Nigerian Islamist Leader Threatens to Sell Abducted Girls ‘as Slaves’

Colin Freeman, Telegraph (London), May 5, 2014

Pressure was growing on Monday night for Western military drones to be used in the hunt for more than 200 schoolgirls abducted in Nigeria, as the terrorist thought to be holding them threatened to “marry off” girls aged as young as nine.

Experts said that unmanned spy planes of the kind used in Afghanistan could be deployed along with satellite-operated cameras to search the vast areas of desert and woodland where the girls are thought to be hidden.

Over the weekend, the Nigerian military massed for a search operation in the Sambisa Forest region, although on Sunday, President Goodluck Jonathan said the government still did not know where the girls were. According to Nigerian police, about 223 girls are still missing after being abducted from their boarding school in the remote northern Nigerian town of Chibok on April 14.

The urgency of the situation was underlined yesterday when Boko Haram, the Islamic extremist group believed to have abducted the girls, released a video in which its leader gloatingly threatened to sell them as “slaves”.

“I abducted your girls,” said Abubakar Shekau, who appeared dressed in combat fatigues and standing in front of an armoured personnel carrier. Six masked gunmen flanked him. “I will sell them in the market, by Allah. I will marry off a woman at the age of 12. I will marry off a girl at the age of nine.”

Shekau described the abduction as part of Boko Haram’s war against Western-style secular education in Nigeria, which has seen the group attack dozens of schools in the predominantly Muslim north. “I said Western education should end,” he added. “Girls, you should go and get married.”

The release of the tape comes as a major security operation gets under way in the Nigerian capital, Abuja, ahead of a World Economic Forum conference that starts on Wednesday. Last week, a car bomb attack blamed on Boko Haram killed 19 people in the city.

With the plight of the missing schoolgirls now likely to play high on the agenda of the conference, Mr Jonathan said over the weekend that he had reached out to the US, Britain, France and China for help on security issues.

While he did not specify what help he had sought, it is thought he may have discussed whether satellite or drone technology could be used in the hunt for the girls. Britain has said it is happy to provide “practical assistance” if necessary.

One satellite technology expert, who asked not to be named, outlined to The Telegraph yesterday how such technology might be of use.

“Both the Americans and and the French have satellite systems that could be used to provide photography, although it would be something of a needle in a haystack job,” he said.

“The other option is using unmanned aerial vehicles, which can circle areas repeatedly and build up patterns of activity. They might spot, for example, that a particular farmhouse has suddenly got lots of vehicles that weren’t there before–or that those same vehicles have moved elsewhere.”

Drone photography would also be able to tell whether the vehicles were mounted with machine guns–a common tactic of Boko Haram mobile convoys. Drones can also operate from a height of 25,000 feet or more, making them hard for the militants to spot.

American and French commanders currently operate drones out of a newly-established base at an airfield in neighbouring Niger, which France has been using in its fight against al-Qaeda militants in Mali.

The expert said the main issue would be availability. “If they were going to be of use, they would probably make them available quite quickly, but it’s a question of whether they have the assets free,” he said.

The Nigerian government has been accused of failing to respond quickly enough to the crisis. Last night, the leader of a protest march for the missing schoolgirls accused Mr Jonathan’s wife of ordering her arrest. Saratu Angus Ndirpaya, who was held by state security police in Abuja, said that Patience Jonathan had accused her and a colleague of trying to use the crisis to discredit her husband’s government.

International attention on the plight of the missing girls was initially slow but has grown in recent days, in part because of a social media campaign – #bringbackourgirls.

The US secretary of state, John Kerry, promised on Saturday that Washington would do “everything possible” to help Nigeria deal with Boko Haram militants and bring the children home.

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  • dd121

    Why do so many people act shocked. Africans have been doing this for hundred of years.

    • With no end in sight.

    • borogirl54

      I can tell you one thing. More than likely these girls will be a second or third wife and will be forced to bear children at a young age that could likely kill them.

    • sbuffalonative

      I watched a report on this and that’s exactly what I saw.

      We are watching the origins of the African slave trade.

    • NeanderthalDNA

      I heard he was selling them for $12.50 a pop.

      One good thing we should take from Star Trek – do not interfere with the natives. That’s just how they roll, dawg.

      • dd121

        So if the libs want to be heroes, why don’t they buy all the girls for $12.50 then repatriate them to their families? Cheaper than another stupid American war.

        • NeanderthalDNA

          Yes, and every now and then, the natives kidnap another 200 girls, sell them…then if Euro-Eloi get bored playing too many video games, maybe then the Afro-ghouls cut off some girls’ limbs, send snaps northward of the results…

          “Hey? Where’s the money? We’ll cut off more limbs of our own school girls if we don’t get more money. We hate you.”

          Prime directive – do not interfere. Nothing but trouble.

          • dd121

            The price of the 200 girls is less than the cost of a weekend vacation for the Obama’s.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Hey, why doesn’t Mr. O just spring for them? Or maybe the NAACP could take up a collection? Or black churches nationwide could get into the act. Blacks helping and purchasing blacks back from black slavers.

            This sounds like a wonderful opportunity for blacks to help their poor fellow blacks being tortured by other blacks.

            I heartily encourage American blacks to help out their fellow African blacks who are descendants of long dead blacks who sold African American BLACKS’ long dead ancestors to my long dead ancestors.

            This is a teachable moment. Lead your people, Mr. Prezzy, lead the way. Black…I mean, back.

      • evilsandmich

        Yeah I saw that and sarcastically thought “nah, I’d need at least $1200 to…oh, you want me to pay you, yeah right”.

        • NeanderthalDNA

          Yeah, that’s like buying thousands of dollars of debt for $12.50, not unlike the form of mathematics American blacks use when playing penny ante lottery.

          If you spend $100 a month on penny ante lottery tickets and you win back 25 to 50 bucks…

          You just won $25 to $50! Woot woot! Get crunk!

    • wildfirexx

      Yes, they have been doing this for hundreds of years, but still like to blame the white man for whatever ails them. Now, once again the White Knight in shining armor from the west has to come to their aid to clean up their mess, …so down the road they can blame us once again for their incompetence!

    • saxonsun

      I passed by a display put up by Muslim students at the school where I teach–they were trying to convince us that they loved Jesus even though they’re Muslims. The school has been flooded with them in the last few years–nightmare.

      • dd121

        You must have a pretty strong stomach to remain in teaching.

    • Lagerstrom

      Slavery, but the television tells me that slavery only in the good old south of the USA! Whaa?

  • Guest

    If Obama had a son … He’d be making slaves and still be a victim of racism..

  • Want an object lesson in intersectionality?

    This issue of Boko Haram and one tweet by someone important is all you need:

    If this tweet is all you read, it would make you scratch your head and wonder what in the hell she’s talking about.

    Or, here’s the better question: She has to know what she’s talking about, because she sent this tweet for a reason. Why is she being so vague or not supplying blank-filling context?

    Obviously she’s talking about this Boko Haram matter.

    Why can’t she just come out and say that, or at least provide a link?

    Because Boko Haram is black and Muslim.

    Providing context therefore would be doubly racist and Islamophobic.

    Must not create a massive car wreck at the three way intersectionality between black, Islam and gender.

    Hillary Clinton therefore is socially permitted to be outraged about it but only in the generic context of girls and women being victims. That and she couldn’t find a way to blame it on white men. Which, like I said yesterday, is what this leftist paranoia about “rape culture” on college campuses is all about — It’s a jiujitsu attempt to try to blame white men for black men raping white women.

    However, on the other hand, I think there’s starting to be a wedge between women’s activists slash feminists and Islam. Get a load of what happened in Beverly Hills yesterday:

    • It is just posturing on Shrillary’s part.

      That said, if the GOP allows amnesty to pass or nominates Jeb Bush, I’ll vote for her in 2016.

      • NoMosqueHere

        Jeb wants to be the first mexican president. Hillary will do less harm, I suspect.

        • RisingReich

          The Nation is over either way, and you are fooling yourself if you think you have any say in the matter.

      • Pro_Whitey

        I’m with you. If illegally crossing the border is an act of love, how could we expect Jebby the Bush ever to control the borders, because that would prevent the illegals from acting out their love? If the GOP nominates Jeb, it will truly be like a dog returning to its vomit.

      • evilsandmich

        Hillary is like Jeb Bush with balls.

    • dd121

      I guess the question Hillary must be asking is how do you blame it on white males.

    • Very perceptive comment by you on how the leftist mind works. My mind works so differently, I often have trouble figuring out what’s up. That’s why I come here and to Taki’s to access the thoughts of others who can figure it all out better than me.

    • RisingReich

      She wants to find them and import their evilness HERE.

    • dd121

      Hillary’s wrong. It wasn’t terrorism, just an active slave trade.

  • Urbane Neanderthal

    “John Kerry, promised on Saturday that Washington would do “everything possible” to help Nigeria ”

    I wonder if he’s considered looking at what has worked in the past with the religion of peace. – Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius.

    • Rhialto

      Translation: “help Nigeria” = Bring the captives and the terrorists to the US, and provide them with expensive benefits, housing, medical, food, cell phones, huge screen tv, etc. etc.

  • Diversity Fatigue

    This type of heathenism has been going on in the 3rd world for thousands of years. It should come as no surprise.

  • NoMosqueHere

    Everywhere islam goes ignorance, hate, violence, and death follow close behind.

    • So CAL Snowman

      Islam = Nazism

      Now you’re just trolling. So you would rather live in Saudi Arabia or Iran in the 1930s and early 40s than Germany? Sure buddy, sure. No wonder our side never gains any traction with people like you purposefully aiding and abetting the main stream media narratives.

      • NoMosqueHere

        Islam = Nazism is a mainstream media narrative? I think it’s time for you to get new parts for your head.

        And who the hell would want to live in Nazi Germany; unless you have some sort of death wish.

        • RisingReich

          “mainstream media narrative” – where was that said?

          It might be yourself that needs the head gear flushed out.

        • JSS

          Its funny you mentioned you would have to have a death wish to live in NS Germany. The only thing there that would kill you would be English or Amurrican bombs. Today in England the mostly likely thing to kill you would be a Muslim let in by Churchill.

        • FeuerSalamander

          Death Wish? Not if one was german.Those who were German had little to fear from the nazis. Before the allied bombs started falling they were much safer than your average person today almost anywhere in this country.

          • Gunther von Pashen was gunnery officer of battlecruiser SMS Lutzov at Jutland in 1916. He certainly sank HMS Defense and probably also HMS Queen Mary. He also scored serious hits on HMS Black Prince which led to magazine fires inside her. Black Prince later blew up at night with all hands lost. As a retired man, he was executed by the Nazis in 1944 for saying that Germany would probably lose the Second World War.

            That was how the Nazis treated good officers.

          • FeuerSalamander

            OK, yes, near the end of the war any talk of defeatism was harshly punished. Also, many people who tried to flee to the west before the local gauletiers permitted it were also executed. WE are talking though about a period near the end when panic set in, both amongst the leadership and the people. My comment was more about the nature of German society during the thirties. I was thinking about a book that detailed how life was for the average German of that time. I think almost any country that is under the great strain of an impending military catastrophe does not react well and starts feeding on itself. There are many such examples in the history of this country of atrocities committed against citizens and recent Irish immigrants during the civil war.

          • Rhialto

            You make an interesting point. It inspired me to speculate on what would happen in Liberal Multicultural America if it faced the doom that confronted NS Germany.

        • Ron Cheaters

          Nations forced to accept and pay for their founders’ demise should perish.
          Nations that find solidarity and strength in wo they are shall stand..

          Tell me what does your nation stand for?

      • RisingReich

        He’s just heard a million times Germans = evil and he’s not interested in pushing himself to find out anymore.

    • RisingReich

      Make no mistake – “NoMosqueHere” really means replace this mosque here with a synagogue.

      You need to try reading up on some facts not written by the Koshers, and you’re in way over your head with the brainwashing.

  • Luca

    Wouldn’t it have been nice if our Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, had committed this much time, money, publicity, resources and effort to rescue and assist our ambassador and Seals in Benghazi?

    • Ron Cheaters

      Regardless of race or decency.
      Too little, too late.
      She cares as much as I do. It seems.

  • Here is my opinon, on what to do when and if any of these girls are found.
    1. anybody caught with these girls or caught purchasing one, they will be
    exicuted, and displayed just like the U.S did to Pirates, in the late 1700-early 1800 this worked quiet well, US has not had any issues with pirates over 200 yrs.
    2. All who supports these a holes will be arrested and either jailed or with be in the governments
    ward for the rest of there narual lives,
    3. Islam is getting a very very bad rap, the lack of moderats speek against this, dose not look
    good in the eyes of the civilized world, Islam may need to be outlawed. Being that i have no
    knowlage of the Koran other than rants, i can’t say this for sure, but what i do know is that
    muslims don’t seem to speek out against this kind of crap, and there silents is very loud to me.

    • jayvbellis

      In your dreams. The man who murdered Dutch Immigration restriction leader, Pym Fortyn (Pym Fortyn warned the West about the Islamic invasion ) – this murderer was just released from prison after serving only 12 years, plus Muslim criminals mostly run Dutch and British prisons.

      The only a White people with the balls to fight, kill nasty Muslims are Serbs and Russians.

    • captainc

      hmm, you have funny writing style, where are you from?

  • So CAL Snowman

    “Pressure was growing on Monday night for Western military drones to be
    used in the hunt for more than 200 schoolgirls abducted in Nigeria, as
    the terrorist thought to be holding them threatened to “marry off” girls
    aged as young as nine.”

    Oh so NOW it’s okay for Whitey to get involved with Africa? Why can’t the Nigerian government handle its’ own business? Why it’s downright racist to assume that Whitey and his technology will be more successful in recovering the missing girls than the Africans and all of their intelligence and vibrant culture.

    • Ron Cheaters

      Right, if they were combing the land with machete’s and muskets and made a hugedsplayof the agony they’re having by Doing The Work to find them. I’d have sympathy.
      As it is.. just another day in Africa.
      Or, just another futile handout to Africai what I meant.

  • Hunter Morrow

    Good enough for Muhammed, good enough for Chris Hansen…
    “Mr Prophet, why don’t you have a seat?”

  • JSS

    I would strongly warn potential buyers against this, the worst short term investment ever.

    • Who would pay good money for a black gal? Here in the USA, we pay to move into white neighborhoods to get away from those.

  • RisingReich

    What a wonderful waste of American assets, looking for kidnapped NIGERIANS in Nigeria. All because “These could be my daughters”…

    Sorry, but the world won’t be any better or worse off regardless of the outcome of the search. The real problem is ISLAM and it’s murderous ambitions for the West. These people threaten everything of value, and value nothing but destruction. They want to live in 5000 BC.

    I suggest let’s help them, by bombing them back to the stone age.

    • evilsandmich

      It’s interesting (well not really) that the Nigerian government doesn’t appear to care one lick. Why should we care in their place? That’s just a losing situation.

  • Western lefties are whipping up sympathy for the young black females, yet they never express sympathy for the victims of blacks here in the US. I’m thinking of the young Massachusetts school teacher raped and murdered by the 14 year old mulatto student. And there are many others. Lefties only care about their chosen ones–mostly blacks.

  • Truth Teller

    They aren’t going to be 3rd and 4th wives. They will be slaves. Many will be bought by pimps and become low level prostitutes. Some will manage to find an owner with whom they can get along. Supposedly they are in a jungle area that has been no go for the govt for some time. This kind of thing has been going on for thousands of years. The girls kidnapped this time are in their late teens.

    Big brave OFEs, kidnapping girls by invading their dorms at night.

  • FeuerSalamander

    caveat emptor is all I have to say

  • IstvanIN

    Obumer is sending US troops to find the missing females:
    1) Why aren’t the Nigerians doing this?
    2) Why isn’t the African Union doing this?
    3) What business is it of ours?
    4) Why aren’t our troops being used to save Afrikaner victims of terrorism?

    • dd121

      As I said earlier, just buy ’em back for $12 a pop. Cheaper than a war.

      • Magician


    • benvad

      4) because they’re white.

  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    I don’t see how this is any worse than the routinely deplorable treatment of women throughout the Islamic world, including our closest allies. Why the propaganda push?

    • kikz2

      my understanding….. the natural resources of nigeria are up for grabs…. there’s $$$$$$$$$$$$ there….. and of course.. standard oil is there.. among others… it’s probably a variant of the preliminary PR staging for ‘smedley butler’ rides again…. “War is a racket”…. a moral cover to get our troops in ‘in country’….. shrugz….?

  • Hundreds of years ago, when the first explorers from all different nations, including China, came back from Africa, they all reported on the savagery they found there.

  • IstvanIN

    Better the Nigerians do the above than this:

  • Cannot Tell

    I don’t see this incident as Islamic terrorism. This is just typical black behavior.

    • benvad

      “Christians” and I use that word mildly, were filmed dragging alleged muslims off public buses, and burning hence muslims alive, than eating parts of the charred remains.

      Religion is just another division in which these savages use to eviscerate each other. Same consequences just different methods to their madness.

    • Einsatzgrenadier

      It’s typical Muslim behavior alright. It’s just worse because of all the negroes involved.

  • Whirlwinder

    Mohammadism has not changed for 1400 years. They are fighting a jihad against the world and sex slaves are part of their booty. This is not news. It is something that needs to be wiped off the face of the earth. America, wake up!

  • LHathaway

    well, something has been done. Hillary has tweeted about it.

  • In a rational world, the abduction and rape of young girls would only produce more enemies.

    • FeuerSalamander

      isn’t there a hotel in africa that serves human flesh? That is where they will end up.

  • kikz2

    i perused some report ystrdy on google newsfeed, of one girl who apparently escaped, and it was mentioned in the article by ‘witnesses’ that the girls were put in the back of ‘3’ pick up trucks.. apparently those were some rather large transport flatbeds…

  • Anon

    If white people had any brains at all, we’d be doing something similar. What he is doing is equal parts TNB and scam to get his hands on American aid money. If it works, it VERY much will change to something along the lines of hacking off limbs and ever increasing demands for more money.
    But underneath it is an extreme socio-biological issue. Every society, no matter the race, has a biological imperative to have children. No children = death. A lowered birth rate like what we have should cause no small amount of anxiety (perhaps it does….a lot of psychotropic drugs used by whites). Abortion…unthinkable. One in four pregnancies is ended with the murder of a baby. Along with the shrinking of white populations, THAT should result in mass rioting, the hunting of abortionists for sport etc. Along with this….the male/female attraction dynamic is one of difference and adherence to role. Put simply….anything a woman does to unambiguously look like a woman, act like a woman and fulfill female gender roles, makes her desirable and raises her status, especially if she is married or about to be married to her polar opposite….a man. A man looks like a man, dresses and acts like an adult man (women can get away with acting childish…men cannot in public), stands, acts, talks like a man and accepts the responsibility of the role of a man. And just incase any are unclear about this. A large part of this is being competent in violence, the tools of violence, and being prepared, vigilant and protective. Don’t have a gun on you? You might want to check to see if you are a man. Abdication of such responsibilities means you are less. If that offends you….make that far less.
    Men want women. Women want men. In our society they want them permanently and they want to make babies. One to six babies is normal for us, closer to the latter. We start getting married at around age 16 and have babies right away and stop in the late twenties. That is normal. Look around. Is our society normal?
    No….you have a lot of LYING going on by evil anti-whites killing us every way they can but especially by tricking our people into not reproducing. One way to do that is to convince boys they want to be “boy-George”, girls should be like “Ellen”, that marriage before 30 is unwise but sex before 12 is cool. Education? Worthless. At least today. Few will ever remember a thing they learned in high school beyond the ability to read and basic math. A recent study of undergraduate degrees revealed that NONE would allow those getting them to recover what they spent on them during the life of their careers. These are literal wastes of times designed to make you a debt slave and not reproduce.
    Better you should go on welfare with an organized plan and with the cooperation of like minded people and have ten kids.
    Abu-whatshisname is obvious scum BUT HE IS ON TO SOMETHING. Identifying a real danger to his people and attempting to force a solution, in his way. Those girls “in school” are actually, and actively destroying their own.

  • jayvbellis

    Maybe these Nigerian Muslims could kidnap some American law school feminists – marry them off to….

    Some Muslim men who have been very bad, deserve the worst punishments on earth.

    Ha ha


    Maybe a two for one sale, or buy one and get one free

    • NeanderthalDNA

      Buy one icepick in the eye, get another free!

  • Perhaps the Nigerian government should just cut loose the Muslim areas in the interior and allow them to be independent. The Christians are mostly closer to the coast, and that is where the oil is anyway. The Lagos government would have the best of both worlds this way: all the oil revenue, but without the expense of having to police a pack of Medieval lunatics.

  • That is a paraphrase of Pope Innocent III during the Albigensian Crusade in the early 1200s: “Kill them all and God will claim his own”.

  • NeanderthalDNA

    Yeah, hindsight sooooooooooo 20/20, eh?

  • none of your business

    More information









    Tina Brown



    postU.S. NEWS


    How Monica Lewinsky Changed the Media

    Monica Lewinsky’s ‘Vanity Fair’ article reluctantly plunges us straight back into the frothing world of ‘90s gossip. It may be painful but it answers so many questions about today’s media.The Monica Lewinsky confessional in Vanity Fair brings back a torrent of unfond memories of the appalling cast of tabloid gargoyles who drove the scandal. Remember them? Treacherous thatched-roof-haired drag-queen Linda Tripp, with those dress-for-success shoulder pads? Cackling, fact-lacking hack Lucianne Goldberg, mealy-mouthed Pharisee Kenneth Starr—the whole buzzing swarm of legal, congressional and gossip industry flesh flies, feasting on the entrails. And, of course, hitting “send” on each new revelation that no one else would publish, the solitary, perfectly named Matt Drudge, operating in pallid obsession out of his sock-like apartment in Miami.

    A once-in-a-lifetime cast! Or so we all thought. But what we didn’t know at the time is that they were not some passing cultural excrescence. They were the face of the future. The things that shocked us then—the illicitly taped conversations, the wholesale violations of elementary privacy, the globally broadcast sexual embarrassments, all the low-life disseminated malice—is now the communications industry as it operates every minute of every day.

    Monica is right when she writes that “only a few years later, with the advent of social media, the humiliation would have been even more devastating.” Or maybe not: When the feds pressured her to talk that fateful night in the Ritz Carlton bar in Pentagon City, she’d have pulled out her iPhone and called her mom, who’d have told her to say nothing without a lawyer present. She just might have walked away from the hell that followed.

    Tina Brown talks Monica Lewinsky on ‘Morning Joe.’

    Monica is actually right about a lot of things in this piece, even as her vision is fogged by habituation to a culture she helped midwife. She is right that, for some, the stain of humiliation can indeed be irrevocable. Not everyone has the survival skills of William Jefferson Clinton. Scandal on the web leaves the shame a click away, forever. True, when you’ve been burned by the press it’s strange to keep applying for (as she writes) “jobs that fell under the umbrella of ‘creative communications’ and ‘branding.’”

    As the years passed Monica seems to have wavered between capitalizing on her notoriety, with projects like a handbag line and a 2002 HBO documentary, or going far enough away to escape it. (She went to England, where, she mentions proudly, she earned a master’s degree in social psychology.) Her ambivalence persists in her come-hither Vanity Fair photo, a seductive sofa pose rather than the kind of straightforward, unretouched portrait of a real 40-year-old woman that might have better suited her “new me” message.

    Monica’s new musings just remind us of how the death of privacy started.

    Monica is right about the lack of empathy shown by the feminist lobby, who joined the hyena pack casting judgment on her youthful conduct. Other women can often be the worst at cutting any slack towards the love interest in a sex scandal. But she herself is a little short of empathy towards the woman whose husband she was romping with. She uses the loftily patronizing word “troubling” to describe Hillary’s confiding to her late best friend Diana Blair that she blamed herself somewhat for Bill’s straying and calling Monica “a narcissistic loony toon.”

    “Yes, I get it,” writes Monica. “Hillary Clinton wanted it on record that she was lashing out at her husband’s mistress.” But frankly, what did Monica expect for flashing that thong at another woman’s husband? Being described by his wife as a warm, intelligent young woman who had inadvertently caught the president’s eye? Nor does she acknowledge that Hillary had no idea that Diana Blair’s notes would be made public, if ever, until much further in the future.

    Now everyone leaking and tweeting and posting on everyone else is the acknowledged way to get ahead in the 21st century. The digitally native generation has no idea what has been lost to the freedom of intimacy that has no fear of being recorded. Monica’s new musings just remind us of how the death of privacy started. The press was at the height of its power when the Monica story began and Drudge was its underbelly.

    The ascendant media that looked down on him has been pretty much destroyed. No one would have believed that that only 13 years later the Graham family would no longer own The Washington Post, that the two mighty news magazines would become a shadow and a corpse, and that the juggernaut CNN would be chasing the spoils won by cable TV’s counterpart to the Drudge Report, the Fox News Network. That too, is a story of humiliation. And not just hers.SHARE







    Can We Put This Chart In Every Public Restroom? ‘Cause Th…


    Asenath Andrews: Toyota Studio


    Black Keys’ Patrick Carney Unleashes Fresh Batch of Justi…Akintunde Akinleye/Reuters

    Nico Hines



    postWORLD NEWS


    Nigeria Had Advance Warning of Schoolgirls’ Kidnapping

    At least four hours before hundreds of girls were snatched from a boarding school, Nigerian authorities were aware of Boko Haram’s plans—and yet did nothing, says Amnesty International.The Nigerian authorities were warned in advance that the militant group Boko Haram was en route to snatch more than 250 schoolgirls and failed to prevent the raid, according to Amnesty International.

    Akintunde Akinleye/Reuters

    The human rights organization said it had independently verified evidence that the Nigerian security forces had more than four hours’ warning that the attack was imminent and yet failed to mount an adequate defense of theboarding school in northern Nigeria.

    Three weeks later, amid an international outcry for their release, the girls remain in captivity, and Islamist leaders have threatened to sell them as slaves in an African market.