Almost 4,000 Women and Girls Treated for Effects of Female Genital Mutilation in London Hospitals Since 2009

Cahal Milmo, Independent (London), March 19, 2014

Thousands of women and girls have been treated in London hospitals for the effects of female genital mutilation, suggesting that many more have received similar treatment nationwide.

Nearly 4,000 women and girls, some of them born in the UK, were treated for FGM in hospitals across the capital since 2009, according to figures released under the Freedom of Information Act.

Campaigners said the London figures, obtained by BBC News, suggested there were thousands of women across Britain suffering the after-effects of FGM while many girls also live under threat of mutilation.

Despite being classed as torture by the United Nations and a crime in Britain since 1985, there have been no prosecutions against those responsible for the brutal practice which is generally inflicted when victims are babies or young girls.

Nearly half of the 3,939 women treated at the 31 hospitals which responded to the FOI request attended two south London NHS trusts–Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust and St George’s Healthcare NHS Trust, which treated 1,146 and 795 women respectively.

Eight of those treated at St George’s were born in the UK. FGM is most common among some African, Asian and Middle Eastern communities.

Ealing Hospital NHS Trust in west London treated 633 patients and the Whittington Health NHS Trust in north London cared for 493 patients.

The majority of women who attend hospital will have undergone the procedure a number of years earlier and have become known to medics during antenatal care or because of complications, such as recurrent urinary infections, associated with FGM.

Campaigners said the figures highlighted the need for a comprehensive system to report FGM. It is estimated that at least 66,000 girls and women in the UK are victims of FGM.

Rukayah Sarumi, advocacy and campaigns manager for the charity FORWARD, said: “Unfortunately these figures are not surprising and there are some indications that they may be higher because of cases going unrecognised or unrecorded. They underline the reason why we need a strategic and cohesive response to FGM. We need a national action plan, part of which must ensure that medical staff are fully trained to recognise the mutilation.”

From next month all NHS hospitals will have a system in place to record FGM and by September all major hospitals will be required to report their data to the Department of Health on a monthly basis. New cases of FGM on British girls are thought to be carried out either in the UK by backstreet practitioners or by taking the child out of the country.

London mayor Boris Johnson said he was backing an initiative to improve the way agencies respond to FGM cases. Experts warned last year there were “gaps” in how the health and social care systems offered support to victims.

Mr Johnson told BBC London: “This is a crime basically outlawed in the early-mid 1980s and yet, unlike in France, we have not had one single successful prosecution for what is unquestionably a completely barbaric crime.

“It’s time to stop being so nervous, so gingerly and hesitant. This is something that is absolutely intolerable in a place like London.”

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  • Luca

    How is this not child endangerment and child abuse? How is it possible that no one has been prosecuted? if a child is brought to a hospital with its ears or nose cut off by the parents there would be a firestorm.

    The sick Liberals of Britain are afraid of offending the very Muslims who will one day bury them.

    • Oil Can Harry

      Tsk tsk. How dare you judge other diverse cultures.

      What, are you implying that Western Civilization is superior to that of the Third World? Check your white privilege!

    • So CAL Snowman

      How was Jimmy Savile able to molest hundreds of boys and girls and no one did anything? How and why are pakistani and muslim gangs allowed to run paedophile sex rings with White English girls? We all know the answers, but we are apparently too terrified by death to do anything about it.

      • David Icke of shape shifting lizards fame is certainly calling out these monstrous developments in Britain. I check his headlines every night about 3 am to get the latest news from Britain and then do the Daily Mail. Of course, in explaining this, Icke is often labeled a nutter and anti-semetic.

        • So CAL Snowman

          It’s like England has sunken into the deepest pits of hell. I mean when famous celebrities and non White gangs are having their way with young children, there’s not much left to say. You just sort of feel numb and hollow inside. You look at the world through jaded eyes. You feel sick to your stomach and all you see are a bunch of stupid drones sitting like logs in front of the indoctrination box. This stuff sickens me more than anything else in the world. My heart is ice cold and I bleed for no one but myself anymore.

          • Einsatzgrenadier

            A lot of whites, especially “true believers” in multiculturalism, are afflicted with this bizarre sense of white collective guilt. Because white people were responsible for slavery and colonialism, we have to put up with black crime and muslim religious intolerance in order to atone for the sins of the white race. These people are genuinely insane and believe that we must continue accepting blacks and pakis until the UK becomes a 3rd world cesspool under a muslim theocratic government.

        • Luca

          Search YouTube for Pat Condell or Google: Ayan Hirsi Ali for an accurate description of the rich, vibrant, joys of Muslim Diversity.

          • Jesse James

            Ayan Hirsi Ali’s autobiography “Infidel” is actually an interesting read as it is an insiders view of the Somali Islamic culture. It also gives an immigrants view of how the whole refugee resettlement scam works in Europe.

    • JackKrak

      Seriously, Luca, get with it. Your old, stuffy attitude about this whole thing makes me worry that you haven’t completely embraced the wonderful tapestry of cultures that is modern Britain.

      You need to go watch “Twelve Years a Slave” or something to get your head in the right place…..

  • DaveMed

    What a privilege it is for us to waste millions (billions?) of dollars and pounds on these savage cultures.

  • Jesse James

    This is the essence of the problem with multi-culturalism. IF all cultures are essentially equal how is it possible to apply the social norms and law of one group to another?

    • Einsatzgrenadier

      Multiculturalism doesn’t work because different cultures have irreconcilable values. Immigration-fueled multiculturalism is basically a divide-and-conquer strategy. The cosmopolitan elite wants to prevent the white electorate from mobilizing effectively in favor of broader shared ethno-racial interests, which is why they need to be politically fragmented and reduced to minority status. This results in the concentration of power in a few hands, because politicians are less accountable to the electorate and can now play off different ethnic groups against each other.

  • David Ashton

    Surely the more “vibrant” the “diversity” the more “enriching” it is.

  • Fathercoughlin

    Thats small potatoes compared to the enormous amount of money whitey gets to spend on all the deformities and birth defects among the highly inbred kissin’ couisn Pakistanis. These people belong back in their own country! Damn our “leaders” to hell for what they have done to us!

  • Laager

    “what is unquestionably a completely barbaric crime.” – is actually a crude and primitive form of birth control which maintained the balance of society and the resources to sustain it in the African countries where it is practiced. Lions do the same thing. The Alpha male kills the cubs from other prides thus ensuring the survival of the group as a whole. Do-gooder liberals don’t see this and want to save every living human they can. When those saved grow up they will struggle to place a single square meal on the table for themselves each day. Next step will be to join the tsunami of “political refugees” and “asylum seekers” trying to get into Europe to enjoy the perceived good life. If these liberals really want to make a difference they should do in the country of origin and teach the poor disadvantaged how to “catch a fish” – instead of importing these problems into Europe.

  • borogirl54

    This is a health issue because FGM causes narrowing of the birth canal, which makes it difficult for these women to give birth naturally.

  • And USA feminists say not a word about FGM because they’re too tied up in knots hatin’ on the white man. But, I often forget about FGM when I’m engaged in talking up opposition to immigration reform, basically because I’m not sure what it is. It’s clitoral removal with a razor blade, right? Can someone confirm?

    That should get the attention of the mushy-headed ladies down at the Catholic thrift store, who support every immigrant scheme that Obama can devise.

    • dd121

      “Feminists” don’t have any criticism of Muslims in general and their mistreatment of women. Kind of makes you doubt their sincerity.

      • Luca

        They are blatantly insincere. As are all the entities of Liberal Marxism. They all have one goal in common: The destruction of all the Western societies and their creators: the White-Euro, Christian male.

        • dd121

          I think you’re right. The agenda isn’t any more complicated than that.

    • NoMosqueHere

      Feminazis and muslims share a common enemy: white men.

    • The Verdict of History

      Would you like to hear something really sick????

      Many bright-eyed and multiculturalist feminists have come to believe that opposition to FGM is “cultural imperialism” and too “Judeo-Christian” for their culturally relativist tastes (Carla Obermeyer and Janice Boddy).

      Yep, you read that correctly.

      Some of these folks are SO steeped in Marxist, universalist and “anti-colonial” literature that they are starting to turn a blind eye toward a practice which is FAR more “repressive” than anything white males ever did or are doing to female sexuality.


    • NordicHeritage

      Every day I see more and more muslims walking the streets in my area. They are importing them by the truckloads here.

    • Kalashnikov

      Razor blade? I’ve read accounts of it being done with shards of broken glass.

    • Ella

      The surgery involves shortening the Labia to prevent intense sexual pleasure similar to the old Medieval chastity belt concept to control sexuality. They can also stitch up for a obvious reasons. The feminists see lots of challenging work ahead of them with the Mexican and Muslim men. And, do remember that they classify Middle Eastern people as “Whites,” so White males also mutilate their women according to your dime store feminists.

  • NoMosqueHere

    Another fine reason to ban muslim immigration forever.

  • JSS

    Three cheers for London! They have throne off that starchy hideously White old London and are now the female genetal mutilation capital of the Western wold. Oh, and while no British soldiers to my knowledge have been literally beheaded in Iraq or Afghnaistan they do run that risk in the capital of their own country. Now lets have a toast to Churchill.

  • WR_the_realist

    We all know that the rise of female genital mutilation in Great Britain is due to mass immigration of third world Muslims. I am very confident that 90% of Great Britain’s professional feminists would consider slashing immigration to be racist and evil.

    • Jesse James

      Yes you would expect their brains would explode from the build of pressure from all the cognitive dissonance they must be experiencing holding so many ideas that are contrary not only to each other but to reality itself.

      • Ella

        These feminists believe they can change the Muslim men like the WASP who took a political fall.

  • gemjunior

    Rukayah Sarumi says ” We need a national action plan to train staff to ensure they are able to recognize signs of the mutilation”. If these fuckers weren’t swamping Britain they wouldn’t be bringing their strange customs and medical nightmares that accompany them, to a totally civilized or should I say formerly civilized, country like Britain. Why can’t people make the connection here? All we need to do is stand up to our scumbag politicians.

  • libertarian1234

    Every country in Europe is going to rue the day it ever allowed in these third world hordes.

    They’ve had lots of trouble already, but this is only the beginning, and they haven’t really experienced any kind of catalyst to propel the primitives to action, like a serious economic plummet. Or a natural disaster.

    How long can it last?

  • Michael Mason

    This sickens my soul. The notorious stereotype of British conformity mixed with political correctness is a deadly combination that subdues the masculine duty of protecting women that is necessary in a healthy society.

    Before my days are done, I’d like to see the Western Man regain his sense of personal responsibility and send to hell all of the subhuman racial trash that has polluted our civilization.

  • IstvanIN

    These are not our problems. I don’t care what they do to their women. Is it wrong and backward and downright evil? Yes! It is only our problem because we allowed the importation of these creatures to our lands. There is one solution and only one: deportation. We should not attempt to change them, they need to evolve on their own.

  • DudeWheresMyCountry?

    I know this is about female mutilation but the bigger picture here is the symbolic nature of this story… the removal of Britain’s testicles is the real narrative.

  • The old (and rather blunt) saying is true: “If you import the third world – you get third world”.

    Voting fraud, rape, drug dealing, infectious diseases, system structures that cannot cope, female genital mutilation, grooming gangs, so called “problems” with “lack of diversity” and “integration” issues, overcrowding, “beds in sheds”, litter and rats, people trafficking, prostitution rings, thieves (pickpockets, scammers)…..

    Within the establishment you have crony-ism, short termism, corruption, paedophilia, self interests (either personal or party based), dropping education standards, ruining of the economy, stooges and subversives with agendas to make everything worse, with no appetite, understanding, or desire to reverse what is going on.

    Throw the two together and you get the ingredients of a thousand issues which become impossible to solve because they cannot be individually solved until other problems have been solved (and/or we become a complete police state).

    As you ever slip down into an inability to solve these things (how exactly are they going to stop FGM, or self imposed sharia compliance, or Halal slaughter (if it was ever banned)? – they cannot now that these people number in tens of millions)…… the country just eats itself alive and slips into the third world pile as a complete joke.

    I think Britain is well along that road.

  • William Krapek

    I would even treat them. Give them some pain meds and antibiotics and send them on their way.

  • Lada Belyy

    Desert religions and genital mutilation seem to walk shoulder-to-shoulder.
    foreskin, clitoris…what else?
    Their tortured babies are lucky to keep any part of themselves.

  • Truth Teller

    I don’t believe in that. I believe that if someone’s culture is destructive it should be changed whether they like it or not. I also believe everyone is capable of behaving as long as you harshly punish misbehavior.