EU Immigration Surges by 43,000 in Boost to UKIP

Matthew Holehouse, Telegraph (London), May 22, 2014

EU immigration to Britain has risen by 43,000 in the past year, in figures that were seized on by Ukip on the day of European and local elections.

David Cameron has been accused by Nigel Farage of breaking a “solemn promise” to voters after a “significant” increase in European citizens immigrating to Britain.

Some 201,000 EU citizens immigrated to the UK in the year ending December 2013, a rise on the 158,000 the previous year. The change is “statistically significant”, the Office for National Statistics said.

Meanwhile, overall net migration–the difference between migrants leaving and arriving in the UK–rose to 212,000 in the period, from 177,000 the previous year.

There was a “statistically significant” increase in immigrants from Romania and Bulgaria, the ONS said–23,000, up from 9,000 the previous year.

An estimated 122,000 people from those countries were working in the UK between January and March of this year, compared with 103,000 in the same period in 2013.

Ukip may come first, according to polls published last night.

The figures are a blow to David Cameron, with migration running at more than double his manifesto target of “tens of thousands” by next year’s general election.

David Cameron yesterday refused to repeat his pledge to radically cut migrant numbers, raising the prospect the pledge could be dropped from the Conservative manifesto.

The 2010 manifesto promised to cut net migration to “tens of thousands”.

“You’ll see the manifesto when we publish it,” he said, when asked on a visit to Newark whether the promise would appear in the party’s platform next year.

Nigel Farage, the Ukip leader, said Mr Cameron had broken a “solemn promise to the British people on one of the most important political issues”.

“We are seeing a very significant surge in immigration into the British labour market from Romania and Bulgaria as well as a more general rise in EU immigration, just as I forecast. We simply cannot go on like this if we are to even begin the task of restoring the living standards and community cohesion available to millions of hardworking British families. Enough’s enough.”

Last week Anna Soubry, the defence minister, became the first member of the government to acknowledge the 100,000 target is unlikely to be hit. “At the moment we don’t seem to be on course,” she conceded.

Last weekend Mr Cameron five times declined to say if he was sticking to the manifesto commitment, instead only saying the Conservatives were “working towards” the target.

James Brokenshire, Immigration and Security Minister, said: “Uncontrolled, mass immigration makes it difficult to maintain social cohesion, puts pressure on our public services and forces down wages for people on low incomes.

“While recent net migration levels remain stable the figures show that it has fallen by a third since its peak in 2005 under the last government and that this government’s reforms have cut net- migration from outside the EU to levels not seen since the late 1990s.

“We are building an immigration system that is fair to British citizens and legitimate migrants and tough on those who abuse the system or flout the law. We want to ensure that people come to the UK for the right reasons–to work hard and contribute to our economy and society.”

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  • Ike Eichenberg

    Actions (or lack thereof) speak louder than words.

  • Oil Can Harry

    Cameron must be related to Nick Sarcozy and John Boehner.


      The governments in the US, Canada, Australia, Britain, France, Germany, Sweden and Norway are run by ‘the tribe’ Those who look white, but aren’t white. Wink, wink.

  • Einsatzgrenadier

    The British government is the greatest enemy there is of Great Britain and the historic British people. They are all traitors, every single one of them.

  • Sangraal

    200,000 from the EU. How many from outside the EU?

  • IstvanIN

    Making trade deals and defense agreements would have been fine but giving up sovereignty to Brussels was a huge mistake. The only good thing is Brussels will be unlikely to raise and army to crush dissenting members like Washington DC did when the south tried to regain states rights in 1861.

    • MBlanc46

      My feelings exactly. Some economic integration and reduction of red tape was beneficial to Europe. Opening the national borders to all and sundry (and the international borders to hordes of Africans) has been a disaster.

  • In other news, millions of Africans are flooding into Europe, many by way of Italy. Once into Italy, Greece, or Spain, the whole of the continent is open to them. Every single European country is being trashed; some slowly, some quickly.

    It remains odd that these people continue to flock to nations where they’re supposedly mistreated. If white people are so racist, wouldn’t it make sense to stay away from them?

    See Reuters article: “African immigrants use films and books to fight Italian racism”

    • B.E.L.

      If I were an African I would prefer to live in countries where I may be disliked or even treated poorly versus living in Africa, where the entire country is basically a hell hole.


        I don’t care what Africans want. They’re not concerned with what we want. Force them to stay in their own continent and live with their own messes. The Asians, Israelis and Middle Easterners shut their doors to blacks. Why do we have to open ours? I’m tired of this!

        • SentryattheGate

          Look at the world population forecasts; The two big stories here are China and Nigeria, the latter of which will have almost a billion people by 2100 and will be within range of surpassing China in population. Given that Nigeria is about the area of Texas, that’s a truly astounding possibility.

          Nigeria, currently Africa’s most populous country, is poised for one of the world’s most rapid population booms ever. In just 100 years, maybe two or three generations, the population is expected to increase by a mind-boggling factor of eight. The country is already troubled by corruption, poverty and religious conflict. It’s difficult to imagine how a government that can barely serve its population right now will respond when the demand on resources, social services, schools and roads increases by a factor of eight.

          And, remembering a recent article in Amren, Nigeria (and China) are expected to be the source of most US immigration in the near future!

          • Except I doubt Nigeria will be able to maintain its population growth curve when white societies start cutting off the international gibsmedat because they can’t afford it anymore.

          • SentryattheGate

            I don’t think the UN will allow that (with it’s First World $$$)! And, the pressure valve for all that overpopulation will be immigration to low-birthrate countries (the First World), just as we already see the Africans swarming over the fences, and by boat, to get into Europe!


      Funny how blacks move to areas where they’re a minority, whine about how ‘racist’ it is there and then use the government in that country to discriminate in THEIR favor all while claiming they’re the victims.

  • I am proud of our cousins across the pond and their far, far, ‘far-right parties,’ who, for example, have no immediate plans to convert to Islam, and applaud the heroic strides being made in France and elsewhere–nations not under the iron fist of a two-party monopoly that is gleefully destroying Western civilization.


      Even Britian and France are waking up. Marie Le Pen of France won political power and the BNP, as I understand, just won some seats. Then you have Golden Dawn in Greece and Jobbick (?) of Hungary.

  • Tim

    People often don’t realise how important it is to stop immigration also from within the EU, and not just from outside it.

    Don’t forget that “EU migrants” can mean anything these days: french blacks, german muslims, slovak roma gipsies… whoever the bleeding heart leftists in those countries managed to give a passport to.

    I’ve read at least two articles in the Daily Mail about crimes commited by two of my “countrymen” in the UK. Turned out they were recent african immigrants who had managed to get citizenship and were then free to do their thing in the rest of Europe. One was a woman who was marrying pakistanis for money so that they could also get citizenship, the other stabbed someone during an armed robbery.

    A passport doesn’t mean anything these days, only race counts.

  • IstvanIN

    The UK is dead. They actually passed a law allowing muslims nurses to NOT wash their hands before a performing medical procedures regardless of the danger of infection disease and death.

    • bilderbuster

      That will send them wheezing and limping to their graves.
      The British subjects haven’t risen up against their rulers for centuries no matter how much abuse is heaped upon them.

      • IstvanIN

        The problem is the British don’t know who their rulers are, and it ain’t the Windsors.

        • bilderbuster

          You’re correct about that but even the sellout Windsors parade around and have no fear of the guillotine.

    • Hallie Eva

      Istvan, I read that they have special long, hand to elbow sterile gloves that cover their hands and arms.
      One hopes that is true.
      Not long ago, I read about a Muzzie man who assaulted a hospital Labor and Delivery male nurse when he attempted to check on the progression of labor of said Muzzie’s wife.
      These people are NOT compatible with civilized humanity. All need to go home. At once.

      • IstvanIN

        Long gloves over filthy hands and arms, how comforting.

        • Hallie Eva

          I think I read that a private, male-free area has been created for the Muzzie women to scrub in the proper manner.