Poor White Pupils Put Off School by Multicultural Timetable

Graeme Paton, Telegraph (London), June 27, 2014

White working class children are being “marginalised” at school after being forced to follow a multicultural timetable that shuns British traditions, according to research.

Large numbers of schools follow a curriculum that celebrates a “diverse range of pupils” while sidelining those from poor British families, it was claimed.

Head teachers told how they ran numerous projects such as Black History Month and “cultural days” to raise awareness of countries such as Portugal, Poland and Jamaica.

But it was claimed that white British pupils from deprived homes often “cannot see themselves or their lives reflected in the curriculum”, turning them off school altogether.

The study, published by Lambeth Council in south London, said that poor children were further isolated by a “small world” mentality, with parents failing to take them to the local park or visit places of interest.

Researchers called on the Department for Education to develop a “curriculum that treats white British identity in the same way as ethnic minorities”.

It comes just weeks after Michael Gove, the Education Secretary, pledged to require all schools to actively promote British values in the classroom to combat extremism.

The conclusions come amid growing concerns that working-class white British children are lagging dramatically behind at school and now perform worse than any other group.

According to figures, just 32.3 per cent of poor white British children left school last summer with five A* to C grades at GCSE.

Poor children from every other ethnic group performed better, with more than three-quarters of poor Chinese pupils and 61.5 per cent of those from deprived Indian families achieving the best results.

The gulf in results between poor white children and their richer classmates has hardly changed in the last seven years, even though the gap seen in other ethnic groups is narrowing.

Research by officials in Lambeth–one of the capital’s most multicultural boroughs–was commissioned to arrest the decline of working-class white British pupils.

The study was based on interviews with 76 heads, teachers and school support staff, alongside 39 parents and 61 pupils.

Teachers criticised a culture of low aspirations and a “small world” mentality among many poor white families, claiming many parents spent hours with children in front of the TV, refusing to visit local parks.

But the study said parents themselves “lamented a lack of white culture reflected in school life which perpetuated for many the marginalisation they felt within their communities”.

It said some schools “felt that the pressure on schools to establish a curriculum which is relevant to a diverse range of pupils has possibly marginalised white pupils”.

One head teacher told researchers: “The curriculum that has been on offer has not been meeting the needs of white British pupils. There has been much emphasis in recent years on elements of black history and a celebration of cultural days such as ‘Portuguese day’. There has been nothing for the British culture.

“This might have led to a sense of them losing their identity.”

Another head said: “It seems to be easier to celebrate the good things about other cultures–the dance, the food, the stories and to ask parents to come in and share their food, their traditions with us. We’ve worked through the cultures and have left this one to last.”

One primary school teacher told how the school was “very explicit in celebrating other cultures”, but added: “There is always that difficulty in identifying what is British culture. How many of our pupils would understand what maypole dancing is about?…

“We celebrate Christmas and Easter but even that is done in a diverse way. I think white families are expected to just fit into the curriculum, it is seen as the norm for them and we focus on the children new to the country.”

Another head teacher told how Caribbean, Polish and Portuguese families had a greater sense of cultural identity but “nothing binds” white British children together.

It was claimed that many poor white British children in the area have black cultural role models and “speak with a South London patois”.

Poor white British children ‘need remedial language tuition’

Children from poor white British families are coming to school barely able to speak after being “stuck in front of a TV all day”, according to head teachers.

A study found evidence of children who were only able to “grunt” after being raised by lazy parents with an “appalling” attitude to education.

The research–commissioned by Lambeth Council in south London–suggested that the prevalence of “text culture” was also a problem, with many pupils becoming overly reliant on mobile-phone style abbreviations at the expense of a proper grasp of English.

It claimed that a “general lack of knowledge or understanding of the world” acted as a “barrier to aspiration” for many children.

Despite living within a few miles of central London, some pupils had never even see the River Thames, researchers suggested.

It said that children from white working-class homes should be entitled to the same kind of remedial language support as pupils who have English as a second language.

The comments follow the publication of statistics last week showing that almost one-in-five primary pupils now speak another language in the home, rising as high as three-quarters in parts of London.

One head teacher told researchers that some poor white children were “coming to school only being able to grunt because they had been stuck in front a TV all day”.

Another primary school teacher said many white British pupils failed to make as much progress as those with English as a second language, adding: “They do not have the academic language or the language enrichment with which to progress. Many write in a colloquial way… They are exposed to media, text culture.”

Middle-classes ‘hogging community facilities’ in poor white areas

Children from poor white families are being increasingly pushed aside by their middle-class counterparts who hog community facilities, a study has found.

Researchers said that too many children from poor white homes were alienated by wealthy peers from the same ethnic group.

The study, commissioned by Lambeth Council in south London, said the “barrier to achievement for some white working-class children was the achievement of the white middle-class children”.

It also told how local children’s centres were “dominated by the white middle-class” but not the “target audience” of deprived families.

Children’s centres–such Labour’s flagship Sure Start facilities launched in 1998–usually provide childcare while giving mothers and fathers access to advice on health services, parenting skills and job applications.

They are traditionally established in deprived areas but anyone in the local community can use the services.

In the Lambeth study, one teacher said: “This area has a thriving local neighbourhood centre, which is the designated children’s centre for the area which also has strong links with the school. Yet few of the poorer white families use it.”

A school governor told researchers: “The purpose of the children’s centre is to enable parents of young children to get back to work but what you get is your centre full of middle-class parents who are working.”

In 2010, David Cameron admitted that some new Sure Start centres were overtaken by the “sharp-elbowed middle classes”.

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  • me

    But ‘diversity is our strength’! Multiculturalism is White genocide. Anti-racist is anti-White.

    • Anna Tree

      “There is always that difficulty in identifying what is British culture”

      The nerve with those people!

      • Ella

        No kidding….British are known for their English gardens, poetry, high noon teas, soaps, crumpets with excellent jams, many historical sites, invention of the first train by Trevithick, and I’m not British!

  • MekongDelta69

    “Researchers called on the Department for Education to develop a ‘curriculum that treats white British identity in the same way as ethnic minorities’.”

    When statements like this actually have to be uttered, then anyone who already hasn’t known the world is 180 degrees off-kilter, knows it now.

    • LHathaway

      It’s a start. The opposition is right. We’re monsters who will stop at nothing, such as a curriculum favoring white British kids and their experiences, and only their’s. Call it ‘affirmative action’.

  • David Ashton

    This has been going on for over 30 years. But effective opposition must start somewhere.

    • Martel

      There are many young Europeans, both male and female, fighting in the trenches in the United Kingdom as we speak.

  • And they wonder why Britons under 18 are least into social mixing.

  • Truthseeker

    This is such a sad article, but it confirms what I already knew: People need identity. It gives their lives context and meaning. It gives them a sense of who they are and what their place in the world is. To destroy that is a very evil thing. I’m fine with all these other groups having their own unique identities, but British children deserve theirs too.

    • Katherine McChesney

      Someone should introduce them to the The Steadfast Trust. It is about preserving the English culture.

  • guest

    “Poor non-whites in Britain have a racial/cultural identity; poor whites do not.”

    Because multicultural diversity stands for all races, except whites.

  • dd121

    The left, and the tribe in particular, have carefully choreographed the robbery of our white identity for at least 75 years. Pray that changes.

    • Nobody can steal our identity from us. After you and I had lunch at San Chang, we had a nice hike at Palmer Park. That’s me. It is also honest and pure.

      • dd121

        My impression of you and most of the posters here is that of high integrity. No, that can’t take that from us. What I would like to see develop is a white sense of unity that would translate into a political force. That is what is being crushed at all cost by the left.
        Been busy summer. Getting my mountain home stained and the deck stripped and re-stained. The logs have to be re-done every four years. Thinking of selling.
        Wife and I went to the 4th July Rockies game and fireworks display tonight.
        We’ll have to get together for dinner sometime this summer. I notice that a lot of the regular posters seem to be summer-busy like me.

  • Einsatzgrenadier

    Another head teacher told how Caribbean, Polish and Portuguese families had a greater sense of cultural identity but “nothing binds” white British children together.


    This should come as no surprise to anyone. This was planned all along, as far back as the prime ministries of Attlee and Churchill. The purpose of immigration-fueled multiculturalism is to destroy the social and national cohesion of the indigenous white population. Once white people lose all sense of ethnoracial identity, they have nothing to rally around and are no longer in a position to effectively resist the globalist agenda of the cosmopolitan elites.

  • Mary

    Like the British political elite have any remote sympathy for the White working class. Like they have any speck of concern regarding whether Whites have any cultural identity. Like they care if Whites are flushed into the abyss of history.
    The elite is giddy with the prospect of White decline or failure, wherever they may find it. The British elite, like the American one, disdains nothing more than working-class Whites. There is no form of humanity on Earth that more arouses their contempt and disgust. Any thin veneer of concern, like in this article, comes across as ludicrous and disingenuous.

  • Sangraal

    ‘Researchers called on the Department for Education to develop a
    “curriculum that treats white British identity in the same way as ethnic

    Oh wow, scraps from the table! Maybe if we wait here patiently they’ll toss us some more…

    “It seems to be easier to celebrate the good things about other
    cultures–the dance, the food, the stories and to ask parents to come in
    and share their food, their traditions with us. We’ve worked through the
    cultures and have left this one to last.”

    The plurality of human cultures reduced to a smorgasbord for SWPL consumption. Celebrate your heritage with some Yorkshire puddings and other trivial ephemera, it’s not like we ever did anything else or have a unique and ancient phenotype or anything. Just another snack on the tapas bar of multiculturalism, in between the tikka massala and the curried goat.

    Articles like this might seem like a recognition of our plight and a call for something to be done, but they’re not. They infantilise and emasculate us, reduce us to the status of just another victim-group to be brought under the umbrella, side by side with our ‘equals’, united in our plight, worthy only of pity and government aid. There are very real issues here, but they need to be addressed by us, for us, not by the politicians trying to claw back some votes from their historical constituency whom they abandoned long ago.


    “Another head
    teacher told how Caribbean, Polish and Portuguese families had a greater sense
    of cultural identity but “nothing binds” white British children
    together.” –

    – That’s because White children are intentionally deprived of being allowed to identify with those like themselves, i.e. fellow Whites. Without it, and them personally, being crucified as racist. Unbelievable! They work for the last 50 years or so to denounce, degrade, demonize, diminish and ultimately destroy any sense of identity in White people, and only White people. Then they have the asinine nerve to publicly wonder why White children are alienated from possessing any form of identity! It’s like dumping thousands of gallons of cyanide in a pristine river up stream. Then pretending to be completely puzzled as to why the banks are covered in thousands upon thousands of dead fish down stream.

    So let me just say to the liberal river poisoners of Britain. You’re Not Fooling Anyone! We all know that the blatant massacre of Britain’s historical fish was, and still is, you and your like minded cohorts goal all along. So congratulations dirt bags, you’ve earned it!

    • LHathaway

      “nothing binds” white British children together.”

      You know what could bind them together? Kicking everyone else out.

  • MBlanc46

    ‘Researchers called on the Department for Education to develop a
    “curriculum that treats white British identity in the same way as ethnic

    Absolutely not. Treat British culture as the culture of Great Britain and show the minorities the door.

  • gemjunior

    This is the most insulting, disgusting article I think I have ever read. It just takes my breath away. I feel it like a punch in the gut. My beautiful England. It’s gone, “my beautiful Britain is F&*k All” as Emma West had put it. Even if the author of the article means well AT ALL in trying to shine a light on what has happened here, the contempt for indigenous Brits is so ingrained that the vocabulary used actually seems normal to him It isn’t meant to be irony. Sharp elbowed middle classes” – that’s rich. I think the sharp-elbowed people are the ones that land on the soil of an ancient nation which has given untold riches to the world, and squat like the pigs they are. Goddamn them all — someone needs to pay for this. It almost feels like the end of “Planet of the Apes” to me – like someday in my own lifetime, I could actually stand in a ruin of Westminster Abbey or Lincoln Cathedral, while black and brown savages set about destroying whatever is next. Tony Blair and his set should all be dangling from Tower Bridge. I hope it won’t be long till some of these traitors are in the dock for their shameful treason. It’s just gruesome. The same goes for those trying to wreck Ireland, Scotland, Norway, Sweden, France and Germany. But I cannot stand to see England gone.

  • Ella

    Have they ever heard of the word “displaced” and “depressed?” Look at the horrible messages that whites receive daily through media sources. White people now have to inoculate their children and avoid the massive bleak changes within their own cities. There is no real support group or culture for them to request assistance.

  • rightrightright

    “Children from poor white families are being increasingly pushed aside by their middle-class counterparts who hog community facilities, a study has found.”

    Blame Whitey time. Our poor, failing kids are trapped in foreign environments in their own country. Their neighbours are black and brown and the schools are Babel. These neighbours are hosed down with “community facilities”. So the Whites scrabble for the little left over that comes their way and the more articulate middle classes do better in the fight.

  • Mark Hillyard

    “Explain to us the parable of the weeds of the field.” 37He answered,“The one who sows the good seed is the Son of Man. 38The field is the world, and the good seed is the sons of the kingdom. The weeds are the sons of the evil one,39and the enemy who sowed them is the devil.” Mathew 13:36
    Most preachers don’t understand the parables which all have to do with the Kingdom. This parable teaches us that this mixing (mamzers) is done on purpose and it is to destroy the true Israel of God. Sounds strange but it is there for all to see. The ‘British Israel World Federation’ attempts to get this message out. Look it up and read a few articles.
    Shocking I tell you!

  • Americans are very naive about the viciousness of the British ruling classes who, along with the City of London, are in bed with Saudi Arabia at the expense of working class Brits, whom they loathe. Sharia Finance is all the rage at Barclay’s, yet the majority of American conservatives, egged on by the Master of Hypocrisy and Duplicity, Daniel Hannan (a City of London shill) carry on about how “we” get our liberty and freedom from the UK. Complete BS. Michael Savage is literally banned from entering the UK. The UK bans books that are widely available in Europe. The UK uses gag orders daily to silence opposition and practices pre-crime tactics. The Brits are the one nation always in bed with all of America’s folly and evil. Paul Weston was arrested for reading Churchill in a public square, but you can be damned sure Hannan will never utter a word of support. In all, the British have been pulling a racket for a long time. If you’re a working class person, there is much less liberty and political representation in the UK than in countries like France, Italy and Germany.

    NB: I worked for Barclay’s and know about Hannan’s affiliations first-hand. He’s a fraud. And don’t expect to find “Theodore Dalrymple” in the trenches with you, either,

  • Norseman

    I lived for a while in what is descriped as a deprived area of London. I observed that some indigenous youths copied black role models. Fortunately, the majority of them did not. In what was a multiracial area, the main groups were English and Asians. People tended to mix with their own kind.