Amerindian-Specific Regions Under Positive Selection Harbour New Lipid Variants in Latinos

Arthur Ko et al., Nature, June 2, 2014

Dyslipidemia and obesity are especially prevalent in populations with Amerindian backgrounds, such as Mexican-Americans, which predispose these populations to cardiovascular disease. Here we design an approach, known as the cross-population allele screen (CPAS), which we conduct prior to a genome-wide association study (GWAS) in 19,273 Europeans and Mexicans, in order to identify Amerindian risk genes in Mexicans. Utilizing CPAS to restrict the GWAS input variants to only those differing in frequency between the two populations, we identify novel Amerindian lipid genes, receptor-related orphan receptor alpha (RORA) and salt-inducible kinase 3 (SIK3), and three loci previously unassociated with dyslipidemia or obesity. We also detect lipoprotein lipase (LPL) and apolipoprotein A5 (APOA5) harbouring specific Amerindian signatures of risk variants and haplotypes. Notably, we observe that SIK3 and one novel lipid locus underwent positive selection in Mexicans. Furthermore, after a high-fat meal, the SIK3 risk variant carriers display high triglyceride levels. These findings suggest that Amerindian-specific genetic architecture leads to a higher incidence of dyslipidemia and obesity in modern Mexicans.

[Editor’s Note: The full study is available here.]

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  • I guess it all depends on how one defines a “high-fat meal”? The Amerindian peasants that daily cross our borders, including those already here in the U.S., are overweight (often obese) not because they eat beef or pork coupled with vegetables (quite healthy, I might add!), but because so much of their diet revolves around starchy carbohydrates.

    Saturated fat coupled with starchy-processed carbohydrates does not normally metabolize well in the human body. The high levels of sugar consumption in their diets also doesn’t help. The insane levels of alcohol consumption among the squat-monsters is also another contributor to their obesity.

    • Pro_Whitey

      I saw a picture of some Central American woman getting of a bus in Phoenix, and she was sporting a gut that makes me look svelte (not an easy task). Yeah, they sure seem to be starving.

      • Anon

        They are. One of the things your body does when starving is hang on to every single calorie it can.

  • I think the amren editors were feeling a bit mischievious in posting this one. I don’t even know what dyslipidemia is. But I do know that the local Mexican restaurants serve foods that are swimming in grease. They don’t drain the grease, they get fat. 2 + 2 = 4.

    Fat, waddling Mexican stereotypes are accurate, whether for genetics or dietary reasons. And since they love free welfare and medical care, we not only buy them their food, we pay their medical bills too.

    These invaders need to driven back across the Rio Grande.

    • Anon

      Dyslipidemia is a term they largely made up. It literally means something is wrong with fat in the blood. It’s extremely vague and not used, at all, in the context they are using it in.
      To doctors, talking this way is sort of like a negro using words he doesn’t really understand that don’t actually fit the context of the conversation and for the same reason….to cover up BS.
      The term they should have used (and is usually used in this context) is hyperlipidemia. This is literally what they are trying to say and either don’t know or are trying to be intentionally vague about the matter. Although the term means high blood fat, it’s use is universally understood as 1) chronic and 2) genetic. Since that is what the article is supposedly about, the lack of the term is either suspicious or hilarious depending on your perception of those who wrote the article.
      They could literally have titled the article “Hyperlipidemia in Latinos”. Even that is misleading. There is no such thing as a “latino”. By that I mean, the group usually referred to by “latino” is not racially homogenous. The groups they are talking about are united by language, not genes (which would be even more hilarious in a study on genetics but at leas they know this much). What they mean people descended from American Indians. As opposed to “latinos” whom are white or black.
      This could have been important information….that Amerinds respond to the western diet the way blacks do, instead of whites. But the study is so poorly done and the focus is on unimportant issues (like trying to identify specific genes instead of just admitting this is race) rather than measuring what they are supposed to.

  • AngloCelt

    Heart disease is a social construct.

  • LHathaway

    This is just an advertisement to skip Hispanic women. One reason some black women don’t like white men is that white men are too fat. By observation, one would think, becoming as obese as possible would be the way to attract black women. . .

  • Dave West

    I wonder if there’s a gene that causes mestizos to come up with the most idiotic excuses/stories possible on the show “Bait Car.”?

  • Anon

    I’m not even going to give this the benefit of a refutation.
    The jargon these people are using is pseudo-medical gibberish. Their methods are, at best, suspect. It actually is quite funny considering the rag they published in. As in there is simply no way this study would make it through peer review.
    Why? Because they are not using agreed upon standards of measuring lipid profile change. Blood fat is not like blood sugar. Whatever it happens to be after eating a meal is completely irrelevant. Which is why these tests are done FASTING.
    Now, had they controlled diet for six months or more and compared a cross section of various diets and used standard lipid profile analysis then, yes, quite possibly, they might have something to say about whatever genes they have supposedly mapped because they won’t come out and say….ummm, beaners are fat (gasp).
    They are trying to cover up BS with jargon and it fails when people actually understand the jargon.
    That being said, I will say what they are obviously trying to imply but won’t come right out and say….and add some knowledge they obviously don’t even suspect.
    Humans are carnivores. We eat meat. Like all carnivores, are digestive system is specifically designed to eat meat. However, we have an advantage over many other carnivores in that we can survive, but not thrive on non meat sources of calories.
    The western diet and the problems associated with it are largely a factor of using technology to make non-meat sources of food digestible and palatable (which they normally are neither but will make due when starving). And that is what you tell your body when you eat them….that you are starving.
    What happens to “starving” populations forced to eat other than meat? They don’t live as long. They develop many horrible diseases, even if somehow they get enough “food” but most important of all, their fertility drops to zero. They have fewer and fewer children until the population disappears. That is, umm, bad. But it’s better than dying immediately which is what a population will do with no food whatsoever.
    The ability to survive deprivation is, like anything….variable. It’s also a function of the LONG TERM HEALTH AND VIABILITY of a population. It’s not actually genetic so much as it is a function of what your forefathers laid down before. In addition to being stronger, smarter, more numerous and overall, “better”, white people survive extremes more easily than other races. We survive without water or food longer. We just don’t notice because, for other reasons we secure those supplies better than other races.
    A side effect of this is we are more resistant to the consequences of eating less than desirable foods. Which is to say, carbohydrates.
    What the authors of the article don’t know and don’t control for is the fact that what happens to fat is largely dependent on what carbs you ate recently.
    High fat, moderate protein = superior, heart healthy lipid profile
    High carb = starvation diet
    High carb + high fat = disturbed reaction to lipid digestion
    That last is what they are supposedly testing for. Only, because they don’t use real medical tests for that, their results don’t mean anything. And no amount of pseudo-medicalnese will change that.
    For more information, I recommend a book based on actual peer reviewed medical research on diet and nutrition. It will make for some interesting reading although it does not address racial differences on the issue (THAT sort of research hasn’t been legitimately done in decades). The books is “Cholesterol and Saturated Fat Protect Against Heart Disease” (title gets right to the point, lol).

    • Excellent comments! You’re absolutely correct that a high fat, moderate protein diet is superior. The misguided trend of ‘low-fat’ meals (which are usually filled with sugar and processed carbs) has contributed immensely to America’s and Mexico’s obesity epidemic.

      Similar to how the establishment has lied to whites about race, so it has lied to us about what constitutes a healthy diet. Our ancestors, however, knew better than all the current diet dictocrats combined.

      In essence, eat saturated fat in the form of red meat, chicken, pork, lamb, real butter, lard, coconut oil, and olive oil. Don’t forget the bacon either!

      They’re actually good for you and, contrary to conventional wisdom, they’ll actually reduce any bad cholesterol levels you might have. Saturated fat, by itself, doesn’t clog the arteries nor cause heart disease. I know it sounds crazy, but it’s true.

      Eat lots of vegetables, moderate amounts of fruits, and avoid as much as possible refined/processed carbohydrates. Limit bread and avoid sugar as best you can because they’ll put on weight like nothing else. Eat your meat with vegetables and don’t mix it with potatoes or rice. Stay away from most starches. Watch your alcohol consumption. Finally, make sure to get a good, fatty rib-eye steak every so often, and make sure it’s cooked rare to medium. Enjoy!

      • Alexandra1973

        Absolutely the truth here!

        What helped me lose weight was raw goat milk. And lots of saturated fat like coconut oil and butter, like you indicated.

    • ThomasER916

      “Humans are carnivores. We eat meat.”

      Not true. We can’t produce Vitamin C and will die without it. All carnivores produce their own Vitamin C. Humans need a mixed diet.

      • True, but I don’t think he was trying to deny the importance of foods other than meat in the human diet, such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, etc. But yes, you’re correct, we are omnivores – that is, we eat a variety of types of foods and not just meat alone.

  • Truth Teller

    I saw a picture of 3 Central American female brown bowling balls sitting on a bus station bench that was long enough for 5 normal people. Each bowling ball looked like she weighed between 225 and 300 pds depending on height. Poor starving babies.