Somebody Needs to Pay for My 15 Kids

YouTube, March 17, 2014

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  • paul marchand

    So, her “fiance'” sperm donor of 10 is arrested.
    What the xxxx do I have to do with your xxxxing fifteen children?
    How about checking with another boyfriend?
    How about your parents?
    How about the arrestee’s parents?
    How about your siblings? Grandparents? Friends? Community?
    How about some of your sperm donors’s families?
    How about the black ” community” ?
    No. The black community will allow yawl to starve?

  • thomas edward

    The inmates have surely taken over the asylum…

  • Puggg

    The only thing we needed to pay for was her Norplant or Depo Proveria, but it’s too late for that.

    This one video does not show this, but one of her oldest sons is already accumulating a rap sheet.

    • I’m talking dogs here, but most bitches don’t have that many puppies as the featured creature in this story.

      • Alexandra1973

        Not to mention said bitches actually take care of their puppies.

        • rightrightright

          Plus you get your outlay back when you sell them.

    • Pro_Whitey

      You’re not surprised, are you? At this point we should cut the tubes, as well as the relevant tubes of her chilluns, ASAP.

    • Erasmus

      Yet some think involuntary sterilization is cruel and draconian.

      Know what’s cruel and draconian? Forcing middle America to finance this baby-mommy’s 15 ba$tards, who, in turn, will have a least a baker’s dozen of ba$tards themselves.

      • Ograf

        Right , and untold thousands of dollars and misery for the crimes that they will commit, and more than likely the people that will be hurt by this litter of mutts.

      • Grantland

        Daddy looks like yet another soulless killer. Pass on dem killer genes.

    • Grantland

      “Norplant or Depo Proveria”

      Sodium pentathol, pancuronium bromide pavulon, potassium chloride. Plastic bag.

  • Jesse James

    Uncle Sam needs to stop financing this dysgenic freak show. First step, no child welfare payments without the people who can’t pay for their children being required to voluntarily submit to some form of long term birth control. Second step, every child gets genetically matched to its father, who is then held legally responsible for the maintenance of the child. Third step, end the welfare constituency, if you require government assistance you should lose the right to vote while you are receiving that assistance.

    • I would also be in favor of random drug tests for anyone on public assistance. Corporations like airlines and trucking companies are allowed to do this with their employees. The military does it. Probation and parole departments do it, but… some Marxist judge has ruled that doing it with welfare freeloaders is “unconstitutional”. In other words, the taxpayers are paying for free crack and marijuana for these parasites.

      • me

        Well, Michael, she’s addicted to SOMETHING–but it ain’t ‘crack’. Ha ha ha! Too bad she’s too stupid to use birth control while indulging in her addiction to tube steak….

        • captainc

          who is she?

        • Garrett Brown

          That’s freakin’ hilarious.

        • LovelyNordicHeidi

          Now this is what we need less of.

    • Who Me?

      “every child gets genetically matched to its father, who is then held legally responsible for the maintenance of the child”

      … or what? Most “fathers” (if not presently incarcerated) are neither employed nor employable. If we jail them for non-payment of child support, we are no longer supporting just the children but the father as well.

      • We can impose other sanctions, however. Here in Colorado, non-payment of court-ordered child support means a fellow loses his driver’s license. That costs the state absolutely nothing.

        • me

          LOL! As if not having a ‘drivers license’ ever stopped a Bantu or a Mestizo from driving a car….without car insurance, may I add….

          • Driving on revocation is a big deal in Colorado.

          • r j p

            In WV it is a bigger offense than second offense DUI / DWI.

          • It’s two years here, which makes it a felony conviction.

          • Lagerstrom

            Is that vehicle part of the annual McDonald’s ‘Black 365 Parade’?

        • connorhus

          Just stop welfare AND keep the government’s nose out of who’s baby is who’s. Let the Women start worrying about getting support from the fathers on their won and we will put a stop to these single parent households.

          The government has no business in determining paternity and leveling economic sanctions period.

      • Homo_Occidentalis

        Think of it as an investment. He won’t be out there creating more welfare babies if he’s in the slammer. Sure we may lose out on that 50K a year making his stay comfortable, but that money will be saved many times over.

      • Jesse James

        I have seen plenty of working class white men sitting in county jails for failure to pay child support. Why do black thugs get a pass?

        • I suspect it is only “contempt of court” if one can pay, but does not.

          • Jesse James

            The judges in one of the counties I lived in when first divorced were ruthless. I remember a guy trying to get a reduction in child support because he was now working at a lesser paying job than the one he held when originally divorced. The judge told him he best get a second job or learn how to live on less. Maybe the judge felt like the guy was deliberately trying to make less money, I am not sure it just seemed pretty hard ass to me. Given the general slant of the courts towards women in this country it isn’t hard to imagine why so many men hold the courts in contempt.

          • Alexandra1973

            In this state, if the parent owing child support loses their job or the pay changes, support changes accordingly.

          • Here, as well.

          • SoulInvictus

            Not here, it takes a trip back to court. Which means lawyer, which means $$$.
            Don’t get me started… fatherhood is so disincentivized in this country its pathetic. Unless you are really desperate for children, or can afford to pay an extra mortgage when she checks out with the kids, it’s not worth it. Sad to say, but that’s the truth.

            No paternal rights regarding conception.
            No chance of getting primary custody unless her misdeeds are serious (read felony rap sheet).
            My brother pays almost $900 a month for one child and only makes a little over $30k. Does this kid need her own apartment at 5 or something? His attorney’s fees were over $10k.
            And you frequently get saddled with whatever debt she incurred on the way out the door (with no way to Maybe get the money without even more lawyer bills).
            How alimony even exists post “equal rights” is a joke.

            Few words of advice guys, make sure you get married in a pre-nup friendly state (and get an ironclad one). And stow some money away from each check in a place or account she doesn’t know about just in case. If she stays, it can be a retirement account for happy golden years together. If not, you’re not moving back in with your parents when she runs off with the pool boy on your dime.

          • 1Forced_Registration

            When I got sick and had to take a dramatic pay cut — it took 5 different hearings to get a reduction in child support. The final judge I saw said “This should have been done more than a year ago. That said, I cannot undo arrears that were generated wrongfully.”

            Two months later the state filed for an increase, and I got the original judge who actually raised my support even higher the first time, and she did the same thing again. The child support system is hopelessly broken, and its that way by design.

          • Jesse James

            Yup been there done that.

        • evilsandmich

          Because they’re already in jail.

        • Michael Whalen

          Most of them probably are already in the slammer for things way worse than failure to pay child support.

      • Texan1st

        Maybe so, but as long as the sperm donor is locked up he’s not spreading his dysfunctional seed. I’d much rather pay for his incarceration than pay for the 20+ kids he’ll produce over his lifetime if not locked up.

      • paul marchand

        Public square, corporal punishment once per week.

    • paul marchand

      Those who are net recipients of federal means-tested largesse DO NOT GET TO VOTE. To regain the vote, all you have to do is have a NET TAX of ONE BUCK.

      • paul marchand

        (also, government employees do not get to vote – conflict of interest.
        and neither do illegal aliens, retro to 1970, nor their children)

        • Michael Whalen

          In Robert Heinlein’s magnificent sci-fi novel “Starship Troopers”, the only people permitted to be full citizens with voting privileges were those who had served a term in the armed forces.

  • james AZ

    That her problems !!!!!, not our problems… In few months ago, British officials told to Africans to control their population because they ask Britain for money to feed poor Africans …. VERY INTERESTING…in 1950 , Africa had about 221,000,000 population same with Europe had about 547,000,000 population. In 2000, Africa had about 768,000,000 and Europe had about 731,000,000 population… In 2050, Africa will have about 1,766,000,000 and Europe will have about 628,000,000 population. In America , African-Americans have about 72% of wedlock and about 66% on welfare and about 47% on crimes. Uncle Tom failed !!!!!

    • sbuffalonative

      In a few years, her fatherless feral youngins are going to be our problem. We’re the ones who are going to be paying for their ‘long term housing’.

  • Irishgirl

    “Somebody needs to be held accountable,” says the welfare queen.

    Oh, the irony.

    • Whitetrashgang

      Yes who is this person? Will we ever know?

      • me

        Look in the mirror….
        She’s talkin’ bout YOU, you know….

    • I wish I could kiss you for that one.

  • Blacks: promiscuity + low IQ + pandering politicians = gibsmemamonies
    The USA “Planet of the Apes” government complies. Charleston Heston, where are you?

    • me

      He’s right here…LOL!

      • Lagerstrom

        I was once naive enough to believe that ‘Planet of the Apes’ was fantasy-land.
        Is that ape Roddy McDowall?

      • Whitetrashgang

        Charley was a oil driller no wonder he was there.

  • Tarczan

    Well I for one hope she and her children are doing well. The least AmRen could do is give us an update on the progress this troubled young lady and her charming family are making.

  • MekongDelta69

    This is one of my all-time ‘favorite’ videos. I even have it bookmarked, so I can send it around to shut certain leftists up, now and then.


  • themadplumber

    this is what a welfare state produces, Rather than handing food out, programs should be for how to work, not how to get you welfare. No one who has put into the system should not be albe to pull from it.

  • Luca

    Somebody needs to be held accountable? Gee, I wonder who that might be.

    Oh, and somebody needs to pay? I’ll bet she means a whole bunch of White somebodies.

    • Nancy Thomas

      It’s stunning that she has absolutely no concept of responsibility. Liberals have brainwashed blacks into thinking like helpless children.

      • Luca

        They are helpless, feeble-minded, violent, uncivilized children.

        It didn’t take any brainwashing at all, just dangling some dollar bills in their faces.

        • Einsatzgrenadier

          LBJ got blacks hooked on voting for the Democrats by offering them free government handouts: These negroes, they’re getting pretty uppity these days and that’s a problem for us since they’ve got something now they never had before, the political pull to back up their uppityness. Now we’ve got to do something about this, we’ve got to give them a little something, just enough to quiet them down, not enough to make a difference.

          On another occasion, LBJ said: I’ll have them n*ggers voting Democratic for the next two hundred years.

          People who think blacks owe the government anything in terms of welfare expenses and other programs are dead wrong. On the contrary, the Democrats owe blacks for helping them expand their power base in exchange for a share of the black vote. More blacks using welfare programs and working for the Democrats just means more political clout for the elected officials in Washington. There can never be enough blacks sponging off welfare as far as Uncle Sam is concerned.

          • Homo_Occidentalis

            This is how most white liberals actually think. They will never be so brazen as to admit it, even in private; it’s no longer 1965, after all. But then there are the white liberals who are just pathologically altruistic (and only seem to excel at wasting other people’s money). Those are the ones you need to watch out for.

        • r j p

          Dangling the EBT card …..
          Those holographic Mastercard/Visa logos are mesmerizing.

  • Nancy Thomas

    Yes, this is a classic. I refer to this clip all the time. It’s the perfect example of everything that’s wrong in the USA.

  • I’m going to break my personal boycott of this particular person on YouTube for just one video, and I’m boycotting him because he basically told all the white people watching him to buzz off. But he has some extra details.

    www youtube com/watch?v=5EVgt-ioDz0

  • So CAL Snowman

    So she’s not getting welfare, SNAP, section 8, free medical, free education, etc. for her brood spawn?

    • Luca

      You forgot about the ‘Bamacare and dem sail fones.

      • Whitetrashgang

        Yes each one of her sprogs needs a cell phone perhaps two, just in case the first one gets wrecked somehow.

        • r j p

          Or they run out of minutes and texts on the first three sail foams.

    • Nancy Thomas

      Eric Holder would say it’s because this poor woman doesn’t have any form of ID!!!!

  • Nancy Thomas

    The other frightening thing to keep in mind is that while we pay for these low IQ nuts to propagate, whites are not able to afford to have kids themselves! So we have insane numbers of low IQ births in the black and Hispanic communities, while whites are below replacement level. This is national suicide writ large.

  • Bob

    What a fruitful fambly tree that tribe is going to have…What a great example she is for her chillen…Marin Luter king be the greatest next to twopack. I lost some brain cells listening to that pig.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    30 years old with 15 and possibly MORE children by now? Geez, this brood sow (Bob Grant’s term) has a lot of mileage on her.

    This is an example of that which you subsidize you get more of — with a corresponding shrinking of the tax base.

    Maybe this “Angel” can get together with Sandra Fluck and shake down the government for $8.00/month contraceptives…or better, chastity belts!!

    She’s also a piece of work (from a follow-up article):

    An angry Angel Adams blamed the child welfare system for her problems. Adams claimed her life started to fall apart when social service workers began asking questions concerning her children.

    Three of the children were no longer living with her when we first met her, because they were above the age of 18 and no longer eligible for government benefits.

    Nick Cox, the regional director of the State Department of Children and Families explained to the judge that helping Adams was not easy. Cox said, ‘The mother has been less than gracious in accepting any of the help.’

    A police spokesperson explained that when officers went to the Adams home, she reacted violently and that Adams and at least one of her adult children jumped on an officer and fought them violently.

    Judge Tracy Sheehan was very familiar with the case, saying she had been through two trials and twenty eight hearings with Adams in a period of twenty one months. Adams, her children and her problems were taking up a tremendous amount of state resources and child welfare workers’ time.

    Sterilize ’em all.

    • r j p

      This woman has 2 problems (besides the 15 chidren):

      1) She is too stupid to use birth control.
      2) She can’t keep he legs closed.

      Now I doubt they have a 15 bedroom house, so how many of these chidren do you think have seen mommy getting rutted by some random baby daddy? I wouldn’t be surprised if she doesn’t even get them in front of the TV when she’s being rutted on the couch.

      Who wants to bet whether she became a grammy before age 32?

      • evilsandmich

        Who wants to bet whether she became a grammy before age 32?

        Bonus over/under for whether or not her grandchild’s mom and dad are also their aunt and/or uncle.

      • Magician


  • dd121

    I’ve read the posts and many of our folks are under the mistaken impression our politicians want to fix this problem. No, they want it to grow.

    • paul marchand

      Time for a constitutional convention, true patriots only invited.

      • Grantland

        Time for war.

  • borogirl54

    I remember this one. I remember that the county she lived were falling all over themselves to provide her with aid. I wonder if she is living like a queen. I mean a Welfare Queen.

    • r j p

      In Illinois she would be pulling down over $2600 a month in EBT food benefits just for her and her 13 under 18 age 18 children.

  • We’d like more kids, but (A) we can’t afford them at this time, and (B) we are smart enough to figure out how birth-control works.

    • Who Me?

      You and your wife are like a lot of other White people. You would like to have a larger family but can’t afford it. Well, as you know, you could afford it if you weren’t being forcibly compelled (through taxation) to support 12-14 people you don’t know, and probably wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley.

    • Lagerstrom

      Yep. Similar situation. We just cannot afford to have another child.

    • Kenner

      Michael, your daughter is reaching the age where she can be a nurturing older sister for a new sibling. It’s less about money then the family as a loving team, pulling together.

  • JohnEngelman

    Disgusting. Simply disgusting.

    • I would say “criminal” instead, but you’re on the right track there.

      • PesachPatriot

        You’re both right….criminally disgusting….welcome to the idiocracy amigos…at least both of you guys don’t have to live in the same state as this woman and her offspring

  • JohnEngelman

    Somebody needed to pay for fifteen abortions and a sterilization operation.

    • WR_the_realist

      Now there’s a black charitable cause I’d contribute to.

    • Sixteen officially would cost about two dollars with guns, but with a sword it would cost nothing at all except for some tired shoulders.

  • Luca

    Fifteen and counting, she may not be done yet, Just think, three more and she could field two baseball teams.

    • NothingMan00

      She’s already well on her way to filling one cell block.

    • Magician

      Two basketball teams…. And the girls can be cheerleaders

  • Kenner

    I believe the sage Shirley Q. Liquor has held forth on this very topic. ‘Who my babies’ daddy?’

    • I watch a lot of YouTube material, and that is one of the best things I’ve ever seen there. More recently, I have found a English guy there, Paul Adams who posts “how-to” tutorials on making fishing lures. Just one more reason that while we don’t have cable or dish TV, we won’t go without high-speed internet at home.

      • Kenner

        I keep my cable even though it is has so many black channels on now it’s like BET 365. And what’s on the not-specifically-black channels? More blacks!! I’d love to pull the plug, but:
        I have a DVR that allows me to burn shows to disc, even remove the commercials. [They’re no longer available]
        I have bins of specials from NatGeoWild, classic movies, comedy specials, but it’s the wildlife specials I love, especially big cats and wolves.
        Nature cinematography has reached a level of technical brilliance that is being matched by the passion and artistry of the people behind the camera…

    • IstvanIN

      I love that video, it is sooo true to life.

      • Kenner

        I prefer the cartoon version, which disappeared. Someone has it and actually put it on you tube while showing it from another device. It’s a bit askew, but it’s all there.

  • WR_the_realist

    That video pretty well sums up why I’m not a Democrat.

  • Magician

    Charles W and WhiteGuyInJapan

    Instead of criticizing a certain group of people ( Koreans ) who do not even live in the country, why not criticize someone like this person who gave births very irresponsibly and ended up giving us, the taxpayers, a very heavy and permanent burden? Or people who actually commit horrible crimes such as the young Georgia man who murdered his own grandmother with a baseball bat because she refused to give him a ride to a convenience store so he can buy cigarettes or the two black men who murdered Eve Carson and took away a very beautiful young white woman’s life

    I do not ever remember being hurt, or experiencing inconvenience by the locals in South Korea. ( or China or Japan for that matter ) I don’t even think it is possible for the folks over there to ever cause me or anyone else in the country any inconvenience.

    Charles, you asked me why I criticize blacks, right? Someone like this wonderful mother of beautiful fifteen boys and girls is the reason why I am badly disturbed by their irresponsible actions which end up hurting everyone around them.

    Because of people like this person, whites around the country end up having to pay higher taxes which we could instead have spent to help young white people in various possible ways.

    • Who Me?

      Magician, I agree with what you said, but you forgot to mention the 13 month old White baby, shot point-blank in the face in his stroller by a black teenager, and the White 12 year old, blow-torched to death by a fat black sow on Christmas Day, and of course, NEVER FORGET Christopher Newsome and Channon Christian tortured and butchered by 5 inhuman creatures from the blackest pits of hell.

      • Magician

        I certainly agree with you. And the white baby was shot point-blank in the face right before his own mother’s eyes.

        And the black men who broke into a “wrong house”, and then proceeded to sexually assault the six months pregnant woman and took a handgun and put it to the woman’s six months pregnant stomach, saying, “You’re going to die tonight.”

        To quote an AmRen poster named Frank_DeScushin

        “A suspect allegedly took a handgun and put it to the woman’s stomach, saying, “You’re going to die tonight.”
        Aside from the gang rape, could you imagine a more mentally torturous thing to do to a pregnant woman than to put a gun to her stomach and threaten to pull the trigger?

        • Who Me?

          “A suspect allegedly took a handgun and put it to the woman’s stomach, saying, “You’re going to die tonight.”

          Agreed, one of the vilest outrages I’ve ever heard of, and I’ve heard of plenty, many of them from our melanin-enriched “bruthas and sistuhs”. I’m convinced that although they ARE human, it’s a different, less-humane sort of human than every other race on the planet.

    • redpill99

      “Charles, you asked me why I criticize blacks, right? Someone like this wonderful mother of beautiful fifteen boys and girls”

      are you sincere?

  • tetrapod

    So here we have a brood of already genetically low IQ creatures without enough to eat. Then consider the devastating effects of malnutrition on cognitive development.

    Priceless. Simply priceless.

    • me

      Not priceless to Whites…we pay and pay and pay for these ‘equals’.

      • tetrapod

        I must confess that, as hard as I try, when I look into the vacant faces of these … children, I have no sense of shared humanity with them. They might as well be a different species. I have much more empathy for the dogs and cats at the local animal shelter.

        • Maybe because you instinctively understand that the dogs and cats at the local animal shelter are unlikely to grow into adults and someday brutalize you or a loved one.

    • Ron Cheaters

      Here’s a staggaring thought that just occurred to me.
      I’m 37 and have no kids. My brother and sister are well into their 50’s and I have only one nephew, that means on my side of the family, I’d have to have 5 kids just to keep our blood alive.
      My girlfriends situation is worse. She has 4 siblings and they are unmarried with no kids oldest is 30, youngest is 20. We would have to have 10 kids to ensure her family’s blood is maintained. Although her younger siblings have potential, they will probably go for the greed over the creed.. I think I’d draw the line at 5

      • Malgus

        I’m in the same boat, Ron.

        I have 3 siblings. One is an über-leftist narcissist with no interest in children. Her whole world revolves around her and her alone. Another sibling is unable to have children, so she’s sort of off the hook. The third is a younger brother who has potential if he ever got his shyte together, but has no children.

        My wife and I alone have had ONE child. A son. Unfortunately, due to complications, my wife is unable to have any more children. It would put her life in jeopardy if she became pregnant. I would have loved to have had half a dozen, but one is all we were gifted with.

        He is the last of us. The end of our bloodline. Mine is a long line, traced directly through the firstborn sons of our line, going back at least 15 generations (at last count). He knows how precious and important he is. His only mission is to survive what’s coming and to protect our bloodline – to procreate and have as many children as he is able to with a mate of suitable blood and breeding. If I have to sell everything we own to help him, then that is what that means and I have no problem doing it.

        And the Bantus and others breed like rats… cockroaches… and demand that WE pay for their larvae…

        • Ron Cheaters

          I know. Its tempting to lay blame. We could blam Dr. Ruth Wesrheimer, or Sue Johansen. And the public scool system I had sex ed as early as grade 4 and every year until high school where we were shown how to use a condom etc. I don’t know where to lay the blame. Its not my parents, they push me all the time. Somewhere I believe, in school, they put the fear into us. And it was a greedy fear.. since I am not alone.. most of my fb friends my age and from the same classes are in the same boat.. and a lot of them are happily married.
          Recently I started putting them on the spot about it. But I’m no better. A major shif happened in my life when I was 27. Yet here I am still looking for the right one. And I’m only getting older… now I HAVE to start looking at younger women.
          Younger women for the most part don’t impress me much.

        • jeffaral

          People like you both are always finding an excuse for not having children. If your wife can’t then try it out of wedlock for instance.

          • Malgus

            Endangering the life of my wife is an ‘excuse’? Not wanting to cheat on my wife is an ‘excuse’?

            Son, I think it’s best if you just move on and stop talking.

          • Children belong in a stable household. We’re not blacks.

          • jeffaral

            Another excuse! Charles Lindbergh had 10 children by four different women! Why? He just wanted to breed forth his superior genes which is absolutely rational and morally defensible.

          • I believe children need to be raised in a proper household with two loving parents. Superior genes become a little less relevant without love and attention. My ex-father had superior genes, but was gratuitously cruel.

          • Magician

            Two loving parents of the opposite genders!

            There are some things only a man can teach a child and some things only a woman can teach a child.

            It is not a matter of if I am opposed to same sex marriages. It mostly is related to recognizing different and unique virtues and characteristics of the two genders.

          • The opposite-sex parent is very important to a child’s emotional development. My sister was damaged much more than I was.

      • Kenner

        Ron, it’s not about money— The family is a team, the older kids don’t need to be kept in a state of subsidized childhood, they can help raise the younger ones. If college is a goal, they need to work to pay for it…We’ve been lied to.
        I remember a Seattle Times front page that featured two stories: The illegal immigrant ‘dreamers’, featuring a large crowd photo of non-white immigrants, and lower on the page, an article saying that raising a child costs almost a half a million dollars…
        It seemed like a message to whites; die, you’re finished.

  • IstvanIN

    Can you imagine the hundreds of thousands of dollars in various forms of public assistance this vile, useless creature as received during the course of her pathetic 30 year life time? And we tell White seniors that they can not get an increase, or only a tiny increase, in their social security payments? That seniors must pay for medicare while she gets hundreds of thousands of dollars in completely free medicaid? No wonder the republic is sinking fast.

    • Magician

      “Can you imagine the hundreds of thousands of dollars in various forms of public assistance this vile, useless creature as received during the course of her pathetic 30 year life time?”

      And I am scared to imagine how much tax money will be spent on her fifteen biological kids for the next 50 years.

      • Who Me?

        And her grandkids, and THEIR kids…Heck, we could soon have a whole city of just these rodents and their offspring…

  • Magician

    The college education in Western Europe and Nordic countries are free. If we did not have any blacks in the country, the college education here would be free or near free as well.

    But I will also acknowledge that that tax is higher in those countries.

    • College used to be considerably cheaper than it is now. Part of the problem is that when universities realized that students were stuck with guaranteed student loans that not even bankruptcy would alleviate, they raised the tuition rates. California universities are raising rates while at the same time eliminating entire degree programs at some campuses, all while enlarging the “diversity” sinecure system for otherwise unemployable black and brown incompetoids.

      • Magician

        Thanks for your response. Last year, I read the following claim from a black female college student who recently earned her degree fair and square –

        “The colleges around the country are b-s-ing the students!! The jobs do not exist!! The colleges are falsely trying to convince all prospective students that once they earn their degree, they are pretty much guaranteed to get a job very quickly!!”

        Do you agree with her statement?

        • pcmustgo


        • In what field was her degree awarded? Mr. dd121 and I hiked around Palmer Park and talked a lot. I minored in history, and he had once thought about majoring in it, but what does one do with a BA in history? He also said the applicants to job-openings ration was about 300-to-one.

          The history classes were wonderful, but a sane individual doesn’t major in that sort of thing.

  • NoMosqueHere

    I would pay $$$ for her 15 kids — if she agrees to leave the US with them and never come back.

    • Perhaps she should sell them for use in medical experiments. Heck: with Spartacus gone, I had to say it.

      • Evette Coutier

        What happened to Spartacus?

        • Banned. I begged the mods to let him back because I figure with him engaged in calmer discussion he will eventually outgrow his hot-headedness. No luck.

          • Evette Coutier

            That is sad. His post were entertaining.

          • I was told that the poor mods had to delete more than half of them, so we probably got to read only the best.

          • Evette Coutier

            Thanks for the update. In a world filled with melee mouthed politically correct pseudo-intellectual babble, it was refreshing to hear honest and direct commentary. Even if he was rash, at least he was real. I liked the way he cut past the nonsense and got to the heart of issues.

          • That’s the sort of polite thing we need to say if we want him back.

          • Alexandra1973

            IMO Spartacus, while he often says things I tend to agree with, tends to be a bit of a loose cannon. You know, a bit over the top.

            It’s enough to make you wonder.

          • Kenner

            –Wonder if he’s a paid troll for the SPLC. If not, I hope he returns someday.

          • He’s probably really just some ex-football hooligan from Romania, like he said. I suspect that someone really from the $PLC would be trying to convince us all that we are wrong.

          • Evette Coutier

            The greater point is that a handful of intellectuals cannot make substantial change without attracting folks like Sparticus. First, we realistically must assess who is receptive to cultural change. Those inclined to our message historically are the displaced classes. They are justifiable resentful and motivated to make changes. The intellectual class is rarely motivated enough to do anything beyond complain. Moreover, reason provides limited appeal and rarely, if ever, provides enough motivation to cause people to brave the ordeal of social change. Strong emotional motivators are required. Spartacus frequently provided graphic depictions of minority abuses of whites. All our intellectual appeals paled to the pictures of 5 thugs who raped and killed 6 year old girls. This is an excellent forum. However, it’s appeal is directed at old white people who have generally far too much to lose, lack the energy of youth, and done have the same long term investment of younger folks.

            I sympathize with the moderators of this blog. In America this is a delicate and exposed position. Lunatics are looking for any and every excuse to attack racial realist publically, personally, financially, and physically. They are going to do that no matter what; however, it is foolish to give them any justification. The flip side to that coin is we need numbers, and therefore, we need to go the extra mile to keep motivated people and help them self moderate.

          • I just feel really sad about the whole thing. If he’s some hothead, we could have helped. If he was some plant from the $PLC, he did a bad job, and perhaps we still could have helped him.

          • Evette Coutier

            I did mean mealy. The auto correct has struck again. I am also near blind and just had more eye surgery so I have difficulty catching errors.

      • jeffaral

        Good idea! Then in this case a few mice and beagles would be saved.

  • Texan1st

    White progressives ridicule the Duggar’s at every opportunity yet will circle the wagons and come to the defense of this irresponsible woman and her reproductive rights. They are truly a sick bunch.

    • Kenner

      Yes!! They are obsessed with hating the Duggars and their white children! They react like a vampire facing a crucifix.

    • SoulInvictus

      I’ve had that thought too…
      As much as I hate Mormonism, they’re the only ones doing a lot of the right things.
      Big families, drug free, solidarity, pushing for political power.
      If I could stand being a hypocrite about not believing their mythology, I’d be tempted to join for my own purposes.

      • introspection

        May Moroni bless you.:)

  • Ron Cheaters

    Dear: Black women.

    It’s a birth canal. Not a clown car.

  • Magician

    I keep on hearing and reading that Singapore is absolutely wonderful, yet their fertility rate is dangerously low.


  • RyanP

    That’s a woman? yikes!

  • eonic


  • IKE

    These people should had been born in the days of slavery, they would had been national heros

  • DLRisVH

    Didn’t the media jump all over David Beckham and his wife for having four children?

    • Magician

      And moreover, the Beckhams pay enormous amounts of taxes every year!! let alone never have depend on the welfare

      • I actually applied for food stamps when Sayaka and I were both unemployed (I am better described as “unemployable”), but was denied by an AA greaserita because I own my home. My parting shot was “I thought programs like this were intended to keep people from losing their homes.”

        • Alexandra1973

          You basically have to have nothing.

          My mother, who lives in Michigan, has been unemployed for some time (fired unjustifiably from her job, she got unemployment and everything). She’s been denied because she has an IRA. I said, “Mom, they don’t want you to have anything.”

          When I applied, here in Ohio, just about everyone that works at the place is White. I don’t own a home; the only thing I own is an old minivan.

          I feel a bit bad for having food stamps and rental assistance…but there’s this: I only have one child, he was born *in* wedlock, I don’t intend to have any more, just waiting for my prodigal husband to wake up, smell the coffee, and reconcile with me. I don’t have guys constantly in and out like a revolving door–just me and my son.

          • Don’t feel bad about it. This stuff is what sometimes happens to good people. We would rather help ten of you than one N’DeShawntavious.

  • jeffaral

    Would be possible to use those fifteen children to make soaps and lampshades?

  • Magician

    Look at that woman’s face and her voicetone

    She isn’t one bit ashamed of what she has done

    She talks as if the world owes her a lot of money

  • Christine Barney red2blonde

    At first, I am as angry as the rest of you but I hate ignorance. This woman is as ignorant as possible and for that I pity her. I pity her children even more because they will carry on, just like she has. What a waste of lives! I marvel when I hear about someone who is Black/White/Hispanic/Asian and grew up dirt poor but someone in their circle demanded, yep demanded, that they would get an education. (Chief Justice Thomas is one example) Ever heard Dr. Benjamin Carson’s story? His mother (a custodian) couldn’t read but she forced her children to learn to read and then forced them to read books instead of watching TV. She would pretend to grade their book reports. Dr. Carson became world famous when he separated conjoined children. My question is, why does one woman have 15 children and another force her children to learn to read? I must be ignorant too because I don’t know the answer. I do know that if we could reach them when they are young then we wouldn’t end up with lazy, mooching, uneducated baby mamas who need help to feed her 15 children. Where will it end? When will it end? I will be long gone by then.

  • FransSusan

    This is an IQ problem. This woman is too dumb to know what personal responsibility is.