Amid Affirmative Action Ruling, Some Data on Race and College Enrollment

Phil Izzo, Wall Street Journal, April 22, 2014

The Supreme Court’s affirmative-action ruling Tuesday said that states may end racial preferences at public universities. What are the numbers behind race and college enrollment?

Data from the National Center for Education Statistics suggest that there has been a convergence among races going to college in recent years. But though there has been progress in equal representation in college for high-school graduates of different races, affirmative action can only help with one barrier to higher education. The high-school graduation rates for black and Hispanic students remain low and there are growing disparities by income.

College-enrollment rates by race: Among all high-school graduates, about 67% went to either a two- or four-year college, according to the most recent Digest of Educational Statistics prepared by the Education Department. That number is a three-year moving average for 2012 that aims to smooth out annual volatility.

Breaking it down by race, 69% of Hispanic high-school graduates, 67% of white graduates and 62% of black graduates went on to college in 2012. More than 80% of Asian graduates enrolled in a higher-education program.


Race gaps in enrollment: The disparity between the non-Asian races has been narrowing in recent years. The difference between white and black college attendance went from an average of 13 percentage points from 1980-2008 to just just five percentage points from 2009 to 2012. The gap between Hispanics and whites went from 10 points to five percentage points over the same period. In fact, the most recent data show that a greater share of Hispanic graduates went to college in 2012 than whites.


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  • So CAL Snowman

    Oh please, the hispanics flood the community college system in order to get the financial aid, nothing more. If these splits excluded two year community colleges, the hispanic percentage would plunge dramatically. The hispanics screw around in high school and once it comes time to go out into the real world, they don’t have any skills or job prospects so they decide to “go to college” and float on Whitey’s tax dollars in the form of financial aid. They refer to their financial aid checks as “getting paid” as if they had earned that money. The abuse of the system is off the charts. Community colleges are just another form of welfare entitlement for the hispanics. I believe that the graduation rate for hispanics at California community colleges is somewhere around 35%. Assemblyman Das Williams of the 37th California Assembly District of course blames the schools for failing the hispanic community. It couldn’t possibly be that low IQ,3rd world mexicans are responsible for their own shortcomings.

    • TXCriollo

      I agree my family in Miami has noticed a trend with the rise in Hispanic enrollment, but it is not for cubans. The third world nations of haiti which i feel should be called a 4th world, the dr puerto ricans( the non white ones) all get free rides on our dollar. Someone asked for the graduation rates of the hispanics and they found it was lower then 35%. Yes I agree they get free money and ditch after a year or two

      • Quick point of order. Haiti is definitely fourth world, but since their black people speak French, or rather, a clown car version of it, they really don’t qualify as Hispanics.

        • TXCriollo

          I count them all as non Cuban Latin’s they bleed the systems in Miami dade and Broward counties

          • Bossman

            How did you come to that conclusion? Under the hot Miami sun all the Latin Americans look the same and behave the same way.

        • Bossman

          But even the Haitians do better than USA Blacks.

        • Fathercoughlin

          I think its 5th world by now…and dropping.

        • Mrfinoni

          That’s why they all come to Montreal! They are making greats contributions to the spread of Aids and crime in Canada.

        • Raymond Kidwell

          I wouldn’t go so far as insulting non-whites to such a degree and saying they are all trying to get a free ride. A lot of people are just trying to better themselves and a good portion of them just aren’t smart enough to be competitive at a typical four year university. So to cover it up a lot of community colleges have become mostly black and latino. There has been a radical change in the last ten years so I guess they are actively recruiting women/minorities at these places. I actually had to drop out of school when I was discriminated against for being a man in a community college program (they waited until I had completed all the classes and run up a debt to deny me entrace in the clinicals while taking in 100% women classes. The head of the department openly told me that she doesn’t want men in it). Well this actually pushed me to persue a four year degree long term if I can ever afford to finish since my financial aid has been maxed out. But the four year universities are almost completely white and asian. The thing is to create these false statistics poor white people like myself end up suffering. It’s like if you are a white male and not rich you don’t belong in this country or something. You have to be a loser so that when they bring out their charts they can show some kind of racial equality. In most community colleges the graduates are about 80% female and 75% minorities. Minorities and women are actively recruited. In some areas white males are actively discriminated against (but not all). The combination of active recruitment and then once you enter the door, discriminatory policies and behaviors has really changed the balance. Just ten or fifteen yeas ago the community colleges were dominated by white males.

          But another change has come with this. They now have a lot of useless majors that are really easy to obtain (low I.Q. can get them). Surgical Tech was one that I enrolled in but got pushed out of due to race and gender. It is normally a one year vocational course, now they have transformed it into a two year college degree. They also made a lot of degrees that are useless on the job market and sell them to low IQ people as ways to get ahead in the job world. Even the degrees that actually have job prospects like the four year teaching degree I was going for- they have shifted from being based on reading books and taking tests to just doing a lot of busy work and being graded on it. Anything that measures g (I.Q.) has been replaced with the ability to follow orders and do a lot of busy work without getting bored. The result is that women and minorities tend to do comparatively better than white males. The only problem is that real life requires a lot of decision making, planning ahead etc. rather than just doing menial work, being told what to do etc. As they de-emphasize intelligence the quality of our workforce goes down. But I guess its the only way to achieve equality. With any luck the mainstream will continue to push back against this lowering of quality. One reason they have done this is because they realize that most minorities just don’t have what it takes to be successful in four year colleges. For those that do I’m proud of them and glad they did it. But a lot of colleges that push away white males unless they are rich will completely pay for any black person that walks through the door, walk them through the process, help them in every way possible, yet still can’t achieve any significant black/latino graduation.

          As well about low graduation rates- in community colleges this is often because they are poorly run. Take my situation. I did everything I was supposed to do and I was lied to by the college. They have a 8% graduation rate. They don’t care as long as they make their money. One thing I have learned is that most of the millionaires and billionaires typically prey upon the poor because they feel we are too stupid or powerless to fight back. And most of the time they are right.

          Instead of hating hispanics, blacks, Jews etc. I think if we would just recognize the differences between us we could devise a system where everyone could be successful.

        • benvad

          They speak Kreyol, which is a pidgin language nothing more nothing less. How do you expect savages to speak french when they can’t pronounce the french R and replace it with W (a letter not pronounced in french)?

      • Terra Magnum Imperium

        Agreed, Graduation rates from college would be a better measurement of success…

    • Jesse James

      I wish more people understood what a racket is going on in regards to community colleges and undergraduate programs – the government is paying out hundreds of millions in grants and other educational assistance to students who are only interested in living the student lifestyle of parties, dating and drinking while having no real academic plans or abilities. Educational assistance has become just another form of welfare transfer payments to preferred groups of young non-whites. What group though is consistently underrepresented? Young white males of course.

      • Meanwhile, the young white girls had to work in porn, stripping, and prostitution to pay their tuition, which paid for everybody’s tuition. I once computed that employed as a prof I met 1,500 sex industry workers at the University of Texas at San Antonio. They were among the more than 30,000 students I taught. This is one of the dirty secrets of higher ed–the new, modern form of white sex slavery.

      • Ella

        These government rackets slow down 80 million job seekers per year from entering a full time labour market. You have the manufacturing jobs going overseas, so it’s another diversion from mass immigration and economic problems -no stable jobs to support self and family life.

      • Fathercoughlin

        That fathead Bill Gates poured millions into “fixing” the schools. (Fixing the schools means fixing the blacks & hispanics.) He was a colossal failure. But not a penney for whiwte male kids!! And this is the same POS who rails about the lack of tech talent in America!! Got to have more Ching Chong Chinese!

    • I can confirm your point from my experiences as a prof at UT-San Antonio. The Hispanics show up to pick up their checks, but after that don’t attend classes in many cases. Although I won numerous teaching awards, my attendence toward the end of semesters was often 10 percent, as it was for other profs. This is a four year school. Imagine how much worse at a two year.

      At one point the graduation rate at UT-San Antonio had dropped to 7 percent, the lowest in the history of American…er…Mexican higher ed that I can find in my research. The university lied about the numbers as long as they could, claiming 20 percent graduated. Ha.

      There are two things about the financial aid I could never get a straight story about. In one version the Mexicans get grant checks–free money that does not have to be repaid. Only whites actually pay tuition out of their own pockets. In another version, the Messicans get loans, which theoretically have to be repaid. I could never get the Messican administration to state which was true, or if the students get loans, is there any pressure to make them repay.

      Higher ed is fraud. The degrees are worthless as few really learn anything much. Only problem is employers don’t know it.

    • r j p

      Note the UNC fiasco. A woman got fired for exposing it.

    • Fathercoughlin

      Yes BUT it seems young mexican FEmales are more oriented towrads education than the guys,so at least some of them are sincere and trying to get ahead. Still..I know this Mexican girl,very smart for a mexican,who got all kinds of help and went to a good college.I heard her say she wants to be a lawyer. Her friend asked her how many years would that take. She said,’I dont know…”

    • cranky_1970

      If you look at public schools and police forces they have much in common.They are jobs programs for whichever demographic group is locally dominant. If a public school is failing its Hispanic students it’s because Hispanic teachers are failing Hispanic students. And if local cops are violent, corrupt, and ineffective, it is because the pool of officers are dominated by third world minorities. There just aren’t enough whiteys around to blame anymore. In the 21st century, whites are racist insofar is they don’t want to pay taxes which are overwhelmingly for the benefit of nonwhites.

  • It’s wrong to admit bad students in place of good students. Affirmative Action is unethical. There’s no way around that. If Hispanics want the gap to close, they should graduate high school more often and do better on the SAT. Or they should aim lower and get into low-standard community colleges.

  • John R

    Why don’t we do another study? We can compare the percentages of graduates in the hard sciences, accounting, engineering, and computer science. Now lets see how well the Hispanics, and blacks do in those comparisons.

    • Ella

      Many Hispanics and Blacks cannot even pass College Algebra as part of a required degree plan. How DO they graduate?

  • 4321realist

    “…..and 62% of black graduates went on to college in 2012.”
    And almost 50% of them could read and do math on a fourth grade level.

  • Tom Mixx

    Actually, I don’t want our young men and women anywhere near these filthy diploma mills.

  • IstvanIN

    I would never trust a black mechanic. I have had a White mechanic for the last 18 years, good guy. When I was in my 20s I had a Puerto Rican mechanic and trusted him and knew his trust was warranted when he told me he could fix something but it was really time for a new car. I wouldn’t go to a Hispanic mechanic with an accent, or at this point any Hispanic unless I knew him well.

  • IstvanIN

    Many Hispanics are either White or nearly so and thus much brighter than blacks. Sometimes brighter than Whites. I have a number who work for me who I am very happy with. Hispanic is a bogus racial classification.

    • Tom_in_Miami

      Hispanics seem to include blue-eyed blondes from Spain, Chile, and Cuba, kinky-haired darklings from Puerto Rico, Mexicans, Central Americans, etc. The blue-eyed blonde “Hispanics” have about as much in common with Mexicans (just for example) as Cameron Diaz has with an orangutang. The word “Hispanic” is completely devoid of meaning.

  • Ed

    Here’s a dirty secret the University of Phoenix awards the most degrees of any school to Blacks and I believe Hispanics. Walden Univ is 2nd and the next 2 are also for profit online schools.

    So I’d suspect Blacks attending these type of schools are responsible for closing the gap. These schools are giant scams that often over promise what their degrees can do.

  • r j p

    IOW don’t ever date a former SEC cheerleader.

    • Mrfinoni

      the cheerleaders are on scholarship! The slutty co-eds are different!

  • r j p

    When did a black actually fix an automobile?

  • scutum

    Lets see the statistics on who graduates.

  • Annabelle Pettyjohn

    I do not think bashing other races serves the white
    community. I suspect that if we took the Jewish test scores out of the white test
    score stats, we would not fare well. There are brilliant people of all races.
    Each race has qualities that are admirable.

    I would like to see whites become politically active and
    advocate for representation and civil rights for white Americans. We must have
    equal access to the programs that minorities enjoy. This can only happen if we
    have powerful civil rights group that are equal in power to the NAACP. The right
    to equality must be done politically.

    Whites do not take our own. There are approximately 30
    million whites living in poverty. White churches take care of poor blacks and
    Hispanics, not white children. We must stop our individual mentality and start
    thinking about what is best for our group. Whites are being destroyed by
    alcohol, heroin, pot, and cocaine. We must work as a white group to stop this
    destruction of white children and families. Please do not say “we must have our
    own state, etc.” It did not work for the American Indian and it will not work
    for us. We cannot change what has happened; we can stop it from continuing.

    • frederickdixon

      It is not for me, as an Englishman, to comment on whether or not White Americans should have their own state, but I wholly agree with everything else that you say because it applies on this side of the Ocean too.

  • Truth Teller

    So Cal Snowman, the first to comment wrote everything needed to understand why hispanics flood the community colleges. One incentive he failed to mention is the $800.00 cash per child per month paid to welfare Moms who are either (1) working (2) looking for work (3) attending college.

    Add up the regular welfare, the $800.00 per month child care benefit and the endless grants and never paid back loans and community college is just another welfare bonanza.

    Since the hispanics need remedial help at the 5th grade level in every possible subject, they can keep going for 6 years. After 6 years, they must appeal to stay in community college.

    • nativist

      I wasn’t aware that “students” at community college got a stipend totally separate from tuition until I tried to help the little son of a young woman. She was/is a low functioning adult who took courses for at least 10 years and ran up a debt of $75m.
      She is no more employable now than she ever was, and is living with an ex-felon.
      BTW, without telling me, she used me as a reference when applying for her loans.
      Sallie Mae collection people have called me and written to me asking how to locate
      her. When I asked why they didn’t call me before loaning her the money the reply was “Oh, we never call references.” I’m not making this up.

  • Truth Teller

    There is a TV show, “Dirty Jobs” The star of the show is named I believe Mike Rowe. He was interviewed about dirty jobs and blue collar work. Here is what he said about college and student loans.

    “We lend money we don’t have to people who will never be able to pay the money back to go to college to prepare for jobs that do not exist.”

    Another reason for the incredible increase in all these 4th and 5th tier colleges is that like the post office and other goverment agencies, they are basically a welfare full employment program for non Whites, immigrants and anti White White activists.

    • Martel

      Mike Rowe is brilliant, his TED speech was great.

    • De’Ontavious Jizzaiah Jones

      In a few years there will be a huge Fed student loan crisis due to all the Fed loan scammers borrowing max to enroll in online for profit “universities.” When I worked for DCF, I became aware of this scam that low lifes were using to get free money from Govt that they had no intention of ever paying back . Minority judges wanted this to count as “income” for purposes of complying with court ordered case plans for parents to regain custody of their food stamp and SSI tickets ( children). One father collected for over a year to attend an auto repair course despite that he was in US illegally. Eventually, he was deported to Haiti.

  • De’Ontavious Jizzaiah Jones

    I would like to see statistic broken down to account for those attending the scam for profit schools incl those mentioned in other comments.