Kennedy School Students Call for Training to Combat Privilege in Classroom

Tyler Olkowski, The Crimson, May 4, 2014

Students at the Kennedy School of Government gathered in the school’s courtyard on Friday for a “moment of solidarity” in support of a movement lobbying the school’s administration to create a mandatory orientation program to help incoming students and faculty better recognize and address race and gender in the classroom.

The movement, called HKS Speaks Out, began in October after students expressed having “really negative classroom experiences,” according to Reetu D. Mody, a first year Master in Public Policy student and an organizer of the movement. She said the group has amassed about 300 student signatures, or about a fourth of the school’s student population, on a petition that calls for mandatory privilege and power training.

At Friday’s event, about 80 students participated in an exercise to visualize the differences in privilege created by race and gender. The students began in a single line, but as students were asked to step forward or backward based on questions about the social repercussions of their socioeconomic, racial, ethnic, and sexual identities, the line became disjointed.


In response to the movement, the school’s diversity committee met with the group’s organizers to hear their concerns, Kennedy School spokesman Doug Gavel wrote in an email, adding that these discussions “have been extremely productive and constructive.”

Additionally, Melodie Jackson, senior associate dean for degree programs and student affairs, “has committed to integrating diversity training into student orientation and the school is currently exploring a variety of different training options,” Gavel wrote.

Mody organized “speak out” sessions last fall after being disappointed by classes that “didn’t really address race at all” when considering systemic policy issues. {snip}

At the sessions, many students expressed that the power dynamics in the classroom hurt their experience and limited their education, according to Mody.


Out of these community conversations, the group decided that students and faculty needed to have a better understanding of “race, gender, socioeconomic class, sexual orientation, ability, religion, international status, and power differentials,” prior to entering classroom discussions, according to the movement’s open letter to the Kennedy School community.

“You can either go to a diversity talk, or you can go play soccer–that was our orientation.” Mody said, of last year’s orientation.

For Michelle A. Millar, a first year student at the Kennedy School, the status quo limits the amount of unique voices in the classroom.

“We just can’t learn when we are only hearing from one side,” Millar said. “It’s hard to get that perspective if our professors aren’t trained to . . . make [classrooms] a safe place.”

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  • A lack of sensitivity to race and gender, at Harvard ?

    • DaveMed

      You give a inch, they take a foot.

      The other side well knows that you win the debate by shifting the parameters.

      At this point, anything other than outright derision toward and discrimination against Whites = “lack of sensitivity to race and gender.”

      • LHathaway

        The curriculum is hostile to whites. But in their world view, racism equals whites and only whites can be racist and we must do everything we can to eliminate racism. As long as that racism it isn’t directed toward whites. If racism or discrimination is directed toward whites, they act to increase it.

    • Frank_DeScushin

      Minority students are empowered to call for more and more demands when they see whites caving to their earlier demands. While it may seem illogical that the uber-Liberal whites at Harvard must be eradicated of their racism, the reason why these Liberal whites have to go through with these ridiculous diversity sessions is because they are the whites most likely to have caved to earlier lesser minority demands which paved the road to their current absurd situation.

    • Petronius

      Harvard has a lot of things to answer for.

      But lack of sensitivity to race and gender privilege is not one of them.

      • Anon

        A simple question. Are the specific people empowering non-whites to demand things or who “a lot to answer for”. Are those people white?
        The answer is no. Perhaps a few of the most brainwashed, most hardened communist whites. But realistically….no. These people are jewish. Harvard is a controlled institution. Admission is basically race based. Which race, explains a lot and is congruent historically and across situations, institutions and policy.

    • Anna Tree

      No, too much already.
      I would have answered: “Play SOCCERRRRRR!”

  • sbuffalonative

    “We just can’t learn when we are only hearing from one side,” Millar
    said. “It’s hard to get that perspective if our professors aren’t
    trained to . . . make [classrooms] a safe place.”

    A safe place?

    Are Harvard students prevented from asking questions or making comments in class?

    • Uncle_Dan

      It’s not a “safe place” when the students you accuse of Xism dare to defend themselves.

    • Anon

      Of course. So much as say you are proud to be white and security will taser you and you will be bodily removed from the premises. The tuition…that they will keep.

    • NeanderthalDNA

      “Are Harvard students prevented from asking questions or making comments in class?”

      Apparently the only people who can’t ask questions are White males. This stuff really is a religion, replete with its own ceremony and jargon. Reminds me of the French revolutionaries messianic devotion to ripping asunder all the past and remaking the world according to their “church”.

    • Geo1metric

      “A safe place” means safe from being offended. Safe from being offended by someone smarter than you are, safe from being offended by someone using a word you don’t understand, safe from feeling ignorant, safe from all those smart, White kids.

  • 4321realist

    More proof that diversity/multiculturalism is a failure.

    It has replaced education as the number one priority.

    • MooTieFighter

      Agreed. It has also replaced politics, hard work, and common sense.

  • ncpride

    “We just can’t learn when we are only hearing from one side,” Millar said.

    She has no idea how correct this remark is. She will NEVER hear the White prospective on anything. The only side she will hear is from various black/brown people complaining about Whitey and how racist we all are.

    • Reverend Bacon

      Yes, but sometimes they speak through their white marionette zombies.

      • Bartek

        Considering Harvard has very few actual self identifying Whites on campus most likely she just was an exchange student from Hollywood or New York.

        • Reverend Bacon

          I think the Kennedy School, of which many of the DWL politicians are alumni, is fairly white. WINO, I guess- limousine liberals in high concentration. That may have changed, but I doubt it.

          • Bartek

            Actually, I just looked up some stats., and only 24% of the Harvard student body is gentile White. They didn’t break it down by major, but I imagine that the percentage is reflected in most departments.

          • Reverend Bacon

            Here’s the Kennedy School proper- looks like you were correct. In any case, I was way way off.


            40% International, 25% “US Students of color,” and 35% white (they don’t tell us that part, we have to derive it. That’s a rough average across all their programs. I don’t know how the 35% breaks down. But I have even less respect for the Kennedy School than I did before.

          • Reverend Bacon

            So, in thinking about this, I’ve decided it’s even dumber than I thought. They are feeling “oppressed” by the 19% of the student body that is “white male.”

  • David Ashton

    The gradual assemblage of a new totalitarian system.

    • MooTieFighter

      Blacks are the key to this implementation.

  • MekongDelta69

    “You can either go to a diversity talk, or you can go play soccer–that was our orientation.”

    I don’t like playing soccer, but it beats the hell out of their alternative.

    A safe place?? What a bunch of wusses

  • Frank_DeScushin

    “We just can’t learn when we are only hearing from one side,” Millar said.

    Oh, you mean like that race talk that Holder and company are always lecturing whites about?

    • LHathaway

      If they want to learn more about race, perhaps they can invite Jared Taylor to speak on campus.

  • dd121

    I think these people would have scared the living daylights out of Lenin.

  • NoMosqueHere

    The sick liberal white students should just dumb themselves down by intentionally getting mediocre grades and talking ebonics in the classroom. Wouldn’t that level things out?

  • DudeWheresMyCountry?

    So when America was successful kids didn’t even consider questioning the curriculum to explain their failures and shortcomings, they tried harder. Now that Amerika is a crap hole the kids don’t question their shortcomings, they pretend the curriculum is flawed. I now believe a sure way to becoming a mindless idiot is attending public school and college in the US, one would be better off reading classical literature, scientific periodicals and history books written before 1990 at home. Infinitely better.

  • DiversityIsDeath

    “… to make classrooms a safe place”. Safe from what?

    • sbuffalonative

      I know. Do they feel threatened? Intimidated? Are their lives in danger?

      • John R

        Their feeewings are hurt! Their self-esteem has been harmed! It is just soooo distressing to hear about this (sob, sob), sorry, I am just too upset to continue…please, accept my apologies (sniff, sniff, sob, sob..)

        • They claim their obsessive-compulsive hypersensitivity is a virtue rather than a form of mental illness.

    • DA

      Safe from the truth, because the truth sets you free.

    • Yancy Derringer

      Safe from a potential “microaggression.”

  • Diversity Fatigue

    Somehow I don’t think those demanding privilege and race training for the professors belong in Harvard to begin with. I’m thinking vo-tech training would be more appropriate for these urchins.

  • jane johnson

    The diversity committee? Really?

    • tetrapod

      Rapidly morphing into “the committee of state security”, i.e., the KGB.


    The class room has to be made a safe place? What? This sort of talk comes from a place of hatred for both America itself and even more so for White Americans, especially White American men. The very idea of White privilege itself is meant to deny White peoples legitimacy in every area of life. By instantly assigning a preconceived idea based on nothing more than the color of their skin < ( which would be considered racist if it were applied to any other group ). That who and what they are, have, desire or achieved is fraudulently gotten simply by means of being born with White skin.

    Basically, all achievement is entirely unearned unless you're not White. Then not only is every achievement earned, but they had to be 2 to 3 times better than their White counter parts just to reach the same achievement. It's sick, and it's racist, and as far as the disingenuous White liberals bent on nation wide demographic suicide go, it's just great! Hopefully the next world super power will pick through the bones of America's demise and learn from our blatant self destruction the way we should've from Rome's.

  • Brian

    My grandfathers were getting shot at by Japanese at 19, and these p******* are crying about Harvard not being a ‘safe place’? Priceless.

    • So CAL Snowman

      I heard that they were handing out dresses and bottles of Midol at these training seminars.

      • Reverend Bacon

        Yeah, maybe they should just hand out cowboy hats, and bullets to bite on.

        If you pick up the baby each time it cries, it will continue to cry just to manipulate you. Behavior that is rewarded will be repeated. Even babies, and low-functioning adults, understand that.

    • John R

      Hey, I hear you, friend. Total, B.S.! There should even be a new word for “Bull Sh&T!” to define this.

    • One of my grandfathers went to work in a coal mine in Kentucky at 13. He not only didn’t get a “safe place”, he also didn’t get to finish the eighth grade, let alone attend an ivy league university where he could whine about how oppressive the world is and demand that someone hold his hand.

  • So CAL Snowman

    ““You can either go to a diversity talk, or you can go play soccer–that
    was our orientation.” Mody said, of last year’s orientation.”

    I wish there was a way we could track the kids that decided to play soccer vs. the kids that decided to be brainwashed. I would bet dollars to donuts that the kids who decided to play soccer had a higher graduation percentage with better grades than the kids who decided to attend the commissar’s diversity hour.

  • John R

    Yep. I attended college in Harvard, and when one of the African American students tried to ask a question, the professor, who was from the South, said, in a long drawl, “I ain’t gonna take no lip from one of you darkies in this here classroom, ya hear, boy”? The minority student, seeing the angry looks from his white classmates, had to back down, “uhh, sorry, suh. I sit down rite away, suh, yessuh!” Okay, people, stop laughing! Gee, no one believes me? Why not?

    • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

      Sounds like a scene from Blazing Saddles.

  • How about making the classrooms ‘safe’ for whites to learn and ask questions without getting shouted down or beat up?

  • IKUredux

    Let’s be perfectly clear, all this talk about about blah, blah, blah, can be very simply summed by saying: Whites need to go. Or, if you prefer, a more humanitarian approach: as Whites should be forced to engage in miscegenation (a slower death). But, let’s face it, it is death either way. I really don’t understand why we Whites in the West have been forcibly made to accept all these poor migrants, political refugees, etc. Seriously? Why? We Whites have the power to forcibly make these people stay at home and forcibly change their countries so they either want to stay, or, they have no choice. Let’s take India. Indians who come to this country have a superiority complex. They do. They actually have the nerve to tell you how great India is. They don’t need to be here, take your superior attitude back to India and make it a place you want to live in! Don’t traipse around my country in your stupid ass saris and tell me about how stupid Americans are! Change your own damn country! We Whites should be making them do so. China! China! OMG. I hate these people! They are everywhere! There is probably not a country in the world where this isn’t a Chinese. Which leads me to ask :What the hell is wrong with China that so many of their countrymen want the hell out ? White people, make China change! Bomb them into submission, I don’t care, but really, why is the rest of the world having to put up with these vile stinky creatures? And Africa! Africa! Home to untold wealth in natural resources! Why are all the Africans trying to get the hell out of Africa? Actually, we all know why. So, what is the logical solution? Put Whites back in charge of Africa. Put Whites in charge of all countries who have had people emigrate to the West. (Would that be literally all the countries in the world?). Instead of forcibly changing White countries, let’s agitate to forcibly change theirs.

    • kikz2

      ????didn’t we try that already, and that’s how we’ve ended up where we are now??????? (headscratch)

    • saxonsun

      Excellent post but may I add the Muslims?

  • FozzieT

    These are our future-overlords-in-training. Upon graduation, they will have cushy careers running the various apparatus of Big Government, Big Media, and Big Business. And you can bet that they will use their power to take away “White Privilege” once and for all.

    • evilsandmich

      They are completly detached from thosenthat they rule. That kind of situation rarely works out for anyone, especially the rulers.

      • FozzieT

        Agreed. But it doesn’t work out too well for the ruled either – at least in the short term!

    • Harvard faculty show high levels of over representation of non-Gentile ‘whites’, hostile to the American majority’s values and culture.

      This may be a coded rebellion to this fact. So when they send the Kagans to diversity training , this is a good thing.

  • shmo123

    The next step on the rung for the pathological altruists who inhabit universities. Personally, I’d like to see the whole stinking house of cards come crashing down–the sooner the better.

  • Black Swan

    What is the punishment if a White student refuses to be berated and humiliated in these “diversity” sessions?

    “We just can’t learn when we are only hearing from one side,” Millar said.

    You got that right, fool. You’re only hearing the anti-White, anti-American, anti-liberty, pro-Communism side that pushes indoctrination while silencing any opposition. You’ll come out like one of Pavlov’s trained dogs spewing hate-filled mantras about multiculturalism, diversity, Whites are Nazis/colonists/oppressors and worse.

    • DA

      You have correctly analyzed this Marxist mind control system that the stupid white fools buy into.


      They are taught to hate and blame us for every self induced problem, flaw or discomfort in their entire lives. From the prolific to the simple, it’s all our fault. And they have the nerve to wonder why over 90+ percent of all interracial violent crime involving Whites and blacks, has a White victim and a black perpetrator! You know, in a just world, the idiotic hate inducing liberals who paint targets on the backs of innocent people for no other reason than the color of their skin. Would be tried as accomplices when one of their hate filled pets decides to murder some White family somewhere. To exact revenge for grievances that only exist in their peanut shaped head thanks to their liberal education in Hatred 101.

      Or at the very least be sued for everything they own the same way the SPLC sued the KKK leader when a couple of idiots who heard him speak ended up killing someone. That would be just, but, we don’t live in a just world do we?

  • DA

    White privilege like global warming is a falsehood. It’s
    just another Marxist device to degrade the accomplishments of the white race.

    This is the same technique that was used in the Soviet Union
    in its beginning and in Mao’s cultural revolution.

    Have people assemble in a room and denounce themselves for
    having abilities and were successful and make false confessions to their so-called

    This the same rubbish packaged in “Diversity”.

    • Global warming is real, but it isn’t necessarily man-caused. The climate is not as warm as it was before the “mini ice age”, though wine grapes will now grow again in southern England, as they once did. The truth of the matter is that the earth’s climate is not completely stable, and that this is related to the sunspot cycle.

      • Martel

        Do you think it is man-caused, natural, or a combination(to what degree?)

        • There’s probably some man-caused input, simply because we’re burning more fuels. If memory serves me right, about 500 million years ago the atmospheric CO2 content was 20 times what it is today, while during the whole industrial era, the CO2 level has increased by only 35%.

          The residence time of CO2 in the atmosphere is quite short, as CO2 dissolves in rainwater and ends up in the oceans, where shellfish and zooplankton produce shells with it. This eventually sediments out and is converted into limestone.

          • Grantland

            CO2 levels were ten times current levels in the Cretaceous.

          • Geo1metric

            Climate changes every day, at least where I live. 🙂

      • Geo1metric

        Sunspots and the fluctuation of the overall energy output of the sun. There is also the issue of precession of the Earth, that is that it wobbles on its axis like a spinning top, in a 25,000 year cycle.

        I always like to remind people that the Vikings were grazing sheep in Greenland from around 900 a.d. to 1200 a.d.

  • ricpic

    Elections can’t save us from what’s coming at this point. These Kennedy School students, when they graduate are quickly assigned slots at every vital Federal Government department and agency, slots that fast track them to positions of great leverage in the upper echelons of those branches of the permanent government. And from there they will dispense, in ever harsher form, the “laws” of the Left and the “justice” of the Left. Which means that to oppose the Left’s concerted racism against and discrimination against whites will in short order become criminal. In law. With draconian punishments to follow. I am praying for economic collapse, because frankly, unless the whole rotten structure implodes nothing stands in the way of our enslavement.

  • Roninf9

    ‘the group decided that students and faculty needed to have a better understanding of “race, gender, socioeconomic class, sexual orientation, ABILITY, religion, international status, and power differentials,” prior to entering classroom discussions, according to the movement’s open letter to the Kennedy School community.’
    Plainly stated morons don’t feel “safe” at the acedemically rigorous Kennedy School and we all know who the morons are and why they are there. This is about degrading and deconstructing our instituions and our civilization.
    You can have two but not all three

    • Bartek

      Defending on the definitions of the words, a people might be able to only pull off one successfully.

    • Nonhumans

      Without hesitation, Ill take the latter 2.

      • Roninf9

        So would anyone with a brain and given the choice. Unfortunately we don’t have the choice – unless we want to fight for it – and most people’s brains have been diminished by the TV and government schools.

  • IA_Adam

    “2 + 2 = Whatever the party says it equals comrade.”

  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    At first rapid glance, I read the article title as Kennedy School Students Call for Combat Training in Classroom. As someone who worked with the public in “diverse” areas, I wish I had combat training to handle certain populations.

  • Anon

    Jews are 2% of college age Americans yet given 25% of the admissions. By contrast, white people are 70% of the college age population yet given only 20% of the admissions.
    These facts alone should make a few things obvious about Harvard. The first is it is blatantly and intensely anti-white. Only a few “useful idiots” are let in and there is a heavy neo-communist litmus test for admission. The second is, jews, obviously control the situation. And last, the fact that half of Harvard admissions are given to populations where mental defection is the rule, not the rare exception….well. Going to Harvard doesn’t mean what it used to.
    Non-white immigration and the idea that whites must cater to non-whites, even supplicate is a jewish thing, top to bottom. And this thing with Harvard is a classic example.
    When the article says “students” they want you to assume “white students”. But everyone in control of the situation is jewish. Blacks are there but are basically window dressing.
    No one involved is actually getting a college education of any reasonable standard.

    • Geo1metric

      The situation you describe is at EVERY Ivy league as well as many other universities around the country.

  • Bartek

    According to the Admission Statistics at Harvard College: 20% Asian, 12% Hispanic, 11% Black, 3% Aboriginal American. That leaves 54%. According to Hillel (Jewish College Life Organization) 30% of Harvard Student Body is Jewish. This means only 24% of Harvard’s student body is gentile White.
    Guess which demographic does not have a support group on campus?
    Now consider which demographic will not be represented behind the scenes in government with graduates of the Kennedy School of Government.

    • The “Kennedy” School of Government? If JFK was so good at government, why did he get his head shot off by a half-baked Marxist with Soviet and Cuban ties?

      That is like naming a maritime navigation school after Joseph Hazelwood, former skipper of the Exxon Valdez.

      • Bartek

        Perhaps the Marine Corp should open up the Oswald Marine Scout Sniper school to balance things out.


        There is no doubt that John F. Kennedy is the most overrated President in American history. At least so far, we’ll have to see whether Obama becomes the most overrated or the second most overrated President after he leaves office. There’s one semi good thing I can give credit to Kennedy for, and that’s not getting us all nuked during the Cuban missile crises. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. In the case of JFK, Abraham Lincoln and especially Mautin Loofa King. The sin cleansing gift of assassination was the greatest thing to ever happen to the legacy of these 3 men. Without it, they would be remembered for who and what they really were.

        In King’s case, he’d be remembered as a sexual deviant and racial exploiter of a caliber no better than that of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. His addiction to plagiarism would have come to light as well as the FBI recordings of his rampant sexual perversion ( Hopefully ). But no matter what he would not be the damn near saint of the liberal left that he is today.

        • Martel

          I credit McNamara for the Cuban missile crisis. I doubt kennedy was key in determining strategy as he was, but he did pick the right staff for this one.

          • Bartek

            The real outcome of avoiding war in the 1960’s is that the “social justice” programs were allowed to dramatically alter the populations of Europe and the USA.

            If my people had to suffer genocide I would have preferred war to social engineering.
            At least with war there would have been some survivors and the clear majority of them would have been White.

            Will any Whites be able to survive the social engineering efforts of the 1960s, the “openness”, and the “vibrancy”? Judging by the death spiral birth rates, the answer is no.

          • McNamara did some good, but he foisted the M-16 rifle onto the armed forces before the bugs were ironed out.

          • LHathaway

            ‘Credit’? They nearly got us all killed and we are crediting their skill at ‘getting us out’ of the situation? Maybe I don’t have an understanding of the Cuban missile crises but it does sound a little bit Orwellian to ‘credit’ those that got us into it.

          • Martel

            How did they get the Americans into the situation?

          • LHathaway

            Well, I have a hearsay knowledge of this chapter in American history. A friend who knew someone in the air force claimed that Kennedy launched our bombers toward the Soviet Union (if fact, the story I was told was they were over the Soviet Union – although in reality perhaps only close enough to be detected) and at that point demanded Missiles be removed from Cuba, something the Soviets agreed to do. I’m not sure why someone would make up such a story. Perhaps it’s not a true story. Perhaps the pilot telling the story was in the air and on alert although the actual threat never occurred.

            It is in the history books as the closest we’ve come to nuclear war. It’s hard to praise our leaders for that. But you’re right, perhaps there was nothing else they could have done and they did make the best of a bad situation and should be praised.

            I tend to be a conspiracy theorist, so perhaps the whole event was intended to add some mystery to Kennedy’s assassination. As a conspiracy theorist, the whole thing is likely a made up story, all around.

        • Grantland

          Nevertheless, he was the last real President.

          • Geo1metric

            There is lots of mis-information out about JFK. Today he would be considered quite conservative. The more I learn about him, the more I admire him.

            I have a theory about why he was whacked, but will only say that I have read many books about it, and the theory I subscribe to is somewhat obscure but makes the most sense to me.

            Nothing to do with Cuba, Communism, or LBJ. And certainly not Oswald. Poor Oswald was the perfect fall guy.

        • MikeofAges

          The Homeric hero Achilles was told that he either could live a long and honored life or die young and have eternal fame. Dying young, or least at dying too soon; it can be a good career move.

          King was not the only big man with a kink. Kennedy also was a sexual profligate. One prominent 20th Century white male theologian was revealed after his death to have been an orgiast. Not a far out guy, a mainstream theologian. I got the biggest laugh of all out of the accusations against Clarence Thomas. Aside from the fact that Anita Hill was a loony toon grade misrepresenter, the man Thomas was replacing Thurgood Marshall was another orgiast and sexual profligate. Nothing Thomas could possibly have done could have close to Marshall’s feats of amorous excess.

          Hookers have saying, the bigger the john, the bigger the kink. Not all are afflicted, but there is a percentage. Whatever it is.

      • Urbane Neanderthal

        Some conspiracy theorists say it was because Kennedy told Israel to shut down their nuclear weapons program.

        Others think it was because he and his brother tried to have the American Israel Public Affairs Committee’s and it’s parent organization, the American Zionist Council registered as an Israeli foreign agent in order to restrict their lobbying efforts.

        I don’t know but I’ve always had difficulty understanding what motivated Jack Ruby (Rubenstein) to give up his comfy life as a strip club owner to go to prison or get killed by the DPD officers escorting Oswald.

        • That’s the aspect that doesn’t make any damned sense. Oswald was certain to get the electric chair anyway, so why bother shooting him unless he needed to be silenced?

          One possibility is that the JFK assassination was mob-related. Bobby was Attorney General at the time, and really had it in for the mafia, with his brother’s full encouragement. This had to have annoyed some people who had received much less government heat during the Truman and Eisenhower administration.

          • Urbane Neanderthal

            It is not logical for a man of Ruby’s age and station to take a crazy action like that.

            I can buy Oswald shot JFK, it would have been difficult shot for most men (to keep that steady of aim in such a situation on a moving target) but it’s not impossible.

            But the story falls apart with Ruby, and I wouldn’t trust Arlen Spector as far as I could through his dead body.

          • It was only 88 yards. I could have done it over iron sights, and would have in fact preferred open sights to the cheap scope with skinny optics that Oswald used.

            I would have picked a surplus Lee-Enfield. They’re very accurate, and the action is fast and smooth.

          • Urbane Neanderthal

            The Carcano would not have been in my top ten list either.

            CBS did a recreation of the shooting many years ago with several shooters attempting the feat, it was not a gimmie in my opinion.
            The video of it is on youtube.

            Add the adrenaline most normal would produce under the situation and I believe it would be difficult for most to make two out of three hits. Not impossible, but not easy.

          • Geo1metric

            Oswald, while a good shot, even by Marine standards, was not capable of three successive shots which he allegedly pulled off in the time period.

            And the “magic bullet”? Who, with even two functioning brain cells, would believe such a tale??

          • Urbane Neanderthal

            That’s why I wouldn’t trust Specter, the Jewish author of the single bullet theory, as far as I could throw his corpse.

            As for making the shot, watch the CBS / HP White ballistics lab recreation and judge for yourself.


          • Geo1metric

            The mob was too valuable to the government even with Bobby harassing them which I think was a smoke screen. I think the mob, parts of it, had a small role in the whack job, but it was engineered by some of the best in the world at that type of operation.

    • LHathaway

      You’re saying Harvard has multiple student groups and alumni organizations for blacks, asians, hispancs and native americans and none for whites? And they’ve decided more ‘diversity’ means even more none-white representation and activism. And at this university, that both hires and admits by affirmative action, they are demanding power and privilege training that will no doubt blame whites for all trouibles, real or imagined?

  • Mrfinoni

    NATIONAL POST- Robyn Urback: U of T student union moves ahead with harrowingly stupid equity plan………………The UTSU, however, wants to take the unprecedented step of overhauling its council structure and implementing a new system comprised of “constituency directors” representing mostly marginalized groups……

  • willbest

    The problem isn’t so much that these nitwits are wasting their time not working on real problems, its that mommy & daddy get them jobs with the politicians they bought which gives it real influence.

  • bubo

    “Coddle me! I demand attention and affirmation!” The real world is going to be very tough on these people.

  • WR_the_realist

    “We just can’t learn when we are only hearing from one side,” Millar
    said. “It’s hard to get that perspective if our professors aren’t
    trained to . . . make [classrooms] a safe place.”

    The one side that students get to hear is the side that Michelle Millar is on. They never get to hear our side. And do tell, just how dangerous are those Harvard classrooms? The insanity continues.

    • bubo

      Harvard students are among the world’s top .0000001% of privilege. These people are monumentally delusional.

  • Grantland

    Two hearty strokes of the cane for each and every one of these prima donnas. Six of the best for the faculty. Then we’ll talk.

  • model1911

    ““You can either go to a diversity talk, or you can go play soccer–that was our orientation.” I would recommend that John Derbyshire give the ‘diversity talk’

  • dcc2379

    Mody was disappointed that everything is not about race. Maybe because everything isn’t. More perplexing is that since liberals claim race doesn’t exist, that race is just a social construct, how can anyone talk about a non sequitur?

    • kikz2

      ad nauseam……….. quite reminiscent of a ‘logic defying’ monty python dead parrot or an SNL rosanna rosanna danna (sp) sketch, only not funny…….and you wonder why you can’t seem to rouse yourself from the nightmare……

  • MooTieFighter

    Ivy league education has become a joke. Sad, it used to mean something.

  • Urbane Neanderthal

    “We just can’t learn when we are only hearing from one side,” Millar said

    I (rhetorically) wonder if she would like to invite Jared Taylor to speak at her school?

  • blight14

    Whites create, non-whites deface and defile. The foolish notion that its ‘the right thing to do’ to coddle these cretins to ‘rectify for sins of the past’ couldn’t be more wrong. Just look at South Africa if you want to see the long term result.

    • Dale McNamee

      “non-white” whites also defile & deface…

  • Nonhumans

    It would be a better use of your time, by comparison.


    Howcumzit whenever the topics of “privilege” and “power” come up, no one ever mentions university professors? Go to any campus and look around. You’d have to be blind not to notice the privilege they enjoy, not to mention their tenure. And power? We are being ruled by the law faculties of a selected few North East campuses. Just consider the following:

    John Glover Roberts, Jr. – Harvard

    Antonin Gregory Scalia – Harvard

    Anthony McLeod Kennedy – Harvard

    Clarence Thomas – Yale

    Ruth Joan Bader Ginsburg – Columbia and Harvard

    Stephen Gerald Breyer – Harvard

    Samuel Anthony Alito, Jr. – Yale

    Sonia Maria Sotomayor – Yale

    Elena Kagan – Harvard

    If there is diversity in there, I don’t see it.

    • Geo1metric

      Count your blessings; four are gentiles.

  • Texan1st

    They’ve been hearing only “one side” their entire lives, which is why they would even ask for this nonsense.

  • “We just can’t learn when we are only hearing from one side,” Michelle A. Millar said.

    Apparently, with anti-White Multicultural Marxism dribbling from their every orifice, today’s college students still can’t get enough.

  • The best thing I can think of that McNamara did was cancelling the Decatur class guided missile destroyer conversions from Forrest Sherman class ships after only four had been converted. The conversion was expensive and produced a ship of very limited capability with serious topweight and stability issues. The original intention of the conversion was to produce a ship as capable as a Charles F. Adams class DDG, but it simply could not be done on the smaller Forrest Sherman hull. At least McNamara wasn’t afraid to cancel an uneconomical program.

    • Geo1metric

      He also tried to use “operations analysis” to run a war. Big mistake which got lots of people killed. Statistical analysis is no substitute for strategic and tactical military thinking. IMHO, he should have stayed in the car business…oh wait, he wasn’t very good at that either.

      • At Ford, McNamara was the one who ordered the 1958 restyling of the company’s Thunderbird from a two-seat sports car into yet another oversized tuna boat-mobile. This left the Corvette as the only remaining US-made sports car. Chevrolet must have been delighted.

  • fgbrunner3

    Are the children running the school?

  • Dale McNamee

    Avoid all of this by attending a trade school and get a marketable skill at a far lower price instead of a prohibitively expensive, useless education, with a fancy diploma…

    And you can be on your own as an adult instead of living at home…

    You don’t need a college degree to be well read…

  • brior

    “mandatory orientation program” mandatory orientation program mandatory orientation program mandatory orientation program……. I don’t get it.

  • Geo1metric

    Agreed. He was one of those Haaavaaad egg heads, not a military man.