Poll: Obama Sinks on Immigration

Kendall Breitman, Politico, June 20, 2014

Two in three Americans disapprove of President Barack Obama’s handling of immigration, according to a new Gallup poll.

At 65 percent, the disapproval rate is the highest that Gallup has reported since the group began polling on the subject and is up 10 points since August 2013.


The president’s handling of immigration also seems to be a partisan issue, as 60 percent of Democrats agreed with Obama’s handling while only 25 percent of independents and 8 percent of Republicans agree with the steps he has taken.


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  • John R

    Two thirds of Americans don’t like the way Obama is handling immigration? And about one third of our population are “people of color”? Hmmmm……comes down to racial head counts.

    • JohnEngelman

      There is more hostility between blacks and Hispanics than there is between either group and whites.

      • So CAL Snowman

        Do you ever get tired of being wrong all the time?

        • Fair Dinkum

          Based on personal observation and experience, I’d say he’s right this time. Several times from the windows of my second floor apartment, I’ve watched a small crowd blacks and Hispanics in the parking lot below throwing rocks and bottle at each other while they screamed threats and profanity at each other. The blacks eventually used political influence through a local minister to get the Hispanics, mostly illegals, kicked out of the apartment complex. I’ve got a lot of other anecdotes like that one. I’m so glad I finally managed to make enough money to get the hell out of there and move into a nice neighborhood.

          • So CAL Snowman

            Based on the interracial crime statistics you are both wrong.

          • benvad

            Because they’re busy black bear hunting, at least in California?

          • SFLBIB

            “Based on the interracial crime statistics…”

            You can’t rely on those statistics since Hispanics are counted sometimes as Caucasians, depending on the victim’s and perpetrator’s race. This is to make the statistics match the narrative.

          • Einsatzgrenadier

            No, I think So CAL is right. Blacks and browns hate each other because they have to compete for the same jobs and living space at the bottom rungs of the social ladder. However, they are absolutely united in their hatred of the white man and will work together to dispossess whites from their historic lands. Once this is accomplished, they will go back to ripping each other apart for low wage jobs and ghetto living space.

          • Barbara Jeremy



            ✪✪✪ �✪✪✪ ✪✪✪ ✪✪✪� ✪✪✪

          • Zaporizhian Sich

            Whites must learn to use that hatred among our enemies towards each other to our advantage. They are definitely vulnerable to manipulation.

          • I would rather convince my enemies that they are wrong, and then turn them into friends. This is more work.

          • Who Me?

            Hold that thought while I try to convince that tiger over there that we can be friends…

          • benvad

            Until those jobs disappear because they drove whites away.

        • JohnEngelman

          For decades, students in Los Angeles have stubbornly defied the expectations of those who praise diversity. Since at least 1990, calming racial tension — usually between blacks and Hispanics — has been one of the top goals of the school district…

          On November 20, 2004, a black-Hispanic brawl broke out at Jordan High School in South Los Angeles. Police estimated that as many as 1,000 people took part when a fight between two girls spread through the entire campus. Gang-members from adjoining neighborhoods joined the fighting, and it took about 60 policemen in riot gear to break up the fray. The school was locked down, as were two other schools in the area, for fear the violence might spread.

          Just three days later, there was a fight between 100 blacks and Hispanics at Manual Arts High School, also in Los Angeles. It took dozens of officers, some in helicopters, to restore order. A week later, black students broke the jaw of a Hispanic student in front of Crenshaw High School. Police said the incidents were related: Fighting in one school can bring tensions to a head in an entire region.

          The next year, there was a disturbing series of incidents at
          Jefferson High School in Los Angeles. On April 14, more than 100 blacks and Hispanics fought each other in the cafeteria after Hispanics told blacks to “go back to Africa.”…

          Black-Hispanic school violence is concentrated in California because it is the state with the largest number of Hispanics, but other states also suffer.

          – Jared Taylor, from “The Dangers of Diversity, Part I”

          • TheLastAngel

            Wow, such things are unheard of in Europe (outside of faggot France). Americas ability to ignore such huge issues never stops to amaze me.

        • JohnEngelman

          Hispanics outnumber blacks in the prisons and racial tension has boiled beneath the surface for decades. It was old news in 1995 when the Orange County Register ran the headline, “Black Jail Inmates Say They Live in Fear of Being ‘Ambushed’.” Blacks in the Orange County Men’s Central Jail said they were afraid to leave their cells for fear of being attacked by more numerous Hispanics. “I don’t feel I can walk
          down to the infirmary without getting assaulted or without (someone saying) ‘We’re going to get you,’ ” explained one 29-year-old black inmate.

          The February 4, 2006 riot triggered racial violence that went on for nearly a month and spread throughout the Los Angeles County jail system. Six straight days of black-Hispanic riots in the Pitchess Detention Center left one black inmate dead and dozens injured…

          California is not the only state with prison riots. In the summer of 1999, several dozen Hispanics in the Dominguez prison near San Antonio, Texas, used everything from steel-toed boots to trash cans to attack a smaller number of black prisoners, whom they had managed to ambush during a lockdown. As a 19-year-old Hispanic participant explained,
          “everybody was just swinging … All that time, all I could think of was hurting (the blacks) best I could.”

          – Jared Taylor, from “The Dangers of Diversity, Part II”

        • JohnEngelman

          As early as 2000, the Harbor Gateway/San Pedro area became a flash point as blacks moved into what had been a largely Hispanic area. That June, black and Hispanic gangs traded gunfire in San Pedro, leaving one black man brain dead and another shot in the abdomen. The next day in Harbor Gateway, Federico Estrada and a number of friends walked up to a young black man, Danny Dwayne Warren, and shot him to death…

          By the next year, federal officials had enough evidence to prosecute four Hispanics for trying to cleanse blacks from the Highland Park area (about 15 miles away from Florence/Firestone) in a series of attacks carried out between 1995 and 2001. During the trial, one witness testified that an order had come from the Mexican Mafia prison gang to “kill any blacks … on sight.”…

          Sheriff Lee Baca: ‘We have a serious interracial violence problem in this county involving blacks and Latinos.’…

          Southern California no doubt has the worst black-Hispanic violence because of its demographic mix, but other parts of the country also suffer.

          – Jared Taylor, from “The Dangers of Diversity, Part III”

          • So CAL Snowman

            Damn Engelman, you’re trying way too hard. Whites and africans have been at each other’s throats for hundreds of years. The mexicans are a relative new comer in this battle royale. I mean how many Hispanics were there on the island of Haiti when the blacks went full Zulu?

            “Nicotine, valium, vicodin, marijuana, ecstacy, and alcohol.”
            – QOTSA

        • LACountyRedneck

          Ever since the thumbs down option disappeared, Johnny has a second life. Even when he’s wrong now he no longer gets 20 thumbs down. It’s just like another form of AA. Nobody is ever wrong on Disqus anymore.

          • JohnEngelman

            When am I wrong? Just because you do not like what I say does not mean that I am not right.

      • Löwenmensch ᛟ

        Go to the black on white crime BlogSpot

      • antiquesunlight

        Even if that is true, it doesn’t contradict John R. Virtually all blacks will agree with anything Obama says or does and most Hispanics will obviously approve of what Obama is doing re: immigration.

        • John R

          Thanks! People forget sometimes that the whole coalition against us is composed of people who personally hate each other. Only White liberals actually like blacks and Hispanics, and even there, it is probably because they don’t have to have too much contact with them.

      • John R

        Doesn’t matter: Blacks hate Hispanics; blacks hate Asians; blacks hate Jews. But these groups will unite, for various reasons, against the White, Christian, relatively conservative majority (precarious) in this country. “The enemy of my enemy…” Remember, blacks don’t even like OTHER BLACKS! They hate each other personally. But a black will take the side of another black that he would have shot the day before against a white who was his best friend. It’s called tribal loyalty. “My name is Trayvon Martin.”

        • Alexandra1973

          In short–no, we cannot all just get along.

        • jayvbellis

          Yes, but we can get better at exploiting these groups that do,hate each other. Keep,the worst Blacks out of local,political,power by promoting Asians and better Hispanics over them. Have a trusted older pro White White pol take a younger Latina wife. Hispanic women like that. There are a Whiter Hispanics and a White Hispanics do well in Latin American countries.

        • Conrad

          Something to remember is that the anti-whites, Jews and Communists are well prepared & positioned to use these groups against us at any time. Also, the black & Mexicans are fighting over territory that WE have already ceded to them.

          • Sick of it

            A rather simple question which should be asked continually – Why do we allow citizens of foreign nations to buy property in the United States of America?

          • ThomasER916

            Ask the Culture of Critique.

            While you’re at it, you should ask why the State of Ohio buys Israeli Treasury Bonds.

        • benvad

          That is in essence what ” White People” will never understand and that all other groups do. I’ve had to come and live as a minority in Japan to finally comprehend & accept this.

          Japanese can seem to like you but when the time comes? You’re either in the group or outside the group. I’ve seen this with ethnic Koreans, also. Don’t cry for the zainichi Koreans btw, the behave exactly in the same manner as the Japanese.

          Group unity a concept that’s been washed away from white conscious since the 60s

      • It was certainly that way in prison.

      • WR_the_realist

        I’m not at all convinced. There may not be much visible hostility of whites towards blacks, but there’s a lot of hostility of blacks towards whites.

        Most blacks are against all this Hispanic immigration, but at the same time most blacks are thrilled at the prospect of whites ceasing to be a majority and then ceasing to be a plurality, as has already happened in our most populous state. I suspect there are very few blacks who rue their support for Obama due to Obama’s refusal to enforce immigration law.

    • LHathaway

      I was going to say that. 1 out of 3 Americans are foreign born or son’s of the foreign born.

      • Sick of it

        The numbers would assuredly be much higher going back to the 1920s and even higher just to the end of the Civil War. We’ve been invaded for too long.

  • What jumps out at me is that only 60% of Democrats approve. Usually, Democrats give Democrat Presidents 90%+ approval ratings on Democrat-friendly issues.

    Opportunity here, people. Dave Brat probably realized this from the get-go.

  • 65% of Americans may disapprove of how Obama is handling immigration, but almost the same amount refuse to do anything about it.

  • revilo evola

    It doesn’t matter. When the rubber meets the road, the anti-Whites (especially the White anti-Whites) will always support the darker candidate. “America” in any sense of a traditional meaning is just a remnant of sad history. The ancient Aryans understood: Siva is just taking back what Brahma created and Visnu preserved. Now Kali reigns supreme. Enjoy.

  • MekongDelta69

    What always amazes me about all these polls (no matter what the subject) is no matter how much he’s destroying the country, he always gets 30-35-40-45-50% approval ratings.

    Statistically (i.e. politically) speaking, that’s terrible, but population-wise, that means that 30-35-40-45-50% of people are mentally deranged.

    • I had a post about that early this morning at my blog.

      I’ve been saying for some time that it’s apples and oranges to compare Barack Obama’s approval rating as a known individual and Congress’s approval rating as an institution. Apples to apples would be Barack Obama by name and an individual member of Congress by name, or the Presidency as an institution and Congress as an institution.

      I’ve also been saying that Obama has experienced an affirmative action bump in his approval rating all along. Even Obama himself admits that. A white President in his place and in these circumstances would have a much lower approval rating.

      Finally, I found a Gallup survey that gauges the approval rating of the Presidency as an institution. And, compared to the upper 30s and low 40s approval ratings that the current occupant receives now, the Presidency itself has an approval rating of 29%. So what explains the 10-12% universe of people who approve of Barack Obama personally but not the institution he leads? Answer: Bradley Effect.

      Cautionary tale: It may also be the case that the Presidency is as “high” as 29% precisely because the current occupant is black.

    • Well, he is the ‘magic negro,’ you know?

    • Löwenmensch ᛟ

      Just look at the stock market, it’s been flying high for a long time. I’m sure Warren Buffet gives Barry a A+ besides the blacks and whatnot

      • The stock market has been doing great, yet the economy in general is lethargic at best. What does that mean? The stock market, basically a flea market for mostly long ago issued shares of common stock in publicly traded corporations, is not a relevant indicator for the economy as a whole. Yet we somehow worship it like it was some sort of demigod and make altar sacrifices to it, not the least of which is the credibility of our fiat currency (as an aside, the St. Louis branch of the Federal Reserve, which has a lot of reporting and research functions, is no longer reporting BOGUMBNS, aka M0 — Gee, I wonder why), to please the market demigod. The next sacrifice on the altar is going to be what semblance of real healthy positive white racial identity is left.

        • Löwenmensch ᛟ

          The stock market is doing great because the evil private fed. reserve has been injecting billions of dollars into it a month. There was a good article on Forbes about it.

          • Löwenmensch ᛟ

            David wrote in this week’s TrimTabs Weekly Liquidity Review, “The Fed is exchanging about $4 billion in newly created money every business day for various types of bonds. All else being equal, the Fed’s bond buying puts more money in investors’ hands to buy other assets, including stocks.”

            I had thought that the major bond dealers sold back to the Treasury the bonds that they bought from the Treasury, making it pretty much of a wash transaction. What I had not realized, until I saw what David wrote, is that major bond traders when they sell Treasurys back to the Fed on the same day then buy other bonds from other bond dealers. And as this buying and selling goes down the chain, Voila. Apparently some of the Fed’s newly created money ends up in the equity market.

            Here is what happens, as I see it now. Every day, Federal Reserve traders are buying about $4 billion in long- term Treasurys and mortgage bonds from major trading houses. How does the Fed pay for those purchases? Simple. The Fed gives the seller a credit on their Federal Reserve statement. Remember, the Fed is a bank that can legally give away money. Meanwhile, the seller of bonds to the Fed can then withdraw some or all of that money, or leave it on deposit with the Fed.

            In other words, the Fed doesn’t pay anyone anything. All the Fed does is in essence create new money to give the seller. So let us follow that newly created money. The major dealers who sell the bonds to the Fed can take that money and buy other bonds in the open market. The new seller then gets paid with that newly created money, which in the bank clearing system, acts just the same as money you and I work for.

            Therefore, to make this really simple, the Fed creates $4 billion a day and eventually some of that money goes into equities. And that, of course, helps keep stock prices elevated. So it doesn’t matter that we are having major problems with the underlying economy and markets that normally would depress stock prices.

          • Zaporizhian Sich

            The stock market is nothing but one big casino where hostile racial aliens gamble with the wealth, and futures of the rest of us. It’s no co-incidence that as economic and social conditions worsen for whites, these hostile aliens get ever richer, more powerful and greedy. In reality, the higher the stock market goes, the more wealth is being stolen from the rest of us!

          • Jesse James

            ZS please look further down for my recounting of a conversation with a commentator named Saul. I really would like your opinion on what he told me at the end of that conversation.

    • Fair Dinkum

      That’s assuming the polls are accurate. How many of the respondents didn’t want the pollsters to think they were racist?

    • John R

      Mentally deranged. or getting a check from the “gubmint”, or both.

    • jayvbellis

      Similar polling numbers apply to Blacks and the ANC in South Africa. Blacks are unhappy, but they ain’t voting for White Conservatives. They want more.

  • All we get from this is that two out of three of us are on to Obama’s lies, mistruths, half-truths, and deceptions.

    What is about Obama’s handling of immigration that one out of three “Americans” (that word is now a laugher in my book; no such thing) approve of? Is it the false story of his being the deportation president? Is it his honoring the “dreamers” (another laugher) in the White House? Is it the de facto open borders?

    Most likely the approval is of the phrase “comprehensive immigration reform,” which the dummies who worship the purple-lipped Negro have no idea of the meaning.

    Bad polling questions leads to questionable results. Pose more specific questions and you get a better knowledge set.

  • GeneticsareDestiny

    “8 percent of Republicans agree with the steps he has taken”

    Who are these people? Are these the cheap labor Republicans? I didn’t think they made up almost 10% of all Republicans…

    • You’re right, that’s what they are. These are either the actual billionaires or the professional consultants, lobbyists, fundraisers, think tank fellows, operatives, talking heads, “conservative” journalists, or assorted people directly invested in open borders and cheap labor, or people who earn a living from that matrix/cathedral.

      • LHathaway

        I know this is the line of the far-right these days but I suspect most of these super-rich vote conservative, especially on immigration. How about a poll on that?

        One could make a stand against the far-right and their assurances that ‘immigration is soley the fault of the greedy and their desire for cheap labor’ by claiming this just shows that even far-right have now become marxists, as indeed they have. But I have no desire to take a stand to the right of the far-right, other than just noting this.

        Isn’t this what the ‘slavery obsessed’ used to do, blame it all on ‘economics’. . as say. . did Marx?

        Is it reality, or just one more lie we’re supposed to believe? My bet is just one more lie.

      • Sick of it

        Dark Enlightenment believer perhaps?

  • How many of these “disapprovers” voted for Oogabooga two years ago? Did these idiots think he was kidding?

  • Marc Zuckurburg

    You can talk about your 65% and your 8% and your whatever percents all you want.

    What really matters is that he gets a 110% approval rating from the great Marc Zuckurburg, the creator of the almighty eternal social network, and the future first trillionaire.

    Make my immigration reform comprehensive, please!

    • Löwenmensch ᛟ

      Sorry Zuck, Rothschild is already a trillionaire

  • Bobbala

    In other news … 20% of Israelis believe Obama is pro Israel.
    (None of them are Jewish, of course.)

    • Löwenmensch ᛟ

      Obama is pro-Israel, how are you confused on the subject? I’ll take any questions, to enlighten you.

      • Bobbala

        Read first. Comment second.

  • Joe Webb

    Since the poll refuses race, I would guess that Whites are about 65% agin immigration and growing rapidly in their opposition. Any comments? And I wonder how Europe’s growing anti-immigrant surge is influencing the US. This @ ten % growth in opposition in one year is dramatic. Joe

  • Jesse James

    I just had an extraordinary conversation with a commentator named Saul over on Info Wars on a thread about Hillary Clinton and gun control:

    JJ: Statistically we don’t have a gun problem in America we have black people with guns problem. We really shouldn’t surrender any more of our rights to liberal progressive fantasies of human equality.›

    Saul: You`re just a racist shmuck.I hope the minorities get to keep their guns to deal with your kind when the time comes.Soon white boy.

    JJ: No I am just able to understand the facts of crime statistics. Public policy should be made based on dispassionate analysis of facts not fanciful notions. When you factor in race, gender and age less than 6% of the US population commits over 54% of crimes of violence. If you were a manager in any business and you were studying a problem that needed solving you could not possibly avoid dealing with such a salient fact. I am not happy that blacks are so violent, nor does it make me happy that the biggest cause of death for young blacks are other blacks but I am not blind and deaf to the statistics of violence in America.

    Saul: No you`re a racist and probably an anti-Semite too.So much white privilege and hate on this board it`s disgusting.

    JJ: It must be a great burden to go through life with an ideology that is so fragile that you must constantly ignore facts and your own experience. I did think it strange that your first response when i suggested that perhaps there is a problem with blacks being abnormally violent based on statistics was to use a racial slur against me and then threaten me with the very same black violence that I presume you believe doesn’t exist. Do you always threaten those with whom you disagree with violent fantasies and demean them with slurs? Does that work well for you? Not as much as it used to I imagine.

    White privilege in the USA is such a twisted joke of a lie that only an evil mind could even pretend to believe that it exists when actual racial incentives for any kind of advancement in America are completely stacked against the everyday working and middle class white person. But just for arguments sake let’s suppose they do exist, do you suppose that China, Indonesia, Israel or Nigeria set up their countries so that foreigners or people of other races are advanced faster and given preference to their own majority populations? Is it only whites that must push down their own into the mud to exalt the other?

    Saul: Yes that`s correct.The truth of the matter is you`ve outlived your usefulness and are much to dangerous to be left to your own devices.Without the guiding influence of the left you would enslave us all and probably destroy the earth in the process.Your race is too ambitious and arrogant so the rough edges will be trimmed and a bit of color introduced to temper racial identity.You might as well accept it because long range plans are in place to make racially homogenous couplings illegal.If you don`t believe me read the Harold Wallace Rosenthal Interview.It is what it is.

    • Stevee

      Alex Jones is an egalitarian and constantly talks about black abortions (like that’s a bad thing) and daily demonizes Hitler. He professes to be a student of history but fails to make the connection that Hitler was fighting the NWO before it was cool. And had Germany won WW2 it would be a much better world today, at least for white people..There would have been no Cold War, Korea, Viet Nam etc…. Germany would have defeated communism. The tribe won WW2 we (White people) lost.

      • Jesse James

        I am not a devotee of Alex Jones, his mannerisms and personality remind me too much of a huckster and a scam artist for me to put any faith in however I do scan his site regularly. I read a great number of alternative news sites as well as more mainstream sites from both the left and the right. It is my belief that you can rarely find the whole truth in any one place but like the blind men describing the elephant sometimes if you listen to all their accounts you can visualize the beast you are actually confronted with. Another way to look at it is like the scientist who theorized the existence of black holes despite never having actually seen one by noting the influence they have on nearby stars and planets. My exchange with Saul caught me by surprise because at first honestly I thought I was just messing with your typical leftist moron. His final reply chilled me, “Your race is too ambitious and arrogant so the rough edges will be trimmed and a bit of color introduced to temper racial identity.” I felt like I had playfully tugged a puppy’s tail only to find the thing behind the curtain was a cobra not a puppy. I have recently started reading Henry Makow’s site and I asked him what he thought and he said Saul sounded like he could be an Illuminati Jewish supremacist. .

        • Watch Alex Jones if you must, but only believe him about half the time.

          I don’t, but I know a few people who do, and at least he’s covering this Camp of the Saints deluge.

          • Jesse James

            BTW I have been using your blogroll on your Countenance blog to find other sites of interests. Thanks for compiling it.

          • That reminds me, if anyone has a good blog out there they’d like to get some publicity, and I don’t already link to it, use the Contact Me link on my own blog.

    • Sick of it

      He’s a Jewish supremacist. Some of us keep warning y’all about them and it’s past time to listen. They plan to get rid of all of us.

      • Jesse James

        I’m on side Sick. I have followed up on a lot of the things I have seen you, Zap, Question Diversity and Einsatzgrenadier write about over the past half year or so.

        • Sick of it

          I should have bookmarked my conversation with one on WND. He made it rather clear that he could care less if all white people disappeared while, at the same time, defending the State of Israel to the hilt. Talk about a hypocritical savage. But that’s old school tribalism for you.

  • Yes, 2/3’s of Americans don’t like the way Obama is handling immigration, and his proposal for Amnesty. So if the numbers are so strongly against him, why can’t Republicans support impeaching Obama for all of his scandals? Think of the multitude of ways he has already circumvented the Constitution. A conservative site called frontlineofdefense predicts he will not be impeached, AND he will get amnesty passed.

  • NoMosqueHere

    Blacks and hispanics are a bit like the sunni and shiite muslims. They will kill each other without much provocation, but they will unite against their common enemy: whitey or the infidel.

  • Sick of it

    We did the same thing until the government killed/imprisoned our people for doing it.

  • Malgus

    I wonder what Obama is going to say to the husband of the 68 year old woman killed in a hit-and-run on I-64 today.

    68 year old Wanda Beach was killed today when she and her husband were struck by an SUV driven by Angel Meija. Meija crossed three lanes of traffic before hitting Mrs. Beach and her husband head-on. He then ran into nearby woods in a failed attempt at escape. He was found hiding in a nearby barn. He’s now charged with leaving the scene of an accident, failure to report an accident, wanton endangerment, and murder. Astoundingly, he apparently was not drunk. Or at least he has not yet been charged with DUI for whatever reasons…


    Notice how this murdering illegal piece of garbage is referred to by the sanitized term “driver”.

    So. We the taxpayers will now pay for a lifetime of free eats, free room and board, free schooling, free health care, etc, for this murdering piece of trash who has no business being in the US in the first place. And Mr. Beach will bury his wife, his life destroyed by yet another illegal killing yet another white person before their time…

    If I were Mr. Beach, I would make it my mission in life to go to Mordor and demand of every Congressman, Senator and Obama himself for their justification for NOT getting rid of every single illegal in this country. I would become the bane of their existence… if they threw me out or banned me, I would go to any media outlet that would hear me. The entire nation would know their shame…

  • scutum

    As I have pointed out before the problem is that there is NO ONE representing the American people in Washington DC. Our system is broken and that is the way the special interests want it. The various advocacy groups can lobby the politicians as extensively as they wish while the voice of the traditional American nation is never heard. European Americans are the only group that is not represented in Washington by an organized advocacy group like LaRaza, or the NAACP.