‘It’s War out Here so N***** Gotta Carry Guns’

Daily Mail (London), May 5, 2014

Shortly after his arrest for alleging killing a stranger on a Brooklyn bus, 14-year-old Kahton Anderson made a statement to the police giving sad insight into the confused mind of a terrified young man.

Anderson allegedly shot and killed father of two Angel Rojas, 39, on accident as he fired on rival gang members.

‘Who did I hit? Was it a rival or an innocent man? Why didn’t I just go home?’ he wrote in his statement, as reported by the New York Daily News.

‘They came at me on the bus, and I was scared. Yo am I gonna do life for this? It’s my brother’s gun. It’s war out here, so n***** gotta carry guns. Oh man I’m f***** man, that n**** Jayquan man. Every time I’m with this n****’.

A member of the Stack Money Goons gang, Anderson told an officer at the 79th Precinct station house he needed the .357 Magnum to protect himself.

At the time of the shooting both he and Rojas, strangers to one another, were riding the B15 bus through Bed-Stuy.

Rojas was reportedly coming home from work from his job a deli before starting a second shift at a different store.

Rojas was three rows behind Anderson when the boy saw three teens who were allegedly members of a rival gang, stood up, and fired a single shot.

Instead of the intended target the bullet struck Rojas in the head.

Anderson’s lawyer Frederic Pratt has urged people to weigh the circumstances of the shooting when judging the boy’s actions.

Anderson and the other as-yet unidentified teens then all fled the bus. According to the NYPD five more shots were fired once they were on the street.

The bus driver sped two blocks away before finding an ambulance.

Rojas was alive when paramedics found him, but died on the way to Woodhull Medical Center.

Anderson was found and arrested shortly after the shooting ended.

‘Kahton’s culpability has to be considered in light of all the surrounding circumstances,’ Pratt told the New York Post outside Brooklyn Supreme Court.

He has been charged with second-degree murder, criminal use of a firearm, and criminal possession of a weapon.

He will be tried as an adult and faces life in prison if convicted.

Anderson has pled not guilty.

One of Rojas’s children, 12-year-old Saury, told reporters that his mother only works part-time and is ‘worried about the rent.’

‘If we don’t pay the rent, she says we don’t know where we’re going to end up.’ Saury said of the East Flatbush family who moved to New York from the Dominican Republic in 2010.

Anderson’s mother, who declined to give her name out of fear of gang retaliation, told reporters both families had ‘suffered a loss’ and that her son sympathized with the Rojas family.

‘The stupidity of those gangs that basically over nothing are trying to kill each other, and unfortunately in the process kill innocents, as they did with this hardworking young man trying to raise his family,’ Police Commissioner Bill Bratton told reporters. ‘A life needlessly lost, taken by a 14-year-old who felt it necessary to carry a gun on a city bus and shoot.’


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  • Make certain of your mark next time, Kahton.

    • Zimriel

      Gun control, yo.

    • Anon

      Actually, you should learn from his situation. I spend hours a week, every week, working with various calibers to hone in specific muscle responses and train my nerves to do specific actions on automatic. Why? Because 100% of shooters, under stress will just pull and fire like Anderson did. In the same situation, I can bascally guarantee you will miss your intended target and hit someone right next to them. It’s just a function of how guns and the body work. Being a crack shot when you intend to fire is not enough. You won’t do any of these deliberate actions under stress. Instead, what you WILL do is pull and fire. What that means will depend on how many grueling hours spent training….again…again….wait a few weeks…come back to it…year after year.
      Don’t confuse the issue with the fact that Anderson is a monster and should be executed with little fuss or bother.

  • dd121

    He’ll have to learn to redirect his gang skills for his future prison existence.

    • Diversity Fatigue

      Most of them consider doing prison time a badge of honor and will brag about it. Of course, at 14, Quintricious will start out in a juvenile facility.

      • dd121

        He killed somebody so they might try him as an adult.

        • cherrie greenbaum123

          if ONLY!

        • Strider73

          According to the article he will be tried as an adult on three felony charges.

        • 1stworlder

          Oddly the DE Attorney General that raped a 16yo boy has leftists blaming the boy and parents.

          ““For the past three years, Simmons had volunteered his time at the Tower Hill School as a mock trial coach. Former school headmaster Christopher D. Wheeler is set to go to trial May 2 on 25 counts of dealing in child pornography.”

    • When I was in prison, I ran an informal study group for guys working on their GEDs.

      Perhaps that was my “White Privilege” oozing out.

      • Studying conic sections, the pythagorean theorem and the quadratic equation are nice ways to separate White from black.

      • And like clockwork we have Michael Christopher Scott taking an opportunity to remind everyone that he’s a convicted felon. It’s almost like he takes a sort of perserve pride in it. Now don’t get me wrong. It does not seem to be the sort of “I’m a tough guy because I survived prison, so be afraid of me” sort of posturing that you often see in the criminal class. But it is clearly a source of pride with him and he simply loves to talk about it.

        I don’t get it. Were I an ex-prison inmate, I would be deeply ashamed at permitting myself to get in to that situtation, and I would take pains to keep people from knowing about my shameful past. I certainly would not be bringing it up Every single chance I got. But we clearly think differently as I have always been on the other side of the law as he…in fact I am a 25 year Criminal Justice proffesional. It’s certainly shaped my attitudes toward crime and criminals, and is the reason I really don’t relate well or fit in with many of the Stormfront/VNN type of race realists.

        I suppose we should just be thankful that he is not claiming he was a “political prisoner” or other such nonsense! 😉

        • Anon

          Not sure I understand where you are coming from. Both of you have something in common. You can talk about race, specifically institutionalized anti-white attitudes and behaviors with regard to the justice system. You are both experts, of a sort, with valuable information not typically available.
          There is also another issue you are likely to come across. White people either in prison or who have been in prison who should not have been. George Zimmerman (although not white) is a recent, high profile case of what I am talking about. Other countries, such is much more common. White people in jail for so called “racism”. Their crimes? Defending themselves from home invasion. Or calling the police when witnessing a non-white raping, robbing or murdering someone. Or saying the wrong thing, especially when true, about certain subjects.
          Your view of “criminals” might be pretty clear with the black ones. But with whites you need to be careful. The rule of law has clearly broken down and become highly arbitrary in certain regions, even whole countries. A controlled media beyond the wildest dreams of the old soviet union doesn’t help matters.
          Scott just told you something important. Although criminal gangs do, sometimes hone their criminal skills in prison, his personal experience was one of being actively involved in helping others get a real education.

        • I used to love shooting. I had a gun collector’s “03 Curios & Relics” FFL. I not only reloaded, but did a lot of case-forming for discontinued calibers, like making 6.5mm X 50SR Arisaka out of .220″ Swift. The last time I went shooting was July 4, 2000. Not being able to do any of that anymore hurts me, and I’m reminded of it every day.

          If the worst thing going on in your life is reading my gripes about this matter, you have it pretty good.

        • WR_the_realist

          Well, as Michael Christopher Scott said in an earlier post, his past prison experience is just part of who he is. He’s not bragging about it, but not hiding it either.

  • Luca

    NYC is the epitome of strict gun control failure. Don’t be surprised if some Liberal hacks at the NYT runs a sympathy piece on Kahton and DeBalsio is so moved by it that he will pass a law only allowing black gang members to carry concealed weapons.

    He will draw his inspiration from and justify his actions based upon the immortal words of Kahton Anderson: “It’s war out here, so n***** gotta carry guns.”

    Now how can any Liberal argue with the wisdom of Kahton Anderson?

    • Actually, knowing the open air insane asylum in which we live, what will happen is that the oil driller, Bloomberg, and the whole gang will find some way to blame white people for a black yoot murdering a Hispanic man.

      • Nonhumans

        But it wasnt a yoof this time. Not a teen, not a yoof, not a chirren, it was a (quote)”terrified young man”. What gives here? Is he black? Oh yeah the (r)ebonics gives it away.

        Gangs and their activities are a real testament to the uselessness and marked stoopidity of the nonhumans

        • cherrie greenbaum123

          Good catch. I totally missed that.

    • kikz2

      most assuredly Kathon’s ‘mufu-festo’ will ascend the annals of the historical black record to radiate its wisdom among luminaria such as maya angelou……

      • Luca

        Yes, I believe he even transcends the ebonical wisdom of Rachel Jeantel. Perhaps once that “smart cookie” graduates from Georgetown with her JD she can defend poor Kahton.

    • Anon

      I have two predictions about DeBlasio. The first is that his son is going to get killed robbing someone with a handgun. The second is his daughter is going to get picked up for prostitution while carrying a huge amount of drugs.

      I must be negrodomis.

    • cherrie greenbaum123

      He is extremely well spoken. Negroes have an exceptional talent for the nuances and subtleties of the English language.

  • Ronald

    The problem is not guns. The problem is Africans with guns.

    • Jim

      A disproportionate number of Africans are emotion driven people. Act first, think later. Asking them to be logical may be asking too much. I’m not trying to be condescending, just realistic.

      • Anon

        I see…..that’s how you interpret the fact that OVER half of black males are arrested during their lifetimes for a serious victim oriented felony….rape, robbery, murder, vicious assault. Africans aren’t evil….they are just emotion driven.
        One of these days, I’m going to create my own reality internet TV show. I’ll place hidden cameras all over Detroit simply broadcast whatever is going on 24/7. It will be the most popular show in history…..right up until the moment the internet goes dark.

        • Jim

          I don’t think they’re evil. I think that group genetics has predisposed them, generally speaking, to certain behaviors and personality types, and that those behaviors and traits don’t often work well in a more advanced society.

          People often wonder how blacks can have such a strong sense of solidarity. One reason is that their hyper-emotional tendencies allow them to be whipped up into a frenzy by community leaders. At least during stressful or celebratory situations. Are those tendencies genetic? I think so. And while group solidarity gives them a political advantage over whites, the volatile emotion that brings it about also lands them in jail or leads them to evade responsibility. Not great traits in our modern world. But in a more primitive environment? Who knows?

    • The problem is Africans. They don’t need guns to attack in packs and beat lone people to death, a la “knockout game”.

  • It’s war out here, so n***** gotta carry guns

    Of course, it’s a war that the n*****s are causing, so the logic seems a little bit circular.

    • Alexandra1973

      Indeed. He’s part of the problem.

    • Guest

      Yep, it’s a war those n****rs are causing.

  • Simonetta

    When I lived in New Orleans, I went to a community college that was next to a giant city park. One day while roaming through the park I came upon a giant oak tree with a little plaque on it stating that it was the original ‘Dueling Oak’. In the antebellum era (before 1861), men who felt that they had be slighted or ‘dissed’ by any other man could challenge that man to a duel. Basically each guy got a friend to witness that they were going to stand about thirty feet from each other, point old flintlocks at each other, and on the command of one of the seconds, fire at each other.

    Usually one man was killed or seriously wounded. Being old flintlocks without laser red-dot sights, sometimes both bullets missed and other times both men were killed. In any event, the ‘point of honor’ was satisfied and neither man would be charged with a crime, and, more importantly, no revenge feuds were started between the families or friends of the men who voluntarily chose to engage in a duel.

    After the civil war, this practice was banned because so many men were killed in that war that it was deemed absurd (by the surviving women) to allow the precious remaining men to kill each other over trivia.

    In African communities, which now includes most big cities of the USA, the only way for young men to get ahead in their community is to selectively kill other young black men. It’s been this way for 10,000 years and it isn’t going to change because civilized people think that it’s barbaric. In ‘da hood, you is who you kill’. It isn’t like anyone is going to be impressed that you got an A on a trigonometry exam.

    So, it’s time to bring back the dueling tradition for young African-Americans. They can’t stop themselves from killing each on sight: it’s in their genetic structure. We need to set up a time and place and simple set of rules and allow them to kill each other in a controlled manner that doesn’t endanger civilized people. Or cause civilized people to pick up the tab for 40 years of murder sentence or $50000 in medical bills. Maybe even once a year, the guy who survives the most duels will get a big gold “Baddest N**g**r in Da Hood!” medal from the mayor in a televised ceremony.

    But only African-Americans would be allowed to duel. And if they killed or injured anyone outside of the dueling zone, then they would be arrested and executed. Any African-American young man who didn’t want to engage in a duel would sign a paper to that affect at the local police station or community center. He would be given ‘honorary white’ or full-citizen status. If he were killed by another black for being “a white pussy”, then that young black AND HIS ENTIRE FAMILY would be executed.

    Would this cause young African-Americans to come to their senses and stop killing each other over nothing? No, nothing will do that because they are ‘programmed’ to murder each other for social status. But it would put a stop to ordinary citizens from being murdered by stray bullets fired by blacks shooting each other in public places.

    • Urbane Neanderthal

      You could pass a law prohibiting a dog from licking himself, but the dog is going to do what is in it’s nature (genes.)

      The same is true of the sub Saharan African, no matter what we do blacks will continue their violent behavior, just as assuredly as a dog will clean his testicles.

      • Zaporizhian Sich

        Indeed, it is in their nature, like many other non-whites to murder, rape and rob each other when they are not doing the same to US. That is why whites and blacks really should be on opposite sides of the globe from each other.

    • I like the way you think.

      Where I think this will hang up is in two places:

      1. You assume that if young blacks dueled, this would preclude hard feelings and revenge feuds between and among the friends and families of the two men that duel.

      2. You also assume that young blacks will voluntarily restrain themselves and contain their propensity to kill each other or try to do so within the controlled environment.

      Two assumptions I don’t buy.

      IOW, you’re giving blacks too much credit for having honor and follow rules.

      • [Guest]

        I agree. It’s obvious that the natures of the two races are too different for the traditions of one to apply to the other. If blacks were capable of assimilating to white culture, they wouldn’t lead the nation in dysfunction.

      • cherrie greenbaum123

        Not always. If an impolite remark was made about a white American male’s wife or girlfriend, he would demand an apology. If the other man refused or seemed insincere, the offended party would challenge him to a duel. If the guy refused, he was widely considered a coward and cad. Members of his community, and people lived in tight communities in those days, would shun him. You’re right about the “honor” part. Blacks call it “gettin’ dissed”. The goal should always be to settle things with cool heads and reason. Rage in any race, especially blacks, should not involve guns.

    • [Guest]

      The answer is not to attempt to impose on blacks yet another tradition of white people. The races are too far apart in nature for that to work. The true answer is for black people to live (and die) in accordance with their own traditions, resources, abilities, and inclinations on their own continent—Africa.

      Nothing short of that will work.

      • benvad

        Why beat around the bush, right?

    • trouble maker

      In the Latin Countries the young teens fight each other with machetes while using trash can lids as shields just like Ancient Warrior”s did a thousand years ago .

      • In Colombia, the two men hold the ends of a serape in their left hands, and a machete in their right hands. The guy who lets go of the serape (or dies) loses the quarrel.

    • Dueling used to be legal in Paraguay until quite recently.

    • dd121

      Dueling tradition for blacks? That would require they have some sense of honor. They don’t, it’s all jungle all the time.

    • model1911

      Put the duels on Pay Per View.

    • Jesse_from_Sweden

      Same problems as with gun laws.

      You expect people who break the law and don’t care about rules to follow them if you only make some new ones.

      Won’t work.

  • Hunter Morrow

    But I thought NYC had very strict, “SAFE” gun laws?

    • Singh1699

      This wasn’t a gun it was a zamzam or a burner or w.e

  • The way this story is written I’m supposed to feel sorry for the “teen” shooter. FAIL.
    The do-gooders can use this and many more such sad tales to extract even more money from the cash-strapped white middle class to “solve” the gang problem. Like the do-gooders haven’t been trying to solve gang problems for 60 years. It’s a black problem, not a gang problem. It’s a genetic problem, not a gang problem.

    The efficient solution would be to give blacks their autonomous zones and let them have at each other. Either that or repatriate back to Africa.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    DeBlasio has brought the good old days of Dinkens’ lawlessness and disorder back to New York City.

    So, it’s a good thing Cuomo signed what he said was the “toughest” gun control law in the U.S., the SAFE Act, so 14 year old punks are prevented from carrying more than 10 rounds.

    This poor youth was a victim of economic inequality and knew no better way to express his frustrations.

    –Al Sharpton

    DeBlasio needs to immediately enact a new tax on the rich to ameliorate this economic inequality so 14 year olds have choices other than to fire off .357s on city buses.

    • Johnny Clay

      DeBlasio won because the white liberals hate Republicans more than they love their city.

      • Dr. Möbias

        The Commie DeBlasio and his lesbo wife won because the favorite, Weiner, flushed himself down the toilet.

        DeBlasio is about to rain tax hell down on those white libs so it’ll be Schadenfreude time.

        • Malgus

          Okay, that was funny.. you got me to laugh. Well played, Herr Doktor.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    It’s war out here, so n***** gotta carry guns.

    Who’s to argue with that?

    Even Samuel L. Jackson agrees:

    • Who Me?

      Way that fool is holding that gun, he’s likely to kill himself…

      • Dr. Möbias

        One can only hope.

      • blight14

        The planet would be a better place………

      • Strider73

        In a faraway galaxy he would decapitate himself with his own light saber.

  • Rhialto

    Compare the attitude toward the killer expressed in this article, with the attitude expressed toward George Zimmerman after he shot his assailant. What I observe is sympathy for someone who deserves no sympathy; antagonism for someone who deserves no antagonism. Once again, Liberalism in action.

    • benvad

      Black must be forgiven and whites must be condemned

  • Zaporizhian Sich

    Because of these armed black thugs, I and many other whites who otherwise would not have any interest in owning guns have them not for hunting, or target shooting, or collecting. A growing number of whites are armed because they have been the target of black on white violence as I was, if not much worse. If it weren’t for the darkies and those who cannot be named leading them to attack us, I never would have touched a gun. I was not raised around them, I was raised by a man who has seen only the misuse and wholesale slaughter of people with guns. Damn right it’s war darkies, and you are going to start one that will end very badly for blacks.

    • I liked guns quite a lot, well before I became “active” in a political sense. I think the Belgian FN-49 was my favorite.

      • Luca

        I really admired my M-14.

        • I had an M-14 and an FN-FAL in my old collection. Two G-43s, including the Walther prototype. Several Tokarev SVT-40s, including a rare carbine version.

          I had a line (pun intended) on a 37mm harpoon gun before I was arrested 11 years ago.

          The sights are certainly better on the M-14. On the FN-FAL, the rearsight can not be adjusted for windage. The FN-49, however is just beautiful.

          One of my old FN-49s was an Argentine navy model, and that took detachable magazines. It was a great rifle, but the M-14 is the best.

          • Luca

            You can see the influence of the M-1 Garand in both the M-14 and the FN-49. Of course the the M-14 is the direct grandson of the Garand but borrowed heavily from the BAR. I also see Mauser and Enfield influence in the FN-49. All these rifles I mentioned are superb. The conversion to a detachable magazine was a good move for the FN. Stripper clips are not that efficient.

          • The FNs had a very different operating system. Instead of the bolt being rotated to lock the way the Garand and M-14, the bolt on both the FN-49 and FN-FAL locks by having its rear end drop into a recess. The BAR goes the other way; the bolt locks by having its rear end run upward into a recess – this is why the BAR has the characteristic hump on top of the receiver.

            Belgium license-produced the BAR in their 7.65 X 53mm caliber at Herstal, and I suspect that Mr. Siave, the designer of the FN-49 and FN-FAL simply borrowed that bolt-locking feature, but turned it upside-down. The Belgians also improved the BAR by giving it a quick-change barrel as the Modele D. The last Modele Ds were really nice. They were a batch for Israel, and were in 7.62mm NATO caliber and used FN-FAL magazines. The later FN-MAG, designed by Mr. Vervier is basically also a Modele D, with the bolt-locking turned upside down and adapted to belt-feed. The MAG is so much better than the M-60 that the US now uses it as the M-240, and has replaced the old M-60 with it.

      • Zaporizhian Sich

        I enjoy trips to the target range, but they are not for just target shooting. I go there to be able that if God forbid I am forced to fight, it will someone else who is found dead of gunshot wounds instead of me.

  • MBlanc46

    “Anderson’s lawyer Frederic Pratt has urged people to weigh the circumstances of the shooting when judging the boy’s actions.”

    If the court considered the circumstances, the pathetic little punk would be on the way to the gallows. But they won’t, so he’ll very likely be back on the streets before he’s thrity.


      The Circumstances: A hard working man who is actually taking care of his family, a rarity in NYC these days. Has his head blown off by a .357 in the hand of a 14yr old gang member. Who’s firing at other good for nothing gang members over competing claims of ownership of entire NYC neighborhood blocks. When in reality they nor their entire families have never owned a single piece of property their whole lives, and live entirely off the dwindling tax payers of New York City.

      With All Circumstances ( Legitimately ) Accounted For: This worthless little scum bags sentence would be, – DEATH!

      However, as we all know these days being black is the ultimate mitigating factor in cases like this. So, just as you said, he’ll be out and about before he hits thirty, and back in before he reaches thirty one. Sad but true!

      • kikz2

        all the while adding to his extensively impressive CV……


          Well, that’s a given.

  • MBlanc46

    And if the victim had stayed in the Domican Republic, it’s very likely that he’d still be alive.

    • trouble maker

      I believe that his American born children will also be eligible for $9,000.00 in social security money apiece yearly until they are 18 .

      • MBlanc46


    • evilsandmich

      Well, slightly more likely. If the missus is worried about rent, I’m fairly certain that it’s quite a bit cheaper in the homeland.

  • trouble maker

    Blacks create a negative and violent world in which to exist, It’s Karma and so is what the older Blacks will do to him in prison !

  • Jim

    Actually, if enough Africans could get life in prison before they can procreate, the problem might be alleviated a little. Darwinism.

    • kikz2

      wouldn’t that entail ‘unfortunate incarceration’ before puberty as to be effectively prophylactic?


    Better get rid of the whole “stop and frisk” program right Mr. de Blasio? Well, look on the bright side. At least the entirely innocent victim, Angel Rojas. Won’t have to be offended by seeing racist cops stopping and frisking the Kahton Anderson’s of New York City anymore. After all, when it’s all said and done this is really the NRA’s fault! Right?

  • Dr. Möbias

    Kahton Anderson will go to juvenile prison until he’s 18 and then released. His .357 will be returned to him at that time.

    • Zimriel

      He was aiming at gangbangers. I’m a little more sympathetic to his cause on that score, since he didn’t *target* civilised folk.

      But at base he’s a savage. Even if he’d prefer to kill other savages, that doesn’t change what he is. He might not be as bad as – let’s play PC for now – those white savages who broke into that home in Sacramento, but that’s because he hasn’t had the opportunity yet.

      And I don’t want to live near savages. If I did I’d move to one of those nations with “Guinea” in their name.

  • Pelagian

    World record for using the n-word in a sentence … yet no one cares.

  • FlaVet

    And the putz mayor, de Blasio ( born Warren Wilhelm, Jr. He knew he couldn’t get the Jewish vote with a name like that ) wants the cops to cease the “stop and frisk” policies that’s found hundreds of guns on punks like this. To bad he’s not frying material…unless you’re a cop killer ( cops are more special than the people they work for ) they don’t get the ultimate deserved justice.

    I hope he looks likes this mug after a few decades in prison:

    • Everyone here was predicting that with SQF gone, the homicide rate in NYC would go back up. Everyone here was right.