Baltimore Mayor Speaks Out Against ‘Knockout Game’

CBS DC, June 25, 2014

After two recent “knockout games” left several people in Baltimore injured, the city’s mayor has decided to speak out.


“They don’t understand the consequences,” [Baltimore Mayor Stephanie] Rawlings-Blake said. “If you knock someone out, you could think its a joke and you’ll hurt somebody–that person could die. And then your life is ruined for some stupidity that you and your friends think is fun. It’s just not worth it.”

Rawlings-Blake said Wednesday that adults in the city can help to prevent these crimes by being more involved in the lives of children who may be roaming the streets.

This comes days after two incidents that police believe are connected to the knockout game, which involves a group of people trying to knock someone out with a single punch.

This past weekend, a Texas man in town for his college orientation was reportedly punched in the head outside the Baltimore Harbor Hotel by a group of youths. Last week, two brothers claimed they chased down a group of about 20 kids after being punched. {snip}


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  • Stephanie Rawlings-Blake doesn’t seem to have the ability to think things through.

    On the one hand, she correctly admits that the young blacks who play the “game” of Knockout Martin Luther King “don’t understand the consequences” of their behavior. Then again, left tail of the bell curve, no real future time orientation, low IQ, low frontal lobe development, it’s par for the course, and it adds up to Africanus Bellcurvius.

    But then on the other hand, right after that, she tries to warn potential KMLK “game” players that they could throw their lives away (implication: life in prison for murder) “for some stupid fun.” Well lady, you just implied (rightly) that they don’t have the ability to think ahead and grok consequences, so why do you think they’re going to be scared by the prospect of life in prison?

    If you wanted to scare them, warn them that they might pick the wrong victim, one with CCW, and then it’ll mean Bye Bye T-More’j.

    • jane johnson

      Her warning seems light on sympathy for the victims, and implies that “it’s not worth it” to the thugs to waste their time beating up Whites for fun.

      • Puggg

        I looked her up. A black female, of course. So she soft pedals the knockout kids, because those are the sort that sorts like her give birth to and raise.

        • Shawn_thefemale

          They don’t get raised. They just grow older.

          • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

            Exactly. Negro behaviors and thinking styles point to lack of pre-frontal cortex development when compared to Whites and Asians. If differences in brain development between the races had been studied before the 1965 changes to immigration laws, Black African immigration to all Western countries would have been swiftly discontinued.

          • Zaporizhian Sich

            Yep, just like reptiles! Ever notice baby snakes, alligators and crocociles are just like the adults, only smaller?

        • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

          Exactly. She probably also thinks that only Blacks can be victims of “racism”, and tells Whites that O. J. Simpson was innocent, when She really means that Blacks should be allowed to get away with murdering Whites. We saw this same thinking style displayed by Obongo during the Zimmerman trial. Instead of condemning Trayvon Martin for attempting to murder Zimmermann, and pointing out that Zimmermann acted in self defense, and reinforcing that this essential right must be protected in America, everything was about race. Obongo indentified with a sociopathic, homicidal thug who was only stopped from committing murder by his victim acting in self defense. This irrational, everything being about race style of thinking is the norm with Blacks. Whites and Asians do not jump to defend homicidal maniacs and sadistic sociopaths. Blacks stand alone in this disgusting, myopic approach to acts of savagery.

      • propagandaoftruth

        Well, after that video on the previous story, you certainly can’t appeal to their morality.

        “Yeah, Whites deserve your hatred, but it’s not worth it to physically assault them because you could get in trouble”…

        Powerful moral stuff there.

        • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

          Exactly. Welcome to that sociopathic, morally barren freak of nature otherwise known as the Negro mind.

      • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

        Her warning reveals typical Negress psychology. Everything for her is about race. Instead of identifying with and respecting the victims, She identifies with the aggressive youth delinquents. She trivializes their sociopathic brutality, and disregard for the sanctity of human life, as “fun”, and focuses on them not ending up in jail, as though these people will do great things if they do not go to jail. A decent person would be highly disturbed by the sociopathic disregard for others that is inherent in the mind of a youth who finds assaulting others to be entertaining.

        • jane johnson

          That’s exactly what I meant.

      • If they weren’t beating up whites, they might be inventing the deteronic frombotzer, now that they are done building the moon from the stone they had left over from the pyramids.

        She has no sympathy for the victims because the victims are white. Is this one of those times when race is not just a “social construct”? I can never keep these things straight. I’ll bet she’d show a bit more concern when CCW permit holders start punching more tickets to Hell.

    • Some Guy

      Gee I wonder why???

      • Looks like Michelle Obama.

        Maybe they’re rela….

        But it’s probably just the TALA Doctrine.

        • So CAL Snowman

          They have the exact same weave. Who do they think they are fooling?

      • r j p

        Got to love the hair part.
        Could that possibly be whatever they consider hair?

    • Erasmus

      “They don’t understand the consequences,” [Baltimore Mayor Stephanie] Rawlings-Blake said.

      Bring back public hangings. They’ll either learn the consequences real fast or not live long enough to pass on their defective genes.

  • TruthBeTold

    Does anyone else remember that woman from Baltimore who decried the crime and violence in her neighborhood but couldn’t admit who was responsible?

  • MekongDelta69

    Another hyphenated three name feminazi actually having to TELL the ‘adults’ to watch out for ‘da youfs.’
    (Notice she doesn’t say, “parents.”)

    Btw, did you notice the word black in the article?

    Nah – me neither…

    • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

      Exactly. No mention that the kids are Negroes. Most Whites already know this. White kids are occasionally bullies, but the White mind and the Black mind are nothing alike. Logic, as we Whites know it, is rare to non-existent in the Negro mind.

  • Tom Thumb

    “They don’t understand the consequences,”
    nor do they care…

    • Einsatzgrenadier

      They don’t have the intelligence to understand the consequences. This is why racial segregation was the safest and most effective way of keeping blacks in line.

      • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

        Exactly. The only answer to America’s Negro problem. The late, great George Wallace said it best: “Segregation Now, Segregation Forever!!”

        • UncleSham

          But not by neighborhood, by country.

          • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

            Most definitely. Ideally, all Negroes should live where God put them. On the African continent, South of The Sahara. He put them there for a reason

          • Zaporizhian Sich

            Where disease like Ebola can literally consume them for one.

          • Not by country, but by continent.

      • They would quickly understand if we had more Zimmermen around. Even someone who can’t read cursive would soon figure things out.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    “They don’t understand the consequences”

    They understand hate, and that’s all they need to understand.

    “And then your life is ruined for some stupidity…”

    Notice not one word about sheer anti-white racism here.

    • Shawn_thefemale

      Going to jail in their view does not ‘ruin their life.’ It is more like a lifelong family reunion that they don’t have to pay for.

    • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

      Of course not. This is why these people continue to victimize Whites. In the good old days, such sadism was met with swift and appropriate retribution. We need to get back to such unflinching retribution. This is the only thing that Negroes will respect, and the only thing that they understand.

  • Bill

    So all the mayor cares about is the blacks and the impact their actions have on them? Great. And again with the “youths”. They aren’t youths. They are black savages and thugs. With NO moral underpinning. Most of the parents probably approve of punching out unsuspecting whites…..until their kid gets arrested. Then they scream about racism and whine about how their kid was going to be a college genius and just was in the wrong crowd. I am fed up with this garbage. So should the entire nation be fed up with it.

  • Samuel_Morton

    So the only thing the Mayor sees wrong with this behavior is that it could potentially kill someone, which would have serious consequences…to the attacker? What about all the people who are seriously injured? Or emotionally scarred for life by being victimized by a bunch of sociopathic savages?

    And he has the audacity to worry about the attacker’s lives being ruined, and not their victims? Unbelievable.

    • ViktorNN

      I had a similar thought when reading this article.

      What an insult to the victims of these senseless, cruel assaults that the mayor of a major American city’s biggest insight is that the attackers shouldn’t do it because it’s too risky and they might get caught.

      How about not attacking and possibly killing people because BEATING AND KILLING PEOPLE IS WRONG.

      This country is so messed up. I hate living next to these people.

      • Zaporizhian Sich

        Now you know why whites, me included, spend the time, money and effort to become as deadly proficient as we can be in the use of firearms.

      • Beating and killing people is usually morally wrong, but not always. If you are defending yourself or defending others against someone who means to cause you bodily harm, battery or homicide is fine. If you up and do violence on someone with no reasonable cause then that’s wrong of course. That’s why these random attacks are wrong, as you point out.

        But if a white defends himself, or other whites, against such black-on-white violence, by beating or killing that black, it is justified. Don’t forget that.

        It is similarly justified when whites defend themselves, by any means necessary, against people who are trying to soft genocide them with rampant immigration and an oppressive P.C. climate that makes whites afraid to even speak about their destruction, let alone stand up and fight it.

      • blanjm5

        You’re using the word “people” a little too loosely, there.

    • Hal K

      Good point. Also, it is a stretch to say that getting caught for this would “ruin” the lives of the attackers, since they would probably get into trouble one way or another regardless.

    • Cid Campeador

      I want to freak out when someone like Al Sharkton ( typo intended) bleats out his usual rant when a Black girl is murdered. He always goes on about how there was little coverage of the crime and then goes on to say that if it were a pretty little Blonde White girl, there would have been a national uproar.
      HE leaves out the part the the murderer of the young Black girl was ALSO BLACK.
      The number of Blacks “murdered” by Whites is infinitesimal. It’s usually either a police shooting or a White citizens who dares to defend himself

  • Manaphy


    Does anyone actually believe “Teenagers” are responsible for this?

    How stupid do black mayors think we are?

    • John R

      Very stupid. After all, we elected a White hating radical leftist president twice, didn’t we? And, no, it gives me no pleasure to have to say that.

      • Manaphy

        Not “we”.

      • Cid Campeador

        I guess you CAN say that “we” elected him by default. Not enough of us went out to vote. Good old Mitt is starting to look better and better with each passing day.

        • No Mitt isn’t. Norm put it best when he said that he regrets Obama winning but doesn’t regret Romney losing.

          The white people who didn’t want Obama to win but couldn’t bring themselves to vote for Romney may have accidentally done us a favor.

          We know in the months that have gone by since the election, with the way Romney has been behaving and the way his people have been behaving, what he would be doing as President right now, and that is open borders.

    • Cid Campeador

      Not as stupid as Black Mayors are. Can we name more than one City run by Black Mayors that have prospered or one City run by “Progressive” White mayor that has prospered?
      NYC will be on the way down shortly if it isn’t already.

  • Frank_DeScushin

    “They don’t understand the consequences,” [Baltimore Mayor Stephanie] Rawlings-Blake said. “If you knock someone out, you could think its a joke and you’ll hurt somebody–that person could die. And then your life is ruined for some stupidity that you and your friends think is fun. It’s just not worth it.”

    It sounds like Rawlings-Blake is more concerned with the black perpetrators potentially ruining their lives than she is the white victims potentially having their lives ruined. Based on the mayor’s words, she may find knocking someone out worth it if you weren’t potentially looking at jail time.

    It kind of reminds me of when black leaders call for an end to “black-on-black crime”. Why not just call for an end to black crime period? When they use the phrase “black-on-black crime” it sounds like they’re more concerned with who is being victimized rather than the fact of blacks committing rampant violent crime. Presumably, they’d be OK with black-on-white crime. At least that’s how it comes across to me.

    • John R

      I hate the phrase “black on black crime.” It implies that black on White crime is understandable, possibly, even justified. I feel so sorry for the families of the White victims of these feral savages. No justice, not even sympathy.

    • They’re just fine with what blacks did to Channon Christian.

      • Cid Campeador

        Don’t deez keeids got sumfin beeta tuh do den goin’ ’round killin’ folks? Ah just doan git it. Know wham sane? Daas crayzeh!
        Not an iota of anger or outrage during these OTS interviews.

  • Jesse James

    What they understand is there are no consequences which is why they are running wild all over the nation.

    • There are always consequences. Getting stabbed about 300 times is one of the likely outcomes here.

      • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

        There were consequences for Trayvon Martin. Not only did his victim act in self defense. White Americans who paid attention received an open window view of the twisted logic that occurs inside the Negro mind. Obongo’s mind was that open window, where we saw race taking precedence over moral decency. His mind operates like at least 99 percent of Negro minds, where sadistic, homicidal impulses are given complete license.

        • It must therefore be considered a “teachable moment”. Also teachable was the fact that Mr. Zimmerman was instantly classified as “white”, despite his obvious Mestizo racial makeup. A Peruvian Meti ventilating a 6’2″ 17 year-old black thug – who looked to be about 10 years old in the photos released of him – didn’t fit into the MSM’s script. Neither did concepts like “self defense”

  • Katherine McChesney

    What a weak woman. She actually believes that blacks have a conscience.

    • CourtneyfromAlabama

      She herself is black.

    • John R

      Unfortunately, that is the problem. She is not a “weak woman.” THAT I could understand. She is the typical black female that if her toddler sassed her back at home, or didn’t clean up his toys, would beat the kid to within an inch of his life. But if her “teen” went out and raped a White female, she would be all kind and understanding. Blacks are not like White liberals, as I have said often here. It is all about race for them. No, she isn’t “weak” my friend.

      • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

        Exactly. You know the Black psyche well. The Negro mind operates differently from the White mind, and you nailed the details perfectly. Black females beat their children savagely and regularly. They also do not care if Whites are brutalized. When a Black man rapes a White woman, Black females always side with the rapist. Everything is indeed about race with Blacks.

        • John R

          Thank you! I live right outside Philly, and have had extensive contacts with blacks. Most Whites have not, and, unfortunately, if you are White, it is hard to understand the Negro unless you have had contact with that species.

  • John R

    “Gee, I didn’t know. You mean, if I knock someone out I could actually hurt them? Gosh, I never knew. The last thing that I wanted was to hurt someone. Why didn’t they tell us this?” Okay, people, that is the opinion of the mayor of Baltimore. Yeah, I know. F###ED UP!

    • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

      Just more of the typical feeble Negro attempt at mind games. The same deal as the “Ah ain’ do nuffin” excuse they always give when the “poe-leese” arrive on the scene.

  • Is this the same knockout game that some folks say does not exist?

    • ViktorNN

      I was thinking the same thing when I read the article.

      Huffington Post, the NY TImes, the Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, Salon, Slate, Gawker, the Atlantic, and the $PLC, all need to send a representative over to Rawling-Blake’s office on Monday morning and tell her to get with the program. She’s off script.

      Knockout game doesn’t exist. Knockout game have never existed. Knockout game is a racist fabrication made up by paranoid, evil, white racists. No white people have ever been attacked in a knockout game EVER. Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia.

      Seriously though, it’s a pretty big blunder on her part to acknowledge the existence of these attacks.

    • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

      Most definitely. Libtards will pretend until they are knockout game victims themselves.

  • JohnEngelman

    This reminds me of those who think bullies should be told that they are inflicting pain on their victims. Bullies know that. That is why they do it.

    The only thing bullies, juvenile delinquents, and adult criminals understand is that if they persist in their behavior they will be punished.

    • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

      Exactly. Bullies know they are wrong. They just don’t care. I went to school with Blacks as a teen. Most Black teenagers are bullies, and most Blacks continue being bullies as adults.

      • JohnEngelman

        The bullies who afflicted me were not blacks. They were not even greasers (AKA hoods). They were the sons of professionals. I responded to their depredations by working out with weights and taking karate lessons. Eventually they left me alone.

        Learning Tang Soo Do from a Korean was one of many pleasant experiences I have had with Orientals.

        • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

          You handled the bullying well John. The Asian martial arts are pure genius. I went to school with a few White bullies, of course, but they surely didn’t represent the typical White student. The Black bully represented the typical Black student. There is simply less of an aversion to sadistic behaviors amongst Blacks.

          • Spikeygrrl

            My husband (White) was mercilessly bullied by other Whites in lily-White suburban schools…because he had learned via experience with his emotionally and physically abusive father that “speaking up just makes the beating harder and last longer.” It took the U.S. military to tear down that edifice of self-loathing and turn him into both a warrior AND A HEALER (combat/trauma medic). He enlisted at age 30. Which just goes to show that given appropriate tutelage it’s never too late to grow a spine and a pair of brass balls.

        • Ummm . . . Orientals is a no no.

        • I simply used three feet of heavy chain for the attitude-adjustment seminars I held after school. I ran out of bullies very quickly.

          • JohnEngelman

            Now I use pepper spray as negro repellent.

          • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

            Atta boy John!! Steel toe shoes are another excellent weapon, should one need to act in self defense.

          • Zaporizhian Sich

            Indeed, and I wear them all the time. Another great defensive weapon is a pair of lineman’s pliers or cable cutters. You can’t go wrong with a 4-cell Maglite either, police use them for that reason.

          • Spikeygrrl

            My two AKC-purebred, personal protection-trained German Shepherd Dogs work well too. Not only does breeding them make up for at least a small portion of the income I lost when a freak accident left me permanently disabled; when I go out with them to walk the neighborhood at 3 a.m. because my pain won’t let me sleep, Trayvon Martin clones cross the street to avoid ME! 😀

          • Zaporizhian Sich

            I used fists, feet, and things nearby that I could use a weapons. I once attacked a group of them with a steel pipe. Bullies only understand one thing, PAIN.

          • I’m going to use the old fashion lead injector tool . . .
            and then simply blend into the crowd . .

          • They don’t understand much at all, until they’re being beaten to death.

    • My ex-father got all my patent money and then sent me to federal prison for three years. Mostly they are rewarded.

    • Lagerstrom

      Exactly, saying “please don’t hurt me, it’s wrong” to any sort of bully, or in the case of these knockout games, a group of bullies, will only result in more pain coupled with even more humiliation.

      • I used to get a supersonic crack out of my chain when I swung it two-handed. I had it locked to my wrist. They go down right away when hit like that. My parents were worried about me, and my poor mother once asked “What are you going to next, stab somebody?” I already had. They talked about sending me to a military school. I explained why this would not work, and in the most unpleasant terms. They didn’t do it.

        Now I am 48. My regret on this respect is that my high school girlfriend broke up with me because I was too full of hate. I loved Diane, but we each married someone else.

        • Lagerstrom

          My teenage years at school in hindsight were rather quiet. Looking back, I can hardly believe how well-behaved most of us were. There were bullies and assorted *ssholes there, but they left me alone because they didn’t know how to sum me up because i was so quiet.
          One of them tried to intimidate me once and I looked him up and down and totally humiliated him in front of a group of friends with a smart comeback. Then he just walked off. It was great.

  • 4321realist

    Of course they don’t understand the consequences. They’re too dim-witted.

    They’re still in the hunter/gatherer stage of evolution. And keeping them from their natural habitat, which is the jungle and villages with mud huts, forcing them to integrate into a first world society, is cruel and unusual punishment.

    • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

      They understand the consequences. They are not bothered by the immorality of what they are doing. Blacks, by and large, are sociopathic. They do not have as intense a sense of right and wrong as we do. Most likely, Negroes have a less developed pre-frontal cortex than the other races of humans. People who suffer injuries, or damage, to their pre-frontal cortex have been known to lose their sense of right and wrong, their moral compass.

  • Johnny Clay

    Maybe if enough of them get killed in self-defense, they’ll change their tune. I said maybe.

  • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

    Exactly. Even the most naive Leftist knows that these are Negro youth, not just youth. Those who have had sufficient exposure to Negroes know that these youth being Negro is a key factor in their behaviors. The media tries to pretend that their race doesn’t correlate with this type of sociopathy. Most of us know different.

    • SSkreelings

      “You can take the negro out of the jungle, but you can never take the jungle out of the negro”. That was said two decades ago. By either Martin Luther King or Bozo the Clown. I don’t remember which. I get them confused sometime, they were so much alike in so many ways.

  • Sheik Yerbouti

    More lip service from a democrat feeding into collective white denial. But she’s also close to the problem which she makes obvious with her scolding approach. On one hand she is trying to save conventions and other bookings which have been drying up. On the other she needs to keep her street cred. So she tries to pander to both sides. Like any mayor who tries to reason with gangs and hoodlums she will get slapped.

    I for one refuse to go to a convention in Baltimore. Not just because of her and her criminal children but because the whole town is rife with cons (including stupid union rules).

  • bubo

    As long as blacks are jammed into jury boxes in that cesspool there are no consequences.
    Baltimore, like most major cities in the former USA, has been given to our enemies. Expect no justice.

  • OhWow

    Every time they say “teens” all I hear screaming in my head is BLACK PEOPLE.

    Just admit it for once. You know it’s 99.999999% blacks doing this stuff and they are only 14% of the population so this is a massive, massive problem that deserves to be on the top headlines every day. But of course blacks are never responsible.

  • Alexandra1973

    Seems to me they wouldn’t find it fun if no one got hurt to begin with.

  • Pat Kittle

    Meanwhile, those who own the media continue their 50th anniversary extravaganza of the civil rights era.

    We are (again) reminded 2 of their tribe were murdered back then.

    Got that? 50 years ago 2 of them were murdered by gentile whites.

    This is all we need to know.

  • Black Plague

    Wonder if that Texas man was seeking a Baltimore college for some extra dark diversity. If so, I’m not feeling so bad for him anymore.

    • There are lots of reasons young people pick a university. If I had known how much it would rain, I’d probably have gone someplace other than UC Santa Cruz, but it was a good place. I can’t imagine wanting to pay out-of-state tuition to go to Baltimore, but that’s just me. They have a good railroad museum somewhere in the city.

  • Dale McNamee

    I live just outside the Baltimore City line in Baltimore County. You couldn’t pay me enough to go to Downtown Baltimore !

    They can keep it ! There’s nothing there that I couldn’t find elsewhere… And I don’t care about the Orioles & Ravens either !

  • SSkreelings

    I always try to look on the positive side. So here goes. Baltimore, according to the CDC, has the highest rate of infection for syphilis and gonorrhea, leading to sterility if left untreated, and the HIV-AIDS new infections rate among black males in Baltimore is third in the country, behind only San Francisco and New York City.
    With all the negativity, I’m glad that I could post some good news here for a change.

    • Except it almost doesn’t matter what black men do to each other or what problems they have. The population bottleneck in humans or any species that uses sexual reproduction is the women/females of reproductive age.

      I would be more “optimistic” if the HIV-AIDS rate among young black women was skyrocketing.

  • SSkreelings

    Another good way to keep negroes away from you is to carry a couple of job applications with you at all times. When you see one or more of these folks headed towards you take out the job applications and try to hand one to each of the negro youths. They will turn around and run in the other direction as fast as their $350 sneakers will carry them. And, unlike pepper spray, showing a job application to a negro is perfectly legal in all 50 states, although I hear that in New York it is considered animal cruelty. But that’s a story for another time..

    • If you don’t have any job applications, then a positive paternity test will do in a pinch.

    • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

      I appreciate your humor, but, in a city that is predominantly Black, Whites need to have some type of weapon ready, in case self defense is needed. Not just Whites, but also Asians and light skinned Mestizoes, as proven by both the Zimmerman case, and the Ferriera attack in Salem, NJ, a small town of 5,000 with Baltimore style violence, due to being 60 percent Negro. Being prepared to fight back is essential. Ferriera is lucky to be alive. Zimmerman is only alive because he acted in self defense.

  • Fathercoughlin

    “Its just not worth it”? This is one cookoo mayor.

    • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

      She is just a typical Negress. Everything is about race for her. She probably will speak in defense of that thug Negress in Salem, NJ, just as Obongo spoke in defense of homicidal thug Trayvon Martin. The Negro race is the only race that jumps to defend a sociopath, provided that the sociopath is a Negro. Even Hispanics are not this uncouth. When that Castro was arrested in Cleveland, Hispanics didn’t jump to defend his savage acts.

  • blanjm5

    I blame the courts more than the police. Every officer I know despises TNB.

  • TheHand

    They understand the consequences.
    They might kill a few cracka babies.
    Which brings a big smile & laugh to their sorry face.

  • Spikeygrrl

    Oh, they care PLENTY. They REVEL in “stickin’ it to Da Man.” Even — especially? — when Da Man is a woman or a child.