Ousted TV Reporter Who Made Comments About Young Black Men Appears on Fox News

Snejana Farberov, Daily Mail (London), July 17, 2014

A white TV reporter who was suspended for claiming that an ‘anti-cop mentality’ is caused by fatherlessness among young black men appeared on Fox News Wednesday for the first time since his ouster, telling Megyn Kelly that he knew what he was doing when he made his remarks.

Sean Bergin was reprimanded by News 12 New Jersey because he voiced an opinion rather than remained objective after an interview with the widow of a black man who shot dead a rookie Jersey City police officer.

The widow, Angelique Campbell, told Bergin that Lawrence Campbell should have killed more officers, but she later apologized for her statement.

During his appearance on The Kelly File Wednesday, Bergin shed some light on what preceded the incendiary interview with Angelique Campbell, saying that before News 12 New Jersey aired the segment, the station had been ‘besieged’ by phone calls from local police officers asking them not to run it.

According to the veteran reporter, he went to his producer and suggested to shelve the interview with the widow, but since it was a News 12 New Jersey exclusive the station made the decision to air it.

After the interview, Bergin concluded his Sunday night report by saying that the underlying cause of an anti-police mentality is young black men growing up without fathers.

He said: ‘It’s important to shine a light on this anti-cop mentality that has so contaminated America’s inner cities,’ Bergin said. ‘The underlying cause of all of this, of course, young black men growing up without fathers.’

Speaking to Miss Kelly on Fox News, Bergin explained that his goal was to provide some balance and context – but he was well aware of the risks.

‘There’s no doubt that I went off the reservation,’ he said. ‘I made a couple of rogue remarks at the end… I knew what I was doing.’

He added: ‘I knew there would be some consequences; I knew there would be some ramifications. I thought maybe I would get a reprimand, maybe a temporary suspension…’

Bergin, a contracted employee, said the station told him that his assignments would be cut to one a week and he declined to remain in the position.

The ousted reporter has reiterated that he decided to address the subject of young black men in the context of the officer’s killing because he wanted to send a message.

‘This has got to stop. Somebody has to have the guts to stand up and point at this and say, “Hey man, we gotta start talking about this.”

‘I know it’s a touchy subject, I know it’s a sensitive issue… there is shame involved here. Nobody wants  to be known as the man who abandons his children.’

The National Association of Black Journalists’ president, Bob Butler, challenged Bergin’s connection between young black men growing up without fathers and anti-police sentiments and said that Bergin went beyond the standards of a news reporter by inserting his views on the story.

‘Are there problems in the inner city with kids without fathers? Yes. But does that make kids violent? No,’ Butler said. ‘There are a lot of kids without fathers who go to college, graduate and become upstanding citizens.

‘He’s talking about a social phenomenon where there’s lack of opportunity in communities.’

But Bergin brushed off Butler’s criticism, insisting there there is a clear link between fatherlessness and the negative sentiment many black youths have towards police.

‘I think you can certainly draw a connection between fatherless young men and this feeling of anti-authoritarianism,’ he told Kelly.

Asked about the message his ouster from News 12 sends, Bergin responded: ‘Don’t speak out. Just stay silent. it’s safer that way. You’ll keep your job.’

When asked if he would have been demoted had he spoken out in support of gay marriage, Bergin replied that it is a question he wishes his former news director would answer.

Kelly later posted a message on Bergin’s Facebook page, writing that she had asked Dr Ben Carson, a frequent Fox News contributor, about the reporter’s suspension.

‘Dr. Carson’s response: “Pretty soon people will be afraid to express themselves about anything,”’ she wrote.

In an interview with the Associated Press Tuesday, Bergin sounded a defiant note, saying: ‘If I had it to do over again, I would do the exact same thing.

‘I broke the rules. I knew I was breaking the rules. But sometimes you have to break the rules to do the right thing.’

He said that the issue of young black men without fathers deserves more media coverage.

‘Replacing husbands and fathers with government checks created this mess and that’s why liberal media refuse to look at it,’ Bergin wrote on his Facebook page Tuesday in response to a comment by one of his numerous fans.

News 12 New Jersey viewers have been leaving messages on Bergin’s ‘wall’ thanking him for taking a stand on a controversial issue.

A Facebook page created in support of the ousted journalist has drawn nearly 3,200 ‘likes’ as of Wednesday night.

Sean’s sister, Trish Bergin Weichbrodt, wrote online that a veterans’ motorcycle group and several police organizations are holding a rally in support of her brother Thursday outside the studios of New 12 Long Island in Woodbury.

The TV station said that the response to Bergin’s report was being handled internally and that it doesn’t comment on personnel matters.

‘It is News 12’s policy that reporters must be objective and not state personal opinions on-air,’ the station said in a statement Tuesday.

The National Association of Black Journalists’ president, Bob Butler, challenged Bergin’s connection between young black men growing up without fathers and anti-police sentiments and said that Bergin went beyond the standards of a news reporter by inserting his views on the story.

‘Are there problems in the inner city with kids without fathers? Yes. But does that make kids violent? No,’ Butler said. ‘There are a lot of kids without fathers who go to college, graduate and become upstanding citizens.

‘He’s talking about a social phenomenon where there’s lack of opportunity in communities.’

Bergin, 49, said that he has worked for News 12 as a freelance reporter for seven years, for six or seven days a week. He said he made about $1,300 a week working on stories in New Jersey and in New York’s Long Island and Westchester County.

He said the station told him Tuesday that if wished to remain he would be limited to one story a week on Long Island for $300. He declined.

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  • MekongDelta69

    I saw that last night. Generally speaking, I like Megyn Kelly, except when the subject of race comes up.

    And last night, she really hit a low when she said (something like), “Do you think you should have said something like that, being a White man?”

    • TruthBeTold

      Blacks talk about the issue of fatherless homes all the time on the radio, internet, and their newspapers. When a white man does, it’s ‘racist’.

    • Oil Can Harry

      The only time I ever watched Ms. Kelly was when I saw her interviewing Pat Buchanan.

      At one Uncle Pat warned that whites were becoming the minority in America and Kelly asked “Why should that be a problem?” Duuuhhhh.

      • Anna Tree

        In a time when saying the truth will get you fired, maybe Megyn Kelly is using tripplespeak.

        – “Do you think you should have said something like that, being a White man?”
        – At one Uncle Pat warned that whites were becoming the minority in America and Kelly asked “Why should that be a problem?”

        Those questions could just beg the answer. Not asking them and the point could be missed. Asking them in this way can make the other person think and maybe put him on the way to recovery, on the way to racialism.

        I often use tripplespeak. It’s safer but can still be productive.

    • scottthestrategerist

      If you don’t like her on the subject of race, then you don’t like her!

      I like actor Samuel L. Jackson when he talks about comic books and Star Wars, but I don’t like him!

    • gemjunior

      Yeah, I caught that too. She said it like a real bitch too, like she caught him stealing or doing something really bad. I like Meghan Kelly for the most part, but I was surprised by her there. I would have thought she’d say it more like “And being a white man, you aren’t expected to be allowed an opinion on the matter,” or otherwise pointing out the double-standard and hyposcrisy of the “black establishment” (ahem, if such an idea merits the title). And he really stood up to her question; I like the way he stated he would NOT be apologizing.

  • Puggg

    I know a lot of LEOs were mad that Bergin shouldn’t have given all this hatred of cops any airtime. I disagree. I think we need to expose the black undertow and all their vile attitudes as far and wide as can be.

    You know, I find something strange. The widow of the suspect is strangely not upset at all that her husband is dead. The only thing she seems to care about is that her husband didn’t kill more cops before he himself was killed. Real loving wife he had there. The other thing and that she and a lot of ghetto undertow black women like her hate cops, but the first thing they do when their “baby daddy” doesn’t pay child support is call the cops.

    • Dave4088

      No, they call da PO-lees.

      • me

        An’ da amberlamps!

    • TruthBeTold

      He did what a reporter should do; report the facts as they are.

      His mistake was showing the world what blacks really think of cops.

    • In my opinion, many blacks are unable to feel the emotion that we whites call love. They are geneticlly incapable of it. Dogs are better able to feel love than many blacks. I suspect there are love genes involved that blacks lack, but dogs have. Plus, brain circuitry that creates feelings of love.

      • Einsatzgrenadier

        The lower empathy of blacks is best explained by the fact that blacks are far more likely to be diagnosed as psychopaths and narcissists than whites.

      • HE2

        Blacks do not feel love as we know it, bigone. The emotion they would identify as their feelings of bonded love is confused with power and possession.

      • scottthestrategerist

        I’ve been saying for awhile now that love is a biological construct. It doesn’t really exist. Nature creates it so that we take care of children, have in-group loyalties, etc., but it doesn’t exist. Marriage is no more ABOUT love than model airplanes are ABOUT glue!

        • Anna Tree

          Nice concept about love being a biological construct! And very logic: nothing is magic, included emotions: they have a physical base like everything else.

          Lol now, contrary to you, I think it does exist, in the same way that honesty, intelligence or sport attitudes exist, it’s in the DNA, or not.

          It is not a stretch to think that some races, ethnicity even families have more emotions or stronger ones or deeper ones than others. Like other traits and abilities etc, emotions have evolved like you hint, depending on environment, mutations, adaptations etc Obviously a culture, i.e. a race that promote morals, monogamy, r/K strategy, kin respect and less violence etc, will select those who love over those who feel less attachment to others. The more gregarious the group, the more happiness will be appreciated and seek. Love is needed and so partners showing it (in a acceptable way,) may have an advantage.

          I do think marriage are better off if there is love but I agree it is not essential to marriage. In the past, love wasn’t the basis of marriage, although hopefully love or some kind of love would develop with time. Nowadays people do confuse between love and marriage, in my opinion marriage is for the children (the best environment for them), not for the couple getting married. For them it is just a piece of paper, for the child it is their whole world. You don’t need marriage to love someone. Therefore, marriage is not a Human Right but specifically a Child Right, children, beside the right for a mom and a dad, do better with a married dad and mom. It’s another subject but so I think, homosexuals, like heterosexual for the matter, can’t claim a need to be married. They may have the desire, but it is the children who have the need.

          • scottthestrategerist

            Beautiful reply, Anna Tree, and I don’t think we fundamentally disagree. I’m just tired of these Aryan girls telling me how much they “love” their black b/fs! They don’t get that, according to current anthropological theory, it took 50,000 – 130,000 for whites to evolve from blacks, but only two minutes to throw it away! I really think they’re just allowing their emotions – along with being brainwashed by the talmudvision – to carry them away, and if they’re not stopped, they will cease to exist! I don’t care if their black “boyfriends” are cool, or if they can sing and dance, or even about intimacy prowess. I care that they lack the genetics to carry the white race on. NE Asians aren’t stupid, but they can’t carry on white genetics.

            As for my saying on marriage and model airplanes, yes, I did come up with that as a refutation of homosexual “marriage,” but it applies even more here, since miscegenation is a much larger problem than homosexuality. (Men are inherently repulsed by other me. Trust me on this one!)

            Ultimately, I agree. MARRIAGE IS ABOUT CREATING AND RAISING CHILDREN. Love holds it together and is of course a positive force, but if the white member of the couple isn’t with another white person, then they can’t fulfill the mission, no matter how much love exists. In other words, love is secondary. In a hundred years, no one will care if you loved your husband, and no one will care if my wife was “hot.” The future whites will care that they EXIST. To that end, I also think that a fertile white should divorce an infertile white, but I have no problem with an infertile white marrying a nonwhite. Indeed, I would encourage it. (Group evolutionary strategy, my dear.)

            Bottom line: for whites to exist, they must all mate, but only with other whites. You have a mission larger than yourself. You are a necessary component in stopping a genocide: your own.

          • Anna Tree

            No we don’t disagree, we agree indeed! I do think one’s children are more important than love, or not love: divorce for example in my opinion,shouldn’t be an option when there are children (unless in extreme cases) and so I think the same about miscegenation: to love your children is to not give them unnecessarily troubles regarding their identity and to give them the best future as possible and that is obviously in a homogenous peaceful society that can survive and prosper, and so numerous too.

            I believe in personal liberties but how much individual freedom vs. health of a society is the question… In my opinion “radical personal freedom” doesn’t trump every other issue, that be gay adoption or extreme religious dogmas or dangerous people on the loose or one full generation deciding to bring children only at age 35+ or miscegenating. I am for the healthy stigma that indeed race is above all emotions, included love, including hatred (Whites should forgive the mistakes of the past and unite, although and I know many disagree with me, I also includes here white racialist Jews, moreover former or with some jewish ancestry).

            And this is especially true nowadays, when whites numbers are dwindling horribly: we need more white children and for a time indeed, moreover at the beginning in our white homelands back, this is the most important matter, and indeed fertile whites should marry and have children. I am sorry for Infertile whites, I am sorry also for our/my daughters but I do want them to have as many children as possible. The first few generations will be the settlers of the new white lands, with all the honors and duties. I like your last sentence and so will repeat it now 🙂 we have a mission larger than ourselves and it is to stop our own genocide.

    • Katherine McChesney

      I find it the usual behavior about blacks when one of their own dies. They might put on a howling, fake grief for the public but they dismiss the death shortly just like they dismiss all the crimes their ‘politicians’ commit. It’s business as usual with blacks in my opinion. They lack depth and compassion when it comes to life situations. It’s why they are failures.

      • Proof of that is to compare and contrast the gawdy tacky spectacles that are black funerals with the auspicious lack of maintenance at black cemeteries where blacks are responsible for the maintenance. I only disagree with your assessment in that I think at the moment of death, their grief is real, but it’s fleeting.

  • Dave4088

    Sean Bergin did NOT grovel and apologize for telling the truth about black social pathology. He has certainly earned my respect.

    Just think what would happen if dozens of broadcasters and journalists started finding their courage. This multiracial house of cards would come a tumbling down.

    • Epiminondas

      Not likely. That house will have to be torn down by force.

    • HE2

      So right, Dave4. They cannot fire them all.
      Just imagine if every awake and aware news reader had the ‘nads to speak as one voice.

  • TruthBeTold

    Blacks are doing what they do best on these issues; distraction and redirection.

    They always find a way to turn the tables and take the focus off the original problem; them.

    • scottthestrategerist

      What the black journalist is arguing is what all egalitarians argue, to wit, that something isn’t true unless it’s absolutely and universally true. We racists, on the other hand, say that something is true if it’s usually true. Thus, the smart or nice minorites here and there, while they certainly exist, don’t change THE COMMUNITY and don’t save majority-black cities like Detroit, Camden, Gary, Birmingham, Washington city, Atlanta, etc. The reason why they don’t matter is that, despite their existence, these cities nevertheless implode. Because they’re only a small minority, within the minority.

  • dd121

    I think it’s more a hatred of whites rather than “fatherlessness” that causes hatred of cops. The left of course blame whites for everything that’s pathological about blacks.

    • HE2

      dd, it is free floating rage. About anything and everything. A ticking time bomb read to detonate at the slightest provocation. The trigger does not have to originate externally.
      Always lurking inside the mind of a black….tick tick tick, and as a RPG, you do not see it coming until it hits you.
      Remorse is not an option, as these people are chronically out of touch, depersonalized.
      Add to that a defective self observing ego and it is pathology in the extreme.

    • propagandaoftruth

      Regardless, I bet this guy’s read Amren.

      Good news! It’s getting out there. The Dark Enlightenment of our Folk is in the process.

  • The real truth is that blacks are genetically incapable of being fathers in the Western white sense of the word. They can reproduce, but not feel the father-son bonds that whites feel. So, fatherlessness is just a sympton of genetics at work. No amount of preaching to Negro males is going to change that. Trayvon had a father. Look at how he turned out.

    • Einsatzgrenadier

      Unlike whites and northeast Asians, who are K-selected, blacks evolved to pursue an r-selected reproductive strategy. Because blacks have more offspring than whites or northeast Asians, they will have significantly lower levels of parental investment. This means that beyond the act of insemination, fatherhood is of less importance to blacks than it is to whites. Furthermore, the matriarchal family structure is more common among blacks, regardless of geographical location, than it is among whites or northeast Asians.

      • HJ11

        I get your point, but as I’ve written before, no humans are r-selected. r-selected refers to organisms that produce many times what any humans can produce.

        Black women still give birth one at a time after nine months just like White women and Yellow women and Brown women and Red women. They do not give birth to hundreds of new organisms over a few months the way cockroaches do.

        • John R

          Bull! They drop ’em out two at a time. The poster was saying, and I agree, is that blacks, from a warm environment, focused on number of offspring, and not in nurturing each individual one. In warm climates you don’t have to make sure you take care of the family during the harsh winter months. They can pretty much fend for themselves. Over thousands of years this reproductive strategy became genetic, and thus Negroes are pre-programmed to be absent fathers.

    • Puggg

      I’ve read a good number of stories about how black father son pairs meet for the first time when both the father and son were conscious people, what that means is that the son wasn’t a baby. It’s usually a matter of the father is in prison and the son is visiting, or sometimes the son is about to go to prison and the father’s already there. When they meet, there’s not much in the way of a family bond shown, and in some cases, they react to each other like they’re total strangers.

      • John R

        And I have heard that an adult black male will have more of a bond with his SISTER’S children than with his own. This is because blacks are so sexually promiscuous that a black man can never be sure if his wife’s kids are really his own, but he can be sure that at least his sister’s kids are related to him biologically.

        • Puggg

          Mama’s baby papa’s maybe.

          • John R


  • cherrie greenbaum123

    The MSM blackout on this story is so very telling.

    • scottthestrategerist

      Wow! It’s nice to have a Greenbaum on OUR side! 🙂

  • Luca

    Actually, Mr. Bergin is partially right about fatherless families, but many Whites go without fathers too and don’t end up as blacks do, at least not at the same ratios. . It also involves culture, DNA and the inability of blacks to adapt to civilized society.

    Many of the black anti-social issues were kept in check until 1965. We all know what happened after that.

    • Epiminondas


    • OhWow

      Father died when I was 13…went on to get my MS and graduate with a 3.7 GPA. It’s genetics. Not social or emotional issues. I know a guy whose father died on 9/11 when he was only 11. That guy grew up to be a CPA in Manhattan. Blacks are just genetically different. That’s it.

      • Alexandra1973

        I never met my birth father though I know who he is. My mother married my stepfather when I was 3 months old and he adopted me. A year later my half-sister was born.

        I turned out all right. Never been in any trouble. My sister…well, she’s a drama queen and a half, in and out of psych wards, threatened to burn herself with cigarettes in front of my 12-year-old son…and Dad died when she was 26.

  • HJ11

    Blaming Black violence and social dysfunction on fatherless homes is a common cliche, but it’s not full answer. Black violence and social dysfunction comes from their genes and it only seems greater now than in the past because of integration.

    What has happened is that Blacks have been allowed to take their normal violence and social dysfunction out of Black communities and spread them to White communities where it is now getting more attention.

    We constantly hear people blame Black violence and social dysfuction on everything from White racism to fast food as PC cowards side step the real cause: genes.

    • Ike Eichenberg

      A quick look at the total numbers of white kids from single parent homes will tell you that it is something more than the lack of a daddy at home.

    • 4321realist

      “Blaming Black violence and social dysfunction on fatherless homes is a common cliche, but it’s not full answer.”

      I agree. No fathers certainly has some bearing on the matter, but what good will a father in the home do if he’s constantly telling his thugs the same thing they hear from the rest of the black community about whitey holding them down?

      • John R

        Good point. Trayvon Martin living with his daddy certainly helped him? NOT!

  • Dave4088

    “The National Association of Black Journalists’ president, Bob Butler, challenged Bergin’s connection between young black men growing up without fathers and anti-police sentiments and said that Bergin went beyond the standards of a news reporter by inserting his views on the story.”

    Anyone think holier than thou afro-merican Bobby Butler would’ve had a problem if Sean Bergin blamed the fatal shooting on white racism, the Republican party, the Tea Party and lack of government programs? Bergin would have been hailed as a hero, invited to the White House and would be the darling of MSNBC, CNN and HuffPo.

    • evilsandmich

      Exactly: “he voiced an opinion rather than remained objective
      No, he voiced the ‘wrong’ opinion.

      • Anna Tree

        Exactly, I don’t know many journalists who don’t voice their opinions. Their views are often obvious.

  • james AZ


  • 4321realist

    ‘The underlying cause of all of this, of course, young black men growing up without fathers.’
    I’m pretty sure he doesn’t believe that, but it’s his way of voicing a complaint about the situation but blaming it on something other than the fact that blacks are an enemy within who despise whites, this country and especially the police, which enabled him to deflect the worst criticism. He knows the parents often worse than their thugs.
    In other words if he told the truth and said blacks are taught by their leaders, their parents and all the black talking heads on the radio and t.v. that they are being held down by whitey and his police forces, when the black problem is chiefly a lack of intellectual ability from intelligence to other areas involving mental abilities, he wouldn’t have just been out of a job he would have been black listed from ever getting any kind of job again, unless he assumed an alias and worked at a car wash somewhere.
    But you’ve got to hand it to him to say what he did.
    That any of the truth is taboo about blacks reveals how far this society has deteriorated.
    We are in DESPERATE need of an economic catastrophe so these dregs can mostly eliminate each other in the urban areas when the food deliveries stop and the water is shut off.

  • bubo

    He’s wrong anyway. Just because they have fathers doesn’t mean anything. Look at Trayvon.

    His biggest mistake was to think that Conservatism inc. would come to his defense. The same bunch of idiots that worship Dr. Carson and the black pizza man. Conservatism inc. is eat up with white guilt worse than the left.

    What we have in reality is a society in which we all know the truth, but can’t speak it publicly. In that regard we’re just like the old Soviet Union in it’s final days. I look for the same outcome here.

    • meanqueen

      I like Dr. Carson, and I have no white guilt – zero. My ancestors owned slaves in Alabama and I have no guilt about that, either. Dr. Carson deserves respect. He has earned it.

  • Daniel

    I don’t why people are so concerned about the lack of fathers in the black communities, the mothers of these useless contrabands certainly don’t care to have one around. They only know what mammy teaches them, that they are useless except for a check as they grow to prison age.

  • Spikeygrrl

    “Pretty soon people will be afraid to express themselves about anything…”

    “Pretty soon?” What planet has Dr. Carson been living on?!

    People are already afraid to express themselves about anything! “Walking on eggshells” is no longer the operative analogy. We’re tiptoeing through a minefield: every day, every conversation, every acquaintance.

    Thank goodness for AmRen — and a very few other sociopolitical discussion boards — where decent, moral, patriotic, hardworking White folks don’t have to bite their tongues until they bleed.

  • LHathaway

    “Pretty soon people will be afraid to express themselves about anything”

    By ‘people will soon be afraid to express themselves’, what they mean here is white people. This is odd, for whites aren’t generally considered people. Whites have been afraid to express themselves on racial issues for quite some time, actually.

  • roadgeek

    Perhaps he’s The Prophet we’ve been waiting for. Someone to lead us.

  • jayvbellis

    Thanks to everyone at Amren who made the calls to support this tough, honest White guy in the media,

    I made my calls.

    • Katherine McChesney

      I did too, and was insulted multiple times by a couple of ‘commenters’ for what I said.

      Oh, well, some people would rather live in their head than face facts.

  • gemjunior

    I have a great deal of respect for him, as I do for Frank Borzellieri and anyone else who puts their livelihood at risk for telling the truth, as the majority are too afraid to do sol

    • Katherine McChesney

      What I don’t appreciate about Borzellieri is that he passed himself off as someone else and got caught for it. I believe it may have hurt his reputation in the long run. Of course, I hope he’s fareing well today and has found gainful employment.

      • Anna Tree

        Hi Katherine, Mr. Borzellieri didn’t pass himself as someone else! He just changed his name to be able to work in the profession he likes and bring food for his wife and kids because of our orwellian world. I think he did nothing criminal or immoral or dishonest or cowardly.

      • gemjunior

        Yes, I was surprised about that too, but I suppose he didn’t see any other way. I guess when you’ve been blacklisted from the only profession you’ve ever practiced, it might seem like the thing to do. I believe I might go mental if I was completely written off like that just for having “incorrect” opinions on these things. I tot

      • gemjunior

        Yes I agree, I was surprised he did that. But things must be pretty bad for him. Things are pretty bad in general when you think that we are living in a country where telling the truth about race is such a crime that a paroled rapist, pedophile or even a murderer is more likely to be hired for a job than a “racist” whose words were “incorrect” in the opinion of the establishment.

        • Katherine McChesney

          I agree. I’d like to know how he’s doing now. It might be best that he leave the field of education, opting instead to seek gainful employment that will not prevent his mission of truth-telling.

  • CallahanAuto

    I hope FOX hires him.

  • james AZ

    It is simple reality ……

  • Kit Ingoldby

    Wow, finally, someone who doesn’t cravenly cave in immediately and go down on bended knee to lick spittle.

    Good for him, this way he keeps his integrity and actually has a chance to carry on with his life, the apology, self abasement route never works….

  • MooTieFighter

    It’s simply their tribal genetic nature. Why is everyone still “shocked”. You can’t change genetics. You may be able to influence behavior a little, but genes are what makes us who we are.

    • journey

      Since, your statement is the truth = racist.

  • damonb73

    Just goes to show that if you DARE notice the 800lb pink gorilla ripping farts at the dinner table YOU are the one thats going to be punished, YOU!! Whatever you do people don’t take the pc blinders off and speak your minds, just shut up and deal with the stench. How many is it now that has been fired for talking about the pink gorilla?

  • Katherine McChesney

    Wow, I get a completely difference impression of Meghan Kelly. Compared to the liberal commentators and even Ann Coulter she comes across as a smart, ladylike woman. I only see her occasionally on videos on the web as I don’t own a television. But, I think she is very Conservative.

    • Waldemar Daninsky

      Not trying to be mean, but…the left does have a point about Ann Coulter. She is certainly not as attractive as she fancies herself. She is certainly intelligent, yes. But the difference between the airbrushed/photoshopped pics of her on the covers of her books, and the skeletal extremities that she displays on television that poke out from her miniskirt is telling. Just saying that she is not as hot as she thinks she is.

  • B Baker

    How can we control the language when conservatives get so upset and offended over swearing? Your comment here will get erased if you swear too much.
    Personally I am way to angry over black on white violence and the oppression of Whites and White Men in particular. I can hardly do it without cussing (perhaps it is because I was in the Navy for a decade during OIF OEF and I talk salty).

    If those on the Right cannot handle a little swearing and cannot handle opinions that do not fall into the Christian party line then the Right cannot control any language and the left will run rampant over you. I hope you understand this because I have always been a conservative since I listened to Rush at 11 years old. Yet I have grown to despise most of the Right because they are cowards when it comes to fighting back against the left. The left fights dirty but the Right is oh so moral that they could never fight dirty back because it would not be fair or some BS.

    Additionally, the Right wastes tons of effort courting blacks that will never vote for them because they hate Whitey. This does not only failing to attract black voters, it more so offends the White base who is sick of black crime and tired of watching Conservative pols kissing the asses of the black gangstas and thugs. The Right is so screwed up right now I refuse to vote for them. I will not vote just to have assholes like john mccain tell us we need africans imported here just because latinos are crossing our borders. (Yeah he said that a week ago!)

    The right is going to lose votes because they have no spine and refuse to care about their base which are White males and females.

  • Anna Tree

    Good videos to forward around, thanks.

  • John R

    As I said on another post, yes, I support him. But I don’t agree with his comments. The current anti-cop mentality of the black community is not caused by lack of fathers. That is the conservative position, not the race realist position. It is caused by a race of people that has never and will never assimilate into a society built by European Whites. It is further aggravated by the liberal propaganda of leftist agitation that encourages blacks to hate Whites. Blacks are not going to like law enforcement. So what? We need the police to protect us and we also need gun ownership for same. And note that blacks are also against THAT as well. ‘Nuff said.

    • Anna Tree

      True. And that is why Butler is wrong when he says:

      “‘Are there problems in the inner city with kids without fathers? Yes. But does that make kids violent? No,’ Butler said. ‘There are a lot of kids without fathers who go to college, graduate and become upstanding citizens.”
      – > No, not a lot, unless he means Whites or Asians.

  • John R

    It’s called “owning the means of production.”

  • journey

    Hope Mr. Bergin’s statements will trigger some Hope and Change. (don’t hold your breathe). It will undermine the trillion dollar Grievance Industry.

  • LHathaway

    “Someone has to have the guts to stand up”.

    Let’s see if he will marry a poor black girl. More and more, it seems, MEN are leery of marrying down. No, doubt, it’s still true that ‘women never marry down’, and a good portion of men do, but some men are getting ‘smarter and smarter’ about it. At least, they want to in theory but the realities of the marketplace may confer something different.

    Affirmative action females love to marry their equally paid co-workers, affirmative action males and affirmative action immigrants. .

    What about black affirmative action females? Wonder if they will ever start to marry down, white men, that is?


    This is a good example of what the left calls “dog whistling” — coded appeals to white racial concerns made without substance or sincerity. This has been part of the GOP playbook since the 60’s and sadly, many white conservatives have been duped by these tactics.

    • A lot of this dog whistling exists only in the fertile and paranoid imaginations of leftists.

  • Dexter Dude

    ‘Are there problems in the inner city with kids without fathers? Yes. But does that make kids violent? No,’ Butler said. ‘There are a lot of kids without fathers who go to college, graduate and become upstanding citizens.

    ‘He’s talking about a social phenomenon where there’s lack of opportunity in communities.’

    And yet this same moron cheers a President who is dumping more ignorant third world peasants in his ghetto. Rich, Talented Tenth black folks never cease to amaze me. Where does he think those “opportunities” are going to come from? The same white folks that are now forced to pick up the tab for a new flood of wetbacks?

    Does he not read the newspapers? There is a race war going on in LA between blacks and Mexicans and the blacks have lost … but the President he loves wants more illegals dumped in inner cities all over the country.

  • Anna Tree

    Be proud of yourself for helping your friends, I am trying but no real success for the moment: they just never wanted to hear my arguments. They don’t believe races exist!

    And indeed now you have to help yourself and find a nice white girl. You know already I know… don’t wait.

    I will email you next week, I will be happy to help if I can with your videos.

    Yes too many white women are lost to destructive liberal leftist dogmas like feminism but I do think though there are many good white women out there and I wish Amren opens a dating site! It can help the Afrikaners and other whites stucked in Africa too. I saw many non-white sites on the net, many interracial sites and only one that calls itself “white dating site”. But then…it’s not really one because it says “Free online dating site for white women, men, and the people who love them.”
    !!! And the people who love them?!?! That’s the thing, EVERYBODY love them… to death!
    To paraphrase: dating sites for blacks, dating sites for Asians, dating sites for Hispanics and one white dating site for everybody…

    I agree with you: there are white Jews and non-white Jews. Of the white Jews, many intellectuals, liberals, rich fell for the dieversity like many intellectuals, liberals and rich white non-jews.

    Most Jews are believing their own lies of liberal leftism: it is obvious for me that Israel is as doomed as the white countries are doomed, if nothing drastic happens. Some Amreners think that the Jews say “diversity for you not for me” but I think that beside the facts that Israel protects its borders from mass-immigration and terrorists, the whole population though is going multiracial and multi-ethnic like us. Like you said, there are Jews from Ethiopia, Yemen, Iran, Morocco etc If the white Jews ever wake up and don’t miscegenate further, it will be too late for them because Israelis are a few millions and logically the mixing will be very fast.

    I foresee the general Israeli Ashkanaze high IQ to get even lower, and therefor a notable decrease of Jewish achievements.

    To stay an outpost of Western civilization, you need whites, i.e. a big, proud and strong majority of whites. Israel is metamorphosing as much as our Western countries: all is in the numbers, 50% or so of whites is not enough, 5% of non-white is enough to trigger third world aspects.

    You want to know what is my totally speculative, maybe scientific hypothesis about Ashkenaz intelligence? I am copy pasted from a former post of mine:

    My speculation is that the askanaz IQ is not Jewish, it is European. The IQs of the European Jews is the IQs of the Ancient Italians/Greek/Spanish/Portuguese (before it was decreased by miscegenations notably with black slaves and muslim Arabs and Moors or other North Africans.) I wish we could check the DNA of the Nobel prized Ashakanaze Jews with the DNA of the intellectual stars of the Ancient Greeks and Romans, but I presume some Northern Italian Nobel Prize recipients could suffice too.

    From an article of Razib Kan, Genetics & the Jews, in DiscoverMagazine (Nicholas Wade also wrote about this in his “A troublesome Inheritance”):

    “During Greco-Roman times, recorded mass conversions led to 6 million people practicing Judaism in Roman times or up to 10% of the population of the Roman Empire. Thus, the genetic proximity of these European/Syrian Jewish populations, including Ashkenazi Jews, to each other and to French, Northern Italian, and Sardinian populations favors the idea of non-Semitic Mediterranean ancestry in the formation of the European/Syrian Jewish groups and is incompatible with theories that Ashkenazi Jews are for the most part the direct lineal descendants of converted Khazars or Slavs. The genetic proximity of Ashkenazi Jews to southern European populations has been observed in several other recent studies.”

    Not all Amreners will agree with me, but in my opinion European Jews (i.e. Asheknaz, Spanish, Italians, Greek, Syrian Jews) are a white ethnicity, they are Mediterranean and Levantine whites, a few are like you hint Nordic. Can’t help but see resemblance between Mark Zuckerberg and the Medicis oil portraits.

    I always wondered about the civilizations of the Ancient Greeks and Italians: I thought they must have been brought by people with high IQs. The Occam’s Razor would point that some of them have converted to Judaism long time ago.

    — Maybe it’s just a naive guess, but it is logic. And so ironic… well not for all LOL, not for the Jews (the European Jews would have to accept they are not special and not original Jews, it’s only a religion for them, not a race; the non-European Jews would lose the high IQ aura that was never theirs anyway) and not for some Whites, who won’t like that the European Jews are really whites.

    • scottthestrategerist

      We must all know our strengths and weaknesses, and we all have our parts to play. All you have to do is play them. My talent seems to be in speaking and persuasion. I use only facts in my appeals, and, admittedly, I have a great long term memory. Hence I can read material from Amren, other website, and books by Jared Taylor, David Duke and others, and repeat it pretty well, with my own spin. Not everyone can do this. That’s ok too because we don’t want to come off as redundant. I can teach you how to argue, perhaps using skype. Perhaps these can be the first videos? They’re not exactly what I had in mind to, say, post on youtube, but they could be valuable to circulate just to other white nationalists for training purposes. I don’t know if you’ve read Professor Kevin MacDonald’s book “The Culture of Critique?” In it, he says that the Jews have engage in group strategies to succeed as a group, while whites act as lone individuals. Hence we lose. Ergo, it’s necessary that we do think as a group, and that means training like-minded people.

      To that end, I’ve thought about a whites-only dating site, and, like you, I specifically had the white South Africans (yes, even the dopey English) in mind. I was even corresponding with a white Angolan, but she’s too much in love with her black “friends” and “equals” to listen. White men can save that community by marrying white South African girls and then brining them to the united states under family reunification. Hey, the nonwhites do it, so why not us too? I’ve used the civil rights laws (religious discrimination) to get what I want, up to and including a letter from the IRS stating that my employer isn’t required to obtain a social security number (SSN) from me. Remember, I’m not just a racist. I’m also an antigovernment extremist!

      Having said that, I don’t think a dating website is Amren’s mission. Nor is Jared Taylor the right spokesman. Make no mistake. He’s fantastic at presenting the facts of racial differences in a coherent, scholarly and professional manner. But he’s too old to deal with the mating/dating issue. That falls to young people like us. Why, just today a black friend of mine at the gym (yes, I am friendly with some blacks as they find my candor and depth of knowledge, as well as my humility, refreshing) told me how impressed he is that someone so young can be knowledgeable (his words). I guess I can see his perspective, since he’s 40+. We had a nice conversation on topics ranging from Donald Sterling Tokowitz (he didn’t know he was Jewish), to race (including my statement that I won’t mate w/ nonwhites) to whether or not humans could survive the radiation of the van Allen belt. Don’t laugh! His hard scientific knowledge far exceeded my own, and he unintentionally reminded me that we don’t have to (and shouldn’t) annihilate the other races in order for our own to survive and thrive. I mean, do you REALLY want to get rid of Clarence Thomas??? I hope the man lives to be at least 120! 🙂

      I do know I have to do my part. Indeed, a friend of mine is encouraging me to be a speaker, but he said I have to lead the way. I must lead my example and not just words. I have to marry and start producing white children. He’s right, too. Jared Taylor doesn’t have to have children for what he talks about. I don’t know if he does or doesn’t? I’ve read two of his books and didn’t notice anything in his biography mentioning children. He may just keep his personal life private? Who can blame him? Pat Buchanan, who converted me from being a free trader and interventionist (if I can be converted, then there’s hope for all of us – trust me!), has no children. To that end, recent g/f’s of mine include a Russian girl w/ high cheek bones and blond hair, an actual Nazi (her grandparents were “immigrants” to Brazil lol), a redhead who rejected me for not being a Christian, and a blond who rejected me for not being a Christian (who then went on to marry a Jew who looks like he could be the son of Senator Charles Jewmer of Jew York), so don’t say I’m not trying! Looking back, I should have just embraced my Grandmother’s Protestant faith.

      But speaking of faith, I find it hilarious that you think you can just name-drop the Khazars and expect me to know who they are? Of course, you are correct!

      To what extend the Ashkenazi are composed of Khazarian converts is a difficult question. Undoubtedly, they, or at least their elite, converted to rabbinic Judaism. Undoubtedly, many non-Khazarian Jews moved to Khazaria, and who could blame them? Why wouldn’t Jews want to live in a Jewish state as opposed to a Christian or Islamic one? The real question is therefore to what extent modern Ashkenazi DNA is made up of converts as opposed to Semitic (or non-Semitic European) immigrants to Khazaria? To what extent is it Semitic? To what extent is it white European? Without indisputable samples of ancient Khazars and Judeans, it’s virtually impossible to know. Nor can we say that the people there now are the people who were there then. Is there a genetic connection between the great Henry Ford and the people in Detroit now? Yet that was only seventy years ago! Imagine the amount of change that can occur over two thousand years! There may be very little lineage of the ancient Israelites and Judeans in the people who were living in Palestine prior to Jewish emigration under the modern Zionist movement.

      On their intelligence, let’s assume that Ashkenazi Jews are at least somewhat white, so we have something to work with. These white-ish people engaged in a natural form of eugenics. Think about it. If a Jewish girl is looking for a husband, go to her and recommend a guy, saying, “He’s so tall! Athletic too! He plays sports on a team!” She’ll just look at you like you’re meshugenah! Jews breed for intelligence, but now they seek to deny eugenics to us, telling us that it’s “hate.” Being very pro-hate, that’s of course not a problem for me. 🙂

      As for Jews not being white, the question is not exclusively about questionable genetics. It’s about the fact that, so long as Jews see themselves as a group apart from, and hostile to, mainline whites, they’ve defined themselves as not being white. The same could be said for the Berbers, many of whom look like they could come from Ireland or Scotland. Also, the only people whom I’ve not been able to sell my views too are Jews. To be sure, I’ve succeeded with some of them, but to most of them, ANY expression of white identity, up to and including the mere statement that white people exist or should continue to exist, equals Hitler. No sense of balance…

      I can tell you’re interested in this question, so I’ll share with you my own conclusion: passably white is white. This was also the practice from the time of the original 1790 Immigration Act all the way up until 1965.

      Finally, I thought *I* was hardcore. You out-Scotted Scott! (Please remember my name derives from Scythian.) How did you do that? Was I distract for a split second? 95% white isn’t white enough for you, eh? Yeah, you have something to say. You just need someone to refine your message and you’ll be converting all your friends in no time. 🙂

      • scottthestrategerist

        P.S. One more thought: I think girls of breeding age (let’s say 18-40) are more COMFORTABLE with another woman telling them this, but they might be more IMPRESSED (as those are their natural instincts) from a guy. The question is, who is more impressive? It’s all about results. My feeling is that the most effective speakers are a single guy, as he’s more interesting to a girl, and a married woman, as she can speak from a matriarchal perspective. However, no one who is an age-outsider. Jared Taylor and David Duke are too old for this kind of message. (Maybe if Dr. Duke would shave his damned beard!) I need a minority too because I truly believe the smart minorities will be on our side because they have NO CHANCE in a majority-minority society. There won’t be a Dr. Ben Carson, or even a Henry Louis Gates, in a nationwide Detroit. They’d never make it alive out of their teens for being “too white” by liking books and being polysyllabic. They ain’t keepin’ it real, niggah! lol

        • Anna Tree

          Hi Scott! Well I have been very busy and didn’t come back to you, I apologize.
          English is not my mother tongue, so I am not sure I am the best speaker for the cause.
          I am married and middle aged and indeed, this works for me when I am debating but I do it anonymously (or with acquaintance,) I am not sure about showing my face yet. For professional and familial reasons. I presume it is why usually older or younger people do that kind of job, although many great young men do it, like Mr Taylor did it for the last two decades and more.

          When I was posting on faithfreedom org, that is a islamocritical site, I proposed to them to start using those animated news anchors apps but I do hope some young whites will stand up and represent us.

          I am having a conversation with Evette Coutier about this issue, maybe she will be interested or have more to add.

  • Al Rex

    There is no hope for Blacks. They are going to be a continuous problem among us unless we stop the pandering and go back to the old ways showing them who is the boss here. Eventually, we have to find a final solution for them. They are not fit for a civilized life and those people who went to Africa to bring them here never should have done it. They should have picked up their own cotton themselves and not brought here these savages.

  • paul marchand

    The National Association of Black Journalists’ president, Bob Butler: it aint fatherlessness, it is “lack of opportunity”.
    So, duh, I ask, whose responsibility is it to furnish that “opportunity”.
    Surely the answer would be “societies”, i.e. whitey.
    So, again, black fatherlessness, white taxpayers pay for entitlements and Medicaid and public schools, blacks don’t get it done, but……….still whitey’s fault.

  • DLRisVH

    Let’s hope this guy got the ball rolling!!