Posted on March 11, 2014

Southern Nationalists Demonstrate in Tallahassee

Southern Nationalist Network, March 7, 2014

On Saturday the League of the South held a demonstration in Tallahassee, Florida (see video below) against US Senator Marco Rubio‘s support for Third World immigration, amnesty for illegal immigrants and Southern demographic displacement. The demonstration was held in front of the State capital building at a busy intersection. League members and supporters held signs reading ‘Marco Rubio wants to replace us’ and ‘It’s wrong to replace us’, flew Florida and Bonnie Blue flags and passed out literature to the public. Reporters from the Tallahassee Democrat and the Florida State University newspaper interviewed Dr Michael Hill, president of the League of the South. The weather was warm and sunny, perfect for the event. The protest lasted three hours and an estimated 50 people participated in it. Demonstrators gathered on the steps of the capital building for a group photo and then traveled down the road about half a mile to the site of the ‘secede’ billboard recently unveiled by the League. After the event most of the participants gathered at a local steak and ale house for dinner and fellowship.