Encountering Racism in Delhi

BBC News, April 8, 2014

Many people from the north-east of India now live in big cities like Delhi.

This ethnically and culturally distinct group have often found themselves the victims of racism and hate crime.

Nido Taniam, a 20-year-old man, died after a brawl with a group of strangers who mocked his appearance.

BBC News spent the day with one young student to find out what life is like for north-easterners living in Delhi and the surrounding region.

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  • Michael Mason

    The BBC tracks down the evils of racism in every corner of the globe.

    • JackKrak

      The Bad, Bad, Caucasians network

      • Einsatzgrenadier

        White people have now become the sacrificial lambs of god who must literally die in order to redeem the sins of the world. This is white guilt on steroids. Not only do the elites demand the extinction of the white race, but the rest of the world is demanding it as well. They seem to forget that the white race is the lamp of the world. Extinguish that, and you have nothing but darkness.

    • Tim_in_Indiana

      But on the other hand, this shows that “racism” is pretty universal, not just a “white people thang.”

      • Anonymous

        Exactly. I am glad that they showed that non-Whites are capable of being just as racist if not more racist than White people. Any person of any race is capable of being racist.

        I have said it before and I will say it again. I hate WNs just as much as I hate liberal race-deniers. However, I hate non-White ethnonationalists even more than I hate WNs. At least some WNs are consistent with their views. The non-White ethnonationalists, as soon as they come to the United States, start spewing liberal drivel about how their people are oppressed.

        • Person of Whiteness

          What do you have against WN’s?

  • guest

    Even with no whites involved, they’ll still look for a way to blame whites for this racism.

    • Tim_in_Indiana

      I’m sure it will be blamed on “British colonialism.”

      • Einsatzgrenadier

        The British should have left the non-whites to stew in their own 3rd world feces, instead of bringing them modern medicine and technology. That way, the British would still have their country and non-whites could practice wife burning, human sacrifice and defecating in the open streets to their heart’s content, far, far away from the evils of the white man’s oppressive colonialism.

        • Bossman

          The British went to those places to get valuable commodities that they could not live without such as sugar and spices and all things nice. Bringing them modern medicine and technology was an after thought. When they were busy transporting slaves to the Americas, the last thing that they would’ve thought of is that someday they would’ve to play cricket with them.

          • Einsatzgrenadier

            I wish the white man would clean his own toilets and pick his own crops. Western countries burdened with diversity got that way because some white man thought he was above menial labor and could save a bundle employing non-white foreigners. Some things just aren’t worth the extra profit. I would much rather pay high wages in a largely automated society, rather than have to put up with some low-wage non-white foreigner like yourself.

          • Bossman

            I got news for you. I did a DNA analysis. My ancestors on my father’s side came from the outer fringes of the North Sea. I was hoping to find a little bit of the Native American in my background but that didn’t show up.

    • Saisyet

      When an East Asian country, for example, South Korea, is prejudiced against blacks they blame the U.S. media.

      • Correction: they blame the US media instead of the rapes and robberies that uniformed black US servicemen commit.

  • Tom Mixx

    No one in Asia likes the Chinese – no one.

    • Bossman

      I can’t tell the difference between a Chinese and a Japanese or a Korean.

      • Tom Mixx

        Yeah, but the other Asians can.

        • WhiteGuyInJapan

          Not always. We had a Vietnamese-American at our school and the Japanese staff started speaking to him in Japanese. Ha ha, you do look the same!

          • David Ashton

            A true school story from me: we had a celebration of the Chinese New Year in which the “anti-racist” staff called out each slant-eyed pupil to collect their presents from the stage. One girl refused to move. An “anti-racist” teacher grabbed her to propel her forward, but she broke free and ran upset out of the assembly hall. Not being an “anti-racist” I knew the reason by the simple fact of recognizing her surname, obviously Vietnamese not Chinese, but the “multi-culturalists” in their characteristic ignorance did not.

          • We once had a US ethnic Japanese engineer – rather than the “real thing” – on loan for a joint R&R project, and we went out to a great Vietnamese restaurant – “Saigon Springs” – for lunch. The proprietress studied him, while I watched her, past the guy’s shoulder.

            She finally approached and asked whether he was Vietnamese. His reply, “No, I’m an American” left her speechless. He then added “fifth generation.”

            Some Viets have very light complexions.

      • Ed

        I can generally tell the Japanese easy enough. They’re more demure and have slightly fairer skin. Also the speak more deliberately. Can’t tell between Chinese & Korean though but if they speak I can. Chinese speak in a guttural fashion and very rapidly.

      • Martel

        Its not that difficult distinguishing between Chinese and Japanese/Korean, between the later I hardly see any differences though. But too be fair I don’t know any Koreans in real life.

        • Ron Cheaters

          For some reason, every confirmed Korean I have met have big brown mole’s. Usually somewhere on their face, neck or chest.
          I’ve always noticed it and always wonder why that is.

      • I can. There’s some overlap in facial features and body builds, but as with most other things in life, this all becomes rather easy with experience.

    • Northerner

      China is to the East like America is to the West. The former just happens to be surrounded by a greater number of increasingly wary neighbors.

  • Ed

    I know China & India share a border but I wasn’t prepared for an Indian sounding, Chinaman. Man the world is a fascinating place.

    • Martel

      They share a violent border.

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      I was really startled when I saw a Chinese-looking man speaking with an Indian accent. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one. It’s just so…bizarre.

  • Romulus

    I know,…. Let’s hear from Engleman!!!
    He’s an asianphile!!
    Tell us John of the incredible intelligence that the Asians bring to the illegal animal trade to fuel their need for their ” traditional hocus pocus medicine”. Tell us about how this demand contributes to the decimating poaching going on in the dark continent by poor ignorant blacks!!!
    Everyone just loves the Asians! Don’t they John?!

    • Martel

      My foot is itching, where is my sinophile house pet?

      • Romulus

        He’s either on hiatus or moderating?!
        Anyone’s geuss! He usually weighs in on any oriental story.

  • Bossman

    A Chinese man with an Indian accent. How strange!!

    • Northerner

      It’s not strange. He grew up in India. Likewise, if you speak to Asians who were born in the U.S., they don’t have accents.

      • IstvanIN

        Yeah, why do Chinese and Indian kids who grow up here speak like Americans but blacks and a huge percentage of Hispanics can not?

    • captainc

      They are Asians, but thy live under Indian area due to British occupation in 19th century, check north east India.

      And there are many Tibetans also in India as asylum seekers.

  • Mahound

    I can’t help thinking that the white heterosexual male is to blame for this somehow.

  • Ahnenerbe

    India needs a ebola outbreak

  • Seminumerical

    I spent several weeks in Kullu in the Himalayas. At one point in my travels up there I was within a mile of the Chinese border. About one in twenty of the Indian locals had Chinese features. There was a famous Chinese restaurant on the Indian side of the border. I wish I’d visited it. I was tired of ghee, chipatties, and bland vegetable stew made of “pumpkin”, carrots, and lentils.

    If you wanted spicy you had to drive half way to Delhi. If you purchased toilet paper in a shop you got strange looks. A porcelain hole in an icy cold lavatory, with a water tap so you could scrub your bum, for the rich. The poor went down to the Bias River to defecate. Millions downstream drank that water.

    • MBlanc46

      And we’re bringing them here by the million.

  • IstvanIN

    Maybe India shouldn’t have annexed Himalayan kingdoms!

  • David Ashton

    Worth consulting is Stuart Northolt’s “Fields of Fire: An Atlas of Ethnic Conflict”.

  • Jon Doe

    FYI, I dated an Indian girl and actually visited Mumbai, I can tell you with 100% certainty that Indian males hate anyone with a light complexion and I mean anyone. White, Asian dont matter. Skin color is huge to them, the girls will always choose a lighter skin partner, my girl sister was dating a really dark almost black Indian guy and her parents was not pleased. The Asian dude facing this “hate” I guarantee was from black as coal Indian males

  • Henry Steyer

    The gable stone of Hinduism is the interdiction of race mixing, that is why it does not count as world religion. Nevertheless, Alain Danielou, the brother of the french cardinal, has become one of its religious leader. This has something to do with his homosexuality, that he would most certainly never married an Hindu women nor bring in anyone of his race in the Hindu community. He was invited in the literary program ‘Apostrophe’ where he explained that Hinduism is very tolerant in many aspects, but the one thing it demands, is to pay attention what kind of children one bring into world and to not create bastards. That was his own words. He explained then that Hinduism is never conflicting with the real world. I suppose that Hinduism is immune to the evolutionary teleological fallacy, or the idea that survival is an end by itself. An idea that, for many it will seem paradoxical, may arm our races more than anything else.

  • Donc

    Just out of curiosity. A number of commenters here have some knowledgeable facts. But I wonder do you guys also comment on Yahoo comment session where a cesspool of diverse ethnicities emerge as the wonder of the world?

    • I have been permanently banished from the Yahoo comment section for the last eight or so years. I’m smarter than the Yahoo staff put together; if they don’t like rational, educated, well-written comments they consider “politically inconvenient”, they can go take a flying leap.

      • Donc

        well that explains!

  • (Raises hand) I would like expel MOST non-whites from all Western nations, and not merely United States.

  • Japan has two native subrace phenotypes: the Yayoi and the Jomon. The nose you describe is Jomon. The Jomon are really just the descendants of the original inhabitants, the Ainu.

    In spite of their relatively – and sometimes considerably – more Caucasian features, modern DNA work shows this is actually the result of convergent evolution. The same obtains with native Solomon and New Guinea islanders compared with black Africans: not closely related at all.