Justice Department Relaunches Domestic Terror Task Force

Devlin Barrett, Wall Street Journal, June 3, 2014

Attorney General Eric Holder said Tuesday he will reconstitute a long-defunct task force on domestic terrorism to try to expand efforts to stop violent attacks inside the U.S.

The task force the Justice Department is reviving was originally launched in the aftermath of the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing. It was scheduled to meet on the morning of Sept. 11, 2001, but given the terror attacks of that day it didn’t meet, and the group’s work was quickly eclipsed by the response to those attacks and the effort to defeat al Qaeda in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and elsewhere.

Now, Mr. Holder said in a statement, “we also must concern ourselves with the continued danger we face from individuals within our own borders who may be motivated by a variety of other causes, from antigovernment animus to racial prejudice.”


The Domestic Terrorism Executive Committee will be made up of officials from the Justice Department, the FBI, and U.S. Attorneys’ offices, and aims to help coordinate with local public-safety officials around the country, officials said.

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  • Meanwhile, before the trade deadline comes and goes, Obama is going to arrange a trade such that we get back a left wing lunatic anti-white defector for a terrorist to be named later.

  • Jesse James

    Don’t expect him to do anything about the daily violent attacks by blacks against everyone else in America. No this Department of Justice only can see crime when it is or can be spun as white. What we need is a real Task Force to investigate the many cases that appear to be government false flag operations but we no longer seem to have a true balance of power in the US to check government abuse. There is nobody who can watch the watchers anymore.

    • JSS

      I agree with everything you said but I think in the minds of people like Holder violent attacks against Whites are considered justice. I would say people like us are watching the watchers, the problem is to many Whites labor under the misconception that Amurrika is still a country they have a stake in. The truth is for any self respecting this country isn’t worth trying to salvage.

      • You’re wrong JSS,

        “The tree of Liberty must be refreshed from time to time
        with the blood of tyrants” . . .

        This country is worth saving for posterity and
        for those who have died before us defending her..
        Obamanation’s private army . . .are the non-whites.

        • JSS

          As Greg Hood has said either this nations constitution is being used as it was meant or it has failed to protect the posterity of the founding stock. It’s as simple as that. For us Whites it has been a failure and we need to get over our sentimentality.

          • You’ll just have to forgive me . . .my patriotic blood boils ..

          • JSS

            At this point your loyalty should be to your future nation for Whites and their posterity only. This government hates you and sees your misery as progress. You owe it nothing.

          • RisingReich

            You love the Country that WAS and I respect that very much. However, JSS below is correct.

            Love your fellow Whites who are all equally besieged by the Country that IS trying to kill all of us.

          • I agree. It’s the OLD America that we love, not the NEW Amerika. This country has become so ass-backwards that it cannot be reformed. All the conservative presidents and conservative voters we can muster won’t lead to deporting the Mexican invaders nor cause blacks to act civilly.

          • Zaporizhian Sich

            Agreed, I frankly despise what my land is being turned into.

          • Giovanni704

            JSS, do you have a link to the article/podcost where Hood discusses this? I would like to read the rest of is argument, because right now it seems rather silly. A nation’s constitution, no matter how good it is, is not what ultimately protects the posterity of the founding stock. Something much deeper and more powerful, what the founders called “the national spirit,” is what accomplishes this objective. If the national spirit of a people disintegrates, then even the best constitution in the world will fail to secure the prosperity of the founding stock.

          • JSS

            Go to Counter Currents Publishing and look up his series called Waking Up from the American Dream. The series is 6 or 7 essays long but is essential reading in my opinion. Anyway would you say Amurrikas national spirit is applicable to blacks and mexicans? The system of government that our founders set up failed to protect their posterity. I don’t know how much more obvious that can be.

          • SoulInvictus

            The Constitution hasn’t failed, the people have.
            It can only compensate for so much stupidity and corruption.
            It also assumed only white, male, property owners would be voting.
            For a reason.
            Also worth noting that from the founders through Jackson, most of them fought like hell against an entity like the Federal Reserve existing.
            For a reason.
            And getting entangled in foreign wars…
            And probably a hundred other things that have deviated from the original plans that worked well for a long time.

          • JSS

            My point is that saying we “need to go back to the constitution” is the wrong idea. Conservatives have been saying that for years and its gotten us nowhere. Things like gay marriage civil rights etc are now constitutionally protected “rights”. The constitution is now actively used as a tool against Whites. It’s semi divine status amongst many White Americans and its function in the past doesn’t change what it has become. As I said above, either its working as intended, in which case it’s an abomination or it didnt live it up to its intended function and is now just a tool used to justify our dispossession.

          • SoulInvictus

            We’re so far off course from the Constitution that I think it’s safe to say it is no longer the foundation of our law/government. Only in a lip service nod to the past and as an excuse to allow even more invasive government action.
            What they mean when they say “return to the Const.” is something that can’t happen, which would be a return to the culture that enabled it to exist. Returning to either would mean a total deconstruction of the Federal beast, which will never happen voluntarily.

            It would take a collapse (likely) or a revolution (unlikely as Americans don’t have the mind, body or stomach for it).

          • JSS

            I agree with your response 110%. I don’t intend to disparage our founders, they took up arms and defended themselves while we refuse. But I think trying to recapture the past is counterproductive. I think it’s better to build on what was good about it. I believe the past decades have shown us that to survive as a people Whites need an assertive racial identity which was left more implicit then explicit in the past. Our founding documents were reactions against injustice, a future White nation on this continent will need new founding documents to protect our posterity. We can build on what was good from our original founding documents but we can’t just vote in some new politicians and hope to hit some magic reset button.

          • SoulInvictus

            Who knows, maybe post collapse some factions will be smart enough to remember how universal suffrage, tribe controlled usurious banking, centralized power, white guilt, and allowing demographic/cultural displacement were total disasters. All the things that were common sense pre-leftist mind wipe.

            Whoever does will be the dominant force on this continent.
            In time, maybe the world, again.

          • Zaporizhian Sich

            Don’t be so sure………..that can change so quickly those who cannot be named and their lackeys will be caught off guard.

          • Kind of a judo manuever by diabolical deconstructors.

        • DonReynolds

          The tree of Liberty must be watered from time to time with the blood of Tyrants AND PATRIOTS.
          Every conflict has a cost and we must be willing to pay that cost or we will be cowed by the prospect of any loss.

          • JSS

            You have touched on the crux of our problem. If we want this misery to end it will take some self sacrifice. Whites are willing to engage in self sacrifice in Afghanistan and Iraq but are terrified of engaging in it at home with out the antiwhite federal governments permission. It’s tragic, we are tamed guard dogs for a system that hates us.

          • More than just viewing our own people as cattle to another people, which I think is accurate at least politically in terms of who holds power over whom and how they are milked for their contributions and made to do the bidding of others, I think that we’ve been domesticated over time. This Siberian scientist Dmitri Belyaev experimented on foxes and turned wild foxes into domesticated animals in under ten generations and made them as friendly as house pets a short while after that, with extant lines persisting to this day.

            Imagine the effect of smashing half of European civilization against the other half in two World Wars, one generation apart, each time taking out the most violent and aggressive men, the ones most willing to go off to wars who would have died in higher proportions than their docile beta male counterparts.

          • JSS

            I remember learning about Belyaevs foxes a semester ago in college. Your point that the world wars killed the best Whites the world over have to offer is debatable. Russians today seem far more nationalistic and “aware” for lack of a better term then their western counterparts, yet Russia lost far more killed and maimed per population percantage then the US. But American males today seem for more neutered then Russian males. On the other hand England never recovered from the world wars and her males seem utterly apathetic and lost to this day. Germany is an interesting case study in regards to losing her best. There is nothing scientific about what I’m saying, they are only personal anecdotes from myself and people I know who have spent time there and have family from there. But in my experience and from what I’ve heard from a friend who has a wife from Dresden is that eastern Germans are much more nationalistic and anti modern Western filth then west Germans. If we accept that the current problem facing Whites the world over today is because of gentic loss from the world wars then eastern Germans and Russians should be as neutered as Americans and Englishmen. I admit though I’m just going off of casual observation and experience. I think we can both agree in any case that both those wars benefited Whites nothing and the only winners are the people driving us to extinction today.

          • I remember reading just last night that Germany had a law or military guideline that any man deployed more than a certain length of time who hadn’t fathered a child was ordered to return home, father a German child and then return to the front. Might have played a role. Would help if I could cite it but I can’t.

          • JSS

            I just don’t think we have enough data to make an intelligent verdict about the role of how much of our best blood was lost during the wars. Since the subject itself is so taboo now days I doubt we will see a worth while study about it any time soon. From my laymens perspective it seems that ironically the counties that were on the eastern side of the iron curtain are in far better shape racially then us in the west. The conclusion I draw from this is that Whites can survive anything except diversity at gun point and the kosher egalitarian filth shoved down our throats for the last 60 something years.

          • SoulInvictus

            While simultaneously disincentivizing work, villainizing masculinity, celebrating homosexuality/femininity, elevating minorities, empowering women politically and financially. And enabling an entire culture of single mom homes.
            =neutered white West.

            You’d almost think it was planned huh.

          • DonReynolds

            JSS…..I always enjoy your comments here.
            We cannot afford to wait for approval or permission, because our survival depends upon it. Self-defense is a fundamental human right, not just for the individual but for the nation as well.

          • JSS

            Thanks for the kind feedback Don I appreciate it. It’s always nice to know that there are like minded White men around.

            I know what you mean about self defense. Cornered vermin will bite back against their tormentors. Whites and the nations they build are the worlds wonders and gold standard. We aren’t vermin, but we just keep taking every insult and outrage thrown at us. But if cornered rats have teeth then we do to. God willing we will remember what they are for again. Our forefathers used theirs for far less.

          • PvtCharlieSlate

            If you already haven’t, read Kipling’s “Wrath of the Awakened Saxon.”

          • Nonhumans

            Who was it that said “Those who would sacrifice freedom for safety deserve neither!”

          • DonReynolds

            A wise old white guy…..his face is on the hundred dollar bill.
            Ben Franklin

        • True. His private army include flash mobbers and gang bangers.
          Just wait until he releases minority prisoners after martial law is declared. This tyrant has already usurped the constitutional checks and balance system, so he’ll stop at nothing.

          • DonReynolds

            Maybe he wants to be another Lincoln.

          • SoulInvictus

            Every President since Lincoln has been another Lincoln.
            Has any of them since done anything but centralize more power in DC? Has any of them done anything but gradually (or quickly) erode the standing of whites here and abroad through debt, warfare, taxation, trade initiatives, and social programs.


          • Good point, though I think o!bummer wants to be another Stalin.
            I don’t think Lincoln was raised on Hegal and Marx.

          • SoulInvictus

            If Lincoln, Grant and Sherman had modern weapons, then the differences between the Union and Stalin’s regime would be very slight.
            Imagine Sherman plowing through Georgia with tanks, precise artillery bombardment and air power. Because he absolutely would have.

          • A bit of a stretch, I’d say. Lincoln then would’ve executed hundreds and hundreds of officers, would’ve forced most of south into slave labor, and sent a good percentage of her citizens to Levenworth.
            Lincoln was a lot of things, but a paranoid psychopath? I don’t think so. Compare atrocities committed WITHOUT weapons not yet available in 1860’s. The butchery and terror by bolsheviks dwarfs that of Union hieracrhy. Sherman’s devastation would’ve easily included untold thousands of hangings, rapes and impalements
            if he had been inculcated with bolshevik sensibility.

          • SoulInvictus

            In scale no. But they were different times and a different society.


            “Unilaterally suspended Habeas Corpus in the North
            -Usurping the power of Congress, and acting against the ruling of US supreme court justice Roger B. Taney, Lincoln suspended Habeas Corpus and used the military to arrest and imprison without proper legal procedures any who voiced disagreement with his War and Domestic Policies. Suspension of Habeas Corpus remained in effect during his entire administration and thousands were held indefinately, without trial. Historians estimate that more than 13,000 political prisoners were held in the military prisons, many of whom, were not secessionist.
            Lincoln also ordered the arrest of Chief Justice Taney for daring to challenge his usurpation.

            Declared Martial Law in the North
            -With civil liberties nullified by suspension of Habeas Corpus,
            citizens were subject to arbitrary arrest by the military for the
            duration of Lincoln’s administration. Vague accusations and rumors such as participating in “Disloyal Practices” were rampant and the military was given the power to decide what was “disloyal”. No dissent was tolerated.

            Censored the Press and Imprisoned Publishers in the North
            -Any newspapers that criticized Lincoln were shut down in various
            ways. Publishers and editors were imprisoned without due process or a trial. Printing presses were destroyed and dozens of prominent newspapers all over the North were shuttered.

            Censored all Telegraph Communications in the North
            -Beginning February 2nd, 1862, the Federal government began censoring all telegraph communications.

            Ordered Federal Troops to Prevent Opposition Voting in the North
            -In Maryland, election judges were instructed to throw out any voted for candidates who opposed Lincolns war. Posters were placed at voting booths instructing everyone to expose anyone voting that opposed Lincoln. Soldiers were present to arrest anyone suspected of Southern sympathies.

            Occupied Maryland
            -Most of the Maryland’s duly elected legislature ended up in prison because of suspected Southern sympathies. Again, legislators, officials,newspaper editors & publishers, and ordinary citizens were imprisoned without due process or trial. Newspapers were shut down. In the November election, members of the Federal Army voted pro-union, whether residents or not, and citizens were intimidated by soldiers with weapons to only vote pro-union. A puppet government was installed.

            Invaded the South Without Consulting Congress
            -Without the consent of Congress, early in 1861, Lincoln sent 75,000 troops down to invade the South. Lincoln tried to dodge the constitutional issue of declaring war by calling it a ‘rebellion’ and ‘insurrection’, refusing to recognize the Confederate Government.

            Blockaded Southern Ports
            -While continuing to refer to the South as states in ‘rebellion’ on
            one hand, on the other hand he nevertheless blockaded the Southern Ports as though the South was actually a foreign country. The US Constitution permitted this only as an act of war against foreign powers and requires a Congressional Resolution.”


            None of the above sounds like any American leader before him.
            Paving over dissenters and their culture/society, check.
            Military ruthlessness, check.
            Political prisoners, check.
            If I had to choose on a spectrum between Washington and Stalin as to who Lincoln more resembled, then it wouldn’t be our founding father.

          • Well done. I had no idea that Lincoln went that far. Thanks for the education. However, if I dig it out about Stalin, from say, The Big Book of Communism, you may alter your comparison.

          • SoulInvictus

            Most people don’t realize how justified the accusation of tyrant was in describing Lincoln. He’s just the “freed the slaves guy”.
            If you have to slaughter almost a million people in the cause of preserving a “union”, it’s not much of one.

            Just letting the South walk away and approaching slavery from a reasonable angle (say, purchase and deportation) would have been the sane thing to do.
            And that’s disregarding the fact that the founders’ writings indicate that the States’ participation in the Union was to be at least somewhat voluntary. They obviously supported the right of secession as they had exercised it themselves to part with the crown.

            It’s not like the South wouldn’t have needed/wanted to trade with the North and pressure could have been easily, and peacefully exerted through that. But then, arguably it wasn’t about that but rather Northern control. Which translates to Federal control. As Lincoln himself demonstrated viciously.
            We’ve been living deeper and deeper in it since.
            I’m not big on rehashing the Civil War (or WWII), but knowing it well provides understanding for why we have modern problems like the NSA, foreign wars, the Federal Reserve, massive debt, etc. Central power, same as with a monarchy, always yields that kind of stuff. This is why I view the Confederacy as the remnant of the original revolutionary America that was snuffed out by authoritarian and banking/industrial powers.

          • I always thought the American civil war was somehow avoidable.
            I never researched it enough. So sad, some 600,000 brothers lost.
            My thinking has definitely changed after reading your comments.
            Read Civil War short stories by Ambrose Bierce. Crane’s Red Badge is a short sentence/plain word masterpiece. You can smell the grass, the blood and the gun powder.

          • Again, well done. I did a little reading which backs up your commentary. Lincoln even had time to slaughter some innocent Indians, breaching a prior commitment of resettlement. So Lincoln actually should be remembered as the Father of the Federal Liviathan. This is cathartic, as I remained under the delusion of the Lincoln myth of righteousness since 2nd grade. I was aware that he usurped the Constitution, but of little else.

          • SoulInvictus

            And now you begin to understand the Southern sentiments towards Lincoln and all things Federal. When you have a track record of 100+ years of nothing good coming from it, you’d have to be stupid or brainwashed to trust it.
            Any right thinking person of southern heritage should hold the Feds in about as high esteem as I’m sure the Indian tribes do.
            Most of the rest of the country doesn’t have that background reinforcing a link to the spirit of revolutionary America and the ideals of the founders. Or they’re naive from a historical perspective and so shocked and surprised when the same old overreaching tendencies find their way to them (such as the recent Bundy incident out West).
            We’ve known that’s just the Federal status quo since Reconstruction.

            I think that’s the main reason WWII and the moonshot are idealized so much. They’re really the only things the modern Fedgov has to hang its hats on as accomplishments.

          • Trying to connect the hypothetical dots on this one.
            What if Lincoln was never president and the civil war never
            took place? Was mid-1800’s Northern big business pissed that the South had much cheaper labor? Seems free enterprise will
            morph into monopoly capitalism to the degree that government allows it to. As some Marxists correctly theorized, it now merges
            with big government (“monopoly government” if I may coin a term). It’s likely that the constitution would’ve been compromised anyway by the will of big business, if not in 1860, then eventually. In the scheme of things, states are the first to be irrelevant, then entire countries. Of course, added into this mix is the cultural Marxist ingredient. If Lincoln did indeed usher in the Federal Leviathan, it still leaves the question of what ideological form that federalization would take. Of course, we know now that it’s taken a Marxist form, but that development is far removed from the doorstep of Lincoln, though it cannot be
            denied that the bigger the government, the smaller the citizen.

            Final note: The image cultivated by leftiest cosmopolitans, academics, ideologues and media types of all stripes is that the South and other “flyover regions are wastelands of culture. “Tell a big lie often enough and they’ll believe it”…

          • SoulInvictus

            “What if Lincoln was never president and the civil war never
            took place?”

            Even without Lincoln, the North would have exerted control at some point. The two ideological camps were incompatible. It’s like trying to imagine a peaceful parting between freedom hungry Americans and the Crown. Possible, sure. But unlikely.

            “Was mid-1800’s Northern big business pissed that the South had much cheaper labor?”

            Competing wealth. If the South had been allowed time to industrialize even half as much as the North, it would have been eclipsed. Southerners would have controlled production, agriculture, and export. So powers below the Mason-Dixon would have either completely dominated the US, or formed a more powerful, more cohesive, more free (for whites anyway), and more prosperous nation. Border States would have soon (and more than a few wanted to anyway) jumped ship from a Federal government ruled by the likes of Lincoln.

            “Final note: The image cultivated by leftiest cosmopolitans, academics, ideologues and media types of all stripes is that the South and other “flyover regions are wastelands of culture.”

            Well, getting the crap kicked out of you. Having inferiors thrust into your educational and political institutions. Having your culture paved over in Communist fashion. And having almost an entire generation or two of your best and brightest liquidated.
            Will indeed set you back some.
            Their critiques often come across (to me anyway) like an abusive spouse pointing out the ugly deformity and blackened eyes of his near beaten-to-death wife. It’s truly a special kind of sick.

            And yet, much like Germany, we’re still kicking and slowly crawling back to our former glory.
            Imagine what the South would have been like without the Federal boot, propping up Fed debt, and desegregation…
            Farming machinery and industrialization would have brought about mass slave deportations. Birmingham, Memphis, Atlanta, Charleston, Mobile, New Orleans, Jacksonville, Miami (maybe even Baltimore and Philly) would be cities that rival or surpass even the greats of Europe and Japan.

          • …No constitution can guarantee the integrity, courage and intellect of those who follow as beneficiaries of its forging.

      • LHathaway

        To any white with either a brain, or a conscience.

    • So CAL Snowman

      Who watches the Watchmen?

      Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

      • cherrie greenbaum123

        We’re not supposed to ask questions, just obey.

  • Bunky

    He won’t find any terrorists.
    I bet he finds him some racists/

  • propagandaoftruth

    Hi Eric Holder. Been reading some lately, eh? What a troublesome group we Whites are.

  • Mack0

    Time for the pogroms to begin.

    • Except in this instance, it will be the Jews who are excluded.

      • JSS

        Actually those people you mention have launched a few of their own.

      • Sick of it

        They’ll just run the pogroms like they did before.

  • Samuel_Morton

    Holder could just merge the Domestic Terror Task Force with the SPLC, seeing as their goals are seemingly the same.

  • Ronald

    It is easy to criticize Holder for administrating laws that target the very thoughts of White people, but what about the White ruling class politicians who pass ever more Orwellian legislation enabling him to do so?

  • Would this mean arresting people who put bounties on people like what the Black kitens or uh panthers did to Zimmerman? Or targeting gangs in places such as Los Angeles, Oakland, Chicago? What about those boarders? are they secure?
    If this man and the rest of the adminastration are going to run this it will be another disaster, we will find our selves unarmed against not only a rising tyrany but also criminals?
    Sorry Mr. Holder your and your masters integerity and track record, makes me a bit nervious when you speak in such ways.

    • DonReynolds

      I will never be unarmed. I will expire like every other person, but I will always be armed. And if the day comes when I am not, I will fashion my own. I can do that.

      • Zaporizhian Sich

        Our no-limit elites underestimate our ability to make weapons, as well as creating new ones. After all, guerillas have invented all sorts of booby traps and other weapons that are ruthlessly effective.

        • DNA Explains It All

          Real weapons are still preferred, and for a time still readily avail. Full Auto being kinda off the list but most do their best work in semi anyway.

  • anon

    Oh goody. Anyone remember what the result was the last time this task force was active? In fact, Holder was running that show and directly responsible for the incident that shut it down.

    You may remember it. It was called The Oklahoma City Bombing. And like all such law enforcement endeavors to “stop” terrorism, no one was so much as thinking along those lines until government agents manipulated them into it. As in, not a single incident in living memory was stopped by law enforcement that wasn’t CREATED by law enforcement recruiting terrorists themselves. They can’t “find” these guys to arrest. They have to create them.

    In the Oklahoma City Bombing case, it would not have even been possible without a supply of C4 (which no one outside the military can get their hands on). Wherever did Timothy McVeigh get his supply?

    It was given to him by Holder. Which just goes to show how bad it can get when affirmative action hires are put in certain sensitive positions.

    I shudder to think of what insane, retarded negro, right now, might be responsible for caring for a tactical nuke or two.

  • MekongDelta69

    Pay NO attention to those muslim terrorists… I mean, those “noble, oppressed, representatives of the Religion Of Pieces” with the back packs over there.

  • Rhialto

    Normal White men better face the fact that America is in the hands of their enemies.

    • cherrie greenbaum123

      And have been since about 1965.

  • When did holding antigovernment sentiments become a crime requiring investigation by the Department of Justice? I suspect a crackdown on non-violent political dissenters would create exactly the hostility with which Holder now pretends to be concerned. How about instead addressing the criminal abuse by government of the public’s trust, such as Obamacare? How about the abduction of foreign nationals off the streets of their own cities and the transportation of them to secret locations to be tortured? How about the deliberate refusal by the federal government to enforce our nation’s immigration laws? How about the burgeoning national debt, much of it held by China, a nation that is actively hostile to US interests?

    • kikz2

      …and i’ll add, breaking our laws by violation of the Stymington Amendment, wherein we are NOT to give foreign aid to non-signatories of the NNPT (non-Nulcear Proliferation Treaty).. one instance, is 3b (that’s just on the books) yrly to Israel.

  • Zaporizhian Sich

    Obama, Holder and their handlers no doubt are working on the establishment of an NKVD style secret police. The purpose of such armed forces would be to disarm then kill whites, especially those who are a threat to the non-white, non-Christian usurpers in control of the country. There is no doubt the real rulers of the country wish to crush all dissent.

  • freddy_hills

    A stroll through terrorist statistics will show that for domestic terrorists…

    !. There were far more terrorist acts committed by Black Militants than White oness.
    2. There were far more terrorist acts committed by individuals or groups with left wing ties than right wing ties.

    But I’ll bet black militants and leftwing radicals won’t be the focus of that Domestic Terrorism Task Force. Their goal will be to harass whites and rightwingers. This also seems to dovetail with the government’s increasing surveillance of innocent civilians and militarization of police and government agencies. Alex Jones may be a broke clock but he’s still right twice a day.

    • Left-wing environmental activists certainly commit plenty of arsons. As a matter of fact, the Earth Liberation Front was listed by the FBI in March 2001 as “the top domestic terror threat”. It is a complete miracle nobody has been killed yet in the fires these people set, but eventually luck will run out.

  • ncpride

    to racial prejudice.”

    Now we get to the heart of the thing. He’s not interested in ‘terrorists’ but rather persecuting Whites for any perceived thought crimes against blacks. Just look what he tried to do to Zimmerman…..he tried his best to find a reason, any reason, to go after him on a ‘hate crime’ charge, going as far as asking for people to come forward to snitch on him. This man is beyond dangerous, and what is being done about him? Not a thing.

    • JSS

      Holder is carrying out the desires of the people who actually run this country now. People like you and I don’t have any place in modern Amurrika as anything other tax cows to milk and consumption bots. I don’t see why Whites continue to be surprised and outraged by the actions of the Feds when it’s been very clear for awhile now that Amurrika is an anti White country. Voting or writing to your congressmen isn’t going to stave off our impending dispossession and genocide.

      • cherrie greenbaum123

        They won’t stop until they bleed every last drop of blood out of us. But who will pay for the EBT and other welfare once we’re gone, or have they completely thought that out yet?

        • JSS

          One thing that gives me hope is that our overlords aren’t as clever as they think they are. They always overplay their hand.

          • kikz2

            or as my Daddy was fond of sayin’… Evil/Hubris ALWAYS trips on its dick.

        • Alexandra1973

          They’d probably send welfare recipients to Camp FEMA. “Don’t have any money for food? Come to this camp here….”

    • DonReynolds

      My favorite example is the thousand and thousands of “knockout game” incidents, which actually killed 26 people. But it was only when a white guy in Texas decided to join in the fun, that Eric Holder decided it was a Federal crime, even though in that case no one was killed.

    • kikz2

      there is a counterbalance somewhere… it may not be visibly active at this moment..

      proof of its existence is the duality that is our universe. physically and metaphysically ………….there is no darkness w/o light……

      even if we don’t live to see it, it is there.

  • David Ashton

    Animus against the government?

    • Pro_Whitey

      Yup, thought crime.

  • dave

    Under Holder and Obama the new domestic terrorists will be White Christian males who call themselves patriots and defenders of the constitution.

  • Nothing short of a violent revolution with a lot of folks dying is going to restore freedom in the USSA, the United Satanic States of America. With half the population sucking on the public tit, via benefits, that revolution is unlikely to take place.

    The question in my mind is how best to sabotage the tyranny via fifth column tactics. I’m not advocating illegal acts such as assassinations, but rather small acts of rebellion such as the Russian people did to bring down communism.

    Let’s learn from the Russians and let’s be inspired by the example of a real leader, Vladimir Putin. A real leader cares for his people. Putin is resisting the New World Order and throwing a monkey wrench in their plans through small clever bits of resistence. Let’s do the same.

    • DonReynolds

      And like the downfall of the Soviet Union, there will be several independent Republics that result. We have to divorce ourselves from the Obama-maniacs before domestic violence results. The same states that voted for him in 2008, were exactly the same states that voted for him in 2012, with the exception of Indiana and North Carolina, who voted against him. The lines have already been drawn for the future independent Republics.

    • TL2014

      Here is how: homeschool your kids and try to get on local school councils at the same time, to sabotage their indoctrination efforts. Boycott Hollywood. Try and live off the grid as much as you can. Don’t eat out at restaurants or go out to movies. Basically, revert to pre-mass wealth era ways of living. Oh, and have lots of kids and lie about their race on the census forms.

      • jayvbellis

        All good. Also consider naming your children Hispanic Sir names. The current race mixing Communist mayor of anew York City changed his last name to Italian Diblasio (sp?). We can have White kids with Hispanic names to get ahead.

        • Zaporizhian Sich

          OR use names that could be regarded as such. Many names used in Eastern Europe are also used in Latin countries.

  • Puggg

    It was scheduled to meet on the morning of Sept. 11, 2001, but given the terror attacks of that day it didn’t meet

    The terrorism task force didn’t meet on 9/11 because of 9/11. Gotta love this life we’re livin’.

    • cherrie greenbaum123

      Yeah, but why would the government need to investigate a terror attack that had their finger prints all over it? Ooops! Am I now on Holder’s “list”?

      • RisingReich

        We all were the minute we signed up for Disqus, and especially after posting here.

        You can’t live in fear. Well, you can, but it’s not much of a life.

      • Who Me?

        I really wish Mr. Holder would have an accident…
        Now, they can put me on the “list” too.

  • Garrett Brown

    But surely much more emphasis on your definition of “racial prejudice”, right Mr. Holder?

    • Dr. Blooknok

      Being white.

  • cherrie greenbaum123

    Does this mean that Eric (place) Holder will begin prosecuting the “knock out” game perps as well as the “Polar bear hunters” committed by sons of Obama?

  • cherrie greenbaum123

    Holders first act will be to hire an entire NSA unit to infiltrate sites like this, copy down IP addresses, and then send some black ops to visit the “offensive racists” who refuse to swallow their blatant lies.

    • dd121

      The NSA already knows where you live, what kind of white wine you drink and what your general political attitudes are.

    • DonReynolds

      Come to my house first.

    • TL2014

      May this just be satire…

    • Alexandra1973

      They probably already know our rank, file, and serial number, so that’s why I don’t mind using my real first name.

  • If they’re concerned about “antigovernment animus” then I suggest they examine the root cause of said animus: Holder and Obama.

    • The behavior of Janet Reno’s justice department during the Clinton era was also an effective recruiter for anti-government radicals. It’s worse today, as other government agencies have also gotten into the act, such as with the officially-ordered harassment of Tea Party groups by the Internal Revenue Service.

      • Zaporizhian Sich

        Indeed, the Injustice Department had it’s ranks full of Lon Horiuchis then, and has even more today who are very brave at shooting white women in the head while holding a baby. THAT was one atrocity that occurred at Ruby Ridge during the Klinton reign.

        • Ruby Ridge happened in August 1992.

          Who was President then?

          I’m not saying this to be a KIA, there’s a legitimate object lesson here.

          • Alexandra1973

            King George I, I believe. The same globalist tool that was calling for a New World Order on September 11, 1990–exactly 11 years before 9/11.

            Benghazi happened exactly 11 years AFTER 9/11. That number 11….

          • Zaporizhian Sich

            I named the then president, the one who cheered us being turned into a persecuted minority in our own lands!

  • baldowl

    The black zealot Holder is going to stir up a tempest where now there’s only a faint rumble.

  • dd121

    When I read this a day or so ago, I wondered just where the lefties plan to take this.

  • Dave4088

    Ha! And everyone thought the Justice Dept. terminated its cozy relationship with the likes of the virulently anti-white SPLC and ADL. Their grubby paw prints are probably all over this even though a black supremacist radical like Holder doesn’t need any encouragement from said groups.

    • DonReynolds

      Apparently, you did not get the memo Dave. Eric Holder has changed the name.
      It is no longer the Justice Department……it is the Just-Us Department.

  • Ted Cunterblast

    Bring it on, Holder.

    • evilsandmich

      Your caviler attitude probably isn’t completely unjustified given that we have is probably the most incompetent gang to run the Federal Government ever. The chances are better than even that they’ll shoot themselves in the foot before they ever get around to taking down any political enemies.

      • Nancy Thomas

        Obama is like a five year old with a box of matches.

  • dd121

    There is a vast amount of metadata that we eagerly provide our masters. If you do a search on Amazon for “men’s watches” you’ll start to get a large number of pop up adds for watchers elsewhere on the internet. If you’re on Facebook or other social media you have freely provided a lot of basic information in your registration and in the comments you make on the site. The Germans only asked if you had a Jewish grandparent. It should really give everybody pause.

    • The targeted ads from Amazon are relatively benign. I have bought books and DVDs following their recommendations that I would not originally thought of purchasing. It’s hard for me to become very upset about a corporation who’s interest in me is solely financial. After all, the whole reason they’re in business is to make money by selling things to customers.

      • RisingReich

        They are benign until they aren’t. Just my perspective (albeit maybe more paranoid than most b/c I’m both German AND an IT guy).

        • DNA Explains It All


        • DNA Explains It All

          IT guy? Isn’t it weird how many gov dissenters are into child porn?

          • RisingReich

            The fact you are asking the question tells me you know the answer.

          • That sounds like a bad combination. If one is going to criticize the government, the wise policy is to remain squeaky clean in other respects. They won’t lock a fellow up for Constitutionally-protected free speech, like saying that the Executive Branch of the government is out of control, judges are legislating their benches and congress is too lazy to do anything about it, even though saying these things makes one an appealing candidate for silencing. On the other hand, if one is doing something else, prosecutors will jump on one with both feet. That said, I wonder how much of that stuff is planted. I imagine plenty of it gets seized, and digital images don’t really fit into the usual “chain of custody” model when it comes to official handling of evidence.

          • DNA Explains It All

            I was saying that even actually being squeaky clean doesn’t protect you from being caught with such material. The gov has been caught planting such to force cooperation already.

          • dd121

            Or make a movie that exposes Obama and get Federal charges for making too much of a contribution to a political campaign?

          • Nancy Thomas

            I make Congress and Senate calls on a daily basis to complain about illegals. But I pay my taxes and i don’t even have so much as a parking ticket. If Holder shows up at my door he can eff off.

        • DNA Explains It All

          Not meaning to make waves or anything, but this comment of mine that went missing, usually I full well know why my crap is gone, this one I am perplexed by… Mods? What was wrong in that one, so I know better next time?

      • DNA Explains It All

        Yes but everything any corp collects is fair game to the global blackmail database. Where they can pull unrelated threads together from everywhere to build their rock solid case against any and all who speak out.

      • Sick of it

        Amazon sent me a creepy e-mail out of nowhere re: a buyback offer on Tragedy & Hope: A History of the World in Our Time by Carroll Quigley. It was probably one of the target books on a list given to them by an alphabet agency.

        • kikz2

          guess they’re trying to get all the copies down the memory hole….

          • Sick of it

            Exhibit A – Libraries

        • I get buyback offers on the DVD movies I order used from them. The VCR croaked late last year, so I have been replacing an extensive collection of VHS tapes with DVDs. We set the heat down to 55F for the whole winter and called the difference our DVD budget. I don’t regard it as sinister, but I’m trying to grow the collection, not shrink it. Just ordered the third and fourth movies in the old “Phantasm” series today.

          • Sick of it

            A cheesy yet enjoyable series. Enjoy.

          • Zaporizhian Sich

            I liked the Hellraiser movies better, but the Tallman was one scary monster.

      • dd121

        The same basic technology can be used for something not so benign.

    • Nancy Thomas

      Not to mention the facial recognition cameras.

  • Dave4088

    In other words, if you are a white person who harbors politically incorrect thoughts about non-whites or Obama’s naked power grab you go on “the list”. Meanwhile, criminal mestizo illegal aliens, black teens playing the “knockout game” and black government officials will not be prosecuted under any circumstances.

    Black supremacist Holder and the radical, anti-white left consider any speech and behavioral patterns by whites which they find objectionable (but otherwise legal) as malum in se crimes. We now have a Soviet style legal system.

  • DonReynolds

    “Anti-government animus” is Eric (the Red) Holder’s codeword for Patriot, including those people who believe the Constitution is the highest law in this country, and including those who would oppose rule by the United Nations. Put me on the list.

  • Einsatzgrenadier

    If the US federal government was serious about fighting domestic terrorism, they would stop importing Muslims. The fact that there’s still Muslim immigration to the US means that they couldn’t care less about fighting terrorism or the lives of American citizens.

    • Medizin

      “they would stop importing Muslims”

      Yes…it’s as simple as that and deport those not citizens. Using common sense, but, right, the feds don’t have it. To think, innocent Japanese and Germans placed in camps weren’t even doing anything. But, here Muslims are blowing us up, training suicide bombers in secretive camps on U.S. land, Imams teaching jihad in mosques that are exploding by numbers in our neighborhoods, but they keep coming into the country demanding religious rights that we don’t have.

  • Sick of it

    They already replaced the Bill of Rights with Civil Rights. That’s was a done deal before I was born.

  • TL2014

    Minority occupation government, indeed…in Paul Kersey’s words.

    The amount of damage done by the junta of “tragic mulattoes” sitting at the helm of our administration is simply unfathomable.

    I’m speechless.

  • Ella

    Justice Dept can start with the knock out games, but terrorizing Whites and lighter Hispanics don’t fit their manhunts.

    • cherrie greenbaum123

      It ain’t what they care about.

  • Dr. Blooknok

    Attorney General Eric Holder said Tuesday he will reconstitute a long-defunct task force on domestic terrorism to try to expand efforts to stop violent attacks inside the U.S.
    If Reich minister of injustice Holder wants to

    • The feds have been openly expressing concerns in this respect about white male military veterans for some time. It makes one wonder why any white guys enlist these days.

      • Zaporizhian Sich

        I am glad I never joined, my brother did and regretted it ever since!

  • Alexandra1973

    Picking up where Bush left off. The advantage Obummer has over Shrub is that he’s black.

    The definition of a terrorist is someone who doesn’t agree with the government. All you need to know.

    See you at Camp FEMA….

  • jayvbellis


    Eric Holder is targeting us.

    People who make comments on the Internet complaining about the knock out game.

    People who hint that they don’t like Hip Hop Rap music…

    White people.

    • Nancy Thomas

      That’s exactly what it means. Hollow points and No Hesitation white people targets.

  • WR_the_realist

    Eric Holder — a sufficient reason in itself to despise Obama.

  • Greg S

    Long story here, but 20 yrs ago I was in a barber shop and the guy cutting hair went on a tirade about the sorry white male. He spoke of white girls being with blacks, spineless white males who cowered to blacks, and so forth. I asked this barber what it would take for the angry white male to rise up. He proceeded to pontificate that as long as he could work a full week, and then on Friday buy a carton of cigarettes, a case of beer, take his wife out to dinner, and have sex, that he would stay complacent.
    I think that the angry white male may be getting close to the point that it is time to stand up and take back what our fore fathers fought so hard for.
    BTW the barber had a 10th grade education, but more wisdom than the current occupier of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

  • 4321realist

    “Justice Department Relaunches Domestic Terror Task Force”

    And their domestic terrorist objectives will be the same ones the SPLC terms “hate groups” right now.

    You can count on it.

    These blacks and their white, spineless, weenie comrades are no doubt absolutely ecstatic to be able to be in a position to use federal power to hammer their enemies.

    And I seriously doubt even one jihadist will be on their watch list.

  • paul marchand

    Is recognizing that * black on white rape * is thousands of times more than the opposite – am I racist?

    • paul marchand

      If I know that black murder, percapita, is 10x that of the white rate………am I a racist?

    • paul marchand

      If blacks vote almost 100% for the Abortion Party….is that racist?

    • paul marchand

      If I conclude that black intravenous drug use is about 10 x that of whites, per capita…………can Holder come get me?

    • paul marchand

      If I say that the affirmative action of ObamaCare is grossly unfair to whites………..will Holder’s Raiders have guns in my face?

  • MBlanc46

    Antigovernment animus? I guess that’s me. Not racial prejudice, though. I judge folks by their behavior, not their genes.

  • Marc Zuckurburg

    Won’t be able to use that functionality on my profile, because my life has done nothing but go up up up and it keeps on going up. And once I get my comprehensive immigration reform, it’s going to shoot so high that even a 4K monitor won’t be able to hold enough pixels to show you how high I’m flying.

    Next up: Immortality.

    • Zaporizhian Sich

      Look out for flying objects!

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    The original “Domestic Terrorists” were Washington, Jefferson, Adams and Adams, Henry, Franklin, etc. – guns nuts and religious freaks all.

    The new “Domestic Terrorists” are Barry Soetoro, Holder, Jarrett, Kerry, Reid, Dodd, Frank, Pelosi, Sebelius, Hillary, etc. plus the NSA, TSA and IRS and those who condone, abet, aid, vote for and embrace this sedition and treason.

  • M.Magog

    This will be as successful as prohibition

  • SlizzardAjeosshi

    Words cannot express the contempt i feel for Mr. my people

  • DOJ no doubt peruses lists from Facebook, Twitter, Disqus to gather the names of “those with views not in accordance with those of the state” Like those on this site, including me.

  • Rodney S

    Being a descendant of the original founding British stock, I’ve often thought that I’m the one who should get VIP treatment from the federal government, not the opposite. The USA is so far from its origins, I think it safe to say that it no longer exists except in name only. A fitting epitaph for America would be: We should have picked our own damn cotton!

  • blackjack322

    It’s interesting how he puts anti-government animus and racial prejudice right next to each other.

    He’s doing that to tell the masses that “Being anti-government is equally as bad as being racially prejudice.”

    What a piece of s*it that guy is.

    • Dr. Blooknok

      He is a dangerous fiend.

    • It is also interesting that neither of those are criminal offenses the way – just for instance – conspiring to run guns to Mexican drug cartels are crimes.

    • Nancy Thomas

      Filth in a suit, a hate filled anti-white bigot moron.

  • Uncle Festus

    Wow! They’re pulling on the jackboots.

  • Mrfinoni

    Great! that means he is going after the wilding of the Black youths and the terrorism of the knock out game!

  • Monmouth78

    Remember, when they come for you, it will be a conservative white Christian male who pulls the trigger. Know your enemy.

  • SoulInvictus

    Exactly. I’m sure even Pol Pot cracked the occasional knee slapper. Probably very few non-hereditary dictators get there without significant charisma.
    In trying to see things from both sides, I may have done the same had I been Lincoln. No one would have wanted to go down as the President that presided over the breakup of the Union.

    And as I said in the post I just wrote above, they knew full well the South would have arisen as the dominant power within a generation. So they acted to impose their will while circumstances were in their favor.
    Still, from the white, southern, and freedom loving angles (ironically) it was a horrible turn of history.
    A strong South (or a US governed by the southern minded) that never struggled through the CW could have been a bulwark against the decline of European power.
    Just imagine… a strong alliance with both Germany and S. Africa alone would have changed the trajectory of history in mind blowing ways…