Goodlatte to Fundraise in Silicon Valley as Tech Community Pushes Immigration Fix

Meredith Shiner, At the Races, March 14, 2014

House Judiciary Chairman Robert W. Goodlatte, R-Va., is scheduled to hold a high-dollar fundraiser in Silicon Valley next week—but frustrated tech donors are already grumbling about the event, disappointed by the lack of progress from House Republicans on one of their top policy priorities: immigration legislation.

According to an invitation obtained by CQ Roll Call, the Goodlatte fundraiser is organized by TechNet, which bills itself as the “preeminent bipartisan political network of CEOs and Seniors Executives that promotes the growth of technology-led innovation.” Suggested contribution levels for Wednesday’s round table and reception with the powerful chairman range between $10,000 and $40,000 for the Goodlatte Victory Committee.


“In this case, because there’s been mixed messages from the Republicans, before I write my check, I wanted some assurances that Bob Goodlatte would be prepared to discuss immigration reform and what the timetable is for immigration reform, because we’re coming down the wire here with the [midterm] elections [approaching] and we need accountability,” said Ron Conway, a top angel investor and venture capitalist, adding that he had contacted TechNet via email with his concerns.

As CQ Roll Call reported last week, Republicans are risking political retribution from their most prominent donors if they do not pursue immigration legislation—and soon.

According to Political MoneyLine, Conway and his wife have already donated more than $140,000 this cycle to Republican and Democratic candidates. That’s enough to earn them a spot just within the top 100 individual contributors, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

“I’m waiting to hear back from TechNet, that they can assure us that Bob Goodlatte can give us a tangible schedule . . . then it’s worth it for us to cut the big checks,” Conway said. “Bob Goodlatte is a huge gatekeeper in this regard, and we need his help.”

Technology entities have emerged as one of the top, best-financed lobbyists for an immigration overhaul, as they hope to increase the number of visas for high skilled laborers in math and sciences.


A source close to the fundraising event’s organizers defended Goodlatte’s standing in the tech community, saying that many believe him to be a “good and positive partner.”


The full invitation for the fundraiser is below:


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  • MekongDelta69

    Wouldn’t you just love to strangle some of these self-loathing, guilt-ridden, spineless, rich leftists, who live so far away from ‘diversity,’ they can’t even spell the word?

    • ncpride

      Who needs enemies with so called ‘friends’ like these? White loony liberals or selfish White Republicans….no difference really. They are just as complicit in this country’s demise as any ‘other’ for their own personal gain without a thought to the long term outcome. That makes them even more despicable in my opinion.

      • ThomasER916

        That’s what makes it difficult for most whites to understand, the Elite are the anti-White. They think they’re anti-Christian or anti-American. They are only because those things are not anti-White enough. The moment they become anti-White they’ll support it.

    • JohnEngelman

      Rich businessmen who want more immigrants do not want more benefits because they are leftists, but because they want to become richer businessmen.

  • I’ll do the honor of translating this into English for you.

    Bob Bad-Latte went there as Boner’s personal courier, to tell them with all the recording devices turned off that Boner’s going to push the already passed Senate bill through as written and without amendments by breaking the Hastert Rule in the middle of the night some time after election day during the lame duck session. “Be patient, guys, gotta hold out until after the election so the rubes don’t get mad.”

  • These tech industry titans are scum. The white race created tech, but to save a few shekels these morons will turn the former USA into one giant China-Hindu jambalaya. Blacks and Mexicans don’t have the brain cells to do tech, but whites sure do. And there are lots of whites languishing in dead-end jobs who could make the tech industries proud. But they prefer stinking, cow-worshiping Indians and obsequious China men to the descendents of those who built their industry. Contempt is what I feel for them.

    • JohnEngelman


      I agree with you that, “These tech industry titans are scum.”

      Nevertheless, I lack any hostility for those you describe as “stinking, cow-worshiping Indians and obsequious China men.” I have worked with East Indians and Orientals in high tech. They are good people.

      I agree with you again that what all this means is that American citizens who major in mathematics, engineering, science, and technology (STEM) will experience lower salaries and less job security after graduation.

    • Only contempt? I agree with you but must admit my feelings are far more venomous than mere contempt.

    • AndrewInterrupted

      This debate has come around before. I have witnessed these groups at a federal contractor. They are replicator drone types–when they’re not robbing us blind. All non-Europeans should be expelled with extreme prejudice.

  • Puggg

    “I’m waiting to hear back from TechNet, that they can assure us that Bob Goodlatte can give us a tangible schedule . . . then it’s worth it for us to cut the big checks,” Conway said. “Bob Goodlatte is a huge gatekeeper in this regard, and we need his help.”

    Smart. Confess to bribery in print. It’ll make a future grand jury’s work nice and easy.

  • Pro_Whitey

    That reception reminds me of the military’s phrase: target-rich environment.

  • Extropico

    The tony Los Altos home of Israeli Safra Catz, which is no doubt located in a gated, bordered and sovereign plat where its residents espouse notions of democracy to the hoi polloi.

  • Petronius

    It should be noted that Bob Goodlatte (R-6th VA), like most of Virginia’s Congressional delegation, is a Yankee transplant. Only two of Virginia’s eleven Congressmen are life-long residents of Virginia, and only one, Randy Forbes (R-4th VA) from Chesapeake, is deeply rooted in the Commonwealth. This partly explains the support for the Gang of Eight’s amnesty bill by Goodlatte, Eric Cantor, and the rest of Virginia’s Congressional delegation.

    Both of Virginia’s Democrat Senators are also non-Virginians: Mark Warner (Connecticut) and Tim Kaine (Minnesota). The former Republican governor, Bob McDonnell, was originally from Pennsylvania. The current Democrat governor, Terry McAwful, is a native of New York and a Clinton bag man. Both McAwful and Kaine are former Chairmen of the DNC; the DNC has become a sort of farm club for recruiting Virginia’s Senators.

    Harry Flood Byrd, Jr, the last real-Virginian Senator, died last year at age 98. The last real-Virginian Representative was Virgil Goode (R-5th VA). Goode lost his seat by a narrow margin in Nerobama’s 2008 landslide. After that he was no longer welcome in the Republican Party; like Tom Tancredo, he was regarded by the Ruling Elite as too conservative on the amnesty and immigration issue. Goode then ran for president on the Constitution Party ticket in 2012.

  • sbuffalonative

    Why do they have to come here to do tech work?

    Why can’t these companies open satellite offices in other countries?

    Also, since we’re talking about designing circuit boards and writing code, why can’t these jobs be done over the internet?

    We have video conferencing and we can transfer any design of any product anywhere.

    There really isn’t any need for them to be HERE.

  • Marc Zuckurburg

    Bob is real good people, solid as they come. He just plain gets it.

    He knows that middle class greed hurts billionaires in need.

  • negrolocaust

    hi. look up “LIST OF NOBEL LAUREATES IN PHYSICS” ON WIKIPEDIA. TO THEIR CREDIT THEY ACTUALLY SHOW THE 98 OUT OF 100 listed who are white males the other 2 look Asian. so much for affirmative action. it is refreshing to see the truth. i bet those pictures won’t be up long. it is laughable that all these other groups sit around clenching their fists that they cannot compete intellectually with the white male. get over it accept it. the truth is hard to deal with but just accept it and move on with your life. all the other groups have to politically pressure their way into academia especially in the sciences. why? but in the end no matter how much political pressure they use they still will never be able to keep up with the creativity of the white man. get over it. why do they need affirmative action? WHY?

  • This attempt at bribery of a public official is sad, but not suprising. In the microelectronics industry in the 1990s I worked with a pair of subcontinental Indians, neither of whom could have invented his way out of a paper bag with a chainsaw and a flamethrower. Our bosses took down the framed patent certificates in the lobby because these drones complained that my name was on “too many” of them.

    One lasting delight for me for me is that after I explained to one of them what he was doing wrong – in polite terms – he cried. He complained that I wasn’t polite enough.

  • AndrewInterrupted

    This story is about an aspect of the immigration scam. There are the unskilled lettuce pickers and drug mules. Which comprises anywhere from 12 to 32 million international trespassers.

    But, this is about another: the H1-B scam. That’s why it’s in Silicon Valley. They aren’t advocating for lettuce pickers from Mexico. This is about importing people from India and other parts of Asia on the American taxpayers’ dime. Rather than do away with it, and put 20 million skilled white men back to work, they are trying to expand it. From something like 65,000 H1-B permits a month to 125,000–or more.

    But, even worse, only 5% stay and become U.S. citizens. The rest take the job back with them–AS PLANNED. It’s a corporate off-shoring scam devised by the multinationals. Also known as treason.