Black Teens Assault White Student on School Bus

Colin Flaherty, Breitbart, April 30, 2014

This week near Dover, Delaware, a viral video appears to show another instance of black-on-white violence among high school students.

The shaky cell phone video shows a group of black teenage boys punching, knocking down, and kicking a white teenage boy, leaving him dazed and confused on the school bus floor.

The victim of the attack had been riding home from Parkway Academy School near Dover when the assault reportedly began. The video shows him sitting alone, facing front, when the attack begins from the rear–and continues from the side and the front of the school bus. “I didn’t do nothing,” he protests.


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  • Puggg

    Yes he did do something.

    He is guilty of being white.

    • Conrad

      You forgot – privileged.

  • D.B. Cooper

    Oh well, hopefully 1,000 white kids under 18 have gotten their aha moment.

    • AutomaticSlim

      Yes, 1,000 out of tens of millions. Unfortunately, that’s about right.

  • Luca

    Where the hell was his White privilege when he needed it?

    • baldowl

      He didn’t have time to slip on his magical White Privilege power ring and declare the oath.

    • Conrad

      He must have left his invisible magic bag at home.

  • The Final Solution

    Yeah just SHOCKING. Feral Zulus doing what they do. Looks like the lion’s den at feeding time.

  • DaveMed

    Genetics will out, regardless of how much conditioning is attempted in the public school system.

  • guest

    Meanwhile, people still won’t shut up about Donald Sterling’s “racist” remarks that, unlike this black-on-white hate crime, weren’t meant to be public.

    • sbuffalonative

      Maybe he told these guys he didn’t want his picture taken with them.

  • connorhus

    Some of the other articles floating around out on the web mention the bus driver was also related to one of the attackers and that the video was discovered by the uncle of the victim not administrators reviewing social media.

    More media lies and half truths. Of course they didn’t mention the racial angle at all did they?

  • Many white public school kids live in terror of diversity. Their academic achievement suffers even if they are not personally the victims of an assault. Fear trumps learning for these white kids. This is what the egalitarians want. Marxism is about creating a terrified populace. As white academic achievement slips because of diversity, the white middle class shrinks even more as time goes back.
    It’s part of the New World Order conspiracy. It’s not an accident that this is happening. The power elites want it to play out this way, and if your son or daughter is beaten, raped, or murdered, well it’s like in Stalin’s USSR. “Tough ****.”

    • Geo1metric

      But Marxism, according to authorities on this site is virtually non-existent in the US.

      I have also thought that the “elites” are encouraging race war in order to then declare martial law. What do you think?

      • I generally agree with Paul Craig Roberts. What we have is governance that combines Marxism with a desire to go full tilt toward WWIII. Roberts, well-respected, fears that the neocons (really Marxists) are demonizing Putin to justify WWIII–“we had to nuke Russia because he disrepected gays.”
        A race war may be in our future, as may martial law, but it may be worse than that.

        • ncpride

          That’s a pretty cool blog you have there. I’m always looking for sites like yours, so I’ll be checking in regularly.

          • Thanks. The truth is important to me, not just about race but about all things, and so I cover a lot of different topics, but throwing in some laughs and inspiration too..

    • Strike_Team

      Like others, I’m convinced the Red Diaper kids and grand-kids, these people who own the media and run academia, actually love to see this happening to whites. The blacks, latinos and any other non-whites who attack white youngsters are their proxy armies. I think that given our current rulers’ well-known scatological bent and even better known group penchant for other perversions – demonstrated when they ran the NKVD for example – I believe these white hating racists get some sort of sexual excitement out of seeing white children mobbed and beaten.

      • Zaporizhian Sich

        That is just the beginning of their evil and sadism. When I learned of what they did to millions of Ukrainian and Russian women, some of them pregnant, I was shocked and rattled for days. I felt like an igniting thermite grenade inside. That is their greatest weakness, and it always leads to their victims literally cutting out their hearts and feeding them back to them.

    • Einsatzgrenadier

      White workers failed to lead the great proletarian revolution after WWI, falsifying the Marxian law of proletarian immiseration, which assured the inevitability of the socialist transformation of western society. This disappointed many of the proponents of hardcore dialectical materialism. Instead, the workers allowed themselves to be seduced by the economic prosperity of the free market. The wide variety of consumer goods to choose from put a damper on the emergence of any future proletarian revolutionary consciousness. This was seen as the great cardinal sin of the white workingman, at least in the eyes of the leftist ideologues.

      As a result, the multicultural elite decided to take the initiative by fomenting revolution for the workingman. This they would do by encouraging widespread racial hatred and racial strife. The elites will continue with their policy of massive third world immigration until this leads to the establishment of a nightmarish totalitarian police state. Because exponential growth is inherently unsustainable, this massive third world immigration will eventually exceed the economic and cultural absorptive capacity of the west, leading to food shortages, water shortages, land shortages and job shortages. Taxes will steadily increase until these become so onerous that the white man can no longer pay them. The totalitarian state will eventually buckle under its own weight and drown itself in a sea of blood. The multicultural elites will have their revolution.

  • Preparation HBomb

    This is what happens when you send your kids to a public school. An alternative school is for kids who can’t get along in a “normal” public school – usually because they’re violent. So I suspect the white kid also has a violent past. But the blacks act in a pack, kind of like lions or wolves – sneak attack, nothing about it fair. The bus driver couldn’t do anything about it, are you kidding? But folks, if you value your kids, HOME SCHOOL them. I’m a former public school teacher and know what I’m talking about.

    • ncpride

      There are still a few good schools left, mainly in very rural areas like the one we live in. However, Mexicans are creeping in, so I’ve no doubt even these schools will only be former shells of themselves in ten years or less. My kids will have been long gone by then, thank goodness. I’m thinking any future grandchildren will have to attend private school or be homeschooled.

    • Olorin

      It’s not a public school so much as a public-funded reform school run by blacks.

  • ncpride

    This is exactly why my kids have never been on a school bus in their lives, other than a field trip. That, and my own childhood experiences dealing with feral blacks on the bus to school. Despite attending majority White schools, the 9% or so blacks that attend ALL ride the bus. I’ve often wondered how I would react if this happened to one of my kids, so I decided to save myself jail time, and a terrible criminal record.

  • coco bongo

    More racial terrorism caught on tape.

    • Cecil Broomsted

      The racial Jihad against whites continues. Daily.

  • MekongDelta69

    “I didn’t do nothing,” he protests.

    Unfortunately, you don’t have to ‘do nothing.’ The only ‘thing’ you did was you were born White in today’s BRA.

  • If White people had a country of their own, this wouldn’t be happening.

    • FeuerSalamander

      we had a country of our own, one group we let in decided they were going to tell us how things should be. They insinuated themselves in the media, education and the government and pursued their agenda. Now this is where we are. I think we all know who I am talking about. Adelman is just the latest example of one of their foot soldiers ensconced in our system.

  • Geo1metric

    Assault and battery pure and simple.

    Maybe the answer, short term, is “Bus Marshals” similar to Sky Marshals.

  • Some Guy

    I guess the stoodents need more teachers that look like them and then the will be astronauts and astrophysicists.

    “A middle-school teacher in Houston appeared in court this week, accused of having an improper relationship with a student after giving him a lap dance for his birthday in front of the class.”

    • FeuerSalamander

      they are not human, they are animals

    • MBlanc46

      If that’s how Negroes want to behave in schools, I don’t want to make it my business. I just want them to have their own schools.

  • IstvanIN

    Donald Sterling’s private comments are far worse.

  • Berkeley Guy

    It is difficult to maintain a calm reserve while commenting on articles such as the one above. This young man’s experience in the video reminds me of what it was like at Lewis Middle School. Luckily I never was struck on the head that hard, even if I was hit in other areas of my body during that kind of flash mob mentality. One rule that I made for myself is that I must never walk around in the hallways relaxed with loose stomach muscles. Swift punches to the gut for no reason other than the delight of abuse were doled out all the time. Slamming was also big: run up behind someone and scoop them up to throw them down.

    Some people think that these incidents are unrelated to race, except when white people do something similar, at which point a news frenzy that this story will never receive begins. From experience, many times you are singled out simply because you are white and therefore deemed to be an easy and passive target who will not fight back. I cannot count the number of times I heard do X to “that white boy.”

    Unlike that young man, I learned to never let my guard down and to always seat myself strategically, and to hone a “sixth sense” for my surroundings.

    • MBlanc46

      I can’t imagine having to go to school in those conditions. I’m thankful that I never had to. I’m glad that you survived your ordeal. I just hope that, through items such as this, more and more whites are seeing the true nature of the black underclass.

      • Ella

        Many Whites don’t have the power to change the damaged societal make-up as we stand idly by with only opinions.

  • Jack Whistler

    More proof that the Bantu are wild animals who are incapable of existing within; and present a clear and present danger to civilized society.

  • Hmmm, maybe all those whites who opposed integration and school busing during the 1960s weren’t so wrong after all? Maybe they knew something we didn’t? They tried to warn us.

    • DA

      The people who were opposed to “integration” were correct, they foresaw this future, now its here.

    • sshadow

      ” Maybe they knew something we didn’t”
      For many here We always knew. There was no time that we didn’t.

  • 4321realist

    This incident is getting exposure on Drudge, which reaches literally millions of people, and it is appearing on many web sites.

    I’ve surfed the sites that are showing it, and the white outrage is brutal.

    It’s hard to get whitey’s hackles up, but watching a mob beating seems to do it every time.

    Some far leftists are feebly trying to flim flam that this has nothing to do with race but it isn’t
    necessary to make anything up involving black on white hate. If just the truth is shown regarding the many black pathologies it’s devastating to blacks, so it’s no wonder the MSM and the Society of Professional Journalists want to play these incidents down or ignore them altogether.

    And I’m pretty sure they think all of this will pass if we just ignore it and then we can all go skipping down the street, holding hands and singing in perfect harmony enjoying our rainbow utopia.

    • ncpride

      This has been going on for decades, having been a victim of the same kind of violence back in the very early 80’s. Black on White violence may have escalated since Obama was elected, but I’ve heard many stories from people much older than me who tell the same story. A lot of Whites are unaware of that fact, but now people the country over can see what’s happening with their own eyes, thanks to technology.

  • Strike_Team

    This goes on all the time, everyday, all across the US wherever whites attend “school” with blacks and other non-whites. The blacks are the least cagey about it, as Latinos and SE Asians for example, will attack the whites in school restrooms, behind buildings, out in the street, but rarely on buses. Blacks attack anywhere, that’s why we always get these school bus videos posted on Youtube. Even then, it’s likely that for every video we see, there are a hundreds of attacks (on school buses) we never hear about.

  • I’m glad to see that Breitbart is picking up Colin Flaherty’s columns.

    But why isn’t this in WND?

    Has what I’ve been fearfully predicting happened?

  • Evette Coutier

    Three on one is negro fun.

    • curmudgeon

      They are bold in groups. Was the same during Vietnam. Your ‘good friends’ did not know you when they were in groups with other blacks while on liberty. I had never thought myself as racist until that awakening.

      • Evette Coutier

        That’s been my experience too.

  • Evette Coutier

    Another case of white privilege. When will we learn to stop flaunting our skin color?

  • FeuerSalamander

    negroes, they attack in packs and from behind.

    • Evette Coutier

      There’s a lesson there for whites.

      • Zaporizhian Sich

        Time for whites to counter-attack in packs, and strike a blow for justice, one stomp at a time. Personally, I laugh when blacks attack the wrong white person and get injured, or even killed as a result. The more I hear of these unprovoked attacks, the more evil my mood becomes.

  • Looks like he was the dorky fat kid, too. Probably the nicest guy on the bus. Sad.

  • E. Newton

    I’ll rewrite the headline for the media cockroaches, “Schools kids get into fight on bus”.


      Exactly! – Or how about this one, “Viral video of school bus scuffle brings out White racist in YouTube comments!”. The blatant hypocrisy, distortion and out right lies that the media gets away with is absolutely stunning!

  • Sheik Yerbouti

    The fact of the matter is that they are attacking our children. They are doing it with intention and malice and it’s time to react. I’m not suggesting going after children, I am suggesting we go after their parents. Even the ones in the pokey.

    • Zaporizhian Sich

      I know what I would do if that had been my child, those black b******s better hope I never find them, OR their parents.

  • Deiter Botha

    Where is all the video of white students beating blacks?

    • Earl Turner

      Being suppressed by the vast right wing conspiracy.

      Why is everyone laughing?

  • model1911

    His brother stated “I just don’t understand. I just don’t understand,” It is very simple actually. Sad.

  • Alec Smarts

    If these black students are disciplined, the Obama administration will claim that blacks are ‘disproportionately’ targeted – not due to behavior but just because they are black.

    And liberals will just assume that just as many white kids are ganging up on poor innocent defenseless blacks – who are somewhat like pets to liberals. The mind of liberals, blacks can do no wrong.

  • 4321realist

    I see Colin Flaherty is still working hard trying to get the black on white violence reported, but apparently World Net Daily has been hammered into submission, because they didn’t publish this report nor have they published any other for well over a month now.

    Breitbart did however. Good for them. They seem to be a group who cannot be intimidated easily.

    Drudge is reporting Colin’s stories also. That’s a big assist considering his millions of readers.

  • curmudgeon

    Hate crime pure and simple to everyone except the racist Eric Holder!

  • curmudgeon

    Racist AG Eric Holder does not prosecute “HIs people”! Obonzo is not sure who his people are, but he identifies with his black half and hates his White half. Spawn of a White communist slut suffering from jungle fever and a Black communist drunken horn-dog.

  • Raymond Kevon Morgan

    I bet the Dover Police department will say this has nothing to do with race.

  • Geo1metric

    Now that’s funny. Thanks for the laugh.

  • edwin karninsky

    They should be banned from the NBA and forced to sell the Clippers.

  • Geo1metric

    “Why are so many whites and patriotic non-whites clueless?”

    Because of our free press?