Paul Ryan Tries to Ease Tensions with Black Lawmakers on Poverty

David Lawder, Reuters, April 30, 2014

Republican Representative Paul Ryan, who angered black lawmakers in March with his comments about the causes of inner-city poverty, met with the Congressional Black Caucus on Wednesday and pledged to study its proposal to help the poor.

“We didn’t get a whole lot accomplished, but we do agree on a number of things,” said Representative Marcia Fudge, an Ohio Democrat who chairs the caucus. “One is that we are both concerned about the poverty in this country. We just disagree on how we address the problem.”

Ryan, the influential House of Representatives Budget Committee chairman, said the meeting improved the “tone” of the poverty debate, if not the best way to tackle it.

“What is good out of this is we need to talk about better ideas on getting at the root cause of poverty, to try and break the cycle of poverty,” said the Wisconsin Republican and 2012 Republican vice presidential nominee. “The status quo doesn’t work. We can do better.”


Congressional Black Caucus members said Ryan did not directly address his remarks from March when he said there was a “tailspin of culture, in our inner cities in particular, of men not working and just generations of men not even thinking about working or learning the value of work.”

Fudge at the time called the remarks “highly offensive,” and California Democratic Representative Barbara Lee branded them a “thinly veiled racial attack” in which “inner-city” was a code-word for “black.”


Ryan’s most recent budget plan, passed with only House Republican votes earlier this month, proposes deep cuts to domestic safety-net programs, including many that aid the poor, in order to eliminate deficits within 10 years.


He agreed to study a Congressional Black Caucus proposal known as “10-20-30,” which would concentrate 10 percent of funding from certain domestic programs into 474 counties–urban and rural–where 20 percent of the population has lived in poverty for 30 years.


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  • Puggg

    Tell them Paul Ryan about how you want to bust the borders wide open, how this is supposed to help the few black people that work for a living.

    • Whitetrashgang

      No kidding illegal immigrants have been the worse thing to happen to black men since black woman. Paul Ryan should be forced to mow lawns for the rest of his life for 3 dollars a hour and tips.

  • Paul Ryan and the Black Caucus can go to Hades. Neither represents me. Now, tell me again what the White Caucus did yesterday. What? There is no White Caucus? I am shocked, truly shocked.

  • dd121

    I know Ryan used to date black women but as a politician why does he care what blacks think of his racial attitudes? It’s not like Republicans have any black votes to lose. If some of the repubs spoke up for white interests I just wonder what kind of reaction they’d get from the historic American population.

    • Paul Ryan is a literal protege of Jack Kemp. Rand Paul takes almost all of his cues on racial matters from the Jack Kemp school of “thought.” Which is more or less trying to mash up conservative-libertarianism with the sensibilities and desires of the black and increasingly Hispanic undertows.

      Republicans have an overall reputation for being negro lovers, but Kemp took it to a new and insane dimension.

      • Pro_Whitey

        So true what you wrote. Ryan and Kemp took pride in opposing CA’s Prop 187, which sought to deny welfare benefits to illegal aliens. If one is truly “fiscally responsible”, denying welfare to people who are not supposed to be here in the first place is an easy choice. But he and Kemp opposed it (as you know, a Clinton judge ruled it “unconstitutional” right after enactment). This is one instance where I would not mind seeing videotape of a full chimp out beat down of Ryan by the CBC. He’s an anti-white tool, and he deserves it.

  • kjh64

    I have an idea for Blacks, how about stop having multiple kids out of wedlock that you can’t afford and cause you to be on welfare that Whites have to pay for? How about Black men support your kids? How about Blacks stop dropping out of school and committing crimes? No, of course we can’t expect Blacks to take responsibility for their own lives. We must continue to blame Whites and make them pay for bad Black choices.

    • Grantland

      It’s not choices – it’s their nature. Like rape and violence, it’s what they do.

  • Jesse James

    How much more targeted spending can we do? Section 8 housing vouchers, free school lunch and breakfast, power bill assistance, free cell phones, WIC, SNAP, Earned Income Credit, educational grants, free or assisted bus passes, is that not enough? Not to mention that all levels of government get into the act with overlapping assistance programs. Also don’t forget the whole private sector targeted social spending. Several churches, including my own run both big used clothes closets as well as weekly and monthly food pantry distribution operations. Maybe we should drive over to where those folks live and make them pancakes in the morning, maybe even warm up their syrup for them.

    • Ella

      Be careful. The minorities will take your offer seriously as they think, “Whites owe them the fruit of one’s labours.”

    • MBlanc46

      “Maybe we should drive over to where those folks live and make them
      pancakes in the morning, maybe even warm up their syrup for them.”

      But don’t show up before noon.

    • Puggg

      Yes, let’s do that.

      • Sheik Yerbouti

        Dat bottle be rayciss

    • Kenner

      There’s a poster, goes by E. Newman, who claimed he belonged to an organization that did exactly that…go into black’s homes and cook for them.
      It took forever, and Newman suggesting a poster show up to replace an elderly white woman who met with an unfortunate altercation with a ‘teen’ at one of the homes [‘She’ll be out of the hospital soon, apparently he didn’t care for the food’], before people even questioned whether he was serious.
      I was on the floor…!

  • billyjoerob

    Ryan is so clueless. How many presidential terms did Jack Kemp serve, anyway? It’s amazing how many conservative politicians internalize the liberal critique of conservative policies. Does Ryan honestly think that the race hustlers in the CBC want serious proposals from him? That was his first mistake. He should serve as governor of WI for a few years and see how much of his Jack Kemp idealism manages to survive.

    • The highest elected office Kemp actually won in his own right was a seat in Congress from a gerrymandered white Republican district close to Buffalo, and only because they were voting for the old Bills’ QB.

      When he ran for President in 1988, he averaged 5% of the vote in Republican primaries and caucuses that he actually tried to win.

      • jayvbellis

        Great job on the research there.

        Jack Kamp was one of my least favorite fake a conservatives of the 1980s and 90s. He richly deserved being voted Instauration Magazine’s White traitor if the year award.

        Our enemies are always tring to psu som ex sports player, country and Western singer as some leader for our side, when th are flat out in the service of the anti White elite.

        Another guy like this from a lib side was ex NBA basketball player Bill Bradley.

        • Bill Bradley, a native of Festus, Missouri. A fact which nobody in Festus today wants to gloat about.

          Really, we (or “we”) should stop taking advice from people who want us to lose.

    • jayvbellis

      The anti White, Lib Dem elite loves race pandering Libertarians. They love it when the a Republicans nominate some race pandering Libertarian like Paul Ryan, Jack Kemp, maybe Rand Paul will be next.

      The whole discussion is how to help oppressed Blacks, Hispanics, plus regular working class voters despise Libertarianism, despise economic Conservatism think it is just for selfish rich people.

      Don’t try to use reason with these pandering Libertarians, only force works. If in the company of non stop pandering Libertarians…

      Punch in the nose
      Rub their noses in dog poo

      Punish bad behavior

      Oh, and race denying Libertarian commenters will be severely insulted, cursed and hopefully banned from making comments here on Amren.

  • Ella

    Yes, heard of New Orleans after Katrina? A few Black men worked for a living, and many non-Black workers flooded in for jobs, monies and fat earnings.

  • dave

    Here is what Paul said at the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, “Republicans who criticize the use of two languages are making a great mistake. I wonder what he told the” White Chamber of Commerce” about black on white racial attacks? My mistake, no such thing..

    • DonReynolds

      Knowing Paul Ryan, he probably went to the “Black Chamber of Commerce” to ask forgiveness for the one white guy in Texas who played the knockout game….one time…..but never mentioned the 36 people (out of thousands) who have died the past few years from blacks playing the knockout game.

  • MBlanc46

    The Repubs used to be Wall Street and Main Street (at least the Main Streets in the Northeast and the Midwest). Apparently Ryan et al. think they can reconstruct the Party as Wall Street and MLK Blvd.

  • DonReynolds

    Go ahead, Paul Ryan…..kiss and make up all you like, add some more apologies too….none of that is going to help you, except with the Liberal Catholic vote. You are still a RINO.

  • DonReynolds

    When they are running toward you with shields and short spears, singing about how they intend to kill you, surrender is not a good idea.
    Better to fix your bayonet and put all your ammo where you can get to it quickly. You may need to get ready.

  • Fudge at the time called the remarks “highly offensive,” and California Democratic Representative Barbara Lee branded them a “thinly veiled racial attack” in which “inner-city” was a code-word for “black.”

    You just can’t talk to those people with them making it a White racist issue.

  • DA

    Black Lawmakers? They are not law makers they are just plain “Black”.
    These Bozos would not real law if they fell over it.
    Let them Black Caucus themselves to Nigeria.
    He does not need to appear before these jackals.

  • E. Newton

    “… better ideas on getting at the root cause of poverty,”, these cockroaches lie with such ease.

  • Just what we need more of – another white ‘conservative’ politician pandering to blacks to ‘overcome poverty’! I gotta tell you, I’m a hard-convservative and traditionalist, but I’m starting to despise the whole ‘conservative’ bunch! I no longer consider myself even a Republican – I’m done with the entire lot of them!

  • I pull in about $600 a month writing naval history articles. We have two cars and a truck that don’t run, with only my wife’s Ford going, and we’ve eaten the local rabbit population nearly extinct. Maverick caught a four-foot gopher snake and brought it home last week. We had the heat set at 55F all winter. Sayaka thinks that any winter morning there is no ice in the toilet, we are spending too much money on heat, but that is a little chilly for me. The chives are tall and mint is coming up. I have plenty of money, but I won’t spend it unless it is a provable emergency.

    Blacks take pride in how well-dressed their kids are. Sayaka sews good clothes for our daughter, and I buy regular ones for her at the ARC thrift store. My pride in Ariadne is in how much she likes reading. She also likes watching me work, so I had to buy another arc-welding helmet. She’s going to be an officer in the Japanese “Maritime Self-Defense Force” (navy), as she has an automatic admission. I hope she doesn’t go career.

    Blacks rarely take pride in what they have done. The way I understand it, they want what others have created.

    • Guest


    • Urbane Neanderthal

      Blacks actually do pretty well compared to whites of equivalent IQ.

      The bottom quarter of blacks and whites are only separated by $2000 in annual income.

      The upper IQ brackets blacks do much better than whites as would be expected when blacks get preferential treatment in the name of diversity.

  • Peter Connor

    Ryan negotiating the size of the pander?

  • Grantland

    “I can see why white politicians need to be extremely careful about what they say”

    Yes, the media has more power than the politicians. Nixon was destroyed by them – and we all know who “they” are.

  • Transpower

    The best “social” program is a job. The best method to increase the number of private sector jobs is to get the government boot off of business; i.e., institute laissez-faire capitalism, a strictly-limited Constitutional Republic, and a strict meritocracy.

    • jayvbellis

      Please do not post this racial treason lies here on Amren.

      Anything goes Capitalism where the likes of Sheldon Adelson, Mark Zuckerberg and Tyson Foods CEO Donnie Smith are allowed to hire and fire whomever they want with a “free market” determining wages – that’s suicide or more accurately murder for our White working class.

      Adelson, Zuckerberg, D Smith will chose to hire/bring in low cost Somalian Bantu workers, Indians on H1B visas, happy slave Central American Amer-Indians.

      These happy low wage non White workers will hen proceed to overwhelm our schools and hospitals and recreate nasty non White slums that they were supposedly fleeing.

      Anything goes capitalism, Libertarianism coupled with the race denying US Constitution and Declaration of Independence is suicide, murder for our people/White a civilization.

      Please do not come to Amren and post any more of this nonsense. If you do, you will be cursed.

      When anything goes, everything goes.

  • Truth Teller

    Barbara Lee is right. “Inner city” is code for black created slums, out of control schools and high crime.