Knockout Game: Teens Accused of Beating Random Student for Fun

Elise Preston, WREG (Memphis), March 28, 2014

Knock out is a violent pastime that does exactly what is says–knocks a person out.

A Whitehaven teenager is at home recovering, after being the target of the vicious game.


Outside Whitehaven High was the scene of a violent phenomenon sweeping the country.

Teens walk up to complete strangers and just knock them out. It’s all a game to the attackers, called knock out.


Two 18-year-olds, Jerrean Eason and Marcus Hopson, along with two teenage boys under 18, are the star players in a case where they are accused of beating a 17-year-old student leaving Whitehaven High Thursday.

“These children don’t care about life no more. They just live to be violent,” said neighbor George Martin.

The teen attacked is OK.

Eason, Hopson and the other two teens face charges, but it’s their actions leaving neighbors uneasy.

“Stay alert; look around, if I see a gang of young guys, veer off the other way,” said McClain.


The beating happened after school and on a public sidewalk.


Eason and Hopson are no longer in jail. Their bond was only set at $100.

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  • Zaporizhian Sich

    It’s time for whites who realize they are about to be unwilling participants in this game to start shooting these miscreants, as in attackers will be shot in the face and killed. Let’s see how long they will be doing this when four or five of these darkie thugs die without a face literally at a time.

    • kjh64

      Of course, if you shoot one of the little dears, you would be labeled an evil White racist who shot a “poor little Black child” that “dint do nuffin”, who was just “walking while Black.”

      • Zaporizhian Sich

        That’s why I would shoot all of them, and make sure they’re dead if a group attacks me. That way none of them can cry rayciss in court. Of course, I avoid areas where possible where they gather in number, if they attack me they will likely make the mistake of doing it where I have every right to be.

    • Alexandra1973

      I’ll see your knockout game and raise you a shoot-out game….

      When dealing with these thugs you have every reason to believe your life is endangered if they start surrounding you or throwing a punch.

  • Luca

    OH, It was “random” not racist.

    Why didn’t Zimmerman’s lawyers think of that one. “Your honor, my client just likes to randomly follow strangers.”

  • JohnEngelman

    “Stay alert; look around, if I see a gang of young guys, veer off the other way,” said McClain.

    – Elise Preston, WREG (Memphis), March 28, 2014

    Not “young guys,” young blacks. Young white guys do not do that.

    • bilderbuster

      Das Rassess!

    • Alexandra1973

      If I’m out walking and I see ONE black guy (a bit rare in this town) I find a way to casually cross the street. Or head into the nearby gas station.

      • Cid Campeador

        Check out “Execute Le Maricus Davidson” on FB i.e. if you haven’t already.

    • Magician

      “Stay alert; look around, if I see a group of Asian women or Jewish women, run right over there”

      – John Engelman, AmRen

  • JSS

    “Stay alert; look around, if I see a gang of young guys, veer off the other way,” said McClain.

    Nah it’s just blacks and browns in groups you need be wary of.

  • Ed

    So much for Kwesi back to reality.

  • I would prefer to carry my 99 cent t-ball bat than cowardly veer off. The bat plus my mean angry redneck look has made several blacks …er…teens veer off. Flip the script on these b*stards. I got my bat (actually have several) at Goodwill.

    • nexus974

      You would become the next George Zimmerman. No matter how justified you would be condemned.

      • bilderbuster

        Only if you are dumb enough to call the cops or dumb enough to stick around.

    • Some Guy

      Here in CA you can’t just have a bat in your vehicle, it’s classified as a weapon. We carry balls and gloves too, “Hell I was just on the way to play ball with the boys.”

      • kjh64

        You can’t carry a bat in your vehicle? I’m sure California’s strictness on weapons means there are no shootings, stabbings or bludgeonings. (sarcasm off)

      • PvtCharlieSlate

        Carry a lug wrench. It’s supposed to be in your car.

        • I carry a box-cutter in my pocket. The maximum legal length for a concealed blade in Colorado is 3.5 inches. A box-cutter with a one-inch blade is thus just fine.

          • bilderbuster

            Craftsman guarantees their philips screwdrivers for life & I like the fact that they will be very painful going in.

      • I suspect a claw-hammer would also be OK there, if you had some other tools in your car along with it.

        • Zaporizhian Sich

          Steel toed boots too, I wear them on the job as required by OSHA. They have other uses too, such as kicking attackers into the next leap year literally.

        • bilderbuster

          A 20 oz. claw-hammer & a bag of nails & you’re a carpenter.

  • Nimadan

    Is the judge “weak” and “spineless” or is he/she an anti-White racist?

    • FozzieT

      Probably a black judge.

      • Nimadan

        If so, the odds he’s an anti-White racist are easily ten-to-one.

        • FozzieT


  • Nimadan

    Why? The destruction of White America is a vital part of the
    cultural marxist agenda. Genociding Whites is a prerequisite
    for their success. Males, veterans, Christians, traditonalists &
    libertarians are also on the target list but Whites are at the top.

    • Tom B

      And that’s just the racial side of the deconstruction of the USA.
      While all that’s going on, there’s the polluting of education, media-, entertainment and the destabilization of the military. A rapidly matastizing cancer in the “body” of the USA, indeed, of the western world. Seems it’s all a fait aclompi, as whites will never be galvanized in sufficient number to mount a serious offensive. The miitary has practicaly been made over in the image of Marx, as have the various police forces and FBI. Pretty grim odds, don’t you think?

      • Nimadan

        Yes, the odds are grim. There is no hope through ordinary means. The political process is broken. The only viable strategy is to slow them down and keep them from winning until something happens to crash their control grid.

        By “control grid”, I mean not just the anti-White activists and the badge-thugs who work for them, I also mean the chemicals in the air and water, the mindless stuff in the mass media, and even the endless variety of plastic pumpkins down at the walmarts. All of this is used to keep the sheeple under control.

        By “something happens”, I mean a Black Swan event that they cannot game because they didn’t predict it and/or because it’s too big for them to withstand. I’m thinking of something like a minor nuclear war, a coronal mass ejection, or an eruption of Yellowstone. It will take something on that scale to break the globalist control grid. For better and for worse, ALL of the above are distinctly possible.

        “Luck will often save a man if his courage doesn’t fail him” –

        Norse proverb

        • Tom B

          Infinitely more toxicity in media than in air… Pumpkins! Inundated with things in cellophane bags, including politicians who are wrapped in conviction, but utterly without conscience. Witness the
          shameless grovelling in Vegas… Doctor to patient; “Sorry son, it looks pretty bad. As you can see on this ex-ray, it’s spread
          everywhere. If you would’ve come here say, 25 years ago for a check-up, I’d have prescribed two tablets of vigilance per day,
          for the rest of your life. Now the only thing ‘might save you is an untested product called “richter 9.9” Others, though with even more
          uncertainty, are “taxnopay” and “boycott-mega 1000”…..

          • Nimadan

            Beautifully said, Tom.

  • MBlanc46

    This has become routine, there’s really nothing more to be said about it. The politicians, the police, and the corporate media refuse to call it what it is or to deal with it in any meaningful way. It’s just the way things are now, wherever there are blacks.

  • John R

    Okay, I’ll make the obligatory comment, if someone else hasn’t already: The statement “if I see a gang of young guys, I will walk away” is BULL! It is not “young guys” that are causing this phenomena. It is only one particular group of young guys that are doing it. Be aware, but don’t be paranoid.

    • silviosilver

      Whites who want to pretend it’s not racial will have the white privilege knocked out of them soon enough.

  • Romulus

    I’ve commented so much on this topic and the stories are now so routine, that I don’t have much to say other than, never go out unprotected!

  • Bob

    Let’s change the rules of the “game” shall we? Instead of being the prey, let’s be the hunter. Take your place at the top of the food chain. What’s the worst thing that can happen?

    • The Justice Department would call it a “hate crime”, some politically-motivated libtard DA would throw a laundry list of bogus charges at you without even bothering to go through a grand jury, and the mainstream media would run photos of the vicious black thug taken when he was approximately eight or nine, and your legal expenses would bankrupt you. This story seems familiar; I think we’ve heard it before.

  • NoMosqueHere

    There ain’t no easy way out. But if enough whites are armed and use deadly force when confronted with a life threatening situation the number of black on white violent crimes may decrease.

  • 4321realist

    “Teens walk up to complete strangers and just knock them out. It’s all a game to the attackers, called knock out.”

    Well, the liars in the MSM have successfully distorted these attacks to be near-harmless “games” by blacks, not having a racial component to them at all, careful not to mention that they amount to black on white beatings due to racial hatred.

    And the media never mentions any of the black rioting, destruction and mayhem that is occurring all over the country in MANY shopping malls, beaches or any place where they get together in large mobs.

    Personally, I think the Society for Professional Journalists and all of the media think that all this black chaos will gradually diminish over time if they continue pretending as if there isn’t a black mob violence problem.

    But nothing is going to prevent an intensification, unless blacks are eliminated somehow. It will continue to get worse until the situation finally erupts into armed conflict.

    And the catalyst for that could be an economic plummet or a natural disaster like an earthquake or another Katrina.

  • OhWow

    Ah, so close! I thought the anchor was saying “White victim”…nope…just turned out the word “White” was in the town’s name. Ironic.

    • dcc2379

      Wonder if the white boy had a hood?

      • Dale McNamee

        Probably not… But, the sub-animal creatures who did the beating were hoods from da ‘Hood… Wearing hoodies probably…

  • wildfirexx

    I consider this to be the random beating game, a step up from the knockout game which was one blow to the head. We’ve now have already heard of the baseball bat beating, in which the victim shot two predators in self-defence. The next step up may well be the shootout game… to see whether or not you can drop your victim with one shot!

  • Bill

    I’m betting the judge who imposed that stiff bond of $100 was black. Any takers? I’m giving odds 6-1 judge was black, and 2-1 judge was a white liberal woman. One or the other.

    • Bartek

      Oy vey! aren’t you missing another obvious bet?

    • A second degree assault like that carries a $10,000 bond here in Colorado. This means that a bail bondsman would need a payment of $1,000 from each defendant, which the bondsman keeps. The defendant or his parents or a close friend would also have to own property worth at least the remaining $9,000 and sign a promissory note on that. Personal recognizance bonds are rarely awarded in violent cases here. PR bonds also typically involve conditions like reporting probation, random drug and alcohol tests, the wearing of an ankle monitor, and the issuing of a restraining order prohibiting any sort of contact with the victim.

  • ViktorNN

    The beating happened after school and on a public sidewalk.

    No it didn’t.

    According to the leftist media knockout game attacks are a myth and they don’t exist. Therefore this attack didn’t happen.

    Saying otherwise makes you a racist. Insisting that these attacks exist makes you a racist.

  • JackKrak

    Isn’t it weird how all of these “random” attacks never seem to “randomly” happen to black people even when they make up 264% of a neighborhood’s population?

  • We can just hope that in the case of these four, their behavior becomes a self-correcting problem, and that the next victim they “randomly” pick is an armed, off-duty policeman.

  • Tom_in_Miami

    I see articles like this all the time, but I don’t recall seeing much in the way of punishment. The two “adults” in the group got out of jail on a $100 bond. I wonder if the punishment for assaulting whites is similarly insignificant.

    • Here in Colorado, a second-degree assault is a Class-1 Misdemeanor with a punishment of up two two years of incarceration. While the state calls that a “misdemeanor”, under federal law the possible length of the sentence (over a year) makes it a felony. Evidently, one’s mileage will vary considerably in Tennessee.

  • MarcB1969

    Just another day here in Memphrica.

  • Paleoconn

    Whitehaven. The name. No haven for whites, it seems. This is unreal. This is like George Orwell or Jean Raspail coming to life. The brutal irony. And the usual sympathetic black reporters, interviewees, harmony singers to soften the message. No mention of the race of the poor kid who was savagely assaulted by the thugs. My first guess, white. My second, Asian. Third, any other non-black. But the latter two are least likely. It’s Whites they hate. It’s Whites who have no hope for any haven in this hateful country anymore.