Scorned Oakland ‘Gentrifier’ Accepts the Label but Calls for Truce

Matt O'Brien, Mercury News, February 13, 2014

Steve Kopff was one of many San Franciscans who cascaded last year into sunnier, cheaper, hipper Oakland.

He bought and began restoring a historic but rundown mansion. He planted vegetables, raised backyard hens and bees, launched a neighborhood newsletter and peppered his Facebook account with paeans to his new city.

But this year, Kopff became a scorned symbol of the angst over Oakland gentrification. He wrote an online essay describing his diverse, working-class neighborhood east of Lake Merritt as “mostly undiscovered” and a “virtual food desert” in need of an organic supermarket, better restaurants and “a coffee kiosk with patisserie bites.”

Online critics swiftly labeled him a pushy colonizer with a “white settler mentality.” They denounced him as representing a wave of tone-deaf newcomers trying to remake the city in their own image without consulting their African-American, immigrant and lower-income neighbors who held it together for years.

Kopff and his partner were horrified.

“We weren’t sure if they were going to be throwing bricks in the window,” he said. The mostly anonymous critics, he added, “want to make me the poster boy of gentrification.”

Adding to the symbolism was the couple’s hilltop Victorian home, built from mining wealth in 1888 but more recently used by the Center for Third World Organizing, an advocacy group fighting for low-income communities of color–the same groups getting priced out of increasingly expensive Oakland real estate.

The website that published Kopff’s essay, OaklandLocal, agreed with him to remove it after three days of furious comments. It also published his neighbor Dannette Lambert’s counter-perspective, “20 ways to not be a gentrifier in Oakland,” that further exposed tensions between new and established Oaklanders.

Adopting an analogy commonly used against immigrants–of a presumptuous houseguest rearranging the furniture–Lambert advised newcomers to be more considerate.

“Why do you think you can move into someone’s ancestral land and start taking it over, evicting them from their homes and pushing out their businesses?” wrote Lambert, who moved to the city eight years ago.


He [Kopff] lives in Clinton, part of a cluster of neighborhoods on the cusp of economic change. Downsizing a San Francisco mortgage, Kopff and his partner bought the house after considering a wealthier and whiter Oakland neighborhood they found too elitist.

“We’re a gay couple. We can be discriminated against as well. We wanted to find a place where we could kind of melt in a little better,” Kopff said.


The neighborhood also resisted the sudden rise in affluence that defines gentrification. More than 60 percent of households still struggle on less than $50,000 a year. But housing prices are skyrocketing, raising doubts about how many poorer families can stay. Median rents rose 26 percent in the past year, according to research firm RealFacts. House prices rose 24 percent, according to Zillow.

Kopff, an accountant, founded a beautification nonprofit upon his arrival one year ago, earning praise from some neighbors but anger from others who disliked the changes he proposed. He cut down the dense vegetation surrounding the mansion and sought to landscape medians to discourage illegal dumping.

“Somebody said I thought I was like the savior of the neighborhood. That’s such a fallacy,” Kopff said. “I have no desire to change things; I just want to be a part of it and help move it along.”

The controversy brought to light private battles happening in the culturally diverse district long before Kopff arrived. Neighbors opposed a Southeast Asian immigrant family’s practice of raising and slaughtering backyard goats. Another neighbor called police over Mexican music blaring from an apartment. And a white resident said she bristles at being called a gentrifier after 35 years living here.


Kopff, however, now says he is learning to accept the label. “I don’t need to be ashamed,” he emailed neighbors this week, while also pledging to work against displacement.

But without a massive program to restore low-income neighborhoods, even the most considerate gentrifiers will push people out, said Benjamin Bowser, a professor emeritus in sociology at Cal State East Bay.

“People say they move into a neighborhood because it’s diverse, and that’s great, but the question is, how long will it be diverse?” Bowser said. “It has more to do with market forces than people being nice to each other on the street. There’s no way you can have property values go up, gentrify the neighborhood and keep the lower income families in that community. It’s just not going to happen.”

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  • “We’re a gay couple. We can be discriminated against as well. We wanted to find a place where we could kind of melt in a little better,” Kopff said.

    I hate to inform you, but that kind of thing only works when there’s the big bad evil rascally conservative white man behind the curtain. But this is Oakland we’re talking about, where “regular white bread Americans” don’t exist. Therefore, KKKrazy Glue loses its adhesive qualities. Which means it’s every leftist constituency group for itself.

    • sbuffalonative

      ‘Progressive’ liberals are so brainwashed by their own ideas they can’t see realty.

      He actually believes that blacks and gay whites can coexist.

      • A bumper sticker on the cars of people who can’t get along with anyone, a man who is hostile toward everyone, and a test of their veracity, below. In that order.

        • Corto

          Coexist is left-wing speech for surrender.

          • seapeaMP

            Coexist is a code word for White surrender.

            If “diversity” is so wonderful, why does ONLY one race have to practice it?

      • Corto

        They aren’t actually liberals. They are leftists. Huge difference.

      • MarcB1969

        This is one of the many big Leftist lies they push to create large voting blocks against the White majority. I enjoyed watching the ragtag coalition tear at the seams after they realized it was the non-white Californians who voted for Prop 8.

    • newscomments70

      Blacks and Hispanics in LA greet gays with baseball bats and tire irons. they don’t buy into, “we’re all in this together”. That makes them even angrier (see youtube videos). Non-whites hate them for being gay and white. They see them as easy targets. They come into the west side and attack them, rob them, mutilate them, sometimes kill them. (i.e Sal Mineo) Blacks and Hispanics drive into white areas to attack gay enclaves. It’s idiocracy for gays to move into black neighborhoods.

      • Sure, blacks, Hispanics and white gays all despise each other, but they’ll all pull that Democrat lever for President and otherwise. However, if the day ever comes when we (or “we”) are no longer politically credible nationally or anywhere, they’ll all really turn on each other.

        • newscomments70

          white gay liberals and white heterosexual liberals are pretty interchangeable. You’re wrong about the part where they despise non-whites. They LOVE diversity. They believe that there will finally be “justice” when whites are a minority. The gay white liberal in the article was thrilled to move into a black community, thinking he was joining forces with his “oppressed brothers”. He is shocked to realize that they hate him. He probably thought they would be like the black guy in SF who works at the florist; that’s not the real world though.

  • Luca

    When Whites move out, they are criticized for “White Flight.”

    When Whites move in, they are criticized for “Gentrification”.

    The blaming and whining never ends.

    • JustJeff

      Welcome to America: where the rules are made up and the Whites don’t matter.

    • Spartacus

      When Whites start shooting, no one has the guts to say nothing anymore .

    • sbuffalonative

      Black neighborhoods must be preserved at all costs. White neighborhoods must be destroyed.

    • dukem1

      it may not be tomorrow, or the day after, but i predict this gentrification issue will soon become a story on one of the cable news shows…can’t wait to see the anti’s try to make their case up close and personal…puts the whole of modern racial relations in perfect perspective…
      dudes move in, and, through their sweat equity, add value…and they are castigated for it…
      if Obama had a son, my guess is he would have no interest in buying a fixer-upper.

  • So CAL Snowman

    ““Why do you think you can move into someone’s ancestral land and start
    taking it over, evicting them from their homes and pushing out their
    businesses?” wrote Lambert, who moved to the city eight years ago.”

    Right back at you Dannette Lambert. Why do YOU think YOU can move into Whitey’s ancestral land and start taking over and re naming the streets,parks, buildings, and monuments you did not build?

    • dukem1

      even tho i gave you one, there’s too many up-votes here…
      you speak the truth, my friend.

  • Biff_Maliboo

    Sorry, but black still trumps gay.

    Could this ‘man’ be any more of a liberal stereotype?

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      Lefties pitted against each other in a possible fight to the death?

      What could be better? Pass the popcorn, I want a front row seat!!

      • 1stworlder

        The puffs only fight by slapping

      • silviosilver

        Absolutely. I find these stories of leftist delusions being smashed against the rocks of reality most heartwarming.

        And a white resident said she bristles at being called a gentrifier after 35 years living here.

        Tough. If you stayed there for 35 years you’re a groid-enabler. Deal with the consequences.

        • pcmustgo

          Well obviously there’s this Utopian vision that everyone , whites, blacks, asians, latinos, gays, is going to live in a “Community” (and Leftists are obsessed with urban planning and “communities”/community building) in harmony.

          • silviosilver

            People in that kind of “community” share no more feeling for each other than passengers at an international airport lounge.

          • Who Me?

            These kind of communities are the ones where nobody knows their neighbors, nor wants to.

        • Who Me?

          She was probably there before the original Whites moved out. “Ancestral” black communities, my foot. They were White communities that the blacks took over and trashed. Now that Whites are coming back and beginning to clean up their rat’s nests, they gripe and howl. These communities have only been “black” communities for about 50-60 years, but you can’t expect blacks to remember that far back. Amazing really, when they can remember slavery like they experienced it personally, and slavery ended 150 years ago….

    • Stereotypes are hurtful, incendiary and only serve to divide.
      Have these fellows tried playing Ethel Merman Broadway show tunes @ 100db?

      Oh my most serious gosh!

      • seapeaMP

        There are businesses that have had success driving the “Diversity” away using similar tactics. I believe they used Opera and Classical music.

        “Diversity” is a genocidal scam.

        • antiquesunlight

          Ha! That reminds me of something. There was a pretty nice restaurant me and my friends used to hang out at all the time, years ago. All of a sudden, tons of blacks started going there. Before, the restaurant only ever played classical music, sometimes jazz. But that changed fast. I’d go on a Friday night and there would be rap and R&B so loud you couldn’t talk. Both me and my friend (who was black, funny enough, but decent and smart) looked around aghast and shook our heads. Fortunately, the invasion didn’t last too long. I went back to the place after a while and it was quiet, white, and classical again.

  • IstvanIN

    How expensive is it to plant flowers, put your trash in a barrel and let the trashman collect it twice a week, keep your porch swept, not blare music that everyone can hear, not leave your broken down 1992 Lexus with three flats sit in front of your house, and an assortment of other simple common sense things that people can do to keep your neighborhood nice? Gee.

    Funny how neighborhood destruction/gentrification works: white neighborhood is nice, couple of blacks move in, then the tribe buys a large house and turns it into section 8 apartments for welfare blacks, white start moving out, more blacks move in, neighborhood goes downhill, property values so low that Mexicans/PRs move in and blacks move out, after enough blacks move out some white gays move in, neighborhood improves, apartment buildings converted back into single family homes, then some young white people move in, neighborhood gets better, then white families move in, neighborhood nice again, government forces some low-income housing into neighborhood, blacks start moving in……..oh the cycle of life.

    • Brian

      Blacks only care about their neighborhoods when there’s a chance to shame whitey or extort some money out of someone.

      It’s the same with black history: Black history monuments and museums sit empty around the country aside from school groups that are forcing their kids to visit, because whites obviously don’t really care but surprisingly ( or not) blacks don’t care either.

      In Richmond, my hometown, there has been a controversy the last few years about a slave burial ground that apparently sits right beneath interstate 95 in the heart of the city. I honestly believe that the only reason our black “civic leaders” have decided to make this cemetery a marquee issue is that it would cost hundreds of millions of dollars to shut down downtown, reroute the interstate, and then build a damn statue on the site or something. If it was out in the middle of nowhere, it would be sitting neglected or ignored like so many other abandoned black cemeteries, except for the occasional liberal yuppie group volunteering to clean it up (this also happens in Richmond – it’s left to white do-gooders to maintain black cemetaries that the blacks couldn’t care less about).

      • 1stworlder

        Not just that but do you realize how shaming it is to be a gang member when some puff with an 8ft tall security fence, security cameras, and splitting the cost of a 24/7 private security guard stop you from messing up an organic garden. You talk about street cred and they point out the guy with the feather boa, flowers in the yard, and a propane powered statue of a flaming penis.

      • Romulus

        Can you tell me how the libs reacted to the proposed giant CBF that was supposed to have been displayed on 95 north near Richmond ? I also read somewhere that the Uncivil war monuments in Richmond, were either moved or replaced.
        If you have any info, It would be greatly appreciated.

        • Brian

          If you mean the big statues of Lee, Jackson, Stewart, and Jefferson Davis that are on Monument Avenue, those are still there. However, a big ugly statue of the tennis player Arthur Ashe was added about 15 or 20 years ago so that there would be a statue of a black man included on the avenue.

          The Confederate flag along 95 ended up being a lot less visible than both backers and opponents were claiming it would be. I drive down that stretch of 95 once or twice a month, and I could never see it. A few people who did claim to see it said it was hard to spot.

          Two or three years ago they had a giant Gay Pride rainbow flag flying from the Federal Reserve skyscraper in downtown Richmond. Funny, that never blew up into a big controversy. If the left can use a flag to rub our faces in something that a majority of people in this region still find objectionable, then turn about is fair play, right?

          • Romulus

            Yes that was the one. I have a great pic of me in front of those statues.
            I’m really PO’ed that there is one of a @&#!;:+~% tennis player.
            I stop by Lee’s burial site every time I go visit family in Dixie.

      • NotYourTypicalBlack

        I hate to do this, but regarding your first two paragraphs. I’ll do you one better: even being black myself, I find that many blacks do the exact same thing when it comes to the murder of blacks. They’ll virtually ignore one thousand black murder victims, but fixate on the ONE which allows them to stick it to whites. Specifically, the one perpetrated by someone white (or “white-Hispanic”, teehee).

        • pcmustgo

          You mean the tri-racial Mulatto George Zimmerman?

  • This deluded loon will be lucky if he isn’t killed by his lovable “neighbors.” The irony of a snooty white elitist fudge tapper moving into a nonwhite area and then getting pushback is not lost on we race realists. Plus, his actions to remodel the neighborhood smack of paternalism. What a stupid, arrogant liberal. Let him learn the hard way.

    • gemjunior

      Yes, I wonder how “tolerant” the blacks will be about him and his partner? They are well-known to dislike gays and beat them as well.

    • dukem1

      considering the cost of real estate, even in mexifornia, my bet is that he will have the last laugh.

    • pcmustgo

      Leftists are such angry people…. “You’re more of a gentrifier than I am a gentrifier”… Always competing for victim status.

  • DaveMed

    “Kopff and his partner were horrified.”


    [gasps and claps hand over mouth]

  • Extropico

    In the comments section, some libtards are accusing Herr Kopff of an irrational fear of crime and of raycissm because he stated he was afraid of bricks being thrown into his window.

    Diversity can be our greatest amusement.

  • Frank_DeScushin

    White people are always racist.

    When white people leave a minority area they are racist for not wanting to live among minorities, and for taking their money with them. Yet white people are also racist when they move into a minority area and try to invest in things white people like. Can’t they see that their white ways are a form of white supremacy?

    When a minority area has no restaurants or grocery stores it’s because white racism prevents whites from investing in black areas. Yet when whites try to invest in minority areas it’s gentrification, and that’s racist.

    If the police don’t patrol in a minority area it’s because whites are racists who don’t care about minorities. If police patrol too much in a minority area it’s because police are racists who want to imprison minorities.

    There is no winning.

    • Grantland

      “Can’t they see that their white ways are a form of white supremacy?”

      Can’t they, indeed.

    • jackryanvb

      That was reall great Frank 42-0 likes to unlikes. Well done!

      Are a regular writer somewhere?

      Do you have a blog.

      Would you like to write for Occidental Dissent?

      • Frank_DeScushin

        Jack, thank you for both your kind words and gracious offer. I’m honored that you’d even consider me. Unfortunately, I’m in a career and a position in life where it wouldn’t be prudent for me to take you up on your offer — even if I wrote under a pseudonym.

        The reason why I’ve been able to wiggle free from the shackles of the politically correct views on race is because I often work for and with loads of minorities (particularly black people), and I live around and among minorities (particularly black people). If I were to expand on my views in writing beyond comment sections that draw far less attention than full articles, I’d fear for both my career and my children. I know that may sound like a pussy answer given the circumstances white Americans find themselves in, but as a father and provider I have priorities.

        Anyway, kudos to you and to others like you who continue to fight the good fight for the benefit of all of us and our progeny. Thank you.

        • jackryanvb

          I understand completely.

          Stay strong, accent the positive.

          but, understand you have that rare talent of cutting through the BS and writing and speaking in straight forward ways that reach the hearts and souls of our people.

          God bless you, wishing you all the best.


          Here on the South Side of Chicago, Obama was/is my neighbor.

        • jackryanvb

          There are many activities you can do to help our people that don’t entail great risk to you career or family.

          Support White culture like Scottish Highland Games.
          Support Whiter forms of partner dancing, especially for White youth.
          Support math requirements in schools, it’s very difficult to politicize math, Blacks and low caste Hispanics can’t do math.
          Support Classical music, anti cruelty to animals.
          Support college hockey as opposed to college basketball and football.
          Oppose Neo Conservative wars, intrigue.
          Oppose bad TV news. Organize TV blocking campaigns.

          All of these activities are implicitly White, but not openly racist enough to get you to lose your jobs, become outed as an evil Racist, Witch.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Kopff and his partner bought the house after considering a wealthier and whiter Oakland neighborhood they found too elitist.

    It’s racist to improve a black, dilapidated, crime-ridden, run-down, rat-infested neighborhood, but it is poetic justice when lefties get a dose of what the policies THEY favor have unleashed on the rest of us.

    He described his diverse, working-class neighborhood as a ‘virtual food desert’ in need of an organic supermarket, better restaurants and ‘a coffee kiosk with patisserie bites.’

    There’s a Whole Paycheck over on Bay Street near Lake Merritt, idiot.

    ’Why do you think you can move into someone’s ancestral land and start taking it over, evicting them from their homes and pushing out their businesses?’ wrote Lambert, who moved to the city eight years ago.

    What about the original White residents YOU pushed out through crime and violence.

    I can’t stand Oakland, even the so-called “gentrified” parts of it are too close to an urban black ghetto.

  • Diana Moon Glampers

    Gay couple discovers life is not always like TV. Precious.

  • Lewis33

    You just know that somewhere in the underground Frankfort studies wing of Harvard a group is working furiously to come up with the official “grievance guide”, so that the sheep will know who to boo and hiss at when situations like this wreck at the corner of Black and Gay occur in the future.

  • drattastic

    When democrat constituencies clash, be a shame if someone gets hurt……Not really.

  • disqus_Xz3UA6obwj

    One can only live where they can afford to live and this applies to blacks like everybody else. Chronic whiners is all they are. The ones living there actually owe people like this “gentrifier” a big thank you for their increased property values.

  • Andy

    “Why do you think you can move into someone’s ancestral land and start taking it over, evicting them from their homes and pushing out their businesses?” wrote Lambert, who moved to the city eight years ago.


    Huh. That kind of sounds like what’s “progress” when it’s a white neighborhood going black.

  • Andy

    “We’re a gay couple. We can be discriminated against as well. We wanted to find a place where we could kind of melt in a little better,” Kopff said.


    So you chose a non-white neighborhood?

    • silviosilver

      He probably imagines some kind of “solidarity of the oppressed.” In reality, it’s every group looking out for its own interests. Goddam has there ever been a creature so thoroughly delusion as the white leftard?

  • DailyKenn

    Gentrification improves property values and that, in turn, raises property taxes.
    Blacks with limited incomes don’t want to pay higher taxes.

  • Romulus

    Why is there an article about an aberrant coupling on this forum????

    The very instant that the article mentions gaysexuals , I became completely disinterested!

  • Greg Thomas

    “Why do you think you can move into someone’s ancestral land and start taking it over?”

    WOW…that is the same argument I make against illegal invading mexicans squatting on my “ancestral homeland.” Of course, I’m accused of being a “racist, bigot, mean-spirited, xenophobic, etc.” Funny how it is accepted as legitimate when used against a gentrifying White man.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    More than 60 percent of households still struggle on less than $50,000 a year.

    $50,000 a year?! Is that considered “poverty” these days?? I’m white and self-employed, and that sounds pretty damn good to me. Of course, I guess if you’re black or hispanic and have 15 kids in the household, that might be considered a little tight.

  • IstvanIN

    Actually I just thought of a bigger problem here: property taxes. If one improves one’s property or even maintains it, property taxes increase. If you let your property fall to ruin your property taxes go down. Property taxes have a negative effect on moderate income people. This not only negatively affects blacks and browns, America’s most important constituency, but all regular working people and even retired folks. In NJ it isn’t uncommon for older people to have to flee the state simply because of property taxes.

    • MBlanc46

      That’s economic life in a market economy. What are called “middle class” people were driven out of the village of my birth when developers tore down a large percentage of the existing housing stock and replaced it with McMansions that cost twice as much. Taxes went up and the ordinary folks who were left had to sell up and move to cheapers areas.

    • SFLBIB

      Your property taxes might not go down. It depends on how taxes are caculated in your area. Taxing authorites generally use two factors: assessed value and tax rate [tax per $100 assessment].* While assessed values might go down, the tax rate will simply be increased so that the government collects what it is used to getting. This happened last year where I live in AZ. Think of it like a squeezed balloon that goes down on one side and bulges out on the other.

      *California is different because of Prop. 13.

  • seapeaMP

    These gentrification stories are a golden opportunity to talk about White GENOCIDE.

    Integration and assimilation of non-whites into a white community = Silence.
    Integration and assimilation of whites into a non-white community = Gentrification!

    Black neighborhoods for Black people.
    Asian neighborhoods for Asian people.
    White neighborhoods for EVERYBODY!

    “Diversity” for Black neighborhoods? NOPE.
    “Diversity” for Asian neighborhoods? NOPE.
    “Diversity” for White neighborhoods? YES! YES! YES!

    Ever notice how “Diversity” is ONLY for White people?
    One Race Diversity is Genocide.

  • MBlanc46

    Oakland is the “ancestral land” of the Negroes?

    • Malgus

      I know, right?

      If memory serves, white folks lived in Ookland first (don’t recall any diversities building hilltop mansions, do you?). The whites got chased out by the diversities, who promptly destroyed the place and demanded free shyte…

      Now that whites are filtering back in, there is this phony hue and cry about ‘gentrification’…

      Although to be fair, this Kopff person sounds pretty much like a douche: “as “mostly undiscovered” and a “virtual food desert” in need of an
      organic supermarket, better restaurants and “a coffee kiosk with
      patisserie bites.”

      Patisserie bites? I don’t even know what that IS.

      Yep.. he’s a snotty douche… not sure I would want him around either… but that doesn’t change the hypocrisy of the diversities…

  • Truth Teller

    Oakland had almost no negroes until the disaster known as WW2. With the White men off at war, the shipyards and other industries brought in southern blacks and the city still has not recovered.
    Same with San Francisco. The 1940 census only had about 1,500 blacks in San Francisco. By the end of WW2 they had control of 2 neighborhoods and committed most of the crimes in the city.
    There is Montezuma’s revenge. What should be the word for the revenge of the defeated south whose blacks moved north and destroyed the cities? Atlanta’s revenge? Lee’s revenge? Long Live Dixie’s revenge?

  • pcmustgo

    A lot of this has to do with class, not race. Organic super markets, and coffee shops are not just markers of whites, but rich white yuppie/hipster types that people like you and I may not feel fully at home with either. Neither of those are “needs”.

    I’ve seen hipsters ruin cute little white ethnic neighborhoods too…

    That being said, this man should not have been threatened for days by angry leftists.

  • scutum

    I live in an almost all white suburb of a large city. The housing prices and high property taxes tend to dminish the amount of diversity that I can enjoy. I am considering moving into the city so that I wll be able to participate in and enjoy all the benefits of a diverse environment. I did live in the city years ago, and I really miss falling asleep at night to the sounds of gunfire and sirens. Ahhh, the joys of diversity.

  • Who Me?

    “Gentrification” is indeed pioneering in the truest sense of the word. Whites need to form groups of families and couples who are strong and aware, but resolute and enterprising–and cunning. They need to start at the edge of the urban blight areas, buying houses one or two at a time, and work their way inward. Simply re-take the area. Mexicans do it, so can Whites!
    These pioneer families may have to home-school their children or take them to further schools for a few years till their numbers are large enough to make a positive impact and keep the White kids safe. The more these families clean up their properties, repair their homes, add “curb appeal” and demand services, the more White families will move in.
    Our forebears didn’t have it easy either. They braved wild animals and natives that were as dangerous as entrenched urban dwellers. (We know who they are!) They were going to an area where nothing was built and there was no civilization and no services. (Sound familiar?) They educated their children and built towns and attracted other like minded White people to join them and build further. They had less to begin with and wrested civilization out of bare sod and wild prairie that had been untouched by human hands for a million years. THEY did it, and so can we–IF we stick together and DO it. Remember WE are White people.

    • jackryanvb

      Safe schools for White children is the area where urban White gentrification hasn’t worked. That’s why successful urban pioneers tend to be gay or empty nesters, never married White women, which seems to be the norm for Liberal College grads.

      The Atlantic Magazine (pretty much the main liberal magazine on politics and culture ) consistently bemoans the fact that liberal college educate women aren’t getting married or having any children. Who will listen to NPR in 30 years? 90 year old liberals?


    The thought occurred to me that he is a victim of a society he helped to create.

  • Grantland

    What is “antisemitism” doing in that list?:

  • jackryanvb

    Hire gang bangers of a rival racial group to drive off this riff raff

  • jackryanvb

    Does one of our many talented conspiracy theory advocates want to create so e forgery of “the plan” where Racist Rich Gays are plotting to take over Oakland and drive all the poor Blacks out?

    Blacks really go for these conspiracy theory stuff about racist Whites being behind everything bad, might as well put this one on the homosexual extremists Whites who have been making public spectacles of themselves and always being on the anti White side.

  • Jim

    Hey, liberals, here’s a novel idea: leave those black people and their neighborhoods alone. Then, after a while, when the ability to think conceptually has taken hold, apply that concept to other people and neighborhoods.

  • dewdly

    I guess gays aren’t the “new blacks” after all.

  • Truth Teller

    Patisserie is the French word for a bakery that sells only pastries, cookies, pies and sweet things but no regular bread or rolls. He probably meant pastry bites or small pastries.

  • Katherine McChesney

    You should read the comments he makes on the original article about this ‘wealthier and whiter’ neighborhood. Proof he’s a DWL.

  • Who Me?

    See line 4 of my post: “buying whole blocks of houses one or two at a time, and work their way inward.” The reason for buying one or two houses at a time is so it appears random and not a premeditated takeover–which of course is what it would really be. That’s where the “cunning” part comes in. White people have no real rights in this country at this time so we have to work undercover to get them back.

  • Truth Teller

    Diversity vs Perversity? Which is the most politically correct? How is a liberal to choose?
    How will commie propaganda central rule on this issue? We know the answer. Lesbians trump gay men and blacks trump all.

  • newscomments70

    The original article no longer accepts comments (big surprise). Kopff appears to be involved in the discussion. At one point, he takes a hissy fit and screams at the race realists…which comprise of most of the commenters. He uses words such as “KKK, inbreeding, Bush voters, etc”. He still loves “diversity”, even though it hates him and his partner. I wanted to give him some rebuttal, but it was impossible. I wish I could ask him, why would someone who is into sodomy and pederasty so worried about inbreeding?

    • Don’t hate Kopff too much. He’s now stuck in a neighborhood full of violent losers who hate his guts, and has nobody to blame for the situation but himself. It’s great when Cultural Marxists pick their own punishments in this fashion!

      • newscomments70

        “Don’t hate Kopff too much.” After reading some of his comments, that not an easy task.

        • Maybe not, but at the end of the day, idiot-boy is the one stuck in that neighborhood, and not you or me.

          • newscomments70

            I believe the blacks will eventually attack him because he is a target. If he survives, he will flee back to his comfort zone. That area is being gentrified though. Like horrible areas of NYC, DC and LA, I believe Oakland will become whiter and more upscale within the next 20 years. They are too close to SF not to be affected by gentrification. 40 years ago, San Francisco and LA were cheap and run down. In those cities, you can’t touch anything for less than 1 million, even and the shadier areas.

    • WR_the_realist

      Why would any race realist vote for Bush anyway?

      • newscomments70

        I was about to write something like that to him, but the comments were shut down.

  • WR_the_realist

    Is this guy a white gentrifier? Let’s see:
    1. Restores an old rundown mansion. Check.
    2. Grows his own vegetables. Check.
    3. Raises his own hens and bees. Check.
    4. Wants an organic supermarket nearby. Check.
    5. Wants a “coffee kiosk with patisserie bites”. Check.

    6. Completely naive about race. Check.

    They’re not bad sorts, those white gentrifiers, except that (5) is inevitably paired up with scorn and hatred towards those of us who are not naive about race.

  • Oakland was incorporated in 1852, but there was never much of a black presence there – only about 3% – until World War Two, when black war industry workers started arriving from the Deep South to work at the Moore Dry Dock Company and the Kaiser Shipyard in nearby Richmond. Kaiser built the first of the “Tacoma”-class antisubmarine frigates there. Henry J. Kaiser recruited heavily in the south because he was chronically short of laborers.

  • soul hunter

    Blacks ruined the area and to this day continue to run it down, there are some good colored homeowners but the minority of bushmen
    ruin it for everybody . . .a motley crew them OkiLLand burrheads are..

  • WR_the_realist

    BTW, I’ve noticed that in the original article comments are now closed. That is the typical fate of articles dealing with diversity that get comments from too many people who know the truth.