Teen Crews Linked to 40 Percent of NYC Shootings

Townhall, May 1, 2014

There are more than 300 of them in New York–violent crews of dozens of 12- to 20-year-olds with names such as Very Crispy Gangsters, True Money Gang and Cash Bama Bullies.

Police say these groups, clustered around a particular block or housing project, are responsible for about 40 percent of the city’s shootings, with most of that violence stemming from the smallest of disses on the street, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

“It’s like belonging to an evil fraternity,” said Inspector Kevin Catalina, commander of the New York Police Department’s gang division. “A lot of it is driven by nothing: A dispute over a girl or a wrong look or a perceived slight.”

The trend of smaller, younger crews has also been seen in Chicago and Northeast cities over the last few years as police have cracked down on bigger, more traditional gangs, experts said. While the Bloods, Crips and Latin Kings still exist, operating such money-making schemes as drug dealing, their members are usually older and understand the timeworn mantra of organized crime: violence is bad for business.

Not so for the crews, whose recklessness prompted former Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly in 2012 to launch an initiative to confront the crews dubbed Operation Crew Cut.


In a recent case in Harlem, Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance Jr. says a 2009 killing kindled years of vendetta attacks, including three killings and 30 shootings. Sixty-three people were rounded up, and at least 62 entered guilty pleas, including crew members so young that one told another to “mob up” after school.


NYPD statistics show gang arrests are up citywide nearly 14 percent from 2013–and more than 28 percent from two years ago. Shooting incidents citywide are about the same as they were last year, with 282 recorded so far, and are down by nearly 23 percent from two years ago.

Still, crew-related violence persists despite record dips in overall crime in New York City over the last few years. The most notable recent case came in March when investigators say a 14-year-old member of the Stack Money Goons shot a .357 revolver at a rival member of the Twan Family on a crowded bus in Brooklyn. The bullet instead killed an immigrant father who was working two jobs to support his family.

“When you ask young adults, ‘Why? Why did you shoot that young man?’ Probably 80 percent of the time the answer is: He disrespected me,” said Kai Smith, an ex-con-turned-businessman who runs a gang-diversion program in city high schools.


As more crew members are locked up, investigators are noticing a trend of crew members shifting affiliations behind bars, emerging as a sort of hybrid gang-crew combination with diffused connections and alliances.

“That has really complicated this universe,” Catalina said. “We went from a traditional gang problem to a crew problem and now we’re morphing back into somewhat of a traditional gang problem.”

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  • MekongDelta69

    As always, do you see the word black in the article?
    Nah – me neither…

    • D.B. Cooper

      I already have their suspect sketched.

      • Martel

        The famous pre-interview sketch. It is drawn before they have a chance to meet with the witness, based on experience.

      • skara_brae

        He’s still four Majors behind Jack Nicklaus.

    • Atheist Realist

      Not just blacks anymore. Its also dominicans puerto ricans and salvadorans.So its a “diverse” group of criminals.

      • MekongDelta69


    • I also noticed that the article made no mention of the fact that these are the thugs that NYC Mayor de Blasio does not want stopped and frisked.

  • How is a crew any different from a traditional street gang? I don’t discern one, at least from this article.

    • MekongDelta69

      It’s not. Just new ‘happy’ words.

      • With so many vibrant crews, they really need an electric couch.

        • Conrad


        • Zaporizhian Sich

          OR an electrified swimming pool baited with water melons on a hot summer day.

    • A Freespeechzone

      I’m thinking Domestic Terrorists……

      • Johnny Clay

        America’s Viet Cong.

    • sbuffalonative

      Words carry baggage. Gang implies blacks and hispanics. So we have to keep changing the words until the new word carries the same baggage and needs to be changed again.

      It’s called euphemism creep.

      • Petronius

        Good observation. More examples of euphemism creep:

        community = a bad neighborhood
        community organizer = a gangster; leader of a crew

        random = not random; viz., an unprovoked attack on a helpless white victim who has been targeted by blacks
        knockout game = a vicious sneak attack by a black youth on an unsuspecting white woman or elderly white man; see random
        “no indication the attack was racially motivated” = the attack on the white victim was obviously racially motivated
        flash mob = a race riot in which gangs of black youths gather together and descend on a white area to beat and rob whites
        fight = a flash mob
        youth = a physically mature black thug
        student = see youth
        racist = generally any conservative; in particular, any person who opposes the policies of Pres. Barack Hussein Obama II
        bigot = a white person who is privately proud of his heritage
        white supremacist = a white person who is publicly proud of his heritage
        insensitivity = a momentary lapse into reality
        sensitivity = obedience training
        white Hispanic = a nonwhite Hispanic
        affirmative action = revenge for ancient injustices either real or imagined; anti-white racism
        comprehensive reform = amnesty, mass immigration, and open borders
        immigration reform = amnesty, mass immigration, and open borders
        family reunification = amnesty, mass immigration, and open borders
        fairness and compassion for the innocent young = amnesty, mass immigration, and open borders
        dreamers = nonwhite foreigners who stand to benefit from amnesty, mass immigration, and open borders; see also crew

        • blight14

          Well done…

        • sbuffalonative

          Good observation. More examples of euphemism creep

          Thank you.

          I had actually come up with the idea of ‘euphemism creep’ on my own. I had observed how we started with the word n*gg*r and how it kept evolving to negro, colored, black, African-American. I noticed that it changed because the old word had been declared offensive, racist, hateful, a stereotype, etc so the powers that be decided to come up with a new term that didn’t have the same baggage. But over time, because black behavior doesn’t change, the new word eventually picked up the same negative connotations and needed to be replaced every few years.

          It was only later that someone on AR pointed out that this process had already been named ‘euphemism creep’.

          So while I can’t take credit for the term, it’s nice to know that I independently observed the process and explained to others how and why it was being used.

        • That material could be the beginning of a book project. Call it “Weasel Words: a Mainstream Media Dictionary”.

        • you need to work on this a bit and I think you could publish! Who knows, might even turn out to be a best seller? At least an apparently humorus book which I think you’ll have to sneak into hotel rooms, like Gideon Bibles.

    • M&S

      A crew is a bunch of underage toughs, whose affiliation is that of (school or neighborhood) cliques and racial pecking orders rather than business. As such their profit motive lies in victimization, of each other most of the time and random targets whom they go looking for, in groups, as they begin to get older and desperate for escape from their hopeless existence.
      KOMLK gaming is an extension of this disorganized criminal activity where the young predators know they want to make the kill, they are just clumsy enough at it to not quite get it done.
      OTOH, a _gang’s_ business is commerce, whether it be contraband, stolen goods or prostitution. And thus their affiliation is to a supply and distributorship network and their ability to ‘do bidness’ is based on things like adult contact lists, daytime availability and motor vehicle transportation to service outlying areas. None of which a crew is likely to have so long as they are subject to truancy rules.
      And so the crew (posse etc.) will continue to thrash, trash and make pain until they bleep where they sleep just enough to get real gang-buster attention and/or go too far and someone dies.
      At which point an example is made.
      That boy or girl, who goes into the prison system at 15-17, will come out the sexual and violence brutalized victim of their elders but will also have a greater street cred as sociopathic willingness exploit younger relatives, friends and associates of friends to do what they no longer can while on parole.
      The certain desire to avoid more incarceration is one of the few things that really identifies these 19-24 year olds as still human.
      All of which a young adult can manage fairly easily along with their PO requirements if they use a Day Labor position to get a car and fellow felon contacts to get some drugs which are then sold through those now coming up behind him in the Junior/High School system.
      His influence and patriarchal dominance then ‘organizes’ the behaviors of the younger turk wannabes and the damage done becomes more wide spread and well orchestrated as he can take them out of their immediate environment where school and truancy officers can track them.
      At which point Crew Criminality becomes downwardly mobile by age group as a moving social target, based on members who gain real benefits from being in the crew, organized around a dominant leader who comes out of prison with the hatred and sadism to turn amateurs into professional thugs while using them as cutouts (from direct criminal responsibility) to open new markets where he can no longer go.
      The Italians knew better than to give blacks (and Dominicans are largely Black rather than Hispanic Latinos with Puerto Ricans being the opposite so if anything the black population has grown, substantially…) any real power, bottling them up in their own little areas with just enough supply to feed their own destructive habits.
      The Legal Persecutions of The Families; Vouchers as the shut down of Project Housing and the ever more liberalized ‘give others’ money to the genetically impoverished’ charities of municipal and state governments, tied to The Churches; are tearing down these barriers. Long after The Mob has ceased to have any vendor control over the street level distributorships of hard drugs, gambling or prostitution (too high a risk for too little solder/street boss payoff).
      And nature abhors a vacuum.
      Which is why a bunch of smaller ‘Crews’ can survive in an environment where larger organizations are vulnerable to infiltration and targeted prosecution under the sadistic RICO laws.
      Like the Hydra, the more you cut off heads, the more the undergrads see it as a business opportunity with which to spring up as their own bosses. And so long as there is no general dieoff inherent to lost working male generations especially, this trend will continue.

      • Anon

        And what’s the difference between the two? I’ll tell you. Non-black organized crime has harnessed the more well known gangs, to work for them to the extent they will. Just like the NAACP did not have a single black face at the top until relatively recently, these “black” gangs are run at the top by people who are not black. Do you really think retarded monkeys could successfully smuggle large amounts of drugs into this country or organize effective gangs. The informal gangs the article talks about are just a bunch of blacks doing what is normal for them and slapping a name on it. The more formal gangs, however, are run by others.

        • M&S


          …these “black” gangs are run at the top by people who are not black.

          Perhaps. But I doubt if that makes them white.

          As far as we are concerned, I think the drug trade is facilitated via cutouts (aides and advisors to clerks and bureaucracy) as a kind of shadow organization which key political advocates are bought and paid for by non-whites who work to open borders to international commerce as universalism.

          Whether their purpose be profit or race annihilation or both at once doesn’t matter, so long as there is money to be made and a common political agenda as method in doing so, it will happen.
          And any whites caught up in that are, at most, ‘contract employees’.

          Do you _really think_ that if we had a functional criminal interdiction system for drugs that illegal immigration could continue?

          Do you _really think_ that if narcotics was not a for-profit business with balances of trade and tariffs like any other international commerce, that some 11,000 special operations forces personnel could not head South and West (AfG is number 2 on poppies, behind the Golden Triangle) to wipe it out in a heart beat? These people do not live discretely, even given the grotesque poverty of their own societies.

          Do you _really think_ that whites would not seek out the organized crime relationships between competing political candidates or agencies to blow the lid off a corrupt campaign which they were ‘sure to lose’ to backdoor cash as influence peddling if they KNEW that it was another white that was behind it all?
          The best way to avoid law enforcement scrutiny and counter infiltration is to be beyond or beneath the gaze of racially biased law enforcement looking for a mirror image organization to it’s own.

          Indeed, ‘being white’ is it’s own cultural giveaway as to societal attitudes and beliefs in open competition of ideas. If you don’t have that belief, even residually, you don’t fit in and so would not have the power you do in an egalitarian, universal access, society as ours.

          Which is suspicious to anyone with a criminal bent of mind as underlining an alternative purpose.

          The Mob engaged in moderated drug distribution as outsiders and we destroyed them for being successful outside the group as much as evil.

          But tell me, has drug use abated since their suppression?
          If not, then someone else is now filling the vacuum of their former distributorship role and given the countries of Product origin, they are almost certainly not-white.

          Since white pride (the real fear of labeled ‘racism’ as an exclusionary protective behavior is buried in an innate sense of being able to overcome anyone in open competition, not out of shame at our own racial favoritism perse`) will not let us acknowledge another race has not only gotten one over on us but in fact permanently bent us over a barrel on drug use, we have no real way to recalibrate our sights, recognize and retaliate against that enemy.

          Which suits them just fine because there is no need to run the U.S. distribution network as a big profile business for which the overhead is an obvious signature. You cut out ‘the union’, recruit from an unending stream of volunteer franchise street distributors as you need to and insist on a cash only business which puts responsibility for inventory control on the next man up the food chain from the more vulnerable person below him.

          Such that you can lose quite a few street dealers and have no real profit stream risk to the regional distributors since nobody can cheat without being cut off from The Supply.

          ALL of which is within the IQ range as social access of other populations in a racially self-compartmentalling approach to small business initiative level sponsored entrepreneurialism.
          Within the local street networks there will be Amway level territories as competition where price gouging and product cutting is the norm for secondary sales associates and thus getting direct access to wholesaler Supply is both a goal for someone trying to make a higher personal profit. And a franchise control rod to keep anyone from becoming such a large target as to risk the network to large scale counter narcotics operations.

          “Nope, sorry, we won’t sell you more than half a kilo, show us your buyer and we’ll take it from there.” works both ways.

          Whites don’t see the power of this system because they don’t like dealing with street blacks and Hispanics and don’t know how big a bunch of small timers, ruthlessly cutting each other out of sales can be to drive overall market base expansion and vigor.

          And as there are no kingpins to isolate as living within the U.S. and thus subject to U.S. counter narcotics surveillance laws (what happened to The Mafia being why) there is no reach back on the limbs of the power tree to the trunk.

          Comparatively, any white who joins The System as a mid-level enabler, whether as a judge or a city councilman handling local prosecutions and ordinances or as law enforcement and military bought in to compromise intelligence and operations, has to ‘go to Mohammed’, -outside- local jurisdictions to have their interview and dominance check as to how things really are.

          This likely includes polygraphs and drug assisted interrogation if you are high enough.

          But the fact that you can sell your soul in an alien environment, away from the oversight, condemnation or exposure of your own, doesn’t change the fact that you are just a carpet smoother.

          The customer base of Organized Crime has changed races and so the face of those profiting from it likely has as well.

    • jayvbellis

      The “crew” isn’t very concerned with street gang things like “turf”, organized criminal activity like drug dealing, extortion. The Crew just likes action, violence for fun.

    • dcc2379

      A crew is doublespeak for gang, which is doublespeak for Jamal and his homeboys. That way the mainstream media, who sees no evil and hears no evil except from white hispanics like George Zimmerman, can cover up truth.

      • Who Me?

        The only reason the whole world heard of George Zimmerman is because some clueless idiot of the MSM made a mistake and misidentified him as White before verifying the facts. The media jumped all over it in unholy glee, in the belief that they actually had that rare bird–a White who had actually killed a technically unarmed minor of color. I will give the Media credit for that one, they tried, they really, really tried their level best to get a color war, or a racially motivated riot or something major going. Unfortunately for them, something–atmospheric pressure, or the alignment of planets or something–just wasn’t working right, and the explosion was muffled at best.
        From what I understand of the above article is that “crews” are simply less organized gang members of a younger age than the usual 14-15 and up.

    • I was once under the impression that a “crew” was a bunch of guys who worked together: a ship crew, a train crew, a cleaning crew, etc. Who knew?

      • Don’t forget the chimpout crew ..

  • Luca

    In their original environment they behave in the same manner and we call it tribal and ethnic violence. Bring them to White civilization and you get street gangs and crews.

    Nothing much changes does it? It’s almost like it’s written into their DNA.

    • JohnEngelman

      The different races behave differently because they evolved in response to different population pressures.

      • Certainly, but the battles of Verdun, the Somme and Stalingrad were fought by whites, and those were the bloodiest in history.

        • MBlanc46

          All groups have individuals with a propensity for violence, but there is a difference among civilized people between socially-sanctioned violence and individual violence.

          • Truth Teller

            Everyone should be held to the same standards of behavior. If you misbehave, you should be harshly dealt with.

        • I visited the Somme last year when I was in France. At the museum I purchased a brass detonator for a 1916 WW-I 100 mm anti-personnel artillery shell. I put it my bags and security never checked as I brought it back to the states.

          • It is probably safe. The French have a special roving crew – a very good one – that retrieves unexploded ordnance.

      • Anon

        If you can find a single bit of legitimate evidence that “evolution” happens at all, the left will make you a millionaire celebrity and your face will be plastered in every science textbook for generations. However the races came to be, what they are, is nothing harder to understand than a very extended family. The lies and pseudoscience are an attempt to get white people to deny the obvious. Blacks are not of us. We aren’t the same. No….we do not have a common ancestor. In fact, migration, at all, is a white thing. We invented all forms of migration more than short distance.
        Part of the problem here is you want an explanation for why black people act so differently than all other races, but especially whites. Such an explanation is staring you right in the face but, being brainwashed by our culture, you refuse to think in those terms, even though they are literally the sword that cuts Gordian’s Knot. Black people are evil. White people are good.
        Come up with complex, impossible to prove red herring issues as you will, but at the end of the day, the simple facts remain easy to observe and stand the test of time. Blacks evil. Whites good.

        • JohnEngelman

          I have known many good blacks and bad whites.

          DNA evidence evidence indicates that the oldest existing race is the San Bushmen of southern Africa. When our ancestors left Africa about sixty thousand years ago they looked more like San Bushmen than contemporary Europeans.

          • dcc2379

            And you know our ancestors left Africa sixty thousand years ago because a liberal told you so . . . .

          • IstvanIN

            And aren’t the Bushmen a very primitive group that doesn’t really bother anyone but gets hunted by “modern” blacks?

          • JohnEngelman

            Yes. After the Bantus learned iron technology about 2,500 years ago they expanded in Africa at the expense of stone age peoples.

        • I think there is sufficient evidence in the fossil record to show that evolution ocurred. I’m a Republican and despite that, even I won’t deny evolution. Although I don’t like Richard Dawkins, he wrote several best selling books on the evidence for evolutionary change. Technically we probably all share some of the same genes as trilobytes.

          However, this is all background stuff. I do agree with you that blacks are not of us. There are some good black people as well as some evil white people. About 8 mos ago, there was a whole article on AmRen written by, yes, a black guy, who was moving to China I think. He stated that he was disgusted with his own race for not pursuing education and seeking to better themselves.

          The statement should be that “statistically US blacks have a lower IQ, and are less conducive to forming an advanced copperative society than whites”. Probably other nasty things as well are statistically true. I would disagree that they are evil but believe that to suceed society needs to have separation. E.g. separate nations. However looking at the actions of many blacks in the US I can see how you can come to that conclusion that blacks are evil. It’s just like letting an alligator lose in a children’s pool. Are alligators evil? No, but they should be segregated from small children while in pools.

    • Urbane Neanderthal

      When a German Shepard behaves like a German Shepherd or a Labrador behaves like a Labrador we attribute the behavior to the breed, when a black acts like a savage the left attributes it to white racism.

      • dcc2379

        Well, don’t you know anything. Their great great great great great great great great great great great grandpa might have been a slave. Case closed.

  • David Ashton

    We know it, but do not stop it.

  • Geo1metric

    Let’s be glad that they still don’t know how to properly use small arms. Nor do they understand basic small unit tactics.

  • JDInSanD

    Definition: Crew – (noun) – a group of teens.

  • “A lot of it is driven by nothing: A dispute over a girl or a wrong look or a perceived slight.”
    These creatures are the lowest form of filth in all of creation. Animals such as lions, wolves, and sharks kill to eat. These scum kill for ego satisfaction. They’ve devolved, losing whatever human qualities they once had. They’re lower than animals.

  • IstvanIN

    We need capital punishment for teen murderers, once a chillun has served notice on society that they are without any moral conscience, they must be removed from society.

    • DiversityIsDeath

      Or a “yoof”.

    • MBlanc46

      For violent young blacks, it should be “one strike and you’re out”.

      • dcc2379

        Sounds like racial profiling. We need total home confinement, intensive counseling, intensive probation (ooh, intensive sounds so much better than just probation), and a community to come together. This model has worked so well in Indianapolis, why not expand it every where.

        • MBlanc46

          If all that means “removed permanently from society”, I’m for it.

          • dcc2379

            All I’ve written are the latest criminal justice fads that seek to never lock a black juvenile up. It is, essentially, a get out of jail free card. I see it every day. This is why young hoods with 10-50 misdemeanors and felonies have never done hard time and descend into even greater lawlessness. Some might say prisons don’t work, but I’ve never seen a prisoner behind bars assaulting someone on the street at the same time.

          • Who Me?

            I’ve never heard of one re-offending after getting his neck stretched, either…

          • Zaporizhian Sich

            That can be easily arranged, by two bullets to the chest, one to the face when they attack us.

        • In one recent murder with a like here last week, the juvenile black shooter was already under house arrest, and had violated his probation multiple times, but the probation officer ignored it all. A system like the one you describe would still only be as good as the people running it.

    • blight14

      We should have heeded the wisdom of Margaret Sanger….

  • Truth Teller

    NYC a fiefdom of jewish white collar criminals worth billions combined with White hating jewish activists. What can one expect?

  • ncpride

    When you ask young adults, ‘Why? Why did you shoot that young man?’ Probably 80 percent of the time the answer is: He disrespected me,”

    As if there is any respectability about these young thugs. What he means by ‘disrespect’ is that someone offended his over inflated ego, and he lacks the critical thinking skills and intelligence to think his actions through, and acted on his lack of impulse control. They’ll never fix this problem in the majority of them, because those traits are lacking in their very DNA. We see it all over the world.

    • MBlanc46

      Put a gun in their hands and they just have to shoot someone. For example, DeMarquise Elkins and Simeon Adams.

    • Who Me?

      “When you ask young adults, ‘Why? Why did you shoot that young man?’ Probably 80 percent of the time the answer is: He disrespected me,”
      That comes right after, “I didin do nuffins” and “I dunno”. “I waz bored” and “It waz a crack sale gon bad coz he shorted me”. (The pathetic excuse offered up by one killer of an 80+ yr old decorated WWII veteran.)

  • TL2014

    Sterilization or deportation to Haiti.

  • dcc2379

    “It’s like belonging to an evil fraternity.” No, you silly little guy, the quote should read: “It is like belonging to Black Run America.”

  • NoMosqueHere

    “When you ask young adults, ‘Why? Why did you shoot that young man?’ Probably 80 percent of the time the answer is: He disrespected me,” said Kai Smith, an ex-con-turned-businessman who runs a gang-diversion program in city high schools.


    The problem, or one of them, is most blacks don’t know what respect is; they certainly don’t know what self respect is.

    They have no respect for the whites who built this country and gave them incredible opportunities; they have no respect for teachers; they have no respect for the police; they have no respect for property; and so on.

    If they understood the concept of respect or self respect, they would know that it cannot be taken from you easily by some jerk with a foul mouth.

  • If you want 60,000 killed and wounded in one day, it takes the British at the Somme.

    • Zaporizhian Sich

      For that matter, you could also look at some of the battles fought during the Punic wars between Rome and Carthage, let alone the massive battles fought across Eastern Europe during WW-II. Let alone what the West did to the Serbians, for which they are biding their time to strike back. What happened to your comrade is typical of Muslim barbarism, and the West helped them grab territory that was stolen from the Serbs.

  • sbuffalonative

    “A lot of it is driven by nothing: A dispute over a girl or a wrong look or a perceived slight.”

    Which is why I do everything I can to avoid having to deal with blacks and Hispanics. If forced at work to deal with non-white co-workers, I never initiate a conversation but if spoken to, I will respond courteously and say as little as possible.

    When dealing with non-whites, anything you say can and will be used against you when there is a dispute. I don’t give them any ammunition to use against me and I certainly don’t go out of my way to befriend non-whites.

    • Geo1metric

      Excellent strategy.

      The truth is that we need separation. That has become my battle cry.


  • PouponMarks

    The only way to make a dent in this social pathology is to REINTRODUCE flogging and public humiliation. Incarceration is worse than a waste of time.

    • I doubt public humiliation would work. If these creeps had any sense of shame, they wouldn’t act like this in the first place.

  • sbuffalonative

    ‘Nothing new under the sun’. Only the euphemisms change.

    • Eventually they’ll run out of weasel words and have to start recycling some of the older terms.

  • Evette Coutier

    In the first paragraph of the article they list two groups that call themselves gang or gangster. The commit murder. But the are not gangs, that are crews. Two things, the problem is as much the fault of the politicians as the thugs. They are referring to murdering, harder thugs like they were boys on a rowing team. Second, the media is going alone with this nonsense because the thugs are minorities. When are these people going to grow up and act like adults?

    • Geo1metric

      “When are these people going to grow up and act like adults?”


  • jayvbellis

    The blessed crime free years are now over in NYC. NYC has a race mixing, communist Leb mayor, stop and search has ended and the city is about to award $millions to the Central Park rapists.

    On the plus side, NYC rehired Police Chief Bratton.

    • dcc2379

      Until blacks get the reparations they want — along with a one-way ticket to that hell hole we call Africa — whites will be bleeding in the streets.

  • dcc2379

    I think the Russians, with a bullet to the back of the head, had a better, final solution.

    • Zaporizhian Sich

      Indeed they do. Along with prisons where they inmates are guarded by AK toting men with Caucasian Shepards. In Russia, a condemned prisoner never knows which day will be his last, until an officer pulls a gun and blows his brains out. That is what should happen to these thugs, I personally have no compunctions about shooting them IF they threaten me and mine with death or bodily harm.

      • One MUST always be in CONDITION YELLOW when in the proximity of coloreds

      • In Japan, the death penalty works the same way. They use hanging, but the condemned never knows what day it will be. Eventually some morning he is led to the gallows without any prior warning.

  • Ringo Lennon

    Oh my god! Why there are blacks in England is puzzling? Why where they let in is one of life’s mysteries. What did they bring to the table. Crappy hair?

  • The soul splibs of NY could use lessons in civility…

  • The lack of organization may make catching them more difficult. Police departments tend to keep track of who the actual gang members are, but if some random “yoof” is part of an informal crew, how are the cops going to know?

  • Zaporizhian Sich

    All the more reason for whites to buy, and learn how to use military grade weaponry and tactics to kill them, all of them when the time comes.

  • Geo1metric

    You’re right; I had forgotten that, but now that you mention it, I remember reading about that. Thanks.

    • Who Me?

      Thankfully the United States Army, Navy, Air Force and/or Marines still requires recruits to have a high school diploma or some other equivalent proof of education (G.E.D.) Most of the “homeboys” can’t stay in school long enough to get a diploma so not as many of them join for the weapons training.

      • Geo1metric

        Let’s hope that the Defense Department holds the line on its entrance requirements.

  • Geo1metric

    Learn how to pack things and hide things so that they don’t rust.

  • Fathercoughlin

    What we need is education! Conflict resolution classess! That’ll take crae of all this. Then the “crews” can become high tech entrprenuers!

    • I think they should all be sent to Dartmouth College, in New Hampshire. As we have recently read here, the clowns running that place admit anyone else, so why not?

  • a PROFESSIONAL Military require entrance exams and background checks . . . they just don’t take thugs.

  • These “teen” shooters need to be fitted with electronic ankle bracelets that track movement. If there is movement, the bracelets need more weight.

    • How about explosive neck collars equipped with anti-tampering devices and GPS trackers? The collars could be remote-detonated from monitoring stations, but also ideally by stray radio-frequency signals like those from mobile phones, garage door openers, wireless internet, microwave ovens, lightning strikes, faulty electrical transformers and the like.

      • IstvanIN

        Explosive neck collars? The mess that would create if they managed to behave long enough to get out into public…….would you really want your child or mother to see that? Maybe you and the misses could stomach it but…..

        • I think the point is that they would very quickly all decide to stay home. It’s not like any of them have – or even want – jobs, anyway.

        • Who Me?

          They would quickly be “converted” to Islam, and promised 72 virgins to go out to a crowded spot to be detonated…or possibly lured there by a bucket of KFC.

          • The collars wouldn’t need much more than a blasting cap and a little narrow-gauge det cord. With such a limited active content, they wouldn’t make very good anti-crowd devices.

            Sigh. The courts never let us voters have any fun anymore.

      • Like anything done right, this would take a lot of testing out in the field, maybe starting with some fearless 200-pound ‘teen’ who has participated in the anti-White Knockout Game against an innocent White librarian, a 70-year-old retiree or a willowy teenage girl named Buffy.

  • Even with this rise in crime the official crime statistics show that the US is still much safer than in the 60’s and 70’s when the proportion of Americans with European ancestry was much higher. Those were the days when people didn’t lock their front doors, public schools were truely excellent, and young children walked home in droves several miles to their homes after school. People would pick up hitchhikers. I hitchhiked all the way from Gainesville, FL where I was an engineering grad student to Jacksonville on Thanksgiving day when I found out that the busses weren’t running. It took me 1/2 hr to get a ride.

    But the surprise was on us. We didn’t know it at the time but America wasn’t safe at all. Good thing we now have a lot of afirmative action plans to help the non-working blacks get on their feet and a flood of black & Mexican immigrants to reduce that high crime white population we used to have. Just a few more years and things will be even better. Not only don’t we need CCP’s (concealed carry permits) but we can dispense with guns altogether as America is so safe!

    note: the above is sarcasm, it seems I’ve developed a bleak opinion of the US’ future for some, probably racist, reason.

    • We didn’t lock our doors growing up in southwest Boulder when I was growing up there in the 1970s.
      Thankfully for things like Affirmative Action, Section-8 “scatter housing” and unrestricted Fourth-World immigration, I feel much safer now that we have to keep the house dead-bolted whenever we are home, with a wooden chair wedged under the doorknob for good measure. I also feel just great about climbing a ladder in the garage in order to physically disconnect the garage door opener from the c

      • Zaporizhian Sich

        You got that right, that is why I sleep with a loaded gun in easy reach too…..it also helps that my neighbors dogs will bark furiously if someone is skulking about too. Many whites are armed in my area, that is why we do not have hundreds of gangs in my area. They will be shot dead by police and white citizens alike.

  • M&S


    You’re almost making the point that Section 8-ing these thugs into America’s small towns and suburbs will be the cure.

    Oh no. More the opposite actually. Voluntary self-cleansing as inducement to Separation.

    I assure you that bad character will rub off on the marginal. The better solution is banishment via repatriation to Africa. Prison has failed to become punishment.

    Well, on the scale of: Genocide, Mass Expatriation Of Legal Citizens and Regional Ethnic Dislocation, your good riddance middle ground is likely still too far a leap for world governments to sit still and accept, even if they only retaliated by means of trade embargo.

    Such an ‘innovation in race relations’ would beget emulation and there would be HUGE numbers of exiled, unwanted, populations, wandering the global wastelands like locusts. Or plague.

    OTOH, if you believe, as I do, that isolation of destructively (to civilization) competitive populations into species-local terrain isolates -without- requiring a back-to-Africa wasteland exile is a practical alternative; then it becomes easier to recognize that whites are at such long generational interval and such low, sub-replacement, fertility that we’re about to ‘no longer need’ as much nation as our blood and toil once earned.

    Most of our population advantage is based on over-40s with no or only one child who will not live to 2050 and so, ignoring the self labeled whites who are not, we could fall from 63 percent of 310 million (195.3 million) to 35% of 270 million (94.5 million), just on the loss of our elderly.

    Which could well be a good thing, what with their ‘Sixties Generation’ hypermoralistic beliefs on equality of races.

    In this, I look forward to Tim Wise’s death as much as he does the white races’.

    The key restrictor to acknowledge here is that, if the differentials in social leveraging as survival odds get bad enough and the military stays out of it, million-on-million genocide -is- within the behavioral norms of all peoples.

    Blacks have done it in Africa, long before Hutu and Tutsi slaughtered each other in Ruwanda. Mexicans have been ripping out hearts and kicking the body down the steps since long before Cortez used a bunch of natives to help plow under the Aztecs. And of course, we have the Native Americans and The Holocaust, to whatever extent you wish to believe in their fantasy numbers.

    And with our large, aging, dispersed, population; we would lose, very badly in such a contest, especially if the Military took no sides and the Paramilitary Feds did.

    What prevents such instinctive behavior as test to destruction of a neighboring population in justifying weakness as the sole necessary reason to overrun it with your own?

    Numeric Densities.

    Historically, not a single population which has fallen below 10% of it’s neighboring cultures in a given, contested, environment, has ever survived, let along regained social dominance. But if you can match numbers on a local level, then the -mistake- (Hitler thought prewar Russia had maybe 100-120 million. When ‘they just kept coming’ Himmler ordered revised studies, based on Czarist census extrapolations, not Communist propaganda, and the numbers came out to 200 million and the Nazis had no hope, by the same token, it was only around 1991 that the Russians came back to 200 million again…) that is million-on-million total war can be avoided through psychological reinforcement of the ‘too strong today, maybe tomorrow’ instinct in all of us.

    So… The solution to blacks in rural white America is to get them out, in a voluntary trade: welfare assurance of income for moving back with other blacks whom we flee to the safety of rural America.
    Escaping to a smart industry and high agro efficiency heartland.

    Had they done this in The Balkans, the 2.5 billion dollars wasted on the sixty days of Operation Allied Force could have bought off the real estate inequities for everyone involved and we would not have been then for another 10 years, keeping the peace for no damn interest of our own.

    But whites must have population that is not scattered thin like sour cream in the borscht of multiracial soup for our own qualities to stand out. Because we won’t work for other people like we will for each other.

    Which brings me to what I would like to see done to control crime:

    1. All Drug Distribution Related Crimes = Death Penalty Offense.

    Particularly if it involves kids. You screw up a kid and you make society for the rest of his life, never mind yours which is already shot. This, by itself, would both clean up a lot of neighborhoods and put an end to crew-gang-drug crime in the U.S.. Because the brain on crack or meth or heroine is a dangerous, useless,


    At the same time, even if you make it a non-incarcerable offense, you have to so stigmatize use of all drugs, socially and criminally, that the customer base evaporates. Because there will only be a marked decrease in drug smuggling and the crimes that it enables, if the customer base goes away.

    Five Misdemeanor Drug Offenses = One Felony equivalent. No time. Just a certainty of what comes next.

    2. Short Sentences, Three Strikes, Death Penalty.

    I don’t want to pay 24,000 a year for minimum security exile. I don’t want to pay 40,000 a year for maximum security exile. If necessary, I would rather pay 8,400 dollars a year for leveraged (rent controlled, food stamps) living because that’s a 3:1 or 5:1 trade. If a crime is property damaging it gets 2 years. If a crime is violent it gets 4 years. If a crime is vicious it gets 6 years. 6X40,000 = 240,000 / 8,400 = 28 years of paying for a minimum safe existence.

    OTOH, if you show a pathological proclivity to recidivism, rather than pay for 18 years of a prison guards pension build, I would rather pay 480,000 dollars and, on your third conviction, put you in the ground. Because, from the societal point of view, it’s not that you’re a good man/woman who made bad choices, it’s that you show no intent to start making good ones. And the sooner we establish that psychopathology, the better.

    What’s more, if you believe that someone -can- be redeemed by institutional ‘time outs’ the shorter you bring him into contact with his fellow criminals, the better his chances of not picking up new bad habits.

    3. Welfare Living is a Genetic Dead End.

    Having been there. I can tell you that the streets are a terminus of reason for being. Your hopes, your dreams, everything that matters dies when you are sleeping in subzero weather outdoors. Everyone has a right to basic shelter and food and electricity and privacy. Even if they do nothing. And we _should not_ import wage slaves until that sickening subculture of failure we have created is cleaned up.


    You go down for the count and I offer you a hand back up into the light, at the expense of the common schmuck who does his job and pays for his life and has to pay for yours too, he needs to have some validation that HIS (or her) sacrifice is buying something more than browny points for an afterlife that doesn’t exist or a pat on the head by a patronizing nanny state.

    And that reassurance that things will get better, if not for him then for his kids, has to ultimately be that THEY will not have to pay for YOUR children.

    It should be reversible. Provided you gain employment and pay back your welfare years. But sterilization by surgical means should be a given.

    4. Exile For The Dangerous And The Useless.

    Society is protected, as a beautiful place, by the reality that danger is not allowed near it. This is, technically, the reality of modern day incarceration. You aren’t training people to be better workers or to seize they day on their own lives because a felony mark is an instant aversion to rent or hiring and Day Labor doesn’t buy you more than a bed in a shelter.


    If someone is on their last strike. And the judge thinks they are too dangerous or too pathetic to be killable. There should be ONE last chance.

    To go live in a community where the costs are kept down because everything is corporately unified under contract, from waste management to food delivery to repair and maintenance of facilities.

    And here is where you will live, with a studio apartment the size of a single bedroom. With cable access to a world you will never see. With food served in a food court, once a day. And with a certainty that the law still applies here and so if you are victimized by one of your own, he will die for it because you are ALL here, on last probation.

    I mention these things because it’s clear that we cannot live together, that other ethnies have -vastly- higher rates of criminality than we do and that our collapsing numbers will never again be able to sustain a 2.3 million person (half at 24,000, half at 40,000 a year = 73 billion a year for the prison rent seekers).

    And further to this, the more we walk the path towards voluntary ethnic cleansing into ethno state separation, the less inclined we will be to support the transition to letting other races handle their own justice in the fragments of what used to be one nation.

    Thus, the cheaper it will have to be to buy off whites to bear yet another burden in a society where they have less and less voice as reason to.

    And the more you will have to do to induce blacks and Hispanics to behave so that they don’t cling to us as we begin the process of final Separation.

    Giving them former white homes and neighborhoods in regions whose standing infrastructure as economies can support them. Giving them a survival credit as ‘welfare wage’ on condition of their separation from us. At the same time we lower the absolute burden on white taxation as we absorb (what’s left of) our own people into a new society, is the only way forward that I can see.

    Like the Palestinians rolling into ex-Jewish neighborhoods in the Occupied Territories, it will not be a pleasant transitional occurrence for anyone white to watch. But we will have a secret joy, buried in our hearts, which we may then pass onto our children without moral minders of our racist nature as simply: Never Again.

    And as such, this is a way forward to a future that is more than just a continuance of the descent into entropic disintegration that we face today.

    Even as, ultimately, it means an escape for our people from the ethnic and genetic plundering which _will happen_ if we don’t actively disengage from these racial pillagers.