Protest Shows Anger, Frustration After Fatal SW Phila. Fire

Will Bunch et al., Philly, July 8, 2014

A combustible mixture of anger and grief nearly boiled over on a Southwest Philadelphia street corner in the summer heat last night in a tense standoff between a long, blue line of cops and roughly 200 residents protesting what they claimed was a slow response to Saturday’s fire that killed four children on Gesner Street.

The confrontation–first outside a fire station on 65th Street near Woodland Avenue and later on the narrow rowhouse street where eight homes were destroyed, and where the acrid stench of smoke still hung heavy–led to at least two arrests, as witnesses said some protesters tossed water bottles while the crowd chanted, “We want answers!”

At least 50 Philadelphia police officers flooded the neighborhood, brandishing batons at times, as the civic unrest on or near the main artery of Woodland Avenue teetered on the edge of chaos for several hours.

Witnesses said the tensions flared shortly after residents of the tight-knit, predominantly Liberian community emerged from a church meeting about the fire at 6:30 p.m. Some of them joined protesters already sitting in the street.

After the protesters had been sitting in front of the fire station for about a half-hour, a ladder truck tried to pull out of the garage. The protesters shouted, “Murder!” and “12th District murderers!” at the height of the mounting tensions.

The officers pulled out their batons, swinging them at the protesters as they surged forward. {snip}


Liberian Association of Pennsylvania president Dahn Dennis tried to calm the increasingly angry protesters, saying the chaotic demonstration was not the way to get the answers they want from the city.


Later last night, Mayor Nutter held a news conference at City Hall in which he said some residents of the Elmwood section of Southwest Philadelphia, where the three-alarm fire occurred, were spreading “lies and innuendo” that mischaracterized the city’s response.

The fire broke out at roughly 2:40 a.m. Saturday, in the midst of the July Fourth celebrations, and reportedly spread quickly through wooden front-porch overhangs.

Fire Commissioner Derrick Sawyer said the first 9-1-1 call came in at 2:44 a.m., and then firefighters on a ladder truck dispatched themselves to the scene at 2:46. At 2:51, an engine arrived. Sawyer said the engine had been on a car-fire call before arriving on the scene but still made it there in fewer than five minutes.

The department has not released tapes of the 9-1-1 call but said it plans to.

It took roughly 100 firefighters about 90 minutes to put out the blaze, which displaced 42 residents and claimed the lives of young Patrick as well as twin sisters Maria and Marialla Bowah, 4, and 1-month-old Taj Jacque.

As the neighborhood–largely immigrant families from West Africa–continued to mourn, questions also began to echo across the narrow streets.

“We pay taxes, too,” said Sanyeah, the grieving father. “[The city] doesn’t care about us; they let four kids die.”

Sawyer said that despite some lag time because the initial report had been for a rubbish fire, the first unit was on the scene within three minutes.


At the news conference last night, Nutter said it was “devastating to every one of us that four children died in the fire” and promised that officials would investigate.

Sawyer, the fire commissioner, gave the following timeline of response:

* 2:44 a.m. First call to fire communications.

* 2:46 a.m. Dispatch for rubbish fire.

* 2:47 a.m. Second call, regarding four houses on fire. Same time Ladder 4 was calling fire communications saying someone was saying four houses were on fire.

* 2:49 a.m. Ladder 4 on location.

* 2:51 a.m. Engine 40 on location, after previously responding to a call about a car fire.

Sawyer added: “There’s no way, no how, that these members would not respond” in a timely fashion. “They’re sworn to save lives and save property.”

Nutter, Sawyer and Deputy Mayor Everett Gillison all denounced reports that firefighters took too long to respond. They said the firefighters on the ladder truck that responded to the scene at 2:46 a.m. dispatched themselves before the response was even entered into the computer system.

“The primary reason that we are here this evening is to completely and absolutely refute any idea that there was some kind of a supposed significant delay,” the mayor said. “That’s just not the case.”

He said some “individuals with their own agendas” were spreading inaccurate information.


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  • DooDoo Brownstein

    “We pay taxes, too!”

    Sorry homie, but I’m fairly certain you eat taxes.

    • Sick of it

      Yeah, welfare is a net loss all the way around.

      • Kenner

        It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

        • Carolyn Joseph


          ✪✪✪ ✪✪�✪ ✪✪✪ ✪✪�✪ ✪✪✪

    • evilsandmich

      I had a straight face going until that line myself. I’ll defnately take the ‘under’ on their payment versus usage.

    • Paying sales tax only allows one to leave the store. What do these critters pay in income or property taxes?

      • emiledurk16


    • Fantaman

      Amen to that. How entitled are these negroes anyway? Five minutes and 100 firemen is really good. Even if only one had died, you can be certain there would have been complains.

  • Hold the phone.

    Liberian immigrants?

    Didn’t we carve out a little slice of west Africa in 1820-something so that freed slaves could have a place go to back to, to get away from all use evil racist oppressive honkeys? So why are they coming back here?

    • Ed

      Correct the African Americans who went there promptly dominated the Africans and went about ruling for about 150 years. Then the Africans launched a coup in 1980 and the country has descended into anarchy.

      The Liberians in this neighborhood are not descended from African-Americans though but are native Africans (I know it gets confusing). The problem is that the native Africans in Liberia are some of the most backwards in all of West Africa. They still practice cannibalism for example. They were able to come here on temporary refugee status during a civil war but nothing in our immigration policy is temporary.

      This is why you don’t declare cities sanctuary cities. If Philly cops could arrest and subsequently check immigration documents this nonsense wouldn’t have occurred.

      • Okay, I’ll make a mental note of it. I did find the names of the Liberian immigrants to be rather curious, because I know that Liberians descended from black American slaves still to this day have common English names.

        • SentryattheGate

          My late husband served in the Peace Corps in Liberia. Each tribe hates the other tribes so much that they all refuse to learn another tribe’s language, so they agree to speak English.

        • Pro_Whitey

          I share your concern about seeing “Liberian”. We’re supposed to be done with these people. Another awful consequence of not adopting racial realism and “colonizing” all freed slaves following the Civil War, which was a consequence of the naivete/ignorance/malice of the radical republicans with their stance that blacks must be equal to whites because the Declaration of Independence says “All men are created equal.” I can’t think of one sentence that has done more damage to the U.S.A.

      • benvad

        So the answer to that problem is to repatriate their African American cousins all 40 million of them to Liberia & Sierra Leone. That way they’ll dominate once again and rule.

        Everyone will be happy, especially me.

    • Publius Pompilius Quitus

      It’s like the psychology of a teenager. That is, Blacks dislike us, but they can’t
      stand to be away from us.

      • journey

        It’s called free handouts.

        • TruthBeTold

          I would use the P word (rhymes with dynamite).

      • Tim_in_Indiana

        I think it’s worse than teenagers. Most teenagers at least have love for their parents and the capacity to eventually make it on their own.

      • ElComadreja

        They wouldn’t last a generation (for them that’s about ten years) without us and they know it.

        • Sloppo

          I disagree. They survived for thousands of years in their homelands without the support of the white man. The problem is us. We, for some reason, apparently believe that their societies and standards of living should resemble ours and we seem to believe that we have an obligation to intervene in their affairs to make it so. We should have left them alone and where they belong.

          • ElComadreja

            My God. Where do I even begin with this? You’ve just made the perfect argument why we shouldn’t be including these primitives in our society and you probably don’t even realize it. Are you saying that we should turn this country into a primitive African tribal society to accommodate them? As long as they are in this country their affairs are our business and they have to abide by our laws (at least in theory). I have no problem at all with repatriating the lot of them to Africa where they can rape, rob, murder and commit mayhem to their heart’s content. I agree that they should never have been brought here to begin with but no one alive today had a hand in that (not counting the misguided/evil fools still bringing them in). We are not the “problem”. Blacks, mestizos and their liberal enablers are very much the problem.

          • Sloppo

            Are you saying that we should turn this country into a primitive African tribal society to accommodate them?

            Of course not. The place for the primitive African tribal society is in Africa. They need to be returned so they can control their own destiny as a people without interfering with the efforts of my people to control their destiny. When I say “we” are the problem, it is our foolishness and negligence which allowed this situation to materialize. It was entirely foreseeable because Africans behave as they always have. If you were continuously being bitten by poisonous snakes which I continuously kept letting into your house, would you have more reason to be angry at me or the snakes?

          • ElComadreja

            I guess we agree for the most part. I don’t consider myself part of the “we” though since I don’t and never have done anything to enable them.

      • Nevsky

        These Liberians should be sent to the neighborhoods of those Liberals who invited them.

      • Fantaman

        Parasites, really. Teens eventually grow up. These hordes breed to clamp their maws on the government teat and they find nothing wrong at all with it. No shame, no ambitions, nothing.

    • propagandaoftruth

      Notice how they need witches and how they bring Liberia with them. Utter trouble making morons.

    • So CAL Snowman

      I wonder what the fire response times are in Liberia? Oh yeah they don’t even have a fire department or running water to put out fires.

      • Michigan Patriot

        They urinate on it, see above reply.

        • ElComadreja

          Why not? Some of them bathe in it.

          • Fantaman

            Keep in mind that in africa, they consider cow dung and urine “the purest imaginable”. They wash in cow urine, they dunk their hands in dung before eating. This is way beyond “Third world hygiene”

      • LACountyRedneck

        I posted a vid a while back. Their fire trucks arrived at a building in flames. They had no water source and their fire engine caught fire. They were eventually able to put the fire out on the fire engine.

    • TruthBeTold

      Yes but they turned their little slice of heaven into your standard African hell.

    • Usually Much Calmer

      ‘Cause we’re so awesome!

    • evilsandmich

      I guess proof positive that repatriation may be a losing cause unfortunately.

      • We could do it another way, of which Mr. Spartacus would approve.

        • evilsandmich

          That or we could let the Liberians fight their own fires and just ship in some free BBQ sauce.

        • Kenner

          I saw that Sparty’s commenting at Takimag. A great site, by the way.

    • Michigan Patriot

      Rhetorical question ; plus you beat me to the question first; Newman !

    • Because like most blacks, they don’t want to be around black people. No one to blame things on, for one thing. Not enough ‘free stuff’ for another. None actually. Yep…Africa is one continent black people don’t want to live in.

      • Fantaman

        They want to live there. As long as whites built everything first. See Rhodesia, renamed hilariously “Zimbabwe”, the breadbasket of africa turned to a gigantic toilet in 5 years.

        • ElComadreja

          And check out what’s happened to South Africa since the ANC took power.

          • Fantaman

            Absolutely. Corruption on a scale barely imaginable and the tribal mentality that kicks in.

  • Mary

    Liberian immigrants?? The painful legacy of slavery was so intense that the descendants of former slaves couldn’t resist returning to the land of oppression?
    Furthermore, these people can’t even manage the rudiments of a successful society, but they feel fully entitled to superhuman results from members of our society, and riot when they don’t receive them. Their behavior and mentality are not compatible with a modern culture.

    • journey

      These peoples never experience slavery. They are here for the free handouts. And they do not understand reality only what is in front of their nose. Unfortunately, some animals are smarter than blacks on a comparative level.

    • Fathercoughlin

      I wish to thank the fire for burning some of these worthless miscreant savages to death. May there be many many more.

    • Nevsky

      This story makes me hate white Liberals and certain religious organizations even more.

      How longer white man till you do something about it?

      • Sick of it

        I’ve never even heard of an actual church in Arkansas, Texas, or Louisiana that supports garbage like this.

    • Dr. Cramden

      Mary you beat me to the punch regarding “Liberian immigrants”. Was that not the country where these folks were repatriated about 1822. So what in the heck are they doing here?

      • Mary

        According to another poster, these particular Liberians are not descended from American slaves, but are just regular native Africans. Native Liberians are supposedly some of the most backward people in Africa, which is no small achievement! And our worthless government just had to snatch them up as immigrants. Can’t import enough dysfunction!

  • refocus

    Since White people are not allowed to immigrate into America we have to be better protectors of the up and coming doctors, lawyers, engineers, firemen and electronic technicians from Africa. Since diversity is our greatest strength and we have so much to learn from them…

  • Frank_DeScushin

    Black Logic: “People are dead because a fire truck didn’t come fast enough! If only that truck got here faster people would be alive. Let us now show how unjust that it is by blocking a fire truck trying to respond to an alarm.”

    • Georgia Boy

      (Yeah but that having been said, should they choose to give the philly police sh!t, I’ll be watching with popcorn in hand.)

    • TruthBeTold

      White people have magical powers and the white people didn’t use their magical powers to save them.

      • Usually Much Calmer



      • Fantaman

        Hilariously, that seems to be the reason.

  • Truthseeker

    I can understand these people being heartbroken after children died, but sheesh. Contrary to popular non-White belief, problems don’t get solved by waving a magic wand.

    • They’ll just have more kids we will work to support.

      • journey

        A useless burden with no end in sight. If blacks here were not enough, MORE are let in. This in addition to the constant stream of low IQ Hispanics. The magic bullets have been found to destroy an advanced society without any resistance due to PC.

  • journey

    All phony fuss and frenzy. They kill each other at a blink of an eye on a regular basis.

    • TruthBeTold

      Well the magical white people didn’t save them so naturally they’re angry.

      • bilderbuster

        Save them?
        In their twisted/childish Black minds Whites have become the cause of the fire in the first place.

        • ElComadreja

          The “white man’s juju” caused it.

    • Katherine McChesney

      They also shoot their children at the drop of a hat.

      • ElComadreja

        “Ghetto lobster” is a popular dish.

        • Katherine McChesney

          I heard about that. It is amazing how brutal and criminal blacks are toward other human beings. They have no love for human life.

    • Pro_Whitey

      But maybe they’re angry that they now don’t have the chance to kill the kids themselves.

  • Kenner

    This may sound cruel, but there was a picture of two of the girls who died in the fire–[ I don’t know how to add it to my comment]– and, as young as they were, they already had that brutish, feral expression on their faces. It was chilling.

    • journey

      It’s called genetics, inherent racial genetic differences. I swear these peoples came straight from the Stone Age and got transplanted into another time zone.

      • ElComadreja

        Pre-Stone Age. I’ve seen reconstructions of Neanderthals that are much more human looking than any negro.

        • Fantaman

          Pre indeed. Blacks haven’t developped anything more than mud huts and spears, litterally. The wheel was unheard of until the 17th century.

    • TruthBeTold

      You can add a photo by ‘drag and drop’. Put it on your ‘desktop’ screen, drag it over, and it should appear.

      Sometimes there’s a delay. So click Post and refresh.

      • journey

        Wish it was that easy in real life.

      • Kenner

        Thank you.

      • Kenner

        I did it! Thanks again!

        • TruthBeTold

          You’re welcome.

    • Usually Much Calmer

      Here you go.

      Dying in a fire is a terrible way to go though.

      • Kenner

        Thanks. It’s the two on the right, not the one on the left, but too blurry to see here.

      • IstvanIN

        I am beyond caring. Sorry. I just don’t.

        • Usually Much Calmer

          No need to be sorry, your conscience is your own.

          If I can afford to remain sensitive, I will.

          • IstvanIN

            My people are under assault, not theirs. There population is exploding. Our land is being overrun. Those children will be quickly replaced. I am grief stricken over the future my blue-eyed grandson faces.

            I just don’t care.

          • Usually Much Calmer

            Yeah, I’m cool with that. As I said.
            Sensitivity is an arrow in my quiver, I’ll hold on to it.
            You can do what you like, I don’t think in any case imaginable we will be at cross purposes.

          • IstvanIN

            Perhaps you are more optimistic than I. God Bless you.

          • Nevsky

            I don’t care either. I said it to many people – if tomorrow Africa or China will sink under the ocean, I won’t bat an eyelash.

          • Is the boy on the left the father? Unusual to see one taking care of offspring.

          • Kenner

            There’s a clearer shot of the two on the right at the Daily Mail. They look sort of cute here in soft focus. I just tried to post it; no luck.

          • Kenner

            Well, I’ll be darned! Look what I did!

          • Nevsky

            One of them should’ve been given to Madonna, another to Angelina.

          • M.Magog

            Reminds me of this

        • I care, but in the other direction.

          • M.Magog

            Me too! ONLY FOUR!!!! That is how I look at this!

      • Fantaman

        Sad but you can already see the feral look at those on the right.

    • bilderbuster

      That means they have reached breeding age.

    • ElComadreja

      It’s not your imagination. Even liberal butt-kisser Steven Jay Gould had to admit negros were genetically far removed from all other “races”. Their feral “otherness” is quite real.

  • Puggg

    A 7 minute response time? In some of the rural really back woods bum fudge Egypt part of my county, you’d be lucky to get 15 from any first responder.

  • John R

    Gee. Isn’t it great how these hard working immigrant communities are just so grateful to us for allowing them to live in our wonderful country? Yep, and they contribute so much to our country! Heck, some of them even “pay taxes” WOW! That alone is enough for us to let all the people of Africa come here.

    Okay, sarcasm turned off. Seriously, I have heard of ungrateful Negroes, but these people have taken it to a whole new level! They came here VOLUNTARILY! But, of course we are so mean to Liberians that we decided to let the fire burn. Gosh, where is the limit of Negro ingratitude. These “people” (Homo Sapiens, supposedly) are just “gimme gimme gimme…”

    What did they say in that book, from 1868, “Negroes in Negroland”? Something to the effect, I am paraphrasing: “What you give in kindness to the Negro, he will take as your tribute, and become even more arrogant..” So true!

    Can any White person in this country look me straight in the eye and tell me that African immigrants are actually a positive addition to our society? I don’t even think there are that many White LIBERALS who could do THAT anymore.

  • MekongDelta69

    “The Liberian Association of Pennsylvania
    What’s WRONG with that sentence?

    Don’t mention anything about HOW the fire was started.

    Sure – let’s blame the White fireman who got there in five minutes to put out the fire.

    And just how long would the fireman in Liberia have taken to get there?

    • Shawn_thefemale

      That one caught my eye, too. I seriously have whiplash from all the headshaking required when hearing ‘the news’.

    • Katherine McChesney

      Another website said it was started by a firework.

  • JohnEngelman

    Blacks move to white countries and riot when they dislike the accommodations. We do not need them to begin with.

    • Usually Much Calmer

      When they vote so reliably and work so slavishly, Calibans on the left and the right DO need them.

      But the rest of us would be better off without them, yes.

    • Nevsky

      I wish majority of whites thought the same way John. The reason they’re keep on coming means lots of whites are either collaborating in that or just passively complacent.

      I often think – what else will it take for a white man to act? London was engulfed in flames a few years ago. No a single white protest on a large scale. Then that horrible beheading of a British soldier in a broad light. British whites remained silent again.

      The only action against non white invasion seen in Eastern Europe, Greece, and Italy to lesser extend.


    “How dare you Americans show up with your fire engines and with 100 firemen in a whole 5 minutes from when we called!!! In my country 3 men and 2 women on donkeys would’ve showed up in 45 minutes with 2 buckets of dust apiece!!! You guys are slackers, who don’t care about the vital diversity we have blessed you Americans with!” – So sayeth that one Liberian immigrant who paid taxes that one time!

  • Luca

    If they were back in Liberia they would be lucky if the telephones worked. Then after beating out messages on drums they would be lucky if the local fire chieftain showed up an hour later and started sacrificing chickens to appease the fire gods.

    • Nevsky

      You can complain only when the people on the receiving end react to your complains.

      If we were tough like 50 years ago – they wouldn’t be complaining. But then 50 years ago there wouldn’t be any Liberian refugees to begin with.

      • Sick of it

        50 years ago we could have had a civil war to solve all of this. People keep backing down and this is where we end up. Always further to the left. Always more anti-Christ than the previous generation.

        • Nevsky

          Communist crumbled after 70 years, modern “color-blind” Neo-Liberalism is about 50 years old. Something big is coming.

          Remember, Merkel, Cameron and Sarkozy all stated a few years ago that multiculturalism failed? Nationalism is on the rise in Europe. I don’t know yet what to make of it.

          But I would like to hope that this century will be a century of identarianism.

          • Sick of it

            I hope for the same, but the three people you mentioned are doing everything in their power to crush ethnonationalism.

          • Nevsky

            They do, but the reason they spoke out against multiculturalism is because they’re mentally preparing people for a new ideology that is coming. Of course they are all traitors, however when the political field is cleared of milti-culti, we’ll have a window of opportunity to bring in identarianism before they have a chance to bring in whatever new system they have in mind.

  • Steven Barr

    Liberia bans non blacks from becoming citizens

    • Martel

      And they have every right too.

  • Rusty Shackelford

    They can go back to Liberia, where I’m sure the fire trucks arrive in less than five minutes.

  • TruthBeTold

    White people are magical and America is a magical country. This shouldn’t have happened unless White people hate non-whites.

  • Rusty Shackelford

    No no, those little girls died not because one of these people did something to start the fire…they died because the white man took five minutes to bring his magic fire suppression juju with him. Unreal. We do not need these people here.

  • cherrie greenbaum123

    Will someone please remind me why these n _ g g e r s are here?

    • Einsatzgrenadier

      It’s called white genocide. The American government brings these animals in because they do a good job terrorizing and ethnically cleansing white people.

  • Martel

    In the Netherlands, Negroes and Moroccans often attack ambulance personnel, the government even started a campaign to make us aware that the feelings of these service providers had been hurt, and we should all stop attacking them.The campaign was directed at all of us, because we are all one happy diverse family and we surely don’t want to point out the black sheeps in our midst. Naturally the Negroes and Moroccans didn’t heed these words(why would they), and all of us natives are just as respectful of Ambu personnel as before. Putting our “Tax euros” to good use, once again.

    • David Ashton

      Why do they do it?

      • Martel

        Low impulse control, low IQ, high testosterone levels common in black/Moroccan youth, who likely consider the distinctly native Dutch features of the vast majority of ambulance personnel representative of the state/people they despise.

      • Hallie Eva

        It is their nature, David.
        In East Oakland, blacks fire on first responders as a matter of course.
        But, complain if they do not respond quickly enough, just as in Philly.
        With blacks, one cannot win.
        It is a classical double bind/schizophrenic phenomenon, which I have come to believe is inherent in their species.

  • evilsandmich

    Just a guess, but if that firehouse was stocked with nothing but Liberian firemen that fire would still be going.

    BTW, to be fair/unfair there was a lot of noise in my local white neighborhood when the white fire department took less than a minute to respond to a fire that was a half a block from their front door (admirable job in my mind). Anyway, point being there was no great white ‘gimp’ out because the firemen didn’t have a space/time portal that would allow them to put the fire out before it started.

  • newscomments70

    1) Because of welfare abuse and third world immigration, we have shrinking public funds for emergency services.
    2) Because of affirmative action, emergency response personnel are less competent, slower, and less likely to risk there lives to save others.

    Somehow slow emergency response is still blamed on whites.

  • Shawn_thefemale

    Amazing how quickly they caught on to the ‘American’ blacks’ finely honed complaining skills, considering how dense they are about most things.

  • MBlanc46

    They riot, deport them.

  • curri

    Just wait until all the firemen are Affirmative Action retards. But they can’t think more than five minutes into the future.

  • dd121

    In a sane world we would deport them and say “go back to your 3rd world hell hole or is it paradise”.

  • Ella

    Our fire stations are at least 10 minutes away at higher speeds. I think 5 minutes is good for larger cities. I guess they had no parents in the apartment to attempt to save their children? It sounds like a racial lawsuit in works.

  • Ed

    I found this quote from another report on the story:

    “They’re blaming those who came to help, not those who started the fire,” he said.

    Watson and Peter Alpha, 48, who lives a few doors from the site of the fire, defended firefighters and denigrated the protesters.

    “Those firemen were going crazy, like madness,” Watson said. “It was like watching a movie on fast forward.”

    The demonstrators were not even from the street, Alpha said.

    “How can you come from somewhere else to our block to demonstrate?” he asked. “This was a killing fire.”

    Even their own neighbors think they are fools for blaming the firemen. Send them back to Liberia.

  • Near riot for a five minute response time from the FD. Not good enough for them.

    Ahh yes, the ever so grateful to firemen blacks. Just like the type my late uncle had to put up with in his numerous runs to the Pruitt-Igoe. Because the black queens would start fires because they liked to smoke in bed or they started a barbecue in the bathtub, or those oh-so-well-maintained elevators with a quarter inch deep standing pool of urine would (surprise) get stuck. He and his squad would get there, and make sure they were wearing their helmets because the thankful blacks residents of Skyscraper Africa would throw kitchen zinks off from high floor balconies, and a lot of other things.

    • Whitetrashgang

      Kitchen Zinks was the first jewish person in my neighbourhood to wear pants on sunday.

  • KyraNelson

    Where were the parents of these children? I wouldn’t be waiting around for the fire department to show up if my kids were in a burning house. I’d be getting them out.

    • toldev

      There probably are some details that are not being reported. Perhaps details that even the police don’t know about.

      Some years ago, an apartment in a section 8 project near where I live caught fire and 4 children also died. The police and fire department completed an investigation. The fire started due to one of the children was playing with a lighter. The reason the mother lived and the children did not was because the mother was outside, smoking crack, when the fire broke out. That little detail probably would never had been uncovered if not for the fact that the police found some surveillance footage during their investigation.

      • Hallie Eva

        I will bet it was a firecracker, crack pipe, or cigarette. Further, the parents were probably “otherwise occupied,” and not attending to their kids.
        Blacks just pop ’em out. Nurturing requires an empathic skill not available to them.

      • KyraNelson

        You are probably right about that. I’m not accusing the parents of drug use, though. Just not having a responsible adult home to supervise their children in their absence.

  • Doomispixulated

    I wonder what the response time of the Liberian fire dept. back home is…

  • Michigan Patriot

    Black Africans have a much faster way to put out fires than the inferior White societal ways, they just whip it out and urinate !

  • M.Magog

    So, these houses were maintained for GENERATIONS!!! by whites! Yet in a few years after blacks move in “things just happen yo!”.. Hmm, yeah, when they leave garbage piled up everywhere and then they start shooting fireworks off, yeah, generally, a pile of trash has a good chance of being lit on fire. They admit that the first call was for a rubbish fire. The piles of garbage and trash and refuse caught fire and that spread right down the line to all the piles of garbage on the continuos porch that all the houses shared. Then it also spread up into the roof of the porches. Gee, this never happens when white people live there. Gee, a firecracker landing on a bare porch floor usually does not cause a conflagration. What we see here is the absolute mental retardation of these creatures. They really are too stupid to survive on their own. They are too stupid and too lazy to maintain anything that white man manages to easily maintain. They blame it on the fireworks but it could just as easily have been a joint, a crack pipe or a cigarette of a stupid drunk negro.

    • “They really are too stupid to survive on their own.”

      That is exactly why they are here.

      • M.Magog

        Anyone else see the Irony that the “Mayor of Chocolate City” is now going away somewhere where he will be the new “Hershey Highway”?

  • 4321realist

    Near riot, eh?
    What were they building up to?
    Burning down more of their houses?

  • De Doc

    Liberians? Didn’t we send their ancestors back for a reason? Now they’ve come back to soak and complain about Whitey?

    • Einsatzgrenadier

      These aren’t the Americo-Liberians who are descended from the freed slaves. They’re Liberia’s wealthy, largely mixed race “cognitive elite” and are still needed to run the country by the native Africans, even after the black African seizure of power in 1980. They wouldn’t be the ones immigrating. The Liberian immigrants in the US are native Africans fleeing decades of black African mismanagement of the society and the economy.

  • thomasdosborneii

    I’m glad somebody said “community-origin illegal fireworks arson” because that was exactly what I thought it was, too.

  • Greg Thomas

    “We want answers!”

    Well I want “answers” too, specifically, why are we allowing so many Liberians into this country?

  • LACountyRedneck

    If Philadelphia is anything like L.A. your chances, if you’re White, of becoming a fireman are slim to none. Same goes for the LAPD.

  • hastings88

    Have these morons forgotten their original homeland? What would the response time have been there? Why the he** did we let them come back here?

  • Garrett Brown

    “The station is a few HUNDRED blocks away, essentially around the corner from the burning home”

    …. HUUUUUUH?! WUT?!

    • Alexandra1973

      What’s it, twelve city blocks to a mile? A hundred blocks is about eight miles…so they’re saying the station is like 25 miles away? LOL

      They’d have to be really putting the pedal to the metal to travel 25 miles in 5 minutes!

      Just saying….

  • Dave West

    African “technology” strikes again.

  • Dave West

    Apparently they do have one ………………. The Liberian Fire Service; as of 2012 they had one fire truck for the entire country and it broke down. A group of Brooklyn firefighters was sent on a mission to fix the broken truck and train the Liberians. Theres a YouTube video on it.

  • I have fire extinguishers, smoke alarms and a carbon monoxide detector here. It turns out that a $20 extinguisher can save thousands of dollars of damage and/or your family’s lives.

    The only fire I had to deal with here was next door. The rather stupid college-aged gal started a grease fire in her kitchen and was crying outside. I went in through the smoke, turned off the range, and brought the pot of burning cooking oil outside. I did not have to use the extinguisher I took with me. The firemen arrived about five minutes later, talked to me, thanked me and shook my hand. Panic is dangerous. Don’t panic. I explained that I was once trained to deal with hideous chemical laboratory disasters.

    She was worried about her cat, and I explained that since cats always go up when they are scared, it would be under a bed upstairs. I was was right about that as well. I might not really be an orc anymore.

    • M.Magog

      Well, don’t expect a negro to do any of those things. First of all, buying a fire extinguisher, and maintaining it, is something they would never do. They wouldn’t even steal one. Remember, they can not comprehend an abstract concept such as “the future” and a fire extinguisher is something someone requires for future necessity. Secondly, don’t expect a negro to take any action when a fire does start. In this case in Philadelphia, they stood there and watched a small rubbish fire and did nothing except make a phone call. Once again we are dealing with an inability to comprehend thinking even a few SECONDS into the future. Didn’t occur to them that the fire could spread to all of the garbage up and down the porch, nor that the flames could grow high enough to light the porch roof on fire. They just stood there like dumb cows or they were jumping and yelling and doing nothing productive. Thirdly, negroes do not keep calm in a crisis, they are prone to become violent and hysterical at the slightest provocations, a simple thing such as quickly dragging the flaming materials, at the very beginning when the fire was small, off the porch so they could burn on the sidewalk instead of burning the house down is not something a negro would never do. No what they would do is blame white people when it is all over and go around trying to harm white people. You see, we don’t even have to do anything wrong, even when we do everything right, they still will blame us . Their brains are inferior. Their thought process are inferior and they are super narcissistic so they will always attack the white man if he is around .

  • Michigan Patriot

    Yes; it is named the bladder organ.

  • emiledurk16

    The deaths of the kids is mournful, but it seems, according to the article, the fire dept. arrived in a timely way.
    When whites relinquished the running of the city, and its civil services, its not surprising that efficiency would wane; whether or not that was the case in this instance.
    When judges, those self-aggrandizing omnipotents, see “racism” in civil service exams, thereby lowering the bar of qualification, do they expect a rise in civil services?
    There are more “Detriots” to come, and I suspect Phiily isn’t too far away.
    When “s _ _ t hits the fan”, I’m sure the city’s civil servants will respond with the gallantry that they did in New Orleans.

    • M.Magog

      I’m not mourning. Four future felons removed from our midst. Nothing to feel sad about.

      • emiledurk16

        I’m not either. Just a flicker of the sentiments I was brought up with; which are all but expunged.

  • Brad Smith

    go back to Liberia if you don’t like a 3 minute response time here. I would imagine that there isn’t a response time at all in Liberia, do they even have fire trucks?

  • ElComadreja

    He had to score some crack, gnome sane?

  • Nevsky

    Liberian immigrants, Somalian immigrants – what else is wrong with US immigration system? 40+ millions US blacks are not enough?

    Who will put an end to it?

  • Nevsky

    All the refugee programs in the West must be done away with. There is absolutely NO end to the grief struck line ups of the refugees.

    And it must start with ending white guilt. No white guilt = no refugees = no affirmative action = no political correctness.

    We must become selfish and careless about other tribes.

  • jayvbellis

    That’s really funny.

    I highly encourage Amren readers to promote a good sense of humor, it’s the best way to stay sane in these fallen times.

  • Dr. Cramden

    Settlement of freed slaves from the US in what is today Liberia began in 1822; by 1847, the Liberians were able to establish a republic.
    In former Rhodesia, Mugabe the Black dictator has told the white farmers to relinquish their farms to his fellow Blacks, so that complete starvation can be complete.
    Will you see any of these persecuted white productive people brought here?

  • Fantaman

    Because the PC culture enabled it. If we treated blacks like we should, only the 5% or so with civilized IQs would get in by applying. Right now they’re brought by the busload, they don’t know anything about the country and just sit and breed.

  • Jade1

    The blacks in that neighborhood are beating up and robbing whites in that area and the police do nothing.

  • jayvbellis

    Hire Latino gangs to cleanse the area. Italian gangster high ups need to start training a bit Whiter Hispanic gangsters to move up the criminal underworld food chain. I hear Mexican gang leaders in California generally side with Whites against Blacks.

  • brior

    “the tight-knit, predominantly Liberian community” Liberian Americans? Liberians, legal imports, Refugees, Asylum seekers, As soon as the “minority s” hit the beach the grievance industry syndrome kicks into high gear.

  • ElComadreja

    Even Jesse Jackson.

  • NotTooSwift

    I spent 30 years in a large city fire department. In a ten year period, I was directly involved in rescuing 13 people from fires. All but one were African-American. The one thing that is never on a Firefighter’s mind in an emergency response is the race of the victim. Forgot to mention that I am white.

    Unfortunately, many black people are very paranoid about white racism. Racism is a main topic in their lives and they are ready to claim it at the drop of a hat.

    I remember one fire whereby we, as the first unit on the scene, rescued a black man and woman from a burning room on the second floor. It was an amazing rescue in the manner it was performed and the timing and teamwork of our fire crew. Unfortunately, the body of a black man was later discovered in another part of the house. About two hours later, we were standing around talking about the fire, a couple of guys laughed at something that was said.

    A group of blacks took offense that we were acting jovial after a man was killed. Our Chief straightened them out, mentioning the rescue. They apologized.

  • SoCal88

    half devil, half child, 100% problematic

  • Tarczan

    I bet no smoke detectors, or if there were, the darkies took out the battery when it started beeping to replace.

  • Hallie Eva

    The miniscule number of blacks “with brains” who move to your neighborhood have beaucoups low life relatives who invariably move in with their *responsible family members.*
    That would be those *who just happen to live on your block.*

  • Doomispixulated

    That’s pretty efficient firefighting right there…no wonder they can’t pass firefighting exams….
    True or False
    Q- When responding to a fire, always set fire truck on fire.
    (hmmm, dey do say fight fire with fire, so answer must be…)

  • Al Rex

    Seriously, we need a savior to save us from self-destruction.We cannot go on and keep allowing these savages entering our once Great Country and just do nothing.Just imagine fifty, one hundred years from now how miserable our descendants will be and nobody there to protect them!!! We have to regroup, become vocal and find a final solution for all these non-Whites who only want us dead and gone.