The “Best and the Brightest” Fallacy

David North, Center for Immigration Studies, July 15, 2014

There is a cheaper, easier, safer means for entering the U.S. illegally than paying a coyote thousands of dollars to act as a guide for the treacherous trip from Central America to the U.S. border. The Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) reports on a large number of foreign-students enrolling in one of the marginal educational institutions which are not accredited, yet are permitted to facilitate the entrance of foreign students.

DHS has licensed 16,116 institutions to facilitate the entrance of foreign students; 3,600 of these schools are not accredited. After eliminating the K-12 institutions and the theological seminaries, the Center estimates that there are 900 of these marginal schools that are licensed to bring in foreign students. A large percentage of these students overstay their visas, some never even attend the schools, and disappear, becoming part of the illegal community.

“By taking advantage of the DHS’ certification of marginal educational facilities, privileged alien students can break the law at a lower cost and lower risk than poor, uneducated alien manual laborers who take great risks to reach the southern border,” said David North, a senior fellow at the Center and author of the report. “If there was the will, it would not be difficult to require these institutions to bring up their standards or to terminate their ability to create F-1 and M-1 visas.”

The will of Congress is routinely ignored by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). The agency ignores a law passed by Congress demanding that English-language schools be accredited before receiving foreign students. Only recently has DHS stopped permitting aliens to obtain pilot-training in entities not recognized by Federal Aviation Authority, in direct defiance of Congress. DHS also authorizes schools that only provide weekend courses, allowing students to work full-time despite being an educational program not a non-immigrant worker program.

[Editor’s Note: The full report is available here.]

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  • TruthBeTold

    It was announced today that Microsoft would cut 14% of its workforce (18,000 jobs) this year:

    Microsoft to cut 18,000 jobs this year as it chops Nokia

    Can any of these workers be retrained to fill tech jobs?

    • dukem1

      Tech jobs…that’s funny..
      Look at the CEO of Microsoft…can’t resist suggesting – connect the dots.

    • willbest

      Yes but the stock is up 50% in the last year so no recession!

    • WR_the_realist

      Even as it lays of 18,000 workers Microsoft’s executives, along with those of Google, Facebook, and other tech giants, will tell congress with a straight face that we must import hundreds of thousands more H-1b workers.

    • guest

      Finns continually demonstrate the highest levels of order, honesty, productivity, and IQ in Europe.

      The whole point of busting Finland’s premier company is to destroy such workers, citizens, and culture.

      Micro$oft is the new USSR, destroying Finnish culture and people for the whims of its leftist globalizer totalitarian techno-overlords.

  • The Final Solution

    There’s no replacement for homegrown talent. The corporations have pushed this idea of brain-gain to encompass bringing in any and all at the expense of American workers. Very, very few of these skilled visa types are actually needed. Just look at all the foreign cab drivers in this country – just how in the hell are they able to come here and drive a cab? That is not at all a skilled occupation. A lot of them don’t even speak English. You don’t see white people driving cabs in Japan I’ll tell you that.

    • TruthBeTold

      I was think, ‘what ever happened to the brain-drain’ argument?

      We need to resurrect that idea. After all, how can these other countries ever improve if we keep taking their ‘best and brightest’?

  • MekongDelta69

    Instead of getting the “Best and the Brightest” from Europe in the days of yore; for the last 50 years, we’ve been getting the “Worst and the Dumbest” from every 9th world hell-hole on earth.

    • The Final Solution

      USA – from the whitest and brightest to the darkest and dumbest since 1965. Put that on a t-shirt. Or the 20 trillion dollar bill with Obama’s face on it.

    • Who Me?

      Not to mention the criminal, aspiring criminals, terrorists-in-waiting and the rest of the world’s trash.

  • A lot of politicians want to staple green cards to such graduates of such fine institutions.

  • These Amren articles that show how Obamatards in government routinely break the law are quite instructive. They really do confirm our worst fears that the USA is run by a tyrant who sees himself as King, King Obongo the First.

    Law professor Jonathan Turley testified before Congress yesterday as to Obama’s lawbreaking, his power grabbing presidency. That was in support of the Republican lawsuit against Obama. Turley is a liberal in his goals, but otherwise is a good guy. Now, if only the courts will rein in the tyrant as Turley has asked them to. Of course, the courts have no police, no army, no nothing to back up any ruling that goes against the tyrant. Which sets up a scenario in which the US military ousts the crook.

    • dukem1

      It’s the “Big Man” theory of governance…Another fabulous innovation being imported from the dark continent.

      • HE2

        It is the Tribal Chief Syndrome, a trait embedded in the DNA code of The One.

    • HE2

      Which sets up a scenario in which the US military ousts the crook.

      Cue “Seven Days in May.” Scary, no matter how we play it. Our military leadership is all but gutted, replaced by sodomites, dy*es, and muzzies sympathizers.

    • guest

      > how Obamatards in government routinely break the law

      But they don’t. In their minds the law has no hold on them, because they are more right and correct and perfect than the law.

  • Luca

    Wonder if any of these phony students are being imported from jihadist countries?

  • dd121

    I’m sure they’re all on the verge of discovering the Unified Theory.

    • TruthBeTold

      MY question is why do we have to bring them here?

      With the technology created by the tech industry, why do these people have to be in the same country?

      Their own technology makes the need for people to even be in the same room obsolete.

      • We have to bring them here because they can do a lot more damage this way.

    • dukem1

      Unified as in interplanetary caliphate.

    • guest

      It’s like that story a few days back about the Texas AA case ongoing. How the UT-Austin accepts “top ten percent” of stupid black or Mexican/mestizo students in really stupid schools over far more qualified students who aren’t black.

      This is all just another way to destroy meritocratic education in favor of a more soviet-style politics through party access and adherence to political orthodoxy.

  • Dave West

    It’s such a mystery how America managed to become the most powerful nation in the world by the 1920’s without engineers from India, Korean foreign exchange students, vibrant hispanics, gay marriage, or Head Start?

    • TruthBeTold

      Great point.

      I would add that it was only after the 1965 immigration act that anyone claimed we had a need for foreign workers.

      What changed? As you noted we had the people we needed before then.

  • david dorian

    Would you displace your own children or your neighbours for the best and the brightest.

    Of course not, it is only for whites that such a suggestion is even made.

    The Chinese will have none of that. And neither will I.

    The parasites who do this need to be imprisoned.

    • TruthBeTold

      The parasites who advocate this have a great deal of money and power. They’re almost untouchable and they’re certainly not accountable.

  • guest

    I’ve been aware of this for a long time. I don’t know why this article makes a point of excluding theological seminaries. Many of them are also meaningless ways of getting “students” in, and many churches have deep connections in the third world and use their theological schools to create a visa process. Operating a “university” has other advantages beyond immigration. I assume most universities are non-profits, so it’s a great way to make money. They also have the authority to run a police department, meaning they get to give concealed weapons, bypass gun laws, and get access to LE databases. Wonderful! These perks are all in addition to the trillion-dollar taxpayer scam that is Federal student loan guarantees.

  • willbest

    I always wondered why people paid $5k to coyote to get into the US. If you could pull together that kind of scratch and didn’t have a criminal record you could get a tourist visa, and just fly in.

    • HE2

      They do not always pay it up front, willbest.
      An Asian trafficker provides a phony Visa, facilitates their passage on any tub that can float.
      After arrival, enrollment and “graduation,” racking up thousands of dollars in tuition fees, they are essentially indentured by the slimy smuggler.
      Costs quoted by the smuggler unravel as bogus. The “college,” is free to triple, quadruple, charge whatever they wish; the student is trapped here. Most “students” have very poor English skills, if any.
      It is a multi-layered Asian scam.

    • The Final Solution

      Because most of these illegal invaders never made it to the fourth grade.

  • De Doc

    Heck the perps of 9-11 did exactly that and essentially the DHS and INS have done nothing to change policies to tighten security and prevent these abuses.

  • HE2

    The bogus college, aka, Visa mill, a phenomenon that is spreading like wildfire across the country, and it is not about Tech.
    They allegedly provide a low level scholastic curriculum, such as medical, nursing or dental assistant skills, theology, thereby attracting and accommodating anything but the best and the brightest.
    Not long ago, a male student enrolled in one such pseudo college in Oakland went berserk and shot the place up, killing several students. All Asians, of course.

  • Planters
  • IKUredux

    Think about it. Many jobs that have been heretofore done by humans will be eliminated in the future. And, yet, the population of the world continues to explode. Do you really think that there isn’t a plan in place to take “care” of this, um, condition? Technology is rendering the vast amounts of humans, obsolete. Think about that, if you would. Robots can make hamburgers for Mac Donalds. Robots will soon be able to replace most human jobs. Do you really think NOBODY in this world has given thought and consideration to these developments? Do you think it makes sense that there are people out there behind the scenes as it were, who are planning something awful, hideous, and would put the Nazis to shame for their lack of scope? A new society must be formed. But not the one TPTB envision. If you are not privy to their plans, then you are one of us. FIGHT BACK. THERE IS NOTHING LEFT TO LOSE. We have already lost our country.

    • guest

      McDonalds robots will only replace those who still shop or work at McDonalds.

      “Our country” doesn’t reside in McDonalds.

      • IKUredux

        Could you explain to me how a robot could replace “those who still shop…” at Mac Donalds? Do robots now currently require Big Macs? Do robots eat???? Oh, “our country” DOES reside in Mac Donalds. It’s the only place to actually get a job. Since all the good jobs have gone overseas.

  • MBlanc46

    This is despicable, even by the standards of this administration.

  • Pro_Whitey

    Educational visas should be restricted to an exchange basis, that is, we allow a visa to one student from a given foreign country for each educational visa granted to an American by that same country. Even if the foreigners can pay, that money does not seem to get to many regular Americans.

  • r j p

    I had a Korean roommate in college years ago.
    I referred to him quietly as General Lee, his name was Jin Woo Lee.
    Someone told me then that generally the only reason Asians come to America to go to college is because they can’t get in to college in their home country. But they could always get into places like the City Colleges of Chicago …. if they wanted …. but I think they would be embarrassed to go there once they saw the quality of the average stooodent.

    • Brian

      General Lee! Well, the South Korea did rise again.