The Biggest Non-Story in Tuesday’s Elections? Mississippi Voter ID Implemented With No Problems

Hans von Spakovsky and Jameson Broggi, Daily Signal, June 6, 2014

It wasn’t the biggest story following Tuesday’s elections in various states, but it was the biggest and most-ignored non-story.

Mississippi’s new voter ID law got its first run in the June 3 primary, and the sky did not fall. Despite the tiresome and disproved claims by opponents that such laws cause wholesale voter disenfranchisement and are intended to suppress votes, Mississippi “sailed through” its first test of the new ID requirements, according to The Clarion Ledger, the newspaper of Jackson, Miss.

Aside from being able to use any form of government-issued photo ID, like every other state with ID requirements, Mississippi provides a free ID for anyone who does not already have a government-issued photo ID. Contrary to the claims of those who say large numbers of Americans don’t have an ID, Mississippi estimated that only 0.8 percent of Mississippians lacked an ID.  In fact, even that may have been an overestimate since the state had to issue only about 1,000 voter ID cards. All those who forgot their ID on Tuesday also could vote by an affidavit as long as they returned and showed an ID within five days.

{snip} Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann said the state “devoted countless hours of time and training to election officials across the state” and the result was that there were hardly any complaints. There was only one reported case of a man mistakenly being turned away for lack of an ID, at which point an election commissioner was sent to solve the problem. {snip}

As Sid Salter from the Clarion Ledger put it, the voter ID law was a “non-event” and “voters expressed little, if any, inconvenience at the polls due to the new law.” {snip}

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  • Truthseeker

    Someone out there is hearing this news and taking it as a cue to start complaining about it.

  • No surprise. In a country where you need photo ID to breathe, the first election in a state after it enacted a voter photo ID requirement went smoothly.

    That’s not the point. It’s not that voter photo ID will disenfranchise anyone or cause election day to be rocky or will really be much of a deterrent to voter fraud. The reason the left, especially the black civil rights groups, ride it as a hobby horse, is to gin up memories of the 1960s and the civil rights movement and of Martin Luther King marching in the minds of elderly black women, to remind them of the days when they were young black women and they supposedly had no rights and the 1960s and the Democrats “freed” them, the obvious implication is that voter photo ID is just the start of a vast conspiracy to turn back the clock to segregation and then to slavery, and that all these old black women better get out and vote (elderly black women do most of the voting in the black community) to stop this RepubliKKKan conspiracy.

    I wonder if, after the current generation of elderly black women that remember the civil rights movement as a matter of their conscious lifetimes start moving on from this world to the next world, the total raw number of black voters is going to start declining fast.

  • JSS

    I understand the sentiment behind this law but I don’t want non Whites voting for anything in my country. I agree that if you need ID to buy chew or beer you should need one to vote but just having non Whites and other hostile aliens in this country is criminal to begin with. Basically voting wouldn’t be a problem if we didnt have the people making it a problem here in the first place.

  • crockadoodle6

    Now that we know what is going into the box how do we confirm what comes out is accurate?

  • Libtard story: Evil racist whites seek to deny blacks the vote by requiring photo ID.
    Real story: Without photo IDs, black guys get paid by Democrat politicians to vote as many as 14 times. Blacks get paid to vote anyway, so 14 times the money is a good deal for them. Thus, the whining. Evil whitey “be stoppinz me fwum mah gettinz mahz moneys.”

    • Voter photo ID by itself probably won’t prevent the voting 14 times in 14 different precincts and being registered to vote in 14 different places. I think it’s going to take a real ultra-comprehensive Federal solution.

    • LHathaway

      lol, funny, but I’m guessing voter fraud made up a very small portion of the vote, less than 1%. Closer to 01%, or less, would be my guess.

      • “Voter fraud is a very small portion of the vote”

        Candidate A gets 1,000,000 legitimate votes. Candidate B gets 999,999 legitimate votes. Someone “finds” two fraudulent votes for Candidate B.

        You’re right, voter fraud in that case is rare, 2 out of 2,000,001 votes apparently cast, less than one out of one million.

        It’s not rarity, it’s leverage. Politics are games of margins.

      • Dave West

        I have to agree, despite what some Amren readers think, I really don’t think there is mass amounts of voter fraud by black Democrats. I just find it amusing how libs and black leaders react to a law that requires someone to go to a public administration building, fill out a small amount of paperwork, and pay between $0 and $15 depending on the state. Given their response, you’d think Hitler was reincarnated and limited voting the white, Christian, land-owning males. I think the real reason libtards hate these laws is because it exposes how lazy and incompetent many blacks and hispanics are.

        • GeneticsareDestiny

          I’m not sure how much voter fraud is being committed by black American Democrats, but I think the real problem is illegal aliens (of all races, not just the Hispanics) voting. Voter ID prevents that (at least in states where they weren’t stupid enough to give illegals IDs that are almost identical to the ones citizens get).

          And yes, libs hate to admit that blacks tend to be disproportionately likely to be too lazy to get an ID, so they’ll make up all sorts of stories about how it’s “too expensive” or “too time consuming” to get one.

          I’m glad Mississippi gave them out for free to people who didn’t have one. It makes it hard for libs to complain about the difficulty and expense of getting an ID.

  • kikz2

    someone must’ve forgotten to send in the ‘pot stirrers’. this was always the case from the 60’s onward when the peoples of MS reached peaceful coexistence. if there wasn’t enough racial strife, ‘pot stirrers’ would be sent in to mix it up.

    • Dave West

      And this was only the primaries too, don’t worry come August/September libtards will decide it’s time to let black people in on the secret about how their being “disenfranchised by the evil GOP, the KKK, and angry white men roaming the streets looking to kill any negro in sight.” I guarantee 95% of blacks in Mississippi don’t even know about this law.

  • CourtneyfromAlabama

    This voter ID issue shouldn’t even be up for discussion. It just goes to show how evil the liberals in power are and how stupid the whites are who vote for them as well.

  • fgbrunner3

    Actually, the Republicans freed African Americans from Jim Crowe laws that were passed by Democrats.

  • MarcB1969

    Even homeless shelters require a state issued ID…

  • Spikeygrrl

    Liberals claim that obtaining legal ID is a “hardship” for low-income voters. Well, of course it is. AND…?!

    At the lowest financial point in my life — no job, no car, silly millimeters away from homelessness — I spent an entire day obtaining a State-issued non-driver photo ID. Three buses each way, 2 hours waiting outside in 95° heat until my spot in line finally snaked inside the building, then another hour inside in line to pay my eight bucks in pocket change. Why? Because I’d rather slit my wrists before giving up my PRIVILEGE to vote. If necessary I would have done the same thing 30 days in a row rather than relinquish that privilege. Anyone of ANY race who b!tches about the “hardship” of obtaining legal ID in order to vote does not deserve the privilege, and should be shipped off to some Third World dictatorship where “voting rights” is just the punchline of a very bad joke.

    • Alexandra1973

      I’m low income and I managed to renew my driver’s license and license plates this year.

      Then again I’m White. I also budgeted and put money aside to make sure I could renew.

      I really need to consider getting new license plates…so many stickers on the rear plate…I’ve had my minivan for 12 years now!

      • GeneticsareDestiny

        I renewed my driver’s license this year too, and I’m low income as well. Even if you don’t make much, it’s not that hard. You can start saving many months in advance if you need to, since they write the expiration date right on the ID.

      • Spikeygrrl

        (Sorry so late, I JUST saw this)

        Is your avatar from “Rejected”? GOTTA LOVE IT!!!!!!

        “Mah spoon…is TOO. BIG.”