Taxpayer-Funded ‘White Privilege’ Conference Blocks Reporter, Claims It’s ‘Private’

Warner Tood Huston, Breitbart, March 30, 2014

A taxpayer-supported conference that trains teachers of public schools and universities how to “dismantle” the “white privilege” and “white supremacy” in American schools being held in Wisconsin refused to allow a reporter to attend its sessions, claiming that the conference was a “private function.”

The White Privilege Conference, held from March 25 to 29 in Madison, Wisconsin, is a conference geared toward educating the state’s teachers on how to destroy all that white power coursing through the school system.

In its explanation of its goals, the White Privilege Conference website says, “WPC is a conference that examines challenging concepts of privilege and oppression and offers solutions and team building strategies to work toward a more equitable world.”

The Wisconsin Reporter’s Adam Tobias tried to gain entry to report on the conference and see where local tax dollars were going. However, while trying to register for the event he met various levels of resistance, was put off from registering, then eventually barred at the door and denied access.

Tobias tried to find a way to register online before the conference began, but there was no place to register as a member of the media. He tried emailing and calling conference officials but never got any calls back. He eventually tried to register in person on the days of the events. On the first day of the event he was told to “come back later,” and when he came back he was told he was “too late” to register.

All the while, Tobias alleges, conference officials knew exactly who he was, knew that he was a critic of the conference, and barred him entrance based on his work.

In explanation, conference officials claimed that they didn’t have to let him in to report on the sessions because it was a “private event,” not a taxpayer-funded, public one. However, this is not entirely true. While the White Privilege Conference is a private organization, every year thousands of dollars in local tax money go to help fund the event.

As Tobias reported, the Monona Terrace Community and Convention Center, where the event was being held, was helping fund the conference with an $18,375 booking event assistance payment, money that comes from a fund drawn from local hotel room tax revenue.

Not only that, but several local school districts are paying thousands in registration fees, hotel stays, and transportation costs for teachers and administrators to attend this conference. Those are also tax dollars being spent.

The White Privilege Conference does more to hide what it is doing from the public than merely preventing media from reporting on its activities. Even on the conference schedule on its website, WPC hides its discussion topics.


However, conference organizers probably didn’t expect that a group of Quakers who support and attend the event would list the session names on its own website.

Thus we see that the 2014 White Privilege Conference will sponsor such workshops as “White on White: Communicating about Race and White Privilege Using Critical Humility,” or “Our Bodies Know the Way: Using Cellular Wisdom to Dismantle Whiteness and Live in Deep Community.” And then there is “White Women: Internalized Sexism and White Superiority.” Then the important “Climate-Change-Mind-Set: Replacing White Liberalism with Racial Justice As Our Communities Organize in Response to Climate Change.” These, along with classes teaching educators how to propagandize to middle school and high schoolers, presumably were conducted at the Madison event.

The White Privilege Conference is now entering its 15th year, and past conferences featured such “educational” segments as teaching that America had a “toxic cultural environment” in its schools and that the answer to that toxicity was to eliminate “corporate” influence and to quash all those destructive ideas about capitalism being taught to kids.


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  • MekongDelta69

    “Using Cellular Wisdom to Dismantle Whiteness”

    Don’t you just ‘love’ and ‘marvel’ at the infinite ways in which the left has kept coming up with these polysyllabic phrases in the last 50 years?

    …And they all have gotten paid Big Bucks to do it.

    • AndrewInterrupted

      Yeah, they never sleep. Methamphetamine, I think.
      It’s like JJ said during the Race Card Project:
      “Multiculturalism means no one can relax”.

    • Some Assistant Professor of Sociology is going to get a raise and a pat on the back from administrators for that nonsensical presentation and title. It’s our money. When are we going to demand that this bee ess stop?

    • “Using Cellular Wisdom to Dismantle Whiteness”

      I thought it meant “Stealin’ dey iPhones”

      • Sorry, I meant “liberating” dey iPhones

    • Tim_in_Indiana

      Dismantle Whiteness? Sounds kinda like genocide to me. Can’t “dismantle” a race without eliminating it.

    • Alexandra1973

      I guess tossing big words around makes them feel smart.

      Well, there’s intelligence, then there’s wisdom.

    • sbuffalonative

      When I read ‘cellular wisdom’, I thought they were referring to cellphones and social media.

      I wonder what this one was about:

      8)White Women: Internalized Sexism and White Superiority

      Was it black women complaining white women are stealing their men? Were they dumping on white women for having long, blond hair and flicking it in their faces?

    • What exactly is “cellular wisdom”?

  • dd121

    Welcome to the Soviet. You shall be reeducated.

    • me

      Stalin only WISHED that he would have such audacity to pull some of this excrement off and not only get away with it, but be PAID to do so….we are surely seeing an organized ATTACK on the White races.

      • IstvanIN

        Why pick on Alfred Nobel and Prince Philip?

        • Alexandra1973

          I don’t care all that much for the royals but I get a chuckle at Prince Philip’s chutzpah.

          • IstvanIN

            He occasionally blurts out what most of us think.

  • We know how crazy they are and how crazy they sound when they speak in public and want us to hear what they say.

    That they are blocking the public must mean they’re taking the craziness to a new level.

    • me

      Yeah, but they’re using our ‘educational system’ as ‘reeducation camps’…..

      • baldowl

        I’ve been seeing Palermo pizza billboards around town featuring two white girls and a black fella, who are evidently enjoying the best meal of their lives. The text reads “Let’s eat ‘za!” (which is bad enough–the two syllables in pizza too much for lazy modern tongues?), but when I look at that billboard and that grinning negro, all I see is him thinking, WHITE GIRLS!!!!

        • De’Ontavious Jizzaiah Jones

          Yes, I have thought same thing seeing this billboard in FL, as well as the naivete of the white women. It makes me angry.

        • When I see advertising like that, I not only never buy the product, but talk it down at every opportunity.

  • Luca

    I would like to submit to every conservative lawyer in the country that the entire concept of “White Privilege” is racist and hate speech.

    Maybe if white people would start acting up, the courts would ban this nonsense the way they ban American flags in California schools because it hurts the feelings of illegal alien students on Cinco de Mayo.

  • One of the several textbooks I wrote, Economics by Design, taught the efficiencies of the free market and got a high rating from a conservative/libertarian think tank. No wonder the administrators hated my guts.
    I also taught that there is no discriminatory wage gap between women and men and between blacks and whites. And as if that wasn’t enough, one of my “Explorations” favored hetero marriage and having children, while calling out the effort to squeeze the white middle class out of existence.
    Now you know a little more about why I was smeared and fired after 30 years by a cabal of greaser administrators. Never underestimate the power of an empowered Messcan. They may often play the part of the comic race, but they’re dangerous.

    • dd121

      I wish you had been my economics professor when I was in college. I had an intro course in economics taught by a 25 year old long-haired, pot smoking, marxist, capitalist hating, white hating, America hating nincampoop. He openly mocked my military service in his class and said I didn’t deserve the GI Bill. I lost all interest in the subject after my introduction. (Is that what liberals like to call bullying?)
      I am truly sorry what they did to you. I know you didn’t deserve that mistreatment but that’s going to be the reward of the historic Americans if the brown skins take over our country.

      • For much of my career I was very popular with students because I made economics entertaining and relevant through stories and examples. I won three teaching awards, which I tossed in the dumpster when they fired me. Then the university made its big push to diversity, bringing in many unqualified minorities to boost enrollments. I had to change my teaching style to accomodate them and thus my popularity waned. Basically, I assigned 30 short writing assignments and 30 short quizzes. The minority students can’t write and they don’t like tests. I had to do it to get them to work, else they all would have FAILED. I never stopped telling the truth though, even though it peed off minority students who saw everything in life as discrimination. Soon whites will not be allowed to teach anyway because the current theory is that Mexicans need Mexican profs to learn, blacks need black profs, etc.

        • dd121

          It’s all very disheartening. I really don’t see the point of pushing minorities into a university setting. As they say, you can put lipstick on a pig but it’s still a pig. If I were starting out today I don’t think I could put myself through the torturous indoctrination that higher education has become. I completely understand why so many young males are dropping off the grid (even if they’re not fully aware yet.)

        • dd121

          PS If minorities insist on the need to be taught by other minorities then why the push for integration in the 50s and 60s? The argument then was that there was a higher standard of teaching by whites that they couldn’t get in their own schools. Guess it’s come full circle.

        • Max

          And whites need WHITE professors. “Accept no substitutes”.

        • LHathaway

          “Mexicans need Mexican profs to learn, blacks need black profs, etc.” But Not Whites. Whites need Mexicans and Blacks to learn from, so these melan challenge beings can better respect diversity.

      • Alexandra1973

        Did he look like this?

        • dd121

          He kind of did. Before I graduated he got caught smoking pot with some of the students. They fired him and I don’t know what became of him. Happy ending at least.

    • Max

      They are most dangerous only because they are minimally competent as a whole but they have what whites seem to have lost or maybe never strongly held: racial identity. They will swarm like organized bees (they have a beekeeper) and we will run scattered like individual barnyard chickens. If we had the same degree of racial identity as non-whites, we would be unchallenged, I believe. The question is whether we are genetically/socially capable of playing nicely together i.e. not killing each other anytime we are “dissed” like the dark races, YET not allow ourselves to be victimized and exterminated by them (and their beekeepers).

      Working in academia, believe me, “I feel your pain”.

      • I have some Austrian economics and some libertarian leanings, but I am 100 percent opposed to immigration. I believe Hans Herman Hoppe is a libertarian who supports border regulation.

        • JohnEngelman

          Libertarians want freedom for themselves, not for people they dislike.

          • I’ve met some like that, but I don’t consider them genuine libertarians.

          • JohnEngelman

            A consistent libertarian favors open borders. Libertarians see the concept of “freedom” through the eyes of employers.

        • dd121

          I love to listen to Peter Schiff on Youtube by the hour. What he says makes perfect sense, at least to my imperfect brain.

      • r j p

        Libertarian to me means a heroin addict in a “nod” on every corner, a few drunks passed out in every alley, and another expansion of benefits to help those “troubled souls” who are going to rob you when they “come to”.

        A libertarian is just a deluded democrat that thinks they can exponentially expand “freedoms” without expanding government.

        • JohnEngelman

          I see a libertarian as a Republican who likes illegal drugs and pornography, and who does not like going to church.

    • LHathaway

      What’s a Messcan? Nice to know more about you, by the way.

      • Some around south Texas pronounce Mexican as Messican or Messycan or Messcan. There’s also the term “squat monster” and the term that mixes Mexican with the word excrement. Just put the M before the latter word.

    • Wolfy

      Is that partly how you became a race realist?

      • Yes, partly. The president of the University of Texas at San Antonio is one Ricardo Romo, a star high school athlete back in the day here in Texas. He’s a low IQ, affirmative action Cultural Marxist “Mexicano” supremicist who does a fairly good job of covering that up so he can raise money from whites. The U. has a big statue of a Satanic looking illegal that is a disgrace and that Romo has repeatedly refused to take down.
        Once I was at his home for a reception honoring the honors students, while Romo had too much tequila, he claimed that Mexicans are superior because blonde and red-haired white space aliens came to Mexico thousands of years ago and gave them their technology and told them to miscegenate all over races out of existence. I think he’s also a Santa Muerte worshipper, which is pretty Satanic.
        But I really didn’t become a race realist until I spent a year posting comments on HuffPo. I picked up 200 “fans” but the overall experience of dealing with liberals and progressives made me realize how the lot of them are completely insane. That was in 2010 or 2011, two years after I became “happily self-employed” as an Internet commenter.

        • LHathaway

          I was tuned to NPR a few day ago and it did appear insane. First was an interview of an author who claimed people are moving back to the cities and it finished with him saying this is so because people want to be closer to diversity. Then was a commercial for a future segment, the gist of which being that society needed to do more to promote gender equity. For women, that is. Then was, well I forget, but another completely insane, totally opposite from reality, information bite. I have expected something else about ‘climate change’ being it was near April and snowing. Surely this all was intended as some kind of reverse psychology? But if so, why would the public keep listening? Is it like a horror movie one can’t turn away from, I don’t know.

          And these guys, NPR and PBS, they are our hope. . . Our only hope, lol.

        • SFLBIB

          TV Channel 34 in Los Angeles is the local Hispanic channel. It is a riot to watch their soap operas because the actors are all blonde, blue-eyed, and it is strange to hear Spanish come out of their mouths. I am told they are descended from the original Spanish settlers from Europe. I never saw them put on an actor who was a dark-skinned Native Mexican.

          Strange they would claim that the space aliens were basically Anglo in appearance. It’s like they thought they had to be because of their superior technology.

    • SFLBIB

      Do you think I could get paid big bucks to teach a course on “Using Polylogism to Attain Communal Truth in a Diverse and Multicultural Society”?

      • Dale McNamee

        Quite possibly…

      • Actually there have been several cases where totally made up bee ess has been published in academic journals or presented at conferences. These cases prove the point that academics often don’t know their shoestrings from a strand of spaghetti. As I used to say about the illiterate ramblings of my university president, “He sprinkled it with his magic pixie dust.” so when you teach that course of yours, sprinkle with magic pixie dust.

  • leftists are delusional

    White privilege:

    • Alexandra1973

      Isn’t a privilege something you earn?

      I feel blessed to have high intelligence. But for the grace of God, there go I.

      • leftists are delusional

        Privilege can earned but can also be granted as in the term “born into privilege” conveys the privilege of monetary wealth by birth.

  • So CAL Snowman

    One has to wonder how much White power is coursing through the halls of Cesar Chavez high school in LA or any MLK high school in the inner city.

    • Who Me?

      I wonder how much IQ is coursing through the halls of Cesar Chavez high school in LA or any MLK high school in the inner city. Not much, probably, compared with a 90+% White high schools in some other area.

  • Frank_DeScushin

    The sad part is that many of the white teachers forced to attend the White Privilege Conference or who will later have the lessons forced on them know that it.’a a bunch of bunk. They’re just afraid to stand up against the brainwashing and blatant hatred of whites because they don’t want to lose their job or be socially ostracized. Eventually, though, someone needs to stand up and point out the insanity.

  • Einsatzgrenadier

    White privilege is just code for higher white IQ and greater white capacity for building and maintaining civilizations.

  • MBlanc46

    Leave it to the good old People’s Republic of Madison.

  • Easyrhino1

    What’s more disconcerting than the fact that this conference even exists is the media silence/blackout (pardon the pun) about the content of this conference

  • Moe Moe

    It’s really amazing how leftwing-nut liberal America’s farm/midwestern states like Wisconsin and Minnesota are…I dated a gal from MN. Unbelievably left…I think it comes from their Scandinavian backgrounds. Lots of them settled there…

  • LHathaway

    “White Women: Internalized Sexism and White Superiority”

    All well and good aims. . . ? . but all these ‘poor people of color’ conferences do is instill more internalized feelings of white superiority?

  • Cid Campeador

    The creators of this program need to be “dismantled”.
    . The blood of all innocent White victims of Black violence is on their hands/

  • Perhaps a lawsuit would be appropriate. My understanding is that since it is illegal to use tax money to fund partisan political activity, a judge would likely issue an injunction if this matter were taken to court.

    • leftists are delusional

      As you well know our courts are infested with judges who not only condone but actively engage in leftist partisan political activity.

      The odds of finding an honorable judge in that region of the nation would be low.

      • There should be no partisan political activity at all in our courts. The whole point to a court is that it should be politically neutral.

  • Liberals students become professors in the same second rate schools without ever working in the real world as adults. They teach their students the same trash they’ve learned from their professors. The cycle of BS keeps going only because the government keeps pumping money into schools that should be closed.

    First, they had a conference in Colorado and now in Wisconsin. These states have lower minority population (Wisconsin has Chicago blacks for generous welfare handouts) than other not so fortunate states. Maybe, just maybe, white liberals should move to Baltimore, Detroit, Oakland, Jacksonville and see how black privilege is turning these cities into straight garbage.

  • Katherine McChesney

    The comments on the original article are AMAZING. The leftists are being deleted but the pro-White comments are left in place. Whites REALLY ARE waking up and speaking out about black racism.

    • evilsandmich

      What’s interesting to me is the fact that the organizers feel quite compelled to hide their shame. They obviously would rather hide under a rock; which makes lifting it all the more fun since the roaches will no doubt scatter.