Far-Right Fever for a Europe Tied to Russia

Andrew Higgins, New York Times, May 21, 2014

At a rally last week near the Palace of Versailles, France’s largest far-right party, the National Front, deployed all the familiar theatrics and populist themes of nationalist movements across Europe.

A standing-room-only crowd waved the national flag, joined in a boisterous singing of the national anthem and applauded as speakers denounced freeloading foreigners and, with particular venom, the European Union.

But the event, part of an energetic push for votes by France’s surging far right ahead of elections this week for the European Parliament, also promoted an agenda distant from the customary concerns of conservative voters: why Europe needs to break its “submission” to the United States and look to Russia as a force for peace and a bulwark against moral decay.

While the European Union has joined Washington in denouncing Russia’s annexation of Crimea and the chaos stirred by pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine, Europe’s right-wing populists have been gripped by a contrarian fever of enthusiasm for Russia and its president, Vladimir V. Putin.

“Russian influence in the affairs of the far right is a phenomenon seen all over Europe,” said a study by the Political Capital Institute, a Hungarian research group. It predicted that far-right parties, “spearheaded by the French National Front,” could form a pro-Russian bloc in the European Parliament or, at the very least, amplify previously marginal pro-Russian voices.

Pro-Russian sentiment remains largely confined to the fringes of European politics, though Mr. Putin also has more mainstream admirers and allies on both the right and the left, including Silvio Berlusconi, the former Italian prime minister, and Gerhard Schröder, the former German chancellor. {snip}

Even among far-right groups, the sympathy for Russia and suspicion of Washington are in part tactical: Focused on clawing back power from the European Union’s bureaucracy, they seize any cause that puts them at odds with policy makers in Brussels and the conventional wisdom of European elites.

But they also reflect a general crumbling of public trust in the beliefs and institutions that have dominated Europe since the end of World War II, including the Continent’s relationship with the United States.

“Europe is a big sick body,” said Alain de Benoist, a French philosopher and a leading figure in a French school of political thought known as the “new right.” Mr. de Benoist said Russia “is now obviously the principal alternative to American hegemony.” Mr. Putin, he added, is perhaps “not the savior of humanity,” but “there are many good reasons to be pro-Russian.”


Hungary’s Jobbik, one of Europe’s most extreme nationalist parties and a noisy cheerleader for Moscow, is now under investigation by the Hungarian authorities amid allegations that it has received funding from Russia and, in a case involving one of its leading candidates for the European Parliament, that it has worked for Russian intelligence.

No longer dismissed, as they were for decades, as fringe cranks steeped in anti-Semitism and other noxious beliefs from Europe’s fascist past, the National Front and like-minded counterparts elsewhere on the Continent are expected to post strong gains in this week’s election, which begins on Thursday in Britain and the Netherlands and then rolls across Europe through Sunday.


Nigel Farage, the leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party, a group zealously opposed to the European Union and a critic of American foreign policy, is already engaged in a bitter feud with Ms. Le Pen.

But Mr. Farage and Ms. Le Pen have at least found some common ground on Russia. The British politician recently named Mr. Putin as the world leader he most admired “as an operator but not as a human being,” he told a British magazine.

Ms. Le Pen has also expressed admiration for Mr. Putin and called for a strategic alliance with the Kremlin, proposing a “pan-European union” that would include Russia.


“Russia has become the hope of the world against new totalitarianism,” Mr. Chauprade, the National Front’s top European Parliament candidate for the Paris region, said in a speech to Russia’s Parliament in Moscow last year.

When Crimea held a referendum in March on whether the peninsula should secede from Ukraine and join Russia, Mr. Chauprade joined a team of election monitors organized by a pro-Russian outfit in Belgium, the Eurasian Observatory for Elections and Democracy. The team, which pronounced the referendum free and fair, also included members of Austria’s far-right Freedom Party; a Flemish nationalist group in Belgium; and the Jobbik politician in Hungary accused of spying for Russia.

Luc Michel, the Belgian head of the Eurasian Observatory, which receives some financial support from Russian companies but promotes itself as independent and apolitical, champions the establishment of a new “Eurasian” alliance, stretching from Vladivostok in Russia to Lisbon in Portugal and purged of American influence. The National Front, preoccupied with recovering sovereign powers surrendered to Brussels, has shown little enthusiasm for a new Eurasian bloc. But it, too, bristles at Europe’s failure to project itself as a global player independent from America, and looks to Russia for help.


Russia offers the prospect of a new European order free of what Mr. Chauprade, in his own speech, described as its servitude to a “technocratic elite serving the American and European financial oligarchy” and its “enslavement by consumerist urges and sexual impulses.”


At the National Front’s pre-election rally, Mr. Chauprade mocked the “bearded lady” [who won the Eurovision Song Contest] and won loud applause with a passionate plaint that Europeans had become a rootless mass of “consumers disconnected from their natural attachments–the family, the nation and the divine.”

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  • Freedoooom

    The left is unhappy about the gains.

    So they inevitably every one of these parties will be framed for crimes. And the leftist sheep will cheer it, because after all these parties are the fascists right.

  • David Ashton

    If Americans want to stop “Duginism” they had better revive white leadership of the west.

    “The mid-term electorate this year will be as white as America was in 1983, and as old as it will be in 2050.” – The Economist, May 17, p.39. So there’s still a chance.

    • NeanderthalDNA

      why Europe needs to break its “submission” to the United States and look to Russia as a force for peace and a bulwark against moral decay.
      Hope your right, but…

      Good for Europe. Putin and Russia are a much better option than Obamanation, my friend.

      Europe for Europeans is not something America will swallow. Putin is a far more likely and sensible choice as spokesperson and rescuer of Europe than anybody we’ll elect here.

      Well, they saved Europe from Napoleonism and helped keep the house tidy once…along with you fellows. Go with the Russians, David. I’m living here in America, trust me.

      We’re not going to come to our senses here until you guys lead the way and leave us isolated.

      • David Ashton

        Why not a European Europe allied to a “European” USA plus close friendship with a “European” Russia? I am not disturbed by Putin so much as the Eurasian themes of Dugin and the alliance with China, albeit provoked by a neo-con unipolar strategy. White people need to pull together everywhere, without inner wars and without hostile aggression against all the non-white nations outside our own “racial sphere”. Putin may set an example for others to follow, but he has no plans that I can discern to “rescue” Europe. But I am open to informed persuasion.

        • Sangraal

          If a Ukrainian soldier interviewed in a recent news broadcast is to be believed, Putin is using Chechen soldiers against the Ukrainian forces. If this is indeed the case, then he is doing militarily what Western globalists are doing demographically – using non-whites/Muslims as footsoldiers against indigenous Europeans.

          • David Ashton

            Like everything else in geopolitics there are complexities, and it is easy for “outsiders” to take “sides”. Putin is more than a Russian nationalist, and his western opponents are more than Ukrainian sympathizers. Note “Lord” Mandelson’s “warning” that Putin is putting his country “outside” the global finance system.

      • saxonsun

        No, it was the British who saved Europe.

        • NeanderthalDNA

          Hear hear!

          Well, as in WW2, Russia had a part.

          Regardless, “Britain” hardly still exists and will not be the savior of Europe this time. Ethnically and religiously it won’t even be a part of Europe soon at this rate. No offense, but “Britain” is part of the problem.

        • Paulie Boy

          The British saved Europe from what? England and France provoked a war which killed tens of millions (why didn’t England and France declare war against Stalin if their concern was Polish sovereignty?), allowed Stalin to enslave half of Europe, and paved the way for the third world invasion of Europe. You saved nothing, won nothing. You lost your empire and you became lap dogs of the Americans, poetic justice.

  • In related news, Howard Dean said that Republicans are un-American and should go back to Russia.

    Not a bad idea at this point, considering.

    • Michael OSullivan

      That actually sounds like a good ideas, I thought until I started studying Russian Language, it’s tough, for me anyways. At least in Russia they don’t have everything degenerate promoted as normal.

    • Oldcorporal

      Could his statement have been a “Freudian slip”?

    • JSS

      It’s funny how that whole script has flipped, back during the cold war when the Russians actually were commies the left adored them. Now that they just want to go back to being Russians they are the new nazis and it’s 1939 again.

      • El_Baga_Doucha_Libtard

        You ain’t kidding!

      • RisingReich

        Will the history channel in the future devote entire weeks of programming every month to shows titled like “Putin: Rise of Evil”?

        I can almost see it now.

        • JSS

          Not just that but steven speilberg will make a mini series staring tom hanks called “band of kosher EU Nazis” about right sector bravely torching police men in Kiev and woman and children in Odessa in the name of democracy. Then he can follow that up with the full length motion picture “saving pussy riot” about black water saving those wretched crones from a concentration camp for homos in siberia.

        • Sangraal

          inb4 ‘Putin: Occult secrets of the Russian Reich’.
          Dugin will be the new Rasputin.

      • Emblematical

        And it’s funny how that change in posture towards Russia coincided with Putin cracking down on the Jewish Oligarchs.

        • Paulie Boy

          Exactly. This is why the u.s. is antagonistic toward Putin. Putin put an end to that drunken bum Yeltstin selling off state owned companies to the jews.

      • Pelagian

        Liberals could say the same thing about us, though.

        • JSS

          I don’t know many traditional republicans who have a positive view of Russia, I know a a couple that are at best indifferent which is fine. Others never stopped hating them. Some WN on other hand do view Russia as positive counter balance to EU/Amurikkan power, as I do. The newfound leftist hatred of Russia is utterly hypocritical and is only based on a democrat being in office along with the media telling them all “free thinkers” know Russia is the new Nazi Germany because they don’t have gay pride parade.

          • FR27

            Baby boomer “traditional republicans” seem to be stuck in the cold war mentality that Russia is the enemy. They don’t seem to realize things changed in 1991.

          • Paulie Boy

            Who the hell cares about “traditional republicans”. They are a large part of the problem. “Traditional republicans” are old dinosaurs that need a Benny Carson or another black to validate their views. They cling to an America that never was and prostrate themselves before the false god of democracy. Young European-American patriots are with Putin.

      • Bossman

        I might start liking Russians if they are pissed off by seeing drag queens with big beards winning contests. Nothing is more confusing than that.

        • Paulie Boy

          Well, unlike European-Americans that did sit at their computers and bitch about drag queens. Russians actually take action such as passing legislation forbidding sexual deviants from propagandizing children.

    • Sick of it

      I’d rather drive everyone like Howard Dean from this nation my ancestors built.

    • Nonhumans

      I hate cold-weather, but if it gets me away from diversity and diversitards, I’m willing to invest in the gear and tolerate the cold.
      The reason I won’t go, is because I want to be a part of the retaking of this country when it all falls apart. When people ask me if I am a Repug or Demonrat, I reply “Neither”. I am an American Patriot!!

  • dd121

    Hey white people, take your inspiration wherever you can get it.

    • Pro_Whitey

      I don’t think many Americans would ever want to be governed by Putin. We just get wistful when we see Vlad standing up for Russians and Russian interests, when we have a president who is releasing violent illegal alien criminals among us to wreak havoc.

      • dd121

        We wouldn’t want to be governed by Putin per se, but we yearn for a leader who would boldly put Americans and America first. Come to think of it, Obama does put HIS people first.

      • El_Baga_Doucha_Libtard

        I agree with you; however, I would prefer to be governed by Putin over Obama.

      • MrMagog

        Don’t be so sure. I think he is preferable to what we have now.

      • JSS

        I agree that much of Putins greatness is due to how treasonous and out right genocidal Western leaders are towards native Whites in comparison. None the less the Russian Slaves seem to have the greatest chance of surviving our current racial ragnarok.

        • Steven Bannister

          Exactly. It’s only because our leaders are soooo bad that Putin looks good.

      • Pelagian

        Well, Putin’s Machiavelliian and treacherous, but so is every leader. At least he’s treacherous in pursuit of the good.

  • WR_the_realist

    The United States has been the world’s biggest promoter of multiculturalism. No wonder almost any other power would look promising by comparison.

    • Steven Bannister

      Just wrote exactly the same thing above, without seeing your post. At this point, our leaders are TRULY treasonous.

      • Einsatzgrenadier

        The multicultural elite, our so-called “leaders,” are not only traitors, but cold-blooded murderers as well. They should all be arrested and charged with crimes against humanity.

    • Pelagian

      The United States has been the world’s biggest promoter of multiculturalism.

      The United States has been the world’s biggest promoter of Americanism, multiculturalism is just one of its potential manifestations in certain countries.

      • Pelagian

        That is why, btw, that America seems to be the only country that doesnt have a vigorous far-right party with a coherent platform. It’s because we’rethe problem, in a sense.

  • Alfred the Great

    I told my wife, who is from Ukraine, that I would move to Russia, if I could speak the language. I write books and speak about them. I can’t do that in Russia. If Russia does something about its minority population, there is a chance for them.

    • Daniel Schmuhl

      I might eventually pack up and move to Eastern Europe at some point. I don’t see America being anything other than a melting pot of discord; at least not for a very long time.

  • Monmouth78

    This is nothing new. The European “far right” has always understood that the USA has been the main promoters of multi-culturalism, globalism and open borders.

    What a lot of American conservatives don’t understand is that after the cold war ended, the USA’s propaganda outlets — the National Endowment for Democracy, Radio Free Europe, Radio Liberty, the International Republican Institute and National Democratic Institute — changed their focus from opposing communism to promoting multi-culturalism, globalism and open borders.

    Neocons have played in a leading role in using US government propaganda outlets to promote cultural Marxism abroad.

  • Oldcorporal

    Despite the writer’s attempts to smear the nationalists in any way possible, they may well be the “next big thing” in European politics. Isn’t it curious how Europeans who are appalled at the flood of non-European immigrants, and other changes which most of us also find disturbing, are willing to organize and fight for seats in the various parliaments — while their counterparts in America are shouted down as “racists,” “fascists,” etc., and have remained on the fringe of our politics? Would that we had the cojones to form an American nationalist party, and take steps to get onto the ballot, locally, state-wise and nationally!

    • WR_the_realist

      The fundamental problem we have here in the United States is that both the federal government and the states have “winner take all” elections. There is no proportional representation the way there is in parliamentary governments. So a party can’t start small, get only a few representatives elected, and then work up from there. In America you just lose, lose, and lose, with nothing to show for it, if your party is called anything but “Democratic” or “Republican”.

    • Pelagian

      Isn’t it curious how Europeans who are appalled at the flood of non-European immigrants, and other changes which most of us also find disturbing, are willing to organize and fight for seats in the various parliaments — while their counterparts in America are shouted down as “racists,” “fascists,” etc., ”

      Curious, but not that strange. America never had extreme parties of Left or Right that Europe did. The bedrock. principles of each system, are different. Sadly, ours is more deeply based on Enlightenment principles than is Europe.

      • Paulie Boy

        Americans are not ideological. They vote pocketbook, shekels uber alles.

  • JSS

    Im coming around to the Russian way of thinking myself. They promote their orthodox faith, we get “piss christ” art and the ten commandments taken down from our court rooms. They still have a space station and a way to get there and we have gay pride parades. Their government is making the attempt to boost the Slavic birth rate while we get government funded “the pitfalls of working with white people memos”.

    • MrMagog

      What more does one need to know than Putin has put the “Pussy Riot” in Jail, that he killed the Chechen terrorists who took hostages in a Russian Theatre, That he has played obamma for the chimp that he is.

      • Zaporizhian Sich

        I would sooner vote for Putin instead of Obama, because he WILL have terrorists killed as they should be. But if I was in his shoes, certain groups of people are going to find out what a reign of terror is all about. They would be given a simple choice, leave Russia, or die horribly at the hands of the police and military.

        • JSS

          Obama actually arms terrorist these days if we are counting the mexican narcos and al qaeda in syria. Not to mention funding the pro EU kosher nazis who burnt dozens of people alive in odessa.

          • Zaporizhian Sich

            Yes, and he is also giving the Mexican government lists of American gun owners. So if the U.S military and police refuse to confiscate our weapons, the Mexicans will.

      • ElComadreja

        “Pussy Riot” would have never been allowed to exist to begin with in the old USSR these lefties worship.

      • Jesse_from_Sweden

        The irony there is that Pussy Riot was arrested and sentenced for storming into a cathedral during service and disrupting the order there.

        The same thing happened in Germany a short while after, and they were also arrested and got a longer sentence in Germany than Pussy Riot got in Russia.
        For some reason, that never really made the news though….
        Apparently, when Putin does something it’s evil but when others do the very same thing it’s not.

        Hypocrisy. Same thing with muslims and blacks etc, it matters more who the ones doing something is, than it matters what it is that they do.
        MLKs words about “not by the color of their skin but by the contents of their character” really is just a big lie, it is the color of their skin that these people care about more than anything else.
        Welcome to the world of cultural marxism.

    • rasher223

      I agree. But there’s this thing poking me in the back of the head that keeps reminding me that Russia and Communism is still a thing.

      If not for communism I’d be 100% pro-russian.

      • Jesse_from_Sweden


        It used to be that Russia stood for communism and all the cultural marxists and other lefties in the western world saw to Moscow as their leader and saviour who will change the world and make everyone equal.
        And the right saw to USA as the protector of the free world…..

        How things have changed.
        Now the “far-right” are instead looking to Moscow as the protector of the free world while the cultural marxists and lefties see the US president and the new EU as their leader and saviour who will change the world and make everyone equal.

        • rasher223

          The U.S. is attacking Russia right now because they’re staunchly anti-gay and pro-iran and yadda yadda.

          It’s more complicated than that.

      • Winston_Jack

        Keep in mind that the communist era is a relatively brief period of Russia’s overall history. Communism was something that was largely imposed upon the Russian people by the Bolsheviks, who were dominated by a very hostile Jewish minority.

        Putin’s Russia, with its revival of traditionalism and the Orthodox Christian faith is mostly getting back to what historically constituted Russia in teh first place.

  • Europeans had become a rootless mass of “consumers disconnected from their natural attachments–the family, the nation and the divine.
    The problems we face cannot be cured until we
    -reject consumerism (materialism–what Sebastian Ronin calls a zionist occupied soul)
    -reject gamers, feminists, trannies, LGBT, and whatever other letters are missing in favor of family
    -embrace the idea of nation, which is bound up with race
    -seek spiritual guidance from the Creator, loving that which is just, good, and beautiful

    Without this, we are doomed.

    • MrMagog

      That is a total rejection of the jewish world view. They have always been at odds with European peoples because the very foundations on which their psyches and lives are built are total opposites. Europeans value a connection with the land, a connection to an ethnicity and culture, a spiritual connection to their material things. Jews have been trans national from the very start of their time in Europe. They NEVER felt a loyalty or a connection to a dominant people and culture. To them a culture was not something that defined them, but something that they could master imitating. They could collect cultures, try to belong to many at the same time. This always made them suspect. Their materialism was so crass that they would charge peasants in Tsarist Russia fees to enter their own churches. The stereotype of them has been one of gaudy flamboyance and show, never one of refinement and modesty. Jews only feel a connection and loyalty to other jews, never to their host peoples. They would call themselves German, or Hungarian, or French, but they had family members all over Europe, at their hearts they always felt they were trans national, above it all, and they always had disdain for those who were so simple as to be of one people and culture.

      • Mike Smith

        Great, great comment.

      • Winston_Jack

        Got my screenshot for when it gets pulled later!

      • SoulInvictus

        Thus the push for us all to be “global citizens”, jews of mind, Communists.
        Rootless, whether through commie or capitalist tactics.
        Nihilistic, atheistic, solely focused on money and short term pleasure.
        Both of which makes them wealthier and us easier to manipulate/control.

      • this post above is a good example of why the european white populist parties are succeeding while the white populism in america is dead in the water–the whites in america are caught up in a bunch of nonsense like the post above. Go watch some BNPtv videos on youtube. The BNP in Britain is a great example of white people realizing the truth about the conflict between those at the top and the white majority.

        The whites in europe have realized that globalism, mass immigration, and multiculti are all part of the same conflict between white majority labor and Capital. Capital is wealth–corporations, plutocrats and their tools (the gov’t, the media, academia, Hollywood, etc).

        Elites vs the white majority. It’s not that complicated. The elites are against us and they use mass immigration of third worlder nonwhites as a weapon against us.

        It’s really that simple.

        The BNPtv videos on youtube make that clear. Those videos show that the whites in europe understand the core, the crux of this conflict. Elites vs white working class. Simple. Clear. Understandable. The whites in europe understand that getting control of the nation is paramount. They understand that the larger the nation, the harder it is for the white majority to control. Thus, they understand that eliminating the EU superstate is a crucial step towards regaining control of their individual nations. Once you get more control you end mass immigration and end discrimination against whites.

        Simple. Clear.

        You get control first and then end mass immigration and discrimation against whites. You do that by moving governmental power back to the states where there is more local control and more democracy.

        Now, in contrast to that clarity and simplicity of europe, in america, the white nationalist movement is cluttered and obfuscated and weakened by a lot of nonsense about jews, and anti-welfare state and anti-obama and anti-liberals and gun rights and religion and etc and etc and etc and ad infinitum.

        We are doomed by the propaganda crammed into our minds. Free your minds.

        • Monmouth78

          You are totally wrong. The BNP is collapsing, they are not a model to follow. The attitudes expressed above about Jews are mainstream among European nationalists.

          • I am not saying that the BNP is going to become a force. I am saying that the ideas of the BNP leaders and activists are correct and better than the ideas of the UKIP.

            As for the jew obsession among online commentators, yes, I am aware that it is endemic. Ignorance always is. But the leaders and activists of the white nationalist parties in europe, and specifically the BNP, do not see the jews as the real enemy. And they are not. The rich are the real enemy, and the corporations, too.

            Yes, jews are disproportionately rich and influential. Obviously. But even if every jew in the world disappeared right now, then tomorrow the corporations and plutocrats would still be cramming multiculti and political correctness and mass immigration down our throats.


            Because multiculti and political correctness and mass immigration are the tools of growth in the west, and the corporations and plutocrats want growth growth growth.

            It’s all about money.

            And the corps and the plutocrats are the ones with the money and the ones who want more money.

          • Pelagian


    • The Verdict of History

      You sound like an American rightist version of Putin…

    • Aussie_Thinker

      Hey hey hey, what do you mean by ‘gamers’? They play video games?

      If so, I think your comment is a little off.

      • No, not video gamers. I was unclear. I meant “game” as practiced by Roissy and RooshV. They promote sexual promiscuity and rejection of the family.

  • TruthBeTold

    People are hungry for a leader. Someone who speaks his mind and takes action.

    • Ahnenerbe ᛟ

      When the media is controlled by jews and their Marxist minions voices of sanity are lost in the deluge of drivel

    • MrMagog

      In other words, a real man

  • Steven Barr

    The Eurasianist leader Alexander Dugin has told us all that we should ally with the Muslim hordes invading Europe in order to tackle “Atlantacism”. He is a Russian imperialist not an ally of white racial consciousness.

    • Winston_Jack

      “we should ally with the Muslim hordes invading Europe”

      I (we) would appreciate a proper citiation for this please.

      • Ahnenerbe ᛟ

        I’m sure the Swedish women just love the muslims after gang rapes. muslims need to go plus the jews and other alien skraelings

        • Winston_Jack

          I agree with you.

          I just don’t recall Alexander Dugin calling for an open
          alliance with the “Muslim hoards invading Europe.”

          • JSS

            He didn’t literally use those words but Dugins world view is confusing. He supports Jobbik but he also supports Syriza over Golden Dawn and claims he is anti racist. That turns me off from him completely no matter how much I agree with his anti Amerikunism.

          • Ahnenerbe ᛟ

            Russia needs millions of imported blacks, then Dugin might change his tune after living amongst them. Maybe some hardcore Mexican gangbangers too.

          • Monmouth78

            A lot of what you are objecting to is a smoke screen.

  • Ahnenerbe ᛟ

    America doesn’t have a future for European-Americans, end of story. They will have to live on white reservations in the future to preserve their genetics and culture. Like the Amish&Indians do

    • Bossman

      If they all start becoming like Conchita Wurst, then there will be no genetics and culture to preserve.

  • MrMagog

    The washed up old lib hippies are jealous. The youth have rejected them. What is cool now is nationalism and a total rejection of what the spoiled brat hippies and socialists have wrought. Those tired , wrinkled, addled, depends wearing old leftists know from experience that this is just the beginning of something that will not reach full fruition for probably a couple of decades. In other words, the new rightward swing is just getting started, , the rest of their lives will see it just pick up momentum.

  • Kenner

    Very sad to report that Geert Wilder’s party is trailing in fourth place in exit polls in the Netherlands tonight. Hope Le Pen does better….

    • Ahnenerbe ᛟ

      Elections are engineered for result.

    • jeffaral

      Good news! Geert cares only about his beloved Israel.

  • Conrad

    …“enslavement by consumerist urges and sexual impulses.”
    I hope that everybody heard that one. Such people are not much more than animals.

  • Pelagian

    Ya think?!?

  • Pelagian

    Now, how to tell Aunt Rhody (NROnline) the old gray goose is dead.

    • Monmouth78

      You mean neocon review? It’s beyond a joke at this point.

  • jeffaral

    Putin is a gangster.and terrorist: When Chechenya was breaking away from Russia, Putin simply ordered the air force to turn Grosny into ashes. After the bombardment, Grosny looked exactly like Berlin in 1945,

  • Bossman

    I understand that the far right are very pissed off that a drag queen with a big beard won a Euro-contest. Yes, I too am very disgusted at seeing this Austrian. That is complete degeneration and confusion. If this Conchita Wurtz is representative of any kind of new European, then maybe Europe needs new immigrants.

  • ElComadreja

    Who can blame them? The US is a suicidal multicultural PC hellhole.

  • 4321realist

    “Russia has become the hope of the world against new totalitarianism,”

    And it has a growing following in this country as well, in spite of the immense amount of hate propaganda the leftist news media is trying to create.

    And, unfortunately, there are some on the right who don’t realize that it is Russia that is heading toward what America used to be and America heading where Russian once was.

    They’re the unthinking hawks who can be stimulated to action anytime the war drums begin beating, and they’re the easiest to fool, as was evident by their eagerness to believe the lie that Iraq had WMD.

    Anybody who believes the lying crooks in Washington is too gullible to vote. And, of course, all leftists are too silly and delusional to vote also, but it isn’t necessary to explain that.

  • Will

    “consumerist urges and sexual impulses” Novelists, dramatists, and poets, deal far more
    with the shaping influences of sub-cortical linkages than journalists and scientists are permitted to do. There appears to be a very close, nearly adjacent, subcortical location between RACE and LUST. I believe it has long deserved more scrutiny than it appears to have received. The evolved subcortical linkages human evolution has variously made
    appear in today’s world to be exerting a subconscious influence that is directly antagonistic
    to racial realism. The sexual abandonment characteristic of today’s US campus, is little
    short of the realism of a Bolshevik ideal of making human sexual intercourse as basic and
    ready and uneventful as having a drink of water. But in the subcortical linkages of evolution, the quick “hook up” sexual abandonment seems to act out a body language, visceral language that if translated into words would be rather “genes don’t matter” . Actions do have a language often stronger than words and more basic. RACE as a conscious feature of American life has been eroded almost in direct proportion to which LUST has been steadily exonerated and transformed into “liberation”.

  • Paulie Boy

    The Red Army (you should distinguish between Russians and the Red Army as 1-2 million ethnic Russians fought in the Wehrmacht or SS) was responsible for 75% of German casualties……….and of course the rape and/or murder of millions.