Victim of ‘Knockout Game’ Warns Others, Tells Own Story

Makayla Tendall, Iowa State Daily, February 21, 2014

An ISU student who said he was the victim of the “knockout game” last Saturday night said he wants others to learn from his experience.

Tony Behnke, sophomore in agriculture and life sciences education, said he was walking northbound on Stanton Avenue at 4 a.m. Sunday when he was punched in the head.

Behnke said he was walking home when a black Buick four-door car drove slowly past him.

“No one else was around me. I figured it was just kind of an awkward coincidence. ‘I thought I’m just freaking myself out’,” Behnke said. “When I noticed that the car was driving slowly on the road to my left, I heard footsteps behind me. I figured it was probably just someone out that had been drinking.”

Behnke said that he continued walking and even sped up, but the suspect—whom Behnke described as a 6-foot-tall African American male with dreadlocks—continued to closely follow him.

“I turned and looked at him to just kind of make eye contact. He stayed behind me pretty close but he never jogged in front of me. At one point in time I even stopped to let him pass and get in front of me, but he just stood there,” Behnke said.

Behnke said he was on the sidewalk outside of Es Tas Bar and Grill when the man punched him on the left side of his head near his temple, knocking Behnke to the ground.

“Right after he punched me I was able to pick myself back up and watch him get back in the car. At the time I had adrenaline pumping so it didn’t hurt as bad as I thought it would,” Behnke said. “He definitely hit me a lot harder than I thought he did.”

Behnke said the next day at work he had a severe headache and told his boss what had happened to him the night before. Behnke’s boss drove him to the police station to file a report and then to the emergency room where Behnke was diagnosed with a concussion.

“I was in the ER and my nurse came in, and she had a puzzled face and she asked ‘what exactly happened to you again? You’re not the only person here today that had the same thing happen,'” Behnke said.

Behnke said he spoke to the other victim who was hit on the corner of Hayward Avenue and Knapp Street. Behnke said the man who attacked him was in the passenger seat of the Buick while the other suspect was sitting in the back passenger side according to the other victim.

“He had gotten punched ten minutes before I had gotten hit,” Behnke said. “The guy that hit him got out of the back seat came up and upper cut him.


Geoff Huff, investigations commander for the Ames Police Department, said they received two reports of similar incidents over the weekend. Huff said both Behnke’s report and the other victim reported suspects getting out of a black, four-door Buick. The suspects were both African American males who did not appear to be driving the car.


“Occasionally we get someone driving up, words are exchanged and they get in a fight. This is very similar to what you hear about the “knockout game” where you randomly walk up to somebody who’s not expecting it and smack them in the head,” Huff said.


“They didn’t steal anything. They didn’t try to take anything. They didn’t do anything other than laugh and get in the car and drive off,” Behnke said.


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  • Erasmus

    Warn the people you love to avoid knuckle-walkers. Teach them self-defense. Give them The Derbyshire Talk.

    To hell with the hurt feelings of any black. To hell with our mulatto president, AG and elites. Avoiding being around blacks and, if they’re about, don’t let them out of your sight. It might save your life.

    • John R

      And don’t let them within arm’s length of you. I live near Philly, and if a black male ever approaches me, I say loudly, and firmly, “get away from me!” It always works; I have never been the victim of black criminals, although I have been around blacks a lot during my lifetime. You have to know how to carry yourself.

      • Katherine McChesney

        I do the same. I yell it if necessary. It has always worked for me. They always get the message.

      • Tarczan

        I just always acted slightly angry, aware but not afraid. It worked, no unnatural holes. I always tried to be this pissed off white guy, which I was, and still am I guess.

        • Tarczan

          Of course, I never wandered around at 4 am in a darkie neighborhood.

          • MBlanc46

            Fair enough, but he’s a college kid. College kids are more likely to do things like that than mature adults.

        • So CAL Snowman

          Same for me in So CAL. Anytime I have to leave my Whitopia and venture into Mexico Norte, I channel the angry White male vibe, like I’m not worth the trouble. The mexicans NEVER attempt to even look me in the eye (except for the latina females that think they are attractive). How you carry yourself in public speaks volumes to the non White hordes.

      • r j p

        Last one that tried to mess with me I chased into the street.
        Ever seen a rat scurry?
        Had he not run so fast who knows what would have happened.
        But I did enjoy watching him run.

      • evilsandmich

        The guy who taught our concealed carry course gave much the same advice in telling people to defend their personal space from possible miscreants. Recall Mark Steyn’s sarcastic advice “better dead than offend” and do the opposite.

      • Mike

        That’s true you do have to carry yourself more assertively.

    • M&S

      Have A Weapon and walk back into them.
      Blacks are stronger and quicker by the same means (20% higher serum testosterone) which makes them dumb, ugly, arrogant, monsters.
      But if you pull out a chain or extendible baton and whack it against something, hard enough to make it clear you intend to kill the man when you exchange blows, the combination of mechanical leverage and stalking-the-player-back becomes an open choice.
      Death or a Different Victim.
      And as with most things, blacks don’t want to risk being hurt. They want a freebie.
      As long as they are not obviously weaponized with a weight or an edge, a stick or a chain is not illegal.
      Beyond which, the Three Stupids still apply:
      Stupid persons as bad friends/associates.
      Stupid place as time of day.
      Stupid purpose as drugs, sex or crime.
      Being out drinking at that time of night is a bad idea. Only the desolate and the hunters are about at that hour and the difference between the two is often very small.
      One other thing: violence hurts. This isn’t Hollywood where slamming your foot or your fist into someone’s body doesn’t cause you pain. Where taking a punch to the face doesn’t mean your lip isn’t split, your teeth loose and your broken nose gushing blood.
      Even a winning advantage is no guarantee against being hurt.
      So once you start, don’t you stop. Not until it’s over.

      • Garrett Brown

        Blacks are not stronger by the same means, only faster.

        • John R

          Good points. Yes, blacks are more aggressive, but I don’t buy into this black superhuman bullcrap. With respect I think that man exaggerated. Blacks win boxing matches because they are fast, and have longer arms than other races. But a street fight is different. And if blacks are so strong then how come every Olympic sport that depends on grinding strength, like powerlifting, gymnastics, wrestling, the shot put, is dominated by Whites, who are only 10% of the world’s population. And how come Germany-with only ONE PERCENT of the world’s people, wins so many medals at the Olympics?

          • Garrett Brown

            The strength superiority is not at all accurate, no science backs it up. The speed dominance is true however.

            But as far as strength, whites dominate in every lifting sport and most grappling sports. The strongest men in powerlifting, strongman, oly lifting are dominantly white. Specifically Northern European whites.

          • John K

            The reason why it seems that way is because the lie has been repeated often and everyone fears them. You have to stand your ground and show more aggression than they do; it’s the only thing they understand.

          • Garrett Brown

            I prove it through my own body. Pound for pound I’m one of the strongest at my gym and I do martial arts while staying rather lean. Most men that are stronger than me in the gym are fat.

          • Whiteplight sees the Emperor N

            Force = mass x velocity. A lighter person can create more force with speed and smaller people (men) are generally faster than big ones. But the smaller one is well advised to use that speed to avoid being hit!

          • Garrett Brown

            “A lighter person can create more force with speed”

            False, unless you meant individually. The larger person will always create more force. Speed is subjective in the assistance of power. It depends on what kind of strength/power you’re talking about. Punching power versus bench pressing as an example.

          • At six-feet even and age 47, I weigh 155 pounds. I can lift my end of an upright piano one-handed with my left and steady it with my right.

            I have certainly fallen, but as a first-generation orc, I have forgotten more about fighting than most folks will ever know. One of my favorites was an unexploded aircraft bomb with an anti-tank mine above it, and an antipersonnel mine on top of that. With det cord and a handbook, one can erase an entire platoon this way.

          • Garrett Brown

            That’s most likely because of your abnormal hand size, not necessarily your strength.

            You’re an orc? I slay orcs.

          • I was probably supposed to be an elf, but I fell. I never wanted to be an orc, but this is sometimes what happens. One of the Dark Powers was my ex-father.

            If you slay orcs, you haven’t met a first-generation Yrch. My childhood was like living through my own death, but we’re a bit different from that to which you are accustomed. I never wanted to be an orc, but I wasn’t given any choice.

            I wish I could have my old M-14 and FN-FAL again, with my Tokarev SVT-40s and G-43s.

            I’m peaceful now, and tie fishing flies and make fishing lures. My eyes turned blue again last year after 30 years of being dark grey. I separated the top three ribs on my left side working on shelving for my mother in December, but they’re OK again.

            Perhaps I am a recovering orc. It takes a very long time.

          • Garrett Brown

            Only elves have blue eyes. You are leaving middle earth and traveling to the land of the west.

            M-14 would be my go to war rifle. Good choice.

          • I will stay here. When I was in Australia, I missed the sighing sound the wind makes when it rushes through the trees here in Colorado.

          • Garrett Brown

            Colorado is quickly becoming a California junior. Be careful.

          • John R

            Good point. Blacks are faster. But, then again, so are cheetahs faster than lions. But we know which cat would kill the other in a fight every time.

          • Geo1metric

            A “good” big man will take a “good” smaller man every time.

          • A fellow only has to die once.

          • Geo1metric

            And that’s the beauty of it, no?

          • John K

            I remember in 2000 when the Greek guy beat all the darkies in a sprint race, and one of the American darkies said the Greek started early. After watching the replay, it was the darkie himself that actually left early.

        • John K

          That’s why it always takes ten or more darkies to attack one white man.

          • Garrett Brown

            Yes sir.

      • r j p

        Once they know their game has been found out, in my experience, they scurry. Especially if you dial 911 and start walking directly at them.

      • 1Forced_Registration

        The collapsible baton is an incredibly effective weapon in skilled hands, but its merely a deterrent in unskilled hands. No matter what weapon you carry — even if its just your fists — knowing how to use them is just as important as having it on you.

        Always have to be aware of local laws though. I have a CCW, and can carry pretty much anything in my home state. However, a short trip across the river and what it legal here becomes a felony there. (Though this might soon change.)

        Even town by town the laws can have gotchas. In my own open carry is legal for anyone. In the neighboring town, its a crime that will get you in some fairly serious hot water. Its still legal with a CCW to carry openly there (they can’t change the state law, even if they would like to), but its a guaranteed way to get harassed.

        • Cid Campeador

          Wasp & Hornet spray is effective although illegal. Then again, aren’t all means of self defense for good people illegal? A good shot of the spray in the eyes will cause the mutant to open his mouth in order to scream in pain at which time a good stream down his throat should turn LeMarcus into a Carcass.

      • Soul Hunter

        Cannot Tell
        My race is just getting more and more savage by the day. And I used to think that majority white states like Iowa were safer due to the lack of blacks. I guess there’s nowhere safe anymore.

    • anon

      Give them the correct version of the talk. All blacks are violent and evil. If you so much as see one (or sense one), your hand belongs on the butt of your gun, ready to pull it and fire. If one closes the distances, draw your weapon, prepare to fire and tell that criminal to stop or you will kill him.
      If he takes one more step…kill him.

  • Who Me?

    “They didn’t steal anything. They didn’t try to take anything. They didn’t do anything other than laugh and get in the car and drive off,” Behnke said.

    Aha! So these attacks weren’t “robberies gone bad” so we’ll soon hear the suspects are being charged with hate crimes, right? Right? All I hear is crickets….

    • Frank_DeScushin

      Wait, since these attacks can’t be labelled ‘a robbery gone wrong’ the authorities will likely go with Option B — ‘just bored teens’.

      Because, you know, there’s no other way to alleviate boredom other than attacking strangers.

      • wildfirexx

        I think this “Let’s get whitey attitude”, can also be blamed on our PC media, that keeps reminding them of their past, especially with recent movies that depict black vigilantes beating and killing whites.
        So this is what happens when we lower our guard, by allowing minorities to abuse our compassion and tolerance in white society by turning the other cheek and pretending it just didn’t happen. This white guilt mentality that the media’s been brainwashing us to accept is not working, and should be challenged!

        • kikz

          the media and academia have definitely proved to be two effective avenues of cultural attack, as they are controlled by a single ideological source.

        • Cid Campeador

          I think that you’re unfairly attributing anti- social and racist behavior to Blacks. All you have to do is to go to the TV and see that Blacks are the Police Chiefs, Judges, gifted Surgeons, DAs, Presidents ( we’ve had several), Professors, Planet rescuing Scientists and above all model fathers and husbands. Don’t believe what you see on the Internet.
          Watch Law & Order SVU which is set in NYC and I dare you to find me ONE Black rapist. I’ll bet you tickets to the next Jamie Foxx movie.

          • wildfirexx

            That’s exactly my point Cid…the mainstream media (including TV networks and Movie Corps.) has been portraying Blacks in a positive image over the last couple of decades which is far from reality. It like we changed white hats with these guys, …and now we’re supposed to be the bad guys and they’re the good guys. I am sure you’ll agree this is social engineering by the powers that be.

          • Cid Campeador

            And the scary part is that our kids are believing what they see in the media.
            I TOTALLY agreee. I was just doing a little sarcasm . I’m relieved that neither of us has to see Jamie Foxx.
            ” I got to kill all the White people”. Just imagine what a career ender that would have been if Michael Caine announced that he loved his role in ZULU for the reverse reason.

          • wildfirexx

            Always being a fan of Western movies, I assumed Django Unchained …would be another good flick, but was horrified when I saw how this phoney black bounty hunter, went around slaughtering white people like target practice.
            This is the exact thing that stirs up the black youth into attacking white folks for no reason.
            And that’s what the knockout game is all about. It’s only when white jewish people were targeted, that the media stood up and took notice of a hate crime.

  • MekongDelta69

    “…African American male with dreadlocks…”

    WOW – Who would have possibly guessed that?!?!

    • bilderbuster

      If Boehner had a son in law he’d look like…

      • tlk244182

        Pee Wee Herman?

    • r j p

      Am Iowa football player or a relocated Chicagoan?

  • Truthseeker

    I’m having a hard time considering anyone who plays “The Knockout Game” human. It’s pure sociopathic beastly behavior. Anyone who has so little regard for his fellow man that he gets his kicks inflicting random, potentially fatal pain on others is nothing but a blight on society, and in my mind forfeits the right to be considered a member of it.

    • John R

      Well, I have to say, that ALL races of people have, sadly, those few psychopathic individuals that think it is fun to hurt people. But American blacks have a large number of their young people that feel that way. It is not at all unusual. Actually, it is the good blacks that are in the minority. Truly they are a backward race.

      • dd121

        They’re not just psychopathic. They’re taught from birth that they’re the victims of “racism”. In a practical sense that means to them that whites are doing bad things to them. They largely blame us for their failures. Knowing that you can be prepared.

      • r j p

        The talented 1%?

  • ncpride

    For heavens sake….with all the warnings this fella had, I’m more aggravated at him more than anything. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad the kid is ok, but come on Whitey……this kind of naivety and ignorance will get you killed or scarred for life.

    • John R

      Yes, 4Am. Alone. Car pulling up slowly. Blacks. RUN LIKE HE%^!!!! He’s lucky he didn’t get killed. Some Whites get shot that way. He was actually “lucky.” Sad, ain’t it?

      • ncpride

        Exactly! His warning bells were going off full throttle, but he chose to ignore them. On top of that, he stopped to let the black thug pass…..(groan)…SMH..

        • Tarczan

          He didn’t want anyone to think he was racist, otherwise he would have run.

          • M&S

            Can’t outrun a bullet.
            (Most) Can’t outrun a black.
            Folks, be real. This guy’s tired. He’s been drinking. He’s a college student with a future, so he’s sedentary.
            And most importantly he doesn’t have a 20% higher serum testosterone acting like an internal steroid shot every day, doubling down on fast twitch muscle fibers and harder bones able to take the scarring of those muscles inserts.
            And making him into a sadist aggressive freak like it does most blacks.
            He also hasn’t grown up around fellow blacks who beat each other to a pulp for nothing, so he knows what pain is and how to deliver it.
            The college guy is gonna lose, no matter what, if he doesn’t have a weapon and a will to use it.
            That said, if you ever get into that condition, the first thing you want to do is get between cars or at the top of a staircase or even behind a mailbox or a telephone pole.
            Because the one hope you have is that you can get -one- of them to spend time making himself predictable as he comes around that obstacle.
            And then come to meet him, nailing him as hard as you can, with the full intent to kill.
            Before his other friends get out of the car.
            Don’t waste your time screaming. Nobody came to help Zimmerman.
            Concentrate solely on where you want your fist or your weapon to go to connect with the eyes, nose, teeth, throat, groin, knees or ankles will be, when he clears that obstacle.
            And push your knuckles or your fingers through that space, not back and forth like a boxer’s punch.
            But with all your weight, intending to hit hard enough to cripple by displacing and crushing tissue.
            And then you want to follow him down or back. Fully intending to gouge out eyes or crush the throat. Not opening the fight distance. But closing it out.
            Before you have to deal with number two.
            Forget not getting hurt. Getting hurt is not the sign that you’ve lost the display fight. It’s the sign that it’s just begun to escalate. Because black understands you’re a victim now and he can start to hit harder, be less careful.
            Have more fun.

    • I’m grateful he’s not talking like that young guy in Minneapolis who is (seems) brain-damaged, but survived his vibrant encounter:

      “. . . that was just a freak accident . . .”, “I can’t imagine why someone would do this to another person . . .”,”I’m indifferent towards them. I wish them the best . . .”

    • SFLBIB

      It sounded like he was walking with traffic instead of on the other side against it so he could see cars coming at him.

    • Well he’s in college and probably has had years of hearing how oppressed blacks are and what wonderful hard working, intelligent people they are. Actually before reading Hernstein & Murray’s “The Bell Curve: Intelligence and Class Structure in American Society” I thought that blacks had higher IQ’s than whites based on Jared Diamond’s book “Guns Germs and Steel”.

  • Luca

    The victim was not exactly concise in warning others. He should have said be suspicious of blacks. Period.

    • John R

      For those without good memories, maybe a rhyme: “Avoid the Negroid.” And, “When around blacks…” (Hey, this is Amren; I’m sure I don’t have to finish it!)

  • An ag/life sci major.

    I’m relieved. Because he won’t have to go back to nutty professors telling him that white people are responsible for all the evils in the world.

    • IstvanIN

      He’ll have to take some non-core subjects in areas like sociology/psychology or history or philosophy. I would assume that an AgSci/Life Sciences Ed major wants to teach and will have to take modern education courses that will include at least some indoctrination. Hopefully he’ll pick right and be able to avoid the worst of the worst.

      • Einsatzgrenadier

        If he’s smart and has good critical thinking skills, he’ll be able to filter out the leftist indoctrination, regardless of what course he enrolls in.

  • Ronald

    “They didn’t steal anything. They didn’t try to take anything. They
    didn’t do anything other than laugh and get in the car and drive off.”

    Eventually the Africans will learn that, after attacking a White person and beating and kicking him senseless it will be much easier for a high paid taxpayer funded Government defense lawyer to get them off if they also rob their victim. This will ensure they won’t face a more serious “hate” crime charge.

  • Am I paranoid? I’m thinking that the punching game could easily escalate to the target game. You know, any random whitey is the target as blackie drives by, while taping the target practice for posting on Facebook or World Star Hiphop.

    • Frank_DeScushin

      Blacks are already doing the drive-by target practice and posting it online.  These passages are from an article on the Daily Mail today.  (Just Google the perp’s name to get the full article and accompanying videos)…

      “A Philadelphia man who posted videos of himself on Instagram threatening people with a pellet gun disguised to look like a handgun has been arrested.
      Daron Stinson, 21, has been charged with aggravated assault and robbery for two offenses – but his Instagram account, called ‘funniestnphilly’ shows many more. {snip}

      The videos show Stinson and the other man threatening passersby with the gun.  In one, a man dives to the snow-covered ground in terror. In another, the two threaten a man with a small child.  A woman is threatened with the gun for her phone number, and a man shoveling salt on the side of the road is ordered to put the salt in the back of Stinson’s car while the pair scream profanities at him and his salt is spilled all over the footpath.

      According to Stinson’s account, the vile acts are pranks.

      ‘All of this is jokes,’ he commented on one of his videos. 

      ‘I’m not out here really robbing people. I’m not out here really shooting people. I could be doing that. That’s the s*** I’m trying to leave behind.’

      Other not-so-funny posts on his Instagram account include racism, sexism and fooling people into thinking he’s hurt himself then screaming in their faces when they try to help him.

      • Blacks murdered a pair of half-white and half-Korean kids about 15 years ago not far from here. Those poor boys were on their way from one house where they had been playing video games to the place where they were supposed to have dinner and go to a movie. They never made it. They were gunned down with a shotgun on the sidewalk.

  • Spartacus

    I would’ve attacked it the second it looked at me .

  • Biff_Maliboo

    Wasn’t this “Knockout Game” phenomenon declared a myth?

    • jim b

      I was thinking the same thing as I was reading this…..I’m with the other here who feel this won’t be prosecuted as anything serious.

  • Romulus

    Think I’ll go for a stroll tonight…….

    • François

      Watch your back, my friend.

  • Cannot Tell

    My race is just getting more and more savage by the day. And I used to think that majority white states like Iowa were safer due to the lack of blacks. I guess there’s nowhere safe anymore.

    • Spartacus

      If you really are better than them, then do us all a favor and sterilize yourself .

      • Cannot Tell

        Trust me, I intend to someday.

  • JohnEngelman

    When you are in or near a black neighborhood always carry a weapon. This should be a hand gun if you can get a permit to carry it. At least it should be pepper spray.

    • bubo

      In today’s climate, if you have to use your weapon, I would recommend walking on and not bothering to tell authorities.

      • Yes, and no.
        Dunn survived his brush with diversity, but he will likely never leave prison.

      • r j p

        This is iffy here. Generally the first to report a “crime” is the officially accepted account.

    • Luca

      Go with the gun. I’ve heard negro rapists consider pepper spray as foreplay.

      • JohnEngelman

        The stuff I use would have put Mike Tyson on the canvas when he was in his prime.

        • r j p

          Don’t just spray the face, spray the hands too.
          Great idea. I will relay to girls I know.

        • Luca

          Name brand????

          • me

            Hunters use bear pepper spray. Go to your local sporting goods store and buy bear repellant pepper spray. It’s guaranteed to drop the most feral Bantu, or group of Bantus, in their tracks. 🙂

          • Cid Campeador

            Ruger, S&W, Colt et al.

        • Cid Campeador

          IF they’e trying to harm you use the spray and when they go down administer El Golpe de Gracia with your revolver of choice (leaves no telltale brass) , then discreetly leave the area.
          The time to turn the other cheek has passed.

        • I carry a box-cutter for anyone who wants some after being pepper-sprayed. One nice poster here told me about a concave, hooked Stanley blade that is good for cutting roof material. He used it for unzipping alligators. A one-inch box-cutter blade in Colorado isn’t even a CCW; the limit here is three-and-a-half inches, or thus 90mm or so.

          • Geo1metric

            the old femoral artery trick, huh?

          • Since I’m right-handed, I use the inside of the perp’s right thigh, just above the knee. The meat goes like butter, but denim provides some serious resistance. This is why I suggest grabbing his other wrist and lifting with the big muscles in your thighs.

      • jackryanvb

        Disagree. Unless the Black perp is caught with a gun or a large knife, you will be severely persecuted for shooting a Black thug even when he is trying to do the knock out game or a home invasion.

        Learn to use other self defense weapons that won’t get you persecuted by “special prosecutors”.

        Tennis racket, T ball bat, with ball and glove in gym bag.

        Beat the thugs [email protected], break an arm or rib, take out a leg. Avoid hitting the thug in the head with the t ball bat as you might kill the guy, and then it’s Trayvon Martin all over.

        • Luca

          And then deal with his cousin or brother seeking revenge or just wait for him to get out on parole? Nah, I say nip it in the bud.

          • Whiteplight sees the Emperor N

            I am surprised that no one on any side in the media discussions about the Florida “stand your ground” law or the nationwide explosion of concealed carry permits in relationship to the actual reasons for these laws and such arming.

          • Geo1metric

            Most assuredly.

    • Soul Hunter

      Flock the permits . . .arm up baby and pop caps when necessary . . . .it’s a war out there .

  • OhWow

    Yet there are 5 count them FIVE articles about white on black racism on CNN’s front page right now. This is the NATIONAL news. And 1/4 of the top articles imply that blacks are under attack from whites. No wonder the cycle continues and liberals think there is a huge problem.

    Funny, all we hear about is white on black racism but all I see are anti-white articles, commercials, movies, and black hebrew israelites and black panthers screaming from street corners about wanting to murder all white people. I don’t see any KKK masks. I don’t see any lynchings. I see black on white racism though.

  • kikz

    it would appear that blacks, by their unprovoked violent actions, are about to have open season declared on themselves as consequence.

    • Soul Hunter

      Start snuffing them dastards . . .

    • gemjunior


  • Given that several people have been killed during the “Knockout Game,” the charge should be attempted murder in the first degree.

  • RHG

    And I am sure he has heard that “diversity is a strength” all through his educational process and will be able to brush it off as just an act by an “oppressed black male” living in a white dominated Iowa.

  • r j p

    Used Buicks became negro mobiles when Tiger Woods started doing commercials for Buick.
    Chevrolet has a car that became ghetto because of that commercial “drivin like Jeff Gordon”.

    • IstvanIN

      In NJ blacks drive mostly Lexus, M-B, BMW, and Escalades. Not Buick or even Chevrolet.

      • In my state it’s usually a Camry, Altima, or old E-Class Mercedes. The giveaway is heavily tinted windows, battered paint and fenders, slow careless driving, and an inability to maintain a straight course within the lane. They weave all over the road, either through sheer laziness or because they’re intoxicated (probably both).

        • IstvanIN

          How do they see out with seat reclined all the way back?

  • Garrett Brown


  • Dale McNamee

    Why didn’t he go into the bar ? It might have deterred the attack…

    • r j p

      I think bars in Iowa close at 2AM.
      So he was probably just a stumbling drunk.
      Aka fodder for predators.

  • Soul Hunter

    Where our the white youth at here, serving out orders of the knockout punch to ni666ers

  • Peter Connor

    Is the subject of concealed carry avoided here? Seems a good solution.

    • jackryanvb

      Guns have been the solution for the Black racist attacks. Our side gets severely persecuted even when the Black perp is a convicted felon. We need to seperate, create our own institutions, schools, media, separate towns and states.

      • Germanicus

        Indeed, agreed on separation. In the last five years since Amerikaan has gotten a Black Imposident, things have gotten very bad quickly: I have had problems on foot, on a bus and in a car. Concealed carry is the answer of last resort. I never want to hurt, but I will in an instant if necessary to protect myself, my wife, my family and my friends from attack. I am trained to recognize and ascertain a threat. When I walk in winter, I have neck padding and a certain kind of hat that make the punch difficult. I am situationally aware. I have a knife too and know very well how to use it like a surgeon. Fools of any type that think I look like a mark are in for big, fast education with high tuition. Now, yes, Whites must assert their need to segregate. Let’s start challenging every trashy Supreme Court decision that is meant to hobble civilization. Of course, many of these will be long shots in the lower courts. Do it anyway. Don’t do the Republican Interruptus technique of quitting as soon as someone calculates that –in their estimation–you are unlikely to win. Show otherwise. If you have cash, support these suits. Let’s find a way to identify and fund these efforts. Let them try to shut us down in these efforts. Maybe they will be generally successful. Then for sure they will loose, because we will erode, erode, erode. We will wear these elite malefactors into fatigue and poverty just as they are trying to do to us. Challenge every law you can! Provoke. Agitate. Irritate. Be relentless. Be activist. Use you brains and win, win, win. Never quit.

        • jackryanvb


          I also recommend being selective – back individual Whites, groups who are actual good at things, who are competitive who have some chance to win.

          Whites now dominate international boxing and of course all Winter Olympic sports.

          We can do better in politics. We must do better.

          • Germanicus

            It cannot be exluded, yes. Targeted strategies as well as shotgun approaches. They both have their utility and do not need in principle to be considered as mutually exclusive. A good general makes use of both as a situation dictates. But I do vet your point. When someone has the marks of deserving support, doing so can reap a nonlinear payoff that cannot be forecast in size and scope. These payoffs may be both material and symbolic, both of which can be quite significant in advancing the cause.

  • John K

    Around blacks, never relax.

    Blacks have proven time and again they can’t coexist in western civilization. Their actions show why we need to separate ourselves from them. If I ran for president on a ‘Back to Africa’ platform, I’d win in a landslide.

  • 2eRep

    Never drop your guard around these sub-humans, they will attack without provocation

  • Truth Teller

    3 black men in a car is always the classic mugging team. 1 to drive, 1 to get behind the victim and 1 in front.3 makes it easy to handle a victim, more means too many to divide the profits. I don’t bother anymore because there are so few blacks in my area, but before the Hispanics drove them out I always looked out for 3 black men.
    When you see this, react immediately however you defend yourself, gun, pepper spray.
    As soon as it gets dark walk on the side of the street so you face oncoming traffic. Otherwise they can drive up behind you without your being aware. Turn around to look behind you several times a block. When driving look in the rear view mirror and all around you. Look all around you before you get out of a car.
    When you leave a store, check the parking lot. If you see 3 black men in a car you might want to see if someone can walk you to a car. Or just call 911 on your cell phone, give the license plate and say a robbery is in progress. If 3 men in a car follow you out of a parking lot that means they plan to rob, rape or murder you.
    Women can avoid carrying a purse by wearing jeans. They have 4 pockets which hold everything you need. San Francisco has a cool climate so women need a trench coat when wearing dresses. Back when the city was overwhelmed with savages who grabbed purses from older women often injuring them, the women sewed makeup bags to the coat lining and used them as purses. Now the savages are gone and purse snatching is rare.
    Makeup bag sewed to a coat lining is perfect for climates with cold weather except in summer.
    I keep plastic grocery bags in purses. They take up little room. If there are blacks around or if it gets dark just put the purse in the plastic bag and it looks like you are carrying groceries But always, always beware of more than 1 black man in a car. If there are 3, you know for sure it is a team of muggers. Always carry pen and paper and cell phone so you can write down a license plate number and call 911.
    There are siren type things women can carry. If you feel threatened by a black man don’t wait for him to get near you. Take a deep breath, open your mouth and scream as long and as loudly as you can. Don’t scream help, just make noise. Your bladder might release. That means you are loud enough.
    My son was attracted by 3 blacks in an airport parking lot. Some people yelled “look out kid” He turned around and there were 3 of them. He did what he had been taught. He broke the nose of one, kicked another in the stomach the bloody nose and the third one ran. The one he kicked fell down. So my son grabbed his head and smashed it into the sidewalk. Bloody nose and the one on the ground were arrested. Luckily there were witnesses to the fact that he was attacked first. He was only 17. It was back in the dark ages when Jews and their black stormtroopers ruled Los Angeles. My first reaction was fear he would be charged with racism. Then enormous pride. A couple years later we had the Rodney King riots and the media blamed Whites.
    The Los Angeles blacks and their Jewish enablers made a big mistake by rioting. The real powers, Eli Broad, Richard Riordan, The California Club, the Jonathan club all the financial and business powers, especially the real estate and tourist industries stepped in and got rid of the blacks. Of course they should have done it after the Watts riots back in the 1960’s.
    That was the only fight my son ever had. Thank God for all those self defense lessons.
    Remember 3 black men, especially in a car means the predators are on a hunt.

    • jackryanvb

      Thanks for the very practical advice. Also thanks for sharing so e positive news that once there were dangerous Black crime plagued areas that are now safe. There is too much negativity in race realist groups.

    • The two team never works when their victim is an orc. I put my right arm between the first one’s legs, grabbed him with my left, pivoted into the second, and threw him out into road traffic after pivoting on the other leg. The second was getting back up while his friend was running away.

      I will always fight two of anything.

    • Cid Campeador

      What I want to know is why the Hispanics can do what WE should be able to do!

  • r j p

    Assisted opening knife.

  • jackryanvb

    English Defense League members with metal baseball bats prevented Blacks from looting some areas during Summer riots in Merry Old England.

    Practice group counter Black mob violence with weapons other than guns.

    I highly recommend the $12 metal target T Ball Bat. Light enough for a one handed club. Carry the bat in a gym bag along with glove and ball. Actually play some T Ball.

  • libertarian1234

    “This is very similar to what you hear about the “knockout game” where you randomly walk up to somebody who’s not expecting it and smack them in the head,” Huff said.”

    Notice that the media has successfully reduced these racial attacks to a “game,” effectively eliminating the racial element. They were forced to report on them, because of the tremendous amount of outrage expressed by white people, so they did the next best thing, which is make certain they describe the attacks as something not based in anti-white hate.

    • Ella

      But Libtards still believe that these cases are soooooo sensationalized to sell their papers. The knock-out games “must” go both ways as they deny any possible black-on-white attacks.

  • Guest

    this whole knock out game thing is a fraud it has cause nothing but a chain reaction of violence between blks and whites

  • Whiteplight sees the Emperor N

    I don’t think the Second Amendment is threatened at all in these instances. Concealed carry is at risk when those carrying take on an attitude of confrontation because they’re armed. This is the issue in play.

  • BonV.Vant

    whites can not walk the streets alone. What this will lead to is whites banning together for their own protection. What that will lead to is an increased consciousness and open acknowledgement of who they need protection from. What that will lead to is an interest in effective fighting, arming themselves etc. What that will lead to is casual militias, what they will lead to is formal militias. This will all happen. It is the natural succession of events.

  • Bunky

    Concealed carry.

    • Uncle Bob

      Secession, states rights, segregation.

      • Cid Campeador

        No Secession, States Rights, No segregation,
        Repatriation to Africa and shut the doors on African immigration. Most of us would welcome a one time tax increase to finance the trip. It would the best investment WE could make for ours and our children’s secure future
        Let them go back and help raise up living conditions of their brethren using all the wonderful knowledge and skills that they learned in our school system. This mass “brain drain” might be a bump in the road for us but we’ll soon recover.

        • Uncle Bob

          As wonderful as that sounds the stark reality is that there are tens of millions of them and tens of millions of their supporters/enablers standing in the way of that plan. What’s more plausible is independent control of state government which can then enact laws to protect the demographic of the people living in that state.
          If a state is majority white and votes to stay that way then the state is sovereign and the Feds can’t say otherwise. We were meant to be the United States not a Federated, centrally controlled, military arm of a global banking cartel – The very ones our patriot ancestors fought to free themselves from!

          • Yes, but our ancestors learned the hard way that the parasites will never let us go without a disastrous, suicidal fight. As far as the leeches are concerned, they settled the matter in 1865.

          • Cid Campeador

            I’m starting to see the waning of the enthusiasm of many of their supporters; some of them among my own family and friends.
            One can deny reality for only so long and I am thankful that they didn’t have to experience DIEversity.

    • Max

      Oh no; if he was a student going to/from campus this is a “gun free” zone and we wouldn’t want another innocent black chile to be hurt by another raciss whitey wif a gun. The people in Des Moines and D.C. know best.

      Better a thousand white people be killed or maimed than one person of color offended.

  • I always turn to face them and pull out my pepper spray and box cutter. I always use the pepper spray immediately with no warnings.

    It is never the size of the orc in the fight, but the size of the fight in the orc.

    • Cid Campeador

      Good point about the warning. Unpleasantly surprise the Bastards (literally AND figuratively),

  • gemjunior

    I agree with you on this, we cannot win. White are the target and the main scapegoat lined up for the near future. No self defense in a straightforward, above-board manner will be accepted. Our schools have been changed and so have our laws and neither benefit us in any way, not anymore. So white men are persona non grata in the country and houses they built. They could never have dreamed that it would be possible for anyone to turn the tables on them and then own them.
    This is the challenge. Are white men intelligent enough, and even more importantly are they diligent enough to devise ways to take it all back from the people that hate us and envy us? I do believe so, and especially even more once things reach critical mass which will not be long.

    • Germanicus

      Exactly gemjunior. Your comments were encouraging. Like the Jihadists are teaching the West, Western ideas of fair play and law do not work against arational (nor irrational) thinking that is willing to die for their anger-filled cause of raw hatred. There is no negotiating. The American Negro succumbed to the seduction away from Christianity. Then in the social chaos that resulted, and through prison recruiting, Muslims made their inroads. They did not have to convert everybody. The dopey White libby response is that very few Negros are converted to Islam… Blah, blah. These White dooes are people that do not understand military thought or radical, subversive politics and do not understand how total war on multiple levels is waged. The idiot Left elites and Hollywood of course had their work that they accomplished. (A foolish Western bad habit of thought that needs to go was that there would only be one front in the war against White, Christian West.). These higher levels of organization of the assault on the West must be understood at the same time that the push back against the Negro irritant is recognized and addressed. The militant Negro and the politically tribal Negro are united in the Negro prong of attack on civilization. There is no time to be spent arguing with senseless and Libby Whites that are refractory towards reason. They’ll just have to get their education, if they ever get it at all, the hard way. On a more practical level, (we have to be philosophical, strageic and tactical), I would second what others are saying: pepper spray is a good addition to one’s self-defense options. Guns can, even when justly used, result in years of legal pain and possibly prison time. Nonetheless, I am concerned that these knock out gamers will discover pepper spray themselves. Furthermore, there are all sorts of reasons why having at least a .380 in the pocket or pursue can come in handy as a device of last resort. When I say tgat it is of last resort I am not saying that it in every case come into play in every sityation only after you have fumbled thriugh other options. Of ciurse avoidance, retreat, spray etc. are good prior options when the situation permits. But the perpetrators must provide you with the ootion to not go nuclear. If they do not, then they both matriculate and graduate in your school of hard education all from the get go. And there are other good reasons for American Whites to arm themselves to the teeth. Back to less on the ground strategy, as I have indicated above, we had better find a way to develop legal activism. We cannot merely responsive legal, brush fire suppressing battles when forests and towns are being engulfed in flames. Also, Whites need to understand the broke that their own intellectual and priestly class plays. One one the things that weakened the immune system of the West was its being deceived into hating these classes and the Church. This left only atomized, self-pkeasuring individuals. This looked cool through some as the rebellious Europeans has some recess time in the playground of the New World. That time has come to an end. Whites who can cooperate with each other will be the winners, not the self-indulgers. Those cads will be selected against. A lot is going to be pruned from the White world in all of this. We accumulated a lot of junk in our culture.

      • gemjunior

        You said it – recess is over. Time to band together those who understand, and let the crazy libs continue to be “refractory to reason” – because they absolutely are. It will really be interesting to see how it goes once whites are really telling each other yes, yes this IS happening and NO, we can no longer believe in “equality” or “egalitarian” fanciful utopian dreams when bashed in white faces are routine. Waking up can catch like a wild fire engulfed in flames, I hope it does.
        I agree with you too about making sure avoidance is a priority. I advocate at this point even having some unregistered weapons that can’t be traced and going Bernie Goetz on them. He almost got away, you know. I wouldn’t trust police, lawyers, judges, courts anymore. It’s war on whites and the best thing is a shut mouth and a big stick. Or gun. LOL.

  • RandomThoughts

    A young Man from ODU Died over the weekend after being struck in the back of the head .

  • Max

    Fortunately, in Iowa, knuckles, knives of any size including switchblades, nunchaku, any stabbing, cutting or striking weapon and any type of legally owned firearm are okay for carry WITH a concealed weapon permit. Only the firearms would be prohibited in schools -unfortunately. That part should be changed.

  • Geo1metric

    ” They are worried white folks will wake up to reality and stop being professional victims They are scared to death of a white backlash”

    Well of course. Why do you think that there has been suppression of these types of crimes by the MSM for decades?

  • Geo1metric

    How do you “scream like a woman”?

    • Ask Channon Christian.

      • Cid Campeador

        Would that we could “ask her”. That’s one case that keeps popping back into my mind.

  • They should be.

  • Garrett Brown

    Do something other than Kung Fu. It doesn’t work in real situations where most fights go to the ground.

    Kenpo is decent. I would steer more towards a traditional Okinawan style.

  • Cannot Tell

    Yes, I am, but I’m not happy about it.

    • François

      Thanks for your comments. But I would like to have your input on this: WHY do you believe your race is getting more and more savage by the day? And I would add, what happened to what used to be Black culture? Now, no offence, but it’s like it’s all gangsta rap and pants hanging low below the waist. And barely understandable slang. It all changed pretty fast.

      • Cannot Tell

        Five years ago, I didn’t read daily reports of blacks punching whites in the face for no reason. I don’t recall reading about flashmobs until about a couple of years ago. And ‘wilding’ at state fairs was unheard of before I entered college, if I am not mistaken. Either young blacks have become more criminal in the past 5-10 years or I am just now paying more attention to reports of violent crime.

        I don’t want to come off as though I blame whites for black savagery, but I do think that prior to the Civil Rights Movement whites kept blacks in line. A black man would only rape a white woman if he had a death wish in the 1950s. Nowadays black on white rape is extremely common. Blacks are no longer afraid of whites. And also I think prior to the Civil Rights Movement whites blamed black crime and illegitimacy on genetic differences between whites and blacks. Today most whites say they blame black behavior on black culture. Blacks as a group are no longer held accountable for their actions.

        And you’re right that blacks tend to speak ‘barely understandable slang’. I’ve read before that black English deviates more from standard English today than it did decades ago. I don’t know why that is.