Man Attacks Woman in Walmart in Random Baseball Bat Assault

Warner Todd Huston, Breitbart, June 23, 2014

A man who is described as mentally unbalanced, but who claimed to be in a gang, used a baseball bat in a random attack on a woman shopping in a Fort Smith, Arkansas Walmart.

Surveillance video shows a man identified by police as Corey Mosley running down an aisle with bat in hand. He is seen running up to the victim, Ashlyne Rogers. He is then seen hitting her in the head with the weapon.

The suspect fled from the store. Police later arrested him at his home.

Mosley’s brother, Marcus Mosley, insists that the accused is mentally unstable. “I don’t feel that he’s solely responsible for it because he’s off of his medication.”


Police reported that Mosely had seen a movie where a ball bat was used on someone and wanted to re-create the scene. The police report also says Mosely insisted the attack was gang related.

The victim’s father told the media that his daughter was recovering well. “I couldn’t be happier based on the situation of how she’s doing and holding up,” said Dustin Rogers.



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  • Adolf Verloc

    Recreating a movie? Life imitates art. Never thought of Ft. Smith as a big gangbanger center. Maybe this was a Gang of One.

  • How easily we can conflate “mentally unbalanced” and “black gang banger.”

    In reality, this was a Category One.

  • Magician

    A few days ago a white UK man was raped by three Asian men


    Chances are, they are muslims, and UK is extremely tolerant, lenient and neglecting when they deal with the muslims in the country, or their crimes.

    When a person sexually assaults another person, it is frequently motivated by their determination to ruin the victim’s life.

    Senior white American women in their 60s or older, suffer sexual violence in the hands of young black men, just as often as younger white women do. And it is unlikely that those black male sex criminals were driven by their desire to satisfy themselves sexually. What they wanted to do, was ruin the victim’s life.

    • ElComadreja

      Blacks are responsible for the vast majority of prison rape, most of it directed at whites.

  • Usually Much Calmer

    “I couldn’t be happier. . . .” said Dustin Rogers.

    A large part of the problem is a good number of us. In this case, the father and the reporter.

  • mikebowen55

    A sane and righteous society would see that “people” like Mosely are used to further advancements in science and medicine.

    • ElComadreja

      I don’t know if they’re close enough to homo sapiens sapiens for the test results to be valid.

  • Berkeley Guy

    Somebody thinks that somebody should have told me to say that somebody should have told the victim that she should have listened to Derbyshire. In extremely-biased places like Berkeley, they try to encourage critical thinking, but the level of cognitive dissonance led me to think in the past similar to my first sentence above. Now, after visiting this site often, like anyone who visits here daily, I know what happened just by reading the title of the news story. It’s amazing how many years of junk journalism washes clean after reading explicit accounts of what happened that do not try to hide the details via “politically correct” wording and omitting facts.

    • Who Me?

      “Somebody should have told the victim that she should have listened to Derbyshire.”

      The only problem there is she wasn’t hanging around with black friends or where there were large crowds of them, nor was there a sudden influx of them in the store, etc. She was merely shopping. Standing there in the middle of the store, in broad daylight, minding her own business, trying to decide which TV to purchase. She did nothing to attract this creature’s attention, she would have probably seen nothing amiss, even if she had been looking at him–nobody else did. Simply another black male trotting around the store carrying a bat that he looked like he was about to buy.
      The moral of this story is the War On Whites in increasing in tempo and pressure. It is getting to where you aren’t safe anywhere, doing anything, no matter how careful you are. It isn’t logical, legal or feasible that we can walk around with one finger on the trigger of a handgun at all times. And it shouldn’t be necessary. We aren’t even safe inside the four walls of our
      locked homes anymore, as the accounts of home invasions should tell you.
      The time for being careful to be safe is over. Being careful isn’t enough, because we aren’t safe. We need to stop being passive victims, stop being “happy that it wasn’t worse”. We need to fight back, push back, enforce the laws that ore on the books, point out that these “random” attacks are anything but random. We need to put some bite in the punishment, and if the prisons get more overcrowded, it wouldn’t be a stretch to ease the overcrowding by exterminating a good number of the worst ones. (NOW, not in 30 years.)

    • “Why am I a non-conformist? Because everyone else is doing it.”

  • MekongDelta69

    Nothing ‘random’ about it.

    • Alexandra1973

      Random White victim…that’s the only thing I would see random about it. See Whitey, go into attack mode.

  • Since this perp is “mentally ill”, he will probably get lockdown on five-point restraint.

  • kjh64

    Ever notice these “mentally unbalanced” types always attack either women, the elderly, kids or someone smaller or weaker than they are? They never “randomly” attack a large, strong man.

    • That’s because they’re not really as ‘insane’ as some like to believe. They’re more wicked of heart, evil, and depraved morally than merely ‘crazy.’

    • I noticed that the animal rights activists always threw blood on women wearing furs, but never bikers wearing leather.

      • Alexandra1973

        Never thought about that.

        Hm…wonder why…?

        • Who Me?

          Most people wearing real fur coats are relatively frail older women, or women who have had a fairly easy life, and have no muscles.
          I’m perfectly happy with my 10 year old “good” (as opposed to “everyday”) coat of fake fur.

          • Alexandra1973

            It’s a rhetorical question. A biker would beat the snot out of PETA and their ilk.

          • Who Me?

            I would pay good money to see that happen!

          • I have a rabbit-fur Russian “ushanka” hat. Whenever I am scolded for wearing it, I politely explain that I made it out of cats. It is very warm, and one of the things I won’t give up.

          • r j p

            I knew a woman who hobby was spinning dog hair and then knitting sweaters out of it.

          • One of my neighbors had an English sheepdog and did that. That dog produced a lot of fur, so Lois reckoned that there was more “sheep” than “dog” there.

        • Probably sexism.

      • r j p

        I was just thinking a similar thing. When was the last time a random black attacked a Hell’s Angel or similar.

        • ElComadreja

          Just posted the same thing above. They wouldn’t even try it fifty to one because there’d literally be Hell to pay.

        • I knew plenty of Sons of Silence and Banditos and Comancheros, but never met any HA guys. I disagree with the IRA’s socialism stance, but this a matter for the Irish to settle themselves.

    • Magician

      And also they need a lethal weapon

    • ElComadreja

      You’ll never see them try the “knockout game” on Hell’s Angels. They avoid whites that look like they can handle themselves like the plague.

  • Alexandra1973

    Probably the mother’s last name.

    • IstvanIN


  • Jesse James

    Off his meds huh? In a civilized society his feet would already be swinging off the ground. You can’t fix crazy AND evil.

  • Mrfinoni

    He is probably not culpable but he must be held accountable. Indeterminate sentence for criminally insane. He is a danger to the public. Yet how he picks his victims so carefully.

  • MindHead99

    Since capital punishment isn’t used much these days I was thinking of a way to bring the costs of prisons down somehow. What I came up with for repeat violent offenders is to ship them off to cheap prisons in Vietnam or some other low cost country. That way there can be plenty of room for all who want to attack innocent people. Unlimited beds for criminals in lovely Vietnam.

    • Who Me?

      What’s wrong with just dumping them off somewhere in Africa if we’re going to be deporting them anyway.More space in Africa, and when they start preying upon the innocents, it could be a win-win situation for us.

    • Texas was enough.

  • This has been “predicted” for the last 20 years.

  • Dr. Möbias

    “‘Poor’ blacks are NEVER held responsible for their actions by other blacks.”

    Ditto for the government, schools and media.

  • Dr. Möbias

    Thread winner. Also of little note, is the UNs Agenda 21, a truly malicious, anti-white, mostly hidden agenda that the Obama regime is fully in favor of implementing.

  • ThomasER916

    Black “culture” is black genes.

    • ElComadreja

      Simple isn’t it? I’m amazed that so many just don’t get it.

  • r j p

    Police reported that Mosely had seen a movie where a ball bat was used on someone and wanted to re-create the scene.

    I saw Rutger Haurer pull the pin out on a grenade he had lodged in a captured individual’s mouth. I know enough not to re-create the scene.

    • An old Wehrmacht trick was to balance a fuzed “potato masher” hand grenade on top of one’s helmet and wait for it to go off. If it fell off the helmet, one was finished. I don’t want to do that one, either.

  • Earl Turner

    Thank you Africa.

  • Of course they are hypocrites; I only wanted to point this out.

  • I do not care what they are raised for.

  • Cid Campeador

    “They also disabled the comment section.”

    OMG! What a surprise!!!