Charlotte Mayor Patrick Cannon Indicted on Public Corruption Charges

Mitch Weiss, Huffington Post, March 26, 2014

Less than six months on the job, the mayor of Charlotte was arrested and accused Wednesday of accepting more than $48,000 in bribes from FBI agents posing as real estate developers who wanted to do business with North Carolina’s largest city.

Mayor Patrick Cannon, a 47-year-old Democrat, faces theft and bribery charges, U.S. Attorney Anne Tompkins said. Cannon was accused of soliciting and accepting more than $48,000 in cash, airline tickets, a hotel room and the use of a luxury apartment as bribes.

If convicted on all the charges, he faces 20 years in prison and more than $1 million in fines.

Cannon, a radio host and the owner of a parking management company, was elected mayor in November, replacing Anthony Foxx, who was named Transportation Secretary by President Barack Obama.


FBI agents posing as commercial real estate developers paid Cannon on five separate occasions between January 2013 and February 2014, according to the complaint. Cannon accepted cash in exchange for access to city officials responsible for planning, zoning and permitting.

On the last occasion, Cannon is accused of accepting $20,000 in cash in the mayor’s office, the complaint said.

The criminal investigation began in August 2010, when Cannon still held an at-large seat on the Charlotte City Council.

Cannon was first elected to City Council in 1993. {snip}

Cannon was also accused of accepting $12,500 from an undercover agent to help him develop a feminine hygiene product called “Hers” to be marketed and sold in the United States. {snip}


Patrick Cannon

Patrick Cannon

[Editor’s Note: Readers may recall Patrick Cannon from his involvement in the cancellation of the 2011 American Renaissance conference when he was acting as mayor pro tempore.]

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  • Luca

    Negro = check. Democrat = check. Liberal = check.

    What are the chances of him being corrupt or incompetent?

    100% = check.

    • LovelyNordicHeidi

      Whoever thought that Third Worlders would change their ways in the West has been proven wrong since the beginning of the multicultural experiment.

    • JackKrak

      Agreed, but I would add one more – because of the things that you mentioned, what are the chances this will merit more than a two sentence blurb on page 19F next to the horoscopes or an advice column?

  • Revenge is sweet. Amren should post a pic of the clown in his prison jumpsuit. I hear it’s the trendy fashion statement among Negro politicians these days.

    • Puggg

      No picture. He will surely be wearing his prison jumpsuit pants sagging, which means the crack of his butt or parts of his manhood will be showing. We don’t need to see any of that.

    • Once he’s in federal prison, I would certainly be willing to write him a letter, mocking him. Since 9/11 conspirator Zacarias Moussaoui gloated in court after avoiding the death penalty, I looked him up on the Bureau of Prisons website and sent him a post card (a 5 X 8 index card) on which in closing – after saying quite a few other colorful things – I asked him “Who’s the (b-word) now, (n-word)?”

      I’ll end Cannon’s post card with the same phrase.

      A standard-sized post card costs 34 cents to mail today.

      Unfortunately, the BOP website does not post mug shots. The US Marshall’s Service did post the booking photo of Rod Blagojevich, so perhaps a mug shot can be obtained, but that would simply be of Cannon in civilian clothes.

      • blight14

        GREAT JOB MCS!!!!!!!!

  • D.B. Cooper

    Well, I’m waiting for ANY of you elected republicans to bring up this latest democratic failure in public! Hello? Anyone? I’m waiting!

  • Unfortunately, the attorney general is a fellow African. Holder and Obama will do everything in their power to protect this character. I don’t expect him to get much more than a slap on the wrist.

    • A Freespeechzone

      I tend to agree–this vile criminal will get a light sentence because of the sameness in race, mindset and corruption.

      Obama and Holder will intervene to insure he doesn’t get punished.

      • Jesse James

        Yeah get ready for the largest number of Presidential pardons in history when Obama finally leaves office.

    • I wouldn’t bet on it. They stood by and let Jesse Jackson Jr. and Kwame Fitzpatrick get nailed to the proverbial wall.

      • r j p

        The Jacksons and Obama might be of similar skin tone but but they are in no way allies or friends.

        • Laika

          I’ve always thought it was payback for that comment Jack$$on sr. made about wanting to cut off Obama’s b****.

          Little does Jack$$son know, that would be impossible for the same reason it would be impossible to cut off Justin Beiber’s b****.

        • Katherine McChesney

          The first Wookie is a family friend of the Jacksons.

      • They’ve been getting more bold over time. Seeing how much they can get away with.

    • NotTooSwift

      I am looking forward to the January 19, 2017 Surprise. That’s when BHO issues the pardons or shall I say the PARDONS.

      • For everyone except me.

      • blight14

        Pollard, ‘Mumia’, OJ, etc…….the list will be shocking…………possibly to both sides of the proverbial aisle.

  • model1911

    Karma is a [email protected]@.

  • Petronius

    Will this arrest hurt or help Cannon’s chances for election to the US Senate from North Carolina?

    • Laika

      Nope. He just upped his political thread with blacks. He’ll claim that “the ***** set him up,” the prosecutors are racist whites or uncle toms’s if they’re black and that he was targeted by The Man due to his black skin. It’ll be Marion Barry all over again with blacks voting for him in droves, stupid liberal whites too.

  • blight14

    FANTASTIC! Best news/post of the year, period! Lets all hope this is but a small first step……

  • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

    Multiples links/reports at the Charlotte Observer:

  • Manaphy

    I would defy anyone to name me a single black politician, Democrat or Republican, who isn’t a corrupt anti-white.

    • NotTooSwift

      That is easy.

      There’s Elijah Cummings…nah. How about John Lewis?…never mind. Ok, I got it-Frederica “The Hat” Wilson…umm, maybe not…oh, good one…Charlie Rangle…what’s that? Oh yeah, I forgot about all of that stuff…not him.

      Hey Manaphy…trick question. No fair.

      • Some Guy

        “Wilson is an avid wearer of hats. She has a large collection that includes hundreds of hats of all different varieties. She wears one every day to honor her late grandmother. She has asked House Speaker John Boehner to waive the rule prohibiting the wearing of hats on the floor of the House of Representatives, a rule in place since 1837.”

    • How about Hank Johnson? He’s anti-white, but is simply too stupid (“Guam will capsize”) to be corrupt.

      • Oil Can Harry

        Hank Johnson was once offered a bribe but ate the bills, saying “Mmmm, yummy lettuce…”.

        • blight14

          And just think, Hank is likely the smartest one from his constituency!

  • Geo1metric

    These people think that the way they behave when attaining positions of power/authority is the same way Whites behave.

    What they don’t realize is that Whites don’t take bribes, we simply use our “White Privilege”. /sarc off/

    • jambi19

      I mentioned something along these lines above. It reminds me of these thug millionaire athletes who go bankrupt after spending millions on car rims, shoes, absurd jewelry. One of the most common explanations they have is “Other rich people buy this stuff I can afford this stuff.”

      • Other rich people buy mutual funds, IRAs, stocks and real estate, rather than clown clothes and tacky “bling”.

  • Ed

    I think some of these Black politicos think they are in Africa or something. We still have laws in this country.

    • IstvanIN

      For a short time longer.

    • MBlanc46

      But if you’re black, they don’t apply to you. See Obama, Barack Hussein.

    • Laika

      Not for long. There will come a time when American law will be denounced as “racist white laws” and then the corruption will really begin. The new US(SR) will resemble Me-he-co or China where corruption is a normal business practice.

  • jambi19

    I wouldn’t be surprised if these guys just assume every white person is doing it because you know corruption “datz how honkeez get rych.”

  • Guest

    Sweet a black politician who is an expert on feminine hygiene. This guy should be made the dean of a Black Studies department or something so he can share his knowledge.

  • Katherine McChesney

    Hooray! The bullies get their comeuppance.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Good, another racist politician bites the dust!!

    First the Chinese gun-grabbber and racist, Yee, in California and now another anti-White in North Carolina.

    Is a pattern emerging?? Yee is the THIRD California state senator arrested this year.

    Screams of RACISM in 3..2..1..

    It’s been a good day.


    Leland Yee in handcuffs:

    • sbuffalonative

      Chow is accused of money laundering, conspiracy to receive and transport
      stolen property and conspiracy to traffic contraband cigarettes.

      Chow acknowledged in an unpublished autobiography that he ran
      prostitution rings in the 1980s, smuggled drugs and extorted thousands
      from business owners as a Chinatown gang member

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        Chow is “Raymond ”Shrimp Boy” Chow, birth name Kwok Cheung.

        Yee’s signature political plank is gun control — and he’s being charged with gun running “without a license.” Keith Jackson, a black former member of the SF school board is involved as well.

        This is the result of California’s multi-culti worker’s paradise = No Whites Involved!!

        Pretty soon, all business will be conducted in such a manner with no one to stop California’s White Race Replacements.

        Shrimp Boy looks like he’s from a Hawaii 5-O casting call.

        • sbuffalonative

          They elected an admitted gang member who wanted to disarm people but who was caught selling guns illegally, to who, gang members?

          Was he elected by an Asian or mixed electorate? Is this an example of ‘racial pride’?

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble


            Yee’s district, before it was redistricted in 2011, was 44.6% White, 33.3% Asian; 52.77% Democratic 15.91% Republican. I suspect the White voter population in that area is heavily gay.

            I also picked up this interesting tidbit:

            In 1992, Yee was arrested for the alleged shoplifting of a bottle of tanning oil from the KTA Superstore in Kona’s Keauhou Shopping Village. The case was not prosecuted, as Yee disappeared before he could be prosecuted.

            We’ll see if he takes the Marion Barry route, begs for forgiveness and another chance and is re-elected by “his people.”

          • Yee is 65 now, so he would have been 43 at the time of the shoplifting. He skipped Hawaii in order to avoid prosecution.

            A 43 year-old shoplifter who won’t take his lumps in court: classy!

          • Martel

            The district isn’t as diverse as our resident sinophile and sociopathic diversity monger JE recently confessed he would like it to be. That is 40℅ white, 40% oriental, 10% Jew and 10% African/Hispanic, his ideal mix on a national as well as local level.

          • John

            I think we need some Engleman input here. He just tried to call me out in another thread where I pointed out that corruption is a way of like for government officials in 3rd world countries.

        • r j p

          Welcome to Chicago:

          Ald. Munoz’s father gets 4 years in fake ID case
          January 06, 2009

          Elias Munoz, father of Chicago Ald. Ricardo Munoz, was sentenced today to four years in prison for his role in a fake ID ring.

          U.S. District Judge Rebecca Pallmeyer called his role as a photographer in a Little Village fake ID ring “pretty significant.”

          During a two-hour hearing, government attorneys linked Munoz’s pictures to other ID scams in Chicago.

          “He took those photos knowing or just recklessly disregarding that they would obtain, by those photos, illegal documentation,” Pallmeyer said.

          Munoz, 63, who owned a photo studio inside a Little Village outdoor mall where the international ring was based, pleaded guilty last year to charges of criminal conspiracy.

        • Max

          Be careful, Engelman might catch you.

    • One can not fill a nation up with Third World people without eventually turning it into part of the Third World itself. Yee was born in Taishan, China, to native Chinese parents, so culturally he would have grown up as a non-American. China is notorious for corrupt business practices. He was merely “keepin’ it real”.

      • MBlanc46

        Brazil, here we come.

        • anonymous

          Wait a little longer, Brazil is coming here. Save you the trip.

      • Max

        No, not according to progressive mathematics.

        You take the refuse from six, third-world countries and blend them together, recite “Diversity is our greatest strength. America is a nation of immigrants”. The result is a vibrant mix twice as good as a first-world nation.

  • sbuffalonative

    They know how the game is play and they know it’s stacked in their favor. Why not take the chance?

  • teaisstronger

    Trapping a black mayor is not going to help these FBI agents’ career growth.

    • Maybe they know something we don’t.

  • Fathercoughlin

    Take out the trash!

  • jane johnson

    Has the FBI gone rogue? I can’t imagine “My People” Holder sanctioning either of these actions by the Bureau.

    • libertarian1234

      That’s what I was thinking.
      This action has to be something that had nothing to do with Holder OR his minions in the legal section.
      I’m betting he’s upset by the action.

  • libertarian1234

    I’m a bit mystified as to why more people haven’t brought law suits against these dregs for defamation and other civil torts. They recklessly smear many people and groups with outright charges that are false and easy to disprove, especially the religious groups that have a pretty substantial amount of money to fight them with.

    Getting them dissed by the FBI, however, is a biggie. Both groups send them literature designating their political enemies as threats to society and then follow it all up with some funky-looking creep weaseling his way as a speaker at one of the events for lawyers and police, spouting their usual hate-mongering about conservative groups and Christian organizations.

    Remember old Abe who got on a plane to see the pope in person, thinking he could put a stop to the movie, “The Passion,” because he thought it’s viewing would bring about a mass slaughter of Jews worldwide?

    Both the SPLC and the Anti-Defamation League have some big time ding-a-lings on their staffs. And paranoia is one of their lesser mental problems.

  • NotTooSwift

    Maya Cannon look like a goit brova. No stash, he hara shurt, lite skeen. He kno crook.
    FBI rassis. He not one those Chi-Town dudes who…never mind.

    What about Anthony Foxx? New Transportation Secretary? I suppose he will sail through Congress. It’s odd how this guy is not in office 6 months and he gets nailed on corruption charge. How many other sinister plots has he been involved with which have not been uncovered or, at least, have not been publicized.

    It goes on and on and on.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    WHY am I not surprised by any of this??

  • leftists are delusional

    Said it before, but I don’t think black politicians are that much more corrupt than white politicians… the IQ deficit just makes them get caught so much more often.

    • Laika

      I wonder, sometimes, if they’re set up to take a fall to divert attention away from something else, sort of like drug mules set up to get caught and divert the cops’ attention while the REAL stash goes through.

      • John

        The Ron Brown bio on Wikipedia has under “external links” a link to the What Really Happened web site and a pretty detailed and comprehensive article about what he was going to “reveal” and some other parties engaged in similar activity that met similar fates. I swear, the Clinton’s left a trail of bodies behind them to rival the breadcrumb trail of Hansel and Gretel and now Hillary is being considered as a serious frontrunner for POTUS? Sheer insanity.

  • MBlanc46

    Another Magic Negro melts away.

  • r j p

    The $PLC is nothing but an offshore hedge fund for the benefit of a select few.

    • Joe Sewell

      To benefit those who pledge allegiance to i$rael and al CIA da.

  • BonV.Vant

    negro, negroeness, negoidity,

  • Joe Sewell

    The best news I’ve heard today. Cannon must have pissed Holder off by not supporting Traygone? The Charlotte cells of anti racists and anti fascists are firmly behind him too – not. Cannon was just another quota hire – social promoted ‘tool’ who has fallen for the moment for some strange reason.

  • Patrick Cannon going up the river.

    Leland Yee going up the river.

    FBI gives the Paranoia-Industrial Complex the heave-ho.

    It’s rare that you have so much good news in one day.

    Party at my place this weekend. BYOB.

    • In baseball, I believe that is called a “triple play”.

      I started the party early here: vodka in iced Japanese green tea. It’s actually a good combination. There have been few evenings in my life in which I have laughed so well and so often.

    • Hallie Eva [formerly IDNM]

      Bring my own baseball? Are we playing hardball or softball?

  • Oil Can Harry

    This just in: the FBI has just been identified as a hate group.

    After the announcement $PLC head Morris Sleaze and ADL leader Abe “Crazy like a” Foxman were heard muttering “That’s what they get for messing with our money.”

    • Hallie Eva [formerly IDNM]

      Go to the SPLC website, take a look at their “hate group list.” The NOI and NBPPs, surprisingly are on the list. Could that be p.o.’ing the DOJ and Barry?
      Also listed as hate groups or dangerous people, AmRen, our contributing article authors, the Tea Party in several states, all groups associated with constitutionalism, secession or nationalism, anything related to Barry Goldwater.
      The bad news is that the armed forces uses the SPLC official hate group list as a resource, punishing military enlistees who belong to, or espouse any cause or organization listed.

      • I think the $PLC has long had the NOI on their list. Fortunately, we Americans are free to do something other than enlist in the armed forces.

        • Hallie Eva [formerly IDNM]

          Agree, MCS, but cruise through a Military website where enlistees are blog chatting.
          The complaint is that membership or belief in the tenets of Evangelical Christian groups warrants punishment. [Not referring to Westboro]. Islam is O.K.

      • Oil Can Harry

        The $PLC lists the Nation Of Islam and the New Black Panthers as hate groups because:

        1. They’re anti-semitic

        2. They have to include a couple of token nonwhite groups in their hate groups list in order to appear evenhanded to the gullible.

        • Hallie Eva [formerly IDNM]

          That is what I figured, Oil Can. A gratuitous nod. But…expect any day for that to reverse itself. Notice CAIR is not on the list?

  • Martel

    What was the name of the individual awarded?

  • MooTieFighter

    Anyone surprised? Anybody?

  • Laika

    Has someone notified AR’s resident sino-phile, Engelman?

    He’ll just come back with, “whites commit far more crime than Asians.”

  • Max

    Another “rare and isolated incident” involving an arrogant, corrupt, black public figure.

    • Katherine McChesney

      Is there any other kind of black public figure?

      • Max

        Well, you know, they are rare and isolated. There are only a few thousands.

  • BonV.Vant


  • dcc2379

    If he lived in New Jersey, he could be elected senator.

  • Richard Johnston

    He’s blaming it on President Bush!

  • John

    Seriously, no doubt. It brings (partially anyway) to mind a character in a movie I saw years ago that was a psycho that had a similar book and wold earmark anyone that PO’d him as being slated for destruction. Can’t recall the movie but I’m thinking it was “Scary Movie” for some reason. Hillary is a psychopath, perhaps a sociopath for sure. The way I’ve seen her laugh curing interviews about the indiscriminate deaths of America’s “official” enemies reveals her to be an immoral fruitcake at best, a psychotic serial killer wannabee at worst.

  • MBlanc46

    He’s just like those Chicago/Detroit guys.

  • marduk

    Well, I’m glad they finally caught this guy and are in the process of putting him away like so many of his other mayoral “brothas” (e.g., New Orleans and Birmingham).
    I’m also glad he got caught since he apparently had something to do with cancelling your AR convention in Charlotte. What a slimeball move that was. But it probably brought more publicity than if he hadn’t done a thing.
    I live in a suburb of Charlotte, just over the SC border and I’m personally disgusted
    with the cronyism and behavior of many of the Char-Meck government officials.
    Some of these guys (and gals)
    think they are owed something and are only too happy to take everything they can from the public till.
    Patrick Cannon isn’t the only shady character. It includes all the “sistahs” in the most prominent “Zionist” church who are also in government and schools. The city is rotting from the core out.
    I’m hope Cannon gets to rot in prison where he belongs. Assuming a conviction this time, of course…

  • benvad

    It’s ingrained in them, it’s all I can say about that one. Being from Montreal however, we have the corruption racket down to a tee.

    Anytime you get French, Italian, Irish with a sprinkling of Ashkenazi Jews high jinks will ensue. So in a way, I understand it all.

    My next proclamation would be to have Archie Bunker declare our elected officials. Keep it down to WASPs, Dutch and Scandinavians, I know ethics (I’m one of them), and we should keep em away from politics & unions.