Despite big advances in this month’s European elections, right-wing Eurosceptics are having problems forming a group in the European parliament due to arguments over who should be leader and who’s a racist.

Buoyed up by disillusion with mainstream parties, opposition to Brussels rule and globalisation and a high abstention rate, eurosceptics garnered a record number of seats in the European parliament.

Britain’s Ukip, at 27 per cent, and France’s Front National (FN), at 25 per cent, were crowing over a victory that infuriated their opponents and FN leader Marine Le Pen declared her organisation was France’s leading party.

Its representation in the European parliament has leapt from three to 24, while the number of far-right and Eurosceptic MEPs has risen to well over 100.

But they have so far proved unable to form a single parliamentary group, a move that is vital if they wish to chair committees, have full speaking rights and access to generous allowances that would allow them to take on staff and run offices.

On Wednesday Le Pen held a press conference, flanked by Dutch far-right leader Geert Wilders and other anti-immigrant nationalists from Austria, Italy and Belgium.

That alliance gives them 38 MEPs, well over the 25 minimum needed to form a group, but they only come from only five countries, while the rules say they must be from seven.

Le Pen has ruled out recruiting Greece’s Golden Dawn, Hungary’s Jobbik or Germany’s National Democratic Party, judging their bootboy tendencies harmful to her attempts to clean up the FN’s image.

For his part Farage has made it clear that he intends to remain the leader of the Europe, Freedom and Democracy group and declaring the FN beyond the pale because it has “anti-Semitism in its DNA”, a principled stand that conveniently keeps his only serious rival for Eurosceptic-in-chief out of the running.

As Le Pen held her press conference, Farage was meeting Beppe Grillo of Italy’s Five Star movement with a view to joining Europarliamentary forces.

“If we can come to an agreement, we could have fun causing a lot of trouble for Brussels,” Farage said.

Grillo’s 17 MEPs would be an important gain for Farage, whose group has lost Italy’s Northern League to Le Pen and the True Finns, who have gone over to the oximoronically named European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR), led by the British Conservative Party.

The pan-European groups must be formed by 24 June, leaving both leaders pitching for the support of several small parties:

  • The Sweden Democrats (two MEPs);
  • The Danish People’s Party (four MEPs);
  • The Alternative for Germany (seven MEPs);
  • The Polish Congress of the New Right (four MEPs);
  • Lithuania’s Order and Justice (two MEPs);

And a lone Greek independent.

Euro-allergic they may be but the hard right are not averse to collecting European funds for their cause.

Ukip’s representatives in the previous parliament came under fire for allegedly claiming nearly 950,000 euros in hotel and meal allowances and office expenses.

Forming a parliamentary group can give parties access to between one and three billion euros to take on staff and run offices.

In previous parliaments neither Ukip nor the FN have been over-assiduous in attending sessions or participating in them, so, with 70 per cent of the parliament remaining pro-EU, there may be a limit to how much fun they have, even if they join the ECR in some votes.

And they may have trouble agreeing on a common policy on quite a few questions.

Not all nationalisms are compatible and Le Pen’s defence of Russian President Vladimir Putin has already queered her pitch with the anti-Russian Poles and Lithuanians.

The FN and Wilders’s Dutch Party for Freedom voted against each other 49 per cent of the time, according to the VoteWatch monitoring group.

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  • propagandaoftruth

    Go FN!

    I hope the BNP’ers and such infiltrate and stink up the UKIP enough to make Puppet Man (Farage) sing a sweeter tune.

    • Steven Barr

      Le Pen is no more racialist than Farage is. Her objection to blacks and Arabs is that they won’t assimilate.

      • propagandaoftruth

        Maybe but maybe she knows Paris is worth a few strategic te deums.

  • Related news from the favorite news source of the low information undertow, Yahoo Snooze:

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    It’s the story that Drudge links to.

    What really happened here? Far left French professors egg on their students to use a day off from school to show their tails off in the streets on French cities to protest election results they don’t like. When masses of young people do something, bet the farm that some old people are behind it. When young men wearing the same clothing forcibly take a hill, an old man with five stars on his helmet is behind it. When young college students show off in street demonstration, old people with tenure are behind it.

    That known, self-avowed open communists provided some of the organizational energy is not surprising. It’s not just that they disagree with the FN, that’s the obvious angle. But the Communist Party in France has a substantive tangible axe to grind with the FN — In
    2002, parts of France that were Communist strongholds for a very long time flipped overnight and voted for JMLP and FN in the election that year for French President. And they’ve stayed with the FN ever since. Proving those voters only ever voted Communist because they were really economic populists who thought they had no better option. When JMLP and now MLP came along and gave them a better option, feet don’t fail me now, Katy bar the door, bye bye commies, exposing the Commies’ shell game and con game.

    • propagandaoftruth

      Ultimately I think this will play out to be a coup for Putin and result in the break up of NATO. Not that Europe will necessarily ally with Russia over the US, but rather that American military presence will be truly replaced by European, and some form of Confederation which respects Europe and national self determination will result.
      Honestly most of Europe’s problems stem from Marxism and aping US. Our success was epically misinterpreted by them and now they pay the price of listening to fools.

    • Oil Can Harry

      QD, if you have a strong stomach and want to see the most unspeakably vile reaction to Ms. Le Pen’s victory, then google ‘Foreigners F*** Better”. That should take you to Femen’s Facebook page.

      • I don’t quite have the stomach, but I accidentally saw it anyway.

        It’s one of those things that once you see it, you can ever unsee it.

        There’s is definitely something both wrong and suspicious about FEMEN. My big grind with them before now is that they have so much “courage” to storm the rectories of 80-year old Catholic priests who are both defenseless and have no real political power in those countries, but won’t storm a mosque to let the Imams know that they’re not happy with burquas and FGM. This, though, takes it to a whole new insane level.

  • DaveMed

    Give it time. They will come to realize how much they have in common.

    • Pro_Whitey

      I hope so. They should agree to some kind of loose confederation, or at least have all of the leaders meet. Given the perfunctory “far right” appellation stuck on anyone who is not a hard leftist, I would hope that Farage, Le Pen, and others should realize that the news media are not on the level, and they should get to know these people before rejecting them. However, Farage worries me, reminds me of Juan McAmnesty of Arizona in the way that he stabs would-be allies in the back.

  • propagandaoftruth

    Then it would be nice if the UKIP aligned more closely with the FN, ideologically. This is what the BNP’rs can do.

    Farage appears to be a master of doublespeak, an empty, pleasant suit ready and willing to be filled by whatever gas elevates him and his…ideas?

    Regardless, UK needs one party to rep it’s folk, and if it’s UKIP (perhaps with adjustment a better fit for them after all) then BNP’rs and EDL’rs need to join and lend their weight of numbers and opinion to molding the leadership. Or even become the leadership should events so conspire.

  • dd121

    And the whites over there stay divided and weak. Sigh.

    • Cobbett

      The Euro Parliament has no power to legislate, only to vote on laws that the un-elected commission decides on. Blocks are only formed so they can have access to extra funding. They have no actual ‘power’.

  • IstvanIN

    Expecting to agree with every issue with the other nationalist parties is counter productice. Recruit Greece’s Golden Dawn, Hungary’s Jobbik or Germany’s National Democratic Party and work towards accomplishing what you DO agree on. Time is not on Europe’s side. And if you show the public that you can make some progress it will encourage more people to support “marginal” parties.

    • JSS

      That’s is some very sound advice Istvan. That fact the first order of business for the so called nationalist after the elections is to purge the racist is a big let down. That means they are trying to operate with in the main stream media narrative, and working with in that narrative is the road to defeat because no matter what any party to right of Mao does the media will always hate them. The right will never have any establishment institutions on their side, but they do have like minded allies all over Europe. It’s maddening to see them denouncing their allies in a hopeless attempt to placate people that hate them. You would think the fact that they did so well on Election Day in spite of a hostile media and political establishment would be proof enough that they don’t need to bend over backwards to please their enemies.

      • IstvanIN

        As NY Mayor Ed Koch used to say “If you agree with me on nine out of 12 issues, vote for me. If you agree with me on 12 out of 12 issues, see a psychiatrist.”

    • Sick of it

      Jobbik is pro-muslim, so they would be a veritable “no-go zone” with regards to solving Europe’s immigration woes.

      • JSS

        The reason I’m okay with jobbik is that while they are okay with Muslims they are against 3rd world immigration into Hungary and like Golden Dawn they don’t make any effort to please non Eskimos. As long as you cut off immigration then you won’t have a Muslim problem.

        • Sick of it

          I doubt they would stop their fellow “Turanians” from entering the EU.

          • JSS

            If jobbik comes out as being supportive of Muslim immigration to Europe then I will be totally against them. The way I see things is that every country has to eventually accept reality and establish relations with their neighbors. Personally I have nothing against Muslims being Muslims in their own country’s. And to be dead honest I would sooner do business with the governments of Syria and Iran then the EU. The governments of many Muslim countries just want to be left alone so they can maintain their grips on power and have no designs on western countries. But the Amurrikan federal gubmint and the EU are 100% anti White.

      • propagandaoftruth

        The idea of a loose confederation allows some regional weirdness even if it makes one squeamish.

        Regardless, the current and near future ideological and stylistic model for freeing Europe from the EU as it exists is closer to FN than it is to UKIP or Jobbik or GD.

        Success should draw outliers closer to the “new center” of Euro-neo-nationalism.

        • freddy_hills

          Exactly. Regardless of how this shakes out, this election has moved the center much further to the right. The left will have less of a stranglehold on both the individual countries as well as the EU. This will give a little breathing room for the right to grow.

      • Long Live Dixie

        They want a political alliance with Turkey. That is a mistake in my opinion, but it’s a lot better than supporting Muslim immigration to Hungary.

        • propagandaoftruth

          That’s weird to me. Hopefully they can come to their senses when they see what they can gain by a united front.

    • propagandaoftruth

      I hold more hope for the FN to do something than UKIP. The FN has achieved almost complete respectability by being discreet, politic, and sensible. They control their message.

      Others could learn a little Gallic subtlety…

    • Oil Can Harry

      Well said. Ms. Le Pen is wrong to shun Jobbik and Golden Dawn.

      However, Nigel “Mirage” is even worse for bashing the FN.

      • propagandaoftruth

        Le Pen is smooth. She leaves the door open for those who learn a little subtlety, I think. There is much to gain by a little compromise and a little patience.

  • Cobbett

    ”For his part Farage has made it clear that he intends to remain the leader of the Europe, Freedom and Democracy group and declaring the FN beyond the pale because it has “anti-Semitism in its DNA”

    He probably said that as he wants to appeal to the Jewish community in England – They even have a ‘Friends of Israel’ group. But UKIP people still can’t help making ‘racist’ comments..which is fun.