Democratic Lawmaker: GOP Base ‘Animated by Racism’

Philip Elliott, Yahoo! News, April 13, 2014

An overhaul to the nation’s broken immigration system remains stalled because “the Republican base does have elements that are animated by racism,” the head of the House committee to elect Democratic lawmakers said Sunday.

Rep. Steve Israel’s comments are in line with those from House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi earlier this week, in which she blamed racial issues for the GOP’s failure to act on comprehensive immigration legislation. Asked about Pelosi’s comments, New York’s Israel said he agreed with her assessment.

“To a significant extent, the Republican base does have elements that are animated by racism. And that’s unfortunate,” said Israel, who heads the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.


“I think race has something to do with the fact that they’re not bringing up an immigration bill,” Pelosi told reporters Thursday.

Pelosi was responding to a question about whether race factors into how Republicans deal with members of the Obama administration. {snip}


Israel and Walden spoke on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

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  • Dave4088

    The Democrats (or CPUSA) are animated by anti-white racism, but the Republicans are too gutless to call them out and too afraid of the media reaction.

    • Nancy Thomas

      You nailed it, they are hate filled anti-white bigots.

      • me

        They are hate-filled, anti-White, non-goy bigots….

    • Erasmus

      It’s out of love that we oppose amnesty. (Someone needs to tell this to Jebby.)

      It’s because we love our country and we love our families that we stand against amnesty. We love our children and grandchildren so much that we know that if we surrender to the illegal alien invaders, we’ll be handing on to our kids and grandkids a 3rd word country, like Mexico or Guatemala. It’s because we want them to have as at least as good a life as we did and that, while we would never throw our lives away on any pointless war on terror, we would gladly militarize our borders to stop the invasion.

  • Truthseeker

    It’s OK for the Democrats to get votes from people who hate Whites and are voting to suppress the best interests of Whites, but how dare any of those Whites try to counteract this type of marginalization?

    • evilsandmich

      Like Steve Sailer said: if they say the Republicans are the party of whites, then that makes the Democrats the party of…blacks.

  • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

    The late great Democratic senator from North Carolina, Sam Ervin, had a felicitous way of expressing his “racism” in his criticism of the Immigration Act of 1965 (which shifted the source countries of future US immigration from Europe to Latin America and Asia):

    “Mr. Secretary…you take the English-speaking people, they gave us our language, they gave us our common law, they gave us a large part of our political philosophy….The reason I say this bill is discriminatory against those people is because it puts them on exactly the same plane as the people of Ethiopia are put, where the people of Ethiopia have the same right to come to the United States under this bill as the people from England, the people of France, the people of Germany, the people of Holland…

    “I don’t know of any contributions that Ethiopia has made to the making of America. The point I am making is, we discriminate every day in every phase of life, we make discriminations in law, we make them in our personal actions, we discriminate in our opinions…we discriminate by the girls we marry, choose one and object to the choice of another, or they object to us.

    “The only possible charge of discrimination in the McCarran-Walter Act [1952 legislation which maintained the quota system strongly favoring European countries as source countries for immigration] is that it discriminates in favor of the people who made the greatest contribution to America, and this bill puts them on the same plane as everybody else on earth.

    “Finally: I do not think you could draft an immigration bill in which you do not discriminate. I think discrimination is ordinarily the exercise of intelligence to make conscious choices…I think there is a rational basis and a reasonable basis to give a preference to Holland over Afghanistan, and I hope I am not entertaining a very iniquitous thought when I entertain that honest opinion.”

  • It must be election season, and the prospects for Democrats must look bad.

    So it’s time to start yelling racism and dog whistling about that Kluxer behind the tree.

    That said, I hope and wish that Pelosi and Steve Israel are right, that the Republican base (as opposed to the RINO leadership) is motivated by “racism,” (i.e. racial self preservation).

    • DonReynolds

      Self-defense is never racist.

      • It is racist if a white person is defending himself from a minority.

        • DonReynolds

          Self-defense does not depend on who is trying to destroy you.
          Our biggest enemy are the white Liberals and communists.
          No race involved there either.

    • RisingReich

      Yeah lets not forget the ‘war on women’ shtick they have started, either.

      • Ella

        Democrats thrive on split and divide or plainly, waring factions. They have to pit women against men, blacks against whites, gays against straights and so on.

        • RisingReich

          They have perfected White division. It’s everywhere.

    • Nancy Thomas

      Yes, it’s desperation. The daily offerings on yahoo and google are shameless anti-white crap; whites are racist, whites are evil, republicans are nazis…..they blare this nonsense day and night…..and then they wonder why their numbers are in the toilet.
      They’ve lost all credibility because all they do is LIE.

      • Hallie Eva

        Nancy, the anti-White articles are nauseating, but it is encouraging that posts in reaction are increasingly realistic.
        The masses must be awakening if their comments are any indication.
        Those posting in response to the truth tellers, hard pressed to present a cogent argument, must resort to name calling and ad hominem attacks.

  • crystalevans

    Republicans are against amnesty, which is what most of these bills would provide to illegal immigrants.

  • 4teepee

    So what animates Israel’s ethnic cleansing of the indigenous Palestinian people, Steve Israel?

    Jewish hypocrisy? I am shocked, shocked.

    • NoMosqueHere

      Like there’s a shortage of arab muslims in Gaza, the West Bank, and within Israel itself?

      • RisingReich

        Haven’t you read stories about them deporting and mistreating all the wonderful vibrant diversity from Africa?

        Hypocrites forever.

        • NoMosqueHere

          Israel is one of the most racially diverse countries on earth, unfortunately. But, they cannot afford to operate immigration clown cars. But if the US is too stupid to enforce its immigration laws, don’t blame Israel. They have many other things to worry about.

          • Ella

            Pro-Israeli lobbyist groups have been pushing for unlimited immigration since the 1920’s to keep an open door for persecuted Jewish persons. They voted against almost ALL restriction quotas to lower immigration numbers and also, helped write the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965. Only 1 time they blocked an immigration bill from Asia during early 1900’s, at least from record. Jews will eventually lose power and destroy themselves among the sold out Gentiles. Read it in their own blogs and On-line magazines. They are worried and open about it. If I’m wrong about pro-Jewish lobbying groups, then educate me differently.

          • RisingReich

            What I’m pissed off at is people refusing to see what’s right in front of them. That they agitate for open borders over here, and for the complete opposite over there. Anyone whom would object over here is NAZI, while they corral and export undesirables on the daily over there.

            REALLY tired of being ‘nazi racist’ b/c I would object to my own extermination.

            So no, I don’t have a ‘problem’ with it on basis. Let them have their own Country, but we deserve ours. Simple as that.

          • bilderbuster

            Jews support open borders and oppose nationalism only in White nations and support racial laws for “The Jewish State” of Israel.

          • Nancy Thomas

            You lie. My God, you LIE!!!! Israel is NOT diverse in any way shape or form!!!!!
            You have to be JEWISH and they test your DNA!!!!!!
            Israeli soldiers have been going door to door to evict blacks and send them to Sweden!
            Do you think we’re stupid here on this site and we don’t know what is going on?

          • me

            Oh, really….

        • Nancy Thomas

          And they send them to SWEDEN!!!!!!

    • Alexandra1973

      That land belongs to the Jews. Not the so-called “Palestinians.” In fact the land that makes up the *state* of Israel is only part of their land.

      • RisingReich

        Where did the Palestinians live before the end of WWII?
        I’m not necessarily pro-Palestine, either, just to get that out of the way.

      • bilderbuster

        Say’s who?
        If they want it then it’s their problem but not any concern of White peoples.

      • 4teepee

        Nonsense. The so-called “Jews” already have Brooklyn.

        • DonReynolds

          The Jews left Brooklyn years ago.

          • 4teepee

            Too funny.

      • DonReynolds

        Land BELONGS to whomever can occupy it and keep others from taking it. Has been that way since the beginning of human society.

  • I’m thinking that big mouth Steve Israel should look at Israel’s (the country) immigration policy. Would he claim that Jews are motivated by racism? Nope. There’s nothing wrong morally or practically with opposing immigration that would wipe out your country. But since the word “racist” has infinite boundaries to libtards like big mouth Steve, he can toss it around at will.

  • IstvanIN

    I wish.

  • DonReynolds

    This is insane.
    The vast majority of the illegal aliens are from Mexico.
    Mexico is not a race.
    Hispanic is not a race.
    Illegal aliens in the USA are not a race.
    (They include all races, colors, and religions.)
    Ergo… has nothing to do with racism or race.

    • bilderbuster

      It has everything to do with race when the White European race built this nation and it’s the non Whites who could never build a nation anywhere in the world like this who are the ones destroying it.

      • DonReynolds

        I am sure you already know, it was whites that let them in this country.
        The white liberals are the ones destroying this country, not the peons from Mexico.
        Save your ammo for the Quislings who invited the invaders, the Mex will leave as soon as they see our resolve.

  • Puggg

    Israel and Walden spoke on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

    You mean CNN took a pause in its coverage of the missing airplane?

  • Einsatzgrenadier

    Racism is just the natural response to foreign 3rd world invasion.

    • Urbane Neanderthal

      Racism is just a socialist construct because there is only one race.

    • Nancy Thomas

      Yes, it IS an invasion, make no mistake, and it will carry the very same consequences as a military conquest.

  • Jesse James

    Yup and we are getting more and more animated everyday.

    • bilderbuster

      And there’s no difference between a German Shepherd and a Mexican Chiwawa either.

  • So CAL Snowman

    “Democratic base animated by unquenchable thirst for goyim blood”

  • Eddie Lutz

    It’s the anti-white racism from the left that has driven me to the GOP. They think I like voting for corporate, teetollering, job-offshoring, nature-hating, A-holes?

    • RisingReich

      Plenty of anti-Whites with R after the last name. I hope you don’t believe the Rs are going to save us.

      • Eddie Lutz

        I doubt it. But consider this metaphor: if the GOP is HIV then the Democratic party is full-blown AIDS. Perhaps there is yet time to cure the GOP.

    • DonReynolds

      The Republican party is the natural home of RINOs and NeoCons. I share your contempt and they have a burning hate for us both.

  • MekongDelta69

    Race Card spelled backwards is… Race Card.

    How many times can you say “Race” before your mouth gets tired and your brain sizzles out? Leftists can do it for decades.

  • Luca

    The Race Card is a Joker and the Joker is wild. Blacks and Liberals see racism everywhere and at every moment. It;s in their morning coffee and and under their beds at night and it goes on from “the womb to the tomb”.

    The most over used, misused, worn out word in the English language.

    It has gotten to the point where it no longer means anything and is no longer a literal word but only a verbal weapon used when someone is losing an argument.

    When I hear it now my eyes just glaze over and anyone speaking it has just been tuned out.

    • Nancy Thomas

      They are the party of the boy that cried racism one too many times and now nobody is listening!

  • Greg Thomas

    How I wish this were true.

  • BonV.Vant


  • TXCriollo

    Typical liberal bs, no argument so they cry racism. This song and dance is old

  • bilderbuster

    Oh how I wish that only a tiny percentage of the White people accused of racism really were racists.
    The struggle against non Whites would have been over before it ever began.

    • Nancy Thomas

      The problem is not that whites are racists; the problem is that whites are NOT racists.

      • bilderbuster

        That is so true and I hope you don’t mind but I’m going to have to appropriate that line from you for future use.

      • DonReynolds

        The problem Nancy has nothing to do with race.
        Liberal whites have seduced and bribed blacks and hispanics to be their cannon fodder.
        The contest is between us and Liberal whites.
        When they have European wars for centuries, it has nothing to do with non-whites.

  • “An overhaul to the nation’s broken immigration system remains stalled because ‘the Republican base does have elements that are animated by racism.'”

    Democrats are exactly like your friend in fifth grade who told you that your parents only disciplined you because they were mean spirited people on a power trip.

    • DonReynolds

      The only thing broken about the immigration system is the absolute REFUSAL of certain people (Republican and Democrat) to enforce the law. Had the law been followed, there would be no illegal aliens in this country and no need to discuss Amnesty.

  • Samuel_Morton

    Of course it’s about race. The Democrats are setting the trap yet again, and the Republicans will run headlong into it, making fools of themselves.

    One of these days a politician will have to stand up and say:

    “Of course I oppose flooding our country with non-white third worlders whose own countries have failed spectacularly. Why should I support the elimination of our country’s white majority? So that plutocrats can exploit cheap labor and a corrupt political system can maintain a strangle hold on this country on false moral grounds? I will not betray the historic backbone of this country – the European stock who made this country a desirable destination for everyone else in the world seeking to escape their own failed states. If that makes me a racist, then so be it.”

    What are the chances that will happen in our lifetime? How could a sane person not sympathize with such a notion?

    • saxonsun


  • WR_the_realist

    Many black Democrats are motivated by racism. They don’t care about the fact that without illegal immigrants employers would have to raise wages and many of our currently unemployed blacks would actually be able to find a job they can do. But they are eager to make whites a minority as quickly as possible. So racism trumps any concern about black unemployment. Hispanic Democrats are also motivated by “racism” — they want more of their own kind. (Any white person who wants more white people in this country is always called a racist.) White Democrats are motivated by the desire to increase their power — they know most of those illegal aliens will vote Democratic when they become citizens. None of those Democrats care about our environment or about the increasing economic inequality that illegal immigration and mass immigration cause.