Immigrants Bringing Diseases Across Border?

Navideh Forghani, ABC 15, June 6, 2014

There’s a growing health concern with hundreds of illegal immigrants crossing over into southern Texas.

U.S. Border Patrol agents are worried that what’s coming over into the U.S. could harm everyone.

This time the focus is not on the women and children that are crossing over in droves.

Agents are worrying about a viral outbreak.

“We are sending people everywhere. The average person doesn’t know what’s going on down here,” said Border Patrol agent and Rio Grande Valley Union representative Chris Cabrera.

Cabrera says agents are seeing illegal immigrants come over with contagious infections.

Detention centers and holding facilities have quarantined areas for those who come in sick. But Cabrera says the sick and healthy are separated only by caution tape.

“There’s been an outbreak of scabies that’s been going on for the past month,” Cabrera said.


“We are starting to see chicken pox, MRSA staph infections, we are starting to see different viruses,” Cabrera said.

Garcia believes the viruses are not confined to the detention center. Not long ago, a group of border-crossers came knocking on his door.

“It was a 7-month-old baby. It was shaking, it had a fever,” Garcia said.

The Department of Homeland Security called in Coast Guard medics to help treat those who are sick. But Cabrera doesn’t believe the federal government is doing enough. He says other Border Patrol agents have contracted scabies and he fears it will spread quickly.


DHS has denied all requests for interviews with doctors and medical staff treating sick immigrants. The agency has also turned down our request for a tour.

They only released this statement:

DHS has public health controls in place to minimize any possible health risks.  Throughout the RGV Sector we are conducting public health screens on all incoming detainees to screen for any symptoms of contagious diseases of possible public health concern.  U.S. Border Patrol has established Medical Units at its busiest border stations (McAllen, Weslaco, and Ft Brown) handling UAC.  US Coast Guard medical teams are assisting with the screening process, and providing healthcare evaluations for the sick and injured.

Occupational health and safety guidance has been provided to for CBP personnel in the handling of subjects with signs of health-related symptoms. Our workforce has been provided and encouraged to use personal protective gear including latex or non-latex gloves, long-sleeve shirts, and to take precaution including frequent hand washing.

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  • M.

    Well, in all fairness, so did the Europeans. However, I don’t think the Mexicans will start building the greatest civilization in history afterwards. New diseases is as good as it’s ever gonna get with them.

    • shawnmer

      I would be fascinated to hear a learned attempt at an alternative history:

      What would the U.S. look like today had we not had the immigration surge of the late 1800s til the 1920s? How different would we be culturally, politically, economically, had we retained a more WASPish core, considerably less Italian, Irish, etc.

      Even though I think I’m writing my own existence as an American out of history, I’d like to if America “needed” those immigrants, even though they were white.

      • M.

        The Irish Americans were kind of look down upon. There was this image of them as loutish drunkards. Maybe that was just a little exaggerated cliché because the English at that time tended to demonize them. But from what I’ve read, they assimilated pretty quickly with the rest.

        The Italians were a little more problematic. Most of them came from Southern Italy, and brought that mafia ways with them. Their early influence on America was definitely negative, and had a harder time assimilating.

        The best immigrants to the U.S. were definitely the Germans. After them the Scandinavians. Hardworking, disciplined, and creative. They assimilated quickly, and their influence was positive from the start. Which is kind of understandable, given that:
        1) They’re Germanic, just like the Wasps;
        2) That’s also how they were back home, so they brought their ways with them.

        And it should’ve stopped at that.

        • Petronius

          “they assimilated pretty quickly with the rest.”

          Nonconcur. The Irish were the first immigrant group who refused to assimilate. Before the Irish the US population was virtually 100 percent Protestant.

          • M.

            I just think the early descriptions of them were a little exaggeration. That contempt for the Irish was just an extension of the one the British had for them, for whatever reason. I think it was mainly because of their Catholicism.

          • dd121

            The conquerors always look down on the conquered and marginalize them. Off hand I can’t think of a case where that wasn’t true to some degree.

          • IstvanIN

            Wasn’t Maryland Catholic?

          • Petronius

            Yes and no. Maryland was intended by Lord Baltimore to be a Catholic colony, but the vast majority of colonial Marylanders were Protestant.

            Charles Carroll of Carrollton was the only Catholic signer of the Declaration of Independence. Bishop John Carroll attempted to found a Catholic college in Maryland but was thwarted there by the Protestants and founded Georgetown Univ (1789) in Wash DC instead.

        • IstvanIN

          The Italians still refer to themselves as Italian even though they don’t speak Italian and have never been there. On the other hand I think their loyalty to America is generally unquestioned. The Irish, while not as bad as the Jews, have an anti-America/anti-Wasp attitude to this day. Eastern Europeans, I feel, integrated best simply because there were not as many of them. Numbers are important even if the general race and religion is similar. If the US needed any European immigrants the best choice would have been to skew towards Northern Europe and the UK.

          • M.

            It was the best choice, and the leaders were well aware of that.

            The problem is that, at a certain point, there just weren’t enough immigrants that came from Europe. The fertility rates dropped a lot across Europe from early 60’s on. The Germans themselves had to import Turkish immigrants for their Reconstruction, so let alone export some to the U.S. And that was one the reasons the unfortunate 65 Act was signed. America had to keep growing to check the Soviet influence, and it had to get its immigrants from somewhere.

          • IstvanIN

            We were discussing 19th century immigration, not post-war.

          • M.

            Well, at first I was discussing Mexicans and the early Europeans. Then shawnmer brought up the 19th century immigrants, then we started talking about each ethnicity. And that’s how the train of thoughts got me to the shift of immigration. That’s how conversations usually go.

          • dd121

            I’m not anti-American and haven’t even been to an Irish day parade.
            Something other posters on AR have mentioned is that we must first lose our pseudo-loyalties to our mother countries before we can celebrate a pan-European pro-white identity. Let’s all get on board with that idea.

        • I am reluctant to say this because I don’t want anyone to think I’m trying to drive a wedge here among whites; we have enough problems with divide and conquer from the outside. And I know I have a couple people of Irish descent who follow me and I don’t want to anger them needlessly so I hope they’ll take what I’m about to say with a grain of salt.

          If whites had ni$$ers of our own, they’d be the Irish.

          I say this because Irish were slaves and when sold as slaves they fetched a fifth as much at market as African slaves and that was presumably based completely on their productivity tempered with their ease of management. I can only assume that this was based on factual observation.

          Also, the impact of Irish immigrants in America in the 19th century shouldn’t be taken out of context. Lincoln was losing the Civil War and imported Irish mercenaries, through cities like Boston that are still largely Irish because of it, and it’s because of those Irish mercenaries who were promised the benefits of citizenship if they shot and killed Southern Americans for their Northern President that we have so many Irish in some parts of America today.

          • IstvanIN

            And the South was populated largely by Protestants of British decent.

          • Guest


          • Katherine McChesney

            Tennessee was settled by the British.

          • M.

            Okay. I tried to defend them as I could. Although I’m not of Irish descent -as far as I know-. Let’s just keep in mind that they were extremely poor, among the poorest immigrants, so that might’ve been a factor to their behavior. They could’ve been bought off by anyone.

          • Petronius

            During the Mexican War some Irish immigrants deserted and joined the Mexican army to fight against the US. Lincoln conscripted the Irish immigrants to kill Southerners in the WBTS; Irish immigrants in the South were loyal Confederates.

            In the 1870s, the Fenians attempted to invade Canada from their base in the US. The Molly Maguires, Tammany Hall, the Chicago political machine, the Boston political machine and its support for the IRA — these are all products of the Irish inability or unwillingness to assimilate.

          • dd121

            The IRA was born of the brutal treatment of the Irish people going back to at least Oliver Cromwell. But now all is forgiven and we’re just plain, generic white people who are trying to establish a white identity. So let’s just drop all the petty bickering.

          • Petronius

            Are you really that stupid or are you being deliberately obtuse?

            You don’t stop bickering by initiating it. And you can’t plead for forgiveness while dishing out lies and insults.

          • dd121

            I think I’m really that stupid. Thank you.

          • My mother was Welsh Methodist, and my father was Irish Catholic. I was in the IRA.

          • Petronius

            My wife was wounded in the IRA bombing of Regents Park (1982).

            My father-in-law narrowly escaped from the Canary Wharf bombing (1996).

            Most IRA come from crime families who have known no other occupation for several generations. Was your father IRA?

          • Who Me?

            What have you got against the Irish?

          • Petronius

            ? I am Irish.

            And, to make sure there is no more misunderstanding, let me add that I’ve got nothing against the Irish, especially the Irish-Irish. Or anybody else for that matter.

            But let me say this.

            Even today a certain number of old school Irish-Americans still resist full assimilation. Apart from fringe groups like the Mennonites, the Irish were the first European immigrant group to do so. And they are the only significant Northern European immigrant group to have done so. Poles, Italians, Hungarians, Greeks, Czechs, Spaniards and Californios –– all proved much easier to assimilate into the American white majority than the Irish.

            I think there were chiefly two reasons for this.

            The first is religion. The Irish have been the principal supporters of the Roman Catholic Church, in terms of money, priests, church hierarchy, church-goers, and influence. To keep this support, the Church encourages their separation and clannishness, and stirs up resentments over ancient grievances, real or imagined, going even back to the Dark Ages. The Church has also supported Irish political causes for centuries. In fact, no pope has even condemned the atrocities of the IRA, even the brutal murders of innocent white women and children. Perhaps some posters on this forum may excuse such killings because of things that Oliver Cromwell may or may not have done 400 years ago. That only shows how deep these feelings of alienation run. Unquestionably the Catholic Church has stirred the pot to promote its own interests, and so must bear part of the responsibility for the lingering unassimilated status of some Irish-Americans, even after five or six generations in the US.

            The second reason is the Democrat Party. The Democrat Party encourages identity politics and bloc-voting as a means to secure power, contributions of money, and workers for its big city machines. It is a political strategy that the Democrats have successfully employed for over a hundred years. To rally and maintain this support, the Democrat machine politicians have a policy of fostering grievances, resentments, and a sense of victimhood and alienation among ethnic groups, including Irish-Americans. Thus one of the unfortunate results of this Anglophobia was that, in the late 19th and early 20th century –– and sometimes even today –– certain Irish-Americans renewed their ancient feuds with the British by transferring and extending them to Amerians and Canadians. This took many forms –– Fenian plots, the Molly Maguires, political radicalism of every stripe, labor union violence, etc. I suspect that Massachusetts Senator Ted Kennedy’s enthusiastic promotion of the Immigration Act of 1965 was so motivated, at least in part, by his Anglophobia. Be that as it may, however, the worst result was that the Irish-Americans cemented the Democrat Party’s stranglehold on the big American cities.

            Today the remaining unassimilated Irish-Americans tend to be those who are the most ignorant and uneducated, the ones who congregate in the ethnic communities of big cities, who faithfully back the old political machines, worship the Kennedys as movie stars, who vote the straight Democrat ticket even when such votes are against their own racial interests and despite the fact that the Democrats’ political standards are appallingly low. The Irish-Americans once formed the core support for Democrats, trade unions, socialists, and communists before blacks and other minorities took their place. Some of those big city machines may no longer be driven by Irish, but unfortunately the machines are probably here to stay. I doubt that we’ll ever get rid of them.

            Insofar as some Irish-Americans –– particularly in matters of religion, ethnic pride, and machine politics –– continue to go along with the Democrats, the Catholic Church, and the IRA, they become on-again, off-again participants in the war being waged against the rest of us in the West. And they become their own worst enemies.

            However, it is only a matter of time before the last Irish-American holdouts are assimilated. Most of the reasons for Irish-American separatism have vanished: the British Empire no longer exists; Southern Ireland is a republic and Northern Ireland is largely self-governing; the Catholic and Protestant churches are in decline and are more concerned about social justice than about doctrine or sectarian politics, and both are now confronted by powerful common enemies (militant Islam and neo-Marxism).

            And so it will be interesting to see how all this plays out, especially as the Democrat Party is fast becoming the avowed enemy of the Catholic Church –– through the Party’s support for abortion, atheism, redistributionism and other neo-Marxist programs, Nerobama’s insults to Georgetown University, his insults to the Vatican, his government lawsuits against the Little Sisters of the Poor, Catholic hospitals, and the like.

            The only thing the Democrats and the Church still agree on seems to be mass immigration. But it would not be logical for any Irish-American to support that policy. Of course the Irish have something of a reputation when it comes to logic –– consider Paul Ryan. In any case, the Irish-American stands to lose as much as other whites when his country is swamped by Third Worlders. The pressures for Irish-American assimilation will grow as nonwhite immigration grows.

          • dd121

            Sorry, I wasn’t trying to stir the pot. I have no animus toward the English or any other white group of people. I was replying to your comment and making observations about where those ancient attitudes arose. My bunch of people have been in the Midwest for the past 175 years and have a different experience from most Irish in the USA.. I know very little about Boston and that whole dynamic.

        • Germans were the largest immigrant group from 1830 to 1890, many of whom were fleeing the failed socialist revolution in Germany. Maybe its a coincidence, but most settled north of the Mason-Dixon line.

          • dd121

            There were a whole bunch in Ky, Ill., Mo and Kansas too. It reminded them of home. All that I’ve met, and know to be of German ancestry, I’ve liked. I just feel naturally at ease around white people.

  • D.B. Cooper

    Oh well, I propose sending Señor Open Sores and Señora Hacking Cough to San Francisco, Minnesota, Maine, and everywhere else where white people strongly support the Democratic Party.

  • dd121

    With all these illegals, health issues are the least of our worries.

    • JSS

      Immigration whether legal or illegal is a cancer that has infected and is killing European civilization the world over. It isn’t a bad analogy just to think of 3rd world immigration as a vector. Both our spiritual and physical health is destroyed by it.

      • Mass third world immigration is the most widely destructive biological weapon ever deployed. It is war on our genetic makeup, not just our culture and our resources. That and the annual worldwide spreads of disease from places like China and Mecca that otherwise would only affect local populations if not for the ease of putting a Chinaman in London in half a day.

        • JSS

          Agreed. The loss to our gene pool through miscegenation, the murders, Whites going childless to support 3rd world colonizers and the literal diseases are all just component parts to one weapon that serves one purpose which is our extinction.

      • Einsatzgrenadier

        Mass third world immigration is like AIDS. The only cure is death… death to the invaders and death to the fools and madmen who promote it.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      I wish it were so!

      Illegals are exposing US to diseases that were wiped out in the U.S. I wouldn’t want to sit next to someone in a crowded emergency room – or anywhere else for that matter with XDR – extremely drug resistant (and contagious) TB.

      There are also hordes of illegals working in restaurants as cooks, dishwashers, and food handlers with unsanitary, 3rd world habits, spreading hepatitis, brain worm and other parasites.

      Illegals also put tremendous stress on our healthcare system and jam into emergency rooms which, by American law, must treat them for “free.” As of 2011, 87 hospitals have closed in California due to illegal immigrants getting free services — “free” defined by the state of California as $1.25 billion a year in unpaid medical care

      New York’s Tuberculosis Control Program reluctantly conceded 81 percent of the city’s new cases of TB were brought in by illegals.

      The Centers for Disease Control says there are 7,000 cases of foreign-spawned leprosy (officially “Hansen Disease”) in the U.S. – wiped out decades ago but now returned with a vengeance via illegal aliens.

      In an earlier time, immigrants were screened, quarantined and returned to their home countries if necessary – in facilities such as Ellis Island.

      No longer.

      You’d think the arrival of lepers in the U.S. would be big news, but it isn’t.

      • dd121

        You’re probably closer to the source there in California. I don’t see much of that yet.

        • Bon, From the Land of Babble

          A few years ago, my daughter had a grand mal seizure at school. She was taken to the emergency room and given an MRI and even an X-ray, but thankfully nothing was found (and Thank God for insurance).

          The next day, the school told me she had to be cleared by a doctor before she could return and to take her to “urgent care” for the clearance. I used her dad’s insurance because the urgent care was closer for that insurance carrier.

          I couldn’t believe it when I got there — there were Mexicans spilling out the door, parked all over the steps going up and down and occupying every single seat and lined up against all four walls in the urgent care center. There aren’t a lot of Mexicans in my area so they had to have driven in from somewhere, which happens when emergency rooms close, they head to White areas.

          It took me about 2 hours to get the clearance and Mexicans continued to pour in, many very sick. I couldn’t wait to get out of there.

          About a year later, I drove past and the urgent care center had closed.

          • dd121

            Glad to hear she’s okay. ERs are sort of a special case. You’re going to see a lot of undesirables there because that’s where uninsured go because they know they’ll be cared for. Lots of ERs are closing because they cost so much.

          • r j p

            pregnant black women in Chicago will ride the Grand and Chicago Avenue buses until they go into labor. That way their “chile” can be born at Prentiss/Northwestern instead of Stroeger/Cook County.

      • kikz2

        no response from the states.. no response from the CDC…. it’s Orwellian… i guess this is the first of the zombie apocalypses…..

      • Erasmus

        The influx of Latin Americans has also meant an increase in the number of cases of Chagas Disease, and blood donations must now be routinely screened for the presence of the protozoon that causes the disease.

      • r j p

        Ever see a porta-potty in a farm field?
        Where do you think those pickers defecate?
        What do you think the wipe with?
        How do you think they wash their hands after crapping in a lettuce field?

    • Who Me?

      I disagree. With the mass influx of diseases from foreign places, Americans will be losing even more precious White babies, and the health of all Americans will be in danger. When American children start dying, Americans will become demoralized. Even education will suffer because parents will be afraid to send their children to school where they might contract some deadly germ or parasite. With massive amounts of technology and resources going to stem these health problems and people’s attention focused on something so vital and immediate as mere survival, we will have less money and manpower to recognize or fight against threats from the rest of the world, and less able-bodied troops, too. There will be less space in hospitals and emergency rooms. Medical costs will rise as more and more diseases have to be tested for. There will eventually be less Americans in the workforce, leading corrupt politicians to import even more foreigners with even more “exotic” diseases from around the planet to infect and infest our country.

  • IstvanIN

    Navideh Forghani Sounds like another disease that is growing here in the US.

  • Raymond Kidwell

    They didn’t mention bed bugs. America eliminated bed bugs in the 1950s. Now there is a massive out break, mostly brought over from illegal immigrants south of the border. To a very small degree international travel contributes to this (and this is what the news “officially” tells us is the cause). Now a lot of hotels/motels are infested as well as neighborhoods. Main reason is normal people will treat their homes and get rid of the bugs. A lot of ghettoites just let the bugs suck their blood every night and allow them to spread.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      Speaking of ghettoes:

      The Centers for Disease Control noted in an obscure study that 14% of U.S. inner-city dwellers may already been infected with the nasty Toxocara roundworm parasite, which can cause blindness and has been linked to epilepsy. Urban playgrounds in the United States have recently been shown to be a particularly rich source of Toxocara eggs. Latin American and South American parasitic infections are hitting U.S. Hispanics and blacks in huge numbers.

      –Dr. Peter Hotez, tropical disease specialist at George Washington University, as told to the Wall Street Journal

      • Erasmus

        Scary, but the loss of one’s vision is but a small price when weighed against all the cultural “enrichment” the invaders bring.

    • trouble maker

      The only known enemy to bedbugs is ants , they will all flee at the sight of a single ant.

    • Erasmus

      A lot of ghettoites just let the bugs suck their blood every night and allow them to spread.

      Yup, nothing like bringing along the bed bugs from the old country to make your now home feel like a little piece of Mexico or Guatemala.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    (Illegal) Immigrants Bringing Diseases Across Border?

    Ya Think?

    It is now racist to screen illegal immigrants that are bringing in deadly diseases from the squalor of Mexico and Central America

    Makes me think the U.S. government wants these illegal moochers to barge into emergency rooms with nasty parasites and third world diseases demanding free, expensive medical services while exposing YOU and sticking YOU, the U.S. taxpayer, with the bill.

    Illegal aliens’ stealthy assault on medicine must now rouse Americans to alert and alarm… Many illegal aliens harbor fatal diseases that American medicine fought and vanquished long ago, such as drug-resistant TB, malaria, leprosy, plague, polio, dengue, and Chagas disease — the latter a ghastly and often fatal parasitic infection previously unknown in most of the U.S.

    —American Journal of Physicians and Surgeons.

    Cysticerosis – like so many horrible diseases being carried freely across our borders – is a product of poor hygiene where pigs are allowed to roam freely and eat human feces…


    In recent years, as the immigrant population has spread… cysticercosis has cropped up in states that have never had to deal with it before, including Iowa, Missouri, Ohio and Oregon.

    —The Wall Street Journal

    In 2007, the Virginia Department of Health determined that a 17% surge in TB cases resulted from the region’s recent flood of illegal immigrants. In March 2002, The Washington Post reported a 188 percent increase in TB in Virginia’s suburban Prince William County.

    Worse, lawsuit-happy trial lawyers and overzealous FDA regulators have slowed the introduction of critical new disease-fighting antibiotics to a crawl. As a consequence, stocks of older, standard antibiotics are losing their potency against long-defeated diseases – which is why tens of thousands of generally healthy people including young adults are contracting life-threatening infections.

  • MekongDelta69

    You import the Third World… You get the Third World…

    • Magician

      But if you do not import the men from the third world you are a racist…

      (seriously, most refugees and immigrants in the most beautiful parts of Europe are all young and male)

  • Katherine McChesney

    And don’t forget…leprosy, tuberculosis, chaugas disease and polio.

    Enriching America….sigh

    • IstvanIN

      Enriching all the Dr. Patels.

      • r j p

        It’s not like Dr. Emmanuel (Rahm’s father or brother) would touch them.

  • Truth Teller

    Someone mentioned bed bugs. This winter Union Station in Los Angeles suffered a bed bug infestation. The information office near the waiting area was infested. So were all the upholstered chairs. Union Station is one of those beautiful big old stations. The seats are big comfortable armchairs upholstered in leather. They are getting rid of the chairs.
    Union station has train connections all over the US, Canada and Mexico. It serves numerous commuter buses and trains. It has shuttle bus connections to about 10 regional airports.

    Some of the station employees brought the bedbugs home.

  • Truth Teller

    Us prole WASPS need to remember that it was the elite WASPS who brought in the non WASP immigrants. Kevin MacDonald writes about the total surrender of the WASP elite to the Jews since about 1910. it was absolutely accomplished in about 50 years. MacDonald wrote that never has a well established elite surrendered to hostile invaders so quickly.
    I’ve always thought that the westward movement after 1810 was motivated not so much by the promise of free land in the west but by the fact that after 1810 the WASP elite refused to hire their fellow WASPS to work in the factories and offices preferring to recruit their employees in the poverty stricken sections of Europe.

    Except for the San Francisco to Salt Lake City track, virtually every railroad built in this country was built by Irish and Italians imported for that purpose. Even in W. Virginia, the capitalists imported tens of thousands of Italians to undercut the wages of the prole WASPS.
    We’ve all heard about the good wages and living conditions of the Lowell Mass mill girls of the 1820’s. But that lasted about 15 years and the mill owners recruited cheaper Irish labor. The New England states were bringing in hordes of Irish long before the famine and when the CAtholic religion was still illegal in those states.

    Face it folks, capital wants cheap labor no matter how different the laborers are from the capitalists. Rather than face competition from their own people, the WASP ascendancy has always preferred to bring in the poorest of the poor no matter where they find them.

    1914 poverty stricken Italians and Poles. 1814 poverty stricken Irish, Germans and Scots 2014 poverty stricken Central American Indians.

    And back in 1714 and 1630, poverty stricken WASP indentured servants and convicts.

    As the French who seem to be hated by most amreners say, “the more things change the more they remain the same.”

    • r j p

      It’s West Virginia, not W. Virginia. I was born there.

  • ShermanTMcCoy

    And don’t forget those ever-popular “brain worms.”

  • Erasmus

    Avoid eating food cooked by an illegal alien. Without proper hygiene it’s easy to ingest the eggs of the pork tapeworm if Juan or Pablo who are cooking your food are carriers. Cysticercosis is a horrible disease and the leading cause of epilepsy in Latin America. If it means not going to a restaurant, then stay home and cook for yourself. Your health is nothing to gamble with.

    Obama and our other “leaders” now purposely ignoring the human flood coming across our southern border are deliberately trying to destroy the United States.

    • r j p

      Gibson’s/Hugo’s Frog Bar (they are connected) in Chicago are nasty. They sweep the kitchen out into the street and subway vents, the sidewalk out back is a grease and trimming slimed gross-ity.

  • JackKrak

    Why is the question mark in the article’s title necessary?

  • Vito Powers

    Isn’t it way past time for a moratorium on Legal Immigration and way past time to simply enforce existing laws on Illegal Immigration? How much are we going to let Political Correctness control the dialogue on this issue? It seems you can’t even comment, let alone criticize anything relating to Immigration.

  • Truth Teller

    There were 2 reasons European immigration ended after WW2. First and foremost the Russians occupied Central and Eastern Europe so no one could leave. As for Western Europe, Socialism, child benefit, full employment and all the goverment benefits meant Western Europeans did not need to leave for America.
    Since the 1600s, the history of this nation has been the elites bringing in the cheapest labor possible. In colonial times it meant black africans, indentured servants and transported convicts. Don’t forget, as soon as Britain lost America it occupied Australia for the express purpose of dumping their criminals and useless human by products of their economic system.
    It wasn’t the frontiersmen and workers who brought in africans. It was the elite so wrongly admired by patriots and conservatives. Those africans have been a curse, a black plague on this country for almost 400 years now. The southerners on this site seem to be most admiring of the anglo saxons.
    But almost all historians claim that the south was largely settled by the Scots Irish and the north by the English Anglo Saxons.
    The Scots were deported from Scotland by James 1 to genocide the Irish. When they insisted on reading the wrong pages of the jewish part of the bible they were deported to the frontiers of America. The purpose of settling the Scots Irish on the frontier was so they, including the women and children could fight off the Indians so the planters, merchants and ship owners of the coast would be safe from Indians.

    No group in America is so detested and scorned by the WASP elites as the Scots Irish of the south. The southern elites call you White trash and redneck from getting tanned doing out door work. The northern WASPs have trashed you White southerners since the abolition movement of the 1820’s.

    • Mary

      True to some extent, but there is an oversimplification of Anglo-Saxon North and Scots-Irish South. There were many English settlers in the South. Many came to Virginia initially and then proceeded to the Carolinas, Georgia, and other parts of the South. Also, many Scots-Irish became slaveholders themselves. They were instrumental in settling the frontier, but they fanned out throughout the South. I have studied Southern history extensively, as well as being highly involved in genealogical studies. Some of the Anglo-Saxon coastal elite, such as that of Tidewater Virginia, sometimes migrated to other parts of the South and intermarried with Scots-Irish families. In my Southern state, a review of many of the elite planter families reveals that many were Scots-Irish.

  • Truth Teller

    I appreciate the southern view of the civil war, but it is nonsense to blame Irish immigrants for the southern loss. There were hundreds of thousands of British and German immigrants fighting on the northern side as well. Remember, there was a draft that was ferociously enforced by Lincoln who was after all, one of the WASPS so adored by the southerners on this site. In some ways, the civil war was a war of northern WASPS against southern Scots Irish.
    WASP by the way, was a term thought up by jews around 1950 as a slur against White Protestants of English descent. It was meant to imply wealthy elites, even though most English descended protestants are not wealthy elites. It is the forerunner of another jewish slur against Whites, White privilege.

    • FransSusan

      Huh? Was that part about Lincoln sarcasm? I’m a southerner and definitely do not adore Lincoln.