for Africa.

    A big fund drive for “Port-A-Potties for Africa” will ensue, with white school children bullied into donating their lunch money to the cause. Those people donating $1,000 or more will get their names written on an outhouse, so the Africans know who to thank for their toilet.

    Once it’s discovered that blacks aren’t using the Port-A-Potties, the West will send in whites to teach them how to use a toilet. “Open door, close door, sit, defecate, wipe, get up, let next person in line have a chance.” The final crisis in this saga will be the discovery that blacks can’t keep the Port-A-Potties stocked with toilet paper and the Port-A-Potties are all being stolen and sold for scrap.

    Toilets for Africa–another failed libtard, do-gooder program that failed.

  • IstvanIN

    The ancient Romans had sewers that functioned. I would imagine most societies with large urban populations, such as in the UK and China, caught on pretty quick when things went downhill how to clean things up without outside help.

    • TruthBeTold

      I’ve said it before. Whites (and Asians) have written the instruction manual of civilized societies. No one has to re-invent the wheel.

      The solutions are all around them. Heck, millions of Africans use the internet on their mobile devices every day. Do any of them thinking to google a solution to any problem?

      • Here in the US, black Detroit residents were refusing to pay their water bills, even though that money pays to maintain the infrastructure that prevents situations like this one from developing. They just don’t get it.

        • Whitetrashgang

          But they can wear a ball cap sideways.

          • ShermanTMcCoy

            And hold a Glock sideways.

          • Nancy

            Which partly explains their appalling aim.

      • Whitetrashgang

        Hell no.

      • NotTooSwift

        Re-invent the wheel?? Africa has not yet invented the wheel. Just sayin.

        • TruthBeTold

          That’s just it. These people can’t even recognize the answers all around them.

          It you can’t invent something, you should at least have the smarts to recognize something that will help you.

          These people fail on both counts.

    • journey

      Even ancient Crete had flushing toilets and running hot water.

    • Some of the ancient Chinese cities were already very large, and would have absolutely needed effective sewer systems to prevent disease from wiping out huge swaths of their populations.

    • Dale McNamee

      The same ancient Romans also built aqueducts to get water to the cities. Sone are still in use today…

      They also built excellent roads…

      • Strider73

        “But except for the roads, aqueducts and sewage systems, what have the Romans ever really done for us?” — head of the People’s Front for Judea (not the Judean People’s Front)

        I haven’t seen Life of Brian in many years, so that quote is just an approximation. But you get the idea.

        Apparently those Ghanians who attended the World Cup in Brazil never bothered to ask their hosts about toilet or sewage treatment technology, which they could then have brought back home.

  • DailyKenn

    Without Western infrastructure sub-Saharan Africa will revert to a paleolithic existence. Tragically, civilization will succumb to a new Dark Ages from which it will never recover.

    Sad to say most leftists are incapable of grasping the simple abstract that harming white people will ultimately harm non-white people as well. Consequently, THEY are the racists and we are they whose innovation has enhanced the lives of all humanity.

    Just look around you. What do see at this very moment that is not the product of white innovation, creativity, and invention.

  • TruthBeTold

    Bill Gates had a ‘Reinvent the Toilet’ Challenge.

    They came up with solar powered toilets and recycle waste toilets but they didn’t come up with a practical toilet for everyday use for the masses.

  • journey

    Ebola is transmitted by urine and fecal matter.

    To have a sanitation system is “a focus of this week’s U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit in Washington attended by U.S. President Barack Obama and more than 40 African leaders.”
    Now, that’s say it all. And, the lavish party for those low IQ blacks cost plenty of tax dollars. Africa = one big black hole.

  • [Guest]

    For the most part, these people ought to be left to their own devices. If their “infrastructure” amounts to a hole in the ground in which to defecate, so be it.

  • Ella

    You think the smell would be enough for the Black men to dig some holes and lay sewage pipes to dispose the raw waste. If not, Ghanaians can just live in it.

  • ncpride

    I’m not very familiar with the Bloomberg site, but there are some surprisingly fact based, reality comments on this article. I try to stay optimistic and believe that more White people know from the depths of their souls that blacks and Whites are not equal, but we have been brow-beaten with ‘guilt’ and bullied into silence on the issue. That has to change, but it’s been a painfully slow process.

  • John R

    Yep. But we Whites owe blacks “reparations” for bringing them here. Of course, it was blacks who “built America.” (Rolling my eyes.)

    • FransSusan

      That is truly what most of them believe!

  • ViktorNN

    These are countries that are literally full of retarded people.

    They would die off in droves without white aid.

  • De Doc

    So we are quite justified in calling these Third World locations, ‘Vermin Infested Shitholes.’

    • The real question here is who they think is responsible for the deplorable state of these open, running sewers masquerading as cities.

    • ShermanTMcCoy

      I prefer toilets.”

      • I think Doc is absolutely correct in his terminology, but I also doubt the Mod will let the description stand.

  • Maximo Partagas

    I thought blacks invented space travel, math and computers, at least that’s what all the new history books teach me.

    • watling

      That explains it then. Blacks have been too preoccupied with techy stuff to bother with low-brow issues such as sanitation. I predict a whole swathe of Ghanaian Nobel Prize winners this decade.

  • KevinPhillipsBong

    The Indus River Valley civilizations had well-functioning sewage systems 5000 years ago. Would you rather live in Mesopotamia 50 centuries ago or in Ghana today? Not an easy choice.

  • tancred guiscard

    When my dog poo’s in the yard a 5inch spurt of growth appears some time later! If only they could harness the poo technology! Nitrogen for the loss? Dump your dumps on fallow ground you fools, not in the ocean, silly savages

    • Excess nitrogen and phosphorus also cause plankton blooms and later oxygen deficiency in the water.

  • M&S

    I seem to recall reading that one of the things that put the Afrika Korps to bed, literally, outside El Alamein, giving the Brits the time they needed to train and lay in supplies for the famous counter attack was…dysentery.
    Massive diarrhea = dehydration and imbalanced electrolytes which, combined with the heat, leaves you weak as a kitten. Even Rommel had to be evacuated back to Germany so it’s not a case of ‘only the lower ranks’ not having a shovel hard enough to dig a pit in the hardpan.
    Amazingly enough, the British didn’t have as bad a time of it and the reason they didn’t was because they had been in the desert for a couple centuries. And they knew what the Bedu and Bursid peoples know: You always put a piece of board or cloth over the hole because that way the flies can’t get ‘sticky feet’ before they also come land on your food and give the galloping trots to you.
    The Germans are pretty smart but they blew it on that one.
    The 70IQ average sub-Saharan African, not so much.
    Why do we want to help the latter folks out?
    Simple, population crunch.
    You have Africans making more Africans at inconceivable rates and you have a recipe for 1 becoming 2 becoming 4 billion people by the end of this century. And if they are all starving because they aren’t handy or rich enough to do basic infrastructure building in a hellhole environment where 9 months of the year it’s practicing to be a desert and 3 months of the year, it never stops raining, you know what is gonna happen:
    “Bring’em here! That way we (victim enablement bureaucracy, using your money) can help them out easier!”
    Do I have a “Not while I’m still breathing!” from the regulars? Thought So…
    Instead, pick ONE country that is willing to get a complete makeover, beginning with the U.S. military going in and shoot-to-kill securing their borders. Then you bring in the Army Corps Of Engineers and you start building their society for them: Electricity, Water, Roads, The Works.
    And it only costs them two things:
    1. Proof that they are making progress towards personal standards of hygiene and maintenance of the infrastructure that allows it to happen (nothing worse than a water delivery system that has pathogens in it, everyone loses trust in the government).
    2. A snip after the second kid for all women.
    Kill a liberal’s career plans, save Africa for the Africans and the States for us. Two birds, one stone.
    IMO, the biggest negative Africa has going for it is The West asking for terms in a charity market. Beggars should not be choosers. And if EACH rich country would play ‘adopt a highway’ with a single state in Africa, _all_ the other African states would line up in envy to be next as they got to watch but not to immigrate to, the renovation in progress.
    It’s when you dole out penny ante amounts of funds to every country that you end up making no real progress in any of them. Along with a bunch of primitives screaming about… whatever, whites trying to cull them I suppose, that makes it impossible to just go in and _get it done_.
    We need to take the long view here. We either rise up, kill the liberal element in our society, kill their pet victims and then hunker down for the world’s 84th percentile population to run out of food and starve back to carrying capacity.
    We accept that bringing Africa into the 22nd century will be a lot easier after a hundred years of nation building and genomic science improving their genetic potential through decent nutrition and health care in this one.
    I know, I know, let them starve…

  • chuz2104

    If these people want to live on a mountain of s$$t then let them

  • Those Romans didn’t like Scots and Irish very much, did they?

  • Mrfinoni

    The problem with the UN and the IMF in giving loans to improve infrastructure is that they are giving it to Africans. Give the money to the Western companies or Chinese and it will be built properly without the insane corruption. The reason the Chinese projects in Africa are so efficient is that they don’t hire African workers. Surprise!!!!